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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 23, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and it's to not over yet. >> president trump begins his first week in office by meeting with business leaders. what he said about a proposed border tax, and why the transpacific part r partnership is in -- partnership is in trouble. good afternoon, everyone. storm cleanup is underway across the bay area, but first some developing news in vallejo. >> that's where a 21-year-old man was shot and killed by police today. ktvu reporter alex savage joining us with more. >> reporter: police were called out here to a home in this neighborhood early this morning after getting calls about some kind of a disturbance and a party that was going on. when officers got here, there was a fight going on on the back deck of this home you see here. police say that one officer opened fire on a man because
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they saw him attacking someone else with a knife. but a witness at this party just told me a short time ago that man was not holding a knife, and they believe the officer should not have used deadly force. >> in a matter of seconds, they were telling everybody to get down, and they shot, and decided to tase everybody else. it was a big fight, but nobody needed to get shot. >> reporter: that's one of the women at this early morning party where the shooting take place. the man who was hot and killed was 21-year-old angel ramos. he lived with his mother at this home on sacramento street. police were called out here this morning after getting reports of a loud saturday and people fighting. the police department said one man opened fire on a man after he saw that man holding a knife
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and threatening a 16-year-old boy who was pinned down on the ground. i talked with ramos's mother who is said she was at work when her son was shot and killed. >> angel was good guy. he worked for custodian service. he was young, trying to get his life together, starting to work and just pull it together. >> reporter: aa cording to a witness at this -- according to a witness at this party, the officer who opened fire was at ground medical and fired up at ramos who -- ground, and fired up at ramos, who was on the second floor on a deck. we are continuing to gather information on this story. party gores also say that police tased several people at this home, as well. that has he not been tased by vallejo police. again, a fight that ultimately
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led to a deadly shooting by vallejo police. a shooting that is now under investigation by both the vallejo police department and the solano county district attorney's office. >> so we still don't know if a knife was actually found at the scene, alex? >> reporter: we don't, and we've put in a number of calls to vallejo police today, tried talking with people here at the scene. we have not heard back from the vallejo police department other than the press release they put out, sent to us in remail form this morning, offering details on what took place and what led to the shooting so we don't know if they did recover that knife here at the scene. but, again, one person who was at this party claims the man who was shot and killed was not holding a knife at the time. >> alex, thank you. >> of course we'll continue to follow the story with our crews throughout the day, and bring you more information as we get
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it on-line today, as well. with reports of damage and flooding across the region. cleanup is is underway across the bay area. >> this tree crashed a number of cars in lafayette. ali has muss we find thrive where the cleanup efforts continue. >> reporter: the tree trimmer has been going all morning long. they've made pretty good progress clearing out this massive tree that fell on to the parking lot in this restaurant parking lot near downtown lafayette. those two suvs you're looking at, about four hours ago, they were totally invisible to us, completely covered with tree branches, leaves, debris, not visible to the eye. as you can see, they have cut a way a lot of that tree, but they still have this massive trunk they have to get through and clear away eventually. all of this happened during the heavy rainfall yesterday
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evening. work crews expected to fill several truckloads of mulch per day over the next several days as they chop down and grind up a eucalyptus tree. luckily no one was hurt when the tree fell. >> it sounded like a bolt of lightning to me. >> reporter: like a crash? >> oh, just massive, massive. >> reporter: the tree was 150 feet tall, and the base of it's trunk at least 10 to 15 feet wide. >> we're trying to get the brush off first, and then work our way bark to the wood, and clear off most of the cars, but it will take us a while to do this. >> reporter: the estimate we heard was two days. do you tink it will be that, or longer? >> much longer, probably. hopefully we'll try to get it done by thursday. >> reporter: and a sinkhole opened up on highway 13 just
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north of the broadway terrace exit this morning. traffic was down to one lane, is you can expect a slowdown in the afternoon deputy that area. >> reporter: we talked to the owners of the two vehicles. they seemed to be taking it all in stride, and they were also ex-operationing gratitude and relief that nobody -- expresses gratitude and relief that nobody was injured. nobody happened to be going to their car, nobody was in their car, nor was hurt. again, the estimate is by the end of the week, they hope to have most of this cleaned up. back to you. there's also flooding reported at the san pueblo dam between orinda and richmond. fox was over head about an hour ago. you can see water going over
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the spillway there, flooding a road that lead those the parking lot. this is happening on the north side of the dam. the water is dumping into the san pueblo creek nearby. >> and the rain is not over by any means, right? >> that's right. the rounds will continue to come and come as we get through the secretary second part of your afternoon and tuesday morning hours, you can expect are some clouds, rain, and thunder. we all have that possibility of ponding on the water, the mudslides, the streams, and the creeks flooding. so please be careful as you get out there for today. here is look at where we actually are experiencing some flooding in sonoma county, right there at lower west mark creek. this will continue until about tomorrow morning. national weather service putting an advisory there. if this is your area, be prepared for a little flooding in and around the creek, and we
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have a winter weather advisory that goes into the overnight hours, all the way down to about 3,000 feet, you can experience some harsh driving conditions. let's take a look at the radar, where we actually received a bit of a break mid-morning, but it is back into your noon hour, and it is fairly wide spread. we'll start in the north bay where we have scattered showers reported, down through petaluma, highway 101, down around american canyon. to the east, some over sonoma, as well as naps -- napa. highway 101 at morgan will, the east bay shore isline, crossing inland along 680, 5 a 80, even picking up on the possibility
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of thunder, lightning, and hail right on 5800 near livermore. around spring town boulevard, we may have a little bit of heavier rain falling at this time. this system is taking it's time to get out of the way. we'll have a few sprinkleles as we get going tomorrow morning. finally drier weather in the forecast. i'll have a look at your full forecast coming up. well, for are the second time in a week, highway 37 in novato is closed because of flooding. the highway flooded saturday night if the same area that was shut down last week because of flooding. one driver got stuck in the water and is had to be rescued. you can see is that vehicle is stillle there in the water. the chp said there is nowhere for that water to go with marsh land on both sides of the highway, and levees in the area that are overflowing. >> reporter: there is so much water going over some of the
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levees. so what we have to wait to too is to allow this water to subside a little bit so we can start pumping and get something of this water out of there. as long as it's coming over the levees, though, we can't do anything. >> right now, there is no estimated time for reopening. rib, you can download our free ktvu weather app for the latest on the upcoming storms, with radar, as well as an extended forecast. >> coming up next, president trump hits the ground running. he melt with business leaders this morning to talk about regulation and taxes, tax
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president trump began his first week in office day with a very busy schedule, and an aggressive agenda. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: president trump meeting with business leaders this morning at the white house. reiterating his promise to cut taxes and regulations, while repeating his campaign threat to impose a tax on u.s. companies that move manufacturing overseas, yet sell their products domestically. >> want to start making our products again. we don't want to bring them in. we want to make them here. n't in addition to this
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morning's meetings with business executives, he is also sitting down with union leaders. meanwhile, the white house is preparing for the president's first visit by a foreign leader. britain's prime minister on friday. the senate is likely to confirm two cabinet nominees, rex tiller son and mike pompae. >> reporter: but bun member of the president's inner circle coming under fire, just one day into the job. sean spicer scolding reporters who rightfully noted that this year's inauguration had significantly smaller turnout than president obama's in 2009. a simple side by side comparison showed the white house's claim is demonstrablely false. >> the press is going to fact check the press secretary, so don't use a stat unless you
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have it a hundred percent nailed down. and all right today president trump has signed several memorandums. one freezes hireing for are some federal workers. another reinstated a ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option. and he also sign is add memorandum to withdraw from the transpacific partnership, a withdrawal would still need to be approved by the senate. an update on the medical condition of former president george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush. barbara has been discharged from the houston hospital. she was admitted to the hospital last friday with bronchitis, just a few days after are her husband. former president bush will soon be moved out of the intensive care unit. the 92-year-old former president was struggling to breathe when he was admitted to the hospital on january 14th, and has since been treated for
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pneumonia. several people tied and many others injured after tornadoes touched down in the southeast. we have more from georgia. >> oh, mercy. looked like a war zone. trees down, aluminum everywhere. >> reporter: people assessing the damage after a weekend of powerful storms. at least 30 tornadoes were reported in louisiana, mississippi, georgia, and south carolina. rescue workers they neil keep searching for survivors for as long as it takes. >> we're going to perform our life safety toots physical we know they're absolutely complete. >> reporter: local officials are promising to help rebuild these devastated communities while the process gets underway, but some are saying it will take a long time for many areas to fully recover. >> it is unfathomable what happened up there. you really have a trailer park that looks like it's been disintegrated. you literally have is just
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smatterings of what used to be homes. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit was adele, gentleman is gentleman, where a tornado ripped through a tornado park, and stunned survivors now digging through the wreckage, mourning the loss of their neighbors. >> all of the good neighbors around us. i don't really know them, but i knew them like that. i'm sorry about their loss and stuff, everything. >> reporter: forecasters predict the upcoming days will be dry, and that's mitigating the chances of flooding, and allowing residents to come back and inspect the damage. and here in northern california, two cars were are caught in the path of an avalanche in the sierra. this happened in the same area where there was an extreme avalanche warning over the weekend. the chp said the slide near tahoe city was 200 feet wide and 12 feet high.
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it completely buried the cars, but everyone was rescued. no one was injured. those if the cars say the avalanche caught them totally by surprise. >> a huge gust of intend a brief whiteout where i slowed down, and then i saw a little pile of snow in front of me that i hit, and then the avalanche came down on top of us. >> officials say it will take days to dig out that area after the storm. in some places the snow has reached so high that it is reaching up to overpasses, causing some roads to be closed down. if you travel up to the sierras, remember, that snow chains are required. lightning hit the trans america building, and it was cut on camera. you can see it also hit the new
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sailsforce -- salesforce tower on the right-hand side there. >> this is almost like something out of a movie, rosemary. as we continue to see storms moving in, i know we've seen heard thunder, seen hail, and now that spectacular lightning. >> that's right, and the biggest storm associated with this is still moving to the bay area. let's get a look outside of our doors. this is a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. you can see all of those clouds piled up over the bay area. we will continue with the clouds. as we get back to storm tracker 2, you can see the scattered showers are wide spread. we'll go back to the north bay, where we are looking at pretty good rain along highway 101, from santa rosa down through petaluma, novato, even a few pockets of heavier are rain.
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sonoma, napa getting wet at the moment. san mateo, redwood city included in there. south bay locations seeing scattered showers. santa clara, down around sunny valle. this is a wet commute. how about the east bay? it's fairly wide spread along a 580, 680, and highway 4. we'll go in areas over towards livermore where we continue to see a moderate to heavy cell possibility of thunder, lightning, and hail included here, 580 off the altamont pass could be hazardous conditions as i speak. we see a bit of a break over portions of the sierra. there is still an advisory in place all the way down to about 3,000 feet. could be a treacherous ride getting up the hill. here is a look at the futurecast mod. we're seeing that rain outside right now, as we get into the evening drive. we're seeing scattered showers that will continue, and as we
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roll through your evening, it's going to continue. tomorrow morning, we're already into the 5:00, 6:00 hour. the morning shoot and gettingnderway, and while there, the scattered showers continue. this system will drop parallelle to the coast. the center of the storm expected to stay off the coastline, but it will continue to bring us round and round and round of rain, and that possibility of thunderstorms with very many unsettled air in place. for your afternoon today, we are looking at scattered showers. this is what the projected models are thinking. we'll see anything up to a quarter inch or so, especially if you're caught up in a thunderstorm. the winds out there not too bad. a little breezy at times. 10 to 15 miles per hour across the bay area, but it's a chillley one for home. in the east bay, 48 in livermore. in the 40s around the bay. looking at 53 for a high today in san francisco, 54 for san jose. scattered showers in the
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forecast for today, a possibility of thunderstorms. tomorrow, we start out with scattered showers and then begin to dry out. as we get into tuesday afternoon, a mainly dry day, and then a weak system may bring us a few scattered showers, and then we are dry, and temperatures are warming back into the upper 50s to low 60s with mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. >> and how long has it been since we've had a clear weekend, rosemary? split has ban while, since before i went to hawaii. december -- it has been a while, since before i went to hawaii. stem? coming up, one of california's top beer makers announces a really. coming up, where sierra nevada beer is pulling it product off the shelf.
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taking a peek at stocks, declining a little bit today, but not quite as low as we were in the middle of the session. on track to close down about 27 points. >> foxconn, the company that builds apples iphone could be opening a plant here in the united states. it is plan be to invest $7 billion in the operation they say could bring 30,000 new job bees to the u.s.
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samsung has announced the cause of the battery problem in its galaxy note 7 cellphones. it caused those phones to catch fire, and caused the rail of more than 3 million phones. they blame a manufacturing design flaw, and said it will cost the company over $5 billion. people who war pool to the dublin pleasantton station are taking part in a few pilot program. it is part of a partnership between b.a.r.t. and an app called scoop. >> that's right. scoop helping match drivers with other car pools. >> this will be rolled out through the whole station, all 30 stations that have parking facilities. we'll start rolling it out systemwide. >> now, according to b.a.r.t., 99% of riders drive to b.a.r.t. station all alone. california farmers is have is increased their imports at the port of oakland.
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total farm experts were 3.9 million metric tons last year at the port, up from 2.1 million in 2012. most of the produce is heading for asia where the growing middle class there is eager for high quality u.s. farm products. one of california's best known beer makers, sierra nevada beer brewing, is recalling 8 different types of it's beer bottles. the brewery said a limited number of bottles may have a problem that could cause a small piece of glass to break off and fall into the bottle after it's opened. the bottles were pack knowledged in north carolina in december and january. >> up next, rescue workers trying to reach a car that fell into a creek. the latest on the search for
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the driver. >> plus the new chief of police being sworn in this afternoon in san francisco's police department. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. search crews have come together in niles canyon where an 18-year-old woman drove off the roadway right into a rain swollen creek over the weekend. >> her body has yet to be
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recovered. janine has the latest on the recovery efforts. >> reporter: sheriff's computes tell us right now these -- deputies tell us right now this is wound two and round three in dealing with this creek. and somewhere in the water is the body of a woman from tracy. they assume she drowned in the creek after her car crashed into it on saturday morning. they could not do a rain rescue this weekend, and can't today either, because of the strong current, and dangerously high water levels. >> we want to get our people out on foot, checking the banks. doing that 3-d mapping with the drone, and then u.t. just a waiting game at this point. waiting for the water to go down, and like the water district said, i don't anticipate that we'll be able to get into that water until much later, probably tomorrow.
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>> reporter: search and rescue crews put up drones in an area near a bridge where they think the victim's car is. they believe the water is deep, anywhere from 9 to 20 feet. sheriffs officials goring to see if the water level will subsided by midnight. if it does not, they'll work to stop the flow of water from the reservoirs into the creek. if the water does go down, we're told it's a good possibility that divers should be able to go into the water by tomorrow. >> the weekend storms create a lot of damage in the santa cruz mountains. the rain gusts, two landslides on highway 17. one lane was reopened late yesterday afternoon. multiple trees also came down and a bear creek road collapsed. residents say they have not seen this much rain in years. >> i would say it's probably been about 10 years.
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we've had highway 9 closed twice this week already, and a car was struck by a tree. >> pg&e also says nearly 700 customers were without power in the santa cruz mountains yesterday due to downed power lines. >> a rock slide is creating dangerous conditions on a popular hiking and biking trail outside sacramento. a mixture of rocks and mud came down on the pass near folsom dam. park rangers say many people are unaware of the danger. some parents let their children play on the fallen rocks. >> right now it's not safe. the hill side and the rocks are very unstable, and we just want to make sure that everybody is safe, and to use a different route right now until we can get it cleared up. . >> park rangers say the slide has become a a bit of a local tourist attraction with some coming to the scene to take pictures. >> san francisco's new police chief will be sworn into is office this afternoon.
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52-year-old william scott spent 25 years with the los angeles police department as both an officer a commander. he has reportedly said his biggest challenge is learning the trust of the rank and file officers as an outside in the city of san francisco. scott replaces greg sur, who resigned last year. to the east bay now where the newark police department is mourn the death of one of its officers who passed away yesterday after battling cancer. oscar reyes passed away yesterday. a post on facebook from the department writes: officer reyes had also worked with the allegheny county sheriff's office. >> a second suspect now in custody after a defendly jewelry store robbery in san antonio, texas. >> this happened yesterday at a crowded mall, and shoppers ran for their lives. reporter kelly wright has the
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details. >> i heard two pops, and then saw customers running, and at that point, i heard gunshots closer and closer to the stores. >> reporter: two suspects attempted to rob the kay jewelers at the rolling oaks mall sunday in san antonio. they ran into two good samaritans as they left the jewelry store. >> one of them was killed when they tried to intervene. one of the suspect's -- suspects was shot. he's been transported. the other good samaritan had a gun and shot one of the suspects who was taken to the hospital. >> they encountered two citizen was tried to intervene. one of those citizens was shot by the suspect. the other citizen who tried to interis seen had a conceal carry license -- intervene had a concealed carry license. >> reporter: one store worker are tried helping shoppers
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escape from the mall. >> i just turned around and started telling the customers just run, run, gunshots, run. >> reporter: but police had everyone shelter in place, as they searched for the other suspect. a father rushed to the mall where his daughter was still inside. >> she's in the store in there, and i'm worried sick. i texted her and told her daddy was out here, and just worried sick that's my baby girl. >> reporter: police have searched the mall and helped everyone evacuate. the fbi is now assisting in the investigation. >> vandalism at a davis mosque is being investigated as a hate crime. surveillance video here shows a woman breaking five glass doors and one window, and then slashing tires and seats of bicycles, and then draping bacon over doorhandleles. pork is forbidden in the muslim
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religion. but mosque leaders say they are not angry. >> to respond to crime with crime or hate with hate, we don't do that. our religion is very peaceful. >> there is a $1,000 reward for information that leads to a suspect. daly city police are asking for your help in identifying a man who they say may be responsible for holding up a restaurant. police have released these surveillance camera images of the man following the theft 10 days ago. he got inside and stole a big box from amazon before the restaurant opened. police say he also was wearing a u.s.s. berkeley cap. >> -- u.k. berkeley cap -- u.c. berkeley cap. in san francisco, 18 men and women, all up mates at a county jail received their high
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school dip allow mas. one by one, they walked across in the stage at the hall of justice, their or an jail gash just barely visible underneath theirgowns. >> they -- their gowns. >> what goes through my mind is, once again, that i graduated. that i finally graduated. >> reporter: joshua spencer is in jail for attempted murder, put his family said they're proud of what he has accomplished while in custody. >> and i know that when he transitions back on to the streets, this will give him an opportunity to move towards the next step into his life. >> he's working hard, and he's going to be released back into society. >> reporter: robert villa showed his diploma, but wasn't comfortable telling us how he ended up in jail, but had plenty of feelings about the special day. >> a lot of excitement, energy,
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achievement, and optimistic goals, you know. >> reporter: the school school operates at the county jail in san bruno, focusing on education, employment, recovery, family, and community. >> going in and out of jail every day can be kind of hard, but you try to bring excitement and enjoyment to the classroom. hope. >> reporter: this is one of the best things that i get to do as sheriff is to emcee these graduations and watch people graduate from high school, and see the looks on the faces and get the thank you from the friends and family who thought maybe their children would never see this day. >> reporter: so these 18 men and women walked in as inmates, and are walking out as highway -- as high school graduate for the first time. coming up, the super bowl match-up is set. and let's give you a live look outside. coming up, rosemary joins us with a look at the current conditions. plus when we can expect to
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possibly see more wet weather headed our way.
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the stage is now set for the super bowl. tom brady broke mix old franchise record when the patriots beat the steelers in the afc championship game, passing for 384 yards and three touchdowns. now he is heading to his record- setting 7th super bowl. >> and the patriots will be
12:43 pm
taking on the atlanta falcons on super bowl sunday. yesterday, the falcons are defeated the green bay packers with ease, 44-21 in the nfc title game. matt ryan threw for four touchdowns in atlanta's victory. the falcons have never won pro football's biggest game, and this will be their second appearance. the last time was 18 years ago, and they lost to john elway and the broncos. you used to work in houston, and i wondered if gacia, going to go to the game, maybe. >> i like the best seat in the house, which is the couch. i have my snacks around me. >> i'm kind of with you on this one. >> i'll be watching the game, and also the musical acts, because we know now who is going to be sing it will the national anthem. luke bryan announced on twitter he'll be singing the national anthem, joining lady gaga, who
12:44 pm
will be the 2017 halftime show performer. she will not have any guests. the best seat in the house is right there on your couch. super bowl 51 airs right here on ktvu fox 2. kickoff for the gig big game is at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> and you're going with the falcons if >> i really. >> reporter: picked yet. i have some time. >> the golden state warriors remain the hottest team in pro basketball, yesterday defeating the magic 119-108 for their 7th straight victory. the splash brothers leading the way. kerry with 27, thompson with 21 points. the warriors take on the miami heat in florida tonight. all right. i'll ask you now, rosemary, falcons or patriots? >> this lab tough one. ky would like the falcons to win, but i love tom brady.
12:45 pm
so we'll have to see. presently we have rounds of showers moving through the bay area. that's not going to change. and we will have embedded thunderstorms. wasn't that a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge? all of that claud cover in place, and a few -- all of that cloud cover in place. now we're seeing a pocket of heavier rain right there approaching american canyon. so we have the steady rain looks like just south of petaluma through novato. but as you come along highway 37, we may have a thunderstorm here, possibility of thunder, lightning, and hail right about black point. this is what we'll see as we get into the afternoon. just spokes of moisture moving through, and very unstable air. in san francisco, be around daly city, and along the coastline, we have some here. as we shift farther south, pal low apple tow, you may have a few sprinkles there getting across the dunn barton bridge.
12:46 pm
santa cruz mountains continue with light scattered showers. highway 101 around gilroy has been a wet commute over the past hour or are so is. highway 4, antioch, brentwood, looks like you're getting light showers at the time. the sierra is dry at the meant, but there is a winter weather advisory for the sierra. let's look at the with vapor loop that gives you a better idea of the circulation going on in the atmosphere. here is the center of the storm. this is where we see the most unstable weather. this will be shifting, riding up parallel to the coast as we get to the next 24 hours, and that is why it's just going to continue to bring us the showers and the possibility of thunderstorms, and you can see how it just pushes that moisture. we get a break, pushing more moisture, and so that's how it goes, at least for the next 24 hours. >> is a flash flood watch for the spire bay area. that means -- entire bay area. that means any one of us could be experiencing flooding on the
12:47 pm
roadways, ponding, and a high flood advisory remains in effect. it will be a tough time getting up highway 80, as well as 50 much of the time. as i roll you through the afternoon and evening hours, scattered showers in the forecast. there it is. notice how it begins to drop south. tomorrow morning, we wake up with the possibility of scattered showers, and then it looks like tuesday afternoon will actually be a dry day, as we get into wednesday night and thursday, things start to change. one more weak system may brush us as we get into wednesday night. 53 today in san francisco, 54 in concord, a 53 into the south bay of san jose. here is a look at your extended forecast. scattered showers, thunderstorms for today. tomorrow morning, we wake up with the scattered showers, and then we begin to dry out. wednesday looks maybe dry,
12:48 pm
wednesday night into thursday. may have a few scattered showers, and then into your bay area weekend, mostly sunny skies. low 60s in the forecast. make your plans, get outdoors. it's going to be nice. >> beautiful. thank you, rosemary. >> sure. some students in the north bay are celebrating a new accomplishment they helped happenner in calcutta india. >> they found a way to help students over there, and can't wait to do it again. >> reporter: the students in petaluma aren't much different than other kids. >> they're hungry to learn about who is out there. you know, what are children like in china, in india, and other parts of the world, and when you tell them stories, they start to realize what they have. they start to think outside of themselves. >> reporter: jean hicks told her students about the school she started in the slums of india, and how she planned to return there over the holidays to check on things.
12:49 pm
that sparked class discussion about the simple needs of kids just like them. >> they didn't have any materials. each one basically had one pencil and a book. >> reporter: meshon's family is from there, and he has. there many times, and an idea jermaineated. >> they should have the same things we do. they their i same, is commitment they live in a poorer country. >> reporter: but the student's themselves by paying for medical and dental checkups that most of them had never had. >> i just thought it's unfair that we get such good lives, and theirs are just bad. >> reporter: they also tend their own garden, and thought maybe the school in india would want to grow their own sides and flowers, and seeds were donated. >> it's about getting kids and community together, and helps
12:50 pm
this movement of growing your own food as best as we can. >> with fund-raising complete and donations gathered. half a dozen spring hill teachers and parents way, lodge with meshon traveled to the school this month so all 86 students there can get checkups, delivering donations. >> everybody & everybody helped remove trash from the dirt, and helped to make this space beautiful for themselves. >> i feel good about it, because i feel like we were helping people that probably don't have [ inaudible ] that we all should have the same rights and stuff. >> maybe we can keep going in helping them, maybe help them even more. >> reporter: their teacher says this is a learning experience for students on both sides of the world. >> these are children in the slums that are learning
12:51 pm
english, which even the government schools are not. they a new crisp uniforms, which they're so proud of. >> it made me think about how i have this life and other people don't have the best, and so it kind of makes me stop wanting more. coming up, the boss gets political in a concert in australia.
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today marks the beginning of a new era for the san francisco police department. >> coming up at 3:00, new police chief william scott will be sworn in, and today at 4:00, we'll hear from chief scott on his plan force leading the city and bridging the divide between the police force and the community it serves. madonna is defending her fiery expletive-laden speech at the march on washington d.c. she said the comments were take were out of context. on saturday, she said she was so angry about the election of president trump she thought about quote blowing up the white house. madonna said she doesn't promote violence, and is urging everyone to watch her entire speech. >> bruce springsteen had something to say about the
12:55 pm
weekend marches. he talked with reporters while on tour in australia. >> our hearts and our spirits are with the millions of people that marched yesterday, and the e-street band, we are part of the new resistance. >> he supported hillary clinton in the presidential election. he said his band's line-up of songs for their current tour has been influenced by the election of donald trump. >> we are learning more about the controversy surrounding what was supposed to be a family feel good movie. >> behind the scenes footage on the set of a dog's purpose shows a dog being forced in the water during filming. adam has more on how the video is changing the marketing of the movie. >> reporter: the new movie a dog's purpose was expected to be a hit with families when it opens next week, but then the website tmz released video showing a terrified german shepherd resisting while
12:56 pm
filming a water scene. >> as negative. listty goes, this is a rough one. doesn't look good, considering the subject matter of the movie, especially a movie appealing to dog lovers. that being said, you know, if the movie gets enough of a rap that people go and see it and they like it, you may see it actually steadies up in the second or third week. >> reporter: the studios who spent millions on the film canceled promotional events, and released this statement: . >> reporter: one of the film's
12:57 pm
voice actors released a statement saying: . >> reporter: the american humane society is investigating the incident, and has put their safety rep, who was on the set, on leave, while people for the ethical treatment of animals plans to pro film's open -- protest the film's opening. >> we'll see you back here form are the 4:00 on 2. directv now! the future of tv is now.
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