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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  January 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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social worker. they said they will not give up until she's found. >> that determination helped us find the car. >> reporter: school officials rb providing support and counseling for others on campus if they find her body. thank you. divers have recovered the body of a bay area woman whose car plunged into the sacramento river. the woman was able to call 911 but rescuers did not get to her in time. sacramento county said conditions were too dangerous to retrieve her body until two days ago. we have breaking news out
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of oakland. investigators got a call of a person found dead on teekon street near webster. when officers arrived they discovered two bodies inside. investigators said there were no obvious signs trauma. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you the latest on our website, and on tonight's 10:00 news. the family of a man who was shot by police in vallejo today is speaking out. they said the police officer did not have to use deadly force. >> reporter: family members and friends said 21 year old angel ramos was coming to his brother's defense during a fight. >> it's not right, the people that are supposed to protect us are killing us, they could have
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tased him or something. >> it was a big fight but nobody needed to get shot. >> reporter: the 911 calls came in early in the morning. it was a house party. this-- there was a fight. authorities said an officer tried to tase the 16 year old, he ended up on his back. police said that's when ramos pounced on the teen with a knife and that's when the police officer shot ramos, he died at the scene and the 16 year old suffered minor injuries. some people said that ramos did
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not have a knife. miss said most of the people at the house were intoxicated and did not cooperate with investigators. >> people do not make good decisions when they are drunk, nobody joins the police to use lethal force but it's part of the job. we understand their grief, but it does not change the facts of the case, we could be talking about a dead 16 year old here today. >> reporter: the officer that fired his gun is on paid leave as the solano police investigate. the california state senate approved congress man bacera as state attorney general. he has represented los angeles as a democrat. he is a native of sacramento
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and a graduate of stanford law school before going into politics. the post of attorney general was vacated by kamala harris who became a senator. >> george h. w. bush was removed from intensive care today. his wife was let out of the hospital. mr. bush has been hospitalized since january 14th. doctors said he is doing better now and the former first lady was treated for bronchitis. doctors said they helped each other in the hospital. >> when one did not want to do something, the other said, do that now. it helped us. >> doctors said mr. bush has been sitting up and watching tv
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and joking with the medical staff, he could be well enough for discharge friday. still to come, victims of the san bruno gas pipeline comploas get their day in court. >> two friends trapped in an avalanche in the sierras, the lessons that they learned that helped them to survive and have fun while they were stranded overnight >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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a federal judge said he intends to fine pg & e $3 million for violating safety laws, it happened after the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. tom was in court for today's hearing. >> reporter: the judge heard from several victims that lost family members including a woman that lost her husband, mother-in-law and son. >> there was a point in my life, six and a half years ago that i wanted to end my life. with the help of my therapist, i can say that i do not want to do that any more. >> reporter: the sentence will cost the company $3 million. the most that the law allows. >> it's chump change for the
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company prsm the company has already paid $1.6 billion in fines from other proceedings. the company will be spending five years on probation. >> they are going to have a monitor over their whole operation, that's a huge thing. >> reporter: isit looks like the judge may force them to talk about the settlement in ads and the company's employees will have to do commute service, including the company's highest executives. pg & e will be sentenced thursday but the california public utilities commission, highly culpable in all of this, will never go to court at all. you would think being
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trapped in your car by an avalanche would be a frightening experience. >> how did this happen? stuck in ray pile of snow. >> two friends quickly get over their fears and stay safe and in good spirits throughout the night. how they let their families know that they were safe. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. having a thick fur coat paid off for five puppies caught in the avalanche in the hotel in italy. nine people also survived the avalanche but six people died and 23 are still missing. a traffic camera in it captured -- utah captured captured an avalanche in little cottonwood canyon. crews spent the day working to clear the area of all of that snow. >> two friends made the most of their time after getting stuck in an avalanche in the sierras. it was a frightening experience with a good ending. >> reporter: this is not what you would expect to see from
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two guys trapped in an avalanche but this is how they will remember their night. >> we were driving home and all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind and a full white out. then i hit something on the road and, an avalanche happened. >> reporter: they were heading hope when a wall of white buried their car. >> i was afraid that the exhaust would freed around the tail pipe and let the carbon monoxide into the car. >> reporter: the snow settled and they evaluated the situation and remembered their boy scout training. >> i knew to stay calm and
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conserve our oxygen. >> reporter: amazingly they had cell service and knew that help was on the way. >> i called 911, i calmed down because i knew people were coming to get us. >> then we shared it on facebook live. >> it was funny. my brother was worried because we were laughing so much. we were probably depleting our oxygen asking, how did this happen. >> reporter: squaw valley assisted with avalanche patrol. firefighters said that the avalanche daipg is extreme across the tahoe basin -- danger is extreme across the tahoe basin. >> we teach everyone how to
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solve people out. thank you brian. i do not know how they stayed in such good humor through that. >> i would panic. >> yes. back here in the bay area, wild weather this afternoon, a brief hail storm pelted parts of oakland, then after the hail, look at this beautiful scene, the chopper was covering other weather problems when it caught that rain bow. it's sobriety. >> i have not seen one -- so bright. >> i have not seen one that bright in a long time. >> going back to that avalanche, have you ever been
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in an avalanche? >> i was, back in the old days, if you gotoff the main runs, you had avalanches -- got off the rain runs, you had avalanches. i was at snowbasin, everything around me cracked. everything started to move. it buried up to our knees. we dug ourselves out and we laughed because we did not realize how serious that was. >> it was fast? >> really fast. i remember we were swept 30 or 40 yards in a moment. it was weird. now i understand, this is 30 square yards, imagine a whole
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hillside letting loose, that's what the avalanches are doing. so it's dangerous in the mountains. we have a lot of avalanche concerns because they are blasting. the people that are plowing up there are telling me, we do not have any place to put the snow. you have to put it somewhere, like new york city, they do not know where to put it so they melt it. but they are getting a break, we are getting a break. we are setting up for a dry period ahead. the bay bridge looks busy. the rain drops are still falling out there. rainfall accumulations have been significant. here are some of the percent. 157% of average in concord. we have done well with the rainfall and we continue to do well in the mountains as the snow continues to fall as this
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system moves on. it's the tail end of it. there is nothing coming owr way in the pacific. san jose getting moderate showers. more moderate showers in the oakland area. here's the models. spinning down the coast, maybe a few sprinkles. that's tomorrow morning. you see a chance of a sprinkle in the forecast tomorrow morning but it's not a lot. that's the day tomorrow. tomorrow is about blue skies, wednesday is about blue skies and thursday, this is a nonevent. thursday afternoon, a chance of a sprinkle. do not change your plans, forecast highs, tomorrow, lots of 50s and more sunshine, maybe a sprinkle. no big deal.
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as we head into tuesday, it's all about clearing, wednesday is beautiful and i think that thursday is nice too. just a few clouds. friday and saturday and sunday, not too bad. a real good time to dry out. this reminds me of how it used to be around here. we used to get big rain and big snow. in the last five years, its been dry. >> i do not remember back that far. >> you were reporting. you got on the rivers. this is like the storms from the 90s. >> we have not had one in a while. >> the warriors and the heat have an early evening matchup in miami. that's coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ?q
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can fill you with wonder. other. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. . mark is here with the sports. warriors have a tight schedule. >> it might be catching up with them. i figure any time they can put it into gear but it's not
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working for them tonight. in my-- my -- miami, its not agreeing with them. we have a curry flurry early on. he breaks it into the forecourt. he find it and the warriors are cruising, but miami has led much of the game. he is laid out. 11 points in the first quarter. coming to the third, the man on the break, then with the land. things are rolling good, they
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were up as many as eight points but miami did not let up. right now there is three minutes left in the game and the warriors are down 10. not impossible but we may have not the best highlights to show you, or come back highlights. >> john pagano joins the raiders staff at an assistant head coach. he gets asked, what happened to jim. he sat out last year. he is such a nice guy. he is back with the washington redskins and probably in a perfect position, he is a
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defensive line coach in washington. so jim back in the nfl. in the meantime we are getting closer to spring training. the weather here does not body well for baseball but the giants may be making a move. this is an interesting possible sign. korea is close to making a deal for a third base man. the giants are close to signing him to a minor league deal at $1.5 million. it's going to be interesting to see how his game translates with the giants who o could use the infield help. >> in the meantime, tiger woods for the first time in 17 months will be back on a pga course in
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an official capacity. he will be playing thursday. his first official pga event in well over a year. he is 41 years old. talking about his reentry to the tour. >> i have sat out long enough. i got my body in a pretty good state where i feel like i can handle the workload but i still have to go out and do it. it's a lot of golf. all right, there you go. anything he does is going to be under a microscope. we will see how he does. >> it seems like yesterday he graduated from stanford. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night
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