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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> police in berkeley have a mystery to unravel tonight. two bodies are discovered inside a home. so far investigators have not been able to figure out how they died. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. at this point police have conducted some preliminary test, but say it's not immediately clear how those two people died. the bodies were found in separate locations inside a home on deakin street off ashby near telegraph. police blocked off a street and
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called in a hazmat crew. so far no answers. ktvu's jana katsuyama has been there talking with police. she joins us with a live report. jana? >> reporter: julie, i was able to reach that property owner. she says they owned the building for about a year. there was one unit where a man and woman was living there with two cats, but so far police have not told them whether the people they found were the tenants. if you take a look behind me, police are still here. they have reopened deakin street. they say what's so unusual here there's no signs of trauma, no signs of forced entry, notes, or bottles of pills or anything that would indicate an obvious cause of death. neighbors watched, wondering if berkeley police blocked the area on deakin street where the bodies were found. >> this is my block. i want today see what was going on. obviously very alarmed this is happening here. >> reporter: berkeley police got the call around 1:00 p.m.
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from someone who knew one of the people and had gone to check finding one body inside. when police arrived they found another body and two dead cats inside one of the four units. >> they were in different parts of the residence. >> reporter: berkeley police evacuated the building blocking deakin street between webster and prince as a precaution. >> because the death has no immediate appearance, we called out pg&e, the fire department, hazmat teams. >> reporter: ktvu reached one of the building owners, cindy kwon. she told ktvu all four units were equipped with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. the testing for radiation carbon monoxide and gas leaks had all come back negative. homicide detectives searched the property, but say they were not looking for any particular suspect. >> it is still a mystery. >> reporter: police say they did not have much information on the people who died. >> i'm told the people were in their 30s. >> reporter: neighbors were shocked. >> we walk by it every morning on the way to work. generally it seems like young
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people and families living in this neighborhood. >> we live in a very residential area. you know these kinds of things never happen. i'm confident i know who these people are once i have their names. >> reporter: i checked in with the coroner's office about ten minutes ago. they tell me they are still working on notifying the family members, so they are not releasing the names of the two people found here. investigators say they are hoping the autopsy and toxicology reports will help them identify the cause of this very mysterious death. >> it is so strange. how long before those autopsy and toxicology reports are due out? >> reporter: well julie, it's hard to say right now. sometimes it can take quite a bit of time. other times it could be fast depending on the case load. but certainly this is something which people along here in this neighborhood, they say it's a quiet neighborhood and they really hope they can get some answers soon. >> all right, jana in berkeley
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tonight. thank you. now to a new development in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland last month. attorneys for the warehouse manager says it's possible the fire didn't start in the ghost ship building. attorneys representing derick almena who leased the ghost ship building released an 11- page report suggesting an electrical problem at a neighboring building may actually be the cause of the fire. the lawyers say this could prove their client bares no responsibility for the fire. tonight the city of oakland is collaborating with federal investigators on the the cause and origin of the fire saying it is premature to speculate until those investigations are finished. in the meantime the city of oakland says the owners of an apartment building in the fruitvale district are in violation of city laws designed to protect tenants. they filed an injunction against the owners of the 30- unit building at 1620 fruitvale avenue. according to the lawsuit, one family slept in a closet and on their kitchen floor for nearly a year and a half to avoid
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getting bitten by bedbugs. tenants also complained there is no heat and no working smoke detectors. the owners have been cited for sewage backups, broken or missing windows, and broken door locks. they have about 40 days to address the problems or face contemptive court charges and sanctions. now to the weather and a look at the rainbow that appeared late this afternoon near oakland's lake merritt. if you're tired of the rain there is change on the horizon after today's thunderstorms hammered the bay area. >> the unstable hair also produced hail. this young lady says her video shows the backyard as you can see there just piling up with hail on the picnic table and the grass. >> in the sierra the latest storm dumped as much as three feet of new powder in the tahoe area leaving people digging out again today near truckee. two men had to be rescued from their car there after an avalanche buried it near alpine
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meadows. ski resorts are reporting 23 feet of snow since the beginning of the month. today the city of reno recorded its snowiest day in 80 years. >> that's a ton of snow there and a lot of rain here. our chief meteorologist bill martin has been adding up the rain totals. >> a lot of rain. some areas seeing over four to five days. some of the urban areas, the santa cruz, 18-20 inches of rain over the course of five to six days. what does it do to the rain averages? it crushes them. napa at 171%. overall 130% in san francisco and oakland, concord 150. you get the idea. we've got lots of rain, we're above average. in the mountains lots of snow. if it stops now we're going to be 90% average the snow that is. but it's going to keep coming. 168% of average, the water content in the central sierra, nevada. that's huge for this time of the year. outside right now we've got some lingering showers for the
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most part. you see stuff down near san jose. scattered showers continue really for the next couple of hours. then it should taper off with a stray sprinkle in the morning hour, but that should be it. showers should be dying down tonight. the lightning, the hail, that should be done as well as the sun will set. your forecast for oakland, it's kind of chilly in the morning 48, maybe a slight chance for a sprinkle. note the sky cover clearing in the afternoon. lunchtime you're at 52 degrees. not a warm day tomorrow, but look up there could be sun in oakland, san francisco and redwood city as well. emotional highs in the mid-50s. next time i see you we can go looking for some rain. a busy connector from highway 24 to highway 13 in oakland is closed tonight because of the sink hole. a highway patrol officer named the sink hole steve on social media to get peoples attention. he's been giving updates on the status of the sink hole. caltrans says a drainage pipe running under the road was leaking, which is what opened up the hole.
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the sinkhole is on southbound 13. two out of the three lanes in that area are closed right now. chp said on their facebook page caltrans hopes to finish the repairs in time for tomorrow night's commute. highway 37 in novato remains flooded and shut down tonight for the second time this month. at least one vehicle got stuck in the high water when it flooded on saturday night. chp says there is no estimate on when the lanes will reopen. the income tides could make the situation even worse over the next few days. along alameda creek, search crews use add drone odd to locate a car that has submerged in the fast moving water. an 18-year-old woman from tracy was reported missing over the weekend after her car was seen plunging into the creek following a crash on niles canyon road. sheriff deputies say the water has been too dangerous for the dive team to look for that young woman. but as ktvu ann rubin reports they plan to try tomorrow morning. >> reporter: along with first responders, determined family members scour the banks of
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alameda creek, looking for any trace of the missing 18-year- old and her car. they found something. >> her attention is so focused on finding their loved ones. it is really a miracle they were able to see that a-- that event in the water. >> reporter: there were tires just beneath the surface. >> this was a significant find today. we were working in an area over half a mile long. and the terrain is pretty rough. so it is literally like finding a needle in the hay stack. >> reporter: authorities believe they collided with another car on saturday in niles canyon sending her creaming into the water. she had been on her way from tracy to visit families in menlow park at the time. the water is simply too rough. >> the water is going to continue to drop as long as mother nature is on our side. we're going to work with the dams to get them shut down, which will also drop the water levels.
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>> reporter: only then can the recovery levels begin. family members asked that the 18-year-old's name not be released. she was a college student hoping one day to become a social worker. authorities say loved ones won't give up until she is found. >> that determination and love for her would help find that today. >> reporter: the young woman was a student at william jessup university. they'll be providing support and counseling to others on campus. the recovery effort out here will begin at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. authorities say they will be closing niles canyon road from 10:00 a.m. on. in niles canyon ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. it took nine months to find him. but tonight san francisco has a new police chief. tara moriarty tells us the former deputy chief bill scott was sworn in during a ceremony at city hall this afternoon. >> the chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: this is 52-year- old william scott thanking ed lee for picking him as san francisco's new police chief. >> i think you made a wise decision. >> and thanked his wife for putting up with the long hours for waking him up. >> she would nudge me with dignity. >> reporter: in the middle of the ceremony, half a dozen hecklers started yelling. scott handled it with grace. when we sat down one and one with him earlier, his first order of business. >> people need to use it, when they don't. they see you sitting in a tower pulling the levers, you know, like the wizard of oz. >> reporter: they lead sfpb as theyfound racial disparities in traffic -- which they found
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racial despairties in traffic stops. police commissioned most recently banning the use of the restraints, a less lethal method. >> my question goes back to what other options do -- do we have? >> reporter: currently officers do not carry tasers. but he'll continue to build bridges just recently meeting with the district attorney who has had a rocky relationship with us in the past. i think it was a good meeting and really, we need to work together. >> reporter: he spent 27 years to find a home where he would live with his wife and child. scott says his heart is in san francisco. >> it's just something about this city that draws you to it. it is just a magical place. >> carrying on the theme of bridges, chief scott says he plans to take a job across the golden gate bridge as the first
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stop on his checklist. san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. president trump gets down to business. still ahead his action on trade policies. plus the change in tone from the new press secretary. a judge's call today for the maximum fine after hearing from victims and their family members. it's not your typical classroom setting. how a trip to a homeless encampment is changing the way some students perceive the homeless and what they learned from this experience. that story is coming up.
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new tonight a school visited a homeless encampment in san jose. azenith smith was with the students. azenith they were there to pass out blankets and gain perspective? >> reporter: yes, definitely good perspective. no doubt homelessness in san jose is a big issue. this encampment behind me is one of many in the city. many of the young people i spoke with tonight said they came here feeling a little bit apprehensive, but they left empowered. the majority of these young people stepping into this homeless encampment in san jose is a first for them. never having much contact with the homeless before. >> a lot of us would call santa clara paradise.
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i guess this is the dark side. you know, you're kind of in your nice palm tree filled bubbles out there. this is just a whole different world. >> reporter: with blanket in hand, he's one of the 20 students to be a part of the religious study/passing out food monday evening too more than a dozen homeless people living in tents, seeking warmth in the cold. >> it's sad to see this. you can't escape the sadness. >> i appreciate you talking with us. >> reporter: the the professor says their interaction is a reality check, a course on solidarity for their ministries with more than 4,500 people homeless in san jose. 125 died on the streets last year. >> there's so many of these camps. >> reporter: one student was grappling with what she could do to help. >> i don't have much to offer them other than talking to them for a few minutes. i don't know how my presence here is going to help them.
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>> reporter: but what they did not realize that human connection did help. richard womack is among the homeless living there. >> it is a wonder. i think it is more than the magic. >> reporter: above all their time helping to break down stereotypes. as well as broadening their perspective. >> they don't want to have to ask people for stuff. they want to have value in their life, which is a common theme i've heard before. >> at the end of the day we are all residents of the whole community. we owe it to each other to transform this place into a place we could all call a good home. >> reporter: and some of the students say they now plan to pursue work to help the homeless. that's the goal this experience translates to change. live in san jose ktvu fox 2 news. >> a federal judge says he
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plans to fine pg&e the maximum amount allowable for the violation of the safety laws. the pipeline explosion killed eight people in 2010. ktvu tom vacar was in court for today's hearing. >> reporter: the judge heard from several victims who lost family members, including sue bollis who lost her husband, mother-in-law, and son. her son's remains were never recovered. >> there was a point in my life six and a half years ago that i wanted to end my life. with the help of my therapist i don't want to do that anymore. >> reporter: at this point it looks as if the formal sentence would cost pg&e $3 million, the maximum allowed under federal pipeline safety and an investigation interference law. chump change for pg&e. we are talking about a huge corporation here. there is only one language they understand and that's money. >> reporter: pg&e has paid $1.6 billion in fines from other
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proceedings. the company will spend five years on probation under the watchful eye of an independent court-appointed monitor, san bruno's main priority. >> we will have the independent monitor, a huge thing for us and everybody. >> reporter: it looks like the judge may force them a chance to disclose their details whenever they need to run safety or possibly in all ads. the company's employees will be forced to do 10,000 hours of new community service to thousands of those hours performed by the highest ranking executive. >> we will not stand by and let these types of eloise brotzman vents happen again. >> reporter: pg&e will have their final day in court and sentencing on thursday. but the california public utilities commission highly true in all of this and a failure at regulating them properly never will. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. the state senate in sacramento has approved the
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selection of the congressman as california's next attorney general. he's a graduate of stanford law and their deputy attorney general before entering politics. he will be their first latino attorney general. governor brown plans to swear him in tomorrow. he plans to deliver his state of the state address tomorrow scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. we will be streaming the remarks on and through our mobile app. the governor of minnesota collapsed this evening while delivering his annual state of the state address. governor mark dayton appeared to be conscious as he was helped to a back room several minutes later. his staff said he walked out of the capitol on his own power tonight and underwent a routine check by emergency medical technicians at his home. dayton is a 69-year-old democrat. he has a history of health
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problems and fainted last year during a hot and crowded event. still to come here today was move-in day for several homeless families with new permanent housing. >> we are definitely in a position we are in now, a need of a miracle. definitely this is one. >> at 10:30 the newfound hope that comes with their new homes. the warriors were feeling the heat in miami tonight in a game that went down to the final buzzer later in sports. mark ibanez will show us the three-point shot that won the game. first in two minutes, president trump turns to talk about trade and action. criticism from the high-profile member of his own party. ?q lives star wars,
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this is the place where star wars lives. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at disneyland resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! vice president mike pence did the honors tonight swearing in congressman mike pompeo as director of the cia shortly
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after his nomination was approved by congress. earlier today the senate foreign relations committee voted across party lines to promote rex tillerson as secretary of state. the full senate vote on tillerson's nomination could come next week. president trump took steps today to fulfill a campaign promise and pull the u.s. out of the transpacific partnership. center but fox news chief white house correspondence tells us a key member of his own party criticized the move. >> reporter: with the stroke of his executive fan, he fill add simple propane -- simple campaign. the action drew a sharp response from john mccain who tweeted withdrawing is a serious mistake for america's economy in the asian-pacific. meeting with union leaders this afternoon, the president defended his actions, insisting
10:25 pm
tpt was not in america's best interests. the president also signed two other executive orders. one implementing a hire freeze on several workers. the other reinstating the so- called mexico funding. prohibiting funding promoting or providing abortions. you're great people. >> reporter: trade and the job self-declared first day of work meet with with -- meeting with the workers here by as much as 75%. and again promised to reduce the corporate tax rate, though he left open a possibility he might have receive add cut up to 20%, not their preferred 15. business leaders would express concerns on goods when corporations would move manufacturing out of the united states. >> we did talk about the board quite a bit. we talked about the sorts of industries that might be helpful by that. look, i would take the president at his word here. he's not going to do anything
10:26 pm
to harm competitiveness. >> reporter: there could be more big changes ahead. in his first white house appreciation, they indicated an executive order beginning the process to renegotiate as nasa might be ahead. he didn't say no when asked if the president plans to green light to pipeline deals by the obama administration. >> i'm not going to get in front of the president's executive actions, but i'll tell you barry is like dakota and the keystone pipeline. areas we can increase jobs, increase economic growth, and tap into the energy supply more is something he's been very clear about. >> reporter: spicer defended their weekend attack on the media. arguing it was about more than whether the mlk bus has been removed. reports about the crowd sizes for push -- reports about the crowd sizes show this won't happen. that's the narrative when you turn on the television every
10:27 pm
single day. >> reporter: spicer's change in tone on saturday's scorching with the press seems to indicate the white house is eager to move past its way with the media on to more substive issues, like reinvigorating the auto industry, a big focus of mr. trump's focus tomorrow. at the the white house john fowler -- -- at the white house joel waldman fox news. novato shows it really does take a village to help homeless families. tonight it's home sweet home as a brand new facility opens.
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new at 10:00 a turning point for marin county tonight for five families out of homelessness moving into their
10:30 pm
own apartments. in fact this is their first night in many places. debora villalon is in novato to explain how the village came to be. debora? >> reporter: frank, it's a brand new building. 14 apartments for families with children. and tonight they are getting their first taste of their new life. making dinner is one of the things shaquille byrd missed for two years moving amongst friends and relatives, hotels and shelters. with two daughters, it's been tough. >> it's exciting to think you need to go into your room and go and play with your toys. >> reporter: now the family is unpacking in a two-bedroom two- bath unit. rent $775 a month. affordable for this coach and college student. >> without this we didn't know where we were going honestly. we stayed in the shelter for six months. we were still looking. we couldn't find michigan >> now that she has a -- we couldn't find anything, so now that she has a new home.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: they were the first to arrive. all coming from shelters run by homeward bound of marin. boma is a pastor and housing advocate, for years helping struggling families. seeing that home is their biggest need. >> we don't mean it to be something others would stereotype. we mean it to be a beautiful place. >> reporter: many materials were donated, discounted. but the village does not resemble low-income housing. >> when i walked in and saw how gracious and lovely they would be, i had tears in my eyes. >> reporter: clients are bulled -- bowled over too. >> i cannot express how happy we are. we are proud to be here. >> reporter: to get in renters must have children, a job, and goals. they can stay as long as they want. but with fixed rent it's hope they would save money and become independent and then free up the space for someone else. >> to really encourage people who are working, who are moving their lives in a right direction to have a dignified place to be and their children
10:32 pm
could have a safe stable place to live is what we all want. >> reporter: the key obstacle is land and financing. this was paid for with private, public, and charitable funds. for these families out of homelessness is life changing. >> i'm at my own house. being able to hang up my own clothes and have my own space is like a dream. >> reporter: it really does take a village. volunteers are putting all of the furniture together and arranging the rooms. everything is turnkey. the appliances are provided, drawers are fully equipped with all the utensils. frank it is everything these tenants need for a reboot of their lives. >> saying i have my own place now to hang my own things is so outstanding. debora villalon in marin county, thank you. doctors transferred former president george h.w. bush out of intensive care today saying he is doing much better. his wife barbara was released from the houston hospital. the two posed for this photo on
10:33 pm
social media. mr. bush is 92 years old and hospitalized for a breathing problem diagnosed as pneumonia. the former first lady is 91. she was treated for bronchitis. doctors say mr. bush could be well enough for discharge on friday. a chinese bike sharing company says they want to work with the city of san francisco to smooth the road to a launch. in china renters pick up and leave blue go go bikes wherever they would like. but officials in san francisco say that would create a public nuance here. they threaten to seize the company's bike. the company went ahead with the plan. they now say they will only park bikes at legally rented private locations. the company is hoping to meet with the city soon to work out specific details. new at 10:00 tonight, governor jerry brown issued two emergency proclamations today for dozens of california counties in the wake of a recent series of storms. all nine bay area counties are included. the proclamation can help county government secure funding as they try to repair
10:34 pm
storm damage. in lafayette clean up got underway after a huge tree came crashing down in a restaurant's parking lot. at least five cars were crushed. as ktvu rob roth explains those affected say it could have been rob much worse. -- could have been much worse. >> reporter: tree trimmers say it will take days to remove this 150-foot tall tree spread across this parking lot on lafayette circle. house we heard it come down. >> they were very quiet when he was going down. he just made a huge noise, you know, like a thunder. >> reporter: this woman was checking out her sue' she bought just -- checking out her tree she purchased just last month. the tree is estimated at 150 years old. the tree started to lean slightly. >> luckily everybody had just gotten inside. so i mean a lot of people could
10:35 pm
have gotten hurt. >> reporter: the heavy rains to cause the san pablo reservoir to wrap over onto the picnic table. there's so much work. east bay mud is releasing some of it into the spillway. the first time there's been an excess in six years. >> this is good news. it is good news to have the level of precipitation we've been having after a historic four-year drought. >> reporter: while the rains have caused some problems, the good news is water managers, they don't seem to be worrying about the drought these days. in lafayette rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. divers have recovered the body of a woman from pittsburgh bay point whose car plunged into the sacramento river just over a week ago. the 48-year-old michelle johnson was going to visit her sister in sacramento when her car went off highway 160. conditions were too dangerous for divers to retrieve her body until two days ago. wall street moved lower today with the three major averages closing in the red. dow was off 28 points. nasdaq dropped 2. s&p 500 was
10:36 pm
down eight. investors are uncertain about some of president trump's comments about professionalism. moving money over. ahead tonight a bay area police officer opens fire killing a man at a party. still ahead tonight why police say the circumstances warranted a use of deadly force. plus, a homicide investigation is underway tonight. we'll tell you about a drive-by shooting that left one person dead. we are tracking a few showers out there, even a few snow showers for the bay area. what can you expect in the coming days? >> let's do it! i like it.
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10:38 pm
new at 10:00, alameda county sheriff deputies are investigating a deadly shooting just outside hayward city limits. investigators aren't releasing many details. they say it was a driver-by shooting that happened at about 7:00 tonight near the
10:39 pm
intersection of princeton street and smalleya. -- smalley avenue. there's no word on a motive and no arrests have been made. an investigation is underway in vallejo after police shot and kill add 21- year-old man there. he's armed with a knife fighting with a teenager. ktvu henry lee spoke to the man's mother who says officers didn't have to use deadly force. >> reporter: family members and friends said anglo was coming to his brother's defense as a -- stepped in to a fight. >> the same people there who are suppose to protect us is doing this, you know. they would hit a cage, pepper spray. whatever. >> it was a big fight, but nobody needed to get shots. >> reporter: 911 call came in just after 12:30 in the morning. people are fighting, a woman is yelling for help.
10:40 pm
police said they found ramos armed with a knife fighting with a 16-year-old boy. authorities say the officer first tried totalis the 16-year- old, but only one of the two taser prongs hit them. the teenager ended up on the ground on his back and they say that is when he pounced on the teen while armed with a knife. a second officer then shot ramos. ramos died at the scene. the 60-year-old suffered minor injuries. >> the cop was standing right here ask and just shot my son. >> reporter: some said ramos was not armed with a knife and that the teenager wasn't in any immediate danger. >> this 16-year-old looks like a grown man. he's a big boy. not like a little -- most people were intoxicated and uncooperative with investigators. >> people don't make the decisions. it's a tragic incident. certainly nobody would join a police force to use lethal force, but it's a part of the
10:41 pm
job. >> reporter: vallejo police say their thoughts are with the family. >> we understand their grief, but it does not change the facts of the case. we could be talking about something completely different here today about a dead 16-year- old with a knife wound. >> reporter: the officer who fired his gun has about five years with the vallejo police on paid leave as the department and the solano county d.a.'s office investigates. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. a local landmark battered at sea. the calls for recent storms and a piece of history in monterey bay. >> after a series of storms, finally a break. our chief meteorologist bill martin's forecast is coming up next.
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in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. we have some dramatic video of a northern california
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landmark taking in a real beating from the recent storms. this video of the so-called cement ship was shot by a drone. the ship was originally the sf palo alto built out of reenforced cement just before world war i. it's been a part of the pier since 1930. generations of fishermen and sight seers have stood on her decks. over the weekend waves as high as 34 feet smashed what was left of the palo alto, tearing off her stern and flipping her over. a new weather satellite sending back its first high- definition video clips of planet earth. it was launched by the atmospheric association showing earth at four times the resolution as current satellite pictures. scientists say the new satellite can also scan the whole western hemisphere in just five minutes. they say that is going to revolutionize how forecasting is done for severe weather. and a nice night out there thus far. we do have a few scattered
10:45 pm
showers out there, even some snow flurries are showing up around mt. hamilton as these stray cells move out of the area, giving us a drier pattern after what was a very, very, very wet week. i will go back to that picture. that is from twin peaks, looking back there. and they are going deep, looking out there. you're not looking at the avenues there, but looking out towards the heat district and probably even more. but as you would look back across the bay it is starting to clear out a little bit. we'll end up with a pretty nice darn day tomorrow. a slight chance tomorrow, but that's it. i just have to say it because there is a slight chance, but you probably won't see anything. not like what we are seeing right now. you'll see the current radar. if you come in close you can see some activity. that's how it's been all day, you know, widely scattered. actually earlier in the day there was some views. but you see the snow showing up near hamilton on some of the higher elevations, which means it's cold outside. one of these stray cells will
10:46 pm
go over diablo. rio vista a few scattered showers right now. but for the most part after a significant five, six day rainy period we'll get a little bit of a dry period right now. it's chilly outside, 40 in santa rosa, 45 in fairfield. it's going to get down. it was cooler last night -- it was cooler last night than today. that means some frost in bay area neighborhoods, maybe a little bit of valley fog as well. look for 35 in fairfield, about 35 in napa as well. this is a computer model. did you see that spinning off back to the west like that? so this is the system right here. it's going, it's not going this way, it's going down towards the coast. there you are tomorrow afternoon that thing is all about clearing the coast. as they clear the coast, we'll get a nice day, especially on your bay area, well, tuesday looks good, wednesday. look at this wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. then what's this? maybe thursday? don't sweat it. maybe something. it's a few clouds. that's what we're going to forecast for thursday. really a nice dry pattern.
10:47 pm
a hot tip if you're a skier, maybe the next time you go up there maybe on wednesday -- tuesday, wednesday will be a good time to go up there. there's the five-day forecast. i would think of a possible sprinkle will be happening. here's the story, a nice looking period coming up here as we head into the rest of the week and into the weekend. up in mcarthur northeast california up by fall river mills in guerneville, the river is chilly with a few showers lingering up there, but it's going to clear up. he said come on, bill. >> i kind of true up there. -- i kind of grew up in there. >> and they were looking at me like what are you doing? >> i hope it wasn't too much. thanks, bill. well sharks and warriors are both on the road tonight. two very different outcomes. mark is up next with sports. we'll be right back.
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ladies first. >> a tough one tonight for the warriors who would see the final buzzer. >> and they just feel like any time they could kind of press the button and then get it rolling, but they did tonight as it was just a little too
10:51 pm
late, but figuring on any given night they would need to take care of, pretty much no problem down in miami, but too little too late on the comeback as they were down by 10 with 3 1/2 minutes left. how about them having a real good night last night? they would drive and take it to the bucket. he is flattened. he doesn't get those calls, but it would be a three-point play possibility. 21 -- steph would have 21 on the game. dion waiters, remember that name. he gets the five-point lead with 1.1 left for miami. draymond will get it to kevin durant who will get it to drop. they are within three. 15 seconds left. still down three. curry quickly into the court with sean livingston to the bucket. they're within one. 21 seconds left. after a free throw by miami
10:52 pm
they go up by two. the warriors get it to k.d., doesn't have the three, so he takes it right to the rack. slam dunk. we're all tied. 102-102 with 11 seconds left. k.d. with 27. giving it to that man, patiently working the clock. calmly drains a perfect three. yeah, just like i would do it every day. that's the career high for him, 33 points, tieing his all time. the heat end up with the victory and the warriors will end their seven-game -- will end their seven-game losing streak. we pretty much have the hockey version of that tonight for the sharks out on the road up in colorado. patrick getting the breather there. we're 1-1 in the third period. mark edwards blasts it back with a shot on goal. it'll be redirected by marlow who is just getting started as the sharks lead it 2-1. minutes
10:53 pm
later marleau will circle his play. there's his second goal in a 3- 1 lead with the sharks. just five minutes later, a little break here, two on one, a blast to joe. marleau with the natural hat trick. the avs fans up in colorado are getting into the spirit. now it's 4-2. marleau's 497th goal of his career. the breakaway backhander with four goals in 13 minutes. he's the first player since 1997 to score four goals in one period. by the way that's five victories in a row for the sharks. all right the 49ers are going to make a big splash signing, but they're going to have to wait a couple of weeks for kyle shanahan as he's got some business to take care of with the falcons. so we have little tweaks to the coaching staff first by the
10:54 pm
raiders as they have hired john -- john pagano. the new defensive line coach with the washington redskins. of course he sat out all last year and he joins the new defensive coordinator there with the redskins. so kind of nice to see tomsula landing on his feet as we grow ever closer to spring training. everybody talked about the combustible bullpen for the giants. one of the notes though they really needed help on their bench. it was pretty bad last year. to that end they are showing some strong interests in a korean player by the name of jay wang. he's 29 years old. he had 26 home runs, driving in 100 runs last year in korea hitting .330 in what is considered to be a hitter's league. they haven't signed him yet, but apparently they are close to a deal that would bring him in on a minor league contract at $1.5 million. any time tiger woods
10:55 pm
decides to pick up a golf club it is news. he was back in business today talking about what he'll be doing later this week. he was at riviera working out in preparation for the event tori pines would start thursday. his first initial pga event in 17 months. >> i sat out long enough here. i've been in a pretty good state where i feel i can handle that workload, but i still need to go out there and do it and experience it and that is obviously a lot of golf. i've been on the sidelines for so long. >> all right, he is 41 years old. we'll see how he fairs. meanwhile we will close it out on a light note. the new york knicks, just take a look at the free throw attempts here tonight. tell me if you have ever seen one being missed by more. have a look.
10:56 pm
opening up the door on the back. he needs to move that ball up. >> noah is not known for his shooting, but i mean you get it. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you that's a little embarrassing, but he's in the nba and we're not. >> right. >> he's known for his defensive skills. >> yeah, he should practice those free throws. >> he kind of shot it like this as opposed to that. >> like i said he's not known for his offensive touch. >> all right, mark, thank you. and thank you for joining us everyone. have a great night. we'll see you again tomorrow. >> good night. ♪
10:57 pm
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