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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's tuesday. january 24th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we have breaking news to tell you about. it's from the south bay. give us the latest. >> a man has been rushed to the hospital after he was hit by a car. we are live at the scene in san jose with more on this story. >> reporter: we just heard sal that -- this man has life threatening injuries. this pedestrian. the san jose police department is sending out their special traffic investigations unit. are you looking at a live look at the scene. there is -- the driver who police have been questioning and this accident happened right here -- the westbound lanes closed from center all the way to 10th street this is going to have an impact on the morning drive. here is some video of the scene
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we took here earlier. it happened at 3:40 in the morning. car was traveling in the westbound lanes and the driver said that suddenly a man -- jumped in front of his car, was trying to cross the street. we are told that pedestrian was not in the crosswalk. the driver ended up hitting that man and it was pretty bad because he did -- his shoes did come off. his clothes laying here wal- mart retold that emergency crews rushed him to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we are waiting to get the update on his condition. we will asked police about the driver. does he seem impaired they say that he doesn't. here is what they had to say. >> it looks like he does in fact drive for uber. he has a sticker on his car. it's still under investigation if he was in the process of driving to pick someone up. those questions will be
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answered shortly. >> reporter: we are being told that the road is going to be closed for several hours. just because the investigation team needs to come out here. there was a witness that stopped. they are interviewing him. they are interviewing the driver this is going to impact traffic. let's go to a live look at the scene right now where you can see there is still a heavy police presence and they want to make sure they preserve the scene president it's unnope what the outcome of this man's injuries. we asked -- does it appear that man was going to work at the time? was he a homeless person? we don't know. all i know is the man is a victim in his 10's. we will stay out here live and we will have the update in the next hour. >> all right. thank you. we. we have other things to talk about. in the east bay, westbound 580. that tracy drive.
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there are several pot holes that were being fixed on 580 coming in. over the pass. they had to close some lanes to do it. photograph sick a mess now on 580 more than normal. it's always slow here this is slower than normal on 205 and 580. if this is your drive lue need to give yourself extra time. if you are driving on vasco road more people will be stuck in photograph i can. it's coming quite the drive. it's not going to get better any time soon. it's a traffic volume is on the up tick. we have the accident on the bay bridge. this is westbound just on the incline section. blocking the right lane. its been here for about 20, 25 minutes but it started to make traffic bad about 15 minutes ago. the volume was okay but then it started to pile up on the bridge and you can see the traffic all the way back to the
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toll plaza area and at the toll plaza they had to turn the metering lights on about a half hour early. you can see what happened here. just kind of filled up. let's go to the picture and show you that it looks like it's a lot later than it is. we usually don't have a back up. if you are a bay bridge driver another extra, 15, 20 minutes keep you on schedule. again because of that crash looks like they may be clearing it soon. it's still blocking at least one lane. let's go back to the steve. >> thank you. we still have some kind of hit and miss rain here. just parallel to the coast. little over the bay. low and responsible for it is moving. you can see it's just off the coast. there is also some shower activity wrapping back in from the valley toward lake and northern napa. show you that. you can see the line stretching point arena back over to -- and then closer to the marin coast. back over to inverness.
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it's kind of staying for now. it's trying to push inland. so far not much luck. it's still there. occasionly you can get the coast. favoring more coast and bay than inland areas and right around santa cruz. we have a little bit president it's off the coast as well. here some that of that activity on the valley. you can see how that's wrapping backn. maybe snow. looks like higher elevations. into lake. northern napa. maybe sonoma. this could work back in as that low continues to track in southward. 40s on the temperatures or upper 30s. brentwood,. morgan hill. 39 boulder creek. saratoga is 7 degrees. we get the easterly breeze but aren't 100% done. we will keep a few showers in the mix. then this low will be far enough south that we can say good-bye to it. 50s on the temperatures. just hit and miss rain. nothing compared to yesterday.
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investigators in berkeley want to know what caused the death of two people and two cats found inside an apartment building in berkeley. what do you know about this? >> reporter: investigators in berkeley want to know why this happened. the body was found in an apartment around one yesterday afternoon on deacon street. off ashby avenue near telegraph. authorities evacuated the building and called in a hazmat team. tests for radiation, carbon monoxide and gas leaks came back negative. homicide detectives searched but found in forced entry. no signs of trauma on the bodies. officers made the find after someone who knew the people called to have police go and check on them after not hearing them for a few days. one of the building owners said that all four apartments in that building -- it's a four plex aree equipped with smoke alarms and car monogahela side detectors. >> we live in the res didn'tal
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area. this kind of thing doesn't happen. we have good rapport with the neighbors. i'm confident i know who they are once i have their names. >> the coroner is preforming autopsies on the people who died. so far all we know about them is they were in their 30s and the coroner hasn't released their identities. >> thank you. other news a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed last night just outside haywood city limits. it may have been a drive by shooting. several shot was fired at about 6:45 last night at princeton street less than a mile from haywood city hall. the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation continues and so far there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. there is a new legal development in the oakland warehouse fire where 36 people were killed last month. lower lawyers for the manager
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of the warehouse say there is evidence that the fire didn't start it inside the building. lawyers have released a report that says that the fire was started by a problem at a build next door. they say that would mean that their client isn't responsible for the fire. the city of oakland said that they are working with federal investigators looking for the cause of the fire. they will not comment further on that report. city firms are talking about another building in oakland. they say the owner of an apartment building in the fruitvale district is violating city law designed to protect tenants. the city attorney is taking legal action gibbs the owners of the 30 unit biling at 1620 fruitvale avenue. the city said that there are several problems. some of the tenants told investigators they slept in a closet and on the kitchen floor for more than a year to avoid being bitten by bed bugs.
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other tenants say there is no heat or working smoke alarms. the building's owners have been cited for sewage back up, broke ken missing windows and broken door locks. the city is giving the owners 40 days to fix the problems or face charges of contempt of court. the governor has declared a state of emergency for most of california because of damage caused by the storms and flooding. 50 of the state's 58 counties are in this emergency and that includes all nine bay area counties. the state emergency can help local governments get funding to help clean up and repair some of the damage caused by the storms. cal trans continues to repair that sink hole on highway 13 in the oakland hills. the problem was caused by a drainage pipe that runs under the connector between highway 24 and highway 13. a chp officer trying to get attention started calling the sink hole steve and has been giving updates on the sink
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hole. now only one lane is open on the southbound side. cal trans hopes to finish repairs in time for tonight's drive. a lot depends on how quickly that ground dries out so that permanent repairs can be done. there is also a problem on a normally busy new york bay drive route and that continues this morningw. very been talking about highway 37 between atherton and highway 101. it remains shut down president it's the second time this month that flooding was close that section of the road. the king tides predicted for the next few days could make the situation worse. the chp can't estimate when the lanes could be he cleared. all right. time is 5:10 the search goes on for the 18-year-old driver whose car plunged in to alameda creek during the weekend storms. coming up at 5:30 why crews haven't been able to get to her car even though they knee where it is. >> and it's another busy day in washington for the
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president. up next the business leaders invited to the white house this morning and what we are hearing about the president's supreme court pick. >> and we have problem on the bay bridge approach which is starting to affect the toll plazab. he are looking at other east bay drives here. 80 westbound getting crowded as you head out to the maze. >> little bit of activity here mainly favoring coast and bay. also back in from the valley toward lakew. he will see what's in store on these cool chilly highs. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. this morning at ten the governor gives his state of the state address. we will bring it to you. we will live stream the speech on and throw our mobile app. just before his speech the governor will swear in congressman basara as the new attorney general. he was confirmed yesterday by the state senate. he graduated from stanford law school, he was a state's deputy attorney general before running for political office. he will be california's first latino attorney general. the president has another busy packed schedule at the white house today. he is meeting car makers and signing another executive order. many of his cabinet nominees
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are still stalled on capitol hill. we have that story from washington. >> reporter: what a contrast between the white house and capitol hill. progress on cabinet nominees has slowed to a crawl. the white house has been a flurry of activity. it was a whirlwind for the president. meetings with business leaders, labor leaders and congressional leaders and by the streak of his pen there were executive orders. among them freezing the federal work force and pulling the united states out of the transpacific partnership. the tpp trade deal struck by the president. >> great thing for the american worker what we just did. >> reporter: at a white house reception for congressional leaders the president may have raised eyebrows. he claimed that illegal immigrants may have cost him millions of votes back in november. >> i take this obligation freely. >> reporter: his cabinet nominees making some headway. one sworn in as cia director
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and his new press secretary tried to tone down the relationship with the media adding that the administration could select a supreme court nominee with in the next week orr so to replace justice scalia. some speculation now around judge gorsuch. >> if he nominates him he would produce what he said he would, a younger version of scalia. >> reporter: that could be a real battle ahead though. democrats still angry about the fact that republicans wouldn't let president obama to make the pick. there is a new debate in washington about president trump's tweets and if those he deleted should be saved. on saturday he sent out from his private act they was honored to seven as president but look at the word honored.
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it's shot spelled right. it was first corrected and then deleted. the national archive said it considers them presidential records that have to be saved for history and no decision on the status of deleted ones. getting you moving this morning. sal there are things happening on the roads and bridges already. >> that's right. we do have slow traffic out there dave. couple of thing that have cleared up which is nice. a couple thing that are still out there. first of all we will look at the goal are you drive. traffic on northbound 101 appears to be doing well as you drive through here from gilroy to san jose. there is not a major problem here on the way up to the valley from the gilroy area. i want to switch now to the pass because we have had pot hole repair and pot holes on 580 coming in over the pass. it's made it slower than normal. if this is your drive give yourself extra time driving through the pass. getting over to the livermore
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valley. just cleared a crash from the bay bridge westboundt. was right here. looks like it's gone completely. traffic is already very slow behindt. kind of did it's damage. you can see traffic is looking good here on the approach. it was right there and -- the traffic was slow. the metering lights came on a little early and you can see that they are on but traffic is backed up. in fact if we look from the other camera here at the bay bridge toll plazu can see it's backed up all the way out to the maze. early back up because of that problem that is now gone. at 5:18 let's bring steve in with today's weather. well pretty close to being done here. we keep some rain in the forecast. some scattered showers as well as the low just goes parallel to the coast. right off about the sonoma coast. any rain now favors areas closer to the beaches, there is a little bit also in from the valley that's kind of making a bee line toward parts of lake. the line is not that extensive
5:19 am
but it's there and it's moving north to south. from point -- along the coast. bodega bay. looks like nevado. maybe vallejo and into the marin coast. that's where it stays for the most part. stays to the west. it's still there, also on the san mateo coast. also very close. san francisco and you can see it's just kind of favoring those areas. if he we -- 50 miles more to the east and we would have that over us. same can be said off santa cruz. there is cell that have been working but they are staying off shore. you can see this activity in from the valley. thunderstorm around chico. some of those are heading back into lake county. maybe sonoma. getting close to being on the dry side. 30s and 40s cold out there for some. 37 in kelseyville. low 40s. then low to mid40s for just about everybody including bodega bay at 43. bit of an easterly part.
5:20 am
higher pressure inland. lower off the coast. the high fill its the low with a bit of a breeze. the area of rain and it's right there. close enough that we will keep the rain in the forecast for the coast and then hit and miss shower activity for those inland. by this after and tonight the low should be far enough south to start to say good-bye tot. on its way out but cold air still in place through tonight into tomorrow and then a weak system on thursday. after that day we can say sunshine and warm etemperatures but for area that quiet the fog. there will be some of that. all right. >> thank you. happening now in hollywood nominations are being announced for the 89th academy awards. they are talking. this is live from hollywood. the presenters include brie larson and jennifer hudson. the movies lala land, moon night, fences and hidden fingerprintings expected to be he nominated for best picture.
5:21 am
the awards this year will be presented on february 26th. again we will watch what's happening hollywood. there is a new survey showing most women don't know when to get themselves checked for heart disease. up next we will talk live with a fox medical expert who has some life saving advice.
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. welcome back. we are talking about heart health and what need to know, especially if you are a woman. every minute in the united states a woman dies heart disease. in fact it's now the leading cause of death. doctors say that the best way to reduce your chances of a heart attack is to get screened and know your risk factors but many women wait to long to get that information. the american heart association recommends women begin under going regular heart screenings at the age of 20. fox medical team joins us now live from tampa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes. age 20. i think that was a shock to a lot of people. orlando health did a survey and nationwide survey. they found that -- only 8% of women even thought for a moment that they should be screened in their 20s. so that was certainly a wake up call to a lot of people. even less even thought about doing it at age 20. it was kind of funny when you
5:25 am
looked at the spread between younger women, 18 to 34 they seemed to do better on the survey verses older women. which was interesting. oaf all again, there were few women who understand the health benefits of that. >> it's so young. most 20-year-old's aren't thinking about a heart attack. is this for everybody but just with a family history? >> no. it's for everybody. there are a couple of things going on. there may be of course heart problems that may have been missed. certainly that's a smaller number. we know that when we have obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, we generally think of it about a ten year lag time before we start see that end organ damage that may have been cause by that. insulin resistance. all of that. if you start at that baseline at age 20 and we aren't talking about really big screenings but
5:26 am
maybe a weight, a body mass index action a waist measurement. and if necessary an ekg or other test maybe. we aren't talking about -- we are just get that baseline and want to make sure we keep that woman healthy as she ages. again i have to tell you back in the 90s. back in the 80s we almost never saw young people in the cath labs, now it happens all the timef. you start young enough, if you prepare, if you know what you need to do then i think that it'll help women in the long term avoid some of the consequences that we are seeing more and more. >> great. thank you for that information. from our fox medical team. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you. weeks of all the rain we have had and storms causing big problems on bay area roads. coming up, those pot holes. big runs making driver ands their cars work overtime.
5:27 am
>> and they also cause traffic issues. we are looking at a busy drive in the east bay here at the bay bridget. was an earlier crash that's now gone. this admonishing we are waking up to a big back up at the bay bridge. >> very close to saying good- bye to the rain and getting a break. the lows still flirting the coast. keeping some rain in the forecast for today. ♪ who amongst you goes by the name fenwick?
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. live pictures the roof camera looking across the estuary. san francisco bay toward san francisco. we are seeing a break-in the rain but there are still problems out there. alex savage rooming around on the roads. is he at the pass. he will tell you what it's like out there when we get a live report. welcome back. tuesday january 24th. time is 5:30. . >> changing for the better after today. we are trying to get it through here. there is still one more day. especially by the coast. also up toward lake county. maybe northern napa. some of that activity coming back in from the east. from the sacramento valley. right on the coast is where this system is hugging. you can see some of that line on the coast. not to much inland.
5:31 am
we will keep it mainly coast and bay. the heaviest amounts on the marin coast. right back toward san francisco. san mateo coast. some areas will get rain. there are breaks in the clouds. it continues to stay off the coast. there are a couple of strong cells. some of that could move back in an hour or two toward sonoma. something to watch here as we move toward. it a cold one. mid-30s for some. danville 36, 38 by the concord pavilion. little easterly breeze. the low still there by later this afternoon and tonightt. will start to work toward central and southern california. look at circulation this is the west coast. this will be a major weather player. already has been but will
5:32 am
continue to be one. 50s on the temperatures. mix of sun and clouds and some rain but most of that winding down by later today. he with have had a rough drive. >> yeah. >> we have had a couple of rough things. check out your solano drive. getting a little bit of slow traffic on 80. stop and go traffic. highway 37 remains closed. 580 is a huge mess. alex is there. web 580. we are just about to have a live router. let's go to the maze. we had an earlier crash at the bay bridge. you can see that the crash has
5:33 am
gone. i will tell you the crash on the bridge is gone but look at this back up at the maze and at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed out. 35 to 40 minute delay. a lot more time is needed. all the rain the bay area has been getting has been really messing up the roads and there a lot of pot holes out there. >> yeah. alex now in livermore where crews busy repairing a giant sink hole that opened on interstate 580. >> reporter: good morning. this is a bad one. emergency repair work is happening right now. crews trying to fixes a huge sink hole in the right lanes of westbound 580 just west of north flinn road. that repair work still underway right now and as you can see it is slowing down the morning drive coming in to the livermore valley. the back up in this area.
5:34 am
it extends for miles up and over the pass. a lot of folks will be running behind schedule this morning because of this repair work that is supposed to go for another half hour. after so many strong storms enthe bay area hundreds of pot holes have hoped on freeways and surface streets all over the area. cal trans said the problem is as bad as it has ever been. there is a huge hole along highway 13 that the chp named. this is steve. steve is ten feet deep, five feet across and hopefully steve will be disappearing in time for tonight's drive. a recording to officials. of course the issue is all that rain water we get wears away at the sand and the gravel under the roadway. that creates pockets under the road and then the asphalt just gives way. you with see folks are going nowhere fast this morning.
5:35 am
westbound on 580 again. this is -- emergency sink hole repair work that's happening in the right lanes. westbound 580 just west of north flinn and the chp is out trying to direct traffic but it's really slow going if your drive brings up and over the pass. give yourself plenty of extra time. back to you. >> thank you. divers are recovered the body a woman who car went in to the river more than a week ago. the 48-year-old was on her way to visit her sister in sacramento when her car veered off highway 160 and went in to the water. daveer hads to wait until saturday to recover her because it was to dangerous. we have had a lot of weather from rain, snow, hail around the bay area. want to show you video posted to our social media page.
5:36 am
a hail storm in half moon bay. look at that. the woman said that it's her backyard. the hail was piling up on the picnic table. it's translated to dangerous conditions up in the sierra. an avalanche warning after several feet of new snow fell from the latest storm. the highest elevations there are reports of up to 23 feet of snow that's built newspaper the past month alone. yesterday the city of reno recorded it's snaggiest day in 80 years. our time is 5:00 approximate. a judge in san francisco plans to fine pg&e $3 million. the maximum amount that's allowable for violating pipeline safety laws found after the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010 where eight people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed. the announcement came after an emotional hearing by victims families. pg&e is expected to be -- to get that sentence officially on
5:37 am
thursday. right now it looks like it'll cost the company three million dollars. pg&e is already paid $1.6 billion in fines from other proceedings. the company is also expected to spend five years on probation being closely watched by an independent court appointed monitor which was the main priority of the city of san bruno. >> they will have an independent monitor over their operation which is a huge thing for us and for everybody. >> the court may also order pg&e to either disclose the details of it's criminal conviction when 2 runs ads about safety or in all of its ads. the family of a missing 18- year-old woman may finally get answers later this morning. beginning at 9:00 a.m. recovery crews will start dredging a submerged car in a creek at niles canyon. family members looking for the woman. they found what appeared to be a car in the water yesterday.
5:38 am
the sheriff's office flew a drone that later confirmed there were tires under the surface. >> we were working an area over a half mile long and the terrain is interpret they rough. it was like a need until a hey stack. >> they believe that the 18- year-old collided with another car and the car plunged in to the water saturday morning. she was a college student driving her home in tracy to visit family members in menlo park. to get to the car authorities are lowering the water levels by shutting down a nearby dam. nil, s canyon road will be closed beginning at ten during that recovery operation. the board has proved legislation that will make it harder for residential hotel owners to rent out rooms to tourists. the supervisors say the ordinance will help prevent the conversion of affordable housing in to boutique hotels and short term rentals.
5:39 am
it was introduced and stops the practice of renting out single resident or sro rooms by the week requiring instead a 32 day minimum stay in most cases. there are about 19,000sro units in the city. it took nine months to find but san francisco has a new police chief. we were there as the former los angeles deputy chief bill scott was sworn in during a ceremony at city hall. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> [applause]. >> reporter: william scott thanked the mayor for picking him as san francisco's new police chief. >> i think you made a wise decision. >> reporter: and thanked his wife for putting up with his long hours and for waking him up when he fell asleep at church. >> nudged me with dignity. . >> reporter: about a half dozen people started yelling about
5:40 am
police brutality. >> my pledge to you is to work together. >> reporter: scott handled it with grace and he told us that his first order of business is to rally the rank and file. >> it start was building relationships and it's really that elementary. people have to believe in a as i leader and they don't when they see you sitting in an ivory tower pulling the levers like the wizard of oz. >> reporter: the former la deputy chief leads as they take out key reforms which fount racial disparts in traffic stops and searches, a lack of being transparent and problems in use of force incidents. the commission band the use of a restraint. >> the question goes back to what opposites do we have? i think tasers a good one. >> reporter: police officers don't carry tasers. scott said he will continue to try to build bridges.
5:41 am
he met with a district attorney who has had a rocky relationship with them. >> i think it was a good meeting. it was a productive one and really sitting down and saying we need to work together. >> reporter: the alabama native who spent 27 year was lapd has found a home where he will live with his wife and chile. his two oldest are staying in la for school for the teem being. scott said his heart is in san francisco. >> it's just something about this city that drugs you to it. it's just a magical place. >> reporter: and carrying on the theme of bridges the chief said they plans to take a job across the golden gate bridge as the first stop on his checklist. in san francisco. ktvu fox 2news. almost three weeks ago the mayor introduced her new police chief. we don't know when they will be swornn. the mayor describes the chief as someone who can clean up the troubled oakland police department. for 30 years she has worked in law enforcement. she will focus on reducing
5:42 am
violent crime and reforming the police department avenue a year of scandals. oakland hasn't had a permanent police chief.. the president promised to repeal theo fordable care act. coming up at 6:00 the new plan that two republican lawmakers proposing that would allow some people to keep their current coverage. >> first a little bit of happiness in the middle of pay tragedy over in europe. a little puppies that were rescued in it thely's deadly avalanche. >> we have a big drive approaching the bay bridge. you should know about this. we have had an earlier crash on the span that's gone. it made for a big back up this morning ata the toll plaza and may set you backw. he will tell you more about drive times. >> almost done. very close. not like the -- on a roman candle. highs in the 50s but there is improving continues next couple
5:43 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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. welcome back. the investigation goesn 't in vallejo after a 21-year-old man was shot and killed by police who say that man had a knife and was fighting a teenager. family members and friends say that angel ramos was testify fending his brother during a fight early yesterday morning. vallejo police responded to calls about a big house party about people fighting and a woman screaming for help. police say that ramos had a fly and was fighting a 16-year-old boy. some of the witnesses claim that ramos didn't have a knife and that the teenager was not in danger. >> the 16-year-old looked like a grown man. he was a big appointment not like he was a little 16-year- old and angel was just jumping on him. >> people don't make the great decisions when drunk.
5:46 am
it's a tragic incident. nobody joins the police force to use deadly force but it's part of the job. >> the police officer who fired the gun has been with the police department forgave years. is he on paid leave as the department and the solano county da investigate. the death toll continues to rise after last week's avalanche in central italy. overnight search crews found seven more bodies in the resort town. that bring the death toll to 14, 15 people are still missing. nine people were found alive. searchers have within walking side by side and poking the snow with poles to see if they can find anymore survivors. in the tons of snow and debris. the likelihood goes down with every passing minute. >> there was one bright spot in the rescue efforts. these five puppy was trapped underneath the hotel that was hit by the avalanche. yesterday rescuers pulled them out alive and well.
5:47 am
apparently having a thick fur paid off for them. the parents escaped and were rescued right away. a new weather satellite is now sending back it's first high definition video of earth. it's four times clearer than other satellites right now in orbit. look at this. sciencists called this high definition from the heavens. the new satellite can scan the western hem isp here in five minutes. something that fast will help weather forecasters make better weather predictions during severe weather events. the satellite was launched last november. a bike sharing service plans to launch in san francisco this week with a coupling of changes. the company is blue go go. they say that they won't let people leave their bikes on street corners. instead they will only allow them to be parked at private locations that are legally rented. the company has been criticized
5:48 am
because of rumors that it would launch and then let its users leave the bikes anywhere they wanted. the city said that would have been a nuisance and threatened to sue. the company said that it wants to cooperate with the city and hopes to meet with city officials soon. right now it's 5:48. check back in with sal. some people getting ready to head out the door. what are the problem spots? >> with very that pot hole repair we are talking about. westbound 580 in livermore. just at the bottom of the pass. 580 traffic has been very slow this morning on 205 and 580. a lot slower than normal this may have a chain reaction on some of the will roads. 580 as you drive through. there have been a couple of minor accidents and then that big back up and pot hole repair. give yourself plenty of time. at the bay bridge we had a crash on the span that is gone now. traffic at the toll plaza was
5:49 am
cough off to a bad spot. 25 to 30 minute delay. if your drive in you need to give yourself plenty timen. san jose northbound 280 traffic still looks good. up to it highway 17 and continuing up if to the valley. at 5:49 now let's go to steve. all right. still this low is just hugging the coast. it favors any kind of rain. closer to the coast and bay. some coming back in from the valley. we aren't done completely but we are getting closer this low will be far enough south we can say good-bye to it and there prosecute will be a weak system on late wednesday. thursday. it won't do much but this is the last of the power house and a series of threes. the low will give some mix of sun clouds and some rain. you can see this one is no doubt about it. along the coast. bodega bay. you can see over to nevado and
5:50 am
point reyes for sure. anyone '. some of that rain continues to wrap back in. from the marin headlines and san francisco, inverness still some there. it did for a while and then backed up completely. there is some close enough that we will mention that. here is the key kind of for those in lake. there is still high elevation snow. a lot of times this time of the morning it'll fizzle out. if it's in the afternoon they may hold their structure. some of this coming back in. maybe nonman. you can see a line of good cells coming down. so, not -- some of that could work in from land to sea. 40s and 30s on the temperatures. san carlos, atherton. sanford. you namet. san mateo at 38. there is that eastly direction. 36 in yukia. single digits. ten, 13 at south lake tahoe
5:51 am
subpoena some locations dealing so much snow. i don't think they can go check the gauge some of these not reporting. you can see the circulation around the low as it works to central. it's ours this morning. the low. massive. the entire west coast under the flubs of that low. it's working its way south and weakening. 50s on the temperatures. some morning rain but then a mix of sun clouds, could be a few isolated thunderstorms. one more mix. we get a break wednesday. cold in the morning but dry. thursday a weak systemt. will be brief and light and then it's out of there, friday, saturday and sunday looking good. >> i like that. but for fog. >> that we can handle. nice to dry out a bit for the weekend and get out and about. we were talking about restaurant week. they could use some business. it you watch the warriors.
5:52 am
they lost to miami. last second stunner. when we come back we tell you about a special honor later today for seth curry in his hometown. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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can fill you with wonder. other. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. . the warriors were primed for let down. they had won seven straight games. and the oklahoma city thunder.
5:55 am
two very big games. he scored a game high 33 points. the heat shocked the warriors. despite the loss the warriors getting special honors. the head coach and his staff will coach the western conference all-stars in next month's all-star game. durant and curry were named starters and today. curry will travel to north carolina and will be recognized by his old high school and cell. charlotte christian high will retire his jersey and davidson will name the student section of its arena after him. >> bravo to him. the sharks beat colorado 5:00-2.
5:56 am
the sharks spent the series. it was the 5th straight win. ma he it did 20 years ago. raider fans you know the team needs to get better on defense next season. the raiders have just added former chargers coach john pagano as their new assistance head coach. in passing and rushing. also jim -- remember him the former 49ers head coach? he is back in the nfl. the redskins hired him as their new line coach. he was the 49ers assistant for eight years. before becoming the head coach in 2015. he was fired after just one season. we are coming up next in the 6:00 hour and we are following developing news from
5:57 am
the south bay. a person was seriously hurt after being hit by a car in san jose. how the investigation is impacting traffic there on a norm a busy street. >> and another controversial comment by president trump. the group he blamed for costing him millions of votes during the election. >> good morning. we still see traffic that's move agriculture long slowly in many areas including parts of the east bay. we will tell you more about what is causing some of these big delays. >> still some rain. mainly on the coast and around the bay and the low still responsible is just to the west of us. you can see some of that on the marin coast and a little toward san francisco.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. good morning. we are following breaking news right here. a man was hurt being hit by a car in san jose. the busy road shut down right now was because of the investigation. >> and trump getting ready to meet with more business leaders. the orders he signed during his
6:00 am
first week in the oval office. this is ktvu mornings 2. good morning. if you are just waking up with us here say beautiful shot of the city and the bay bridge. nice and clear this morning. looks like we are definitely going to have a more of a break in the weather. yesterday was a little crazy. we had hail around the bay area. it's tuesday, january 24th. i'm pam cook. >> you got caught in the rain. >> rain and hail i wasn't happy. >> this morning it's dry. we will ask steve if we can leave the umbrella away. >> what do you think? >> no. >> not today. >> tomorrow. >> yes. >> not today. >> very close to get that out of the picture here. it's still close enough. especially coast and bay and up toward lake. you can see there is not a lot there but there is enough. until this low it'll -- rule of thumb. until it gets south of you then have you to keep some of that


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