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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 25, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, january 25th. >> we have a mess on the roads right now in our commute. sal, what is happening? >> well, there's no a crash highway 4 at willow pass road. was at one point blocking all of the traffic lanes, but right now we have a live picture. if we can bring this up, you can see that one lane is getting through, but most of the freeway here is blocked. westbound 4 at willow pass road, right here at the top of the grade. so if you're driving in from pittsburgh, and you're trying to get to concord, everything is going to narrow down to one lane on this injury crash. recently, they have started let something traffic through for a while. it was all of the lanes blocked, we'll keep an eye on
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this traffic for you, because it is going to be slow. 580 through trayvon still looks good this -- tracy still looks good this morning. let's go back to the desk. >> you can go to me, sal. >> you can go to steve. >> temperatures have dropped into the 30s. a little chill to the air. plenty of 30s including half moon bay. a little bit of fog at the napa airport, also santa rosa, and i'm sure that will pop up next hour or two, certainly around sunrise. otherwise, looks good. there's a weak system brushing us to the north. much drier air coming in. some partly cloudies maybe
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later this afternoon from that system. 32 in northwest napa a, and at -- napa, but at least there's no rain in this system if you are watching to the north, and the low is already into northern arizona, so it's out of the picture. 50s again, though, on the temperatures. when the sun comes up this morning, a coast guard search will resume to find a man whose kayak flipped over yesterday and cap sized in the waters near the dun barton bridge. his friend called for help just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. his friend was rescued. the friend said maldonado's kayak tipped over, and his life vest was still in the kayak. the search was on the water and in the air, but so far no luck. finally, the search was called
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off late last night. again, that search will resume when the sun comes up this morning. >> the search for an 18-year- old woman missing since saturday is is also expected to continue today. jada jenkins car was pulled from the creek, but she was not in the car. the car went is into the rushing water, but because the creek had turned into more of a river, crews could not safely get to the car until yesterday. she sheriff's office said it will continue to use all -- the sheriff's office said it will continue to use all available resources when ther is is of continues today. >> we're going to bring in helicopter, bolts, family -- helicopters, boats, family, first responders on foot. >> she is coming home. >> investigators believe jenkins tried to get out of the car. they say the seat belt was unfastened, and the back and front side windows had all been
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broken out. >> an east bay family is pleading for witnesses to come forward after the deadly shooting of 16-year-old lamar murphy in hayward. canned he was killed monday -- he was killed monday night as he walked home from a store. his father said he heard someone got out of a car, fired several shots at lamar, and then took off in that car, which was driven by someone else. he said a lot of people were at the scene, but they quickly left when the police arrived. >> how would they feel if it was their child, or their son or daughter or brother, you know? i'm devastated that nobody wants to step forward and talk. >> lamar's father said his son was nonviolent, nonconfrontation, and was not involved with gangs. he was a junior at hayward high school. his family and friends say he dreamed of going to college, and wanted to become a nurse. >> today president donald trump
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taking his first concrete step toward building his proposed border wall. last night he tweeted big day planned on national security tomorrow. among many other things, we will build the wall. also tweeted if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings, up 24% from 2016, i will send in the feds. also, he is heading to the department of homeland security. this is him signing the orders to move forward with the construction of the keystone and dakota pipelines. the signing there in the oval office. in addition to directing federal resources towards building the wall, he is also expected to slash federal funding to sanctuary cities, and that protects undocumented immigrants. we've talked a lot about this. he is also considering a ban on
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all refuse fujis for four months until the department of homeland security can determine which refugees pose the least risk to society. mixed reactions this morning about the president's plan for the keystone excel pipeline and the signing. according to the president, a key point is creating jobs. >> we'll seal if we can get that pipe -- we'll seal if we can get that pipeline built. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. >> a protest against the project is being organized thursday in front of the federal building in san francisco. >> a plan to build a taller fence a round the white house is closer to reallety now, at least a step -- reality now, at least a step. it would raise the white house fence from its current highlight of 7 feet to more
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than 11 feet. the secret service proposed these changes after several incidents of people climbing over the current fence. back in 2014, do you remember this a man even made it inside the white house after jumping that fence. well, support for california breaking away and see seeding from the united states and -- seceding from the united states and becoming it's own country is growing. it is up from 20 next 2014. sometime half of california's residents are against the idea. even if a majority of california's vote to secede, congress and two thirds of the other states would stillle have to approve it. you see regents will begin
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a two-day meeting in san francisco today. top of the agenda is looking a at new budget, which would include a tuition height. out of state students would pay an extra $1300 or more. service piece would also increase. the board of regents is set to examine how the trump things will affect uc schools. >> volunteer, in the south bay started counties people living on the streets of santa clara yesterday. they looked in parked cars, aban ban donned buildings and homeless camps to take a census of the homeless in the area. the process takes place every two years. then information is used to
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figure out where services are most needed, and to get federal funds to pail for those services. squaw valley ski resort due to reopen this morning, a day after a ski patroller was killed on the job. authorities say 42-year-old joe ziges was killed by an explosive he was using for avalanche a control at the resort yesterday morning. this monthless storms have dropped more each month's storms have dropped -- this month's storms have dropped more than 20 feet of snow in that area. >> the whole family here is so deeply saddened, profoundly is saddened by this tragic loss. we're a family, and this impacts everybody on our team. >> he leaves behind a wife and a son. all of this is being
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investigated now by cal osha. >> governor brown, defiant in his state of the state speech. >> california is not turning back! not now! not ever! his truth is marching on! >> his vow to defend california. plus the drought restrictions still in place for most of california. why they could be around for many year it is to come. still looking at a pretty serious crash pawn highway 4 westbound, that's -- crash on highway 4 westbound, and it's messing up the morning commute early coming out of pittsburgh. more on this coming up. >> skies have cleared out. we need the break, we're going to get the break. ♪
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a big sinkhole has been fixed. it was 20 feet wide, and 30 feet deep, nicknamed steve, burst open on monday in the southbound lane. the connector ramp from eastbound 34 to southbound were closed, and finally reopened yesterday afternoon.
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there's a mixed message coming from the golden gate bridge district acto bout how many people use its services. the ferry system there reports the number of ferry and bus riders in martin county dropped slightly last year. at the same time, the paper reports the number of people using the bridge increased. now, the district says ferry and bus service slipped because it appears more people are working from home and a decrease in the number of people crossing the bridge in
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their cars. >> sal, i know you're watching the roads and bridges, but especially highway 4. westbound highway 4 at willow pass road. it is on the top of the grade here, and blocking almost all of the lanes. some cars are getting through, but there's a big backup coming in from pittsburgh already, and this accident actually at one point had all of thelarches blocked, but now it -- the lanes blocked, but now it looks like only part of the free way is blocked. a couple of lanes are getting by now, but if you're driving in concord and expecting a pretty easy commute at this time of the morning, unfortunately there is a lot of slow traffic coming up on that willow pass grade. let's look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely because it is so early. and this morning's commute in the south bay, not bad. it continues to look good, all
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the way into the san jose area. 416. let's bring steve in. >> what you have to say is very important. so if your mic is turned up instead of down, it would be even better. >> okay. well, thank you very much, steve. >> the message from you know where, it wasn't from me. they tell me thinks like that, too. thank you, sal. >> there will be some clouds to the north, but we're getting a break. it was cold for some yesterday, and it's cold again this morning. berkeley is at 39 degrees. santa rosa is in the 30s. half moon bay at 39 degrees. so some cold readings, and a little bit of patchy fog. there goes the big low as it heads out of the four corners now. for us, we're okay here. clear skies, a little bit of patchy fog.
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33 in danville. chilly for many. the east breeze is back in place, back in town, if you will, and that will give us some of that fog slipping in. 8 at inclineville an. 4 in south lake too -- incline village. 4 in south lake tahoe. a little bit of cloud cover to the north, but that will stay mainly to the north. clearing out in southern california. it's 37 in scottsdale this morning. flagstaff has had a ton of snow, as well. so from seattle all the way down to flagstaff. for us, looks good. partly cloudy later.
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we're not completely done, but that weak system is staying to the north. it's a cold morning, mostly sunny later today. up north, maybe a few partly cloudieses, but it looks pretty good here all the way into the weekend, where it will be warmer, especially on saturday and sunday. >> it was pretty sunny and nice yesterday. >> in the afternoon. >> right. >> not where i was in the morning. it was freezing. >> and it's chillley today. >> but we get the break now. despite all of the rain, california will not yet lift emergency conservation measures enforced during the height of the drought. they will meet february 7th to decide whether to extend the measures. january is typically the wettest month of the year. the water board is concerned that if restrictions are lifted, california will once
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the san jose sharks continue to stay hot on the ice last night. a two-man advantage in the first netted the team a 1-0 lead. the winnipeg jets tied things up, but then marleau with the game winner. sharks took it 4-3. they take their 6-game win streak to edmonton to play the oilers. the 49ers are locking in season ticket prices for the next two years. season ticket prices have not gone up since levi stadium opened in 2014. however, those tickets are still some of the most expensive tickets in the nfl. the cheap seats start at $850 for home games. >> well, the golden state warriors will play the hornets tonight in charlotte. since they were off last night,
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steph curry went back to the charlotte area high school he attended and graduated from as they retired his jersey. no one will ever again wear number 20 for the knights. his father played a decade in charlotte for the hornets. the attempt to keep the raiders in oakland will continue this morning. last week the raiders applied to relocate to las vegas. the earliest the owners are expected to vote is late march when they meet in phoenix. put one local group is looking at ways to block the team from moving. the group says a move to vegas would hurt profits to the local community, is said that the proposal for a ronnie lott stadium is sufficient enough to keep the team in oakland, and they'll hold a news conference this morning about their plans to move forward. a new program at san jose state university is looking at the society and social stages
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in sports today. the university held a town hall meeting yesterday to discuss how some at lee who make millions of -- athletes who make millions of dollars are causing controversy. that's why the university is offering classes and degree programs for athletes and police officers, as well as free public forums, such as yesterday's panel discussions. >> our goal is to look at how san jose state has a university can influence youth coaches, athletes, law enforcement, and community leaders, in working together on these major topics. >> officials are hoping that the new program will lead to change in the community. time is 4:25.
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the bodies of a young couple were found inside their apartment in berkeley. we have some new information about this case as the investigation continues into how they died. and san jose's new city council discusses a controversial agenda item. up next, a proposal to ban a certain flag be on city property. >> good morning. we still see traffic that's going to be affected by a crash that's blocking at least one lane here on highway 4. you can see chp is waving people buy. we'll tell you when this is likely to clear, and show you the backup. >> skies are clear. a little patchy fog, but otherwise it will be a nice day. plenty of 30s, though, to start the morning. ?q ?q
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good morning. this is a live picture in
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pennsylvania. will you look down in the middle of those houses? pam, there's a giant sinkhole right outside of these houses in pennsylvania i don't know anything about injuries. you know as much as we do, but that's an incredible way to start a day or a night. hopefully they'll get a fix soon. >> especially with that car just hanging on to the edge there. thanks for morning us here on mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week now, wednesday, january 25th. >> it's coming up on 4:30, let's check in with steve. the sun came out yesterday. the sidewalk was actually dry for my walk with my doggy. >> how about that? it's nice. >> and it will still be dry
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today, but it looks cold, and there will be some ice until we can get past sunrise. 30s and 40s, even 30s on the coast, 43 livermore, 39 berkeley. this looks like high pressure says, you know, i've been on vacation for a while, but i'm coming back for a little bit. 39 at san mateo, 35 at pavelski. that east -- palo alto. this is heading out of the sierra. it looks good. it's cold out there, though. 50s on our temperatures today,
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but 3 and 4 around treks, and lake tahoe. a crash is on highway 4 is causing problems this morning. a little bit of slow traffic. it's not as bad as it could be, because it's early, but people are getting out to a surprise of a backup here coming away from pittsburgh on the way to concord. let's take a look at the vallejo commute, the solano super commute here. you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well, up to the vacaville area. no major problems. remember, highway 37


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