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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this morning when the sun comes up. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us here. beautiful shot over the golden gate bridge, and it looks pretty solid, as far as traffic goes, with the lights heading across the bridge this morning. that's one of our new earl shots. i love that. very pretty picture. and sounds like pretty weather, as well this morning, wednesday, january 25th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's go to steve paulson, is he is in his office working on his forecast. >> we do have a break from the rain, even though we have some partly cloudy skies. it is colder this morning in phoenix than it is in new york city, 39 versus 41. 39 phoenix, 41 now in new york city. 30s on the temperatures, to 40s for many. in fact, there are some very
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cool readings for a few showing up here. even some 30s over closer to the coast. weak system is dragging across. that will give us partly to mostly cloudy skies, partly to mostly sunny south. 30s for even san mateo, palo alto at 34, and some patchy fog, certainly up up from about petaluma northward. there could be some light rain out of this system. but the tail end is tracking across. so keep an eye on that, but it will give us some cloud cover, but overall, it is a break for most on any precipitation. 50s on the temperatures. we had an issue on highway for out of the gate, sal, how is that looking now? >> highway 4 is normal. but all of the lanes have been opened for a while. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can so that traffic is is
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moving along pretty well as you drive through there. no major problems getting on to the bridge. also looking at interstate 880 north and southbound, the traffic is getting more crowded, but it's not that bad. and the bay bridge time is about 10 to 15 minutes. as we look at the sinol grade, that's where some of the traffic is right now. this is coming out of pleasanton. a lot of slow traffic there. take you by surprise. also slow traffic on the altamont pass. let's go back to the desk. >> starting with a developing story. the latest on the kayaker who disappeared yesterday near the dun barton bridge. these are live pictures at the park. rescue grews gathered there last night looking for kenneth mall tow nah dough of san jose who went out in -- maldonado in san jose who went out into the bay with a friend. the friend was rescued. he was on a raft floating on
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the fremont side is of san francisco bay. now, the friend says that maldonado's kayak tipped over. his life vest it was still inside the kayak. the search took place in the water and in the air. so far no luck in finding-. the error is of was called off -- the error is of was called off -- the air search was called off last night. we now have the latest on donald trump's plans for ill grace. we look at the actions that he is expected to take today, and what it could mean for several cities here in the bay area. >> reporter: president donald trump is headed to the department of homeland security today. there he is expected to sign a couple of executive orders on the topic of immigration. one to devote federal funding
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to building the wall on the u.s. southern border with mexico, and the second is expected to target sanction chair cities. the term usual live refers to cities and municipalities that limit cooperation between their local law enforcement and federal agencies regarding immigration and customs enforcement. the president has threatened to with hold federal funds to cities who don't -- that don't cooperate with ice inspect san francisco it has been reported that -- ice. in san francisco, it has been reported that could affect as much as $1 billion in funding, but the city is preparing for that, and set aside $1 million
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for legal defense. back to you guys. well, dozens of restaurants across the country are declaring themselves as sanction chair restaurants to help protect restaurant employees. >> it's definitely more about showcasing that we're a business that does the right thing by our workers, and i think also by our patrons, and if it comes -- if it means we have to sign a letter that says that we approve the most basic civil liberties of out to -- of going out to eat dinner and not feeling harassed, we're going to do that. >> participating restaurants punishment up signs in their windows, and also received
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trading that includes how to ask immigration agents for proper paperwork if there is an attempted raid. mixed reaction this morning about presidents through's plans for the key stone pipeline. yesterday he signed executive order tuesday revive the controversyle pipeline after president obama put it on hold. according to president trump, a key point is creating jobs. >> we'll see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. >> part of that executive order was making sure the steel pipes used in the project would be made here in the united states. now, people here in the bay area who are against the project are asking california to divest any holdings in those pipeline companies. >> we have over $50 million of the money of those of us who work for the public in california, invested in a pipeline that is threatening the water, the land, and the
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tribal rights of the standing rocks sioux people. >> a protest is being planned for thursday right in front of the federal building in san francisco. environment environmental groups also lashed out after the trump administration told the epa to temporary stop releasing new press releases, and updating blogs and posting an social media. a member of the transition team says they want to make sure that what goes out reflects the priorities of the new administration. new this morning, president trump tweeted that he will announce his choice for the next supreme court justice on thursday of next week. now, we're hearing that the president will choose one of these three judges on the federal appeals court. william pryor, kneel gor such,
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and thomas hardeman. we're following a group of protesters that climbed up and tied themselves to a construction train -- crane in washington d.c. again, these are live pictures we showed you just a couple of minutes ago. we're back out there again. now, we're in the sure what they're protesting, why they're protesting, but this crane, which is on the site is of the old washington post building, is just a couple of blocks away from the white house, and clearly it can be seen throughout the washington d.c. area. now, there's more than one person up there. this has caused traffic delays in the area, the police have shut down several streets. the camera has panned over to a second person you see here, and it's panning over some more. there are, what, three or four more people. so this is at least three or four more. this is a construction crane outside of the old washington
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post building in washington d.c. within a couple of blocks of the white house. we'll keep watching this protest and see what happens next. 6:09 is the time here. a 16-year-old boy shot and killed as he was walking home in haves. what happened right after the shooting -- in hayward. what happened right after the shooting that has the family asking witnesses to come forward. well, after three weeks, solid weeks of rain. we're getting a break here for most. there will be a little rain up north, but overall, temperatures, will they warm up or stay on the cool side? we'll take a look coming up. ?q
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welcome back. happening today, a prayer vigille will be held over interstate 780 for a 15-year- old girl whether vanished 8 months ago in vallejo. pearl pin son went missing on may 25th on her way to jessie bethle high school. a witness said she was crossing a bridge over interstate 780 when an armed man grabbed her. the day after the kidnapping, the suspect, 19-year-old fernando castly to, was killed in a shootout with police in santa barbara county, but investigators have still not been able to find pearl pinson. the vigille will be held on the overpass where she was last
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seen. >> an east bay family is pleading for witnesss to come forward after the deadly shooting of lamar murphy in hayward. he was killed monday night as he walked home from a score store. his father said he was told that someone got out of the car, filed several shot is at lamar, and then scaped in the car drivenpy another person. he said there were a lot of people at the scene, but they quickly left when police arrived. >> how would they file if it was their child, if it was their son, or daughter, or brother? you know? i'm devastated that nobody wants to step forward and talk. >> lamar's father said his son was nonviolent, nonconfrontational, and not involved with gangs. lamar was a junior in high school, and he dreamed of going to college and wanted a career as a nurse. happening today, u.s.s.
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recent -- -- u.s.s. regents will meet to discuss a new -- u.c. regents will meet to discuss a new constituteission hick, to $11,500 a year. out of state do notes would pay an extra $13 -- students would pay an extra $1300, or more. fees are expected to go up as well. they are also going to look at how the trump administration and it's decisions will affect u.c. schools. janet napolitano will be at the meeting. she just got out of the hospital this month after transcripts for cancer. two cal grads are nominated in the category of best documentary short. daphne and dan were back at cal yesterday for a book launch and a lecture from a former professor. both made short films tackling
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tough subjects. 4.1 miles is a day in the life of a coast guard can't in her native greiss, as he rescues war refugees from drowning. the other film, extreme mist, was made at high land hospital in in oakland, that took on life decisions made there. >> it's about human empathy. i think the people who chose to participate in the film were seeking a connection with other people. they saw my camera not as an intrusion, but as an opportunity. >> we continue with our loan lives, and we don't really understand and realize what is happening, and that's why i made this film. >> now, bet of the film-makers say they did not expect to be nominated. the academy award ceremony takes place on february 26th. we wish them well. >> we, bravo to them. sal is right over there, the commute, how are we too
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something well, we do have a crash that sounds like it's blocking lanes northbound 880, dave and pam, in san leandro, and also a stalled vehicle in the middle of all of that mess. lit go to the maps. i want to show you. it will be busy coming out of 238 and getting up to the coliseum. the easy alternate this time of the morning, because it's so is light so far on 580 westbound, is to use 580 into oakland. later in the morning, i wouldn't be able to say it's a decent commute, but right now, it does look good. we had an earlier accident blocking lanes here, and traffic is going to be busy coming out of the dublin area. south bay commute doesn't look bad. do want to mention highway 37 is still shutdown in novato between attarton and 101. a crash they are clearing that sound is like a pretty serious
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accident. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to look at about a 15 to 20-minute delay if you're at the end of the line, and san francisco, southbound getting a little crowded at the 80 split. northbound looks okay 0. we'll get right to it here with the weather. plenty going on here. some very interesting temperatures across the country here. 39 in phoenix. which is colder than new york city. 44 in l.a., which is colder than washington d.c. and raleigh, that's pretty cold. and atlanta, how about that? l.a. is is colder than atlanta, and fineic, colder than new york. katherine from napa, my front porch said 28 degrees and clear. there are a few 20s showing up. 30s even on the coast. some even upper 20s showing up, up in lake county, and, also,
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floor concord, i've seen some upper 20s. the four corners, incredible amounts of snow, also now into the rockies. that's good. we needed it up and down the west coast, and we are getting it. low 40s for some. hillary in there -- hims borough in there -- hims borough if there -- hills burrow in there. fresno, out there in the valley, and santa barbara is 35. single digits for truckee, and south lake tahoe. pretty cold. flagstaff at 6. phoenix at 39. palm springs at 39, and las vegas at 36 degrees.
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early component on that please, and that will keep some of that cold temperatures -- on that breeze, and that will keep some of that cold temperatures in place. petaluma up to santa rosa, some clouds to the north. if you're watching us on the north coast, maybe a little bit of light rain, but not much. southern california and most of the dess either has cleared off, although still some light snow around flagstaff. everything is digging down to baja and mexico. 50s on the temperatures, and we finally get a break here. coldest morning. mix of sun and clouds. about the same on thursday, and then clears out for friday. and the weekend still on tap to look good, and warmer, too. dare i say warm on sunday, at a bombe 64 degrees. >> people have been complaining about how cold it's been. >> that's right. we're not the only ones, though. >> that's right, everywhere. time is 6:20. super bowl 51 in houston now
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just 11 days away. the patriots and falcons are due to arrive over the weekend, but the grounds crews were already getting things ready, and they pointed the field at nrg stadium. it has a retractible roof, and the nfl wants it open for the super bowl. >> we're root on track, right where we -- we're right on track, right where we want to be, and continuing to push and get everything set for super bowl sunday. >> if you're looking for any kind of omen, nrg stadium used to be called reliant stadium. they hosted super bowl 38. you can watch super bowl 51 right here with us on ktvu fox 2. the falcons against the patriots. after days of searching a missing woman's car was
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recovered from amarillo creek. coming up -- alameda creek. coming up, the questions that remain about the driver behind the wheel. >> and a passenger train slammed right into a fedex truck in utah. dramatic tar cam video of the -- dash cam video of the moment it happened. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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389 in palm springs, and down there the las vegas, 36. easterly breeze in place. that will bring fog or cold temperatures to the coast.
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but all of the action as far as weather is up north. look for mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. highs today will be in the 50s. >> we have busy traffic this morning. we've had quite a bit of busy traffic on the nimitz freeway. we're going to start because of that crash that has been there for a while. now it's beginning to affect traffic heading up to the airport. 880 jammed. a decent alternative route, to divert on the 580, which still looks pretty good, driving through oakland that way. don't get on the freeway here on 880, 238, this whole area is a mess. again, the accident northbound at marina, but it's affecting
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traffic on 238, and on northbound 880. i want to mention the traffic on 680 southbound is busy from the dublin interchange because of earlier issues. highway 37, a mess. it's closed, of course, but there was an accident on attarton avenue, as well, so this area is particularly messy. let's go to some live pictures now. i wanted to show you the traffic on the toll plaza is going to be slow this morning for at least a 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. and in san jose, not too bad. things are beginning to fill in a little bit on northbound 280. at 6:34, let's go back to the desk. >> following a still developing story. a kayaker who disappeared yesterday in the watt errs off dun barton -- waters, at dun barton bridge, his kayak and life vest have been recovered. >> reporter: good morning. we are here along the fremont side of the dun barton bridge,
6:35 am
where this search is focused. the coast guard helicopter added to come down last night once it got dark, but we're told it is going to go back up in the air about a half hour from now. however, there was a coast guard cutter that did remain here in the water during the overnight hours, as the coast guard continues to search for this missing kayaker. here been identified 32-year- old kevin maldonado from san jose. me and a friend ran into some trouble about 4:30 in the afternoon on the water. the friend called 911 for help, and is he told authorities that maldonado's kayak tipped over, and he went into the water without a life vest on. his friend has been found, but there is no sign of maldonado, and rescuers say they need to find him soon. >> it's definitely concerning anytime that somebody is in the
6:36 am
water without the -- you know, without the proper safety equipment. i do know that the kayaker was wearing a flotation device at the time. but whenever they righted the kayak, the kayak and the life vest were found. >> reporter: again, be we do understand that this is where the missing kayaker and his friend launched their boats from yesterday afternoon, before they took off, and began making their way around the waters of the bay. again, they were near the dun barton bridge, when they ran into is trouble. that kayak capsized, and they did find the kayak, and they found the missing man's life vest. so obviously there's a lot of concern for this man's well being. the waters of the bay obviously quite cold, and they do not believe that he has a flotation device on. we'll bring you back to our picture here. we are along the free month side of the dun barton bridge,
6:37 am
where it is believed this man went missing. this is where the search is focused. they had a coast guard both in the water during the overnight hours, and again, dave, we just got word from the coast guard, they will be putting up their help comer in the air at about 7:00 this morning. they're launch it from sfo, bring it to this area, and continue this search. >> thank you, alex. >> also today a search goes on for an 18-year-old woman missing since saturday. the car of jada jenkins was pulled out of alameda creek yesterday, but she was not in that car. the car went into rushing waters on saturday morning after a collision on the winding rode out there, but because the creek had become more of a river, the crews out there couldn't safely get 0 to the car until yesterday. the sheriff's office says it will continue to use everything they've got when that search resumes today 0. >> we're going to bring in
6:38 am
airplanes, helicopters, boats, family, first responders on foot, drones. >> until i find her, she is coming home. it's not that she's not, it's that she is coming home. investigators believe miss jenkins tried to get out of that car. they say the seat belt was unfastened, the back, and we front, and the side windows had all been smashed out. well, we're now learning more than about the young berkeley couple found dead in their apartment on tuesday. officials say they still don't know what caused the cuppal and their two cats to die, but we do know their names now. police have identified them as 35-year-old roger morash, and his 32-year-old wife, valerie. he was a video game producer and a former software engineer. she was an hype researcher in san francisco. authorities say their deaths were not cause business radiation, carbon monoxide poisoning, or a gas leak, and police say there are no signs of violence. >> this is still a mystery to us.
6:39 am
i think this is one of those cases that may come down to the coroner's report. there was nothing obvious. there's no obvious 0 signs of how these people passed. well, the couple's next- door neighbor told investigators ins the past she had heard a generator operating inside their apartment. another neighbor received she heard a beaching sound on monday. now she wonders if that could have been some kind of alarm. a san jose state water polo play her not face sexual assault charges. the case came to light last september when two students reported being sexually assault bade freshman on the san jose state team. the complaints came after an off campus party. the santa clara county district attorney's office investigated the charges. now the d.a.'s office said there are quote conflicting statements and the lack of corroborating evidence, so it will not press charges. >> power time is 6:40. san jose has a new city council, and there are some concerns about it this morning.
6:40 am
four new council members were sworn in yesterday, and while the council is the most ethnically diverse in years, it's also win of the most inexperience anded councils. 8 of the 11 councilmembers have less than two years on the job. there are three women on the city council, including the new vice mayor. she said that issues the city faces include police staffing, and how san jose will be affected by the new trump administration. there is a growing fear in some of the communities we'll have to deal with that, because of the new administration. we'll have to talk about how we make san jose prosperous for everybody, not just for a few. >> the youngest council member is 32-year-old lon, who took the oath of office while wearing a captain america shield. he said public service is an awesome some responsibility, and he is approaching it with a bit of humor. >> the sonoma animal shelter is
6:41 am
trying to avoid the spread of a virus that has temporarily stopped adoptions, and they've even added to euthanize several dogs. on outback of the parvo virus started earlier this month when four puppies came in with the virus. now 45 dog at the shelter are are quarantine. 12 are considered at high risk for infection. since the outbreak, the shelt iser has done some extensive cleaning, even the offices have been bleached. >> right now our adoptable dogs have not tested positive, which is a good sign, but we'll continue to test. >> parvo virus attacks the dogs gastrointestinal system, and can be fatal. it is not adopting out any
6:42 am
animals until it is convinced that that outbreak is over. >> it's something that donald trump promised to do throughout his campaign, but today we're going to finally find out more about the president's plans on immigration, and sales on building a border wall. >> and a fire arey state of the state address from -- fiery state of the state address from governor brown. up next, the trump administration policies he is vowing to fight. >> finally get something clearing on that crash on 880 northbound, but we still have plenty of slow traffic building. this is high way 101 in san francisco. you can see traffic is getting busier here, as well. >> and we're also getting clearing from the cloud cover and rain, although there is a system to the north. we'll see mostly sunny conditions today. we'll see how long this stretch of dry weather will last. lives star wars,
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the breaking news this morning is from wall street. take a look. live look at the dow jones, and it has crossed 20,000 for the first time ever, all-time high of almost 95 points right now, to 20,010, up half a percent. a lot of positive corporate earnings coming in. there is positive sentiment on wall street that? of president donald trump's increasing bullish stance on jobs and bringing companies and their manufacturing back to the
6:46 am
u.s. received positively, as well, s&p 500 and the nasdaq also started the day in record territory this morning. so a lot of celebration going on on wall street. and just to answer the question that someone asked the on my facebook page, dow crossed 10,000 in march of 1999. so across 20,000 today. >> time is 6:46. governor jerry brown delivered a fiery state of the state address yesterday, vowing to fight the policies of the no trump administration, and one target was climate change. >> we can't fall back and give into the climate deniers. the science is clear, the danger is real. the climate is changing! the temperatures are rising! and so are the oceans. natural habitats everyone are under are stress! the world knows this! >> governor brown also promised to protect undocumented immigrants here in california and also fight to keep the affordable care act. the governor's speech was very defiant, and law makeers are
6:47 am
reacting. and defiance is not going to be the best way for california. the better way is to work with the president. >> our values are not for sale. the prospect of losing support from washington is not enough for us to move backwards. >> now, one thing governor brown said he welcomes is p. trump's pledge to invest -- is president trump's pledge to invest $1 trillion in improving the infrastructure around the country. >> it's time to check in with georgia with a look at what is coming up in our next hour. >> when i join you in a few minutes. facebook founder mark zuckerberg known for setting his sights high at work and in his personal life. with his new year's resolution to visit the 30 states he has not yet visit visited, and some people are speculating that he wants to run for president. how mark zuckerberg answers that question of whether or not he plans to run. also, it appears the days of
6:48 am
dad spending all day at the office, then coming home, too exhausted to play, may be on their way out. the results of a new study that asked working fathers if they would be willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children. and the wish almost half of all dads said they v had for their job -- said they had for their job. the attempt to keep the raiders in oakland will continue this morning. last week, the raiders applied to relocate to las vegas, as we know. relocation, though, would require approval from at least 24 of the 32 teams, and the earliest they are supposed to vote will be march in phoenix. but one group is looking at ways to block the team from moving. the group says a move to vegas would hurt the local community and the economy, and that the proposal for a stadium for
6:49 am
ronnie lott is enough to keep the team in oakland. asman for the committee -- a spoke isman for the committee will be here at -- spokes madge for the committee will be here at -- spokesman for the committee will be here at 9:00 this morning. one thing i want to mention in general about the commute, it is better than yesterday. yesterday we had pot holes and some rain moving through. today, it seems like a normal looking commute. highway 24 is going to to be crowded this morning, no doubt about it, but this is a lot more along the lines of a normal commute for this time of the morning, heading over to oakland. when you know get to the bay bridge, that is also more of a normal commute. yesterday we had such a big backup at the bay bridge. they just cleared an accident northbound 880 near marina. it was there for a long time. it's going to take a long time
6:50 am
for this to unwind. it has been cleared. 238 is also a huge mess, because these freeways obviously come together, so my suggestion to you is if you can somehow get yourself on 580 westbound, for you get on the free way after marina, it looks pretty food, but just trying to get -- pretty good, but just trying to get through that area is going to be tough. >> in guess what phoenix and chicago have in common this in the morning? >> what's that? >> they're both 39 degrees. how about that? >> and also los angeles is colder than many back east. it's 39 in phoenix, 41 in new york. 44 in l.a., which is colder than washington, raleigh, and hotlanta, which is not right now. the moon is happy. it isn't raining, but it's cold in elsabrantay. at least it is mostly clear.
6:51 am
there are some low clouds you can see coming in over the bay. but there are many 20s this morning. lake port, gilroy, near the diablo creek golf course, and north napa, a couple of reports of 29 degrees. some of the rain totals for january. i realize that if you take your rain total, you may have a lot more than this, especially around san jose. santa rosa, 303 -- 334% of normal for the month in with almost 19 inches of rain. n. napa 12. a foot of rain in napa, and more than that to the north. san jose 5. believe me, i can hear you yelling at the tv. other locations around san jose have had double that. and monterey, 8 and a quarter. not bad. not bad. we need a break, we're getting a break. 40s, quite cold here, even all
6:52 am
the way down to southern california. there goes the low we had yesterday. once it decided to go, it went quick. there is a system dragging across the north. 31 in kelseyville. temperatures coming up a teeny bit. i think that cloud cover has a lot to do with that. three up in truckee. around lake tahoe, single digits, south tahoe at 6 degrees. 6 in flagstaff. 36 in las vegas. palm springs at 39. and 39 in bakersfield, with 39 in phoenix. a little early breeze. there's not a lot to it so far, and i don't expect much, but a northerly or easterly breeze will keep main of us under partly cloudy skies, unless you're up north. not much in the way of any rain. look that happens on the weekend. we're good. no rain, no rain. until february 1st, starts to come back, and i think at the when the pattern goes back to
6:53 am
being wet. 50s on the temperatures, low-to- mid, really not much of a difference here coast, bay, or inland. but temperatures will warm up on the weekend with 60s showing up for a few. uber bringing itself self driving cars back to san francisco today. up next, what it's doing differently after a failed pilot program last year. ?q
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authorities say 42-year-old joe zikas was killed by an explosion effect he was using for avalanche control yesterday morning. this month storms have dumped more than 20 feet to have snow at saw valley, and the area has been under avalanche warning for the part two weeks, and the leader of saw valley said that zikas was highly trained. >> we are so deeply saddened, profoundly saddened by his tragic loss. we're a family, and this impacts everybody on our team. >> squaw valley was closed yesterday as a result of the death. >> it's 6:57. happening today, uber's high pressure tech self driving cars
6:57 am
coming back to san francisco. the very same self driving cars that were briefly on the streets last month. this time, uber said they'll only be using form mapping purposes and will driven manually at all times. last month, uber briefly tried this to-wit a driver behind the wheel just in case. however, that pilot program stopped when the dmv said uber did not get the proper permits. >> it's coming up next on our 7:00 hour. we're still on that search for a man missing after his kayak capsized right near the dun barton bridge. we're going to take you know live to the scene with more on the search and rescue effort that is about to get underway. also, in washington d.c., this, big protest near the white house. we're told these protesters are with green peace. they have climbed a crane, and they refuse to come down.
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>> good morning. some executive orders from president donald trump expected today on the topic of immigration. what the president is planning to do and what it could mean for some of the bay area so-
7:00 am
called sanctuary cities. a kayak capsizes and the man is missing. crews continue to search the water. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> for weeks we have been watching for dow 20,000. this is the morning it has happened. take a look. the dow jones well above that 20,000 mark. crossed that threshold today for the very first time. so mark this day. it was wednesday, january 25th we hit that dow 20,000. >> yes, we did. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian good. and good morning, i'm dave clark. we have been talking about your weather and how cold it feels this morning. >> it is cold. >> steve paulson is in his office. >> it is cold. at least we have a break. we have upper 20s for a few. jennifer kincaid, burr, 29 degrees in north napa. i have many reports of upper 20s near napa. and


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