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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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and it also calls for withholding federal grants from sanctuary cities. tomorrow, the president is expected to ban admission of refugees into the united states, that could be a halt on all people coming in and a long term ban on people coming from countries where terrorism exists. analysts said president donald trump's wall could cost $15 billion and for the moment, the united states is paying for the wall. today, the president said he
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believes that the wall will save millions of jobs and billions of dollars. >> these two orders are part of an immigration row form we outlined during the campaign. we are going to be working in partnership with our friends in mexico to improve safety and economic opportunity on both sides of the border. >> the president of mexico was expected to meet with president donald trump at the white house next week. an official said today's announcement is leading the president of mexico to reconsider the visit. the former president of mexico tweeted, sean spicer, mexico is not paying for that wall. the ex president of mexico has repeatedly vowed that mexico will not pay for the wall.
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president donald trump's executive order for withholding federal funds for sanctuary cities could cost san francisco billions of dollars. immigrants rights activists and mayor ed lee vowed to fight president donald trump's moves on sanctuary cities. we are at city hall today. >> reporter: immigrants rights activists said they are ready to fight prum. >> this is where we are our strongest. >> reporter: today president donald trump signed an executive order to stop federal funds to sanctuary cities. >> we are the most effective when we know that there is a violation of human rights. this is where we excel.
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this is where we lead the nation and we will not back down. >> reporter: what is at stake for the city? a billion dollars. >> we will fight the racism coming out of the administration. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said it's too early to tell which programs will be hit. >> they did not say all federal grants. we are trying to determine, in communication with homeland security, what they mean. >> it's overdue. >> reporter: the san francisco hispanic republican assembly said prum is right. >> it does not help keep people in san francisco safe from crime. this is about detaining illegal immigrants that commit crimes, rains, murders and drug dealers. >> this is an attack on immigrants. >> reporter: a rice activist
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said the plan is focused on jail base deportation which was abolished under president obama. >> they were picking up people who were here for many years without any convictions. >> the world is counting on us. >> reporter: she said two and a half million deportations happened during the obama administration. currently one in 15 people in san francisco is illegal. mayor ed lee said today he hopes that none of them have to live in fear. the mayor of san jose said his city and others in the bay area would probably file a federal lawsuit if the white house tries to strip funding. >> the law is clear and the supreme court has said that congress and the president cannot put conditions on
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funding on, for example. transportation funding, because of an unrelated reason like immigration. >> the mayors of san francisco, san jose and berkeley said they will take a regional approach to fight the cuts in funding. you can raid the statements of all of the mayors on our website, in san mateo county, deputies now have lock boxes to store their guns, a law went into effect this month requiring iefers to secure their weapons in -- officer to secure their weapons in a lock box. >> any time a firearm is lost or stolen from an officer, it creates concern. we do everything that week to
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minimize that happening. >> suns 2010, four guns belonging to san mateo sheriffs deputies were lost or stolen. last week an fbi agent had a gun stolen from a car in contra costa county. a group trying to keep the raiders in the area has started their work. the earlier that nfl owners could vote on the matter is march. one local group held a press conference this morning to talk about why it's so important tor oakland to keep the raiders in town. >> this community is where it all starts and ends. all that we want from the nfl is transparency and an opportunity for our community
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to maintain our team. >> the group said a move to vegas would hurt the community and that the current stadium propose is sufficient to keep the team in oakland. history was made on wall street. the dow closed above 20,000 for the first time ever, the market has continued to climb since the election of president donald trump. tom is here on why. >> reporter: is called the trump effect, but the question is, how real is it? on march ninth 2009, the dow hit it's recession low. today's close more than triples that recession low. even minus inflation, you will have made 296% on your money
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since then. >> a lot of people on the street are happy to be traders with protection but not investigators with commitment. >> reporter: dean said part of the market's rapid rise comes from short torm investigators that purchased stocks plus a form of insurance called puts, against a downturn in the stocks. >> they are protecting themselves on the downside while putting this money in on the upside. that's not necessarily long term. this may not last. it depends on what president donald trump does. >> reporter: despite environmental group opposition,
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the market liked the decision on the dakota access pipeline. signing executive orders, imposing border taxes on imported goods, as opposed to tweeting about them, could be a different matter. >> retailers could be hurt by that. they know how to lobby congress. >> reporter: people on wall street are closely watching this. >> he has a lot of people from goldman sachs around him. they are not going to let him do anything stupid for the market. >> reporter: for the record, it's important to note that 90% of the dow's gains from the recession, 90% came before the election. thank you tom. a mother has waited for
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this moment for decades. tonight her daughter's killer may be behind bars. an arrest is made in a northern california cold case and the suspect is well-known. >> the search for a missing kayaker is called off because of conditions on the water. >> yesterday i asked for the worst pothole locations, i have gotten so many responses, we will tell you what you told me coming up. >> we had a lot of frost this morning. it's cold again tomorrow morning. the weekend is coming up, i will let you know what to expect >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the search for a kayaker missing in the bay was called off this afternoon, at 2:00 in the afternoon, low tide lowered the water level is much that the boats could not get to the search area. they are they were looking for kenneth maldonado. the san jose male went out and his kayak tipped over into the water, he was not wearing a life vest. >> he said that his friend's teans was focused -- attention
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was focused someplace else. >> kenneth maldonado's friend was brought ashore. drivers be ware. potholes are springing up and they are causing a lot of damage to cars, what is caltrans doing about this? we are out along the peninsula. jesse, you put the word out and asked where the potholes are? , got a lot of replies. >> reporter: i asked people to tweet me the worst potholes, the tweets are still coming, i will give you some examples. lets start on the 101 in the south bay, then moving north on the 101 in san mateo. terrible. now portions of 880 as it merges into san francisco.
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then the 580 and the 680. terrible. pothole city. i am getting tweets that say, all of east oakland, all of hayward. do not think that i have forgotten about the north bay. this is a lot. >> we have a lot of pothole issues out there. we are taking care of them as quickly as we can. >> reporter: the midday ride along the peninsula slowed to a crawl but for a good reason, they are fixing the poll holes. >> it's terrible. it's like maneuvering an obstacle course. >> reporter: for those drivers that did not see it coming. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you hit it.
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>> oh, no. >> reporter: heavy rain and loose soil create portions that are bumpy. >> we have to fix this stuff before someone gets hurt. >> reporter: today's timing was perfect, a brake in the weather provides a much needed dry step and warm temperatures, that combination allows the asphalt to stay in place. >> right next to the bay, we are close to high water tables. it's natural that they are going to have a lot of poll hole problems there. >> reporter: caltrans officials encourage drivers to slow down and to scan the roy ahead. also -- roadway ahead. also watching other drivers, if
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they are slowing down, you should too. >> i hope i do not spin out or overcorrect. >> reporter: if you hit a pothole, can you file a claim with caltrans, we have a link on our website,, it's time sensitive. if you have a problem, file the claim as soon as possible. i want to thank everyone that sent out the tweets. i have a lot of re-tweeting to do. there is potholes aplenty in the bay area. thank you jesse. lets say your car gets damaged, as a result of hitting the pothole, how much
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responsibility does caltrans have for that. >> reporter: if they have not repaired it in a timely fashion they have to repair your damage but if the pothole just opened in the past 10 minutes, they to not have a reasonable opportunity to get there. if you hit a pothole eight months ago, you cannot say, i want to put in a claim now. as soon as you hit a pothole, figure out how long it's been there and document that and sent it to caltrans, we have a link on our website, >> i will add an area, highway 24 heading towards the tunnel. the united states army corps of engineers has been busy cleaning up debris brought down by recent storms.
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the agency said large floating branches pose a danger to drivers on the bay. it's been cool outside. >> yes, with all of the rain we have had, think about all of the debris and floating logs and half submerginged logs. it's not a -- submerged logs. it's not easy. look at this shot. some rainbows, in the mountains we had snow. after we cleared out, the mountains got a bit of snow. we are talking about 168% of
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rainfall or snow water equivalent in the lay tahoe area. that's great news. look, what a beautiful sunset. it's stunning, you can see that it does not get any prettier than that, we have a few clouds in the area, they are pushing through. the idea is, along the coast for the next few days, the swells are coming up. a high surf advisory goes into effect the the waves at at 10 to 15 feet at a 22nd interval. that's a big wave. big tide swings, is tough to surf this stuff. there is so much water moving, it's difficult. as you look across the country, there is a bit of everything.
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travel plans tomorrow nationwide, maybe a bit of ice in chicago but that's it. not a problem, should not be a problem for the carriers. the radar just has a few cumulus clouds through the air. it's cold tomorrow morning. valley fog is coming back in the central valley, on 99 and in sacramento. i will show you the forecast for tomorrow. it's going to be warmer. about 57 degrees, it's warmer but not hot. sunny and mild for the bay area tomorrow. we are looking forward to a nice dry period to continue as we go into the next few days, i will show you that in the five- day forecast. >> it's so nice.
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>> that sunset was beautiful. the recent series of storms have brought tons of fresh snow so the sierras. there is so much snow that mammotm mountain is setting new records. the mountain has received 246 inches since the first of the month. despite all of the rain, california has not lifted emergency conservation measures, the state water board will meet in february to decide whether or not to extend the measures. january is typically the wettest month of the year, of the water board is concerned if the restrictions are lifted and the rest of the months are dry,
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california will have to scramble for water. coming up, a mother talks about an arrest, a day the family never thought they could see. >> a search for a beloved service dog that has been missing for a week smght -- the lengths that the searchers are going to >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ?q ?q
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. a grieving mother waited decades for answers and
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finally, more than 34 years later. vacaville police announced that they made an arrest in the killing of a teen age girl. the family said it was a day that they thought they would never see. >> reporter: the family said they have been waiting for this day for 34 years. they hope that finally the suspect in her killing will be brought to justice, deanna johnson went to a party but never made it hope. receives found dead on a road. now a man is in custody. he was 17 years old when johnson was killed, police believe he is the killer. at a news conference, police
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would not discuss a motivative in the killing but they said they never stopped investigating. her mother said she never gave up hope. >> she was taken from us at the age of 14, more than 30 years ago. her family and friends and the whole community never gave up on seeking justice for her. we thank them for that. it's been a long, hard and emotional struggle. >> reporter: it's been challenging for the police as well. one of the lead investigators struggled to maintain his emotions during the news conference. the suspect is being held without bail at the solano county jail. because the suspect was 17
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years old at the time, he will make an appearance in juvenile court and then be transferred to adult court. >> it's amazing, after 34 years they finally got some answers. still to come, for the first time in six years, tuition may be going up for uc students. we breakdown how much it would cost students each year. president donald trump has already made good on campaign promises, coming up, the executive actions he took. >> sad news, mary tyler moore has died. coming up we look at her long and remarkable career. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did
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you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent . it was the central promise of his election campaign and today president donald trump put the wheels in motion, he introduced executive actions today including building a wall along the border. >> reporter: president donald trump spoke with members of the department of homeland security. he laid out his plans to secure the southern border which
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involves moving forward with one of his most controversial campaign promises, to build a wall. the president signed two executive orders, one that jump started construction of the wall and another that started to deny federal funding to sang trary cities -- sanctuary cities. >> we are going to save lives on both sides of the border. >> reporter: meanwhile south carolina governor nikki haley was sworn in as united states ambassador to the united nations. all of that as congressional republicans take off to philadelphia for their annual policy retreat where they are going to focus on repealing and
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replacing the affordable care act. president donald trump and mike pence are expected to attend the retreat. president donald trump said he would consider reinstated torture for terrorism suspects. >> he said, i feel it works and we have to fight fire with fires, but he said he would defer to mike pompeo and retired marine general james mattis. president donald trump today also tweeted he will ask for an investigation into his claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election, he said that three to 5 million people voted
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illegally but he did not give any evidence. the secretary of state of california said we have never had an incident of large scale voter fraud. california lawmakers took too the state capitol to protect the plan to raise tuition for uc students. assembly members were joined by students, the demonstrators called on the regents to cut spending before playing another burden on the students. the head of the board expressed
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her support for the tuition hike. the regents are scheduled to vote tomorrow. we talked with students at berkeley today about what the increases would mean to them. >> reporter: on the campus of berkeley, the prospect of a tuition hike spells trouble for many students. >> the tuition is already a strain. >> reporter: the board of regents is expected to vote to raise fees $336 a year, that brings the cost of tuition to $12,000 a year but that does not account for rent and books. some students say it's too much. >> it puts an impact on my family, i may have to get another job. it's hard enough as it is. >> reporter: uc said it would bring $88 million more into the system. >> it would go for things like
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hiring more faculty and teaching assistants and improving mental health services. >> reporter: if the regents approve the recommendation, it would be the first increase in six years, uc said it only applies to families earning more than $150,000 a year. >> we are at a point where if we do not invest in the university, the quality of a uc education is going to be hurt. >> reporter: gavin newsom is a member of the board and he said that he is voting against the increase. >> we do a bad job providing resources for middle income families and that's who bears this price. >> everyone is going to feel the intk. >> reporter: the vote is scheduled for thursday morning.
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students said they are paying close attention. uber did not have permits so they packed up their driverless cars and headed for arizona but now they are back. why uber said you will see the driverless cars on san francisco roads. why bolt may have to give up a medal. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ?q ?q
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. do not be surprised if you see those controversial uber test cars on local roads. tom is in the news room with what is happening. >> reporter: it was just 33 days ago that uber did not secure a permit to are you positive their roads. they then sent them to arizona, now they are back. uber always said that there was an engineer, so they said it was not a driverless car and did not need a permit. the california dmv pulled the test car's registration and they wept to arizona but today they are back. today we photographed the
5:41 pm
facility where the cars prawt out of. the building has numerous private guards that discourage people like tv crews from shooting pictures. but we shot them any way. so why are they back? uber says, i quote, the cars are being used for uber's mapping purposes. they are being driven manually and they share self-driving systems are shut off. thank you tom. usain bolt has been stripped of one of his medals from the summer games in china. the international olympic committee said today that his teammate tested positive in
5:42 pm
samples from 2008. he was part of the team that won the medals. one of the best known sports announcers of all time is ending his career. after a tough week, virginia was tough to deal with. >> brent musberger is leaving announcing. he will call his final college basketball game on january 31. he began his career at cbs before joining espn in 1990. coming up, generations of people grew up watching mary
5:43 pm
tyler moore on tv. saying good by to the beloved actress who died today at the age of 80. >> i have the forecast, we will be talking about the frost in the morning and the increasing highs during the afternoons. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ♪
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who amongst you goes by the name fenwick? tell me and the rest of you will be spared. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. i am fenwick. hey, fenwick, have you seen my shield? this one's got vertical stripes and mine had horizontal. wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. [sfx]:clap, clap, ding that's transfarency. . some sad news from hollywood. mary tyler moore died today at the age of 80.
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she starred in the self-titled sitcom, the mary tyler moore show. >> reporter: she turned the world on with her smile. mary tyler moore was born in brooklyn, new york, growing up her home life was difficult but one thing that drew the family together was watching young mary performing in the living room. when she was eight her family moved to los angeles. the day after her high school prom, she starred in a commercial. at age 18 she got married, her first of three husbands. in an early tv role she played an answering service operate
5:47 pm
operator. her big break came in 1961 when she was launched into the national spotlight as laura petrie. during the show she left her first husband and married grant tinker. they formed the production company, mtm enterprise, they started the mary tyler moore show. then see tried to revive the
5:48 pm
variety show genre with limited success, she starred in ordinary people, but this period was difficult for her. her sister died and in 1980 her son killed himself and she and her husband divorced. she developed a serious alcohol problem and checked into the betty ford center. she earned an os corps nomination for -- oscar nomination for her role in ordinary people. she had many tv roles including a role as ben stiller's mother
5:49 pm
and a role on tv labd's hot in cleveland. -- land's hot in cleveland. she received a screen actor's guild award and said. >> i too am happy after all. >> reporter: she spent her later years as an advocate for the juvenile diabetes foundation. she championed women's rights on television and will be remembered for turning the world on with her smile. thank you. that's one of my favorite pictures of her when she takes her hat and throws it in the air. >> i did not know that her only son killed himself. she's all ma moo moo in that show. >> -- mary tyler moore in that
5:50 pm
show. lets check out the weather with bill. >> it's a good time to dry out, a in case day outside. >> -- nice day. yesterday was a my day, today is nice. this picture is sent by brad. look how beautiful that sunset is. this is a live camera shot. it has a subtropical look to it. a beautiful evening offshore. no coastal fog, the valley fog will make a return as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. so especially in the central vls, be prepared for that. we are in a holding pattern in terms of rain. you see a little green out there but for the most part,
5:51 pm
it's dry. 50 in novato. feaf one in fairfield. -- 51 in fairfield. as we head into the overnight hours, temperatures are going to plummet. 35 in napa. we are going to have frost out there. if you had it this morning you you will have to tomorrow too. >> this is the long range forecast. we are starting a dry pattern. tomorrow is sunny and mild, like today. a high surf along the coast through friday. here's the fog forecast. you see it in the central valley. it's valley fog. then in here, in the bay, you see the winds are blowing this way, offshore. it's going to suk the fog into the bay, that's when it becomes
5:52 pm
an issue for the bridges, you can have real problems and also for the ferry service. if this transpires tomorrow morning, just be prepared traveling within the bay. the afternoon looks good. the forecast in san francisco for the aifer night, partly cloudy, -- overnight, partly cloudy, lunch time it partly sunny. that's how the day goes, a beautiful day. thursday we get a chance to dry out. temperatures warming into the mid 50s. the five-day forecast is there, we have a warming trend. just influence the line patterns after a not flat line period. he -- we have just nice days,
5:53 pm
in the mountains, they do not know where to put the snow. so this break will give people a chance to get going again. i keep thinking about mary tyler moore. i was so sad when i heard that. >> it resonates with us, before cable television, we only had so many channels. when we all grew up, that's what you watched. >> she had a long career, she was so young and did so many things over the course of her life. >> thank you, bill. a dog that was lost during hur hurricane matthew has found a new home. the dog ended up in a shelter and was not claimed so the crew
5:54 pm
that found her decided to adopt her. they named her charlotte because they were from the charlotte police department's animal care and control department. >> i got emotional when i heard she was coming up here. >> she's being trained as a taryp dog for officers in the charlotte police department. if your family has been hit by the flu, you are not alone. hospitals are seeing double or triple the numbers of flu cases. >> coming up, the lengths that a family is going to to find their lost pet >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. after a mild flu season last year, this year is turning out to be a harsh one. hospitals in santa clara county are taking steps to stop the spread. >> reporter: these kids would loof to meet their new baby sister but they are not allowed into the hospital. no kids are thanks to a difficult flu season. the reason for the rules, this
5:58 pm
is shaping up to be a rough flu season. at regional medical center they are seeing double the number of cases as last year. kids are at high risk to get the flu and to spread it. >> that's why we put these policies in place. >> reporter: doctors say there is some good news. >> those that have gotten the vaccine, it's working this year. >> reporter: still there have been a number of flu deaths this year. so this mom is saying, the risks are too great so she's willing to meet her kids in the lobby. >> reporter: in order to limit the spread of flu, interests
5:59 pm
recommend covering your cough and washing your hands but also, it's not too late to get the flu vaccine. ktvu fox news at 6:00 starts right now. more fall out over executive orders from president donald trump. >> i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: it's a bold and controversial step towards tightening the country's immigration laws. >> building a wall was a central theme of president donald trump's campaign. now his executive order calls for a secure wall to be built and it calls for withholding
6:00 pm
federal grants from sanctuary cities. late today we learned that as soon as tomorrow, the president could issue orders to temporarily ban admission of refugees into the united states. >> we have a draft of the refugee ban. >> reporter: i want to be clear that this is a draft. it has not yet been signed but if it is, some say president donald trump will be following through on his pledge of a muslim ban. saw spy spy said more action on immigration will be taken by president donald trump. >> you will see more action on immigration. >> reporter: a leaked draft of an executive order shows president donald trump intends to stop accepting syrian refugees into the united states and he wants to


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