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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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out of the santa cruz mountains where a search is underway fora a robbery suspect. >> the president flies to philadelphia to address republican lawmakers and lays out his next plan of action. >> and a federal judge hands down the sentence against pg&e. along with millions in fine itself includes thousands of hours in community service and television ads. >> ttvu fox 2news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. in for mike. >> let's start with breaking news right out of the santa cruz mountains. that's where a search is underway for a robbery suspect. at this point both directions of highway 17 are closed. sky fox up ahead showing us investigators on the scene and something you rarely have seen. no traffic getting through this part of 17 in either direction. now this neighborhood that's affected is the redwood estates area. nearby lexington elementary is on lockdown. people asked to avoid the area. those who are there are told to
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shelter in place. we just arrive at the scene and what have you been able to learn. >> reporter: we have learned that this is all due to a bank robbery that as the resulted in scott's valley and led to an officer -- we have -- this started a bank robbery in scott's valley that led to an officer involved shooting. ly move out of the way. you see that highway 17 is shut down in both directions. we are just past the curve as you head up the hill. you can see officers, these are police officers but also the county is sheriff and chp out. they are armed with automatic weapons and again they have closed down both -- both sides of the 17 freeway. i have gotten a message from the superintendent of schools for los gatos. she said -- i'm trying to read this here quickly. that to the best of their knowledge they were contacted by authorities and that they were told there was an officer involved shooting they put the school on lockdown. i'm told that all the students
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are accounted for. the cool is in lockdown. very sources in redwood estate who said there is a shelter in place for there and that area as investigators search for a suspect. unknown if he is armed but definitely considered dangerous and i would presume armed since there is such a large response of law officers. the county sheriff, police and chp. we are here on 17. we will monitor the situation here and try and move up the road a little bit if possible. we just wanted to give you a brief look of what's going on right now. all traffic. if you are near the 17 you want to get the off and take a different route because it's shut down as you can see. traffic and the back up is spilling onioned the 17. there goes a first responder. they plan left. they go more officers as they race up the hill. we have seen this all morning long as they have tried to squeeze through traffic to get to the scene. an officer involved shoot that started a bank robbery.
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that's confirmed. now officers are searching for a suspect, dangerous, unsure if he is armed but dangerous. we will bring you updates throughout the hour as we get them. live on the 17 freeway. > >> do we know how badly the officer was hurt? >> reporter: i do not. i don't have that information yet. i just know that they were able to return fire at least. if they were fired upon. but at least fire back. so, now they are searching for this suspect. again given the -- the amount of response. we have seen officers from all these different agencies flying up the 17. even with the traffic choking the access points. cars moving to the side and officers just kept coming up the 17. that kind of response leaves me to believe this is a serious event where perhaps the officer
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was hurt. they are desperately seeking this suspect. dangerous we know for sure but possibly armed. that is why you see such a heavy response and you can see the officers behind me. those are automatic weapons. they aren't just here with their nine millimeters. they have serious fire power. here comes some more first responders as they race up the 17. we are standing on the southbound lanes. that's northbound you that see going up and away from the camera now. both sides are closed. if are you trying to come down or up the hill you can't get that way going this way. lue have to find another way. >> okay. this is in the redwood estates neighborhood along 17. thank you. he will stay there and get as much information as he can. we want to pass along a suspect description to you. just minutes ago the sheriff's diplomat tweeted this description of the suspect saying that he was seen wearing a blackjackest, dark jeans and had a black mask at the time of the robbery which started in santa cruz county.
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clearly a breaking story. we will keep following for you. moving on the president is in philadelphia this noontime attending the three day republican strategy retreat. he spoke to the congressional republicans about a range of issues many he told them that they will be busier than they have been in decades helping him put in a broad agenda. the president said this is the chance to achieve great and lasting change for the country. >> think of everything we could achieve and remember who we must achieve it for. we are here now because tens of millions of americans have placed their hopes in us to transfer power from washington dc and give it back to the people. so important. >> reporter: the retreat comes a day after the president signed orders over hawing the immigration rules including construction of his promised
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alts mexican border wall and sanctuary city regulations. this is so important to me. from day one i have said it. i mean the immediate removal of criminal aliens. they will be gone. fast. did finally at long last cracking down on sanctuary cities. >> reporter: after returning to the white house later the president is expected to take steps to retrick the flow of refugees in to the united states from seven mostly muslim countries. that could come with another executive order being signeddas early as today. the war of words over building a wall along the southern border continues. this morning the mexican president canceled a scheduled meeting the president and announced the move on twitter. the mexican president posted this morning we have informed the white house that i will not attend the meeting planned for
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next tuesday with president trump. he posted this at 8:48 this morning. earlier the president had said that his mexican counterpart should cap sell if they refuse to pay for the wall. alameda county board president hosted a briefing on the local impact of federal policy changes under the trump administration. he said that the community and public official its are very worried. >> we are worried. we are the safety net for the county. we are very worried about health care. we are worried about immigration. we are worried about programs for seniors. these are all things that we depend on federal and state money for. we have heard a lot of talk coming out of washington that these programs would be cut severely. >> the public was invited to the briefing along with elected officials several east bay cities and agencies. they are hoping to plan and develop what they are calling smart strategies to fight the effect of changes on alameda
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county. just a short time ago in san francisco the mayor wrapped up his state of the city address. he touted progress on affordable housing, homelessness and police reform. >> and the mayor took aim at the new president. we were there and are live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon to both of you. the mayor said today that san francisco will no doubt be tested by the president who already has threaten to the cut off federal funding because this is a sanctuary city. the mayor just wrapped up his state of the city speech. he gave tin side the bank here on jones street. the mayor said during this speech that san francisco will not loose sight of its values and he took a not so subtle jab. >> people say we live in our own world in california and san francisco. well this i have to say is just an alternative fact. let me tell you about our
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america. our city. in our march people are equal no matter race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. we are a sanctuary city, now, tomorrow, forever. >> reporter: and the mayor got the biggest applause of the morning when he gave that line aimed straight at the president who is vowing right now to crack down on illegal immigration and is going after sanctuary cities across the country. the mayor also touted san francisco social security a beakon of diversity and a city he said with a v ib rant economy. he said the unemployment rate is under 3% here in the city. the mayor said there is also been a great deal of progress on tackling homelessness with nearly 10,000 people no longer living on the streets. the city also is providing more affordable housing as well. >> today thousands of our
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cities most low income families have beautiful new homes where they can teenen their roots and their children can blossom. we are now a national model for how other cities can improve public housing. years ago this was just a dream. today it's a total transformation. >> reporter: also during his state of the city speech the mayor focused on reforming the san francisco police department. he said that the new sworn in chief is committed to doing hundreds of change that were recommended by the justice department after a complete review of the police department. he also said that the police department is committed to improving use of force training for officers and improving the department's relationship with the community and in particular communities of color here in the city. the mayor said that there are
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quite a few challenge as head for san francisco but he believes that the city is on the right path. back to you. >> all right. live for us in san francisco. thank you. the university of california board of ridge entity social security set to vote on a map to race tuition and fees. the board is meeting right now and if approved the increase would mean students would pay $336 more a year. that's a 2.5% increase. the school said that would bring in another $88 million a year. one third of that money would go to financial aid for students. a spokesman said the rest would be put in to the quality of the uc system. >> they with go for things like hiring more staff, hiring more teaching assistants t would go for improving mental health services. >> it could put -- impact my family to get the liens, secure those, have to find another job. it's hard enough as it is. >> if they approve the fee and
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hikes it would be the first increase in six years. uc said the changes would apply only to families earning more than $150,000 a year. a jumping has fined pg&e three million dollars and more significantly ordered the company to conduct a newspaper and television advertising campaign deeing it's own criminal convictions. it was part of the sentence handed down today. stemming that deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. three million dollars is the maximum fine. the utility was found guilty by a jury in august of five counts of violate age pipeline safety law and one count of obstruction of an investigation. meteorologist was put on five- years of probation. eight people died in the deadly explosion. more than 50 were hurt and more than 30 homes were destroyed in the blast. still ahead another car plunged in to alameda creek for the second time in a week after the break we will tell you why there are no plans to remove this carney time soon.
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>> and it's shaping up to be another fantastic day around the bay area and a wonderful weekend ahead. we will check in with mark to see what we should expect in the next few days.
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. for the singed time in a week eye car has veered off niles canyon road and into the creek. this time the driver was able
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to swim to safety. >> we are live where the car ended up and there are no plans to remove that car today. >> reporter: yeah. we have been monitoring the progress on this car and the water level since 7:30 this morning. there it is in the middle of the creek. the water moving to fast to allow crews to try to retrievet. we have watched as the water has washed up over the hood on the passenger side window of that car. the driver of that car was by here earlier this morning. denot want to talk on camera but he did say he was very happy to have made it out alive. the driver of that car said that he was driving along niles canyon road just before five this morning and that he dozed off while zip agriculture long. >> just about 40 miles an hour when he -- actually fell asleep entering the curve. he woke up, halfway through the curve. at that point he realized he crossed over the double yellow lines, swerved right. lost control and went off the roadway and into the creek.
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>> reporter: emergency workers say that the driver was able to make it out of the car on his own. >> we got word that the person had gotten out of the car. made it to the roadway. some passing vehicle picked him up and took him to the gas station at niles canyon. >> reporter: an ambulance picked him up and took him to the hospital. this accident is very similar to another accident that happened here saturday when an1- year-old hit another car and wound up in the creek. she too tried to escape but was swept away by the fast moving water. crew was without again today look for her. chp said it is a coincidence that the accidents happened in the same stretch of the road merge write respond s say that the twisting, witnessing two lane road can be dangerous. >> this road is a dangerous road. there is a slow -- slow sharp corner that people underestimate and go to fast.
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i think it's a combination of that, slick roads, in the morning, it was dark. so, i think with all those put together just made it a bad spot. >> reporter: we have seen deputies, cal trans crews and fire crews off and on throughout the morning. the latest the we are hearing is that the car will be here for three to five-days. we are hearing they are waiting for the water levels to go down before they start any efforts trying to remove that car from the creek. >> thank you. we will switch back to the weather because we are enjoying the break in the rain. >> yeah. the breaks are so important. you know its been such a productive january so far. probably to much rainfall as you can is he with that live shot with all of that rushing water behind them. nice to see the sunshine for today. here is the live camera looking out toward the gold especially gate bridge. we have the increase in the swell and larger surf expected
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for today and tomorrow. on the satellite right now you can see we are in the clear but we had a weak system move across the area. producing a few clouds and spring manies just off shore. the main storm track for right now is heading up to the north. with that we have a lot of sun in the forecast for today. once again into tomorrow. here is the satellite over the past few hours. the first few frames. the clouds, even a few spring manies out there across portions of the area for this morning. as far as temperatures right now we are locked in this cool weather pattern. that's a cold frigid start. temperatures in the lower 50s for santa rose a. san jose 54. oakland 53 and livermore at last check reporting 50 degrees. our camera here looking toward the estuary. nothing but clear sykes, great visibility for thursday afternoon and here we go with the forecast headlines. for today mostly sunny skies. a cold start. weekend you can play outside. it'll be dry.
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temperatures will trend up for about saturday and into sunday. to just be careful today and tomorrow. we have the increase in the swells, as a result the high surf advisory. last weekend we had a high surf warning record breaking swells. at least for today waves have been increasing around ten to 15 feet. possibly 20 and then in place until 3:00 a.m. friday. here is the forecast model today showing you clear skies out there and then we will take this into friday. morning, 8:00. not much in the way of cloud cover. we could have some patchy dense fog reform in some of the valley locations, the forecast model has a hard time picking up on the smaller scale features. we have been watching out for that friday and into the weekend. i'm thinking eventually probably have some central valley fog to talk about into the weekend. at least for both saturday and into sunday not a drop of rain in the forecast. after some cold mornings, temperatures in fact nice out there approaching the lower 60s by the weekend. for today though we are thinking some mid to maybe
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upper 50s. mostly sunny skies, nice cool, refreshing feeling out there. as you can see here the five- day forecast, cold start friday. also into saturday morning we will warm it up as well and then into monday we will bring in partly sunny skies women could be talking act another stormy pattern developing next week. be watching out for that. we will talk more about that. >> don't bring it up. let's just enjoy the weekend. >> right. don't spoil it. forget i just said that. cancel that. >> thank you. the more time we spent here the more food we ate here and the more people we met. the more we wanted to tell our story. >> just ahead a new exhibit is open in san francisco that helps capture the stories behind the restaurant that make the city's china town world known.
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. stocks straying in a narrow range. the dow jones is up but still above that dow20000 mark. s and p flat social security is the nasdaq. the american lung association said that many parts of the bay area are improving when it comes to reducing the use of to backo. in a new report the group gives an a grade to berkeley, dublin, daily city, saratoga and santa clara. six other cities were praised for improving their scores including brisbane, east palo
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alto, or ind a and sunnyvale. solano was at the bottom of the list with most of its city receiving an f grade. the lung association said that the related illness is a single most preventable cause of disease and death. not only in california but across the country. the new year start this is saturday and as part of the celebration it is a campaign to meet chin, se restaurants and other businesses in china town. >> amber lee has a preview and a sample of how food can bring people together. >> reporter: for more than three decades capitol restaurant on clay street has been serving chinese comfort food with a simple decor to match president the ingredients are basic. >> the food. food is the taste that -- very good taste. the second is that the service and the united -- the way to treat people. just like a friend. they come in just like a family. >> reporter: lo immigrate from china where she worked at a toy
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factory as a young woman. she worked as a certify is very here at the restaurant former mother-in-law before buying the business. her story resonated with the creators of eat china town. >> hopefully this will show their back story to, you they, tell people about the history of the spaces and the community of china town. >> reporter: china town was built by immigrants, gaining a foot hold in their new adopted country. food establishments, whether they be restaurants, bakeries or diners were gathering places. they were also a way to build a new life to live the american dream. >> they didn't come with much. now they one successful businesses that are such anchors in the community. >> reporter: photograph tell the back steer of these food establishments. both past and present. >> the more time we spent here the more food we ate here and the more people we met the more we wanted to tell the story.
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>> reporter: the exhibit showcases the central role food plays in the culture of china and? shaping their place in san francisco history. >> a lot of restaurants don't have that pr machine. they don't have pr companies representing them. we are excited to share their story and hope that people will come visit. >> reporter: at capitol the farm to table concept is practiced here long before it was a trend. the vegetables come from local mom and pop markets. fresh poultry, seafood and meat are a must. if has a good food here. i think we have -- the one of the best. >> reporter: she said business has been tough in recent years. there is stiff competition from chinese restaurants in other neighborhoods. the new year brings in extra business as many families dine out as part of their celebration. >> more business. the family come. just like that. >> large table. >> yes. >> reporter: its scheduled to
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last through april 9th. it's creators hope that the unique stories behind these historic businesses will help them continue to thrive for years to comen. san francisco. china town. amber lee. ktvu fox 2news. >> the photograph exhibit is located as 41 ross aller off jackson veto in the heart of china town. admission is free. and of course san francisco's new year's parade is february 11th. you can watch it right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage starts at 5:00. the parade starts at six. still ahead residents in one bay area community are now forced to move out. >> it's really hard. my parents are the one that own the home. they just lost everything. that was their retirement. >> after a break a lock at the devastation that forced official to the deem several homes uninhabitable and what homeowners think caused the problem.
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>> and continued reaction to the president's recent executive orders including one actor who is facing charges following his own protest.
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. the search for a robbery suspect in the ciabatta cruz mountains. >> let's go back to jesse who at the scene.
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he joins us live once again. any updates in. >> . >> reporter: we have moved up highway 17. we are in readout estates. this is the point where the suspect allegedly jumped out of his vehicle and ran off in to the woods and you can see some police activity here. we have sheriff's deputies, police officers and chp holding down this scene. they are peering off in to the woods to the right. we are on this -- the northbound said of the freeway. this relooking off to the right. looking to see where the suspect went. this originally started as a bank robbery in scotch valley. very been told by witnesses that the suspect jumped in his vehicle and we have put up pictures of this or sent out pictures. they jumped in a white chrysler and took off from area headed north on the 17. police chasing behind him.
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from what one witness said the officers were trying to wedge his car in against this concrete divider to slow him down and stop him. finally they did do exactly that. the suspect jumped out of his car and ran off in to the wood woods. question we have that sound. >> we saw him get out and ran. >> he ran across. jumped over the bridge right from and then we saw two cops run after him. >> he went off in to the woods? >> yeah. >> reporter: that couple is in town visiting from toronto. they said they wanted to come see america and experience america and this is how their days. they were headed to san francisco for the day. now they are trapped in what has been a two hour backlog. they have been sitting in this position for the past two hours. you can see the line of cars going back in the southbound direction am the way toward santa cruz. this is where the freeway is
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stopped. if you are headed north on 17 and if you are going south on 17 the other direction the freeway is also closed. we don't know if the suspect is armed or not. dangerous. i don't have any word on if the officer was hurt. i asked about that. i was told they don't know. i'm guess that perhaps not. hopefully good news to come out of that. there are several vehicle that have been damaged in this pursuit and chase. they have brought out tow trucks to tow them out of the way including the suspect's vehicle that will be dust and the check for evidence as well further down the roadway. shelter in place continues. all because of what started as a bank robbery with the suspect
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taking off and driving north on the 17 and being stopped by officers. using the petition to wedge his vehicle and bring it to a stop. as they -- get them online and on air. >> clearly. if you are headed toward santa cruz or toward the south bay from santa cruz, you know cancel your plans. it doesn't look like that will be opening up any time soon. a lot of people stuck in that and will be for hours. live for us on the scene. pg&e is -- the fire that killed eight people in 2010. pg&e has been fined three million and been ordered to conduct a newspaper and ad campaign. pg&e released a statement in just the past the hour saying that it has met 111 of the 12 recommendations and that we
12:36 pm
want san bruno and all the communities we seven to know that we at pg&e have committed ourselves to a goal of transforming company in to the safest and most reliable energy provider in america. just moments ago the white house spokesman announced that the president is scaling for 20% tax -- is pushing for a 20% tax on imports from mexico to pay for the southern border wall as this back and forth between the united states and mexico continues. this comes as reaction is coming in from across the country about the president's -- the president's resent orders. jonathan hunt has more. >> reporter: from new york to california protests, rallies, marches and speeches all condemning the president's executive actions on immigration and the border wall. the president targeting sanctuarn cities saying they will loose federal fund figure
12:37 pm
they don't obey the law. some mayors and other officials telling the president to keep the money. >> with renot going to turn our backs on the most at risk people in our community because trump is threatening us. >> the law is clear. the court has said it more than once that the congress and president cannot put conditions on funding, on say transportation funding because of some unrelated reason. >> reporter: supporters of the president's crack down say that he is only asking cities to obey the law already on the books and lax enforcement has cost the federal government billions of dollars. >> if you defy the laws of this country you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people of this country. >> reporter: there -- has been opposition to the border wall. protesters claiming won't stop immigrants from crossing into the united states. reaction across the country has been mixed. some say that the wall is a
12:38 pm
necessary evil in a time of uncertainty while others call it a waste of money that won't solve the real problem. >> something needs to be put in place to help the agents. >> these policies don't work. they don't make us safer. >> reporter: the nation's ten biggest sanctuary cities face cuts of billions of dollars if they don't enforce immigration laws. in los angeles. jonathan hunt. an act after faces charges in a new york -- in new york after allegedly getting in to a fight with another man outside a museum in queens over night. police arrested him after they say he pulled the scarf of a man scratching his face in the process and he then pushed him. he has spent the last few days of the week because of trump's administration chanting he will not divide us in front of a
12:39 pm
live camera outside that museum in new york. there is a report today that the trump administration has drafted an order so keep refugees syria from entering the united states and to stop all refugee programs for 120 days. the associated press got a draft that would suspend issuing any visas for people from seven mostly muslim countries. their families have been trapped overseas after their homes were destroyed. now the council on american islamic relations said it's ready to fight the order. >> we are also looking at legal strategies to push back against any possible executive order just because it came from the president doesn't mean that it's the law. we are remind that the law of the land is the constitution. >> the president has not commented on the details the
12:40 pm
draft order but in the past he has said that he is worried terrorists could enter the united states posing as refugees. now to the storms that point pounded the bay area. three homes in the mountain community are now red tagged because of landslides. a 4th is threatened. the damage appears to be guesting worse. >> reporter: families in the coastal town of will honda call it a slice of heaven but now the drive looks like a bomb went off due to a severe landslide. the road buckling, forcing families like the worthingtons to evacuate. >> it's -- really hard. my parents are the one that own the home the whole time. they just lost everything. that was their retirement. >> reporter: this is what is left of robbie worthing tonight's childhood home. the moving earth destroying the foundation leaving broken glass and cracks in the sheetrock. >> nothing you can do.
12:41 pm
this is mother nature and we tried our hardiest to protect the house. >> reporter: his home is one of three red tagged. he snapped this picture of the landslide earlier this month. he now estimates parts of the road dropped as much as 15 feet, residents say a previous water leak soaked the ground. this month's storms caused the landslide to restart and water main to snap. >> this just huge cracks. huge d," vots. like -- like nearly cliffs now where it used to be smooth. hillside. >> reporter: the slide going underneath his neighbor's home. it appears that it's falling over. another home's deck detached. the landslide taking down trees and power lines. >> its unbelievable. the fartherrest thing we thought would happen to the house that our parents built. >> reporter: sherri johnson lives above the slide. she is desperately trying to save her home. putting tarps to divert water off the property.
12:42 pm
>> the slide is still possibly dangerous. i'm scared. yeah. we are packing. >> reporter: the family's affected are talking to state can and local legislators to try to get financial help. the meantime they hope that the county board of supervisors makes this area a priority to shore up the road so no more homes lost. in will honda. still ahead the san jose sharks seem so be enjoying themselves both on and off the ice. after the break what they are saying about the unique chemistry of the group. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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. the sharks in first place in the nhl pacific division and the players focused. the team hopes to get back to the stanley cup finals. >> as scott reese tell us the 2017 sharks also know how to have a little bit of fun. >> scores. it's a first. >> the sharks are one of the nhl's best teams. they are one of the loudest teams. in fact according to the hockey nobody has a better time of it than these guys. >> i like the sound of that. i think it's a fun group. >> i coached in the nhl for almost ten years and i never have seen a group that enjoys being around this. >> it shows.
12:46 pm
before; during, and after games. >> who is the ring leader? jumbo is pretty vocal. >> really? >> congratulations on that. >> he is always keeping it loose. you know playing some chokes. >> reporter: with so many personalities in the room there is plenty of play to go around. >> it's just a different day. someone else is doing something different. >> it's great coming to the rink in the middle of the january in the dog days of the season. the shark's unique chemistry. planes.
12:47 pm
fun travels. we are interest progress lobbed the most hours on a plane and we are always on the road together. i think -- if we were to annoy each other to would be a long year. case in point right there. we just learned to enjoy each other's companies. e. who is the best dressed guy? >> ward is pretty best dressed. he has a new tutor different colors. >> my mother raised me well to make sure i look proper. >> who is the best dancer or the worst? >> the fen it move. he mass great moves. i'm not sure where they come from. but he likes to --. >> i don't know. its been like a -- one of these things. >> robot kind of moment. i like techno music.
12:48 pm
>> a team that is anything but robotic. the sharks continue to keep it loose and the results continue to speak for themselves. >> i think -- you want to be around people. that is the case here. >> i like that. >> in san jose. ktvu fox 1 news. we will know tonight if clay thompson and green are selected to next month's all- star game in new orleans. >> the reserve for the western and eastern conferences will be announced. averages 21 point ace game. he is a 40% three point shooter and green is in contenoion and leads the warriors in rebounds and both should make the all- star team. mark, ted and i have both pledged to get outside for at least ten minutes a day to enjoy the sun.
12:49 pm
>> it's so nice when you go outside. we have great visibility. you want to bring the sweater or jacket he. still cold but still nice to go out without the umbrella. you can see the like camera look toward san francisco. for your thursday afternoon. clear skies over the city and just some haze out there across portions of the bay area. still looking nice as you can see on the satellite as well. we had a weak system move in to the area. that will come in closer. portions of northern california. even a few sprinkles. nothing to significant. so far january it seems like every storm has been strong. we are -- we are on that dry break. current numbers, santa rose a.53 degrees. livermore. san jose. 54. san francisco 51. we still have a bit of a chill in the air and the next few mornings for friday and it's the weekend. admonishing hours still cold as well. talking about near freezing for parts of the area. subfreezing for inland valleys. looking out toward the estuary. nothing but crystal clear, blue skies and winds not to much of
12:50 pm
a factor as well. mostly sunny for today. a cold start tomorrow morning and the weekend will be dry. after the chilly morning this weekend temperature also be trending up saturday and sunday. talking about a few neighborhoods approaching the mid60s as we head toward sunday. we have been talking so much about the sierra and all the snow fall and winter storm warnings and blizzards action can see 80 and 50 and if you are heading up to the mountain wes are expecting. friday a lot of sun into saturday. mostly sunny and into sunday. travel issues should not be much of a problem this weekend. we should have clear skies and you can see no snow fall in the forecast at least through the weekend. they need a break as well in the mountains. here is the forecast model for today. showing you clear skies. we will take this into your friday morning. still mostly sunny conditions. this forecast model not showing it. i think we have have areas of fog regroup over the next few mornings especially for the weekend. we will see if it catches up to that possibility for saturday and into sunday and we will be
12:51 pm
dry this weekend with no rain chance. next week could be a dave story. we are still dry, tuesday we will thicken up the clouds and here weg. a return of the jet team this is still a way out and things can change between now and then but this is wednesday and then into thursday of next week women could be talking about a return of rain back into northern central california but at least we get the break for today. mostly sunny skies, cool numbers, temperatures in the 50s. and look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures, the overnight lows in the blue boxes is chilly for friday morning and into the wanted. the afternoon temperatures actually very nice. back up in to the mid, possibly the upper 60s by monday. looking pretty good over the next few days. you can go outside without the umbrella. >> it seems like it's approximate been a constant friend. >> i would say fantastic. given what we have been through the last couple weeks.
12:52 pm
i know it looks great on stage and you get the crown but work starts right after. the next day. i hope the new winner is prepared. >> miss unverse pageant gets underway. what she said about the tush of the show's host after that booboo last year.
12:53 pm
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. steve hairy is returning as the host of the 2017 miss unverse panel entity. to prove himself one year after accidentally announcing the wrong winner of the pageant last year. >> we remember that. we talked to them as they gear up for the pageant. >> i have to apologize. >> reporter: at the last pageant steve harvey made news when he accidentally named the runner up instead of the winner. >> it was my mistake. >> reporter: steve is back to redeem himself at this year's competition and the champ couldn't be happier. >> i forgot about it already. always when they show the clip again i'm reminded, oh, that happened. i forgot about it already. i'm excited that he is back. i think he is a great host. he brings a lot of, you know, light into the competition. it'ser already so america weaving when you are there.
12:56 pm
-- nerve-wracking. >> reporter: the lieutenant in the army reserves. her goal is to remain focused as she competes for the title. >> to me it's more about the mental than it is what you do on stage. it's really about being confident as possible so make sure to work with my interview coach. with my walking coach and everything i can do to portray the confidence they have for myself. >> reporter: she is live sunday from her home country in the file pence and said whoever wins should be prepared for a 24-7 job. >> it doesn't end during that night. i know it looks all great on stage and you get he the crown but work starts right after. like the next day and i hope that the new winner is prepared for that. >> reporter: in hollywood. fox news. before we leave you not a lot of major movement on the dow. we will note that the dow does
12:57 pm
appear to be on track to once again for the second day in a row close above that 20,000- dollar mark. thank you for joining us. we are here for you. we will see you for the four on two.
12:58 pm
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