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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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emoryville camr. right at the bay bridge. looking like a christmas picture. it's a beautiful start to a friday morning. traffic appears to be moving well. we will check on that and the weekend should be nice as well. welcome back. it's friday. january 27 pght. i'm dave clark. >> in for pam cook. steve here. you know steve, went to get the my car washed. >> what's the problem? >> i had to do it myself. the line was around the block. >> i did that on wednesday. i knew in advance i would be okay. >> he now. >> you waited until all the crowds were there. >> you didn't call me and say, hey, get ont. i was working. sorry. >> okay. thank you. if you want to wash your car it's a perfect time. are you good until next wednesday or thursday. the good news is onto drought. it has disappeared in about 21 days for much of california if not all northern cal amount it has. no more heavy drought.
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just a bit around santa barbara county. good news going forward. we have to save because you know rainy season like this are -- don't happen that often. have some higher clouds up north. just a weak system for the morning. it'll get the out of here pretty quick. 30s on the temperatures. some are cold. we are running cooler. certainly peninsula, east and south bay. north bay march clouds. wood side. we are 33. san carlos 43. north, noter, northerly breeze. that's bringing in cooler temperatures and dropping in the weak system on us. high pressure says that's all you are going to get. this next system will ride up and over. its going to give us nice weather in to the weekend. almost 60s but we will go with upper 50s. happy friday. the right now we are looktha a drive where traffic is going to be affected by a crash of a big rig. we will go to that right away.
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westbound 580. that big rig crash has been there over night. it's still being cleared. they are trying to clear it soon. we will let you know when all of the lanes are open. we have a slow down. i don't want to just catch you but surprise driving westbound on 580 approaching the dublin interchange. give yourself extra time. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic here is light getting in to san francisco. northbound 280 in san jose traffic looks good. it's 4:32. a manhunt is going on right now in the south bay for a person who robbed a bank of america. >> authorities are concentrating in the area after a woman reported a frightening encounter. we are live in the south bay with the search for a suspect considered armed and dangerous.
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republican we are here off highway 17 into santa cruz. we just drove up to the area that sheriff deputies last updated when they said this robber was last seen year locust drive. we didn't see anything there. it was just dark. we are not sure where deputies are. they are looking for this man. oaf night he searched the area looking for the man who robbed a bank thursday morning. the sheriff's office said that just after ten last night they received a 911 call from a woman who said a man broke into her home and held a knife to her. eventually took off in the woman's van and dumped it. investigators believe the man is the bank robber. he was reportedly last seen wearing a green beanie, a tale san jose shark shirt and dark- colored pants. deputies though released a photograph earlier yesterday of
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the bang robber but his picture is covered in a mask. that is the problem. police have been working to identity who he is. they say after he robbed the bank of america he sped off in a white chrysler on highway 17 and crashed. a police officer fired shots at him but it was unclear if he was hit. the thief has been on the run ever since. >> i saw him run across and hop --. >> i saw him wearing something blackout side -- he just ran. i didn't see his face. he had like blackout fit. >> reporter: as authorities searched for the robber people in the redwood estates area were told to stay inside. schools were put on lockdown and highway 17 was closed for nine hours. it finally reopened at eight last night. we are supposed to get the update from the sheriff's office later this morning this he are telling people who live up here in the mountains to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. back to you.
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>> okay. thank you. this morning prosecutors say evidence suggests that vw's former ceo may have known about emissions cheating cost software earlier than he claimed. that's according to the associated press. he stepped down in september of 2015 just a few days after it was reveal that the car maker used software to cheat on emissions tests. he said he was not aware of that software. he is one of several people under investigation for allegedly committing fraud by not informing share holders about the issue earlier. prosecutors say that the number of suspects in the investigation has just grown from 21 to 37. a pg&e was given the maximum sentence and fine of three million dollars for the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion and fire storm. it happened six and a half years ago in the crest the moore district of san bruno that. neighborhood still trying to recover. eight pomp were killed. many had life changing
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injuries. dozens of homes were destroyed. officials in san b republics uno are pleased the sentence. especially the court appointed monitor who will oversee pg&e's natural gas operations for five- years. >> all we are working for is being transparent and justice. the judge served justice today and the rest will come with the independent monitor over the next five-years at least. >> that court appointed monitor will oversee all of pg&e's business during a five- year probation period. the other penalties include the maximum fine, three million dollars to be paid immediately, ten thousand hours of community service with two thousand of those hours to be preformed by top pg&e executives. homicide investigators hoping surveillance rid yellow will lead to the arrest in the killing of a woman. the body of the 59-year-old was found in the garage of her home on december 13 pght. investigators believe her
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killer set fire to the home to try to cover up the crime. deputies have released this surveillance video. that man is walking near her home on grove way. he is seen walking in one direction and then turning around. >> someone may recognize not only maybe the clothing but the way in which this person walks. >> investigators say the man may have been driving a 2011 or 2013 silver toil take korella. despite opposition berkeley said it'll allow a reporter to speak on campus next week. the man who writes for the bright bart website will appear at an event organized by the berkeley college republicans. the chancellor said he doesn't agree with the views or actions but said that he has the right to speak. it's a sold out event. it's scheduled for wednesday night. demonstrations are expected.
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he made headlines when he was banned from twitter after abusive comments about leslie generals. tuition for berkeley students is going up. the board of ridge entity as proved the increase in a 16-4 vote during it's meeting in san francisco yesterday. tuition set to increase 2.5% in the school year. that's 282-dollar increase for each student per year. that means tuition will be 11, 5$00 for the year. it's the first increase in six years. students say they aren't happy about it. students don't have aid. what happens is you have to go to food pantries, make go fund me accounts begging people to help you survive. >> a spokesman for the system saiden problemment has increased since the freeze six years ago. the university said $88 million generated will help lower class size, provide more counselors and update classes. san francisco mayor said
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that he will stand up to the president. he said it during his state of the city address. the mayor's speech came a day after the president threatened to with hold federal grants cities that don't cooperate with immigration authorities. lee said that the san francisco won't be bullied and will remain a sanctuary city. >> people say that we live in our own world here in california and san francisco. well i this to say is just an alternative fact. let the me tell you about our america. our city. in our america people are equal. no matter race, religion, gender. we are a sanctuary city, now, tomorrow, forever. >> and the mayor said that he will expand homeless and affordable housing services in
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san francisco. some california farmers worried about how the president's immigration policy will affect their business. they say it's already hard to find workers and the president's actions could cut their work force even more. some say they have scaled pack production because of increased deportations of immigrants in the past couple years. according to a report from the pew research center 20% of the farm workers here in the united states are unauthorized immigrants. the stage set for a big jazz performance with bay area ties. ♪ [ music ] >> up next the bay area jazz musician and his accomplished career and how a 30 second tryout got him a gig that's lasted decades. >> good morning. east bay traffic not to bad. this is a look at the bay bridge. you can get a jump on this commute. we will tell you more about what's happening in pleasanton
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now that's causing a big back up. ?q ?q
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. welcome back. this weekend one of the world ear leading jazz bands who say trombonist will preform here. >> he grew up in lafayette. he has been a member of the saturday night live band for more than three decades and i talked to him act his music and tomorrow's big performance with the joe henderson leg is he band. . >> reporter: inside this music hall 19 musicians gathered their individual sounds join together for the joe henderson legacy band. >> joe started this in 1966. he won three grammies. you win even one and that's unheard of. henderson die in 2001 but his
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friend has made hour his music goes on. >> the idea is soloist and some arranged stuff. this weekend they will come together. >> we present the legacy big band. special guest artist. >> reporter: that's steve at the front of the room. if you watched saturday night live you have likely heard him play. >> fall of 84. you know -- when eddie murphy left the show the next season i came in. i have been there since the fall of 84. i have been there 32 years. >> wow. why did you want it join? >> it's a good job. >> it is. >> and it's fun. what other job be can you do where you just laugh all the time? having a good time. when you play it's serious
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business. >> is he a local guilt he grew up in lafayette and said music has always been there. >> my mom and dad met at a dance. i joined the school band the 4th grade and i really liked it but i didn't have that epiphany until middle school. >> stanley middle school. >> i realized that this is what i wanted to do in my life. that i loved playing music. it just felt right. i chose the trombone. don't ask me yes. >> i was going too many. >> he said jazz made him feel right when he it has taken him around the world. >> there is it jobs in my life they have tried out for. it lass ray charles and saturday night live. >> ray charles would be his big break in the the early 70s and then more than a decade later he would get a 30 second tryout with saturday night live. >> after the tryout we ate dinner said what was that
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about. we played for 30 seconds, what a waste. a week later we got the call and said you gott. apparently 30 seconds all they need. they heard enough. if was enough to get a dig that's lasted for decades. >> it's not just because it's a great job. it's a lot of fun. the musicians are on our eye level. snl has always been great at political satire. the thing is everybody catches hell. it's not just the president. it's nothing personal. alec baldwin. he take itself out. i love it. it's great. i see folk that i haven't seen in a while. they say hey steve, you still doing saturday night live? i say yeah. i will ride that horse until it drops. >> that horse has more electrical connections than people realize. >> the band leader plays sax. he used to be the play we are the tower of power. the alto power is alex foster
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from lafayette. will the actor is from lafayette. >> when he gets a break from snl he comes back here to visit his mom and he always brings his trombone and his shells. >> i say this is my thing. i think other people are playing shells now in jazz. i started it. >> you will hear both sound this weekend when this big band comes together. >> that was a whole thing that joe henderson. he was great at creator of -- original com significances and so is steve so it warren. very written some songs too many that's the beauty of it. we will get to play the arrangement. we get to play on it it. >> which means even though they aren't sure what you will hear when they take the stage chances are you will likely hear a bit of magic. >> it's a give and take. it's a breathing, living thing. it's always different every time and that's the beauty of
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it. >> do you want to hear some more? you can watch him and the big band preform tomorrow at the empress theater in vallejo. tickets available and i have to tell you we shot that video at one of their first practices. they kind of all came together and i said -- could have sat there all night. sounded great. loved attempt. >> fascinating. all right. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, our drive. everybody behaving out there? >> yeah. well -- they are. the roads aren't. >> boy. >> we have a problem with 580 at the 680 interchange. i know we have been talking about it. in case are you just waking up. 580 at 680 we have a couple of lanes blocked a truck accident that's been there since last night. some lanes getting through but the back up is build here as you drive through the area. ed of traffic on the pass isn't that bad. when you get to the area here at dublin that crash is still
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there. i want to let you know that they are saying they will reopen it at five. they used to driving not seeing slow traffic. this morning at least a mile and a half there approaching the closure. again some lanes getting by. some are closed. let's take a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. it looks good. traffic moving nicely. when you get to the bay bridge we see traffic that's right. let's bring steve in. we are talking about lala land. have you seen it? >> i have started to watch it. i like it. i don't know the end. >> okay. we will talk to you when you do. thank you. we do have -- her story on jazz and that's lala land more about jazz and musicals. >> i agree. >> let's get tot.
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marcus henderson said good morning. you must have been a boy scout washing your car earlier in the week than claudine. >> yeah. >> was no. i stopped. >> i washed my own. maybe i'm just --. >> come on. big time anchor. they will give you vip. >> they give me the vacuum. >> get to work. >> if you haven't heard all of california is out of exceptional drought. there is just a small bit around santa barbara. you can see northern california is out and it's getting battener southern california. we have february, march and probably april as well. when it's a rain year it's a rain year. i thought i would take you back. this was the winter outlook issued. look what the line says. higher chances of being dry from about the peninsula and south bay down to southern california. equal chances north. how did that work out? that's why you take these and go yeah. yeah. just thought i would show you. these are hard to predict. high clouds to the north.
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lows colder. there are low 30s. mid-30s looking eight. santa cruz in that mix. 36 in lease having ease. 33 tucson and temperatures warmer in the desert. there will bring in a tryer air mass. always pops up here after so much rain. we are getting dryer air in and that's a signature of high pressure that will knock this system down. so but for some high clouds we are good to go. mostly sunny today and then in to the weekend warmer. haven't said that in a while but it'll be warmer into monday. next hint of rain looks solid would be around february 1st. more likely second. there is a lot going on out
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here. precipitation outlook. not a thing to worry about. then wednesday it starts. nothing to heavy. look at thursday into friday. these aren't heavy amounts but it'll start. maybe another wet pattern. doesn't look as wet but something to watch. 50s on the temperatures today. looks good and then warmer weather tomorrow after a cold morning. maybe a hint of fog. mid60s for some. sunday into monday. >> love it. love it. >> me too. thank you. >> all drying out. talking more about california's drought situation. coming up at five the difference over just one year's time and the results. very promising.
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. welcome back. happening today the state of california will ask a jumping to throw out a case involving warrenning labels on the popular weed killer round up. state officials ordered warning labels on the product saying the active ingredient could cause cancer. now the maker of round up said that there are no health risks. they sued to block those warning labels. california wants the case thrown out. after winning six straight games the sharks heading in to this weekend's all-star festival with a disappointing loss against edmonton.
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the head coach caught last night's game. sharks jumped out to a good start but it was all edmonton afterward. they scored the next four to win this he are tied for the first place in the pacific division but the sharks have played one less game. the best team in the nba has tied another record. four warrior also play in next month's all-star game. durant. cur country were maimed starters and now thompson and green are reserves on the team. this is thompson's third all- star appearance and green's second trim. depths the 8th time that one team has had four players in the all-star game. no team hasser sent five. after several hours of really big traffic jams the clp is trying to reopen some of the lanes of interstate 580 in dublin. at five. this crash involved a deserve are you truck and a big fire
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and people were stuck for hours. >> good morning. we are looking at a drive that is going to be busy in some areasw. rehabilitative tell you more about the morning drive when we come back. > looking good for friday and really good for the weekend. temperatures will start warming up. few high clouds but all signs point to 60s by the weekend. yt an nfl official was a man's job? was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside.
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. we are live where a manhunt continues overnight for a man who may be armed and he is also a robber. we will have the latest on the search. >> and the president meets today with the british prime minister. what they will talk about and the other big meeting that is now been canceled. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. here is a live look outside from our roof camera and you can see what do you not he see in that -- rain. that's right. i'm like -- really, really excited. very missed the sun. i'm glad to see it before we get more wet stuff. better take advantage of that wet -- that dry weather right now. it'll be a nice weekend.
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it's friday january 27th in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve then. get your forecast for a friday morning. if will be a nice day and weekend as wellw. he get eight months of sun. enjoy that rain. >> i know. i like it it's just a lot. deluge. >> i with agree. we have had a lot of rain and we are getting a break. just a few high clouds, they will clear out. it looks like nice weather. there may be some sneaking in later. all signs point toward good conditions. let's get tot. not much to show yout. will get the out pretty fast. there is a good system off shore but it's running in to big time resistance. colder because of the lack of cloud cover. especially to the south. 56socal. santa clara 34. zero in truckee. it's a cold one up there. even in the desert southwest. it's still cold. maybe not as cold or southern california. northerly breeze kicked in for many and but follow the few


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