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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 27, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the famous surf competition did not stop them from hitting the waves and getting out there. the contest window has been opened for march 31st. today at 9:00, president trump proposes a 20% tax on mexican imports to fund the wall on the southern border. a close call for a young surfer as his dad's camera catches something lurking in the waves. i went on an adventure yesterday. the sail force tower is a few
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months from being completed. that's me there. we went all the way up the the top floor 61 stories. >> that's you in the hard hat? >> yeah, right there. i was shaking like a leave. leaf. i was very nervous. we saw that pop off a few months ago. >> i do like it. you can't stop progress and it looks nice and san francisco is becoming an international city. we have a new building up. >> something else about the founder, he's done a lot of nonprofit work and good work in the area. 0. >> later in february it was a nice tour they did.
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british prime minister teresa may is meeting with the president and then holding a joint news conference. in the meantime next week's meeting between president trump and the president of mexico has been cancelled. the president decided not to attend the meeting after president trump's continued talk of forcing mexico to pay for a wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> i have great respect for mexico. i love the mexican people. look, it's very simple. we have to have a wall. we have a massive trade deficit with moeks co. >> yesterday the trump administration suggested one way to pay for the wall would be to impose a 20% inport tack on goods from mexico -- -- import tax. ahead of a meeting at the white house, teresa may began her day with a visit to
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arlington national cemetery at the tomb of the unknown soldier and placed a wreath in honor of the nation's veterans. president trump is scheduled to speak with vladimir putin on the phone this weekend. white house press secretary confirmed the two will speak tomorrow. it's their first conversation since he took office. tensions between the u.s. and rushsz are the highest in years after the obama administration accused the russian government of interfering in the 2016 elections -- -- russ. white house sources a president trump could sign an executive order regarding sanctions today. that 20% tariff the trump administration could end up costing americans more money. christian captain is joining us from downtown at a farmer's market with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning, the president is considering the 20% tariff on mexican exports from the country into the u.s. a lot of produce comes from mexico.
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the manager at this particular farmer's market says everything here is produced in california so a price increase could help him here. the manager says he does not want to see a trade war. the u.s. government reports that mexico sent 295 billion dollars worth of goods into the u.s. last year. mexico is the second biggest supplier with imports amounting to $21 billion last year. wholesalers say the cost would be passed down the line. >> i think it will hurt the business. 20% is just tough. i think it's going to hurt business because things down the road will be expensive to buy. >> the biggest export from mexico is automobiles and also machinery and medical supplies. some exists are warning a sharp
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increase in taxes on mexican import could set off a trade war increasing cost of goods for consumers on both sides of the border. back to you. >> thank you. so today our question to you is this. what do you say to the plan to impose a 20% tax on mexican imports. mexico is our neighbor and we should be strengthen ties not weakening them with proposed tariffs all of us lose. another twitter user says "do it, it needs to be built." we'll check more responses coming up at 9:30. if you want to join the conversation reach us on twitter, use the hash tag ktvu a lot of people commenting on that topic today. protestors in the bay area who oppose president trump's policies are making sure their voices are heard.
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0 . >> there were demonstrations yesterday on both sides of the bay. hundreds of people gathered outside the federal building in san francisco protesting the president's executive action advancing the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. the administration is endangering the environment and taking sides with big oil, they say. >> there's an immediate conflict of interest between members of the administration and laws and policies they pass. >> the crowd marched a short distance and blocked an intersection and then guards from the department of homeland security as well as san francisco police were called in but no problems were reported. in fremont people were out protestorsing the order to tighten the vetting of potential immigrants and visitors from seven muslim countries to the united states. ktvu has that part of the story. .
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>> the theme is we are one no matter what race or religion. these people say the tenor of the country has changed quickly with president trump's executive order. >> i'm bothered by the proclamation coming from the president. they're so discriminatory and so bad for our country. >> these two orders are part of immigration reform. >> the president directives include building a wall along the border. this group calls the orders dangerous. >> i'm afraid somebody is going to tell me to go back home. i don't have another home. >> this muslim american woman says her home is fremont but she and other say they have seen a shift from inclusion to exclusion. >> who is next? next week it might be you or me. so i'm not going to wait. i'm going to stand up for my neighbors. >> a call to action, fight for
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change at the ballot box. >> we hope to mobilize people to go vote. >> this is not the way to live in your own home. we have to fight and resist. >> resis stance comes in many forms. >> i'm for writing letts and demonstrations like this. ing >> at this major intersection they hold signs for a reminder that democracy in this country was built on diversity. >> we're taking a tremendous step backwards. i want to do what i can to say stop. >> amber league, ktvu fox 2 news. we spoke with a former chair of the california party and he says he thinks trump's talks on mexico is part of a strategy. >> i see it as a tactic he's using to get a better deal with nafta. after this many years it could be improved. >> president trump said he
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wants to renegotiate a north american free trade deal with mexico and canada. . there's a new development in connection to a manhunt for a bank robber in the santa cruz mountains. lexington elementary school has cancelled classes today because of the bank robber still being on the loose. investigators worry he may be getting more violent. >> the bank robber was last spotted near alder croft heights and locust drive. sheriff deputies told people to secure their homes and they also say the suspect may have changed his clothes. the santa clara county sheriff's department say that just after 10:00 last night they received a 911 call from a woman who said a man broke into her home on locust drive and held a knife up to her. he took off and dumped the van. investigators believe the man is the bank rob e they have been searching for.
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he was last seen wearing a green beanny and dark colored pants. sheriff deputies released a photo but in the picture his face is completely covered in a mask. that's the problem -- police have been working to identify who he is. after he robbed a bank of yesterday he sped off in a white chrysler on highwa17 d crashed. a scotts valley police officer fired shots but unclear if he was hit. the thief has been on the run since. >> all that happened in front of me. it's hard to explain because i was shocked. but yes, that's exactly how it went down. >> as authorities searched for the robber people in the redwood estates area were told to stay indoors. highway 17 was closed for nine hours and finally reopened at 8:00 last night. we're waiting to get an update. in the meantime they're telling people who live in the area near the santa cruz mountains to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.
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reporting from near loss gatos, ktvu news. during yesterday's hearing the man from rushsz at mitted her marriage was a sham set up so she could live in the united states when federal officials say the investigation into the fake marriage is not connected to the terror plot, she faces up to 20 years and in prison and a 100-0000 for immigration fraud and lying to the fbi. new information in the #34u oa castro valley woman. the surveillance videoolice just released they are hoping will solve the case. a photo bomb by a shark. the reaction from the suffer and his father who snapped a picture from the shore.
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>> holy gosh. oh my gosh. ?q
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nasdaq a little bit mixed. mixed news on the economy. 0 oovrjts sanford university has lifted a suspension against
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the ban know for its playful antics. the university suspended the group accusing members of violating the school's drink policy. the band appealed saying it would make reforms while they can now perform at school events. they are subject to oversight and review. a move to make california the first stays in the nation to offer a third gender option on state documents a bill by scott winer would allow an option other than male and female on driver license's and birth certificates. they face discriminations when they use ideas that do not reflect their jerd. all the rain and snow in california is paying off. close to half of the state is now out of the drought. the u.s. drought monitor reported yesterday that severe or extreme drought exists in only 51% of the state.
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take a look at these two maps. the one on the left shows drought levels at this time last year. the one on the right shows the areas dealing with drought conditions, you see significantly less. officials say only 2% of the state remains in extreme drought. mainly into the vicinity of santa barbara county. although much of the state is better off than it was a month ago, governor brown is not ready to declare the drought over yet. ty group of hikers say they're luy to balive afte an avalanche dragged them down a mountain in southern california. . three hikers were walking on unstable snow before the ground gave way. a rescue chopper found the hikers and brought them to safety. one hiker crawled through the snow until he found cell service while two of them were able to go home unharmed, the third hiker was taken to the
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hospital with serious injuries. an avalanche came crashing down on the colorado city of tell ride. a tell helicopter dropped on the controlled slide. nearly 100 inches of snow has fallen this month alone. . a shark in australia gets very close to a young surfer. watch this carefully. the father of the ten year old was taking pictures tuesday morn of his son riding a wave on the famous beach north of sidney when they were checking the photos afterwards they spotted a shark. just below the surface there of the board. . >> i was shocked. it just happened and if i was on the way i probably would have freaked out and fell off. i was lucky i didn't fall off. >> gosh.
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>> looks like he's going in for a bite. >> yeah, a little bite. looks like the photo from jaws. >> so the boy wasn't injured. experts say the shark was about 8 feet long. a juvenile great white. >> mostly surfers just say oh i'll go back in. they love it. >> that's scary as a parent. music legend elton john set to bring the iconic movie "the devil wears pra da" to broadway. . it starred meryl streep and earned her an oscar nomination for the role. 2006 film was a box office hit raking in 33 million dollars (3)300-0000 worldwide. pop icon david bowie will be honored. -- -- 3 million. . the beatles in pink floyd
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have been honored with stamp er stamp series. coming up next t miss universe pageant airs sunday. what the reigning title holder said about the honor. >> not everyone followed the booze ban as we know and on this flash back friday, we look at the secrets that popped up around the bay area.
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we're looking at how prohibition impacted san francisco and how people found their way around the law. >> in 1920 prohibition became the law of of the land. the sale and manufacture of
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alcohol, that "tool of the devil" was forbidden in every state. the democrats came to san francisco to nominate cox and roosevelt and the city provided every amenity for visitors including a truckload of booze. the federal government on the other hand was taking it seriously indeed. throughout the land revenue agents confiscated illegal liquor and to the horror of drinkers everywhere, wasted the stuff. bars who provided liquor flourished owl over the city more or less unmolested. this place now a stake house in once the blue fox restaurant was long before that the philosopher, a notorious speak easy. at that time. >> the police and lawyers would
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gather for lunch and toss back drinks. >> one way a local of the illegal booze found its way through the city is underground tunnels. a waiter here at the pa loss hotel would take an order from a customer and bring a empty fruit jar and go through the empty fruit jar, knock on the basement door of the house of shields and get this jar filled with gin. >> they knocked on the door and that allowed the customer into this room. . >> the underground tunnel system, it was a solid piece of medal. not a bullet go could go through. nobody could penetrate it. there's a series of doors that went down to second street and down to howard and connected to first street. >> what a wonderful story teller.
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new at 9:00, the raiders have taken another step towards the possible move towards las vegas. they have given leaders a proposed lease agreement for the $1.9 billion dome stadium. this is onweek after they filed relocati papers and if they could approve when they meet in late march. after winning six straight games, the sharks are heading into the weekend's all star festivities with a disappointing loss. >> raiders head coach called last night's game. they jumped off scoring a goal four minutes into the game. it was all edmondson mon sun afterwardsafterwards. former a's and giants pitcher has traded in his baseball glove for an acoustic guitar.
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♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> he posted this video on social media earlier this week promoting his new album, "no secrets" and also performed in mill valley wednesday night. he lives in nashville, tennessee and went in 2015 when we was playing for the minor leagues team. he retired from baseball and now a singer songwriter. four warriors have been picked to play in next month's game. curry and green have been selected as reserves on the western conference team. this marks the 8th time in nba history one team has four players in the all start game. no team has ever sent five. in orlando florida, the best players in football are showing off amazing new skills. they took part of the nfl pro- bowl skill challenge.
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the nfc competed against the afc including precision passing and the drone drop. the wide receiver won the drone drop by catching a football from a drone at the height of 12 story buildings. it was tied going into the final event which was dodge ball. cowboys running back eliminated indianapolis wide receiver at this hilton. -- -- ty. she is an actor and well known comedian, moe anemic joins us live with more about where you can catch hear in the bay area -- -- monique. i'm calling it the mediterranean version of in and out burger. the latest food kraez to hit san francisco. we'll tell you why all these folks are lined up to give it a go.
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. there's tweets coming in about the wall. he might be a little tongue and cheek on that one. >> how about taxing durable goods and leaving produce alone? a number of people chiming in on my facebook page in support of it. just really saying sure, let's do it. one person says buy vegetables
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made in the u.s. and go to farmer's markets instead. >> reach us on twitter and facebook, thanks for your responses. we are hearing that the president of the united states donald trump and the mexican president did have an hour long phone conversation this morning. this news crossing the urgent wires here. details over what they talked about aren't being released yet. but again, the two did talk this morning. the president of mexico expected tocome to wash warn next week for a meeting -- -- washington. he cancelled the meeting yesterday. here they are on the phone talking, hopefully a positive conversation twaen the two leaders. the weather this weekend is i hear is going to be beautiful.
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a chilly start to the day but temperatures turning around in the afternoon a. nice one coming our way. a look at the golden gate bridge. isn't that a gorgeous view. mostly clear skies starting out with a frost this morning but no fog to speak of. visibility is good. 41 in santa rosa. still very cool for you. the inner east bay, 41 in livermore. around the bay. 51 checking in for oakland and 46 in san francisco. a look at the afternoon highs for today, mid to upper 50s in the forecast. 58 for oakland into the south bay, 58 and into the north bay 56 expected in santa rosa. look at your extended forecast. nice winter weather but dry. we are looking at a chilly start to the morning with 30s for the inner east bay and 40s around the bay. warmer and temperatures warming up into the low to mid 60s as we get into sunday and warmer than that on monday. if you're going to sierra, dry weather there going to be chilly and nice for the skiers
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there as well. a good looking forecast in january. we have the possibility coming back med week. for now we can enjoy. >> nice time to go. for more on headlines, let's go to dave clark. here are some of the top stories we're following. the bay area's newest homeless count started just hours ago. dozens of volunteers are going to homeless camps to parks and other parts of marin county counting the homeless. the goal is to improve services and collect information to apply for federal funds. two years ago more than 1300 people were identified as homeless in the county. tuition for uc students is going up. for first time in six years the board approved yesterday in a 16-4 vote in san francisco.
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the tuition costs will be 11 thousand dollars for the year and students are not happy about it. >> they don't have aid so you're forced to go to food tan tries and make gofundme accounts on social media begging people to help you survive. . >> tuition was frozen six years ago. the (8) 800-0000 generated by this tuition hike will help reduce class sizes and pay for more counselors for students and fix up classrooms -- -- 80 million dollars. $80 million. 0. the body of 59-year old andrea saint john was found december 13th in her garage. investigators believe her killer set her house on fire to cover up her murder.
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instigators ve new released a surveillance video showing a man walking near her home on grove way. you see him walking in one direction but then he abruptly turns around. that man may have been driving a 2011 to 2013 silver toyota corolla. those are just some of morning headlines from our newsroom. mike, sal, pam back to you. the famous food truck is opening a restaurant in san francisco. ktvu reporter is there to check it out live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, look at this. quite a few people here really rolling out the red carpet. this guy has been standing in line since 6:45 this morning. are you crazy? >> no, i'm really hungry and looking forward to a nice early lunch this morning. >> all right, good luck. we're going to head on inside here to talk to renee.
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he is the director of communications here. i sort of describe this as the mediterranean version of inand out burger. i know you started in new york. why did you come to san francisco? >> it's hard to compare us to in and out because we're unique. we started in 1990 at a food court in new york. we know san francisco has a need for quality food especially late night so we figured it's the perfect spot to serve quality food at a reasonable price. >> you only have a few items like in and out burger. i feel like that's the same here. >> absolutely. we focus on making sure everything we do -- every platter is perfect so no need for having an abundance of items. we have platters and sandwiches. you get to choose between chicken or gyro.
9:36 am
. >> we laugh about that. >> out in new york we say "j"jy- ro". there's a photo over here. wraps around the block and they decided to franchise the fountain. you have these all over the world. >> absolutely. these carts are still used to this day. we are incredibly busy. every single night we're open until 4:00 a.m. but we don't shut down then but just when the line is over. >> can i try this? >> i would love for you to try it. this is our gyro platter. you have to get plenty of white souse. >> oh yeah, my nutritionist is going to love that. >> dig in. rice underneath and fluffy peta. -- -- pita.
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0. >> that's pretty good. >> we want you to come back. we make sure it's perfect. if you want something healthy late night, it's a quality item. >> the back lava looks greats too. i think i'm going to toss it back to you, guys. >> thank you very much, tara. that does look good. >> i'm hungry now. she is a comedian and oscar winner for best supporting actress for precious, we're excited she's here back in the bay area performing in pleasanton. >> she stopped here at the nine to visit us on the set, welcome back. thank you. i think the panel could use this five days a week. if not me, someone else to bring a little flavor. >> if i could hire you i would.
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>> you're not the boss? >> no. >> we just had the women's movement. >> yes. >> were you part of it? >> yes, i was at home saying women, get it. i had to be home. that my part. >> you have kids and girls as well. >> i have two girls. it's important to have this conversation of what's going on. >> it really is. with the marches we're having, i've not yet seen the love march and all the parts come together. we have the gay march, black march and women's march and the kkk mar. ch. where is the love march? we call came together and stop separating the groups and come together, that's how we form the love. . >> i wanted to ask you something before you get to tommy t's. the nominations for the academy awards came out. are you on board with those? >> do you feel it's more diverse? >> i'm going to tell you something about awards.
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awards does not equate money. awards are trophies. the moment the trophy started equating to money is when i say all right but until then, it's just a trophy for the oscars people ask me about them -- the oscars for me as a young black child was not the end all to be all. people that looked like me weren't called to get the award. it was the image award for me that made me say when i get to hollywood i want to win an emmy so by putting this on a trophy -- if we start the realness of it, what comes with the trophy? unfortunately people of color normally don't benefit from the trophy. people say what did it feel like to win an oscar? it felt like an award. but the image award, my money started changing because the community said we think you're the best. but when it comes to the oscars, i don't jump up and down because trophy.
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>> very interesting. draw ma or comedy. you will there tomorrow, if you had to pick do you prefer to a coimmediatic role? ? >> comedy is my first kiss, my first experience comedy is that thing that says it's right now in your face in the moment. you're not waiting for numbers. you're standing right now. it's pure. so tonight two shows tonight -- right now you know why i love comedy? people say to me why do you go back to the clubs. because i'm obligated to because it's the clubs that put me on every stage i've been on. it's the clubs that cope you grounded and it's the clubs that keep you real. for tommy's i have a special love. did you see the color purple? it's lieshg harpo's juke joint. it is truly that feeling of when you walk in, it's family and it's not so much the entertainer and audience.
9:41 am
it's the family and my turn to go up. so that's why i say to people right now every comedy club in the world should be packed and sold out because donald trump. we are scared right now. >> you said you're running for president? >> yeah, where is my camera. >> announce it there. >> good morning, hello my loves, listen 2020, i will be putting my bid in for the president of the united states of america. i'm putting my bid in for first lady because my husband will have to be president. my rules -- we would stop foolishness. laughter is what we need. >> always. >> real quick. >> at the art and community foundation in pittsburgh, california. books for kids and it's a benefit and we're trying to get
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the books for the community so they asked me to come. for our babies in pittsburgh, this sunday we're right there. tommy and his wife gail, i appreciate when people say "i just don't want to take but give it back". >> are you asking people to bring books. >> we're asking people to bring themselves, books, whatever you you want to bring. you got to buy a ticket. >> bring the tickets and bring the love. >> that's all we want. >> i'm already in a better mood since you stopped by. >> i know, right. it feels good. >> i love your laugh. we have more information on the tickets to two shows tonight. you can find it on the ktvu mobile app. have a wonderful weekend here in the bay area. >> you said that fast. i am impressed. my press secretary, i'm thinking about you. >> that's what i'm talking about. i'll go back east. >> i want to roll as well. >> you have to talk fast and get it in.
9:43 am
you can't be scared. >> we don't need papers. >> if you get a chance go to play dot it and click on moe neck and sidney's open relationship. >> both of them. >> they need chunky cheerleaders. nobody will listen to me though. i love it. back after the break talking about super bowl parties and chicken wings. we got it all for you right after the break.
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mr. clean is making his debut during the super bowl. a few guys posed for the camera and tossed a football. he's declared himself the official cleaner of super bowl li. a 50 second ad will be broadcast during the big game. you can watch super bowl li and the commercials on ktvu fox two. the kick off is at 333:30 p.m. on february 5th. so what about the parties and food? let's go to mike on what to serve. good morning, olivia of salt and honey caters. i see the wings -- a lot of different kinds. >> we love a good bar and not just the ones with alcohol. so what we have here is different varieties of chicken
9:47 am
wings for your party. >> i'm in. >> we have some butter melting. grab that. we made this this morning. the full recipe on add in the salt, pepper to bass co. you're going to bring this together -- -- tobasco. >> you know i don't cook. bear with me. >> no worry. that sauce there, and then you just heat it on medium heat until everything comes together. if you want to dump those wings in the mixing bowl for me. >> is this your favorite super bowl snack? >> well, i'm partial to all game day snacks because i love football and you can't have a football party without wings i personally think. >> i agree.
9:48 am
it's integral in your game day food. >> i'm not really a big spicy guy so should i be concerned? >> yeah, so these aren't actually spicy. we have some buffalo wings and ter ya ki wings and the recipe is on so you can play around with spice. >> i love you know our website so well. i would have forgotten to say that. >> so i'm going to grab these. >> was not supposed to serve? >> yeah, right here is a type of dried chile you can get. it's a mild chill lee. chill lee. so aitsen introduction. >> are you a tom brady fan? >> no, i'm not. but i am a football fan.
9:49 am
my favorite quarterback is aaron rogers. >> okay a northern california native. the 49ers should have drafted him a long time ago. >> that's for another time. >> what about joe montana? >> i wasn't a football fan then but i know he's a legend here in the bay area so can't go wrong with a legend. >> a lot of debate in regards whether tom brady for joe montana is the greatest of all- time. so can i eat these wings? >> those are for you, definily. we also have some -- in case you're not partial to chicken wings we have a snack stadium over there which is super easy to make and cute. we also have some chili too. >> real easy to put together? >> yeah, not too hard. 0.
9:50 am
>> with the wings you can dress them up or down and deep fry them or oven roast them. whatever makes sense for you. >> avocados and wings -- the most eaten. >> yeah, that's enough for four wings per person for every man, woman and child in the state are eaten on super bowl. >> don't have to eat all that. put it on your plate. wow. >> don't like the spice? >> don't waste them. >> sometimes we do wings at home, we throw them on a little grill to give it extra heat. is that okay? >> of course. i love that. i think any time you can bring out the grill is a good thing. >> much people don't do the westbounder grill anymore i am partial to the weber because you can turn it to a smoker.
9:51 am
>> again, another debate. . >> thank you for being here. we have the recipes at >> you know our website more than anyone. we'll be back after the break.
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enter now for a chance to
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win two tickets to the 8:00 a.m. performance of finding neverland at the theater in san francisco. to enter go to our facebook page and click on the contest link the fill out the entry font you must be at least 18 years old to enter. each prize has an pox retail value of $210 provided by shn. it's running until february 12th this year. . you can see the official rules at under contest. comedian steve harvey is set to return as the host of this year's miss universe pageant after he stunned everyone last year for announcing the wrong winner of the pageant. this morning i spoke with the remaining miss universe about the shocking incident and the honor to wear the crown. >> oh, when the incident
9:55 am
happened i was confused of course. nothing can really prepare you for a moment like that. i never thought that that would happen. as miss universe, that's never happened before. but when i eventually was called the winner i was excited. the whole philippines was celebrating. >> i also spoke with the model ashley graham. a very nice assignment speaking to these ladies. ashley will be back staj with the con stes tants to perform and show off their talent. >> i know what it's like being backstage at a runway show. you know what your hair and make-up change will be so i'll be there capturing everything and talking to girls as they pass by me how it feels to be in the swim suit literal ly literally after they win.
9:56 am
. >> the miss uso who is competing you can watch the pa sent sunday at 7:00 a.m.. >> are you late to work or always on time. career has released the results of a new study showing 29% of workers are late to work at least once a month. 16% say they're late once a week. both numbers are up from last year. bosses may not care. more on aning towards leniency saying it's about overall productive. as long as you get the work done. done. if you love the song "who let the dogs out" you might be barking up the wrong tree. a report from claims say dogs prefer reggae music.
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before you start playing bob mar marly, we have our individual prefrpss and that's nothing to shake a stick at. who wrote that copy? stay with us on, donald trump and british may are about to hold a joint news conference. we're carrying that live when it happens. also streaming it for you at that is our newscast for you this morning. thank you for watching. see you back here at noon as well. enjoy the rest of your morning, everyone. >> have a great weekend.
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] thank you!


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