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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> the president poking fun after a question about his relief on torture during interrogation. >> i happen to feel that it does work. i have been open about that for a long period of time. but i am going with our leaders and we are going win. >> may herself taking office in july and replacing david cameron after the stunning brexit vote. >> we want the interest of order working people right up there center stage. >> but it was the president's relationship with another head of state, mexico's president nieto that took center stage and they spoke by phone for an hour. >> we had a talk that lasted an hour and the united states can't continue to lose vast amounts of business and vast amounts of companies and millions and millions of people losing their jobs. that won't happen with me. >> a phone call with russia president vladimir putin will
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happen tomorrow. may saying that she is against easing sanctions and the president says it is too early what policy he will pursue. >> i heard a call was set up and we will see more. but we looked to have a great relationship with all countries ideally. that won't happen with many countries but if we could have a great relationship with russia and with china and with all companies i am all for that. that is a tremendous assets, no guarantees, but if we can that would be positive. >> negative react to the extreme vetting of immigrants is pouring in. minority leader chuck schumer says the statute of liberty is prime. no details on what the order does or how it will work.
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drafts that banded refugees and sarah. we know he wants vetting but don't know how it will work and how you heard from harris and others they say this is a band on moslems pure and simple. >> he assumes he is working it speedily. >> yes and doing it through executive order. republicans were calling him a tyrant. ross, thank you. the president's executive order that some say effectively bands the refugees was met with strong reaction. earlier we spoke with the bay area, head of the council on american islamic relations. >> important to keep in mind that refugees go through vetting processes especially to come to the united states. less than one percent of refugees in different parts of the world will make it through the many security checks
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already to come to this country. >> the organization would fight to overturn the executive orders and say that refugees are coming for a better life. >> i spoke with leon panetta and asked him about his impressions of donald trump's first week in office. and secretary panetta offered this advice to the president. >> he does need to organize the white house under one chief of staff and have people who have clear responsibilities so that they can serve the president in a much more effective way. i think the combination of a president who tweets with a white house staff that is chaotic is a great recipe for total disaster. >> panetta says the one positive thing he saw happened today when president trump said he would defer to the secretary of defense on the issue of torture. trump said he believes it works when investigating terrorism suspects. james mattis has said he would
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not allow it. the uc berkeley. a controversial figure on the far right will speak on campus next week. that is drawing outrage. henry lee says not everyone thinks my -- my low yiannopoulos should have a platform for his views. >> a controversial figure. yiannopoulos writes for a website made headlines banned from twitter when he made hateful comments about leslie jones. >> i don't have opinions outrageous. i like attention and say that it in outrageous ways. >> the republican is registering attention on yiannopoulos. he has been invited to speak on wednesday night to a sold out campus. >> if you have issues with milo yiannopoulos listen to what he has to say and the event will
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go off as planned and plenty of time to offer rebuttal through question and answer. >> that is not sitting well with students and faculty who want the university to cancel the talk. >> when people feel like it is to hate and spread messages of racism. we don't want people with those opinions to feel like it is okay. to have those opinions. >> u c police will be on hand to keep attendees safe and monitor protestors. nicklas durth described him as a mockatier. >> we may not band from a public university base on the content of their speech. or their perspective.
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>> troy invited yiannopoulos to campus. >> i think it is disingenuous of the faculty and students to basically deny what liberal education means. >> so on the campus home of the free speech movement organizers say the speech will go on and whether protestors will disrupt it remains unclear. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. elon musk is among business leaders named to president trump manufacturing jobs initiative. musk is part of the busy advisory team and he has faced criticism for his role with the group. the white house says the manufacturing initiative will work to promote domestic job growth and other members include executives from intel and dell computer. >> there is a movement to boycott uber. people are calling on uber users to take their ride share dollars elsewhere. many site because of it moving with the trump administration and some have posted pictures
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deleting the uber app from their phone. travis cowen has said that the relationship with the trump administration is necessary for the business goals. our political coverage continues. today's march for life in washington and the support that abortion opponents received from the trump administration and then california's latest effort to try to exited the nation. we will tell but group now gathering signatures. back to the developing news now of multiple arrests following a two day manhunt into santa cruz mountains. police cornered the suspect in the area of jackson and 9th street north of downtown san jose. the developments now from ktvu's rob malcom that joins us on the scene. good evening, rob. the search for the robbery suspect ends in dramatic fashion. two people were spotted in a stolen car in san jose. one person arrested immediately and the other hours ago on 10th street. the police activity. this is a video we shot
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courtesy of sky fox. police activity at 700 north street and reports that a suspect wearing all black and white tennis shoes was held up in an apartment building. residents were warned. we heard reports of flash bang and trying to get the suspect out of the building now. the press conference we heard from richard glen nonthat this suspect was determined and dangerous than we know he robbed a bank allegedly breaking into a home and a van was disabled. he stole an unmarked law enforcement vehicle described as twine silver malibu and belonged to law enforcement officers. they had a gps and could track it to this location. this suspect so desperate he ran into -- he ran from the apartment building into construction site and jump a fence as he was trying to get away.
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earlier we heard from ktvu photographer eric meachem that described what he saw. a guy in black come flying out of the doorway. jumps a huge wall and the entry team chases after him. pandemonium. heavily armed officers running down taylor street and they cornered the suspect and the guy ran faster than i have ever seen anybody run in my life. >> that was eric meachem, a major search as he looked for the suspect. we have video of the suspect as he was being sent into an ambulance. we know that we are looking for a thin hispanic male. he was loaded on a gurney and taken to a hospital. we don't have any information on the suspect or accomplice and looking for more information from san jose police and giving a press conference and they gave one earlier. we will talk to a captain and see if we get more information
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on who this person is. guys. >> we know for sure if there is two arrests at this point or more than that. >> there were conflicting reports in that stolen vehicle. right now after san jose police. hearing that two but still quite a police presence in this area. we have this entire area blocked off for about a four block radius. must be evidence and looking for anyone else that may have given the suspect help in any way. thank you, rob. >> a memorial service set for this hour for two residents from berkeley found dead in their apartment on monday. 35 year-old roger and wife valerie and pets were found dead on deacon street and no immediate cause of death. the alameda coroner office is waiting for the result of the toxicology results. the official cause of death has
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not been released yet. friends and family issued a statement that read in part val and roger were too bright spots pulling friends in their pool and full of love and support. coming up, historic hardware store with facing closures. see how the community rallied around the business to keep it open. a new commute in the north bay. we will ride the rails to see what you can suspect from the smart train. tracking the weekend forecast. it is going to be nice. the weekend looks good but rain around the corner and line it up for you and give you an idea of what to expect. soccer fields vandalized. we will show you the damage so bad that kids won't be able to play or practice on them anytime soon. live look at the commute. this is the mcarthur haze. towards el ceritto backed up.
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it is heavy in the other direction. the noncommute direction heading towards the bay bridge. this is a live look of 280 in san jose near downtown. obviously traffic there as well. backing up. on this friday evening. fox 2 news at 6 continues after the break.
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the contra costa christian schools and bear patches and mud cover the field as far as the eye can see. the school on larkey lane was targeted on monday night. someone drove on the field causing damage. this comes two weeks before the start of the soccer season. >> they are just like you said heart broken and they don't understand why someone would for maybe a couple of minutes of pleasure spinning donuts take away a field that means so much to our school community and other adults and youth athletic association. >> so far no suspects located. anyone with information is asked to contact police. opening statements are set to begin on monday in a much anticipated sierra lamar murder case. the start of the trial against garcia torres has been delayed after prosecutors provided an additional one thousand pages of court documents related to dna evidence and defense attorneys asked for more time to review them.
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he is accused of killing a 15- year-old morgan hill teenager in 2012. dna evidence will play a role in the trial since her body has never been found. edna smith will be there monday morning to provide reports on the statements. >> the alameda sheriff's office will resume the search whose car was found submerged in alameda creek. jayden jenkins behind the wheel when her car crashed in the creek and the body was never found. dangerous water conditions have slowed the search. crews will be closing the road looking for signs of the teenager. critical suicide net on the
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golden gate have been approved. the steel nets will be 20 feet below the walkways and extend out 20 feet. the overall price tag is 193 million dollars. construction is expected to start this summer and last for four years. now to the future of commuting in the north bay. the morin smart train is expected to welcome passengers late this spring but many are wondering how much it will cost especially those that commute to san francisco. ktvu's tom vacar reports. once smart train opens it will be free until the 4th of july half price until labor day. >> that will give people a chance to try out the service and see what we are like. i am looking forward to trying that. absolutely. yes. >> what commuters would like saying goodbye to highway 101 all too frequent crawl with stop and go and slow and go. highway 101 is what i call kiddingly our marketing plan. >> it will be more convenient for me timewise.
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i commute from santa rosa to nevada three days a week and it takes me two hours. >> you pay by zones with the cheapest rides 3.50 up to 19 dollars. taking golden gate ferry to san francisco and a muni bus to your final destination. that can run as high as $60 round trip. a deal killer for many commuters. >> there is a plan for a monthly pass. the monthly pass is good for 31 continuous days. unlimited rides monday through saturday. $200 for the month. >> i would invest in a pass. >> to get the cheapest pass by the smart pass. use a clipper card for a big discount and get a muni fast pass. that cuts the daily round trip commute to $28. less than half.
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shorter commutes cost less and free wi-fi and train and smack service and no bridge tolls and fuel costs and parking fees and no sitting in traffic. >> we will get you to your destination on time every time and it is congestion free. >> because this is all new in the north bay, smart train emphasizes great crossing safety as much as anything else. because as with any train it takes it a few seconds to cross the great crossing whether you or your vehicle are on it or not. commuters in the east bay have a different way to get to and from san francisco. a new ferry launched between berkeley and the city. the first time in a decade that new ferry service is in the bay. tide line is operating on thursdays and fridays with two trips in the mornings and two in the evening. riders we spoke to today are glad to have a new option. i feel like the ferry from
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alameda and jack london but this idea of having one from berkeley is cool and it will be beautiful. >> another private company called prop fs will launch the service between the city and the east bay. no word on when that service is going to start. getting ready for the bay area weekend. a few clouds and few. there's the bay area and clouds that will bring us a chance of showers as we head towards next week. in the meantime your bay area will be stunning. high pressure over the top of us and significant pattern. look at that. really wet looking pattern. atmospheric river and a couple apparent lows in the island chain. it gets to us late in the week. stays out there for a long time. large surf in the meantime that will come our way in the next week. that doesn't get in the area and drop down in the bay area until wednesday night and thursday next week. between then and now, we got really nice weather to talk
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about. today was nice. temperatures in the low or upper 50s. couple 60s. tomorrow we will see some low and mid 60s perhaps. and maybe sunday. mid 60s. that's springtime weather. 32 in napa. 30 in fairfield. a chilly start tour bay area saturday morning. but a beautiful day. for the frost out there in many inland bay areas. it will be there on sunday. on weekends it is not bad because you're not in a hurry getting to work and if you don't have anywhere to go you wait for the sun to melt it off. 8:00 a.m., san francisco 45 degrees. look at the sky. beautiful. and there's the afternoon. sunday will be about the same. rain returns. shows up in the models and it will be a wet pretty. we will lay it out for you. assembly men targeted by hackers. >> tiger woods does something at the torey pines golf course
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that he never did before. mark has that later this hour. some relief for bay area renters. up next, we will show you how much rent is solid over the next year. i can show you the world
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for special offers visit or call your travel agent finally good news for people that rent in the bay. so many people have struggled because of it. now rents have fallen for a 4th consecutive month. in the south bay the average
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rent dropped from $2706 to $2640. in the metro it went from 3243 to $3106. in oakland area. renters saw slight savings of about $13. that's a welcome relief because the owners of san francisco hardware store know all about rising rents. they thought they were going to have to close their business because of it. >> today the shop opened in a different location and tara moriarty has the story. a ribbon cutting that almost didn't happen. i am pretty decided that we were going out of business. because we couldn't afford the rent. >> the age old story of a mom and pop shop getting squeezed out of the city with sky rockets rent. >> center hardware has been a family owned hardware store since the late 1800s. >> what he wanted to be able to continue this long history that
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we had in san francisco. we had seen so many of our customers and our vendors like leave for the east bay or close entirely and we were not sure what was going to happen. >> the landlord wanted to put condos in the place. he offered up this property and was 20,000 square feet of space. the getners are not complaining. >> he made it available to us at a reasonable rate so we could stay in business. >> it is like an old school hardware store i can buy one screen. >> this architect is a long time customer. >> every material, brass, bronze, stainless steel and galvonized they got it. you can buy one screw which is awesome. when your ikea stuff breaks this is where you fix it. >> if you go to the big box stores, you can buy tools cheaply but you are going to be buying them in five years and the tools you buy here you will
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use your lifetime. that's the magnetic case. >> that's what i'm looking for. >> paul flick that has worked here for 39 years was worried that he may be out of a job when he first heard the news that this store was getting pushed out. >> it was scary. heart breaking. we are here now. >> the owners have a 20 year lease at 3rd and caesar chavez. >> welcome to center hardware. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. well ktvu news at 6:30 starts next. and an invention that can help parkinson's patient on the way. more on that inventor coming up. >> another push to make california a separate company. we will tell you about the plan that supporters submitted today. historic appearance by vice president pence in washington d.c. we will have more on the
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trump administration's abortion policies. stay with us. ktvu at 6:30 is next. we're southwest, and we have one word for you... yes. ♪ yes to flying further for less.
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