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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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anger and chaos at airports across the country. protesters demand that travel ban be reversed as fear spreads. i love america, but i see something happening now that i have never seen before. i'm 67 years old, i've never
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been so afraid of my own country before. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. we'll begin with breaking news. two gunmen in canada opened fire inside a moss income quebec city and killed -- mosque inside quebec city. 40 people were inside the mosque at the time. some people were injured, but it is not clear how many. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunmen were wearing masks. at least one of them had an ak- 47. authorities have made two arrests. the quebec premier called this a barbaric event. the islam religion prohibits eating of pork. we will continue to follow more on this story. as we get information we will be sure to update you. back here on home, the second day of a controversial
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executive order by president trump banning people from certain countries from entering the united states. the department of homeland security issued an order saying those with green card granted permanent residents in the u.s. to be able to return. >> here is what the executive order does. it prohibits citizens from seven countries. iran, ish, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. with an indefinite ban on refugees from syria. all this while the trump administration revises immigration screening procedure. now this order has lead to a number of lawsuits with more than a dozen democratic attorney general from states all across the country including california vowing to impose the president's order. >> the president issued a statement today e defending -- today defending the order saying there are 40 countries worldwide that are not affected by this order. again we will be issuing vie is
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as to all country -- visas to all countries. despite the president's statement today, protesters gathered in mass protest for a second day. thousands took their concerns straight to the president's front door. they rallied at the park across from the white house, holding signs and chanting their support for muslims and other refugees. >> hundreds gathered inside philadelphia international airport to make their opposition heard. this is video from in and outside, but some reports saydemonstrators caused some passengers to miss their flights. about 3,000 people showed up to there yesterday.
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just before midnight police forced those demonstrators out of airport into the parking garage. some protesters were peppered spray. up to 35 people were arrested. tonight a march and rally was also held at a seattle park. here at home at sfo protesters marched through both floors airport officials say five travelers were held, but all released. some protesters say they may spend the night at the airport as they did last night. >> that protest today temporarily shut down service at gates in the international terminal. >> ktvu leigh martinez joins us live on the status of those retained. and some reactions from bay area republicans, leigh? >> reporter: the organizers of today's protest told the protesters to go home hours ago, but many of them are still here. they are stationing down by the international terminal at the
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departures over there with the gate set up. many of them will stay here for as long as it takes. attorneys know five people were detained today and later released today. they're not sure how many people were held by customs. we have not heard from customs and security protection today as well. thousands of people marched and chanted through san francisco international airport. a larger presence than on saturday. >> wow, it was amazing, really amazing. >> reporter: earler organizers put the crowned at 10,000 shutting down the gate because of the shear number of people. >> we the organizers of this have called it saying go home, there's a lot more days to fight, but people are juiced, they're excited to resist this administration. >> reporter: but protesters remain at the international
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terminal even after the five people were released hours ago. they're staying because they're not sure who may still be held. they do not allow attorneys into secondary inspection. >> even before this executive order who are either interviewed, asked if they want to withdraw their request for admission, wanting to give up their residency status. people get taken into secondary rooms because they are seeking asylum. there are always a number of reasons why people would get into secondary sessions. what's unusual about this executive order it is designating people, separating people by nationality. >> reporter: this afternoon we spoke to the former three-term chairman of the san francisco republican party. he supports the executive order, but not how the president handled it. >> it's not so much what you
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say or do, it's how you say and do it. >> reporter: he says president trump didn't choose the seven countries to ban out of thin air. he got the list from president obama's visa waiver program. they are marked as countries of concern and requires a person from those countries -- a person from those countries to obtain visas. >> even the previous administration recognized our military leaders. to vet these people, it is impossible. some of whom are as legitimate as you and i. but because of the possibility of vetting them, they had to do it this way. >> reporter: congratulational and state -- congressional and state democrats have showed up at sfo. denuncio would like to hear more on executive order. >> they shouldn't be showing up at airports because that only causes more of the issue.
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>> reporter: the crowd at sfo spent hours greeting every person coming into america. now there are no more planned protests this week, but as we have seen they have been able to organized very quickly. in san francisco tonight leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. hundreds of protesters filled terminal b in the sacramento airport, denouncing president trump's order. officials put out barriers for crowd control. >> and now dianne feinstein is working on legislation to track down mr. trump's order, tweeting today that congress must take swift action and respond to president trump's discriminatory order. i'm drafting two bills to introduce tomorrow. now the first bill immediately resends the order. the second one limits executive authority under the immigration and nationality act, which feinstein says will prevent the
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president from banning immigrants. east bay congressman eric stallwell plans to join the supreme court. he will stand in solidarity with refugees. >> our country should always do whatever they can to keep america safe. this is is an unconstitutional across the board muslim ban. >> he joined protesters at sfo today, saying the executive order will make the situation worse by antagonizing those in the muslim world who might want to attack us. now in the meantime starbucks is responding to the travel ban. the company plans to hire the refugees over five years. 75 countries where starbucks does business. the hiring will first focus on people who have served with u.s. troops as interpreters and support personnel. joining us now to talk more about the ban is professor david levine. it's looking like where this will all be heading.
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we have the congressman saying he is going to the supreme court tomorrow as a protest. is that where this case is ultimately going to be? is this a ban on muslim because the white house says it is not. >> well, i think probably the case we will get to the u.s. supreme court. and now it looks like the congressman is simply going to protest outside the supreme court like anyone else could. the question will be is this a ban on muslims or is this simply an exercise and the presence of that authority to control the borders, to control immigration? and so that it will be very interesting to see which way all these judges ultimately go on that question. >> we heard from donald trump today. this is about keeping the u.s. secure. that will be the argument if it does in fact go to the supreme court, right? will that argument hold up you think? >> in every level, yes. the government is going to say they have broad authority in
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this area. and the plaintiff in these cases are going to say yes. but this is the president, not a king. the key question here is that he can't violate the establishment clause. he can't discriminate against one religion, he can't favor one religion and that is where this argument will rise or fall. before they get to that point right now we have four different problems across the country where the activists and the attorneys have filed cases before judges, who have stopped the deportations in these specific cases. where does that stand and lead us moving forward? >> right, well this is where all the emergency orders were issued over the weekend. the next step will be in each of those cases. the plaintiff will have to move for an injunction and the judges will get a chance to hear the case with a little more calmness. a fuller record, better argument. these were tone essentially -- were done essentially in the
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middle of the night. saying you can't support the people who are stuck at jfk. and then we'll get to the next step and the question of more broadly is this order constitutional or not? right now we have a relative of hand full of people stuck in the pipeline with their papers to come in. they have been vetted. they ought to be let in. but it is really the question of everyone else standing behind them. >> we are seeing these protests. let's not forget there are some here in the u.s. who do support this ban. i was reading something from a woman who lost her firefighter husband in 9/11 and she says listen there are people who want to harm our country, they should be properly vetted. this is a step in the right direction. >> well the problem with this, this is a rather crude instrument. the people in the pipeline right now have been fully vetted. the refugees coming from syria wait two, three years before the vetting takes place. so it is hard to see what else would actually happen. these people are not getting visas willingly for not walking in paying a few dollars and
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getting their passport stamped. they're being carefully looked at. as far as the poor woman who lost her firefighter husband, she noticed that the ban does not include saudi arabia where nearly all the hijackers came from. so the ban from these countries is not going to protect us in any way. >> david levine we have a lot more to talk about this as the days move forward. i'm sure this case will evolve as we go along. we will be checking in with you. thanks for coming in. >> pleasure. well the coverage on the travel ban and the protest happening across the country continues online at there you will find the latest updates as they happen. but that fact could sometimes convince us that mexico doesn't have any options, which is a big mistake. >> the controversial building of the wall continues to make headlines as the plans to pay for it remains up in the air. coming up at 10:30 why the uc berkeley professor says their proposal made that fire on the united states. plus, new leadership for
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the 49ers. joe fonzi will have all the details coming up next in sports. but first, domestic airline flights on delta grounded after automation issues. the latest on thousands of flights delayed nationwide. and in weather the last weekend of january is actually pretty nice out there with no rain clouds. right now just a few high clouds are moving through norman, california. coming up i'm working on a nice monday forecast where eventually we're talking about rain chances. we'll update the forecast coming up.
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a popular weed killer may soon come with a warning label here in california for cancer. a california judge came to a tentative decision on friday that would require the makers of round up to warn customers their product may cause cancer. the argument is based on findings by the international agency for research on cancer, which classified a key product, a key chemical rather in that product as a probable human carcinogen. >> it seems, you know, not just strange, but sinister at this company would be trying to conceal the real risk of its product and the people being exposed to it. >> now currently california farmers use roundup on roughly 250 different types of crops. a computer glitch is being blamed for grounding hundreds of delta airline flights this
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evening. the airline says they are experiencing a systems outage causing delays for domestic flights. international flights and flights in the air are not affected. last week united airlines was forced to ground all of its domestic flights for an hour because of what they said were automation issues. well crews successful capped a gas leak that forced the evacuation of a part of downtown martinez today. a car hit that gas main causing the leak near the 600 block of ward street. no one was hurt. pg&e crews had that leak capped in about 90 minutes. opening statements are set to begin for antolin garcia- torres the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. garcia-torres is charged with her kidnapping and murder. she disappeared in march of 2012. the trial was delayed after defense attorneys asked for more time to review hundreds of pages of court documents sub is
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mitted by prosecutors. lamar's body has never been found, but prosecutors say some of the hair was in his trunk. a crumbling pacifica cliff building will be torn down tomorrow. 310 espionade was evacuated. today a drone operator was practicing for tomorrow's demolition. that drone will be used to monitor the backside of the building facing the ocean as it is taken down. hazardous material such as lead have already been removed. the oakland a's took over the bart station for a commercial shoot promoting the a's upcoming season. having fun as usual. this year players got off the field and took to the city in a series of shoots. the pitcher says it is is a great way to connect with the community. >> when the commercials are all put together they're really funny and they tend to turn out as a pretty big hit.
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it's fun to go through the whole process. >> the team's wit i can commercials -- witty commercials are a favorite with the fans. well air quality managers have declared a spare the air alert for tomorrow. the air expected to be a little unhealthy tomorrow especially those with all breathing problems. all outdoor and indoor banning is banned unless it is your only source for heat. >> yeah you could probably see those conditions setting up for today. we saw a bit of a haze in the sky in addition to higher clouds paying us a visit. take a look at temperatures from this afternoon. you can see pretty mild readings. some 60st towards santa rosa and napa. san jose 64. 62 in oakland. the high clouds though, a factor all afternoon. this was a nice scene looking out towards ocean beach and the scattered high clouds out there as we move into a sunday evening. we are still holding on to partly mostly cloudy conditions. in fact that's being picked up on the satellite right now. but no rain drops right now, no
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rain drops in the short-term forecast. in fact right now we're coming closer to show you the overcast from eureka. and time for the bay area, it looks like monterey bay is in the clear. current numbers out there updated from the 10:00 hour, cooling off. you can see some 40s already in santa rosa and napa and walnut creek at 43. san jose 48. checking in with the warmer spots 52 degrees. speaking of san francisco out here in the distance we are looking towards their bay bridge as well. just a layer of high clouds for tonight and probably into your monday morning. well take a look at some of the overnight lows. projected numbers in the lower 30s. san francisco 45. and san jose in the upper 30s. definitely want to grab the sweater and the jacket it will be chilly out there once again for your monday morning. in san francisco our sky cast is picking up on some of the high clouds at 8:00 a.m. 47 degrees into the lunchtime hour. by 12:00 mostly sunny. then wrapping up the afternoon hours by 3:00 to 4:00. and once again approaching the
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lower 60s. so another round of the mild temperatures in your monday's forecast. here we are to monday. you can see what happens on tuesday. we have thicken up the clouds. then look what happens as we take this into wednesday. we are starting to see the rain showers offshore. we're talking about another system that will be our dry weather break. we will talk more about our incoming storm coming up. the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. a nearly month long search comes to an end with -- with an unlikely hire. more on this man who is now back to lead the 49ers.
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joe fonzi here to tell us the 49ers finally got the team together. >> it does appear that after they have kept us waiting for a while. it's been a long process, but does now appear we know the identities of the 49ers new head coach and general manager. for a while now it's been considered a fore gone conclusion kyle shanahan would take over as the head coach once his responsibilities with
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the falcons are concluded at the super bowl. according to some reports tonight, john lynch has been hired to be the team's new general manager. lynch went right from the playing field to the broadcast booth, but does have several 49ers connection. he played his college football at stanford under bill walsh. four of his 15 nfl seasons were at denver where he played for mike shanahan. he went to a nine-time pro bowler and went to super bowl tampa after his 2002 season is. reports tonight say lynch has agreed to a six-year contract. it is almost too easy for the warriors last night. they knew that would not be the case tonight in portland. steph curry out of the line up with stomach flu as damian lillard waited for the team on the back end. warriors lead by 21 in the first half. but just four here in the fourth quarter. three of his 28 points. warriors up by one. now they are tied up 93. kevin durant misses that three, but james, you can see the offensive rebound. then andre iguodala hits three.
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all points came on three-point plays. another big offensive rebound here. on the missed three by draymond green. durant hits two of his 33, warriors up 4 with two minutes left. but it looks like the warriors were on their way putting it away. durant with the floater two more. and then with 37 seconds left, clay thompson hits three of his 27 points from the warriors and their lead is 7. but the blazers managed to get the game to win or tie with one last possession. evan turner pushes off to get three for three that bounces, but then doesn't go down. warriors hang on for a 113-111 win. warriors are 41-7. one of cal's better known alums and the manager of the a's this evening. it is always a little special when they meet. no matter the record for the cardinals up by six. but the bears would cut into the lead. with the good deed on one end
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and then running the floor, money on the lapse of bird with two of his 17 points. just before half time now, cal up by three. tied with michael humphrey to make the half. battling from behind. and travis is doing something like that, a little ball handling for the floor, going all the way into the hoops. leading with 17. it is is a five-point game and the bears have the answers when needed. he gets behind everybody to slam down two more. he lead the bears and everyone with 25 points. all to up their record as they are 6-3 in the pac-12. for the women's, after her 999th career win, not an easy venue. the 10th ranked cardinals were down even in the fourth quarter. three of her 14. much later they're tied up at 56. brittany mcphee makes the steal. she lead the cardinals with 17
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points. stanford won the free throw battle after that, but cardinals win 72-68. a brilliant 19-3 overall. 9-1 in the pac-12. vandemeer enjoyed pat summit with their only win on friday. another historic match up in the men's final at the australian open. roger federer against rafael nadal going for his 14th. he is 1-3 and nadal in the far court somehow gets the ball, they return a winner. nadal wins at 6-3 to even the match at two each. this is the marathon point in the deciding fact with federer to take 26 shots to decide the point. finally with an incredible effort by federer. >> match point now, federer is serving, his shot will catch a piece of the baseline. nadal asked for a review and the call was upheld at 35 federer wins his record 18th
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grand slam title. his fifth australian and first major since wimbledon in 2012. he is also the oldest man to win a major since ken won the australian at the age of 37 in 1972. so it has been an australian open for both the men ice and women's -- men's and women's side where they defied their ages getting to the the finals. >> kind of fun. >> a lot more coming up on sports wrap. coming up next, a product that could soon cost american consumers more money. what we could see if president trump implements a 20% tax on mexican goods to pay for that border wall. the pick for supreme court is still up in the air. up next more on the nominees. the rumor to be at the top of his list.
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an increasing number of mexicans are calling for the government to push back against
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president trump's policies. this comes just two days after president trump spoke to mexican president enrique pena nieto over the phone. you remember nieto canceled the planned meeting with the president after word mr. trump insisted mexico pay for a border wall. jana katsuyama takes a look now and at growing tensions between the two countries. >> reporter: the star grocery in berkeley might be far from the mexican border, but look on the shelves and you'll see signs of mexico from tequila and beer to fresh produce. >> you've got peppers and cucumbers. these are all from mexico. >> reporter: even sweets and candies, products that could cost american consumers more if president trump implements the proposed 20% tax on mexican goods to pay for a border wall. >> i suppose our wholesale prices would end up increasing, then retail prices would follow suit. then it would be perhaps harder to sell things. glenn cloud automobiles and other goods -- that includes automobiles and other goods
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made in mexico. >> he canceled their meeting in washington, tension is rising. some mexicans are calling for retaliation. >> the united states is a more powerful country again by a whole lot of measures. but that fact can sometimes convince us that mexico doesn't have any others, which is a big mistake for us to make. >> uc berkeley professor says mexico could respond by slapping its own on u.s. goods. >> mexico is our third largest trade partner overall. and it is the second largest market for exports in the world. >> reporter: some are calling for a boycott with social media hashtag saying adios to american companies. mexico's richest businessmen friday called for national unity, rallying mexicans to buy mexican products. he said the country should respond without surrendering. another option, mexico could stop assisting with border
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patrol. stop inspecting vehicles with drug shipments. some mexicans have suggested if the trump administration begins mass deportation, mexico could refuse to receive them. and that was jana katsuyama reporting. professor says if president trump continues his aggressive policy position, it could result in pushing mexican politicians in the next election to move towards a less friendly, more hard line stance and make u.s. cooperation more difficult. in the meantime president trump continues to reach out from leaders around the world. becoming the king of saudi arabia. mr. trump was joined there in his office by homeland security advisor mike flynn as well as advisor jared kushner and steve bannon. no word on what was discussed as mentioned earlier though, saudi arabia is not one of those seven muslim countries included in their executive order on immigration. education activists are organizing a rally this week in opposition of president trump's
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pick for education secretary. the protest is planned for noon on tuesday in front of the oakland federal building. that's the same day they are up for a vote by senate committee. protest organizers say he's unqualified for the position because of the lack of knowledge about public education. and potential conflict of interest. a president signed an executive order that elevates as controversial chief strategist giving him a prominent role with the national security council. steve bannon will have a regular seat at security meetings. the move also shook up the traditional make up of the council. diminishing the role of military and intelligence leadership. according to the washington post, the director of national intelligence were only going to attend the high-level meetings when the topics relate to their responsibility and expertise. now bannon is widely criticized for his ties to the racist national movement also known as the ride.
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the hashtag stopped president bannon. on thursday president trump is expected to announce his nominee to fill the supreme court seat that was held bit late antolin scalia. we have a look at some of the possible nominees. >> reporter: well the potential list of nominees may be down to two names. if anything this administration has shown us over the campaign and the first week of office. that we can't be totally sure who he would choose until he announces on thursday. but here is who we are watching. the seat has been open since justice antonin scalia died nearly a year ago. president trump told fox he would want senator mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option and change the rules to allow for a simple majority vote in the senate if democrats try to stall his pick. >> we're going to treat this nominee fairly, but we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for, and believe they're in the mainstream of thinking when it comes to american political thought. >> reporter: meanwhile just
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over a week into president trump's administration only three of his cabinet level members have been confirmed and sworn in. something the trump administration is blaming on democrats dragging their feet. >> we've been urging the senate, the democrats to not be obstructionists, to do what's best for the interest of this country to confirm the people needed to run this government to make sure we are moving forward to make this country better and stronger. >> reporter: a busy day is expected tuesday. senate committee's planning to vote on at least five cabinet- level members. if they pass committee votes, then they will move on to a full senate vote. and that is what rex tillerson the secretary of state nominee is waiting for. his full senate vote is expected this week after he narrowly cleared the senate foreign relationship committee last week. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. well she was killed and then her home was set on fire. the family of the castro valley victim speaking out now for the first time. hoping that surveillance video will provide answers in the
10:37 pm
case. meteorologist mark tamayo will be in with a detailed bay area forecast as we look live at downtown oakland.
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in tonight's bay area unsolved, the family of the castro valley woman killed in her home now speaking out. >> as ktvu henry lee crime reporter tells us they hold new suhr -- they hope new surveillance video will lead to an arrest. >> it's senseless. i'll never understand it. >> six weeks have passed and somebody killed 69-year-old andrea st. john and then torched her castro valley home to cover it up. her body was found in the garage after firefighters put out a fire early the morning of december 13. authorities won't say how she was killed and whether it was a
10:40 pm
targeted or random attack. and st. john was an unlikely victim. >> andrea by all accounts was a modeled citizen. she was a mother, a grandmother. a daughter, a sister. and as far as, you know, why this happened, this motive for the crime, we are still trying to piece that together. >> reporter: her cell phone and car were not taken. no one used her credit cards. >> it's confounding because it still doesn't sink in. i just look at these pictures and this beautiful woman. it doesn't connect with me that this would be how things happened. >> reporter: but investigators do have this surveillance video, which they share with ktvu. it shows a man walking near the victim's home on grove way. he walks in one direction, only to walk back from where he came. >> someone may recognize not only maybe even the clothing, but the way in which this person walks. >> the man has been linked to a
10:41 pm
silver 2011 and 2013 toyota corolla like this one. >> my hope is if someone knows something they do the right thing. it's not hard. if there is anything that cannot make it better, but give us some sense of peace in knowing that the person who is responsible is brought to justice. >> st. john lived alone after her husband arthur passed away last spring. despite her pain, her family said she showed strength and grace. but a couple of 40 years raised their two daughters in this home. st. john was proud of being a grandmother. >> i just want my mom to be remembered for the kind heart she had. her tolerance, her acceptance, her love for her family. her love for everything family. >> if you recognize that toyota corolla or the man in the video you are asked to call the
10:42 pm
alameda sheriff's office immediately. in castro valley henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. time now to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to get a look at the workweek forecast. >> some changes are setting up over the next few days. not for tomorrow. still another round of sunshine out there for tonight. fair skies. cool out there. tomorrow still another round of sunshine, then the extended rain clouds, it's been a little bit of some time we have been talking about this dry weather pattern. things will be changing over the next few days. in fact at least for tomorrow though for your monday it's going to be another warm one out there with temperatures on track to reach 60 -- to reach the 60s. looking very nice for your monday afternoon. but then the big change, that is setting up with the rainfall making a comeback. here we are for santa rosa. san francisco and san jose and you can see right now of course a bunch of zeros. we will put this into motion for the next seven days. you'll see those numbers really going up. we'll talk about one to two inches of rainfall. and the heaviest rain could be
10:43 pm
focused onto the north of the bay area. yup, more snow expected up in the sierra. outside right now let's take a live look outside towards the bay bridge. just scattered high clouds painting us a visit for your sunday night. we'll probably have a few high clouds first thing monday morning. so your sunday night into your monday morning is what we're trying to say. looking very nice as you can see in the satellite. here is the satellite perspective with partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies across northern california. and there you can't see up into the north bay reporting overcast there. welcome in closer, we will talk about the chilly numbers right now. santa rosa 43. san francisco 52. and san jose in the upper 40s. 48 degrees. the overall weather pattern is this. it is a simple one for tomorrow. still a nice day. tuesday we will pick it up to cloud cover and then on wednesday evening into thursday, rainfall becoming likely as this next system, which is still way out here in the pacific will be moving closer to the bay area coastline. here is the forecast model into monday looking pretty good. then into tuesday we will
10:44 pm
thicken up the clouds. tuesday 3:00 p.m. and then wednesday here we go at 5:00. and then after wednesday evening, that's when we could bump up the rain chances here in the bay area. but in terms of the organized rainfall, that will move into the picture on thursday. so here we are thursday, moderate, possibly heavy rain at times. then for your friday still tracking scattered rain. notice it does head out to the east, so they will be taking up some winter storm warnings as our system moves out to the east. it looks like at this point still a ways out, but the upcoming weekend could be dry. temperatures for tomorrow after the cold start. the afternoon hours for your monday afternoon. looking very nice out there for santa rosa at 62. pacifica 60. brightwood checks in with a high of 60. san jose will go 65 and santa cruz very nice. 71 degrees. looking ahead for your five-day forecast. we do have some changes to talk about. more clouds tuesday, chance of an evening shower wednesday, rainfall likely into thursday.
10:45 pm
chances for scattered rain showers into friday and then a dry weekend. so what's nice about this weather pattern guys it looks like these storms will not appear to be too strong, but maybe bring back some rainfall and looks like we get a break. we need it. we are very vulnerable right now with so much rainfall in january. if we can get some rain, it cannot be too excessive. >> thanks, mark. sports wrap just a couple minutes away. >> part ii of a back-to-back on the road without steph curry. it all came down to one last shot. we now apparently know the identities of both the new coach and the general manager of the 49ers cal verses stanford always worth the watch as well. a historic finish in the australian open. it's all coming up on sports wrap. but first a u.s. service is member killed in yemen. more on that anti-terror raid that turned deadly.
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a raid in yemen targeting a local al qaeda affiliate lead to the death of a u.s. service member and wounded three other people. connor powell has more from jerusalem. >> the world's attention in yemen has been on the brutal saudi-lead war against rebels and not al qaeda. but al qaeda's affiliate, there has long been an active threat. they use the chaos of the saudi- lead war to expand their operations. the u.s. military has maintained a small footprint in yemen to take on al qaeda. but according to the pentagon, u.s. special forces lost a raid targeting fighters in a remote part of yemen. one service member was killed in the fire fight with militants. three others were wounded. at least one other u.s. service
10:49 pm
member was injured when an american aircraft crashed nearby. the raid marks the first time a u.s. service member has died under president trump who has vowed to wage a more aggressive military campaign. all against militants. pentagon officials say the raid against al qaeda has been planned well in advance, but it was approved by the new commander in chief president trump. injuries from connor powell fox news. well iraqi forces are preparing now to retake western mosul from isis militants. earlier this week they liberated the eastern side of mosul after a two and a half month long battle. but the western half of the city across from the river remains under an islamic state and control and this few stage of the fight is expected to be a bloody and hard fought battle for the western half. no word on when exactly that next push to retake western mosul will come. chili continues to -- chile
10:50 pm
continues to battle the worse wildfires in their country. the fires have been raging in central and southern chile. fanned by strong winds and hot temperatures on the prolonged drought. they battle the flames non-stop for days with thousands of firefighters on the ground. helicopters and small plains in the air. two fire tankers and the russian aircraft have been called in to help fight the fire. in hong kong firefighters lit up the sky over victoria harbor today all in celebration of the new year. they play an important part in new year's celebrations, although it is just one. and the noise awakens a dragon who then slides through to bring rain for the crops. that the noise was meant to scare away evil spirits and bad luck. of course the chinese new year parade in san francisco is coming up in a separate february 11. you can watch the parade right here on ktvu fox 2 starting at 6:00. our newscast that day begins at
10:51 pm
5:00 with our special parade coverage starting right after. >> looking forward to it. it will be fun. a len jen dare -- a legendary sale helps raise millions of dollars. see what the warehouse has to offer you this year. ?q ?q
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bargain hunters flock to a warehouse in oakland today for the annual white relevant preview sale. they take place on march 4 and 5th to benefit the museum. and today for shoppers who want to get a jump start on the sale. and on lancaster street not far from their fruitvale bart station. >> and because it is fun. i really enjoy working with the white house for sale. and it is kind of like playing store all day.
10:55 pm
something from the quality used clothing and the jewelry and the tools and the furniture. it is all donated for the public. the sale is so huge and popular the museum has raised more than $2 million in each of the past two years. >> for all you shoppers out there it is not to be missed. teams are competing to fill the best snow sculpture for colorado. as kevin torres tells us, this year there is no shortage of creativity. >> this is the breckenridge international festival. >> reporter: you've got to find ways to replace it all. >> i was trying to be strong. >> yeah, you know, that's what i have seen happen here. >> reporter: at least that's the way it's been done for the last two dozen years. >> you unleash your project as you go. you see it and you find it. >> reporter: this showcase is more of a race. >> the last final day to work all the way on through. through the night if we need
10:56 pm
to. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: featuring teams from all over the world. >> we've got mexico over here. we've got the swiss team next to them and then mongolia, china, we've got more u.s. teams. >> reporter: they are each given a block of snow and about 60 hours to create a masterpiece. >> so split up between four man teams. that's a lot of hours throughout the week. >> reporter: the design is creating a spectacle. >> china and mongolia, they have all had amazing pieces. >> reporter: to think eventually they will all just melt it away. >> everybody here has a different style and things turn out amazing. >> pretty impressive. >> take a picture because it will be gone. that'll do it for us. thanks for watching. sports wrap coming up next. >> good night everybody. be sure to join ktvu morning news starting tomorrow. have a great week. i can show you the world
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent
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kevin durant lead the way, others in portland as the warriors play ii of a back to back on the road without steph curry. if experience was a necessary part of the resume, the 49ers have overlooked that in their search for a new gm. bought least they now have one. everyone likes to be in the stands when these two teams match up. zeroing in on the number reached by only one person in the history of the sport. in a venue anything is welcoming. >> it's not so much about style points. as long as you finish on top. no photo finish needed here. sports wrap is next. all right, hello everybody, welcome to a jam packed sports wrap night. we've got


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