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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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indefinitely block votes on two of president trump's nominees. treasure secretary steve mnuchin and health and services nominee tom price. the democrats are demanding more information on how mnuchin handled foreclosures and want to learn about stock that mr. price bought in health care companies. >> what we are doing is using authorities. >> i think we call it old- fashioned hissy fit. >> earlier president trump met with the heads of several large pharmaceutical. the president wants to lower prices and bring drug companies back to the united states. >> and joining us now for more prospective is political analyst brian sobel. how would you describe the president's top two picks for the supreme court and what can you tell us about their record? >> both are similar and they are not super conservative but
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they support the trump idea what a supreme court justice should be and they will serve for many years and each somebody selected if there's not a third person that we are not aware of that will serve with two other picks that the president will get. it will reshape supreme court to a more conservative supreme court. >> assuming it is one of the two picks that we are expecting. one is 49 and the other is 51. what do they say about donald trump's frame of mine. are they as conservative as we thought or middle of the road. >> middle of the road. i think donald trump, president trump probably and his team looked at finding somebody to be acceptable not so much to progressive democrats but people that are somewhat in the middle and conservative and he has to appeal to a lot of
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people. >> here comes donald trump about to announce his nominee to replace antonin scalia on the u.s. supreme court here is president trump. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. when justice scalia passed away last february i made a promise to the american people, if i were elected president, i would find the very best judge in the country for the supreme court. i promised to select someone that respects our laws and is represented of our constitution and who loves our constitution.
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and someone that will interpret them as written. this may be the most transparent general selection process in history. months ago as a candidate i publicly presented a list of brilliant and accomplished people to the american electorate and pledge the to make my choice from among that list. millions of voters said this was the single most important issue to them when they voted for me for president. i am a man of my word. i will do as i say. something that the american people have been asking for from washington for a very, very long time. today -- thank you.
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today i am keeping another promise to the american people. by nominating judge neil gorsuch of the united states supreme court to be of the united states supreme court and i would like to ask judge neil gorsuch and his wonderful wife louis to step forward. please. here they come. was that a surprise?
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was it? i have always felt that after the defense of our nation, the most important decision is the decision of a supreme court justice. depending on their age a justice can be active for 50 years and his decisions can last a century and the decisions can be permanent. i took this task seriously and selected an individual whose qualities define what we are looking for. judge neil gorsuch has outstanding legal skills. a brilliant mind and tremendous discipline. nominate to the 10th circuit court of appeals confirmed by
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the senate unanimously. that is unanimously. can you believe that with what is going on nowadays? [ applause ] >> does that happen anymore? does that happen? i think it will happen again. also with us is maureen scalia. a woman loved by her husband and deeply respected by all. i am so happy she is with us. where is she? thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. she is really the ultimate representative of the late great justice anthony scalia. whose image and genius was in my mind throughout the decision- making process.
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not only are we looking at the writings of the nominee and i studied them closely and the writings are so brilliant of any judge for a long time. and his academic credentials, something important to me and that education has been a priority are as good as i have ever seen. he received his undergraduate degree from columbia with honors. he then received his law degree from harvard, also with honors where he was a true man scholar. after harvard he received his doctorate at oxford where he attended as a marshall scholar. one of the top academic honors anywhere in the world. after law school, he clerked on the supreme court for both justices byron white and anthony kennedy. it is an extraordinary resume. it is as good as it gets.
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judge neil gorsuch was born and raised in colorado. and was taught the value of independence, hard work and public service. while in law school he demonstrated a commitment to helping the less fortunate. he worked in both harvard prison legal assistance projects and harvard defenders program. brilliance being assured i studied every aspect of his life. he could have had any job at any law firm for any amount of money. but what he wanted to do with his career was to be a judge to write decision and to make an impact by upholding our laws and constitution. the qualifications of judge neil gorsuch are beyond dispute. he is the man of our country and a man who our country needs and needs badly to ensure the rule of law and the rule of justice. i would like to thank senate leadership. i only hope that both democrats
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and republicans can come together for once for the good of the country. congratulations to you and your family. may god bless you. may god bless our glorious nation, judge neil gorsuch, the podium, sir, is yours. [ applause ] >> thank you. mr. president thank you very much. mr. president, mr. vice president, you and your team
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have shown me great courtesy in this process and gave me a most solemn assignment. standing here in a house of history and aware of my own imperfections. if i am affirmed i will be a faithful person of the constitution of this great country. for the last decade i have worked as a federal judge expanding 6 states serving 18 million people. the men and women i have worked with at every level in our circuit are an inspiration. they have enforced the promises of our constitution and living out daily oaths to administer justice to rich and poor. following the law and without respect to their personal beliefs. i think of them tonight. of course the supreme court's
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work is vital not to just a region of the country but to the whole. vital to the protection of the people's liberties under law and to the continuity of our constitution. the greatest charter of human liberty that the world has known. the towering judges that the judges have served of the supreme court. including anthony scalia and robert jackson are much in my mind at this moment. justice scalia was a lion of the law. agree or disagree with him, all of his colleagues on the bench share his wisdom and union and like them, i miss him. i began my legal career working for byron white, the last colorodan to server on the supreme court and the only justice to lead the nfl in rushing. he was one of the smartest and most courageous man i have known. when justice white retired he
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gave me the chance to work for justice kennedy. he was welcoming and gracious and like justice white he taught me so much. i am forever grateful. and if you have ever met judge david sendtel will you know how lucky i was. to land a clerk ship with him right out of school. thank you. these judges brought me up in the law. truly i would not be here without them. today is as much their day as it is mine. in the balance of my professional life, i have had the privilege working as a practicing lawyer and teacher. i have enjoyed wonderful colleagues. hose support means so much to me at this moment. as it has year in and year out. practicing in the trial work trenches of the law i saw too that when we judges dawn our
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rules it doesn't make us any matterrer but what is expected of us, impartiality and independence. ko legion ality and courage. as this process moves to the senate i look forward to speaking with members from both sides of the aisle. to answering their questions and hearing their concerns. i consider the united states senate the greatest deliberative body in the world and i respect the important role the constitution affords it in the confirmation of our judges. i respect too the fact that in our legal order it is for congress and not the courts to write new laws. a rule of judges to apply and not alter the work of the people's representatives. a judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge. stretching for results he prefers rather than those the law demands. i am so thankful tonight for my
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family, my friends and my faith. these are the things that keep me grounded at life's peaks and has sustained me in its valleys. to louise my incredible wife and companion of 20 years and my cherished daughters watching on tv. and my family and friend i can't thank you enough for your love and your prayers, i could not have attempted this without you. mr. president, i am honored and i am humbled thank you very much. [ applause ] you have been
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watching live at president trump nominated judge neil gorsuch to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. he went to columbia, harvard and oxford. president trump says his qualifications are beyond dispute. let's bring in our political analyst brian sobel. your thoughts on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch. >> he was one of the two in the running at the end. he is well thought of. it is a matter of whether the democrats decide to fight this particular person. we do know that he has never weighed in on row v wade but is pro-life. he holds positions that donald trump has talked about in the campaign that are more conservative. however, in his career, he has ruled like scalia did sometimes for the more liberal point of view. so he has a record of going in a different direction. he is a constitutionalist and he believes in the letter of
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the constitution. and does not veer off much from that. >> 49 years old and written against euthanasia and in favor of political term limits. your thoughts. >> against the assisted suicide and that's written at length about that. a lot of people have mixed feelings about how they feel about that subject. and he is a prolific writer in his own way and you know we will learn a lot more about him as the days go on. >> let's talk about the confirmation process. democrats are promising to at the very least slow down the process. donald trump was saying i would hope that for once democrats and republicans can come together on this nomination. do you see any chance of that happening? >> well, sadly i think it was stated before we knew who the nominee was that it didn't matter who it was. we were going to fight that nominee. i think democrats are trying to make a point here. you held up our nominee and now we are going to hol up your nominee.
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>> you are talking about merrick garland? >> yes and the end of the the republicans will use the rules of the senate and the so-called nuclear option to overcome a filibuster and bring this thing to a vote. normally it would take 51 votes to ... >> there's no way in your opinion that he could not be nominated? >> we don't know how much ammunition the democrats will lose because president trump could have two more picks. ginsburg and pryer. do they save it for the next pick? >> julie, i think that's the point. if they look at this individual and say well, okay make some sense, we will save our fire power for the next person or maybe more. >> because you are replacing a conservative for a conservative? >> yes. absolutely but we will know within hours really where this fight will start. >> president trump has said he wanted to fill the vacantsy by april 1st because that is a
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busy time on the supreme court. >> yes. he wants to as we have watched, one of the things he has talked about is filling this job on the bench to get that person working. we will let you deal into judge neil gorsuch's life more and we will talk to you at 6:00. brian thank you. still to come here on day two of this long-awaited murder trial. the defense drives its opening statements. hear how they say there is no evidence morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is actuallily dead. >> mark davis' plans to move the raiders to los angeles. how the latest group says there
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is no funding.
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a big day for the trump administration. elaine chow was sworn in as transportation secretary. she will help president trump live up to promises of a trillion dollar infrastructure plan and there were three others confirmed. governor perry approved as energy second and ryan zinke as interior second and betsy devos that has met with opposition has been advanced for education secretary. all three of the nominations go before the full senate. the city of san francisco filed a lawsuit that promises president trump's executive order that day nice sanctuary cities federal funding if they don't cooperate. this is the first court challenge file by a sanctuary city since president trump
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signed the order last week. the president's executive order is not conservative unconstitutional but un- american. >> dennis herrera larked out at president trump and his demand to withdraw federal funds including entrance that stands to lose $1.2 millions. >> this will defend the city and state and the country from a presidents that has shown little respect for the constitution or rules of law. >> the recent rulings may bolster herrera's arguments. >> in 2012 the supreme court in a case involving the affordable health care said that federal government can't put a financial gun to the head of local and state governments. >> dennis herrera is smart by taking the first shot. >> john tradiney, school of law says san francisco has a strong case against the federal government. >> it is not clear that getting money from the federal government means that the city
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has to turn over its police department to the federal government for a federal responsibility. howard eppstein" p s republican party says president trump was elected fair and square and following through on campaign promises. >> everybody is shocked and going next and get over it, get used to it, it will be that way for at least four years and probably 8 years. >> if san francisco loses $1.2 billion in federal funding it will affect foster care and medicaid health care. no one knows how it will go on but legal experts say they expect it to head to the supreme court. >> it is a city we will fight back and today we fight back. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. more states are now suing the trump administration over
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the executive order restricting refugees and immigration. this is not the first time legal action has been file against a president's policy. several republican attorneys routinely followed lawsuits against president obama. to hayward no sign of a suspect that escaped in the middle of a freeway. deputies from kentucky were driving him to the airport to be extradited. our crime reporter henry lee is following the story. how did he get out of the store? >> that is what they are trying to figure out. with the doors locked we do know for sure he had his hands cuffed in front of him when he dashed the freeway. >> there is a pick of the escaped inmate. 27-year-old sean mueller wanted for identification theft and arrested for dui but the c h p in hayward westerlier this month. today sheriff deputies from boone county kentucky picked him up in boone county kentucky and heading tog sf obut the rental car got stuck in traffic
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on southbound 880 in hayward million while they were there at 9:45 this morning traffic was at a standstill and the subpoena jumped out of the back of the rental car that they had and escaped on the freeways and he was last seen on the freeway southbound. >> unclear if the back doors of that rental car were property locked or not. the inmate was in handcuffs when he escaped. hayward police and c h p officers converged on the area and could not find him. i reached out and asked what happened. the spokesman says the suspects have not been interviewed but he says we want to thank the california authorities for their quick response and launching the intense manhunt. we regret any inconvenience it cautioned any of the people in the hayward area. >> there are protocols in place and what you are supposed to do. right now that will be up to
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kentucky officials to deal with. that is not our issue. it is the recap sure of the escapee. >> the police and deputies will be increasing patrols. new is described as a white man, 6'1", 165 pounds with brown hair and eyes. wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue jeans and brown boots. if you see new or notice anything suspicious call 911. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. henry, thank you. it is news that raider fans have been waiting to hear. the possible move to las vegas now seems more unlikely. we learned that another group is backing out of the deal. >> joe fonzi is here. what happened today and what does it mean? >> the one thing we have been seeing consistently is that there are too many moving parts to predict what will happen. we told you about the major wrench thrown into the raiders plans to move to las vegas and one day later it seems more unlikely. it is too early to call the
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idea of the las vegas raiders dead in the water but another major obstacle surfaced today in the plan by mark davis to have the 2 million-dollar stadium built. sheldon addalson that had commit to a third of the financing pulled out. the raiders had said that they had backup financing in the event it happened. that financing was to be provided about it goldman sachs group. today comes word that goldman sachs commitment was contingent on addalson's involvement in the project. that leaves at best a 600 million-dollar hole in the deal. additionally the climate in las vegas may have been poisoned. addalson used his considerable influence with the nevada legislature to get 750 million- dollars of money committed to the deal. john rolston is the editor of the nevada independent that wrote a column yesterday
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detailing the breakdown of negotiations between addalston and davis. >> after goldman sachs and the raiders went to the nfl and it was announced that goldman sachs would finance it if addalson got out. he was not thrilled with that and made for bad negotiations worse. the goldman sachs folks realizing that where their bread was buttered went to him this morning and said don't worry, sheldon we are getting out too. >> in addition to underestimating the relationship with goldman sachs davis may have underestimated the influence of the casino scene. >> addalson does not like to lose and so we will see how angry he is. he has a lot of political clout here. he owns a major newspaper. if he is really mad, we are going to find outputter quickly. >> further complicating the deal for davis is a group of
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nevada legislatures who aren't very happy. >> they look pretty foolish right now and they have egg on their face so they are trying to spin their way out. we will see what happens. sheldon addalson was going to put in 600 million-dollars there are not too many people in las vegas that can put in 600 million-dollars. >> back in the bay area, the fort tres investment group headed by ronnie lott issued a statement making the case for its stadium proposal. the group says the bottom line is that if the raiders want to stay in oakland we are more than ready to be a partner in making that happen. the big problem appears to be davis doesn't want partners and he doesn't want to give up ownership of the team. >> war the options. stay in the bay area. get another backer quickly or explore a move to san diego. >> in san diego, you got the same issues why the chargers left. in san diego they tried to get a stadium built and it didn't get done so they are going to
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la. yeah, if you want to go back to another place where they have an stadium issue san diego would be it. >> what other options is there anything else that they could do? >> as we said before in the many moving parts, sheldon addalson was one-third of the financing. the other third after the nevada legislature approved it was going to be mark davis and the raiders coming up with the remaining third and that's not a certainty. at this point i would say that they had better find more financing in las vegas to account for that 600 million- dollars that is not there in las vegas. then comes the additional five hundred million dollars that the raiders will come up with and another thing that nobody is talking about is a five hundred million dollar relocation fee that the rams are paying and which the chargers are going to be paying. nobody is talking about that almost either. so i think if you want to say bottom line, we have all talked about this openers' meeting in march and whether or not the
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vote comes up, i don't see any way possible that they will vote in march without answers to all of questions. >> if he they don't have fansing plan there is no way the owners will approve this. >> we know the raiders have a lease for two more years in the oakland coliseum. will they be welcome back after the talk in las vegas. will the fan base say you are flirting with las vegas but we will forget that. >> at some point we realize that. the raiders have the best fans in the league. do you think that mark davis would say i am just done with this, it is not worth it i will sell the team and you bring in someone that has a lot of the money to get a new stadium built for the raiders in oakland? >> there are elements within the league that would love to see that happen. there are probably a lot of elements in the fan base that would love to see that happen and at this point mark davis has not been willing to use that as an option. there are potential buyers to
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see that happen. >> more rubik's cube to go. >> so many cliches to use here. >> thanks. the counts down continues to super bowl li. the game between the falcons and patriots will have a huge economic impact to go beyond houston where the game is being played. americans will spend billions on everything from big-screen tv to pizza in the final days before super bowl sunday. according to a national retail federation they do the poll every year and they found that across the country people will spend $14.1 billion on super bowl related items. that comes down to an average of 7 a dollars per person. a massive security force is now arriving in houston ahead of sunday's game, an army of federal, state and law enforcement officers will be on han to protect the 70,000 fans with the latest high-tech security equipment. you can watch super bowl li right here on ktvu fox 2 this sunday. the game is expected to start
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about 3:30 and after the game it is the premier of the new show 24 legacy. and then following that, you can join us for a special expanded addition of ktvu fox 2 news. coming up right now, day two of the much anticipated trial for the man accused of killing bay area teen sierra lamar. hear opening remarks as the defense lays out its plan and the prosecution calls its first witness. bart slapped with a lawsuit. the alleged violations against bart and how much money they have been ordered to pay. a dui crash leads to a kidnapping arrested. the string of events that has one man behind bars. and we are tracking the change in the weather. you see it right now. rain back in the forecast and not that far out.
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see you back here.
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we got rain in the forecast. a nice break. now we are getting back into it. nice looking weather system. it is better looking than it really is in terms of sustained rain. we will have period of rain especially wednesday night into thursday morning. but before that, it will be scattered showers coming in tomorrow afternoon. come in close. scattered showers shows up. the showers will fill in by tomorrow afternoon and showers potentially messing with the afternoon commute.
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a spectacular sunset. mid-level clouds it createds a beautiful stunning sunset. we have had good ones recently. oakland, 47 degrees for an overnight low. cloudin the morning. watch this. it clears up and you see the sheer and one cloud deck going this way and that way. indicative of a low pressure center of instability. partly sunny in oakland. 61 degrees, partly cloudy late in the day and in an hour by now five or six it should have light sprinkles, the models, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the chance of a sprinkle, that's 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. is that a big deal? no but afternoon commute and it lights up. here we are thursday morning it starts to show where the main event will be, 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning that will have an impact on your thursday morning commute. a win advisory that goes in effect tomorrow.
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wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we have a winter storm warning in mountains. snow levels above 5000 feet and the higher elevations maybe two feet of snow. so there's the five-day forecast. really about wednesday night into thursday. friday will be scattered showers and the weekend. right now a little bit unsettled but mostly dry. a nice weekend and it looks manageable and commute issues thursday morning. thank you, bill. well in day two of the long- awaited murder trial of morgan hill teen sierra lamar the defense delivered its owning statement. argued that sierra lamar's killer and to lin garcia tories is innocent and no evidence to suggest she is dead. we have the prosecution calling its first witness. reporter: and that first witness was a santa clear county sheriff deputy that responded to the 911 call the
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day sierra disappeared. on the stand saying that they searched everywhere for sierra. earlier in the day the defense attorneys tacked the prosecution's dna evidence claiming that evidence had been contaminated. >> and the defense's opening statement attorneys for torres raising doth that lamar was murdered and chipping away at the prosecution's case. >> it is clear that the battleground will be the dna evidence and what the defense did today is to suggest that it was contaminated at the outset. >> the defense questioning dna testing results claiming investigation did not follow protocol when handling evidence including a backpack with the 15-year-old's clothing opinion prosecutors say it had sierra's dna. as for the rope it had sierra's hair and when first photographed that rope did not
5:40 pm
have hair and reflective hair found defense attorneys questioning why there were no beads found in the trunk of torres. >> if they can suggest it was not properly analyzed or reliable that suggests there is nobody. >> and attacking charges that garcia attacked three women in twine. prosecutors say that garcia torres fingerprints were found on a stun gun battery from one attack. the defense argue that garcia torres worked at safe way and handled batteries. >> with the information that we have that is available to the public, our thoughts are that she is not alive. >> search volunteer roger nelson says despite the defense's claims he believes sierra is not alive and hopes the trial will provide answers. >> i think a lot of people are eager to have the trial get under way and i have said it
5:41 pm
before, to have justice served. >> and prosecutors today said that garcia torres admitted he was in the same area as sierra the day she went missing. he told prosecutors or investigators that he was going fishing. prosecutors also say that surveillance video shows garcia torres purchased bleach and turkey basster and they say that they use that to kill dna. >> still to come here, they put their lives on the line for u.s. military members in afghanistan. we talk to two afghan interpreters. one who just arrived in the united states this past weekend after friends came to his aid to make sure that he got here safely. >> there are already more than two dozen sanctuary cities in california. state lawmakers want to turn all of california to a
5:42 pm
sanctuary city.
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the speaker of the house is defending president trump's immigration band. paul ryan says it is the president's job to put the nation's security first and acknowledging the roll out of the ordinary was confusing. >> it is regrettable that there was confusion on the roll out. no one wanted to see people with green cards or special
5:45 pm
immigrant visas like translators get caught up in this. there was the roll out confusing but on a go forward basis i'm confident that secretary kelly will make sure it is done correctly. >> president trump signed the executive order friday and chaos ensued. the order includes a 90 day band on travel to the u.s. by citizens of iraq, i ran, sudan and somalia. some swept up helped people overseas. we spoke to two afghan interpreters that came on special forces visas. >> and worry about the people left behind. lee martinez is here with the stories. >> afghanistan is not one of the country's 7 countries listed in president trump's travel ban. but one afghan interpreters say friends raised money in a hurry to get him to america as soon as possible in case later on
5:46 pm
there are more countries included on the list. >> he learned english from watching american movies when u.s. troops showed up in afghanistan, soldiers asked him to translate. >> it was a work were americans and my neighbors were not happy about it. >> but it was to bring peace and even traveling with the u.s. army is dangerous. >> until time you were in the mission, there's a poke -- possibility of being kill. we may get caught up in ambush. >> mohammed arrived in san francisco on saturday. his friends, former army interpreters raised money quickly to get him into the u.s. this week. he was held in seattle. >> they accused me of like two
5:47 pm
or three hours -- they didn't ask me any questions. >> both men told stories of risking their live for u.s. army missions. >> his best friend was fearful and quit and was targeted by the taliban. >> he says it is too dangerous and two weeks later his hip was cut. >> when troops pulled out of afghanistan they received threats. >> i am working with the army and the enemy of moslem. and if i quit -- if i didn't quit, so they will kill me. >> no way for me to pay back in my village. my family were threatened. my brother stopped by insurgents and i myself was
5:48 pm
many times under watch from the taliban. >> both men applied for special forces visas years ago. >> i applied in 2010 and took me until 2013 to get my visa. a long process and you have to go through background checks and polygraphs and different papers. >> and they still worry about the people they left behind. the families who were denied visas. an. >> now i asked them what else the u.s. government could do to make the visa vetting process more thorough and they said they didn't know. the three year process seemed very thorough to them. >> white house spokesperson sean spicer today strongly defended president trump's controversial decision to fire acting u.s. attorney general sally yates. said the executive order restricting immigration from 7 moslem countries have been closely examined and approved by a legal team from the u.s. department of justice and he called yates' refusal to
5:49 pm
enforce the order a clear dereliction of duty. >> it needed to be executed. for the attorney general to turn around and say i am not going to uphold this lawful executive order is clearly a dereliction of duty and she should have been removed and she was. >> the new acting attorney general was named immediately aviates' firing. danna boente followed and defend the executive order on immigration and refugees. >> days after president trump signed the executive order making sanctuary cities for eligible funds all of california may be a sanctuary state. tom vacar has more on this. >> fully passed and signed into law it would be in direct defiance of the president's executive order on sanctuary
5:50 pm
cities and other policies on immigration. >> in its simplest terms sanctuary cities forbid the resources and money and facilities to be used to enforce federal immigration laws. california has more than 30 sanctuary cities. today kevin deleon from the city of las vegas introduced his so called values acts. >> this does not impede the enforcement of federal immigration block. it restrictions the resources and tax dollars to do the job of the federal government. >> if passed and signed by the governor it would pro bid the state and local officials from spending resources to that end as well as use of the courthouses, health facilities and educational facilities. scott weaner hales from the
5:51 pm
sanctuary city of san francisco. >> if the federal government wants enforce the immigration laws it can do so and if it wants to enforce the criminal laws it should do so, it is not our job to do that work for the federal government. >> many details in the law that would band agencies from obtaining people's legal status and providing that information such as phone numbers and home address and work addresses and jail date releases to federal officials. california republicans fear major retaliation from washington with disastrous results. >> and federal funding can be cut off to the state of california for special programs that go after gangs and drug cartels anaheim trafficking in addition to the social service money that this president in all likelihood will cut off to the state. we could be facing a horrific budget shortfall. >> we are concerned that sb54 limits cooperation with our law enforcement partners. >> now at least two more
5:52 pm
proposed laws will further restrict the cities, towns and state agencies from complying with the president's policies by providing free legal help to immigrants at taxpayer expense. tom vacar, fox 2 news. there is a push to tear down an east bay freeway. coming up hear the plan of what would replace interstate 980 through oakland.
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>> a man living on the sailboat in the santa cruz harbor escaped a fire. it started on a fire boat before 6:00 a.m. at the santa cruz yacht harbor and spread to another sailboat. the first power pot burn to the water line and the second boat sank. a dinghy was damaged. a man living on the sailboat says he was sound asleep when the fire started and knew he had just seconds to get out. >> i just woke up to a big loud bang and a boom and right now next to me and i knew it was serious. when i opened my eyes i saw a big glow in my window and more crackling and popping. >> three boats engulfed on fire and flames up 30 feet high. you could feel the heat from one hundred feet away. >> there was no one on board the other boats and no one injured and initial reports said that a man on one of the power boats missing and later found at his job. the source of the fire is being
5:56 pm
investigated. a freeway that has made a top ten list but not in a good way. a natural organization causing 980 the worse freeway in the country and authorities should tear it down. it is a couple of miles long and it cuts off from the rest of the city. rob roth found many people in one neighborhood agrees that they think it needs to go. >> interstate 980 in oakland. a two mile stretch that connects 880 with highway 24 and many residents of west oakland say it disconnects them from the rest of the city especially downtown. it is blake we are in jail. it just feels like you are not a part of oakland. >> that is a key reason a national nonprofit organization has placed 980 on the top ten
5:57 pm
list of freeways to be torn down. that organization and oakland's mayor is no fan of it. >> 980 was built as an entry to a second bay bridge and that never got built. and what it has done it has created i call it a mote. a division. >> a group call connect oakland has been advocating for several years. the group says a boulevard can go in its place with bart running underneed. you could use it in a much more efficient manner while still connecting that neighborhood that has been separated for so long. >> we moving freeways is not new to the bay. when the earthquake destroyed the cypress freeway an park way took its place. >> people can have better access to job opportunities and to create opportunities for more businesses and affordable
5:58 pm
housing. >> another complaints even in the traffic snarl it is underutilized. it runs at 92% capacity. some residents find 980 to be convenient and removing it would require environmental impact studies that no doubt numerous community meetings. still ... >> if they reroute it or something, we will still like our whole community of division. >> it would not happen anytime soon. five to ten years, if at all. in oakland. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at six. starts now. judge neil gorsuch, the podium, sir is yours. [ applause ] >> in the past hour president trump made one of his biggest
5:59 pm
decisions revealing his nomny. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and saying he is a man of his word. president trump nominated 10th circuit judge neil gorsuch of denver to the united states supreme court. he is 49 years old and a harvard graduate and a former clerk to anthony kennedy. >> reputation for supporting religious liberty and he meets conservative standards for interpreting the constitution as it was originally written. ross palumbo has more on the announcement from the white house that happened in the halleluiahs hour. >> that announcement was a big primetime moment. a young conservative judge nominated to the highest court after days of protest and criticism for the way the president rolled out immigration policy. more controversial picks and the president made a calm nomination that was carefully and many say correctly rolled
6:00 pm
out. >> president trump nominating judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> judge neil gorsuch has a brilliant mine and tremendous discipline. >> the anticipation for this full televised address has been building since trump took office 11 days ago. >> he and our team have met with senators from both sides of the aisle to make sure that we understand the qualities that they are looking for in the next associate justice. >> 49-year-old neil gorsuch that sits in denver is a former lawsuit to justice kennedy but his style is more like that of the man he could replace antonin scalia. an original list with a strict interpretation of the constitution. >> the judges and good justices interpret statutes. >> judge


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