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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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out. >> president trump nominating judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> judge neil gorsuch has a brilliant mine and tremendous discipline. >> the anticipation for this full televised address has been building since trump took office 11 days ago. >> he and our team have met with senators from both sides of the aisle to make sure that we understand the qualities that they are looking for in the next associate justice. >> 49-year-old neil gorsuch that sits in denver is a former lawsuit to justice kennedy but his style is more like that of the man he could replace antonin scalia. an original list with a strict interpretation of the constitution. >> the judges and good justices interpret statutes. >> judge neil gorsuch was
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affirmed back in 2006 and will need confirmation as new supreme court justice. >> we will have a burden to show that they will be independent and serve the pope role that the ju dishary serve. >> i hope that democrats and republicans can come together for once for the good of the country. congratulations. >> he is a respected conservative because of his relationship with justice kennedy hoping that he will sway him in key decisions and unpredictable vote. as for senate confirmation he was unanimously approved for the 10th circuit court and we will see how he fares this time around. remember that first time around it was a completely different senate. 39 senators are in office from his previous approval. everyone is saying he should sail through because he was unanimous back then but it is not the cast now and democrats have been promising a fight on
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the heels of what happened to merrick garland. >> we know that judge neil gorsuch is conservative what about key issues like abortion? >> everyone wants to know whether he is and thai borg or not. he has never written a legal opinion on that but we do know when it comes to euthanasia or assisted suicide that he is vehemently opposed to that and he was critical saying liberals were addicted to changing social issues through the court system. >> a simple majority to get him affirmed. is that what they need. >> yes and we have to worry about the democrats filibustering on the senate floor. most senators are saying if that happens they are not worried about it. hinting perhaps they may use the nuclear option to go ahead
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and do that by canceling the filibuster and we will have to see how it plays out. the speak speaker of the house supports it. paul ryan says it is the president's job to put nation's security first and admits the roll out of the order was confusing. >> i think it is regrettable that this was confusion on the roll out of this. no one wanted to see people with green cards or special immigrant visas get caught up. i think there was regrettably the roll out was confusing but i'm confident that secretary kelly will make sure it is done correctly. >> president trump's signed the executive order friday. it includes 90 day travel to iraq, i ran, sudan, so nalya and syria and yemin and 120 day suspension of the u.s. refugee program. the number of states suing the trump administration over
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the refugee order is growing. massachusetts and new york have joined announcing legal challenges to the order. it is not that unusual. several others joined the lawsuits. the city of san francisco filed a lawsuit that challenges president trump's executive order that denies sanctuary cities and federal funding if they don't cooperate with operation and enforcement. tara moriarty says it is the first court challenge since the president signed the order last week. >> the pepper spray a executive order is not only unconstitutional but un- american. >> city attorney dennis herrera lashed out at president trump and his demand to withdraw funding from cities including san francisco that stands to lose $1.2 billions.
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>> the president has shown little respect for the laws. >> the supreme court ruling made herrera's argument. >> as recently as 2012 the supreme court in a case involving the affordable health care says that the federal government can't put a financial gun to the head of local and state governments. dennis herrera is a smart by taking the first shot. >> john tradinna the school of law says san francisco has a strong case against the federal government. >> it is not all clear that simply getting money from the federal government means that the city has to turn over its police department to the federal government for federal responsibility. >> howard eppstein with the fs republican party says president trump was elected fair and scare and follow through the campaign promises. >> everybody is going nuts and shocked. get over it. get used to it. it will be that way for at least four years and probably 8 years. if san francisco loses $1.2
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billion in federal funding it will affect federal entitlement programs medicaid healthcare and children's programs. legal experts expect that this case will head all the way to the supreme court. >> as a city we will fight back and today we fight back. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. its news that raider fans have been waiting to see. moving to los angeles is unlikely. another group of investors is backing out. >> joe fonzi is here now and we always thought it would not be easy for mark davis and it isn't. >> it got harder. the raider move to las vegas took a major hit yesterday and a bigger one today. too early to call the idea are the las vegas raiders dead in the water but another obstacle has surfaced and the plan by mark davis to have a two billion dollar stadium built there. yesterday casino mogul sheldon
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addalson that committed to a third of the financing pulled out of the deal. the raiders had said that they had backup financing in the event that happened. that financing was to be provided by the gold man sack group. today comes word that goldman sachs commitment was contingent on addalson's involvement and that leaves a 600 million- dollar hole in the deal. additionally the climate in las vegas may be poisoned. addalson used his influence with the nevada legislature to get 750 million-dollars of public money committed to the deal. john hallston is the editor of the nevada independent that wrote a column yesterday detailing the break down of negotiations between addalston and davis. after goldman sachs and the raiders went to the nfl and it was announced that goldman sachs was going to finance the deal even if addalson got out addalson is was not thrilled with that and made for already
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bad negotiations worse and the gold man folks realize that where the bread was really buttered went to addalson this morning and said don't worry, sheldon, we are getting out too. put it this way. sheldon was going to put in 600 million-dollars. there is no too many people that can do that. back in the bay area, the fortress investment group headed by ronnie lott issued a statement once again making the case for its stadium proposal in oakland. the group says the bottom line is if the raiders want to stay in oakland we are more than ready to be a partner in making that happen. the only problem is that davis doesn't appear willing to truly partner with anyone. that would involve giving up control of ownership in exchange for the money and that's had the negotiations have bogged down. of course the nfl owners will meet in march and expected to vote on a deal and if the raiders don't have a financing plan in place, what happens if. >> the raiders have filed papers and there is that
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meeting in march. i can't imagine the nfl owners voting on a deal that is not fully vetted that has the investment aspects of it ironed out. >> it appears that mark davis is running outside of oppositions. las vegas is off of the table and lost out on los angeles and no place in going to qualcomm stadium because that is as old as the other coliseum, what does he do? >> there's st. louis. no, i think it will have to be -- he has the lease for two more years in oakland. there could be another investor in los angeles. but i still am waitinging to find the person that said i am willing to put in 600 million- dollars and do what you will with my money. i don't want any stake in decision making or ownership but here is the money, have at it. i'm waiting to see that person. >> pretty hard to find that. >> i think we will wait a
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while. joe, thank you. so how do raider fans feel. >> this is exciting for oakland and especially those surrounding ronnie lott and his investment group to build that stadium at the coliseum site. >> sometimes plans change and that seems to be the case for billionaire casino tycoon sheldon addalson after spearheading a plan to bill a stadium for the raiders near the league strip. addalson is done saying he will no longer invest 650 million- dollars to help pay for the project. griz jones founder of forever oakland says that development helps the cause of keeping the raiders here. >> we knew that vegas is a healthy choice because of the swaggard. >> addalson is ticked off after being left out of a key lease agreement meeting between the las vegas stadium authority and the raiders. there's also word without addalson's involvement investor
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goldman sachs is out too. >> those of us that want to keep the raiders in oakland it was a pleasant surprise to hear that mr. addalson is out of the pictures. >> chris dobbins says the deal is far from over and up to the nfl owners to decide whether to approve the move to vegas. >> we need 9 votes, 32 owners and we need to make the dream to go to vegas for mr. davis not to be reality and we will be focusing on all of the other nfl owners. >> oakland is the better market and meeting the household income and i believe nfl openers will come to the conclusion with the news we are hearing outside of oakland that oakland is a healthy choice. >> the raiders released a statement thanking addalson and his family and read we know this project could not have advanced to this point without them. the raiders are steadfast in honoring mark davis' commitment to governor sandoval to moving to las vegas. mayor shaft remains focused on
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her goal. >> i'm indicated about keeping the raiders here and excited that we have a business partner now that has the capacity and the willingness to privately finance a stadium in oakland and we have some things that las vegas will never have. and this is a legacy and loyalty. as we have said before, a move to sin city would need approval from 3/4 of nfl owners and it is unclear when they will take a vote but all eyes and ears will be watching when the nfl owners meet in march. cristina rendon. ktvu fox 2 news. thank you, cristina. still ahead. a driver claiming to have a bomb shut down a major bridge in northern california. the string of events that has that driver behind bars. a dui crash leads police to alleged kidnapper. how one woman is safe as a result. we are tracking the next round of rain. getting here soon and it will impact the commute soon. we will let you know when.
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>> and bruno police and the bomb squad have been on a scene since 4:00 where shoppers have been escorted out of the building. the investigators are asking the people to stay away. we are working to get more information on the situation. when we do, we will bring it to you. new at six. the sacramento woman has surrendered to police after claiming to have a bomb inside
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her car and blocking tower bridge for about two hours. investigators say that the woman parked her maroon sedan just before three. she was taken into custody at 4: 20. several streets were shut down and police work to make sure that woman's car is safe and no threat to the public. a woman that claims she was kidnapped outside of a homeless shelter in san francisco is in the hospital recovering after being taken on a wild ride. the kidnapped victim was injured when her captor crashed the car. reporter: the san francisco woman is lucky being alive with a man drunk and high and driving erratically. the man was speeding up highway 101 and lost control around this curve. came barreling through the field and landed in this ditch.
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he and the woman in the car freed themselves but ch p says stevenson did not get far. >> some residents called in and heard a woman yelling. the driver at the time of the crash walked away from the scene. he was eventually detained at the overcrossing. >> the woman was taken to petaluma valley hospitals with broke be bones and lacerations. officers say stevenson was headed to richmond and working to figure out why. i asked if any drugs, alcohol or weapons were found in the car. officers say no. but they did tell me that stevenson does have a criminal record and in terms of the kidnapping, they are working to investigate the motive behind that as well. in petaluma. fox 2 news. tracking the next round of rain as we head to tomorrow night and thursday morning. this is the system. it is a nice looking weather
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system the way it is textbook and counterclockwise flow. it has a moisture tap here and that is why we will see rainfall in redwood city or san francisco over the course of two-and-a-half days. and winter storm warning in the mountains and wind advisory. scattered showers to the north and it is transition day where the clouds will increase. tomorrow is about increasing clouds and as the clouds increase the showers will get going say maybe 5:00 tomorrow evening. the real rain is overnight tomorrow and thursday morning. no reports of rain but the atmosphere is moistening up. we have had beautiful sunsets and tonight a beautiful night. a little milder because of the cloud cover. tomorrow morning there's the clouds, right? so cloudy in the morning and a break in the afternoon as the system approaches and in late the day, clouds sort of break
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off and they pick up a little bit and this is 4:00, by 6:00 scattered showers and in the oakland area. so we will take a look on the model. tomorrow morning. and then here comes tomorrow night and that is 6 or 7:00 and the showers just beginning at that point and the overnight, boom. when it gets going two a.m. on thursday morning. so it looks as though that thursday morning commute will be wet and tomorrow is transition to that. when i come back we will push this through with more rain potential for the bay area week. new at six a judge in alameda county have ordered bart to pay one million dollars for failing to follow hazardous procedures. alameda and contra costa claim that they did not set up a business plan at more than 30 facilities in those counties opinion the plan contains emergency information for first responders and bart employees. in the event of a hazardous spill.
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the nearly 1.3 million settlement cover penalties. san francisco is making history. the announcement for the first transgender district. >> a falcons play book goes missing. how a bay area sports writer inadvertently walked away with kyle shanahan's game plan. the push to bill down a freeway replacing interstate 980 through the heart of oakland.
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there are calls to tear down a bay area freeway in oakland because it divides the city. interstate 980 on a top ten list of urban freeways that one national organization says should be demolished. >> a couple of miles long. you can see here it cuts off west oakland from the rest of the city. rob roth says many people living in one neighborhood agrees it needs to go. >> interstate 980 in oakland. two mile stretch that connects i-880 with highway 24. by many residents of west oakland say it disconnects them from the rest of the city especially downtown. >> it is like we are in jail. it just feels like you're not a part of oakland. >> this is a a key reason a national nonprofit organization has placed 980 on the top ten
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list of freeways to be torn down. that organization, congress for the new urbanism going nowhere and oakland's mayor is no fan of this. >> 980 was built as an entry to a second bay bridge that never got built. it has created i call it a mote. a division. >> a group called connect oakland has been advocating for the freeway removal and it says the boulevard can go in its place with bart running underneath. >> you could use it in a more efficient manner and connect that neighborhood that has been separated. >> removing freeways is not new. when the earthquake destroyed the cypress freeway. another park way took its place. >> people can have better access to job opportunities and creating opportunities for more businesses and affordable housing and open space.
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>> another complaint about 980, in the traffic the bay is underutilized. runs at 92 percent capacity. some say they find 980 to be convenient and worry about more traffic and removing it would be an environmental impact study and more meetings. still ... >> we will still like a whole community like open traffic and not division. >> it would not happen anytime soon. some estimates say five to ten years if at all. in oakland rob roth fox 2 news. how a prisoner escaped from a car on a freeway while authorities were taking him to the airport for a flight to kentucky. plus the continuity of the
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constitution. the greatest charter of human liberties that the world has known. a busy day in washington. the latest on president trump nomination in a live report.
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now here is a look at our top stories. a woman was kidnapped from
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outside a homeless shelter in san francisco is recovering after her alleged captor crashed his car in pet talla. 54 douglas stevenson was speeding and lost control on highway 101. the car ended up in a ditch. the woman suffered cuts and broken bourns. stevenson was arrested for dui and kidnapping. the raiders proposed move to los angeles has hit a roadblock. sheldon addalson had committed a third of the financing and pulled out and today goldman sachs pulled out. that leads a 600 million-dollar hole. oakland is working on a competing plan to build a new stadium for the team here. >> president trump introduced his choice for the u.s. supreme court judge neil gorsuch. a harvard graduate and a former clerk to anthony kennedy and known for interpreting the
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constitution. in one decision he promoted hobby lobby arguments in providing free contraception in the affordable health care act. the nomination comes on a busy day in washington. today transportation second elaine chow was sworn in and three more cabinet nominees were approved by senate committees. they include former texas governor rick perry and ryan zinke for interior second and education nomination betsy devos and democrats blocked those treasureny nominee steve mnuchin and tom price until there's more vetting. and right now ktvu political analyst brian sobel has more perspective. what do you think. >> we will see what the early reaction is. democrats are concerned about a trump pick. wouldn't have mattered who it was and


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