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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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50s in the temperatures. there is a little bit of a breeze. the wind has picked up and higher elevations. it is coming in tonight and tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the temperature. we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy. from tracy driving out to the middle of --. let's talk about westbound 580 in 205. already heavy leaving livermore. as you go to the silicone valley the commute is not bad. does look at oakland 880 in south bar -- southbound. getting to san francisco from oakland on the bay bridge is light. san francisco is now around zero of the latest legal battle over president. trump's travel ban. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals will rule on the decision by a federal judge in
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washington to put a hold on the executive order. via live in washington. some tech companies are joining in on this fight.>> reporter: we have dozens of them weighing in in favor of the ban that make sense. we're talking about big companies, apple, microsoft, facebook -- dozens of them. we will hear the white house fire back with you today. is the temporary travel ban headed to the supreme court? the president might have been watching the super bowl yesterday that he considered the court contest that lies ahead. questioning his executive order to halt refugees and travelers from several countries. in a tape interview he defended the policy. >> we better those people carefully.>> reporter: a federal appeals court will examine the decision to put the entire program on hold.
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in the meantime foreign travelers have been rushing in a case the ban is reinstated. on twitter trump did not contain his anger. just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens blame him and court system. people pouring in his bed. people call this a bridge too far for the white house. >> the president is not a dictator.>> reporter: depending on how the court rules is good wind its way to a shorthanded supreme court. >> the likelihood is high it has to go to the supreme court. it will take 5 votes to overturn. otherwise if it is a tie -- you are here for a long period of time.>> reporter: you have a potential for a time because there are only 8 justices on the court. which is a reminder one of the next big battles is confirming the night justice to the supreme court. an ongoing story we will be
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following the states washington in minnesota that -- challenge the executive order. in their brief the states say with this executive order president. trump unleashed chaos. the administration has until 3 pm to respond. the 3 judge appeal panel will determine whether an emergency hold should remain against the travel ban. most experts expect the ruling within a week. a researcher who was stopped from coming into the us because of the travel ban is now on his way to work at stanford. he's iranian researcher who arrived at jfk yesterday after being turned away last week. he is going to work with stanford on robotics that will help make surgeries less invasive and cheaper for patients. it took him 8 months to get the visa to come here. only to be held up again at the pres.'s travel ban.>> i have a
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bit of concern now. i'm going to stay here for 3 months. i hope nothing happens. i have more concerns about the future. we always had this open collaboration around the world. we never had concerns about whether we would be able to go somewhere physically or not.>> he was able to enter the us yesterday because of the court order that lifted the travel ban at least for the time being. supporters of president. trump held a rally outside trump tower in new york. about 100 people were there. voicing support for president. trump and his policies waving american flags and singing patriotic songs. a few people showed up to oppose president. trump. among the travelers affected by the travel ban is a
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12-year-old girl from yemen. she arrived yesterday. there was an emotional reunion with her family. the girl was stranded overseas because of the immigration order. she is finally back with her family.>> reporter: it was a reunion seven years in the making. her family members hugged her and wiped away tears. she was born in yemen. her parents live in the united states. she was granted a visa and was on her way to central california. her journey halted because of the immigration ban. leaving her stuck with her father in the east african nation. >> i'm happy because finally we finished with the process and are back home. i appreciate all the support and help.>> reporter: she arrived -- banning travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries.
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now allowed to enter the united states after a federal judge temporarily blocked the ban.>> it is an unjust situation. a child cannot join her us citizen family. the should never have happened.>> reporter: immigration lawyers are on hand across the country to help immigrants given this window of opportunity.>> we are still nervous because it is not over yet.>> reporter: at san jose international airport a dozen community members and social activists gathered outside international arrivals terminal to welcome immigrants and refugees.>> the batting practice -- process is already very thorough -- vetting process. i fear isis -- >> reporter: local republicans what the travel ban reinstated. he doesn't like seeing families ripped apart, fernandez said his focus is on national
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security.>> for terrorist this is an opportunity to come in. this is a favorite -- very dangerous move.>> reporter: it was ridiculous. the biggest super bowl comeback victory ever. 34-28. patriots over the atlanta falcons. tom brady is the only quarterback to on 4 most valuable player awards from the super bowl. it was anything but a sure thing at the start for the patriots. the falcons scored the first touchdown and ran up a 25 point lead in the third quarter. the patriots came back. it was incredible to see. forest in overtime for the super bowl game -- they one of the clients house.
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-- one that coin toss. james white has the biggest touchdown of his life. giving the patriots their fifth super bowl victory under bill belichick and quarterback tom brady.>> we played our tails off to get to this point. it is hard to win a game in the nfl. to beat this team -- a lot of mental toughness. we will remember this for the rest of our life. >> there's nothing you can really say. it is a tough loss -- obviously. very disappointed. we were close to getting it done. it is hard to find words.>> already looking to next year -- the odds makers see the patriots playing the packers as the favorite. and super bowl lii next february. there it is -- the vince
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lombardi trophy presented to the patriots on their fifth to provoke victory. everybody taking a moment to touch it. after coming back from 25 points they did not ring they will be having that moment. fans said they never lost hope. even when all seemed lost. >> 28-3 -- we were down in quibec.>> the patriots went into the locker room. belichick told them never give up. >> patriots fans say they are encouraged to hear brady is talking about playing another 3- 5 years. he will turn 40 in august. in boston fans filled the streets after that victory. right near fenway park people were dancing, and chanting brady. boston will host a victory
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parade tomorrow. in other news via following news in fremont. an officer shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon during an altercation. it happened near mowry avenue. a police responded to a call about a disturbance in the area with the suspect got into a physical altercation with a police officer. the officer opened fire. the officer was hurt as well. he was treated and released from the hospital. coming up -- christian is on the store. he will bring us a live report with the latest. it wasn't all cheers and celebrations for tom brady. coming up -- his game jersey went missing. we will tell you what he thinks happen to it. protesters walked down the streets of los angeles joining a protest against building the
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dakota and the keystone pipelines. it is still wet out there. that might be a tough commute. heading out to the highways. some light rain in the north bay down to santa cruz mountains. it will be widespread for everybody and heavier tonight and tomorrow.
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in just a few hours the
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second week of the murder trial of garcia torres accused of killing a teenager sierra will begin. he is charged with the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamarr. her body has not been found. the defense argues investigators mishandled evidence and that sierra might have run away. last week one of her friends testified she and sierra had plans to meet the day she disappeared. and that she would never abandon her family and friends. if convicted he could get the death penalty or life in prison. hundreds of people gathered yesterday in protest at in los angeles against president. trump's executive order fast tracking the dakota access in quito -- keystone pipelines. gathered near pershing square. they marched in mile for a bit rally outside the federal building. it threatens the water supply
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in the sacred sites of the standing rock sioux tribe. president. trump says he supports the pipeline because it will give the us energy to -- independents and create jobs. we want to check in -- what rolled out there. we are talking about the mudslides. that are closing roads. we still have some of that. the main freeways don't seem that. bart does have a problem. let's go right to some of these things. talk about the traffic -- i would not say traffic, the system delays on bart. two-minute delays on san francisco stations. this is a tweet -- and the daly city in east bay directions due to equipment problems in the glenn's bay area. you know the deal. terminus does not think that. we will keep an eye on it and let you know. is talk about the gilroy
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commute. gilroy to san jose. not a bad commute. as you drive through. we had some earlier crashes that have been cleared. it never caused big delays on 101 getting into the main part of the south bay. interstate 80 n. -- the traffic is moving okay. as he passed the colosseum. at the bay bridge toll plaza you will see traffic is still light. we will get right to it. get ready for a rainy week. some areas are getting light rain. by this evening tonight until tomorrow, another three quarters of an inch in isolated areas. it could be extremely heavy rain toward the mother load. if you're going to sacramento -- higher elevations might be 45-50. these are much warmer systems. around lake level -- may be 1000 feet. by wednesday into thursday.
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multiple systems coming across the pacific. it is that kind of a year. when it is a dry year, you go sunny. when it is a reindeer you can't go past four or five days without some rain. that is the way it looks until thursday and friday. rain picks up in a stronger system coming in. our good friend of brian florez up in seattle. outside my canceled this morning. -- castle. >> that is no. i don't think i am in the east bay anymore. take a closer look. winter storm warning is out. incredible -- by the way the january cold and snow. for portland. some of the coldest ever on their records. this is all snow up in seattle and's pacific northwest. that is what is causing that. you can see our system and all the moisture. the heavier moisture is out to
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santa cruz mountains. there is certainly bring in the north. some of his reign moving in to santa cruz mountains. some of that over marin county. back over a little bit to the east bay. some of this is steadier. it is moving out a part of sonoma county. also into napa county. even though -- this is what we're getting now. the moisture is not here yet. 50s and 60 degrees. a south breeze for some. it is going to pick up big time. this is the system we are keeping an eye on tonight. you can look at that yourself. that looks pretty impressive. through the week we will see copious amounts of precipitation. look at sacramento. almost 7 inches of rain. santa rosa. even for plus san jose. if this comes through, seven a half in sacramento.
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there is going to be probably issues up towards the mother load. sierra nevada. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. it looks like -- parts of the month all the way out to the middle of the month look very wet. we will take it one day at a time. rain is on the way today and tomorrow morning. for those mudslide areas. >> we won't get around it. there is too much rain coming in. there was a big premiere last night on fox for the new 24 legacy series. the shows new characters and the diversity of the new cast. it's my best buttery jack yet.
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once again the famous clock is ticking again with the new fox series 24 legacy. last night you saw the premier right here. paul chambers introduces you to the cast including the new lead character. >> reporter: there is no mistaking that classic tech and countdown. fox 24 franchise gets revived. 24 legacy is the next evolution of 24. instead of kiefer sutherland -- we have a new hero. we see it through his eyes. corey hawkins plays the lead
5:23 am
character. eric carter. he is trying to up and a terrorist attack to the united states. >> an amazing opportunity for newer generations who are not familiar with the original series to experience 24. for the older generations to engage with the new characters. >> reporter: they have major backing is a premier after the super bowl. >> it was a nice boost to know the network felt we had the goods to have a great lead in. he plays john donovan who is running for president of the united states. his wife is played by miranda otto whose character is a former head of the counterterrorism unit or cpu.>> we are a political power couple. we have this contract in terms of the life they had each sacrificed a certain times so that one could get ahead.'s>> reporter: the season covers 24
5:24 am
hours of the life of the major characters. >> we don't know what the next script is going to bring. >> the quality of the storytelling of the incredible twists and turns they managed to put into it. i think that is what keeps people addicted. >> reporter: the show has something for everyone. presenting the world we currently live in. >> we have a latino senator running for president. we have a gay man working at the cpu. we have a black lead in his black family. i think that it is just reflecting what america looks like.>> reporter: you won't see sutherland in front of the camera. he is an executive producer who helps out when he can. >> he has given me so much advice on how to keep going. he knows this story.>> reporter: 24 legacy airs monday night at
5:25 am
8 pm. tonight part 2 of the premier of 24 legacy continues here. that is at 8 pm. immediately after that the series premiere of the show apb. are in super bowl week in the nfl made big announcements. including the newest members of the pro football hall of fame. ladainian tomlinson of san diego will be welcomed into canton this fall. he was the first player in history to run for 1000 yards and catch 100 passes in the same season. had quarterback kurt warner went from the arena football league to bagging groceries in the supermarket. that he joined the rams. he played in 2 super bowls. the rest of the class of 2017 includes running back terrel davis. kicker morten andersen. and defensive lineman jason taylor.
5:26 am
2 others -- the senior committee is sending seattle safety kenny easley. and cowboys owner jerry jones made it in as a contributor. the former 49ers wide receiver terrel owens is angry he was not inducted into the hall of fame. he says age of all -- hall of fame is a joke. honestly it doesn't mean anything to me to get in the on this point. it was a lot of hype for the super bowl halftime show featuring lady gaga. coming up, highlights from her performance in the message she did not send to the surprise of her fans. a police incident in fremont leads to one man dead in officer injured. we will have the latest information coming up. we're looking at a east bay commute. the traffic is getting busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. i said -- if i said it was
5:27 am
going to be sunny and warm and would have to put on my poker face. it is going to be raining a lot.
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i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. look at that -- in boston. the new england patriots win the super bowl.
5:30 am
they are champions once again. and unbelievable comeback last night. >> 5 super bowl victories. this is how boston is celebrating, lighting up their skyline. that is incredible. this is in honor of the patriots fifth super bowl victory. it will be unforgettable forever. i still can't get over what i saw yesterday. it is february it is february 6. let's check in with steve. a little rain this morning but more this afternoon and evening. all week. pretty much. that is the way it is looking. we have already got the ground saturated. the totals that came in last night were not too bad. santa cruz mountains -- after
5:31 am
that it was okay. lexington an inch and a quarter. napa two thirds. read what city 44 100. san francisco 16/100. very impressive plumes of moisture are racing across the pacific. that is exactly what we're getting. when this goes to the santa cruz mountains it keeps going. it is a steady pattern. a little bit over marin county. over san pablo bay. a little bit east bay. also napa county. you can see that stretching from st. helena stretching back to glen ellen. over towards fairfield. also back -- 50s on the temperatures. very mild. the moisture keeps coming. the wind will pick up as well.
5:32 am
there is going to be some heavy rain. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. we are getting some slow traffic. i do see a stalled bus causing trouble west 80 outside of -- cherry glen. you can see the flow of traffic. they had to get the bus passengers on another bus. traffic is going to be slow in vacaville. want to get to fairfield it looks good. no problems getting into vallejo this morning. let's go to the toll plaza. the traffic here is backed up about 10 minutes. getting into san francisco. the san mateo bridge traffic does not look back. heading over to the peninsula. we are following a developing story in fremont. and man is dead and a police officer recovering after a shooting. question is in fremont. tell us what you know.
5:33 am
>> reporter: the scene is clear right now. this is where that deadly encounter came to an end. police officers were here for our -- hours last night. it all started with a report of a battery about a half-mile away. officers arrived in the area and track down the involved parties here neil lowery in such a drive. the responding officers in the suspect got into a physical altercation. which escalated to the point where an officer drew their weapon and fired. other officers responded and tried to save the suspect. the person was declared dead at the scene. the officer was taken to a hospital for non-life- threatening injuries. the whole incident is under investigation by fremont police. they have launched an investigation. at this point investigators are
5:34 am
not releasing information about the suspect or the officer. we are hoping fremont police will release more information as the morning progresses. we have had a chance to talk to a neighbor who tells me this area was shut down for hours as police poured over the investigation. part of highway 152 in santa cruz county could be shut down until friday. because of a huge mudslide. it happened over the weekend. take a look at that. people are being asked to take an alternate route. to try to get around that mudslide. still talking about the super bowl. super bowl li. it might be over but we are still talking about that come back by the patriots. >> a lot of people probably turned away from the game. after going into overtime -- we
5:35 am
are live from houston. you were there for the excitement.>> reporter: the sun is starting to rise over houston this morning. i'm not sure if it is doing the same over atlanta. they are going to have a rough go today and probably the rest of the week. until football begins again next summer. this was super bowl li. it had a lot of first -- the first one to go into overtime. in the first one for the head coach and the quarterback got to put a fifth super bowl ring on their hand.>> playing in overtime for the championship -- it doesn't get closer to that. >> reporter: it went into overtime for the first time in history after the patriots came back from the grave. the falcons unable to hold them off. >> penalties and mistakes -- i don't think it was one thing or another.
5:36 am
>> reporter: the falcons were up big in the third quarter. before falling apart. >> we ran out of gas. i can't tell you how hard they battle.>> reporter: the patriots scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter with running back james white scoring the winning touchdown in overtime. >> i don't think -- you are playing with fire if you are trying to manage the clock when you are down 8 points. james ran it in -- it was unbelievable.>> reporter: patriots fans never gave up faith. >> i think belichick told them never give up. >> reporter: atlanta fans can't believe the falcons could not hold on to the victory. >> i'm heartbroken.>> reporter: so heartbreaking for those fans. a heartbreaking moment for tom break after the game.
5:37 am
he said his jersey was stolen. he said he swore he put it in a back inside his locker. it was gone. the culprit was an equipment manager who locked it up for safekeeping.>> smart guy -- thinking ahead. lady gaga thrilled the crowd during the halftime show. she performed several of her biggest hits during the 12 minute high-energy performance. it started out on the roof of nrg stadium. she was lowered down to the stage by cables. she was a vocal supporter of hillary clinton during the election. some people expected her to make a political statement. but she did not. most people in boston were
5:38 am
watching the super bowl, there were a few people working hard creating one of the most popular souvenirs the northeast. talking about the victory t- shirts. they were being made in this printshop. each one is handprinted and has the super bowl li design and the team logo. >> sporting good stores in georgia were expecting high demand for atlanta falcons victory care. especially after they had an early lead. when the patriots had the big comeback, all of the shirts and hats referring to the falcons a super bowl winners had very little value. they will be sent to charities in asia. one of the most talked about commercials during the super bowl -- a came from audi. it highlighted the issue of equal pay. take a look.
5:39 am
>> that add cuts to black -- and white text appears says audi of america is committed to equal pay for equal work. progress is for everyone. febreeze brought some toilet humor to the game. that commercial relates to all football fans. that mad rush you make to the bathroom at halftime. the commercial is getting mixed reviews. some people loved it. others -- not so much. >> what is your favorite part of the super bowl? here are the results. 20% say they like the commercials, 25% say they like the gamecocks 23% like the food and the parties. and the leader right now is the halftime show. 32% of the vote.
5:40 am
it will -- it runs through the rest of the day. we will update those numbers. a u.s. senate vote schedule today on the confirmation of secretary. of education nominee betsy devos. coming up -- what the final decision by come down to vice president mike pence. former 49 president. talks about the future of the team. including the potential new coach kyle shanahan. it is wet out there. approaching the richmond bridge you will seek slow traffic. some light rain this morning but moderate to heavy rain comes in tonight and tuesday. along with a wind advisory.
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football fans are turning attention to the local teams. ports -- the sports director set down with former 49ers president to get his opinion on the team what the future could hold.>> reporter: he is the personification of class, integrity and taste. just like the wine produced on his dutiful estate, in the heart of the napa valley carmen policy only gets better with time. after high-level involvement is -- and professional sports, he has seen it all. particularly with the team close to his heart. the san francisco 49ers. who better to sit down with an asked the most pertinent questions regarding the team then carmen himself? what has happened to this franchise over the past 2 years.>> there is a lack of harmony within the
5:44 am
organization. there is a lack of open communication. some of the people there were not very good communicators. people started getting into each other's way and it became a turf war. it is such a shame that this brand, this franchise is not being maintained to some high degree of acceptability. i feel -- i don't want to say depressed, it is not quite that bad. but i feel pretty forlorn. so carmen, john lynch. no experience as a general manager. yet the 49ers in this precarious position, have decided to go with him. your thoughts? >> i like john lynch. the coach at stanford said, the man has never failed in anything he attempted. steve mariucci made a comment
5:45 am
that really got to me in a very positive way. when they were grilling steve about his experiences dealing with mcmillan who went from being former player, broadcaster -- to general manager. i think everybody would agree it was a crash and failure. mariucci said john lynch will listen. a lot better than mcmillan did.>> reporter: kyle shanahan figures to be a better communicator two. someone he is very familiar with.>> we used to see him running around the building before when he was in high school. then he was a ballboy for us. he was always paying attention to what was going on. everyone i talked to said he is very intuitive and intelligent. i have no internal knowledge of the negotiations that were engaged in by the 49ers and kyle shanahan.
5:46 am
i have a feeling john lynch was kyle shanahan's selection. you are not going to have that conflict that you might otherwise have with the young, new coach coming in with no experience whatsoever. facing the old general manager who knows all the answers and who has been through it so often. the situation really has a chance. of coming together and talk the way the 49ers of old came together. i'm excited about it. now that the atlanta falcons season is over, the 49ers can officially talk to assistant coach kyle shanahan about becoming the 49ers new head coach. they have been without a permanent head coach since chip kelly was fired. shanahan would be the fourth head coach in the past 26
5:47 am
months. at a very interesting twist, there are reports the falcons are interested in kelly taking shanahan's job as their offensive coordinator. oakland raiders fan took a step to keep their team in town. they gathered to record a video message for the rigorous management and nfl. >> the group included members of the forever open organization which is dedicated to getting a new stadium built in oakland. organizers say they are solid business reasons for keeping the raiders in the bay area. they are hopeful to put together would be able to put the deal together and keep the raiders in the east bay. worlds are what this morning. steve said there will be a lot of rain today. take an umbrella. it is a little wet in some areas.
5:48 am
the traffic is low no matter what. 580 is stop and go. 205 is also pretty slow this morning coming in to where 580 coming in to where 582 coming in to where 580 205 me. if you were thinking today might be light today, it is not looking that way at least not right now. let's talk about the 880 commute. traffic moving along pretty well. is already pretty slow. the metering lights have been on the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a 10 minute delay before you get onto the bridge. some rain out there -- hit or miss. elizabeth in napa county toward santa cruz. there have been okay a mouse. that is not going to be the case by tomorrow and on thursday. some really heavy rain is coming in.
5:49 am
steady light to moderate rain overnight with almost an inch and three quarters. that is the key -- steady. windy and 51 degrees. some of the rainfall around the santa cruz mountains. canfield 83 100. lexington an inch and a quarter. morgan hill -- and other end. morgan hill this is their year. there are certain areas that are relentless. morgan hill is one of them. clouds and light rain -- pick up tonight and tomorrow. a wind advisory at 9 pm. tomorrow some heavy rain. breezy and then clearing. another system thursday and friday. right now it looks like the weekend we will get a break. it does look like we will get a break -- until then they are lined up. they are aimed at us.
5:50 am
we have tonight, tomorrow and maybe a break on wednesday. another system on thursday. the moisture continues to stream across. these are met latitude systems. they hold a lot of moisture. from santa clarita valley, santa cruz mountains -- and the higher elevation on the peninsula. not a lot in marin county. a little bit around fairfield. also into crockett and cordelia. also into account -- napa county. not much in lake county. it is getting there. 50s on the temperatures to almost 50 degrees. you can look at that on your big 85 inch tv. it is impressive. that is going to cause problems. the ground is saying i have had enough.
5:51 am
it is not going to get a break until friday. wind and rain coming back in tonight and tomorrow. there will still be some into wednesday. the next system is thursday and friday. right now the weekend looks good. there are signs of heavy rain 10 days out. we are looking closely at saturday -- the chinese new year parade. it does look okay. that is good news. that is a huge celebration. a warning this morning about a growing email scam involving w-2 tax forms. what the scammers are doing to convince people to give them their personal information.
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the irs is warning employers about a scam. the scammers send a fake email pretending to be a high-level executive requesting information about employees w-2 forms. previously, the scam targeted corporations. now they are going after school district. tribal organizations and
5:55 am
nonprofits. police in san jose looking for a hit and run driver who seriously injured a man changing a tire on interstate 280. it happened yesterday morning. police say the victim has stopped on the right-hand shoulder and was changing his left front tire when he was hit. the suspect's car in 2006-2013 red toyota corolla. it has damage on the right front bumper and defender. a witness help them find a suspected arson is who said it parked car on fire in oakland. it was found engulfed in flames. yesterday morning. chp says a witness help them find and arrest 20-year-old josi . he was booked on several charges including arson. investigators are trying to find the owner of a car in figure out why it was set on
5:56 am
fire. president. trump does not know how his travel ban will affect the chances of the us hosting the olympics. los angelos is one of the cities competing. in a recent radio interview, president. trump said he would love to see los angeles get the olympics. he does not know if the travel ban will make it harder to get the bid. the host city announced in september. tom brady dedicated his super bowl victory to his mother. leading up to the game he had an emotional week. his mother has been battling in illness for the past year and a half. she is not been able to attend any of the games during the season. she did get to the super bowl. brady said she is the one i want to trent 84. a big legal showdown that a federal appeals court in san francisco over president. trump's travel ban. how dozens of tech companies
5:57 am
are getting involved. and epic super bowl victory, the historic comeback for the new england patriots the stunned football fans. we see traffic is going to be okay in san jose along northbound 280. not a bad commute getting into the silicon valley. some rain out there. it will pick up tonight. there is also more rain them rest of the week. the numbers are coming up.
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the legal battle over pres.'s trump's travel ban comes to san francisco. where the issue stands right now and what the ninth circuit court will have to decide in the coming days. new england patriots once again the super bowl champs. a look at the epic comeback that led to the defeat of the atlanta falcons.
6:00 am
so nice to start the day with santana. a little hazy out there. probably come some rain. we have a lot of rain this morning. it is a little bit like. but it will get heavier as the evening commute approaches. we will have rain with us all week. don't forget about -- >> it is light rain outside the studio. the roads are wet so be careful. steve paulson will tell you the rest. it is going to pick up. we have a wind advisory tonight. some of the rain is steady support santa cruz mountains. everybody will be in on the moisture. it goes across the pacific. next front coming in will be


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