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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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workers mobilize the oroville dam to try to sure up a local spillway to prevent a catastrophic failure. this is a major thing. this is a collapse of the hillside to the left side of the dam. it's not the dam itself, but a blast to the hillside. the left side of the dam could cause the river to go down. everybody is going to panic right now. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. tonight all eyes on that emergency spillway there in the oroville dam. the situation has been changing throughout the day. >> let's bring you up to date on the developing story. an estimated 130,000 people are under evacuation orders tonight after officials warned of an impending failure of an
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emergency spillway. that extended beyond butte county and extended into yuma county. people are urged to move to higher ground. >> to give you an idea of where lake oroville is, it is at capacity sitting about 25 miles southeast of chico. the dam is the nation's tallest. it was completed back in 1968 and can store as much as 3.5 million acre feet of water. >> we are waiting for a live news conference in oroville from department of water supervisor officials and the butte county sheriff to bring us up to date scheduled to begin at 9:00 tonight and then pushed back to 10:00 tonight. it still has not started. as soon as it does we will go there live to get the very latest on what's happening at the dam. in the meantime we want to go to monte francis who has developing stories. >> reporter: heather and ken we
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know this is a ten -- this is a potentially dangerous storm. we are trying to figure out the degree of it. 130,000 people under evacuation in three counties. traffic is a mess. cars are lined up for hours on highway 99 as people try to escape to higher ground. an evacuation order was set for 320. evacuations have been under six hours. the 16,000 people whony oroville have been told toes cape to chico -- told to escape to chico, which is about 30 miles away. people will need to make use of the emergency evacuation centers. also we understand inmates at the butte county jail are being relocated to other jails as a precaution. now as for the dam itself we have to stress the experts say the oroville dam itself is not in danger of failing, that it is structurally sound. it's the emergency spillway, which could fail and cause a huge rush of water to surge
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into the river and possibly flood those communities downstream. now there are two spillways. the large concrete spillway, which is used all the time and the emergency spillway, which is basically just an opening over a hillside of rocks and trees. that spillway was used this weekend for the first time since the dam was built in 1968 because the reservoir was so full. now last week engineers found a hole in the concrete spillway. that was the first problem. now they found a hole in the energy spillway and that is what's causing all the concern. since it has never been used before they don't really know what to expect. now the butte county sheriff said tonight they do have a plan in place to prevent the emergency spillway from collapsing. it involves dropping bags of rocks from helicopters into the crevice to prevent the spillway from breaking. as the sheriff described this hole it has developed near the lower edge of the emergency spillway and slowly eroding back towards the top at what he described as a significant
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rate. the good news is the rate of erosion has apparently flowed. at last check the water is not going over the emergency spillway, but the lake is still listed at 100% capacity, so the threat is certainly not over for people who live downstream. heather and ken? >> well the rain stopped a couple of days ago. so why is the reservoir full and spilling over? or it was spilling over just a short time ago. >> reporter: one of the reasons was last week when they were looking at that hole they had to stop the concrete spillway from operating, so they would have time to look at it. as they were doing that, that took quite a bit of time. the reservoir continued to fill up, ken. >> so monte, has anyone given a new estimate as to when that emergency spillway might fail as you had mentioned there in your piece? the evacuation orders kind of came out about six hours ago. has there been any updates since then?
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>> no. there are a lot of agencies looking at this. right now we just don't know. we are waiting to hear that information. >> all right we'll be checking back in with you throughout the hour as we continue to monitor these changing developments in oroville. thank you. the california office of emergency services is now swarming with people. the cal oes activated the state operation center there in sacramento to coordinate a response to the emergency happening in butte county. employees were called in to help state agencies manage the possibility of the spillway failure and also help communities under those evacuation orders. >> as we mentioned thousands of people are being flown to butte, yuma, and sutter counties including several downstream communities in butte county, also including marysville and yuba city. ktvu azenith smith is live in one of the evacuation centers. that's at silver dollar fairgrounds in chico. azenith, i imagine there's a lot of anxiety and fear and
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worry there tonight. >> reporter: yes, there is. a lot of people tried to book hotels tonight, but it just didn't happen. that's why they are here. i want to show you there has been a steady stream of cars coming in. people are trickling in, the red cross is anticipating more than 1,000 people who will stay here tonight. and the parking lot, i can tell you it is just full. the majority of these folks are coming from oroville and grizzly. these are one of the five evacuation centers set up in chico. 75 volunteers are here. they have set up cots, providing evacuees with food, water, medical services, also taking care of their pets and animals. a lot of families are camping out in their cars tonight including carolyn jackson and her four children. we met with their hands full of pizza. right now we're going to go ahead and go live to a presser with the butte county sheriff's office to give you the very latest on this ongoing situation. >> it is just dropping the
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puck. >> 5-0, 50 feet. we will continue to do that, that's great. that will help us in trying to accomplish something here. again we are dealing with mother nature and a very dynamic situation that is ongoing and moving. so we're dealing with some soil erosion that is taking place on the emergency spillway. that is why we have upped the -- we have increased our water over the main spillway to 170,000. so we didn't have anymore water coming over the top of the emergency spillway. that is the goal. because when we have water coming over the top of the emergency spillway it was beginning to erode the ground, right. when you start to erode the ground and the dirt and everything else starts to roll off the hill it starts to undermine itself. when it is doing that, it will start working its way back towards the emergency spillway that portion of it. that has nothing to do with the dam itself, the large portion of it. but if that is not addressed
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and we don't take care of it and mitigate it properly essentially what we're looking at is approximately a 30-foot wall of water that would be coming out of the lake. not the drain, but a 30-foot wall of water. that is why we took the appropriate measures we did in implementing the evacuation process. so a couple of quick things i will also share with you. currently right now these are the numbers i can share with all of you. in butte county we're looking at 35,000 residents under evacuation order. in yuba county we're looking at 65,000 under the evacuation order. yuba city, 76,000 under evacuation warning. marysville city is 12,000. okay? >> thank you, chief. >> from the moment -- we will bring up the director from the
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water department of resources to make a comment. i do want to say this. we have been getting questions from various media sources asking whether or not there has been shots fired in any of the cities we have evacuated to tell you i have spoken to chief bill from the oroville police department and he assures me there is no investigation. we think the rumor about that probably stems from the fact that near the beginning of this incident when we began to talk about evacuations, an individual broke into a business. there is no indication that criminal act was motivated by anything related to this incident. i also spoke to the chief, chief michael brian of the
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chief of police department. he assures me there is no rioting or lewding or anything of that nature going on in chico. he has plenty of law enforcement officers in the city of chico to ensure peace is being kept. i think that any time you take on a situation like this where you seek to evacuation thousands of people on very short notice, it can be a chaotic situation. we understand that. but based on the reports i have been receiving to this point, things have been going fairly well taking account how chaotic and difficult this situation is to begin with. i take an opportunity to invite chief ryan hubbs to tell you about what's going on in chico
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in terms of evacuations. but at this point our evacuations are continuing, we are moving into the situation where we have law enforcement resources, law enforcement resources patrolling the various areas that have been evacuated to ensure the community is safe and those places are secure. chief? >> thank you, sheriff. as was mentioned my name is michael, i'm the chief of police in the city of chico. i do want to provide an update on the shelter situation. not only in chico, but elsewhere in butte county. right now we have shelters open in the following locations at camel lot in paradise 1985 clark road. the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico is at capacity. we are not taking anymore evacuees there. the cma paradise alliance church is open. and that's on park road and
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paradise. that is 1100 elk lane. that's off of clark road. the neighborhood church in chico 2801 liberty boulevard is also open for evacwees. the glenn county fairgrounds in glenn county is also open. the safe john's church in chico 2341 floral avenue. also open as well as the paradise location opened for evacuees as well. this is the fluid situation. that will occur and being evaluated. i would provide that information as it becomes available or necessary. and most of the hotels in chico are full, not all. so if there is anyone who wants
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to watch them, i would suggest make a phone call for the most and chico is full. >> thank you, chief. we were also aware of the fact that any time you try to evacuate a large number of people in a short period of time that could cause problems with the road ways. i have the commander of the oroville office with ch -- with the chp to give us more information on that. >> thank you. i'm the commander of the oroville chp area. and to give you a quick report on the conditions as far as the roadways and the closures. i'll start at the top with the -- we have a closure at
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sr70 at 191. we have a closure on the 70 at 149. and we also have a closure on 99 in marysville area. the southern area. 99 at 20th. and again on the south end of the closure up i-70 and 18th street. and another one on 70 and woodruff to prevent traffic coming in from the east and to continue north. but as far as our exit routes we are still encouraging traffic and people that are leaving the area to continue to update their northbound 99 or onto 70. thank you. >> since we last talked at
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9:00, we may have gotten misinformation. but i think this is covered by chief watson. but one of the significant things that has happened and i'm thankful for is the efforts by vwr to lower the lake level by utilizing the spillway to reduce the water. it has been affected. and now there is no more water going over the emergency spillway. that is a very positive thing at this point as you also heard although it brings some stability to the situation. there is still a lot of unknowns. we need to continue to lower the lake level. and we need to give the department of water resources time to thoroughly evaluate the
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situation so that we can make decisions as to whether or not it is safe to repopulate areas. i can tell you that we have staff looking at the various areas that evacuations have been ordered in. and making a determination based on the veteran analysis based to what areas are clearly in danger and what areas may be less vulnerable. but that analysis still needs to be done, so we are going to continue in our current status until we have some better information about whether or not it is safe to bring people back in. with that i'd like to invite director bill crow up from the department of water resources to give us a subject matter expert on this to give us a better idea of what the current status is.
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>> thank you, sheriff. my name is bill coyle, the acting director of the california department of water resources. so tonight to confirm is there any judgments to the structure up to 100,000 acres allowed. the departments who would call for more water faster to take the head off the top of the emergency spillway. and the idea behind that tragedy was to reduce the erosion, we thought the erosions of this site is turning to water. and with the resources and the two county sheriffs, we have been able to visually inspect that area for tonight. so we have some things we want to make sure we get back into the morning and address those
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more, you know, specifically on the ground with our resources. we've had a chance to develop our contingency plan. and we will look at our resources that are being brought into the area to address the concerns. one of the things we are really sensitive to is the condition of the existing, but damage flood control structure we've been working on for this week. and our unified structure with a number of agencies is an expert that has been brought in to address the monitoring of the evaluations or the current conditions. and it will allow you to address some of the things that are coming up. one of the key things for us, we need to what we say, you know, evacuate some of the waters that are behind that reservoir to get ready for the farm. right now the in flow for the
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reservoir is 40,000. we are discharging 100,000. so again we are making additional flood control storage. but we need to do that for a length of time so we can make room for the anticipated group this week. if we can keep the discharge rate up and not compromise the flood control structure, then they will do it. if we could do that for a day we can make out about $1.2 million acres. so we need to get down as indicated earlier almost 50 feet at a river we would normally show you with the snow pack and our current flow condition. one thing i might mention, this is a very wet year. we are very aware of our snow pack and our hydrological conditions. we want to make sure we're looking at everything, whether it is forecast in the condition of our infrastructure to make
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sure we're doing everything we can to make sure that operates and protects the public. i think with our multiagency approach we're taking here we are doing that. i think today is an example, it was a tough call to make and the right call to make to protect the public. >> okay, thank you. >> as i told you earlier we have had the commitment of substantial resources from both state and local partners. i've had the opportunity to converse with the governor's office and the emergency of offices this morning to commit their resources. we have chief segura from oes. chief if you would like to provide more information on the resources we have coming. >> good evening. i'm with the governor's office and legislation. i think the sheriff has
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eloquently identified we have been working very close at low -- at the local agencies that are involved. currently there's an example of the law enforcement community here in the county. just over 250 law enforcement officers from different parts of the state are either on scene or currently live to insist in facts for security. and keeping everybody safe for us and as far as you can see the fire in the area. the example is, 13 time ones for the other teams that are currently in route here to assist if necessary. there is additional engine strike teams that have been requested that will assist as well. i think besides the cal-fire regional management team and directly assisting with dwr in
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this system. there is another management team that will be going to a few counties to assist them and we will continue to evaluate the situation not only in butte county, but the surrounding counties. on top of everything else, the other places in the state as well as some issues and the entire resources across the state for the levels are working very closely together to make things as safe and scarce as possible. even though it is not right to think of the red cross for their assistance as well. for that we'll turn it back to the sheriff. >> thank you chief i appreciate that. so folks as you can tell we are still quite early on into the situation. there is still a lot of information yet to be gathered with an analysis to be conducted. we are certainly doing our best to give that information gathered, analyzed, and then
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disseminated in a timely fashion. i certainly appreciate your cooperation and understanding and patience in this particular time. very thankful for them to have the support of a lot of agencies and the community members. especially in this really difficult time. i recognize how tough the situation is on people. i recognize we've had to displace a lot of people. but as you have heard tonight, we needed to do that to ensure the public's safety. and that is the most important thing. that is the fact and the thing we will continue to focus on going forward. i guess a-- is it an erosion or the emergency spillway and repairs to it? >> well, that i would probably
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better defer that to mr. coyle because that is his wheel house. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. water is flowing over the emergency spillway. again we're in the process of doing that detailed analysis. it will take a little while for us to get that done. we need our first flight to evalwait the information. -- to evacuate the information. with some of our consultants we have brought in to address as these little things come up. for instance the hole in the spillway. it will take us a little bit of time to process that with different trades we are looking at to get those tragedies on the implementation plan. we are bringing resources in as we speak to make sure we have
10:25 pm
them on site to be able to pick up the strategy as they would confine to greenwood. >> well it's a dynamic situation. it all depends on the in-flow of the river. if this thing is nice and dry then we could keep it forward. we kind of have a bigger delta to remove more water from the reservoir if we get more wet weather. that means we won't be able to move that much out. the key here we need drier weather or cooler weather. while we release or discharge as much as we can. the key here again we want to maintain the system at a rate that doesn't show the
10:26 pm
degrading. that is very important. we are in it for this past weekend, but we are also in this throughout the wet season. we want to make sure we upgrade and maintain the resources, that's where we want to go in and control it and dismiss it. we'll have to use it again. the idea here is we will continue to try to dig into that reservoir, remove that water, so we can anticipate some of the higher folds. so if you can stay up with the 100,000 cfs you may need to upgrade it up or down. but we may have to reduce it significantly to go in and address any concerns. our goal to get those up as high as we can. if we believe our infrastructure is intact and can take some additional flow we will take advantage of that
10:27 pm
if in our monitoring and technical assessment. so again it's a dynamic situation. we are all make the best decision as possible with the information given. we will continue our briefing to the community here and around the state. it is a wet season throughout the state. so with the resources at the state and their operation center, it has been pretty busy here for the last one. and so this is one of the many things that we are all dealing with. the key for us to maintain those releases. you do that in the flood control panel. the question wasn't asked. but this flow you have is typical for this time of the year. so you have a big inflow. we would bump those flows up and it is within the reporting and the notification process and the channel through the oroville area is about 150,000
10:28 pm
plus. we don't like the press to the edge if we don't have to, but in 1997 we discharged 157,000 into the spillway. it came up pretty close with flooding in and around the valley and we passed water throughout this region, which is not too much trouble. so if you keep these clothes between 75 to 100 and 130, then the flood control system in this region will work. because we can't control that release. and normally in a flood control season we have levels at capacity. so that's what we are working
10:29 pm
with infiltrating right now. >> you've been watching a live news conference from oroville in butte county where officials are talking about what they are trying to do to address the concerns of the safety of the oroville dam after the water was going over the emergency spillway and now we have new numbers. 188,000 people have been evacuated because of concerns about the safety of the dam. >> yeah, so we want to show you just how quickly this whole situation changed this afternoon. take a look at the department of water resources' twitter page from this afternoon. just before 2:00 p.m. the agency tweeted the picture of the spillway. the one everyone is keeping an eye on saying the situation has stabilized. that happened as of 11:00 a.m. this morning. >> but less than three hours later the emergency tweeted the spillway was predicted to fail. >> at 6:50 tonight the department tweeted they planned to use helicopters to drop those boulders to fill in the erosion. you just heard them talking
10:30 pm
about it there in the emergency spillway. all right so it is really sort of a race against time. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. because the concern right now it appears as though the threat, at least immediate threat has lessened a bit. but boy we've got more rain coming on later this week? >> yeah, i have already looked at the forecast. a series of storms, potentially four storms over the next week or so. as far as water levels it is such a delicate balance as you want to push it out. once again all the same areas that are shaded in red this area is under a flash flood warning out towards oroville and gidley. that flood warning is in effect until monday as they try to get the spillway worked on. coming closer and closer you get the lay out with lake oroville. it is closer to oroville pushing the maps to the south
10:31 pm
here. as you can see the the river and that sets up and moves to the south. that could be a big concern for the levies here and the low level areas. and with that the flooding is a big concern downstream as well and closer to ewe baa city and mary -- yuba city and marysville as well and right around this region to the state. now as far as layout once again these are pictures snapped earlier today. i actually grabbed it from the chopper shot. you can see the main spillway that's flowing and then auxiliary -- and then the auxiliary flowway. this is just on thursday and friday they were setting it up. this was the case for today, the flow rate has been increasing as well. thankfully water levels have
10:32 pm
been coming down. it was below the erosion. as you heard that could be a wall of water if this were to collapse underneath with the erosion that would set up the stage for basically a hillside to come down and with that the disturbing amounts of water, the excessive amounts of water that could be pushing into the area from that spillway. so in order to combat that you can see once again this is a chopper shop from earlier today. this is the main spillway to take away from some of the stress they would increase the flow there. so earlier today it was about 595,000 cfs. the water levels have been coming down a bit and less stress on the spillway that is a concern earlier today and a big concern as well. it is coming closer to show you the mapping system for oroville and the water levels have been slowly coming down as they increased the flow from the main spillway. so 10:00 this morning it was a 902 feet at last check 10:00 p.m. a few minutes ago 900 feet.
10:33 pm
so coming down it does not sound like a lot, but two feet heading in the right direction and the key is taking away some of the stress from the emergency spillway and hopefully they would keep it at that rate to get more of that water out. but of course the weather is not going to cooperate at least over the next week or so. but the short term is looking pretty good by thursday and friday and saturday things could be changing rapidly. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you how -- thank you so much. the headline coming out of the news conference just moments ago as you saw here on ktvu and some stability in this situation no more water flowing over that emergency spillway near the oroville dam. we will have more coverage when we come right back.
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somewhere angry they only got an hour's notice from emergency officials. the spillway at the dam could fail causing major flooding. so far that spillway has held as you just heard. a flood warning still in effect along the flood river until 4:15 tomorrow afternoon. >> these evacuations come after a frantic effort to try to prevent flooding from lake oroville about 75 miles north of sacramento. the lake's concrete spillway
10:36 pm
was damaged earlier last week, which triggered small releases down this emergency spillway we are talking about, showing signs of weakness. >> all right, monte francis has been following the latest. the second largest reservoir in the state. they are really doing a good job so far of reducing the level of the lakes. >> that's right. the most important thing, water is no longer running over the emergency spillway. the reason for it they increased the release of water on the main spillway and their goal is to get the level of the lakes down by 50 feet, which will mitigate the dangers of the emergency spillway collapsing. meanwhile with the total of 188,000 people under evacuation in three counties and that is a new number we just learned. traffic is a mess. cars are lined up for miles on highway 70 through oroville and highway 99 as people would try to escape to higher ground.
10:37 pm
the highway patrol also announced within the last hour a number of road closures. as for the dam itself we have to stress again experts say the oroville dam is not in danger of failing itself, but it is structurally sound. officials said tonight they do have a plan in place to revent the emergency spillway from collapsing and it involves dropping bags of rocks from helicopters into the crevice as a way of preventing erosion and preventing the emergency spillway from breaking. now if that emergency spillway fails, the commander said the results could be catastrophic. >> if that is not address and we don't take care of that to mitigate it properly essentially what we're looking at is a 30-foot wall of water that will be coming out of the lake. not the drain, but the 30-foot wall of water. that is why we would take the appropriate measures we did and the sheriff did and to submit the evacuation process. that we would have going. >> as the sheriff described the holiday developed over the lower edge of the spillway and
10:38 pm
to slow down the eroding back towards the top of what he calls a significant rate. the good news is the rate of erosion has flooded up. again the water is not coming over the emergency spillway. so that is a bit of good news. the sheriff also said he wanted to dispel rumors that there was lewding going on for some of the cities and the evacuations are underway. they said there was one report of a robbery, which is how that rumor got started. heather and ken? >> all right, thank you so much we are monitoring the latest developments. we appreciate it. we want to head back to ktvu azenith smith who is live there at the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico. if i heard right azenith, officials are now saying that particular evacuation has reached capacity. >> reporter: well heather, i wanted to clarify that because i also just checked in with the american red cross and they wanted to clarify that this has not reached capacity. in fact they are expecting a thousand more cots within the hour. they are anticipating the help of more than 1,300 people.
10:39 pm
so no it has not reached capacity and they are not turning evacuees away. we did find some people. one person is sleeping outside with emergency personnel milling around. people are coming in with their blankets. a lot of uncertainty. everyone is hoping this situation will get better quickly. in talking with authorities, i'm told some families came here on the verge of tears. they are afraid they are going to lose their homes. the parking lot is just full. many families are sleeping in their cars. now this is one of five evacuation shelters the red cross has set up in chico. more than 75 volunteers. they set up cots and they also provided evacuees with food, water, medical services, and they are also taking care of pets and animals. a lot of families are camping out in their cars and that includes a family carolyn jackson and her four children from oroville. i spoke to her. she said they received a reverse 911 call and evacuated
10:40 pm
around 5:00 this evening from their home of six years. they packed warm clothes, loaded all the children, their three dogs, their gecko and they are sleeping in their heavy malibu. >> it is pretty nerve recking to know everything could be washed away at any time. the important thing is we're safe here. >> reporter: it's the oroville dam. i received an emergency call at noon today and they said everything is fine. it is under control and then boom it just happened really fast. at least for us. >> reporter: and the american red cross spokeswoman who i talked to said they held fast about the situation and how fast people are coming here. highway 70 was jammed. folks were heading out of oroville around 6:00 this evening. at this point in talking to
10:41 pm
some of the folks out here, everyone is taking everything in strive. i'm told people tried to book motels here in the area of chico with no luck. those are all full. again i want to clarify they are not turning evacuees away, expecting more cots to come in. again i'm at the silver fair county fairgrounds tonight. >> live in chico. as the cal-fire officials told us earlier in the news conference 35,000 people just in butte county have been evacuated. that's a lot of people to go to just one fairgrounds for instance. so churches and other facilities, the elks lodges have opened up their doors. >> at least eight evacuation centers in chico. all right, a local search and rescue team is also on their way north. >> all right, chief, i understand you have mobilized your urban search and rescue teams. are they on the road right now? >> yeah ken and heather they left here about half an hour ago. they're on the roads.
10:42 pm
we have 15 personnel, three boats, and two power water crafts or jet skis along with some of our drone operators. we have four drones on board as well. >> what are they doing and where are they going? >> right now they're suppose to be going up to chico. i was watching the traffic report. they're going to shoot up five and come across from that side. but we will see if we get new orders on where they may need to go based upon the traffic problems that are coming up from oroville. >> yeah, so given what has happened since the last time that we spoke and that the situation at least right now seems to stabilize a bit. will your role sort of shift a bit? >> well we will watch and see what the state has asked. again we have them on standby. that would be the ideal situation for everybody. and you know it is no different
10:43 pm
than a fire. we hope it doesn't happen. but the governor's office and the state has leaned forward pretty aggressively. and we will be in position within four to five hours. so if things would work for them to get worse or god forbid something did happen they will be in position to go to work if necessary. and you know a lot of the times like they would do with katrina and a couple of the helicopters. that is probably our best mode of transport if the roadways are inundated as well. >> we are almost out of time, chief. real quick. if you get up there and it looks like things are going away as they are suppose to and the water levels were dropped, we still have thursday or so when the next rounds of rain are coming to the area. do you expect you're going to have your people up there at least until the rain starts to determine which direction things are going? >> yeah, i'm going to leave that up to the state. right now they're always
10:44 pm
committed up to a 14-day mission. we will see what happens. if they need us there we will stay there. if they don't they will cut us loose, but we have a lot of winter ahead of us. so everybody knows we do have water assets from last year at normal park fire districts. we're prepared for deeper waters as well. we have boats here and people operate them. >> certainly makes sense to have those resources there a little bit closer if in fact something does happen. chief thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. i wish you and that cross-suit best of luck as they head up north. >> all right, we're going to take a quick break and be right back. stay with us.
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it was the first launch by north cree -- missile launch by north korea. they launch add ballistic missile today as president trump hosted the japanese prime minister at mr. trump's florida
10:47 pm
resort. that missile landed in the sea, but the show of force comes after the two leaders urged north korea on friday to abandon its missile programs and to refrain from aggressive military activity. >> north korea's missile launch is absolutely untolerable. north korea must fully comply with the u.n. security council resolutions. >> president trump has vowed to get tough on north korea. his administration is considering a response to the missile launch that may involve new sanctions and an increase in military assets in and around the korean peninsula. >> an estimated 20,000 people marched today in mexico city demanding respect for their country. the marchers protested mr. trump's plans for a wall along the u.s./mexico border and increased deportations of immigrants. mexicans have gone for a unity in facing the challenge. one of the banners read gracias
10:48 pm
trump for unifying mexico. several other marches were held in other cities. thousands gathered to demand the resignation of their nation's leadership. determine -- demonstrators used lights from their phones to create a huge armenian flag. the justice minister resigned last week following widespread outrage over an emergency ordinance that demonstrators say would weaken efforts to fight corruption. in weather thankfully we have a break for this weekend and over the next few days of the storms that will reopen by next thursday. we want to update you on the flood warnings out in butte county. the whole area shaded in red is
10:49 pm
the flood warning. it just depends on what happens with the repairs. once again there's lake oroville and the river. with that the river flow is going to bring up at least the increase of outputs from the lake. we expecting water level -- we are expecting the water levels to really go up. we are concerned about these levels here, especially the levy system, which is very weak. we will come in closer and you can see the river zigzagging with this portion across the state. a lot of water is zigzagging to the south. so be watching out for that over the next few days, potentially with more problems, but it all depends on what happens as they try to manage the water problems out there. today we had a few clouds out there, but still a dry weekend. those high clouds are pushing back for the bay area tonight and also into your monday. speaking of the rainfall you've been hearing about this. here is the projection over northern california north of oroville over the next seven days. these numbers will probably change quite a bit, but probably three, four, approaching five inches of
10:50 pm
rainfall if you are talking about a series of storms that will impact northern california. tomorrow though it will be dry. it is picking up on a few of the high clouds and we will hold on to that until monday. by the afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 50s to the 60s. so we had a break over the weekend and it will continue for tomorrow for your monday with increasing high clouds. thursday's storm number one moves into the region, primarily thursday morning. another one behind it as you can't see store number two. the latest forecast models will bring in the snowfall for the morning hours of friday and possibly beyond that we will be talking about more rainfall as well and in terms of the exact intensity and the timing of this and the first ones coming on board thursday and once again for friday. here is friday and then thursday afternoon we would get a break. thursday at 4:00 p.m.
10:51 pm
and then things will redevelop on friday as it is essentially covering the entire bay area. over the weekend possibly more rainfall into saturday, but the latest forecast models have been adjusted just a little bit backing off over the weekend system. but still a lot could change between now and then and no matter what we're expecting significant rainfall over the next seven days. you can't see it here with the expectations. about an inch and a half could be topping two inches in santa rosa and up along the north coast nearly three and a half towards eureka. so tomorrow we are expecting temperatures to be in the upper 50s to the 60s. it will be dry with some scattered high clouds. most areas in the 60s. partly sunny skies for your tuesday with a chance far light sprinkle. nothing to worry about by wednesday. thankfully that system will be a quick mover for the morning hours. then friday rainfall could redevelop. for the weekend we will take the chances right now because of the latest update that's going back and forth, but still they plan on those rain clouds
10:52 pm
for saturday and sunday. with this oroville deal, it is just amazing, the term perfect storm comes to mind. monday night and tuesday we would have an atmospheric river set up. they actually needed to shut down the operations of the main spillway on tuesday because they thought it was damaged. so you get that very strong storm in addition to you can't put any water out that really set them up. >> it looks like they turned a corner hoping for something. >> definitely, thanks, mark. up next more coverage from butte county. a little bit on the rise tonight over that energy spillway there is oroville. so the very latest when we come back.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
they will assess the situation. the the dam officials have taken some of the pressure off the spillway, which is holding so far. a flood warning is in place until at least 4:15 tomorrow afternoon. >> about 180,000 people are affected by the issues. we'll have the very latest, which starts at 4:00 tomorrow morning. you can check everything out, but a nice dicey situation. but still thousands of people have been evacuated and we'll wait to see when they would go back home. >> the real concern is the rain coming up later this week. >> yeah, tomorrow still a break and tuesday as well. >> thanks, mark. all right again our coverage continues in the morning, have a good night everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. this is gus.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of.
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and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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want to know why it costs so much to live at pebble beach? today's pictures would tell the story as they enjoy their victory lap. >> the bottom line is it better than last year? >> the answer to that question might not be known until june, but we've got a sit down with one of the warriors, their four all stars of clay thompson. >> while the big warriors were off, the santa cruz warriors played the largest in d history. new jersey has a devil of a time with e fred burns as the sharks try to end a losing streak. >> jerks d york breaks his media silence on a day that becomes an annual event. no low blows here. sports wrap is next. ouch. yes, it look


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