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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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residents are not tackling this alone. hundreds of volunteers are grabbing gloves and pitching in. >> we want to help, i have 2000 on the mailing list. >> so the volunteers and the city employees hit the neighborhood around 20th street and started filling dumpsters. >> i saw the need and i love my city. i want to help. i have time, i'm not going to sit on the couch. >> help came in forms -- many forms. rick donated money. the city flood victims relief fund is in excess of $500,000. >> i've been watching on the news and i had to do my part. >> the impact is not lost on residents. they are grateful to everyone.
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>> we're getting to connect because we're all in this together, that's the big, it's really hitting you know. we've had neighbors hit harder than us coming to help. >> the efforts don't make a dent in the damage done, so many volunteers say they will be back again tomorrow. >> wanted to flood the city with love and make a difference with our efforts. >> volunteers who want to pitch in can show up at the roosevelt community center between 8:00 and 3:00 tomorrow. they want to branch out to other neighborhoods. >> this is a perfect example of how disasters bring out the best in people. are you surprised about what you're seeing down there? >> not at all.
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that's something i say all the time. the worst situations bring out the best in people. in fact, there were people not just from san jose, some from san carlos, cupertino who wanted to make a difference. one question near the top of the list for those who's homes have been hit is if the homeowners insurance will cover the losses. we spoke with an insurance agent who said most of the time that's not the case. >> typically with a flood like we've seen, it's not covered under the homeowners policy. it's a separate policy, however you should contact your agent or insurance company if you have damage to see if there's coverage there. >> there is one bright spot for people with cars damaged.
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if you have comprehensive it's likely your insurance will pay for repairing or replacing the car. everyone is concerned with the possibility of rain. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. >> there will be a few sprinkles but not the atmosphere river. >> is my mic working. >> it's on. >> should we come back? >> we're going to get the mic problem fixed. >> in the meantime, a body discovered near alameda creek has been identified as 18-year- old jayda jenkins. her car crashed on january 21st. a man walking his dogs came across the body last night. it was about 11-miles from where she went off the road.
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this morning the coroner identified the body. the sheriff office notified her parents last night. >> this has been a long two months for her family and for us. we've been invested in this missing case, both professionally and emotionally. more importantly her family has not been able to sleep worrying about where she is. >> an autopsy is done to determine the cause of death. investigators do not believe foul play was involved. a new timetable for president trump border wall. u.s. customs and border protections say bids will go out march 6. border protections will award contracts by mid-
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april. president trump promises that mexico will pay for the wall but speaker ryan expects the president will ask for emergency funding to start construction. this is one of the promises president trump promised to fulfill. the president told cpac he will repeal the affordable care act and get americans off welfare and back to work. >> you finally have a president. >> in a wide ranging speech, president trump promising to fight illegal immigration, rebuild the military and repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're going to save americans from this crisis and give them the access to quality health care. >> but john boehner questioning the president's ability to carry out his promise. >> i shouldn't have called it
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repeal and replace. that won't happen. >> revamping obamacare and other issues are the center piece of republican town halls. >> in a tweet this week president trump accused the so- called angry crowds as planned out liberal activist. >> i'm not a paid protesters. >> today he ripped the media after stories suggesting reince priebus tried to get the fein to speak out against accusations that some of the president's aids were in contact with the russian officials during the election. >> they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use a name. let the name and put out there. >> tension with the media
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spilling over at the white house gaggle where some news outlets were excluded from participating. >> following that speech, reporters from the times, l.a. time -- new york times and cnn barred from joining the briefing. other media outlets boycotted the session. the new york times protested the move and said this has never happened in their long history. dianne feinstein took part in a discussion in san francisco this afternoon which protesters the their best to disrupt. . >> outside the event protesters chanted resist or retire upset at feinstein for approving some
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of the president's cabinet picks. >> i made to work with whomever is director of intelligence and i believe i can. others i have voted no on. when i don't believe they are credentialed, i don't believe they are right for the country at this time and that will continue on. >> feinstein opposed betsy devoss, scott pruitt and jeff sessions. feinstein said her office has received more than 1 million phone calls. earlier this week cameras were rolling as police arrested a student accused of stabbing a principal at a school in berkeley. some wondered why police didn't handcuff him. henry lee spoke to 1 of the officers involved and she had
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an interesting response. >> the student suspected in the case is autistic. the young man allegedly tried to kill the head of his school, the officer treated him with sensitivity and concern. >> you may remember this video shot by ktvu. angel juarez was detained. he's walking freely with this officer near the i-80 free on ram: we asked the officer about her tactics. >> sometimes doing less is more. i wanted to make a connection with him verbally and he was complying. we didn't need to escalate the situation. >> she's one of the first berkeley officers to go through crisis intervention training. >> the big thing to note.
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>> we showed the video to the head of the berkeley police union. the officer took care not to over stimulate him. >> he's cooperative, he's receptive to what the officers say. she said and careful stepping over this and he does. >> it's important to understand we're looking for the best resolution. >> juarez was handcuffed in the police car. the way the police treated juarez belies the violence that took place. juarez lost a job due to be a senses. he was upset, told the administrators i'm going to kill all of you and grabbed a large knife. as this was going on the director locked the door so he couldn't leave the office.
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warren stabbed her twice in the principal victim was stabbed. >> juarez fled with the nine. >> it's 10 to 12 inches in length. when the chp spotted juarez, officers say he no longer had the knife. from there he was taken into custody. >> according to court records juarez said he mew what he did was wrong and showed remorse. he's held without bail. >> that was fascinating hear inning the officer, as far as they knew the person they picked up had stabbed someone and yet sometimes less is more. >> she told me every situation is different. if he was running town the -- down the freeway with a knife that would be a difficulty response -- differ end
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response. $187 billion, that's the amount to pay for california infrastructure improvement. the governor urges quick approval. it may not seem like it. bart says that over all ridership is down compared to last year and that could mean a fare increase could be coming your way. the warning of the rising water hours before the flooding started in san jose. was that warning specific enough. flap
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we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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the city's new chief will be sworn in on monday morning. reducing crime and reforming to determine are among the top priorities. she signed a 2 1/2 year contract. after flooding the week in san jose a war of words between san jose mayor and the water district. >> the impasse centers on an overnighted warning for the potential of flooding. jesse gary is live at coyote creek. how does the water level look now. >> a turn in the weather did the trick. the coyote is back within the banks and the water level is down. there's evidence of the flooding disaster in the trees
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and questions about who knew what and when. >> today san jose mayor offered help and explanations to residents. >> everybody is tired and frustrated after a long and difficult week. >> part of the hardship, questions when they were noticed of trouble and what happened to the information. >> a timeline of e-mails released by the water district -- districted shows a e-mail at 2:47 tuesday about a increase of water flow that could lead to flooding starting at 6:00. by 6:30 firefighters were rescuing the homeless. a staffer with the office of emergency responded she would be back at 5:00 a.m. to check if the city would
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update. >> the critical information and our concern that the rock springs area would, the s area would, the . i think there's a lot of temptation for various folks and different agencies to finger point, it has to stop. this happened in our city we're responsible, i'm responsible as mayor. i'm going to help these families get on their feet. >> the water district indicated the water flow could be handled by the creek. there were mixed messages. with an e-mail this is a miner change in what we're expecting. the creek went over the banks and forcing the fire department
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to rescue scores of residents by boat. >> we're going to have a discussion, what information was conveyed and what wasn't. >> tuesday the mayor will ask the city council to schedule a public hearing so that all information can be released to the public from the mayor that meeting could be held in 2 to 3 weeks. >> are there areas that are still flooded out we're going into the weekend and there's a possibility of rain. that could lead to more flooding. that's always a fear. as jesse mentions we're going into the weekend and there's a
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chance of rain. back to bill to find out. >> it's not even a chance based on the rain we're seeing, it's a cool weather system without the pop the last few systems had. we are -- it's not a half bad weekend. saturday is doable. a few sprinkles. we have a system dropping in here, then a system coming over here, these two systems will linkup over the area and bring us a sprinkle. most of the energy will work its way south. the low migrates down the coast. surface winds were light. cold last night. tonight warmer but chilly and frost possible. even though the cloud cover is out there it will be cold. in san francisco it's 48.
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tomorrow's highs are in the 50s. winds are blowing at napa. sfo are sustained at 14. the winds will flatten out tonight. a beautiful day, especially after all the rain. the weather is a refreshing break. things are drying out. not something to worry about. just maybe put an umbrella in the car and be prepared to dodge the rain drops. you will have frost in the areas. with the light rains valley fog as well. as you look at the fain for -- main forecast. as we go into the evening hours tonight and tomorrow, the clouds will increase and that brings a cooler system in here on saturday. not much of a deal at all. here's saturday morning in san
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francisco. a few stray showers, look at the sky. that's oakland, san francisco, berkeley, fremont. there's lunchtime, you get in the afternoon, showers in the afternoon e ash. that's how -- area, that's how it going to go. it's not a deal breaker, it won't cause flood warnings, in the mountain. snow on the bay area peaks and could drop 3 to 4 inches of snow in upper lake tahoe. >> i had a friend driving to lake tahoe and it's really cold. >> it will be tomorrow morning and the snow levels, mountain hamilton could see snow. >> we would say they're going to get three, 4 inches of snow. >> we would have a hive truck
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-- live truck up there. packed trains morning and night, but bart says over all ridership is down. that could mean fare increases are coming. a jar filled with charity money stolen. the devastating loss that a restaurant in the east bay and the surveillance video. a slew of service changes coming to muni. the new bigger buses that are being added.
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. firefighters rescued a man from understand air train. two train cars had to be separated to get the man out. authorities have not said how the man got on the tracks but he was conscious and breathing. no word on his condition. bart needs more money. ridership is up during commute hours but it slipped during off peak times it's dragging the system down. >> bart trains, they are packed during commute hours. >> you can't get on trains most of the time going down. riding three stations upstream to get a seat on the train.
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>> but rider ship is 5% lower than projected. >> they are talking about projected revenue, that's not actual revenue. >> bart is $5 million in the led for the first half of the fiscal year and projected a 1 5 to $25 million shortfall going forward. one solution could be raising base fares. >> they are cramming us into the trains, taking seats away, we want to get home and sit down and they want more money. >> she sit on the the bart board which does not want the fare hike. >> the voters have given us 3 1/2 billion dollars. there will be a goal innera. >> , golden era. >> they have put a freeze. the board says it needs a long-
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term solution. >> we don't want to punish the riders. >> bart is surveying the riderth on a fix. it could mean allowing for more ads. bart passengers say trim the fat. an investigation revealed a janitor made more than $270,000 in 2015, and there were questions about missed punches on the time cards and what he was doing for hours in a closet. >> today we found 17 homeless people sleeping in a corridor which reeks of urine and feces. >> we cutback in overtime. the stations will be more dirty. >> bart says it will stay that way until they figure out how to increase ridership on the weekends. roads, bridges, spillways,
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the damage to our infrastructure is adding up. >> california infrastructure is in a mess and the governor wants 200000000000 to fixing it. >> if you won the nba championship, would you guys go to the white house? >> mark ibanez posed that to the warriors head coach. hear what steve kerr had to say. flap
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a week after the threat of a flood state authorities say the water is stage. lake oroville is at 79% of capacity. 115% of the historical average of the date. the amount of taj -- damage is mounting. the governor said it will cost $200 billion to fix the damage racked up. tom continues his series with what the governor wants to to with all the money. >> we have our aging infrastructure and it's maxed out. >> the governor proposed 187000000000 to fund improvement needs over the next
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decade. 50000000000to fix water control manage: a half billion dollars for general bond money. the balance of the proposal is 137 billion going to address the deferred maintenance. he wants the funding plan out of the legislature and in place by april to take advantage of the good weather. >> the transportation measure requiring more revenue, more fees, changing the law to allow local jerks dick --, jurisdictions to raise the money. >> he hopes california will get the share of the president's program. and the president is no fan of california, the bluest of blue states. what the governor doesn't get from the feds will come from
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long-term bonds but increased taxes californians would pay. >> we have a civilization we have to pay for it. we have to do more pay as you go. a healthy public expenditure based on taxes. we have to belly up to the bar and spend money. >> there's more to infrastructure than roads and bridges and dams and levees. a lot more. >> this is not an isolated set of problems. it's part of a larger picture. >> one glaring example, pipelines. california has enough miles of pipelines for oil, natural gas, fuel, hazardous materials and water to circle the globe 20 times. almost all buried from sight. as by learned from numerous
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spills. pipelines are vulnerable to ages, earthquake and human error. here to along about schools, airports and other infrastructures, we have to think big. >> big is often feared and sometimes feared can cause -- big can cause big problems. >> deck aids are collecting a bill california infrastructure is the topic of the question of the day. is our underground infratruck your a -- infrastructure a concern to you concern to you
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tell us what you think with the hashtag. ktvu. >> the game didn't mean anything. but it's good to see baseball. madison bumgarner on the mound. the giants played their first spring training game. they won. the a's play their first game tomorrow against the cubs. and while baseball is warming up. basketball is in the stretch run. mark, you sat down with steve kerr. >> it was good. i wanted to compliment you on the highlight reading of the baseball. you have a potential career in that area. >> i wanted to try that. >> you know getting back to business, steve kerr, he has been outspoken with a lot of different thing as have other nba coaches. in my sit down with him i had to ask why he feels the need to
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be so outspoken about the curvet administration. >> the times call for people to speak up. there's a reason why millions and millions of people marched in the women's marches across the country a few days after the inauguration. that doesn't just happen unless people feel passion about injures or what's happening in the world. to me it feels like this is a time when we have to be protective of our fellow citizen and of our country's ideals and people are speaking up and i'm in a position i can speak up. i think it's important for me to do so, and i don't think it's imperative for anyone to do so, that's their right. i happen to have a camera in front of me every day. >> if you won the nba
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championship, would you guys go to the white house? >> don't answer theoretical questions. if we're fortunate to be in that position, ask me thenism you know, as i've said before, transparent guy, always engaging on a number of subjects. he's open. that particular question interested me. >> what's interesting about his response, it's so respectful. he can disagree with the trump administration but says it in a respectful way. that's what i like about him. >> he is pretty much what you see is what you get. he has been critical. >> you can be critical in a respectful way. >> how much do you think steve kerr is responsible for the warriors becoming so good?
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just a couple years ago they were an afterthought. no players wants to come play for the warriors, now it's the team, it's the destination. they -- destination. how much is steve kerr. >> it's a combination. coaches get too much blame and too much credit. he's been fortunate to inherit a talent laden roster. the realm of experience he had as a player, general manager. on the bulls teams with michael jordan, he sees the interaction between gifted players and he's the perfect guy to manage huge egos, you've seen him deal about draymond green, and steph curry and melding them together is not easy. i'm sure there's people going
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steve kerr, he's got the greatest roster in the history of basketball. it's not that easy. he has the basketball acumen on every level. as a general manager. a coach and player and broadcaster and put those together. he's the perfect guy at the perfect time. >> i'm sure he has an ego. you don't gets a successful as him without an ego. he doesn't say i'm better than you. >> no question about it. that's an easy way to describe the warriors organization. from the top down to the guy that pours the gatorade into the cup during the game. they feel they have a voice and they're being heard. he's the perfect guy. they want to be the smartest guy in the room. that culture does not exist
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with the warriors. they want to surround themselves with people with good ideas. >> it felt like jim harbaugh was talking down to the media. >> no question about it. steve kerr is polar opposite from dealing with him from a media point of view. >> are you going to do the sports. >> one of these days let me. >> you let me do news. still to come, just a drop can kill you. one of the world's rarest and deadliest nerve agents was used to assassinate the brother of north korea leader. >> could a crackdown be coming to states that legalize marijuana.
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chemical weapons were used to kill the half brother of kim jong un. two women rubbed vx nerve agent on kim jong nam's face. two women have been arrested and a man is in custody. youth protesters are calling for their government to cut diplomatic ties with north
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korea over the murder. >> malaysia and north korea have not agreed who'll take the body. the trump administration is signaling a change in marijuana even in states where it's legal. sean spicer said he expects to see a crackdown on the use of recreational marijuana. it's not clear where the new policy leaves california and the seven other states that have legalized the recreational use of the drug. >> the day we're allowed to serve adults we'll seven adults. we've taken the preppations we can and are ready to face that
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usic. >> jeff sessions had no comment. in the past he said he opposes legalizing marijuana and would enforce federal hawes. the -- laws. the attorney general of washington state asked a meeting with sessions on the issue. a teenager in anaheim when a off duty l.a.p.d. fired the gun says it shows a lack of training. it was an ongoing dispute between the officer and juveniles walking across the officer's property. the property shot his weapon into the ground. he heard a 13-year-old threaten to shoot him. an attorney said the boy said sue instead of shoot and the officer should not have shoot his weapon. >> there was no necessity for him to pull out his gun. it was no necessity to fire the
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gun. it shows a lack of training by the hpd and she should not be a police officer. >> two teenagers one the stepson of an anaheim police officer were detained the l.a.p.d. officer has not been charged. it seemed like a injury but it was more. >> how to players mother jumped into action and saved her son's life. we have the weekend forcast lined up. a cold morning and a chance of showers, we'll talk all about it. see you in a bit.
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. now the breaking news in oakland, police are investigating a rolling gunbattle in east oakland. sky fox is overhead bringing the live pictures of the scene. you can see the police have blocked off the street. a witness spotted two cars heading south on 280 to international boulevard. police have as you can see shut down traffic in the area. there's no word if anyone has been shot. breaking news in oakland involving a gunbattle. when we get details we'll bring them to you. we're tracking that rain
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that's potential for tomorrow, very light and not a big deal. in the mountains we have snow and plenty of it. snow levels will be low, the ski report, you don't need the ski report. in the drought we'd do the ski report. it would be 28 inches. now it 600 inches. it's a different time. we have so much rain and so much snow. it's a good weekend skiing up there. we've a system up here. this guy will shoot to the south. this will mental over the top -- merge over the top of us. a complex dynamic. neither will push through and create the significant rainfall we've been seeing. cloud cover out there now. the winds are light. that usually makes for a cool night. we'll see frost. right now it's cool.
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48 in san francisco, 51 in walnut creek. if you go to the movies or dinner or what have you it's jackets. it will get cold, in liver more, clayton, the temperature in the 30s. when you leave dinner you're in the 30s. and maybe you can find ice in the weather areas. throw -- wetter areas. >> here's the system. there's tomorrow morning. you saw this drop down and this guy come in. you would think it would go this way. it retro-grades and works south. that's in the afternoon. calling for a slight chance, that's what the model did. on sunday the model interim governments the other way.
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sunday night showers trying to move in, a sprinkle on monday, this is drive by, no big deal stuff. not bad. this week end looks good. 5-day forecast. there's a slight chance. and you can see temperature in the mid-50s in the inland bay valley. a nice respite from all of the weather. from the winter. >> and the last couple days despite the cold have been nice to see the sun. >> you're giving the creeks a chance to go down. when we get rain we'll be able to handle it more readily. feels worse that you're stealing from kids in need. >> a jar filled with money to be donated to a children as hospital stolen. president trump trump escalated his war with the
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national news media. the local reaction after the without blocked news organizations from the press briefing.
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. cutting edge technology meets shear determination on the basketball court. the ucsf training program has
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formed the only organized team of amputees in the country. they play basketball with the help of high-tech prosthetics. today they get ready the talk on the warriors. >> everyone has their circumstances, but if you can figure out how to overcome the circumstances, there's always ways to overcome them. >> that's so great. more than 50 players signed up for the event they lange from seven -- range from 7 to 60. a holster teen nearly died in a soccer game after the ball hit him in the chest. what saved him was thinking from his mom, who's a doctor. she said her son was not going to die that day. >> surrounded by his family at
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stanford's children hospital. the midfelder was struck in the chest by a ball during a soccer game last week. jose knew something wasn't right. >> it felt like i got the wind knocked out of me. after two-steps i couldn't see anything any more. >> his mother is a doctor. she and her husband raced on to the field. >> there was a point where he just stopped breathing, and that's when i was telling someone it was game on. he's not going to die today. we're not going to die today. >> she realized her son was in the midst of the heart attack. when the paramedics arrived she yelled for a defibrillator. >> if not for the cpr and the defibrillator. >> he would have died. >> when he came through, what
5:58 pm
was mom thinking. >> i think i was very happy. >> it feels wonderful. >> the hugs are tighter and the prognosis is very good. one more small test and he will get a 100% clean bill of health and a life says lesson. >> i was happy to be alive. i wanted to play. >> you wanted to jump back in. >> he's definitely on the mend. . against the people that make up stories and make up sources. >> the trump administration waging war on the media, banning news from the briefing.
5:59 pm
>> journalist should be carrying these things. >> good evening. president trump got a hero's welcome in maryland with a rousing speech to the conservative political action. he used the speech to escalate his attacks on the news media. >> i want you to know that we're fighting the fake news. it's fake, phony. fake. >> a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. because they have no sources, they just make 'em up when there are none. >> following the speech several news organizations were blocked from a briefing with the white house press secretary. >> kristina is in the newsroom,
6:00 pm
she was at u.c. berkeley discussing this with journalism students. >> the glad students say this escalates a rocky relationship between the press and the trump administration and some of the news outlets calling it an act of retaliation. >> it's an interesting time. >> at the graduate school of journalist word of media outlets being blocked. >> it's consistent with his tactics. >> i was outraged, we should be the ones covered these things. >> cnn, new york times and a little bit do were -- split do -- poe lit co-were blocked. this is audio from the briefing. >> this


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