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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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billions of -- budget club billions of dollars in spending. renters returning home could be on the hook for thousands of dollars, even as clean up begins. of four on two starts now. monies of people allowed to return home in san jose, but for renter, rent -- renters their trouble may be far from over. building inspectors went through properties in the rock springs and williams street park neighborhoods. people were allowed back into their homes and city city workers are assessing the damage. people can return home, but as
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they return home, tenants and owners alike need to figure out what comes next and is responsible for the clean up. >> reporter: for renters in the rock springs area, figuring out their rights and responsibilities post flood is almost as messy as the cleanup. they are left to wonder, do they have to pay rent on a place at is too damaged to livein, the answer is, maybe, if i live in an apartment that is yellow tagged, you may have sto pay your rent or risk being ee convicted -- to pay your rent or risk being ee convicted. >> -- ee evicted.
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>> we still all grappling what to do and what to advice all of these people who have no place to go, but they risk losing their homes if they do not continue to pay their rent. >> the city has asked lds to give tenants a three month break from paying rent. some are. others are giving just a month. another note, rent cold apartments have the option of working with a mediator to try to figure out a lesser rent. we are told that the utilities are also offering renters a break. i guess, if you are evicted, you do not have to pay the rent but that's a mark on your credit history if you try
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to rent a new place. >> reporter: yes, a lot of these apartments are rent controlled. you know, there is been a shortage of affordable housing units in san jose. so if you lose one here, the likelihood of finding another one is difficult. this is a complicated process but it sounds like it's unfortunate all the way around. the oroville dam habilitation project went into a critical phase today. we have been monitoring the developments at the dam and tom joins us in the news room with more. >> reporter: this is a race against time and nature that cannot be ignored any more. officials want to know how much
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water they can run down this already damaged main spillway without further damaging it. they also want to fix the emergency spillway at the top of the dam and they want to remove the debris pile at the foot of the spill way, a five to seven day job. that allows the dam's hide row electric plant to rae start operations. the dam is critical in keeping the reservoir safe as well. as the hide row power plant uses water, it can release enough water to protect fish habitats. in the meantime, fish rescue crews will poll populations on the river until the flows that
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are more normal. also they want to assure that the reservoir goes no higher than 850 feevment but until all of these things are done. >> our evacuation warning is still in effect. >> reporter: this is frantic work baw in -- because in march, the snow pack will start to melt. >> we need to get 10 to 20 days before the sun gets higher, then we see a typical snow melt. >> reporter: to assess the damage to the spillway, state drones are being deployed. >> if we have to shut down because of a third party drone, that effects the public safety of the first responders and the
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community of oroville. >> reporter: do not forget that the ground is so saturated that anything that comes in as rain goes into the ground. we have dry weather coming our way for the next several days, this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we picked up a little bit of rain in the last 24 hours. the showers lingered this morning and then they were out of here for the rest of the day, san francisco, more than .2 inches. alameda, .16 inches. looking at storm tracker, it's quiet at this time. the sierras have just a few scattered showers, no
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advisories here. for the next few days, we have dry weather. we still have the flood warning in place for clear lake. flood stage is at 9 feet. by wednesday it's still above 9 feet. it's not expected to recede any time soon. minor flooding is continuing in that area. outside our doors, partly cloudy, 53 in san francisco. 56 in oakland, 55 in livermore. it's cool out there. afternoon highs for tomorrow warmer, upper 50s for san francisco. 58 in oakland. 60 for santa rosa and 61 in the south bay. tomorrow is warmer than a warmer day is coming our way for the latter part of the week. i will show you that and the temperatures expected for tomorrow morning. it's going to be chilly for smvment more on this coming up.
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-- that. more on this coming up. people who live near williams road tell ktvu fox news that one of their biggest concerns is emergency services. the roads are closed and responders will have to take a detour. >> it took an hour to get into town yesterday. >> power was knocked out in the area but it's been restored. at this point. contra costa officials said they cannot begin repairs to the road because of a mud slide. >> the new police chief in oakland was sworn in.
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anne kirkpatrick is leading the department now. we are live outside of police headquarters with more. >> reporter: the new chief said oakland police are destined for greatness and she hopes they will be a model for policing in america. >> thank you, great layingses, you are the new police chief. >> reporter: anne kirkpatrick was sworn in monday. she wasted no time in sharing her top priorities. my true north is to work with the community, to work with the police department, to work with everyone with one goal, that is to make oakland safe. >> reporter: as she fights crime. she must fight a perception of
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a city in disarray. this month, officers were accused of failing to stop a man before he shot up a neighborhood. >> there is an evolution of thought and culture. if you want to change a culture you have to change the thinking. >> reporter: the any chief was greeted by high ringing officers, bay area police chiefs and mayor libby schaaf. >> we chose you for your character, leading by example and being unafraid to hold others accountable for ethical conduct. we chose you for your warmth. you are a charmer. >> reporter: the department is
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still under federal oversight. >> i think that she said all of the right things but i think that we have to wait and see and we have to hope for the best, support her where week and hope that she skis. >> -- succeeds. >> i want to see the oakland police department become the super bowl of american policing. >> reporter: the new quarterback will not only about the first female to lead the oakland police department, she's the highest paid top cop ever in oakland. we going to have continuing coverage. next we talk to the man that has taken the oakland police
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department to court and won. later, antisemitism on the rice, there antisemitism on-- rise, there are reports of vandalism at jewish cemeteries across the nation >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt.
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[cryin ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. . chief anne kirkpatrick is taking over the oakland police department. currently that department is in
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the middle of a sex scandal. i am with john burres who has sued the department. >> reporter: what do you want to see from her. >> i would like to see how she communicates with the community and whether or not she can get the department's officers to follow her in a way that allows for them to do a better job crime fighting and to set fourth a mechanism to deal with internal problems. one of the issues that we have always had is that she's scandals come up. they come up because of poor internal controls. they are allowed to continue. she has what a consider a fresh set of eyes on the department. the department has been around for many many years, we have had a lot of issues with the department, some good and some bad. now is an opportunity to go in
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a different direction. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf said there is a macho frat house mentality in the department. if we have a female chief, would that make a difference in the way that male officers have to respond? >> i do not know if that matters. there are female police chiefs all across the country but you have a culture that exists in every department that you have to address. it's going to be a challenge but i do not know if its men not willing to follow. police officers are geared towards following commands. it's her job to get her command staff and officers to believe in what she's trying to do. that's for every chiefs. we have had many chiefs and many of them have not been able
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to take control of the department, hopefully she will not have in a problem. i like to think that the department will not be inhibited. she's got a tough job, any chief in oakland has a tough job. e reporter: she's talked abt thbroken window philosophy, it's like mayor rudy giuliani from new york. if you tackle the small street problems, that's how you make the bigger stuff work. >> i do not buy that. you have contact with people that may not have done anything. one of the big issues that we have in oakland is to deal with the question of racial profiling. people being stopped when they should not be.
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broken windows theory gives the police the impetuous to contact people without probable cause. just because you have a broken window does not mean i should be in a position of stopping and reffing people without just cause. >> reporter: anything within her past to give you a sign, she worked in memphis tennessee. >> she was a police officer there. she was not in the lowp position, she was been a chief in spokane. it's not similar to oakland but you can see how she made decisions. she did some good work around
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spokane. there is always controversy around police work. the question is, how is does she address the problems, oakland is different. she not got that kind of experience but if you have good training and judgment. judgment, you can handle it. also how she deals with the community. >> reporter: we are going to keep an eye out and see how things are going, thank you john for joining us, we will take a break and be right back, stay with us >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break this is gus. gus is a handful.
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we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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. a 28 year old has been identified as the man shot to death on eastbound highway 24 in antioch. the man was pronounced dead at the scene, officers shut down the freeway, back up traffic for miles. >> it's sad. >> it could be me too. >> california highway patrol is asking anyone with information to call them.
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the nfl could reinstate alden smith. he faces charges related to a dui arrest. he is also charged with hit and run and vandalism. he has also been side lined due to violationof the league's substance abuse rules. >> i am just happy that this is behind me and i can enjoy the rest of my life. >> what do you want to say to the fans? >> thank you for your support, raider nation all of the way. >> today's court case was continued until april 24. san rafael police are looking for thieves that stole an atm from a bus terminal. two people drove up to the
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building and broke in. one of them here is in a hoodie. he is dragging a rope or cable tied around the atm. the other end is attached to the car. they yank the machine out of the doors, the amount of money inside of the atm is unknown. more than a dozen jewish community schools were hit with a round of bomb threats. there are no reports of suspicious devices found at the centers or schools. the threats were made by phone. this is the fifth round of bomb scarce reported since the beginning of the year. the latest wave come a day after vandals desecrated a
4:25 pm
jewish cemetery in fill philadelphia -- philadelphia. a campaign is underway to repair the stones. >> reporter: dozens of grave stones desecrated at a jewish cemetery in philadelphia over the weekend. the discovery was made by a relative visiting the grave of a loved one. it's the latest jewish grave site to be targeted. last week 170 head stones were vandalized at a jewish cemetery in missouri. the latest incidents got president donald trump to speak out for the first time, calling them horrible. >> the destruction comes ontop of similar accounts in missouri and threats made to jewish
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centers across the country. the president condemns these acts in the strongest terms. nobody in america should be afraid to follow the religion of their choosing freely and openly. a fi philadelphia -- philadelphia area organization is offering a reward. the mayor of philadelphia said authorities are doing everything in their power to find those responsible. president donald trump proposing a huge boost in defense spending and dramatic cuts elsewhere. we sit down to tom for the republican point of view. >> plus what president donald trump plans to say when he addresses congress tomorrow night. that's next on the four on two >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. . president donald trump is getting ready for his first address before a joint session of congress, today, the white house is sharing some details of what we can expect to hear. this comes as some in congress are calling for an independent investigation between the ties of president donald trump's
4:30 pm
campaign staff and russia. >> this budget will be a public safety and national security budget. >> reporter: speaking to the nation's governors at the white house, president donald trump shared some of the proposals he plans to focus on in his joint speesh to congress tuesday night. he calls for a $54 billion increase in defense spending can the same amount being slashed in other agencies. >> we have to start to win wars again. >> reporter: the budget will include hikes in infrastructure spending. he will also reveal a more detailed plan for reforming the tax code. >> they are in a pickle. the freedom caucus said we want to repeal but not put new money
4:31 pm
into this. >> reporter: also there are new questions about the trump administration and russia. president donald trump is calling it fake news as others are demanding an independent investigation. >> the question is whether or not people associated with the campaign clueded with the russians. >> reporter: the trump administration plans to cut the environmental protection agency and also make cuts to the state department while leafing social security and medicare alone. bay area congresswoman barbara lee said there is not much she can support in the budget. >> the budget is morally moral
4:32 pm
bankrupt. you can increasing military spending and hurting working families. >> she said the only silver lining is that medicaid and social security remayor untawched. she hopes that the resistance movement will -- remain untouched. she hopes the resistance movement in stay strong. a final puj proposal will not come -- budget proposal will not come until next month. we have tom in the studio, with the republican position. this is just a beginning, but we are talking about $54 billion for the military. is that significant. >> it's only 10%, it's not
4:33 pm
extreme. think about when president obama pulled back on the budget, things got worse internationally and we wound up spending more money. it happened with south korea. isif you do not stand bold and you pull back, you end up spending more money in the future. >> we have heard that the environmental protection agency will lose funding, is that responsible? >> our governments from the city to federal level spend 34% of the economy. if we pull back a little bit, that's not even a drop in the bucket. if he reduces it by $44 billion, americans will not feel that. >> tomorrow is president donald trump's first address before congress, he is laying out his vision for public safety, tax
4:34 pm
reform and repealing and replacing obama care. >> he is behind where regan was, it's already the end of february and we have not seen the strong legislation needed in the first 100 days, they need real proposals, he is through his executive order phase, now they have to solve problems, they have to clean up the tax code and provide a working healthcare system or set up laws that permit it to work. it's about 10 days too late. he needs strong proposals on tax and obama care. if the economy gets moving again, the background noise goes away and the republicans do well. if they do not fix the problems, they have nobody but themselves to blame. >> give us yo assessment. >> he is behi the curve. the congress needs to come out strong so the economy can get
4:35 pm
moving for everyone. >> thank you tom. up next. mark sits down with the warriors head coach, steve kerr, they talk about the possibility of visiting president donald trump at the white house. >> drier weather a warm up on the way. i will tell you what to expect coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the warriors will not break last season's record of 73 wins but they still have the best record in the nba. mark sat down with the head coach to talk about how the season is going so far. >> i always feel like there is another trick up your sleeve with regards to the offense. do you feel like, maybe there is another gear. >> i always feel like we can get better. that never changes, you can always get better. there is never a team in the history of professional sports that reached the top and said we are operating at 100% capacity. we can get better. that's the goal. get better.
4:39 pm
one of the pleasant surprises was getting to know mcghee. >> we is have a better comfort level. he has been here for five months, he fit in beautifully. he's a wonderful teammate. the guys love to be around him. we got lucky. >> reporter: you were in the background when greene got the technicals and was ejected from the game. you had an amused look on your face, have you reached a point where you understand him. >> every game is different. if he is off in his own world and going to take it upon himself to get thrown out of the game, like he did that game, it was almost like he
4:40 pm
need today start his all star break an hour early. he had had enough. he is a smart basketball player. he would not have made the nba without his competitive streak. down the stretch and especially come playoff time, he has to walk the line. we cannot afford him to cross the line. we need him to go up to the edge, he is that important to us, but he can not go over the line. >> reporter: is it a personal first getting tossed from an nba game. >> i have played on six teams as a player, i was a general manager in phoenix. this is my eighth organization that i have been part of. every one of those teams did
4:41 pm
not get calls all of the time. there are nights when i feel like everything is going against you. you snap. it happened to me. it was probably due, given my ability to go over the edge, my wife could tell you that at home. >> reporter: what was her reaction when you came home. >> she has a quote that she uses, she says be aware of the fury of a patient man, i am a very patient person but if you take me too far, i snap, i lose it. i lost it that night. i was probably die for one of those, i was embarrassed about the language that i used. i apologized, through the league to the referee.
4:42 pm
it was proposal what he -- i said, but i paid for it. it's a competitive business, i snapped. >> reporter: before the reached the apology stage, did you say, that felt good. >> it felt good, i cracked open a beer and watched the game from the locker room, i was looking for a hot dog too. >> reporter: you have been talking about what is going on in the world today. >> the man that is leading you has used racist and insulting words. >> i got positive feedback in the bay, negative feedback from people that do not agree for me, that's fine. i feel like the times call for people to speak up. to me it feels like this is a
4:43 pm
time when we have to be protective of our fellow citizens and our country's ideals, i am in a position where i can speak up. >> reporter: if you won the nba championship, would you guys go to the white house. >> i do not answer theoretical questions, if we are fortunate enough to be in that position, we will hopefully have to make that decision. >> good stuff. lets check in with the weather. >> if you like the dry weather and the warmer weather, i have good news, the two of those are with us for the next several days. we have partly cloudy skies, a bit of residual moisture hanging on. the rainfall amounts, santa rosa, 33 and a half inches of
4:44 pm
rain, napa, 21 inches. san francisco, 17. sfo, 15 inches. some of these numbers are two to three times more than what we typically get during the season for this time of year, this is a lot of rain. livermore 15 inches. concord, 14 and a half. here's a look at storm tracker two. we are on the back end of this system. the sierras continue to see a few scattered showers. we do not have advisories in place. the clear lake area has an advisory. this is the next opportunity for rain, it comes all of the way through sunday. so for the next several days we are dry, for the back end of the week and into the first
4:45 pm
half of the weekend, it's going to feel like spring. temperatures in the 60s to start. upper 60s by thursday and friday. here's the temperatures tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold again, inland commutes, 32. 33 in concord. around the bay, still cool. 38 redwood city. 44 for san francisco. the afternoon highs for tomorrow, warmer than today but still on the consisted side. upper 50s for san francisco. north bay, 60. santa rosa and south bay, 61. 59 for among morgan hill. afternoon highs continue to climb. thursday warm. friday looks like the warmer day, temperatures in the upper 60s under mostly sunny skies,
4:46 pm
we drift on saturday, cooler with an increase in cloud cover. we may see the rain returning by the end of the weekend and temperatures cool off a bit. so chilly morning, mild afternoons, if feels good by thursday and friday. >> all right thank you. frank joins us with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox news at 5:00. >> we just learned the initial estimate of the flood damage in san jose, also an expert tells us that people who live in yellow tagged apartments may have to pay their rent or risk being evicted. >> plus some changes at opd. the first female police chief is sworn in. we talk to her about the challenges of her job and what she sees as her top priermt. >> next, there is never been a better time to be a foodie.
4:47 pm
we talk about the rise of food halls >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. this is not a joke, they read the wrong thing, moonlight has won best picture, moonlight. best picture. >> everyone is still talking about it, last night's astounding blunder at the oscars. today the accounting firm,
4:50 pm
price waterhouse coopers said they apologize for the error that was made. the presenters were given the wrong category envelope. they are investigating how this could have happened and they reimret this occurred. we appreciate the grace with which the nominees nominee handled the situation. some bay area passport centers are seeing longer lines than usual, the rush may be a response to president donald trump's immigration crack down. the administration is expected to issue a any travel ban as soon as tomorrow. >> this is my first time coming here. i wanted to get it done, i got here at 2:00 in the morning.
4:51 pm
i got it down and waited for the passport. people are getting more prepared and they are more away of the situation. >> the postal service said this is coming at a time when many people's passports are expiring. a spokesman said the postal service is looking at ways to help more people. one possibility is opening up a larger passport office. some large retailers have been shutting down and food halls have been popping up. they feature tasty food by local chefs. >> the food halls transport you to different tates. >> reporter: it's good by department stores, hello food halls, the trend is popping up
4:52 pm
in cities like detroit and nashville. this as retailers struggle to hang on and a new 10 ent is taking their place. >> you can find -- tenet is taking their place. >> you can finda food hall in most major city. >> you get to feel the lucksy of going out to eat but it's casual. >> -- luxury of going out to eat but it's casual. >> they are able to innovate with less capitol in a stall within the food hall. >> they are bringing in celebrity chefs too. >> they are allowed to experiment with a new concept
4:53 pm
and the foodie gets to benefit. >> reporter: outside of dallas, a 55,000 square food food hall is expected to open in the fall. >> food is a major anchor tenet in the malls. >> no signs of the boom slowing down in new york city. later this year, a tv food star is planning to open one near the high line park. when you are playing a friendly pickup game of tennis it's not unusual to hear, i got next. but what if is one of the best players in the world. that's what happened last night when serena williams was walking through mission park.
4:54 pm
she posted this video on snapchat where she took a few swings for fun. >> you never know what is going to happen. >> she did not play the full set because she said she did not have the proper shoes. >> what a nice surprise. >> still to come, an update on the fight against isis. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. anthropologists are using drones to find buried bodies. a camera on the bottom of a drone can help find bod -- bodies that have been buried. now to the latest on the fight against isis. gym mat mat presented the white house a plan to rapidly defeat the islamic state. it can increase united states military involvement in syria, this comes as iraqi forces encounter intense resistance in
4:58 pm
the city of mosul. >> reporter: iraqi forces push deeper into mosul. one of the city's five bridges. >> we are close to the fourth bridge, the advance is ongoing. we killed the snipers and you can see their bodies. >> reporter: the battle for mow mosul is -- mosul is expected to be the most difficult so far. >> a mortar full on us causing a blur of dust. then i saw my children and neighbor were wounded. >> reporter: the number of civilians fleeing the clashes is expected to increase. the un estimates that there are still 750,000 civilians trapped inside of the city.
4:59 pm
>> most of the people that arrived are wounded by isis. we need help from i want national humanitarian organizations. >> we were scared and frightened, we left everything behind. thank you. ktvu fox news at 5:00 starts now. i am not a quitter. there is not going to be a quit in me, even when there are challenges. >> the first female police chief in oakland will face challenges as she is sworn in today and takes charge of the embattled department. good evening, the new chief, anne kirkpatrick was sworn in today. she's in charge of a department
5:00 pm
reeling from a scandal involving officers and an underage sex worker. >> reporter: the new chief said she's a pioneer that wants to restore nobility to law enforcement. she's getting that chance, trying to fix the department's reputation. >> thank you, and congratulations, you are the new chief the police for oakland. >> reporter: anne kirkpatrick was sworn in monday. she wasted no time in sharing her top priority. >> my true north is to work with the community. to work with the police department. to work with everyone with one goal, that is to make oakland safe. >> reporter: but as she fights crime, she's


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