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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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california. what we are learning. insurmountable damage. the numbers revealing how much money that coyote creek flood cost the city and residents. >> they are rough and tough and we are getting them the hell out of our country. >> president trump gearing up for his first congressional address from obama care to his highly contested immigration policy. details on what to expect tonight. the four on two starts now. investigators are still trying to determine what went wrong with the plane headed home to san jose after a cheerleading competition at disneyland. >> within the past few minutes the ntsb wrapped up a conference concerning that crash of the san jose flight. >> jesse gary has the trail of
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information. jesse. reporter: officials have not told us the name of the victims in the crash in the press conference that happened a few minutes ago. some of the victims may be connected to the cheering community here at union middle school. let's look at the video. i spoke to a couple of students that said they knew some of the victims in yesterday's crash and that crash has left this school community devastated. >> manufacture the cheerleaders could not go to school and in a classroom depressed. reporter: the heart break comes after a cessna 310 aircraft crashed into two homes in riverside end route to san jose. five people onboard, three killed in the crash. this past weekend the union squad finished first at the usa spirit competition in disneyland. officials say none of the 45 students from here were on the
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plane but relatives of those that perished or connected to the school. >> it is an amazing community and there's an outpouring of love. the principal was on the phone with staff members through the wee hours of the community. how can we support you? and we don't know for sure. >> the principal and superintendent will have grief counselors at the school for as long as needed. an identities of the victims to be released from the sheriff's department and we are waiting for that positive identification on all of the victims. we will have an update in the next few hours. >> funeral arrangements have been announced to remember alameda sheriff michael foley. the alameda county sheriffs says the funeral will be friday march 3rd at the concord pavilion and the public is
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invited to attend. officers are scheduled to arrive at 10:00. he was hit by an inmate truck. a friend of foley's was driving. the bus was traveling 15 miles per hour and did not see foley who was wearing dark clothing before becoming a sheriff's deputy, he worked for 30 years at the concord police department. now to the latest on flood release efforts in the south bay. the san jose council is discussing declaring a state of emergency to apply for state and relief funds. last week's flooding from coyote creek caused 50 million- dollars in damage to private property and affected thousands of home and another $23,000 of damage to roads and parks and other property. work continues at lake oroville dam. yesterday we show you the dramatic pictures as raters
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shut off the flow of water to damage it. officials are hoping to keep the water turned off for a week and give crews time to clear below the dam and get a hydroelectric plant back online. work on the emergency spillway is continuing. we are now just hours away from what will be president trump's most important primetime speech since taking office just under six weeks ago. you can watch it on ktvu. he is preparing to deliver his first address before joint session of congress. we are hearing from lawmakers about what they are hoping to hear. joe waldman is in washington with a preview of tonight's speech. reporter: we are hours away from the president's first address. joint session of congress where he will lay out legislative vision for america. this evening, a renewal of the american spirit. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. reporter: president trump's first address to joint session of congress will focus on some
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of his top priorities including taxes and obama care and immigration. the primetime speech coming one day after the white house revealed details of the president's budget proposal that will add $54 billion to defense spending and stripping other amounts from other agencies. >> what i expect to hear is the strong support for making sure that we are caring for our men and women that have served our country. reporter: according to reports the state department could face cuts of more than 30% and the environmental protection agency could be slashed by one quarter. republican lawmakers are awaiting the first address to congress, a chance for the countries to hear more about their shared agenda. >> this is a once in a generation moment and once in a generation opportunity. we have the opportunity to finally tackle big problems that have held us back for so long. >> meantime, house democrats are shutting down reports that they are planning to protest president trump's congressional
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address. >> we expect the office of the presidency itself and keeping in mind it will be polite and what will show very little, if any enthusiasm. >> steve basher will deliver the rebuttal. a strong supporter of obama care and medicare expansion. joe waldman. fox news. the widows of two northern california deputies kill in 2014 by a man that was in the u.s. illegally will be in the audience tonight for president trump's speech. two people were killed during a crime spree. and now there is a call for tougher enforcement of immigration laws. they will sit by melania trump. and another guest is the widow
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of anthony scalia. the coverage begins at 6:00. we will stream it live on you can get your local news tonight over on ktvu plus. coming up, an investigation under way after student reportedly circulated nude photos of an administrator. this is the latest and not necessarily the greatest, big potholes that tied up the freeways all day and more coming. and what one university intends to do about it still ahead. outside this afternoon sunny and dry and cool. we will check on the current conditions and we will talk about the minor warm-up expected for your bay area wednesday coming up.
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>> backing up traffic and drivers are being told to avoid interstate 80 and through fremont. it has prompted the chp to close it and issue an alert. traffic is moving slow. cal tran is working on repairs. ch p says the lane should open in the next hour. sadly you can find potholes on every roadway in bay area. patching them is only a temporary solution. ktvu's tom vacar is live in fremont getting a closer look at the pot hold on interstate 80. tom, what is it looking like? reporter: a minute ago the chp
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says that this mess is going to be here until at least 7:30. that completely screws up the northbound commute and doing a heck of a job on the southbound commute and it is a real problem and we are going to see a lot more of this. a group of folks at the university of california in berkeley see this as a test bed. reporter: tucked away at uc berkeley is the uc pavement research center. the state legislature set up a lab 70 years ago in the late 1940s as california was about to expand it's the roads. these high technology labs have advanced with the technologies to revolutionize roadways. >> we are looking how to make them cheaper and last longer and reduce the environmental impact. reporter: there are other
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materials that go to concrete roadways. >> we look at different ways to do the mix designs and the proportions and the properties of the rocks and the sand and the gravel and the binder. reporter: the glue that holds it together or cement. beyond specific materials, the actual laying of the pavement can lengthen the life of the payment by double. >> it is not rocket science, it is rock science. reporter: so whether these are materials that the lab builds custom to test or something that they cut out of a highway, they do test them and they know how well they are performing. now and for years in the future. every test such advanced techniques where roadway materials are run over by steel wheels are utilized. it shows how well or poorly the materials respond. add to that all manner of
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flexing, pounding, heating and cooling. the labs have developed a technique where as you did the deteriorated materials up, you regrind it to the rocks and rebuild it in place. no expensive hauling away of the old road. eventually all roads will be able to be recycled in place forever. professor harvey says that can cut a year long job to two or three weeks and that at 25 to 50% discount. >> we basically can reconstruct it in place quickly and cheaply and with little impact. >> 95% of the money we spend by government is on maintenance and rehabilitation and not more than five percent on new pavement. reporter: now the professor says that potholes and patching is no more than a headstone on a pavement that is already died. he says patching does not stay for long and that reconstruction really is the way to go. so, this will be here to at
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least 7 or 7:30 here on the 680. be careful if you do this down in fremont because you will just get messed up. i would avoid it. tom vacar ktvu news. pretty cool technology. >> meteorologist rosemary orozco is here with a look at our weather. >> an enjoyable day and temperatures will be climbing as we get in the next few days. outside the doors at this hour, mostly sunny skies and well it was a cold start to the day near freezing in the inland community. in the afternoon upper 50s and a few areas near 60s and right now 58 in santa rosa and 53 in san francisco as we look towards san francisco. 59 in oakland and upper 50s in livermore and san jose. temperatures up a few degrees and up by four in concord and three in oakland and two sf oand a couple degrees in the north bay. when we have that transition where we see baby steps of a
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warm-up, it is hard to tell but then we come across a few days that we go okay it feels better and thursday and friday we will get to that. storm tracker 2. dry in the bay and a few showers in northern california and a flood warning in the lake county area. clearing about here and flood stage at 9 feet and expected to remain at 10 feet to thursday. so taking its time to recede and that will continue with the amount of flooding in that area. for the rest. cold mornings followed by nice afternoons and looking at a dry start to march mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s for tomorrow, thursday and friday. we do see changes coming our way in time for your weekend. tomorrow morning, we start with 45 degrees in san francisco. 40 in oakland, and our inland community cold. santa rosa. 34 expected for you and the inner east bay. 32 in concord.
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afternoon highs for tomorrow, slightly warmer, upper 50s in pacifica and 60 for san francisco and low 50s for the shoreline and 62 expected for concord as well as antioch. temperatures climbing, thursday and friday the warmest days. i will have a look at those numbers and the extended forecast when we may see wet weather coming up. it is that time again, my favorite time. spring of course is almost here. if you need more proof the national park service will have peak blooms for cherry blossoms. there can be an early season for the flowers. once it is reached the blossoms can stay for four to ten days. this year's national cherry blossom timed to coincide with the blooming will be held from march 20th to april 16th. puts you in a good mood. i love seeing that. the cloud went down. millions of internet users affected as amazon's cloud
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system was disrupted. we will speak with our favorite tech expert and much more after the break. stay with us.
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you may have noticed that some websites were down. their data is hosted by amazon cloud business. what went wrong and how did this affect the consumer. joined by tech expert ryan
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eldridge, nerds on call. this had a big effect. what happened. reporter: a lot of us think as amazon where we buy our socks and wearing our underwear but a huge part is the web services division and they essentially rent out space on the servers and their farms for web sites to host videos and pictures and data bases for login information. and what happened at 9:00 on the east coast. the s3 server farm started to show a high rate of errors and for the rest of us, that means it is an outage. websites all over the country were affected. about 148,000 websites according to another website call similar tech. and that is a huge amount of websites. when you think of things like hub spots was down. trelo was down. core which is a question and answer service was down. flack, a lot of the bay areas using flack to facilitate communications in the corporate
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infrastructure and images on different websites and gizmo and a lot of blog efforts and the huffington post was affected. what happened was amazon is not exactly telling us the direct cause but they did say they isolated the cause and as of about 4:00 or 1:15 this afternoon it was back up. and what is interesting is that after about four hours, what we noticed is that this central eye on the web, one specific pinwheel goes down it can affect everybody and we are talking not just like i can't see the photos of my kids, this is actually commerce and it can affect major businesses like today. half of the marketing suite went down. we were paying for ads to get customers and they were being served pages that didn't exist. >> and it also brings up the idea that the cloud is secure and we are told that over and
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over. don't worry about the cloud but it makes people worried. >> this is all conjecture but imagine this, you remember a year ago we had a big attack on the east coast and a bunch of websites weren't able to resolve. you type in and you couldn't get to where you wanted to go and that shows off there is a big vulnerability and there's a second one coming out a year later. if one of the big cloud services company, s3 and known for their reliability and people obviously will spend what they can to make sure that websites are serving their clients and their customers. but imagine now if we are going all to the cloud, all of our stuff is up there from our photos and videos and websites and our logins. if you use last pass for example, the logins are stored and one of the meter services go down, your computer is kind of virtually unusable because you have lost access to all of
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the data. back in like the early 2,000s, everything was distributed. everything on your computer and you had control of your data at all times but now that it is in the cloud and it is centralized, one it makes it easy for attackers to go to one spot to get us and obviously it creates a huge vulnerability for the infrastructure our our e commerce. >> absolutely. all right. big day. ryan, thanks for your insight. appreciate. >> you are welcome. >> after the break. we will sit down with political analyst brian sobel. the internet had a lot to say about amazon's failure. take a look.
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>> president trump is scheduled to make his first address to congress tonight. shepherd smith has a preview what the president is expected
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to talk about from washington. reporter: things are getting interesting ahead of the president's speech tonight. we are hearing he may push for a new immigration bill. one that could include the possibility of legal status for some people living in the united states without documents. that is an extreme change from campaign season. less than two weeks ago the feds started to act on the president's executive order to deport more undocumented immigrants. the white house says tonight's speech will be one that is optimistic in tone. the theme, the renewal of the american spirit. the president says that he will tell us about a great new plan to repeal and replace obama care or for the affordable health care but the top republican says there is no plan, not one that is ready or can pass. the majority leader mitch mcconnell says he does not believe that the senate would agree to big cuts in the state department budget. in other words the budget is dead on arrival. the house has said all government agencies will have to make cuts to make way and
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pay for a historic increase in military spending. the president will give us more details this evening. democrats have already given what they call a prebuttal to the president's speech. they say it would take an axe to programs to help the middle class. the white house says the president has created jobs and encouraging hiring by cutting regulations. democrats are to give an official response to the president tonight and will have both speeches live on this fox station starting at 9:00 eastern, 6 pacific. i'm shepherd smith in washington. >> so much ground to cover tonight. and here is brian sobel. thank you for being here. >> happy to be here. >> let's talk about it. what are you thinking is going to happen tonight with the reception of the speech? >> it will be interesting because typically you have a
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strong republican or a strong democratic president and that party is up and cheering and making a lot of noise for the policies and the statements and that sort of thing. remember, donald trump came in more as a populace and he has had disagreements with the republican party. if he doesn't say what republicans want to hear some republicans may be sitting on their hands. i think the nation will be interested in this speech. it is typically what we would call the state of the union speech but presumed that the first speech by an incoming president is just more of a greet because it is not presumed that they know the state of the union yet. this will be very interesting to see what dynamics are in the congress tonight. or with the congress tonight. >> absolutely and i just saw a survey that said that republicans have more trust in donald trump than congress. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> we have seen some fairly
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wild polling on all sides of things. i think it speaks to people having an unease about what is going on. whether they like donald trump or not. they are not sure of the politics. >> let's go to the immigration policy. it is about donald trump's campaign and one of the things that we are learning, a revelation that it could be a compromise on the horizon that would allow people that are here illegally to remain in the country under certain circumstance. can you talk to us about that? >> absolutely. for many years there have been both programs and programs and designs that would allow people to work, be registered as it were and have a green card and pay taxes and perhaps go home but anyway people would know who they are and where they are essentially that solves the security issue. and guess what?
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taxes would be paid by those folks and health care dollars would emerge. perhaps part of the health care programs. all of that thing. those programs have been out there. why there is going to be a compromise, there has to be one. these are incredibly complex problems as donald trump acknowledged and it is time for democrats and republicans to get in the room as they typically do and talk these things out. >> and i think the fact that he is open to a compromise and to the discussion to see and let's explore other avenues that might work for everybody is a great thing. >> it is. i think you want a president that doesn't matter which party they belong to, to reach across the aisle and that's the american way and to get ideas from the other side of the aisle. it is not a one-way street. >> i think a lot of people will look for some dialogue about this possible compromise. we will have to see what happens. >> when you are watching the speech, watch the reaction of
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the people in the audience, in the capital and listen for the tone. tenor and tone of the president. a compromising tone or come out and deliver a speech that some people won't be happy with. all right. thank you. a senior vice president just hired at uber have left for reportedly not disclosing past sexual harassment. emmett singhold was hired and the new york times reports that he did not tell uber that he left his job at google because of sexual harassment allegations. singhold denies it. uber is facing other allegations by a former female that says the company turned a blind eye to her sexual harassment claims. an investigation is under way after students at a high school in concord allegedly shared a nude photo of an administrator. alex savage has more on where the photos came from and the
4:33 pm
act being taken by the district. reporter: inappropriate images of the man who runs clayton valley charter high school shared by students through social media and text message. a student took video of the school's executive director, david lindsey as he was unaddressing in a gym locker room off campus. at least two students have been suspended for sharing the image and some believe the district unfairly singlinged them out. >> it is ridiculous that kids would take a video of a principal, just kind of gross in a sense. kids always make mistakes. >> after nude photo surfaced. some students had their phones confiscated by administrators looking in to the matter. this girl that saw the photo did not want to give her name but she says the school's director has faced criticism in the past for his treatment of
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other staff members. >> i think it is inappropriate to share pictures but i just think that some people very bad karma and it will come back to them. reporter: the gym where the images were reportedly captured is blocks from the high school and many students work out there. in a statement the school said today clayton valley charter high school take discipline issues seriously and we never comment publicly on any specific matter related to our students. alex savage, fox 2 news. 49 workers at a bay area university laid off with those jobs being outsourced. the firings they say is unjust. a warm up is on the way. i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week and weather weather is expected to return coming up. ♪
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♪ every day in northern california, people are inventing, innovating, and discovering the next thing that could change the world, which means if you're born here, you really can grow up to be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. >> 49 workers have been fired. their jobs are being outsourced to hcl technologies. an indian it services company. the university issued a statement on the layoffs saying of the 49ucf employees that were given layoff notices, 32 have secured other employment with uc secured employment outside of the uc or are retiring.
4:38 pm
uc f will not replace employees with h1 visa holders or hc l. joining me is the lawyer representing 13 of those employees, gary grillam. your clients are alleging what, exactly? >> discrimination primarily. two fold discrimination, ted. one it is national origin that took a diverse workplace and replaced it with nondiverse workplace. to wit young india workers. african-americans and age discrimination. all of the employees are over the age of 40. it is an discriminatory layoff and the issues are much bigger when they come to the outsourcing by the university. >> and you are speaking
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specifically about the personally for hb1 visa holders down the road. right now the university and this company is saying that none of these employees coming in will be those h1 visa holders. >> we know that there was some h1b visa holders but regardless of the h1b visa program the question is should they outsource the medical information to anywhere? and more importantly should the university of california do this? ted, what is interesting about this outsourcing is private companies have been doing this for a long time. to our knowledge this is the first time in the united states that a public university has done outsourcing of public employees like these people that had worked there for many years. >> the ucs p maintains this is part of the uc system however they do not get funding from the state or federal government and they are funded by donors that there is a separation
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there. you agree? >> not necessarily. these it workers worked at the hospital in the medical center. they are doing very well. they have made a lot of money and we think that university of california in general certainly has a lot of funds and to take policy wise to try and save 30 30 million-dollars outsource medical records to india -- >> they say none of the medical records will go outside the united states. and that this company, they are outsourced and working in the confines of the hospital. >> this is a not true. hcl is india company and the records will be outsourced for anyone. our clients are concerned about the security of these sensitive medical records. that's one of the issues they have. this idea that they are still saying within the confines of the university is not true.
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it will be outsourced. >> what about it is saving money. over 30 million-dollars in five years. that is significant. >> one, we dispute that there is any savings. there's cost overruns. a lot of problems with security in this. we are going to delve into this in litigation. secondly, ted and more importantly i'm trying to say, this is not a private company doing this. i'm a graduate of the university of california. i don't think universities should be involved in outsourcing as a policy matter. and there's a lot of politicians that are concerned about this. there is a bill that is going to to introduced in sacramento. both democrats and republicans are very concerned about this outsourcing issue. >> all right. gary, thank you so much. >> thank you. i appreciate you having me on the program. we will follow the story as
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it moves forward. dave clark introduces us to forward jay matthews, the first african-american priest. >> the beautiful house of worship, the house of light along lake merritt. for some church visitors it is a shock to see him. >> i come out for many visitors. they are looking. wow. you know? and i know that.
4:43 pm
>> born 68 years ago. father jay is extremely proud of his bay area roots. >> we are truly oakland folk. when i was ordained in '74 in a black movement and we wanted the church to realize we were not on the periphery or the margins. we were alive and well in this church. ordained in 1974. father j pastor at oakland st. benedict for 25 years before he became director at the 175 million-dollar cathedral in 2016. father jay relishes the time to write and study and as he showed me admired the sacred history inside the cathedral.
4:44 pm
>> there are five relics of saints inside here. >> and he says he is a pretty good preacher too. and the shock of seeing an african-american pastor wears off. >> when i stand by the entrance anabaptismal font, you can see it in their faces and hear father was such a joy to be here. >> that is sincere. >> they are really sincere. reporter: in oakland, dave clark, fox 2 news. the winter storms have filled lake tahoe to the brim, 9 feet from the natural rim of the lake. water managers say it is full enough to meet the water needs of the reno area for at least two years.
4:45 pm
meantime, state scientists are set to take a new snow pack measurement tomorrow. on february 1st the tahoe basin was 233% of normal. the drought, rosemary is over. all right. yes, we could use some dry weather. we are getting a warm-up. let's look at what is going on outside the doors. isn't that a beautiful view as we look towards the golden gate bridge. we got great weather coming our way. pleasant. if you like the mild weather, get out and enjoy because changes in the extended forecast. but before i move to that, let's actually take a look at some of the rainfall amounts since january. here for the bay, we talked about the snow pack. let's talk about the rain. santa rosa. 33 and a half inches since january. more than 21 in napa. more than 17 in san francisco. sfo, 16-inches and a little bit more than 3/4, some of these
4:46 pm
numbers, two, nearly three times the amount of what we typically get in a two month period. take a look at livermore and oakland and concord doing well. 15-inches reported in livermore and san jose reporting almost 11-inches. ten inches and 88, one hundredths. we are dry, the entire state for the most part getting a break. picking up a few scattered showers over the north corner of california that will be it and we will remain high and dry for the next few days and we do get back to the possibility of wet weather and it happens just in time for the weekend. take a look at the future cast model. here we go for tuesday, and wednesday and thursday and friday. all looking good. perhaps an increase in cloud cover on friday. ahead of the systems. we are now into saturday morning. this is our first shot. it looks weak. saturday morning. saturday night it is lingering around. we are now into sunday morning. still here and into sunday night. perhaps a little bit of dry weather. remember this past weekend, we
4:47 pm
had two weak systems move through and saturday dry and sunday a few showers and for now it looks like we will have soggy weather in time for your week. giving you a look at the temperatures. under mostly sunny skies. 54 in san francisco and upper 50s in oakland. 57 for the inner east bay of livermore. the numbers a few degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon and for tomorrow, we will be a few degrees warmer than today. but we still have a cold start to deal with. 34 degrees for santa rosa and the inner east bay freezing in concord. around the bay, upper 30s to low 40s. 45 in san francisco. and 44 for pacifica. your afternoon highs look like this. low 60s. santa rosa 63 and we will go 63 berkeley and oakland and upper 50s expected in the city of san francisco. in the south bay 60s and santa cruz 64 for you. here is a look at the extended
4:48 pm
forecast. temperatures climbing for thursday. it looked like friday would be the warmest day but depending on the cloud cover, if we get quite a bit of cloud cover, it could knock the temperatures back a little bit. all in all. a good looking forecast for friday. >> we will take it. absolutely. and no more rain. well, sort of. thanks. julie joins us with a look at stories for the ktvu at five. coming up. six weeks into his presidency. donald trump is set to give his most important speech. coming up, we will take a look at what he will focus on and there are a lot of things. a real story about good and evil. an 11-year-old boy saw other kids that needed backpacks and jumped into action. a heartless thief stole hundreds of backpacks. but how now there may be more help coming. look forward to that. thanks, julie. next on the four on two.
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weather in south america and around the globe and mardi gras celebrations after the break.
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>> gulf shores. a parade was getting under way. the teenagers injured part of the high school marching band. a 73 year-old man at the wheel was driving in a parade and made a mistake in the brake and gas pedals. everything indication is that it was not involving drugs or alcohol. nor is there any indication that this was an intentional
4:52 pm
act. every indication is that it was a tragic accident by an elderly man driving his car in these band members. 28 people were injured in new orleans on saturday when a truck rode into a crowd during mardi gras celebrations there. police say that driver was intoxicated. new orleans is celebrating the biggest day of the year for that city. mardi gras and carnival are being celebrated all over the world. we have reports from new orleans. reporter: carnival celebrations before the fasting season of on lent. >> ko lump yak. >> unlike anything i have seen.
4:53 pm
>> rerio de janeiro. they get a party on ash wednesday. >> our hearts beat fast. we step onto the avenue. >> in italy. the battles of the oranges. the food fight dates back to the middle ages. >> you might get hit. the worst case you can take a cold orange and put it on your eye and you move on. >> the rose parades in germany the culmination of five days of festivities where political satire takes place. >> it needs to push the envelope. >> here at home marching bands taking part in new orleans' french quarter. always falls on the day before ash wednesday. >> it is citywide comradery. sharing free food and drink. it is a great show on earth.
4:54 pm
>> there are the days that represent justice, faith and tower unofficially. it represents a whole lot of fun. in new orleans, wil carr. fox news. comedy central has chosen san francisco as a setting for a first of its kind week comedy festival. it will bring kevin hart and jerry seinfeld near city hall. the called the colossal cluster fest june 2nd expected to draw 30,000 comedy fans. a cluster festival. i like that. coming up after the break. congress and the white house still at odds over investigations into russia's influence in american politics. details next.
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stay with us. this portion of ktvu news brought to you by the chrysler pacifica.
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>> more details about an investigation into russia's interference in the presidential election and the contacts with officials. >> there are increasing calls for a special prosecutor. reporter: house republicans are under increased pressure to investigate ties between russia and the white house. following mum reports of improper contact between the trump administration and the russian government.
4:58 pm
house speaker paul ryan said tuesday the american people need answers and stopped short of calling for a special prosecutor. >> this has been investigated and we have been investigating it and we will continue to investigate just to make sure that no stone is unturned. >> other republicans disagree saying that a neutral 3rd party is to make sure it doesn't turn political. and there are allegations of ignoring attention to russia. >> he has blamed everyone for his ills except for one person. vladimir putin. >> at what point, how many people have to say there is nothing there before they realize that. >> and the investigation will move florin the house and senate intelligence committees. setting up the standoff between president trump and lawmakers. >> russia is not our friend. a regional power trying to become a global power.
4:59 pm
some lawmakers have suggested to split it. one looking into contact between trump advisors and the kremlin and the others focusing on the meddling in the elections. it is president trump most important primetime speech since taking act. a joint session to congress. both sides of the aisle are arguing about what they want to hear. >> president trump has had a busy day and signed two bills aimed at getting more women in careers in science and technology and approved an executive order to move a federal initiative on historically black colleges and universities into a white house council from the education department. earlier today in an interview on fox and friends the president was asked to grade
5:00 pm
his administration so far. >> i think i get an a.m. in terms of what i have condition but in terms of messaging a c plus. i will be discussing a lot. president trump signed an executive order reviewing an obama rule that determines which bodies of water should be protected from pollution. the president says it is one of the worse examples of federal regulation. the supporters say it helps our drinking water to be safe. as the president gets ready for the address capitol hill has more. >> joe waldman has a preview of the speech tonight. joel. reporter: julie and frank. good evening. inside the beltway, this is akin to the super bowl. it is of great importance to other people as president trump in under an hour will lay out his legislative agenda


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