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southern sierra, the weather is good. clear skies and for us and a nice day. it's going to be cold. everything goes towards seattle and portland. not even down into the desert southwest. 30s and 40s on the temps, 41 berkeley. 36 fairfield. livermore -- wood side is checking in at 33 with mineral park and sanford at 34. it's cold. san that a toe is that -- san mateo is 33 -- san mateo is 30. if you're a nerd, a water vapor shows this low. it's out there. i thought i would show it. it looks good. sun shine on the way and down into phoenix or tucson. today it's going to be sunny and nice. 60s for a warmer [indiscernible]. you know, traffic is actually going to be okay. and i'm glad it's going to be warmer, steve. traffic is going to
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be okay. it's moving well. fairfield, valet yo hasn't been a bad drive. if you're driving from america cane to valet yo, it looks good. we have a nice looking commute on highway 37 to marine county. and looking at interstate 880 in oakland and traffic looks good passing the coliseum and of course we keep an eye on the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is light. no trouble by the way. once you get to the other side -- 4:31. let's go back to the desk. sal, happening today, the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman is due in a federal court in oakland. salman is accused of helping her husband plan the attack on the pulse nightclub last june where 49 people were killed. she's also accused of creating a false alibi for him. salman is held without bail right now.
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the today -- salman and her son moved to the east bay after the nightclub attack. if she's convicted on both charges, salman could be sentenced to life in prison. the university of california says it disciplined more than 100 employees for sexual misconduct over a three-year period due to scandals at u.s. berkeley and this is according to documents from several news organizations. the records shows a quarter of those employees disciplined were factuality members from uc campuses and these cases were from a three-year period ending in 2016. cases came to light at uc berkeley. the family of a man killed by police in vallejo is demanding that city leaders take action in what they call a murder. ktvu debra says it stems from what happened in january
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after neighbors called 911 reporting people were fighting and what the police saw when they arrived. >> my brother angel ramos was a great kid that loved to smile a lot. >>reporter: the council chambers with pull of people who knew angel ramos and those described the 21-year-old man as out going and loving. >> anyone that's trying to paint my brother as a criminal or a monster is the only criminal and monster. >> vallejo police got it wrong, critics say when they opened fire on ramos january 30th. >> he's fighting with a guy. >> police rolled up on a drunken house party -- they found ramos with a knife over a 16-year-old boy. >> [indiscernible]. >> ramos fight have killed the boy, police said at the time. >> we could be talking about something different today about a dead 16-year-old with a knife and --
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>> there was no house party. everybody that was there lives there. >> the family insist there was no violent brawl. describing instead a family get together of 7 or 8 people. >> they were having fun together, they argued that's it. what family doesn't. >> they were fighting with weapons? >> no weapons were involved. vallejo police says they can't comment further because a legal claim has been filed by the family. >> we are demanding that the body cam, if there is any body cam footage for it to be released. >> this group wants those issues before the city council. members heard from angel ramoss' brother. >> public comment was pushed to the end of the meeting. >> what they need to know is the family is going to continue to ask and put on pressure. [indiscernible] and this is his city and he has the power to make
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things happen. >> debra, ktvu. >> the police department do not release names of body cams or offering names -- the police department says the shooting is under internal review and the da's office is also investigating. local state and federal governments are at odds over who should pay for surveillance cameras along east bay following shootings. pittsburgh spent their own money for a network of cameras and it leaves out costa county. 28 year old brown seen in a go fund me page was shot and killed over on the weekend on highway 4 where there's no surveillance cameras, a hurt queuelies -- >> the city should not be responsible for the highways -- i command pittsburgh and san -- the responsibility is the
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states. >> the state agency cal trans says it helps local government to secure cameras for -- insists it's up to the city and counties to come up with the funding design, and maintenance. east bay authorities say they're working toward a regional camera system that covers freeways and surface streets. starting today, a road in the santa cruz mountains will be closed because of winter storm damage. the closure stretches from highway 35 to summit road. recent rains have taken their toll on highway 35. sky 5 flew over the mountains when a hillside gave way. you can take a look at that. it washed out the road. the time is 4:36. we're looking at the damage to the main spillway on the oroville dam. this video from the california department of water resources shows the water flowing down the main spillway was shut off on monday allowing a chance to survey the damage. the video shows part of the
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spillway is missing. state water workers are scrambled to come up with a way to fix it. the hole in the spillway caused crews to reduce the water flow earlier this month. that forced water into the emergency spillway, and that prompted the evacuations because of fears the emergency spillway could possibly collapse. well, at least two people were killed when tornados touched down in the country's mid section. we want to take you live to one of the areas now. we understand that more than 20 tornado hit people in the midwest. they have hail the size of baseballs. this is some of the damage you can see left find. one tornado blew through idlewild. it picked up trees and one man was killed by a fallen tree and there were several others hurt in missouri and a tornado destroyed at least 8 homes and killed one there. the wind was so strong it blew cars right off of a highway.
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>> wow. >> search teams are now going from car to car to see if anyone is dead or trapped inside. but again, more than 20 tornado hitting the midwest. >> that's incredible. >> that's really extensive damage and we're going to get more on that throughout the morning. all right. time is 4:38. a possible hint of what president trump may do next. it is not compassion, but reckless to low uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur. >> we will have a recap of late night's address to congress and the reaction this morning. and we know potholes are a problem on roads around the bay area. we'll tell you the efforts from one university to cut the cost and get those roads smooth again. good morning, traffic moves along well on this early wednesday morning commute. a little bit of road work going on in san jose. not causing major
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delays at the moment. it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh!
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welcome back to morning 2s. your bill could be going up today. pg and e is changing its rate structure which means customers who useless electricity will see bills go up 2%. right now, the typical rez sidential p and eg customer pays $99 a month. that will go up to about $111 starting with a bills for march. customers who use more than 4 times their baseline amount of electricity will pay a new surcharge for high usage. home prices goes up. a new report by coralogics shows a home in the bay
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area is 370,000. it's the -- however, analyst say that rising mortgage rates over the past three months caused some buyers to hold off from purchasing a home. the time is 4:42. the bay area is drying out from the storms but the sun is shining on potholes. ktvu took a tour of the research center at berkeley and those who were there used the latest technology to try and revolutionize -- >> we look at different ways to do the mix design, the proportions of the material and the properties of the rocks, the sand, the gravel and the binder. >> of the uc pavement lab recently developed a technique as you dig up the deteriorated material, you regrind it down to the rocks, and rebind it in place. that reduces a cost
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and the crew won't have to haul away the old road. the festival is open and it opened in san jose. it premieres 120 films from around the world. the red carpet rolled out at the california theater in downtown san jose. the festival now its 27th year and it showcases movies, mostly independent, more people will have the chance to see the films outside downtown san jose after the close of the main venue. there's screenings at santa row and redwood city and the opening of that film was the last word starring shirley mcclain and directed by mark pellington. >> this is a festival that has got [indiscernible] reputation and festivals like that can take chances and just have a different energy. they're not cynical. so it's nice. >> 100,000 people are expected to tend the
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ten-day film festival. an estimated $10 million economic impact for the south bay. news 2 getting into the television business. the company says it's preparing to take on traditional cable companies with a new online video service. that service is expected to bundle live -- including local stations like us here at ktvu fox 2 and espn, fox news and other channels. it's estimated to cost $35 a month. time is 4:44. there -- legislation introduced yesterday would require all new developments to have ev chargers on 20% of parking spots. the rest of the spots would need to be wired for ev charger. the goal is to produce the goal of converting parking spaces to electric vehicle charging by having it done up front. state building codes requires 3% of parking spaces to be
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designed to serve electric vehicles. full bay area supermarkets are finishing the transformation from -- stores in los altos and two at berkeley will open a safeway. safeway bought five androcois area and safe way is based in -- san francisco location reopened after a revamp. but it is still branded as andronico's until safe way can get the right permits to rebrand from the city. 4:45 is the time. let's check back with sal. what are you looking at? >> pardon me. i'm looking at the tracy commute right now, pam and dave and westbound 580, you'll see that traffic is moving along very well. although there is some slowing to be had here on 580. but we don't have any potholes.
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we don't have any surprises that sometimes people face on 580 as you drive through. traffic continues to move along pretty well. pardon me, all the way through live more and the dublin area. the road work we have had around the bay hasn't caused any significant delays. we're looking at the east shore freeway here and traffic between the carnegies bridge looks good. it has been a nice drive into san francisco. so we're seeing some pretty good commutes for this early morning on a wednesday. march 1st, steve, mark 1st. beginning a meteorological spring. >> is that it? >> yes. >> wow. happy meteorological spring. >> easy for you to say. >> not really. >> thank you, sir. it is for -- we have about 21
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days but it will feel spring-like in the sun. lots of sun and it will be warmer and sunny and warmer. you know sunny and warmer. i haven't been on vacation for a while, but they're on their way back. you know sunny and warmer. mid 60s. mostly cloudy, but rain returns by the weekend. everything is coming out of the north, but there's a little component of an offshore breeze so the coast should be lovely today and all the way down to southern california and arizona. why are you mentioning arizona? because of spring training. 30s and 40s and 40 in san jose from santa claire, 35. morgan hills and -- 39. 37 santa cruz and so cal. and 32 in sarah toga. showing up in oakland and heyward. 5 up there. that's up in truckee. 34 your key. around lake tahoe, 5 in truckee we talked about. single digits for state
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line and also for south lake tahoe. they're a little warm, but on the cold side, but it will be a nice day. right down out of the north and takes the turn into the four corners. cool little low. it's not going to do much, but it's spinning out there. for southern california looks good. for phoenix, also good after yesterday's rain. 8 in flagstaff. 48 in blithe. 48 in bakersfield. for us, sunshine and temperatures warming up. is there anything coming in for maybe the weekend? yes, looks like it, but it's going to take a while to get here, but signs points to rain returning saturday afternoon, evening, right here, and taking us into sunday morning. could be another little system on the old pipeline early next week, but some of the rain totals not off the chart or anything, but it could be another system coming wednesday. santa rosa north looks good. i'm using the european forecast model for the precipitation forecast because it is the
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far superior forecast model verses the r's and gfs's by far. 60s on the temps. nice, warm. nice, nice , very nice. all the way into friday, crowded up on the weekends and some rain moves back in cooler. >> okay. >> i like it. >> for the rest of the weekend now, it's going to be -- >> cloud up saturday and rain saturday evening into cooler. >> cooler this weekend because i think it's pretty darn cold right snow. >> wait until this afternoon, you'll say it's nice and warm. >> i don't know if i'll say it's warm. >> i bet here in the sun you will. >> steve, we'll take care of it. >> i'll text you -- >> i'm sure you will. time is 4:49. los angeles now has a 50/50 chance of hosting the 2024 summer olympics game. hungary is dropping on out so that leaves los angeles and paris as the two candidates. the committee will make a decision on which city will be the host
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of the 2024 games in september. it was a terrible night for the warriors. we mentioned earlier, there's concerns that kevin durant could be lost for an extended period of time after he hyper extended his knee in last night's game. warriors went onto lose to the wizards 112-108. the wizards jumped to a -- curry led the warriors with 25 points, but missed a deep three pointer late in the game. it would have given the dubs the lead. the team will sign former warrior and former ucla player matt barnes as an insurance policy in case durant is out for a long time. >> that's going to be interesting too. the san jose sharks broke a 3-game losing streak on home ice. they won 3-1 over the maple leaves. and toronto drew first blood during the second period. the sharks tied it up halfway through the second and late in the third, patrick marlow
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skated along against three defenders before passing to hurgal to make it a 2-1 game for the sharks. moments later, the sharks scored again and they won 3-1. and the sharks announced they acquired hanson from vancouver ahead of today's trade deadline. new developments in a bid to build a new stadium -- they submitted a former plan to the nfl for the first time. the group is working with nfl hall of famer ronnie lock. we have been talking about this. oakland officials hope to have a plan in place before nfl owners meet later this month. that's when the owners could vote on a raider's move to las vegas. our time is 4:51. we have to talk about a young boy who took action who he saw a need. the bay area 5th grader who collected hundreds of backpacks to
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send overseas.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:54. the management district spring n ing season and much of the legal burning that goes on in the bay area takes place for agriculture -- it's banned
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within the air district boundaries to -- some cal fire regions require a burn permit and burn pile inspection prior to that open burning and you should contact your local cal fire region for more information. time is 4:55. san francisco nonprofit organization that has changed thousands of young lives is celebrating its 30th anniversary. i'm talking about the omega boys club. it started as an after school program. and the cofounder, dr. joe who was a middle school teacher back then invited 16 boys to a meeting to help them build a positive life. by the second meeting, girls were invited too. now, it's called alive and free. if this group is given thousands of -- this group has given thousands of young people of non violence and giving back and leadership. >> we get new kids every year and it never gets boring and it's wonderful because you know you always got young people to say
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hey, you know, i came, which is ecstatic. it's ecstatic for everybody. >> this nonprofit has given scholarships to more than 200 college students. a community celebration is scheduled for this summer. an 11-year-old boy from the north bay is set to give away hundreds of backpacks he's collected for kids in need. now, ryan caparos lives in santa rosa and it's in the 5th grade. he plans to donate them in costa rico. he said when he was in costa rico with his family, he felt for those kids who didn't have backpacks. >> i would feel good that nobody else did this, but i feel proud inside that i am doing this because i feel like it's a good thing and i'm happy. >> he did a really good thing. ryan's plan almost didn't happen though. he collected 400 backpacks, but before he could get them to costa rico, 300
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backpacks from stolen from his father's car and once word got out, people started sending ryan backpacks again so he can carry out his mission. >> way to go. >> yeah. time is 4:57. preventing catastrophic floods like the one that san jose just had. the cost and the price tag to bring flood control efforts to the south bay. you picked a cabinet of billionaires and wall street insiders, that's not being our champion. that's being wall street's champion. some harsh words coming from democrats this morning about president trump's congressional address, reaction from both republicans and democrats today. and we do have a couple of problems around the bay. one in san jose right here on 280. it looks okay as you drive up to highway 17, but we will see some slowing on 880. we'll tell you more about that coming up. and there are no weather problems as you know everything -- it will
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be sunny and warmer today. we'll show you how much.
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i'm here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart. >> president trump calling on congress and political
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leaders to come together to make america great again. we'll tell you how bay area leaders are reacting to his speech to congress. a major blow to the warriors. kevin duringant out with an injured -- kevin durant out with an injured knew. we'll tell you more as we find out. mornings on 2. more than one billion christians around the world starting lint. here's a look at st. peters's or the outside of the vatican and the pope will address catholics and -- christians give up something typically for 40 days such as sweets or alcohol. the ashes on ash wednesday reminds christians about the response of repentance and the pope expected to speak at thousands -- people travel


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