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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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warriors superstar kevin durant is out at least four weeks. we will sleep with a specialist to learn about the extent of the injuries. >> the time for trivial fights is behind us. and mostly positive reviews after president trump's highly anticipated speech to congress. the the 4 on 2 starts now. reactions pouring in after president. trumps speech to congress. now, the time for talk is over. welcome to the the 4 on 2. >> president trump. many top republicans want to turn his ambitious campaign of promises into reality. the republicans are giving him high praises for his speech last night in washington. yet we are here to start the process. it begins as of now. >> president trump back at work with the congressional leadership less than one day after striking and noticeably
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inclusive tone in his first address to congress. republicans are quick to praise the commander in chief saying he took command of his job last night. interrupted by applause 94 times during the one hour address person at this is one of the most inspiring speeches i have seen. the president began his speech by recognizing back history month. and appearing to people from both ends of the political spectrum. the chief executive laying out a hefty legislative agenda. his proposal still falling on deaf ears when it comes to a number of leading democratic lawmakers. >> i found that the president delivering his speech appears to be separated from reality. select he is living in a
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parallel universe. >> speaking of momentum, the cabinet is continuing to take shape as montana's only congressman was officially confirmed as the new secretary of the interior. while president trump turns to the task at hand, one of his top priorities seems to be attacking roadblocks with his own party. some of the details from the speech last night are not sitting very well with conservatives. in particular his proposal to help americans pay for coverage the use of tax credits. many republicans view that as another use of entitlements. >> how is that different than obama care subsidies ? >> the president put forth an agenda which was very un-
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american. he talked about taking away healthcare from nearly 30 million people. he talked about building a wall. he really played on the fears of people. >> tomorrow we should hear more on mr. trump's proposal to beef up the military. the speeches making many supporters very optimistic. and we will sit down with some of those supporters to get feedback from last night's speech. a federal judge in oakland ruled the widow of the orlando my club shooter can be released on bail. the judge of the best agreed to release tran 11. >> she can and should be released. >> donald roy issued the ruling this morning saying that she is not a flight risk or danger to the community. she is set to be released on
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$500,000 bond and 48 hours. federal prosecutors asked for the today so they can appeal to a florida court which has jurisdiction in this case. she has pleaded not guilty of lying to investigators and aiding and abetting her husband, omar mateen. her attorney says the fact that the judge agreed to release her on bail points to the weakness of the government's case. >> it is extraordinarily rare in the terrorism cases around the united states. we have seen this in one or 2% of those cases. this is extraordinarily rare. and a statement of the weakness of the prosecution's case. >> after the shooting, she moved to her mother's house in rodeo. she was being held in the jail and dublin. some are saying that she knew her husband was planning the attack but did not stop him. >> the orlando police chief said that he is disappointed that
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she will be released prior to custody. >> she faces life in prison if convicted of the charges. we are learning new information in the deadly stabbing of a little league coach. robert louise and eric for leo, neither entered a plea. they stabbed francisco navarro in downtown san jose after giving him a fight they left the scene but were caught. this is the city's sixth homicide. she is a tri-athlete who left the police department to be a champion for the city. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now.
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you have been covering oakland since the 90s person at she does have her work cut out for her. but she is the first woman. and she is female and is a leader first.. >> anne kirkpatrick has been a police officer but she says oakland is where she belongs. . >> i want to open the doors of oakland to the world. i want people to see who we really are. we also need to change the conversation about american policing and about oakland. and that is what i'm going to do. >> she describes herself as quiet. she does not yell or swear but she says she will be direct, consistent and predictable. >> when you are clear and uncompromising, and i will not compromise. it will not happen. then, that is what people are
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looking for. >> and what the new chief is  looking for is to change the conversation about oakland and its police. she will be the fifth chief in 10 years. . >> i have one mission and that is to make oakland safe. and when people feel safe and are safe, then the talk changes. >> at an immediate roundtable she revealed where she is living. >> downtown oakland. >> the new chief that she supports freedom of expression but -- >> being able to express one's voice should not result in damaging other people. >> she has play soccer, volleyball and tennis. we asked her why she wanted to come to oakland and she responded with a sports analogy. >> i thought i was sent to be the coach of this team for this season in time. and that is why i was put in
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charge of this agency. . >> she is a triathlete she runs in the morning. we ask about the path she takes . >> i run on the treadmill, so i look in the mirror. >> she says she is not prepared to go into detail about the sex scandals. but one thing she repeated today, she is moving forward but planning ahead for the future. and living in downtown oakland. >> she is walking to work. but it is a short walk, and she will have a closer look at the transformation that she is talking about. not just literally but what she sees ahead. . >> did she say what her first priority ? >> she did have a meeting with the command officers. she is spending time meeting them and trying to see if she wants to bring in new people as part of the structure. and learn about the diverse
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community that is oakland and try to protect it. turning now to the warriors. a big blow for the team after kevin durand last left nights games after the wizards with an injury just minutes after it had begun. he has an mcl sprain and a bone bruise. and he suffered a bruise in his neck -- left me. stephen curry tweeted this photo, my man, we will hold it down until you are back on the court with us. . >> they say know what is more disappointed than his injury. he will be back stronger very soon. get well soon my brother. >> coming up at 4 pm. we will speak with a four -- a
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sports medicine specialist. on the football. there are signs that calling and it will be moving on to another team. according to the nfl insider, he has new agents that have informed all 32 teams that they represent him. and he will be opting out of his contract with the 49ers. and he has also sold his home in san jose. the 4600 ft.2 home sold for over $3 million. that is $180,000 over the asking price. just how much snow was measured and what it means for drought. deadly storms ripping through the midwest. a look at the extent of the damage is more storms head that way. in whether we get a chance to try out. a lot of sunshine for your wednesday. temperatures have been trending up. another nice for coming up for
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thursday, and changes just in time for the weekend.
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my name is danita seaton. i'm a gas service representative for pg&e here in oakland. when i work in oakland, i feel like i'm home, because i grew up here in oakland, my family still lives here. every time i go to the customer's house, i treat them like they're my family. if they smell gas, or they don't have hot water, i'm there to ensure that by the time that i leave, they feel safe and they can go back to their day to day life. to learn more about gas safety in your home, visit together, we're building a better california. earlier today's they were officials conducted their third snowpack survey of the winter. snowpack is 186% of normal this time of year. water managers say that is well above average. that puts the state on track for one of the wettest winters on record following five years
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of drought. the overall snowpack supplies one third of the water supply. they are going to decide in april if they will lift the water band. three people are dead after severe weather plastid the mid west. deadly storms producing devastating tornadoes from tuesday into wednesday and all of the national weather services, 20 twisters were reported from illinois and missouri to iowa, tennessee and indiana. . >> and elderly gentleman was killed by a falling tree. >> the weather is being blamed for multiple deaths. multiple homes and vehicles damaged and destroyed. and tens of thousands of people without power. >> we got hit hard. a lot harder than we thought
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last night. and when we did the final assessment this morning. >> these voices have been hard hit by these tornadoes. it is like 64 homes have been destroyed. it is a terrible tragedy. five residents of nursing homes just west of town were injured. select two communities in central illinois were especially hard hit with more than a dozen people don't -- injured in the area. >> is wonderful the way the residents in the community have helped each other. they gave other people warnings that the tornadoes were coming. . >> police say a 24-year-old driver was killed near perryville, missouri when his vehicle was blown off of interstate 55 and he was ejected. forecasters warned the same system is now prompting alerts
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up and down the east coast. let's get to our forecast now. it has been a crazy year weatherwise. >> there are so many extremes happening. you have severe weather popping up here the abundance of rainfall as well. thankfully today, we have a break in here is our live camera. this is looking out towards the golden gate bridge in san francisco. a great afternoon for your wednesday. you saw the story and all the severe weather popping up. this is the radar over the passed six hours showing the active weather pattern setting up for that portion of the country. out to the west, we have this, clear skies up and down the california coastline. in fact the closest child area is over 150 miles to our west. we are in the clear tonight and also as we head into your thursday as well.
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temperatures, if you're walking around outside they happen trending up and are comfortable. 63 in santa rosa, san francisco 65. in san jose reporting 63 degrees. another camera looking out to estuary and we cannot find the cloud. remember last week at this time we had an abundance of clouds. but nothing to show you today. the coolest location is down to freezing out were santa rosa. san francisco 43 in san jose starting on thursday morning in the upper 30s. we could have patchy frost. a cold start for your thursday. san francisco in the mid-40s. we are showing lots of sunshine for your thursday afternoon. to which is approaching the 600 mark. and by tomorrow afternoon we will top the 600 mark. were looking pretty good for
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your thursday, then changes setting up for friday. looks what happens over the weekend. were talking about rain chances. we'll talk more about the changing weather pattern and your full forecast in just a few minutes. meanwhile officials with the santa clara valley water district are drawing of blood control programs. if they say it will take $22 million to build deeper channels and flood walls. the area of focus is 6 miles up the creek between montague expressway and interstate and interstate 280. the district plans to work more closely with city leaders to make sure there is better communication during big storms. a vietnamese american billionaire announced the $5 million donation. and will have more that coming up at 5 pm. two people are under arrest skews the base jumping and police are still looking for a third jumper. they saw three people jump from the top of the hilton tower at
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taylor and ellis street around midnight. two men were taken into custody and police carried off some of their equipment. one witness told us the parachutist landed right next to a couple of parts police cars. one of the man away after landing. select they came right over the top of the car. when he pulled up the parachute, he flies back over his head again. the other car comes around and chases him. it looks like laurel and hardy. everyone in the middle of the street chasing this one guy. if i was a drug addict, that would have made me quit. . >> the third jumper who got away was a woman. the two men under arrest are charged with trespassing and conspiracy. the stock market setting all kinds of records today. we will sit down with a financial advisor to see what is behind the historic run and what it means for your pocketbook. that is as the the 4 on 2 continues.
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wall street kicking off a new month with trading with fresh records, the dow cattle pulling over the 21,000 mark for the first time. the nasdaq and s and p also hit new records. were joined by george and he is here to talk to us from stanley
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morgan. i'm historic day. >> what does this mean ? to make it is exciting. it's very exciting because in 24 days, we went from a tao of 20,000 to 21 20,000 to 21,000. that is a good return. if you go back to 1999, the tao was at 10,000, he went to 11,000. that was a 10% increase. as our number gets bigger the increase is not as great. >> a lot of people are wondering, does this have a lot to do with donald trump because the tone of his message ? >> i would call it to words, rational exuberance. the rational part is what we know. we know what the gdp is. we know it's a slow growth economy. we know the inflation rate is low.
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but the market is skyrocketed. that is the exuberance part. that's based on speculation. the market is speculating that the president will be able to execute on his promises. three basic promises, tax reduction, for you, for businesses and for estates. that is huge. the second thing, the regulation. some deregulation environmentally and financially. that will stimulate the economy. and the third thing is infrastructure. last night he talked about putting $1 trillion of infrastructure into the market. there are benefactors of that. that is the exuberance part. if he can deliver on that, but as soon as the legislature the controlling body start to monkey with his ideas, and maybe slow it down that is when you will see the market have a pullback. it all depends on what he's able to do. . >> and that probably answers my next question. the speculation and the idea that other experts are saying, because of donald trump we could top 30,000 at the end of this presidency.
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select i think growth in the economy, if there is tax reduction, and infrastructure in place there are certain companies that are beneficiaries of that. were all trying to look at who those companies might be get in early so that you will get the growth appreciation. that will depend on the government. to see if they will approve some of those ideas. select for folks who are sitting at home watching the stock job, what should they do with the finances ? >> i'm sure everyone who is investing in the market, and especially the s&p 500 you were asking if you do take money off of the table ? if you are a baby boomer and preparing for retirement you want to take advantage of the opportunity. at the end of the day if you
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are well diversified you will pick up some games. that is what we would like to see happen. . >> very interesting, thank you for being here. great talking with you. and getting a chance to learn something. still to come come --,. see how drones can see clouds, it is being called a game changer. the republicans say they are not optimistic. we have live coverage here. that's kevin durant in atlanta. he is back in the bay area. you can see the left knee is bandaged up. he is in a wheelchair. we will talk to an orthopedic surgeon from stanford in just a couple of minutes to find out what the prognosis is for kde in the warriors just six weeks shy of the playoffs.
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the president put forth an agenda which i think was un- american. he talked about taking away healthcare from nearly 30 million people. he talked about building a wall. he really played on the fears of people. . >> i thought it was an opportunity to unite democrats and republicans. and instead he seemed to want to lay blame on the democrats.
4:30 pm
every time he wanted to identify something that did not work. select house lawmakers weigh in on president. strachan's first address before a joint session of congress. but repot -- republicans expressed positive remarks about the speech. . >> i wanted to find out what was your take on the speech ? how did you feel about it ? >> i thought it was his best speech to date. he is coming into his own as a president. he never had a long history as a career politician. he has had a lot of room for improvement. and last night showed that he is taking it seriously. and he is listening to the american people and becoming more and more presidential every day. . >> it is the most presidential we have heard him sound in a while. but a lot of people are feeling the tone of his speech.
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we've been talking about the dow today. do you feel that he did enough to unite people ? we just heard one of the democrats saying, we were looking forward to unification. do you think he did that ? >> absolutely. he touched on just about everything he could've possibly touched upon. that every american cares about. >> as far as the democrats, in my opinion there argument is dated. and it is old. they have already made up their minds that they're not going to give him a chance. and they are going to spend the next four years resisting and complaining about everything he does. and they won't get everything done and that's unfortunate. . >> and hearing some of the responses is that they are wondering, with these ideas and plans you have outlined, where are we going to see that ? how are we going to pay for some of that stuff ?
4:32 pm
>> they are saying where it is going to come from ? >> and those are valid questions. the next he said he is going to introduce the budget in the upcoming months. and we will look at it then. i am sure that we will be pleasantly surprised. so far the people who have not supported him, president trump has said many times that he is in the business of keeping promises and that is what we have seen from them so far. and i believe he will continue to do that. . >> we want to touch in your background. you have been in the republican party. i want to ask you with watching last night's speech, why do you think it is that the majority of the black community does not support donald trump ? >> i think it's more of a democrat/republican thing rather than a donald trump thing.
4:33 pm
being an african-american woman myself, i was a democrat my whole life until i decided to change to the republican party. i felt like it suits me better. i feel like it suits the black immunity better. i believe that the african americans have a placeable parties. and we should be diversified and we should encourage more african-americans to become members of the republican parties. we are doing ourselves a severe disservice by only belonging to one party. i can get out there and others like me can get up there and let people know that, we do belong to both parties and there is a place for us to both parties. and that is the way it should be. >> thank you so much for being here with us. ground was broken this morning on a major improvement project for gimenez avenue in san francisco. state officials lined up while
4:34 pm
they turned over a ceremonial bucket of dirt. one of the main features of the $300 million project will be a dedicated bus line. crews will install high visibility crosswalks and extended sidewalks. while the work is being done drivers can expect a couple of years of big headaches. select don't miss send me an email complaining. when it's done and over, you are going to be thanking us for taking this opportunity to just be inconvenienced for the short amount of time to create something great for the future. >> while the work is being done the crews will replace water and sewer lines that run underneath. the project is expected to be completed sometime in 2019. a special training program got underway to bring public awareness to rail safety. this is an all out effort to promote pedestrian safety.
4:35 pm
they wrote a special train between oakland and hayward. law enforcement officers were along the line looking for trespassers near the train track. quite a few people are living in encampments of on the rail line have been hit by trains. they say it's important that if you see tracks, always being train. >> always expect a train. and pay attention to the traffic lights. >> train officials are reminding drivers to stop in designated areas with railroad signals are flashing. across and gets her down. it takes a freight train traveling 55 miles an hour more than 1 mile of track to stop in
4:36 pm
an emergency. is team of scientists are looking into drone technology as a way to cloud see. they say it could be the future of the industry. scientist and nevada may have found another use for drones, making it rain. they want to increase precipitation by using unmanned aerial vehicles to seed the clouds person and i believe that we are the first in the country and maybe in the world to use drones for cloud seeding. . >> this is usually done by a pilot flying a plane. using a drone will be cheaper and safer. as an you don't have a man flying into the harsh conditions. >> while there is no scientific consensus, cloud seeding can alter the weather and provide minimal relief. . >> we can get 10% more snowpack in the mountains. that little bit of extra water sometimes is enough to keep a couple of crops alive. and key people from needing to go into trout restrictions. . >> scientists are conducting preliminary tests with the drone. they codified the drone in a
4:37 pm
cloud seeding flight in the coming months. dub nation hoping to some good news. and whether lots of sunshine here today. we really enjoy these bright days. we are looking out towards mount diablo. it looks like were working on a nice thursday forecast. there are changes set up for the weekend. we'll talk about the rain chances coming up. ♪
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♪ every day in northern california, people are inventing, innovating, and discovering the next thing that could change the world, which means if you're born here, you really can grow up to be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california,
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dub nation holding its collective breath after kevin durant went down in a heap last night. it happened in last night's loss to the wizards. the prognosis, it is a grade 2 strain and a bold brace on -- a bone bruise on his tibia. will he be ready to go ? let's find out. we welcome dr. mark safran. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me prison at a grade 2 strain, what does that mean ? >> the mcl is the medial collateral ligament. it is the most commonly injured ligament in the knee.
4:41 pm
we have grades one, two, and three. >> how long do you think that will take to heal ? >> not specifically about heaven durant, but grade 2 tends to take about 4-6 weeks to heal . >> i heard the bone bruise may be a bigger deal long-term. >> usually, to sprained a ligament, this is the right knee. this is the medial collateral ligament. two strain it has to be stretched. there is a force opening up on the inside so it levers on the outer side. so when it pushes against the leg bone, it has to push
4:42 pm
against there. and if it pushes a lot you can get bone bruising. you would almost expect that from some degree. it does not affect the ability for the mcl to heal. >> i know you don't have a crystal ball, do you see him playing some time ? is that realistic ? >> i would think so. in general most people can heal between 4-6 weeks. he has a great medical staff and is a healthy young guy. you would expect that it should heal in 4-6 weeks. and that the playoffs will most likely be in the picture. . >> we are looking at some video. talk about his rehab program. what is in store for him in the next month ? >> they will try to reduce the swelling in his knee. and work on his range of motion so that his knee does not get stiff. and they will strengthen his leg.
4:43 pm
and they will try to avoid side to side movements that will strain or stress the ligament while it is trying to heal. often times he would be using a brace to help protect the ligament. and if he is having trouble walking because of the injury, he might be on crutches for a little bit until things calm down. . >> is this is the worst injury that can happen to a basketball player ? the quick energy going side to side ? >> not really. we hear more about the acl. when that tears that is usually at the end of the season. the mcl does heal. he should ultimately yield fine and be able to get that going up and down. i think last year stephen curry also had mcl injury. and you see, he is back well.
4:44 pm
i think the expectation is that this should heal fine. this is not the worst thing that can happen. this will heal. he should not have any long- term consequences from this injury. it should not affect him down the rope his neck that is good news. >> thank you so much for your insight. a beautiful wednesday here in the bay area. lots of sunshine. the storm track is not here. we have mostly clear conditions. in the site this is our san rafael camera looking out toward san francisco. nothing but clear conditions. it's nice to have this break in the rain fall. we really need it. it was like it continues into your thursday and friday as well. on friday you will notice some changes. right now we have mostly clear conditions up and down the coast. we will see mostly sunny skies in your rica and down towards monterey bay. current numbers, 60s toward san
4:45 pm
jose and fremont, oakland, very nice 63. and napa reporting 65. i live camera looking out towards the bay in san francisco, tonight will have mostly clear skies. tomorrow sunny and warm. the weekend, we will bring in more clouds will be talking about rain chances. especially as we head into saturday evening and sunday across the region. for tomorrow in san jose a cold start out there. 38 degrees. we are showing you clear skies as we head towards the afternoon hours. and by 3 pm mid 60s out there. not really a big change. and that will be the key headliner for your thursday. by friday we will picking up the clouds. still a dry day. the cooler weather system does move in from the north this weekend. a sharp drop-off in temperatures. showers return over the weekend as well. the chance saturday, but had a
4:46 pm
chance saturday night into sunday. here is the forecaster when you clear skies tomorrow. and friday definitely a thickening of cloud cover. saturday morning at 7 am, clouds in play. this is the shower activity with those chances. not an extreme rainfall producer but there will be some clouds and showers. the forecast model is scaling back a little bit on the projections. we are not expecting excessive rainfall amounts. next week looks fairly quiet out there. to just for tomorrow. most areas will be right around 63-66. san mateo 64. santa rosa 66 degrees as well.
4:47 pm
the forecast it is shaping up to be a nice day for your thursday. increasing clouds on friday we will call that transition day. and we will transition that towards rain clouds. it could be cold and up once again, we saw those pictures from mount diablo. >> heading into the sierra on sunday to ski on monday. >> you may not get whacked. >> they could be picking up some snowfall from sunday into monday. it could be down around 2000 feet. keep that in mind for the travels. >> hopefully you won't get whacked on the slopes. [ laughter ] we will look at the stories where working on for news at 5 pm.
4:48 pm
the record on wall street seems to be broken every day. we will talk to an investor who does not see a slowdown coming. and some daredevils in custody in san francisco. >> they packed their parachutes. witnesses say that they flew right over them. but the police were waiting for them as they hit the ground. coming up next, it said to be the second largest deal in us history.
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our investor is showing skepticism over snapchat. the company's evaluation just released at $17 a share. how does that affect the market ? and that it is the second largest technology ipo in us history. snapchat is what a lot of teenagers and kids know very well and they will be going public on thursday morning. and is snapchat worth $25 billion ? that is what the company may be worth when they start trading. the company founder wanted to state that way. we went out and asked people is
4:52 pm
it worth all of the hype ? and that i use it all day. >> i use it to send my friends stupid videos. >> i think i am too old for snapchat. >> we are traveling around the world and we share with our friends. . >> analyst have a different take. is it were $25 billion ? we talked to michael and asked him, is snapchat set to be the next facebook ? >> initially, there will be a lot of concern and skepticism on whether snapchat can grow. with facebook, people understood it when they went public. they went public with 1 billion users. so investors got it. because adults were on it. . >> no matter what happens with snapchat debuts on thursday morning, the founders, 26 years
4:53 pm
old in 28 years old are set to be billionaires. the rest of us, we will have to see how the stock does. parent company snap is working on a drone. they say drones will help the company reposition itself as a modern-day camera company. they can help users take overhead videos. it is unclear when or if snap a drone would become available to consumers. we are taking a look at google's newest plans for its mountain view campus. it will be in the bayshore area. it will have a futuristic canopy. the 595,000 square-foot facility will have offices on the second floor while the first floor will be open to the public. it will have restaurants and shops on the ground levels for google employees and passerby's. there will be walking trails in
4:54 pm
a public park nearby. business has changed over the years. us forces detailing their plan to beat isis. what the commander and i rock is saying about taking down the islamic state. that is coming up.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> the double burger trial, theformer nfl trial began in
4:57 pm
boston this morning. the former new england patriot tight end is accused of killing two men at a nightclub in 2012. they say one accidently bumped into hernandez making him spill his drink. that led hernandez to follow the two men an open fire on their car. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. he's already serving a life sentence for the 2013 killing of his friend lloyd. >> defense secretary jim matis has -- matties has announced his plan to defeat isis. >> now an update on current operations and where he'd like to see it go in the next few months. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> as u.s.-backed iraqi forces continue to fight in mosul, the trump administration continues a change in strategy of the broader fight to defeat isis. jim matis submitted preliminary plans and a few say it likely
4:58 pm
won't include large numbers of u.s. troops. >> we bring in any -- it may not mean we bring in any additionaltroops. we'll work with local partners to understand why the reasons we're doing that. >> he says there are between 12- 15,000 isis fighters left in iraq and syria with their main focus now defending their remaining territory in mosul and blocking coalition forces from liberating raqqa, the self- proclaimed eye sis capital. -- isis capital. they say it won't be easy and will include a wide rangers of -- range of fighters including kurds. >> i assume all will contribute in the liberation of raqqa. >> he says he's waring his options. -- weighing his options. critics say he needs to actsooner rather than later. >> this murderous assad regime
4:59 pm
is ink baiting -- incubating isis. >> the u.s. has trained and equipped nearly 4,000 moderate equipped syrian fighters. general townsend says he needs about twice that to take raqqa. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> the mri results are now in for warrior star durant out after a scary knee injury last night. a doctor tells us durant may not be able to return in thele end of the regular season which is still about six weeks away. just about 30 minutes ago, sky fox was overhead when a private plane with kevin durant on board landed at kaiser air which is next to oakland international airport. you can see there kevin durant hopping down the stairs. he was then met by a wheelchair and was rolled across the tarmac and then picked up by an suv. good evening, everyone. i'm frank summerville. >> after steph curry injured his knee in the playoffs last year, warriors fans have to be
5:00 pm
saying not again. >> zaza pachulia here. throwdown. and kevin inadvertently is out. >> that happened early in the first quarter last night in washington, dc. you could tell durant was in significant pain immediately. he initially tried to jog it off, but after testing that knee, he eventually limped back to the locker room. >> kevin durant underwent an mri today. we have results. we now know that kevin durant will be out indefinitely. more on what this means for the team. boy, you lose your biggest star arguably other than steph curry. >> yeah, that's what everybody is talking about right now. if there is a silver lining, it's fact it happened now rather than later in the year. ready to hand the warriors the larry o'brien trophy before they played one regular season game. >> watch


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