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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 3, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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knees. the bulls took over in the 3rd quarter. steph curry was 2 for 11 from the three-point line. a huge crack in a freeway overpass in palo alto. the overnight crash involving a dump truck and the trouble it is causing for drivers. >> the national day of unplugging starts tonight. she gave us an incredible performance at the academy awards. we will speak live to the voice of moana who is visiting the bay area. ar ♪[music] >> taking a live look outside. a little bit of fog and clouds moving in after all of that sun we saw yesterday and the day before and the day before. weather changes are on the way, yes. but also tonight at sundown we're supposed to unplug. no phone, no tv, no tablet, no
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nothing. i could go -- >> do we have to do this. >> i plan on live tweeting the event. >> we're playing one of my favorite songs. i could probably go a week without a phone call. but if you take my ability to text. >> yeah. >> away from me, that's -- so of all the ways we communicate. >> are you a text or a talker. >> i like texting now. >> even my mom. >> my parents too. >> text. >> so i cannot be at -- my kids or the nanny, i have to have this thing for that. >> right. >> when we're all together in the same room, then maybe i can put it down. >> okay. we'll see. we'll see. >> a lot of people say the struggle is for work, we need our phones. >> yeah. >> to check e-mails. >> they're not talking about work, are they. >> the problem is i check my work e-mail just to see what is on twitter. let's check facebook. >> it's a slippery slope. >> 40 minutes later, dinner is burning on the stove. we will talk about your challenge tonight and into
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tomorrow night to unplug. before we talk about that, we have to talk about the weather. rosemary orozco yesterday for many people was a welcome break with a lot of sun. >> yesterday was a gorgeous one. today still nice. maybe not quite as nice. today won't be as warm. as gasia mentioned a moment ago, we have fog out there this morning. a mix of a little bit of low cloud cover. visibility if you are jumping on to the roadways this morning, looking good at this point. mid and high level clouds will continue to filter in as we roll through your friday. here is a look at your future cast model getting into the afternoon. again, high level clouds. this is the type of soft sunlight that we see with this sunshine. we will see it thicken up a little bit into the weekend. bigger changes coming then. 48 san francisco. in the south bay of san jose, 51. still a bit of a cool start in santa rosa and novato. all checking in the mid to upper 40s. temperatures you can see here
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are similar to yesterday. a tad cooler in areas over half moon bay. for the afternoon, again the mid and high level clouds will be increasing. 59 san francisco. low 60s for oakland. 66 livermore. into the north bay, 63 degrees expected for santa rosa. we do have wet weather returning to the bay area. when i come back, i will have a look at the extended forecast and show you what to expect if you're headed to the sierra for the weekend. >> thank you, rosemary. we will start in palo alto where all lanes of southbound 101 are expected to reopen at noon after a dump truck hit an overpass late last night and did damage. authorities say a construction worker was using a dump truck to unload asphalt. as he was driving away, he apparently left the truck bed up and you see what happened. it collided with the embarcadero overpass and caused a 27-foot-wide crack. it actually took out a chunk of the overpass. the force of the crash knocked the truck bed off of the hydraulics and the truck became lodged into the overpass. two lanes of northbound 101 are
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still closed. >> traveling southbound in the number 1 lane with the dump truck elevated. as he approached the embarcadero overcrossing, the dump truck collided with the -- with the overcrossing. >> and the impact of that collision also caused the driver's head to hit the steering wheel. he had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. caltrans is now sending an spin tech tore to the scene to check the integrity of the overpass itself. >> southbound 101 is backed up into redwood sitting heading down to the embarcadero or the embarcadero exit or the overcrossing where this is. the best bet is to use 280 instead. it is a little slow but i would recommend it. driving northbound on 101, this is not affecting you too much. people are slowing at the scene. but the big backup is southbound 101. in just a couple hours, final farewells will be made for a fallen sheriff's deputy. >> michael foley died last week after being hit by an inmate bus in dublin. >> christien kafton is live for
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us at the concord pavilion where more than a thousand people are expected to be on hand fortune rale services late -- for funeral services later this morning. >> reporter: yes. many will be law enforcement officers. this is the area where the law enforcement officers are funneling in for the service. the service will get underway in just two hours. officers preparing for the ceremony to say good-bye to a colleague and a family man. foley served for 30 years as a police officer before retiring and then joined the alameda county sheriff's office to turn money to pay for his son's college education. he died last thursday, one day after he was struck by a bus in the parking lot of a santa rita jail. his family and friends say they will miss the man who devoted himself to his family and served his community. >> mike's life is an example of public service. anyone who can do 30 years in
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law enforcement is a special kind of person. mike embodied what is good about law enforcement. doing the right thing, being the hard worker, being a leader. and mike during his 40 years in this job trained and mentored and guided a lot of young people to make them better officers. >> reporter: now, that service will begin at 11:00 here. foley is survived by his wife, daughter and son 18 years old who is preparing for the possibility of a career in law enforcement. i talked with alameda county sheriffs earlier. they say the door will always be open for this young man to join the ranks if he chooses to do. i had a chance to talk with deputy foley's comraids from concord pd. they said they went out to santa rita jail last week and were talking with inmates out there. even the inmates at the jail passed on their condolences. when they saw their concord pass, they knew about deputy foley. they say he was a good man and respected in the jail.
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even the inmates will miss him going forward. >> certainly says a lot. christien kafton live for us this morning in concord. two suspects is have been arrested accused of shooting at an off duty oakland police officer on interstate 880. the officer was going southbound in his personal car when someone in a ford explorer fired shots near the 16th avenue exit and hit the officer's car but he was not hurt. reportedly the people in the explorer did not know they were shooting at an officer. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. police spotted the explorer but lost it in a chase. it was later found abandoned after a crash. the suspects were arrested after an overnight search. >> i take very seriously this crime and this violent crime in this city. and my goal is to make oakland safer. and that includes our officers. our officers. >> a third suspect was also arrested on unrelated charges but is still considered to be a person of interest in the shooting case.
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as we have been reporting throughout mornings on 2, a man was arrest this had morning in connection with bomb threats against jewish centers across the country. federal agents arrested juan thompson in st. louis. now according to court documents he is a jilted ex- boyfriend who made threats to at least eight jewish community centers nationwide in an effort to harass his former girlfriend. reportedly he called in bomb threats and then sent e-mails saying his former girlfriend was behind them. he is accused of making threats against antidefamation league office in new york, a jewish history museum in new york as well as jewish community centers and jewish schools in new york, michigan, dallas and san diego. the antidefamation league office in san francisco received a bomb threat on monday. police checked the entire 10- story building on market but nothing was found. federal officials investigated 122 bomb threats called into nearly 100 jewish community center schools and other facilities in more than 30 states. the man arrested in st. louis
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is not believed to be behind all the threats. president trump says he has total confidence in u.s. attorney general jeff sessions even if sessions has bowed to pressure and removed himself from any investigation into possible connections between the trump campaign and russia. sessions is not resigning. as doug luzader reports from washington, democrats say it's not enough. ough. >> reporter: a congress will continue to investigate whether russia meddled in the president did nottial campaigns and so will the justice department. but attorney general sessions will not play a role. attorney general jeff sessions firing back, taking aim at democrats who say he needs to resign after failing to disclose a meeting with russia's u.s. ambassador during last year's campaign. while sessions served on the senate armed services committee. >> i think it was hyped beyond reason. and i think it was unfair. >> reporter: sessions says when he was asked about russia during the confirmation
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hearings, he denied con tank because it didn't involve campaign issues. earlier yesterday, he made this recall. >> i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> reporter: still it's not enough for many democrat who's are calling for sessions to resign. >> the fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath to the american people is grounds for him to resign. >> mr. president, do you still have confidence in the attorney general. >> total. >> reporter: president trump gave sessions his support during his visit to virginia. the problem came when other republicans joined the course. >> if there is an investigation, then jeff sessions should step aside because he is part of the campaign team. >> reporter: other criticism of sessions struck wide of the mark though. missouri democratic senator who serves on armed services just like sessions did tweeted this. i have opinion on the armed services committee for ten years. no call or meeting with russian
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ambassador ever. ambassadors call members of foreign relations committee. the problem, she did meet with the same russian ambassador. and even tweeted about it at the time. she ultimately clarified that saying that she meant to say she never had a one on one meeting with the russian ambassador. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. uc berkeley politics professor and russian expert steven fish says it's not unusual for senators to meet with foreign ambassadors. but because so many people involved with the campaign met with russian officials raise the need for an inquiry. >> how many trump officials were, did trump himself know about it, did he endorse it were they cooperating with russian officials for the benefit of trump's campaign? these questions we don't know. >> now, reportedly trump
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campaign adviser paul manafort, national security secretary michael flynn and president trump's son-in-law all met with russian officials during the campaign. there's a report this morning that when vice president mike pence was indiana's governor he used a private e-mail account to conduct public business. the indianapolis star newspaper says it obtained public records that shows that trump communicated with advisors through the aol account on homeland security matters and at the governor's residence. during the presidential campaign, pence frequently criticized hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail service while she was secretary of state. the star reports that pence's aol account was hacked last summer. the time is 9:12. excuse ming up, a viral post from a police sergeant about eating lunch alone. the invitation she put out on social media. and boy how the community responded. can you live without your phone for 24 hours? we have more on the challenge starting today to disconnect from your devices.
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. >> the dow is just below the 21,000 number. nasdaq and s&p down but slightly. it is a time to disconnect with your phone and computer and connect with people around you. >> at sundown, the national day of unplugging begins and it will last for 24 hours. all of you are invited to participate. >> and all of us. >> we're invited it participate too. >> joining us now to talk about the event we're happy to welcome tanya, the spokesperson for national day of unplugging. we like this in theory. when it comes to practice, is work the number one excuse that people use for being glued to their phones. >> yes. that's the great thing about the national day of unplugging. it doesn't start until sundown
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on friday and goes until sundown on saturday. we recognize that people need to use phones for work. it is the balance. we now have this 24/7 workweek. right. and that's just not healthy for anyone and it is not productive. we urge people to take regular breaks to push back on their bosses. push back on your bosses. don't answer e-mail at midnight. don't sell e-mails at midnight so you set boundaries for yourself. >> i find that i'm looking at -- since i'm a news guy, i'm looking at twitter for breaking news. donald trump tweets something, i want to know about it right then. should we not want to know everything immediately all the time? that would make me put my phone down. >> that's the problem. i think there's this expectation now that everything is an emergency. you will always be connected and always be reachable. we have to change that. it's just like i said not healthy. and it's only by you setting boundaries on yourself. taking time with your family, with your kids.
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even lunch with your colleagues where you do take a break. it will be there when you get back. >> yes. >> and think this time with the -- we had such an intense political campaign. everybody was so connected and wanted to hear everything all the time. we thought we would get a break after the election. instead it's an increasing amount of noise. and we have to enforce it on our selfs and take a break. the national day of unplugging is about people pausing on that day and reflecting on the use of technology. >> if i'm not at home on my phone or watching tv, what will i do with all of that free time? how can i possibly fill the day. >> first you're going to stash your cell phone in the cell phone sleeping bag. >> give it a try. >> very good. >> we have a website where we created -- >> don't call me. >> we created a campaign. i unplug campaign. people fill in what they like to do. it could be -- if you stop and
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think about it. >> uh-huh. >> there are a lot of things that you like to do before you had this contact connectivity. >> but i can't remember what now. >> look on your to-do list on your phone. >> yes. >> so maybe it's knitting. maybe it is cooking or dancing or hiking. and it's really liberating actually to walk out the door without a phone in your pocket. it is terrifying at first. >> right. >> you have to train yourself. it is important if you're going to unplug for a longer period of time to let people know. people do expect. my mom, if i don't call her back within a couple hours, maybe a day, she thinks i'm in the hospital. it's an automatic thing. i'm like i could be with the kids. >> tanya, how can we bring this concept to something more realistic? maybe i'll do it tomorrow. maybe i will or maybe i won't. what about little periods during the day. >> right. >> maybe after dinner you put it down for the rest of the night. >> absolutely. >> while this is one day to bring attention to the issue,
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the message really is for people to pause and reflect and think about their use and be more mindful ongoing. this is a one off. it won't be helpful if you just do it once. set aside time. in my family we do something called tea time. it sounds cheesy. but i have an 8-year-old boy and 13-year-old boy. i feel like with the teenager, i don't get time to connect. he has so much homework. it's like dinner rush and homework rush. just before my 8-year-old goes to bed, we take tea time. we shut off all of the devices and tv and play a game or we just talk about the day. one day my kids both did magic. we take time to talk. sometimes it can only be 15 minutes. one night we did a puzzle for an hour and a half. this has become a ritual at least five nights a week. my kids ask for it. we have only been doing it for two months and they ask for it. >> last night i thought of you because i was at the dinner
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table playing funny card games. my husband is in the kitchen doing the dishes and i heard my phone ding he and said it's just a funny video that someone sent. had he brought me the phone, i would have looked at the video and checked facebook and twitter and my e-mail and then it is like a rabbit hole. then my kids would be like what about go fish. not having it in your hand is a first for me. >> putting it away and not going to check it. most often it's not an emergency. it does pull to you. the problem is we all have this compulsion. >> i also read a book on it. >> the message is don't throw it out the window. you have to have balance. my family when we take road trips, we don't allow the devices to play games but we listen to a pod cast. we're using the device but we're listening together and
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talking about it. the problem is has become this thing that is disconnecting us. we could be looking at our phones and going through instagram and facebook while having a conversation. part of the problem is we're teaching our kids that that is okay. that's what -- the message we're sending to them. we're also sending the message that you're not as important as that video. >> right. >> that is really harmful to them. they feel like they are secondly important. >> i want to cry. thank you so much. it is all about mindfulness. >> yes. >> national day of unplugging starts at sundown tonight and continues until tomorrow night. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you can sign a pledge to unplug and find out about more on the question of the day throughout mornings on 2 has been about disconnecting. we have been asking you, can you go 24 hours straight without using your smart phone or computer? why or why not? we have asked you to tweet us and leave comments on facebook.
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the hashtag is #ktvu. michelle payne says i am glued to my phone but i know how to put it down and be present when spending quality time with my family or spending time with friends. >> michael says yes, i can. i tried it before and i really felt great. relaxed and fresh. >> freddie says not at all. e-mail, phone call, texts, you will be out of the loop. >> oh, freddie. thank you for being honest and for responding. we will share more with you at 9:30. the hashtag is #ktvuthenine. why tourists in the bay area are getting increasingly worried about the president's immigration policies. a well dressed baby joins forces with his older brother for a special mission. we will talk about the creators of dreamworks newest family movie bossy baby.
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>> the flames quickly spread to adjacent buildings, some of which were condos and family single homes. firefighters in new york city make quick work of a small fire overnight at the trump international hotel and tower. that's where melania trump and son baron live. they announced that the fire is not suspicious. a short-circuit sparked the blaze. the first family was not injured. the organize put out a statement saying there are mounting signs of a chilling effect as they call it on demand for international travel
9:26 am
to the u.s. because of the ban. they are concerned as well. the president of the san francisco travel association says just the perception of possibly encountering difficulties entering the u.s. could make people choose to travel somewhere else. san francisco tourism officials are also concerned that the homeless issue in the city will drive down tourism. some local hotels and restaurants say the large number of people on city streets are scaring off visitors. over 6,000 homeless people were dianne feinstein was mayor from the late 1970 to the '80s. the homeless population is still estimated at about 6,000 today. the san francisco chamber of commerce is calling for a solution to the homeless issue. >> because we constantly have complaints have visitors that they love san francisco, they love the setting, they love the activities, the restaurants, but they're not coming back. >> tourism of course is a major source of revenue for san
9:27 am
francisco. officials say about 25 million people will visit the city this year alone. tourism is also responsible for some 76,000 job. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, a 12-year-old boy robbed at gun point after walking off of a bart train in he will certificatity owe. why the family says bart did not do enough to catch the attackers. what would you do with a time machine? we catch up with the stars of the new show making history. they will tell us about their connection to the bay area.
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♪[music] >> the time is 9:29. we are checking your twitter responses. we have so many of them because it has to do with using twitter and facebook. thank you so much. i was on facebook live this morning. >> virtually unplugged. >> i ran the battery down to nothing. hi to plug -- i had to plug it in. we're supposed to unplug from
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our devices sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow to reconnect with the people that you love. how tough is it for you to unplug for 24 hours? paul, i love this, he says gasia, we iphone 5 peeps are exempt because we don't meet text standards. i don't think he will unplug. my career is dependent on being connected. if i unplug, my friends call the authorities. >> you get what you expect. if you stop and you're missing. >> are you okay. >> right. >> do i need a break from it? yes. but i'm an active mom and help people connect to family across the world and more. >> okay. >> i have a response here, someone actually sent me a funny cartoon here. it talks about when your phone goes dead that's when you finally start to notice the things going on around you. the little birds tweeting. >> retweet that right now. do me a favor and follow alex savidge at ktvu. >> i want you to see it.
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thank you for talking to us on facebook and twitter and using #ktvu. >> rosemary is here. if we had sunshine weather tomorrow like we had yesterday. >> a perfect day. >> we would get outside without our phones. >> well, that's not going to happen. >> can we move the unplugging day to a day that is sunny and we can get out and enjoy a hike. you can get out and enjoy the hike. maybe bring along the waterproof jacket just in case. we have scattered showers returning to the bay area in time for the weekend. today we will remain dry. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. isn't that gorgeous. an increase in cloud cover out there. low clouds. a little bit of fog. mid and high level clouds. here is a look at the radar and satellite view. northern california picking up on a little bit of green there. tell we will not see it until tomorrow. and it looks like by mid morning over portions of the north bay, scattered showers. by mid afternoon it is coming to the central and south bay. once it arrives, we will be in
9:32 am
and out of scattered showers through most of the weekend. here is sunday morning. sunday afternoon looks about the same. it looks like even into monday, scattered showers will remain in the forecast. we have an unsettled weather for the next few days. excluding today. anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch expected by monday. not a lot of rainfall. but just enough to keep the umbrella handy. just enough to be prepared for it. because you don't want to be caught off guard if you're out and about for your weekend. with that said, don't cancel your plans. it will still be nice. it will just be cooler. >> okay. >> mid to upper 50s in the forecast for the afternoon. if you're going to the sierra, there are advisories in place for the west slopes. these storms will be colder. we're talking all the way down to 3,000 feet or so. >> bring the chains with you. >> uh-huh. good idea. >> thank you, rosemary. >> thank you, rosemary. for more on the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, sal. here are the top stories we're working for you.
9:33 am
norah salman is still in a dublin jail cell. she has been there since january after being arrested at her mother's home in rodeo. she is accused of helping her husband look for potential targets including the pulse nightclub. on wednesday a federal judge in oakland agreed to release her on half a million dollars bail as she awaits for trial in florida. then a orlando judge issued a stay after prosecutors argued she is a danger to the public. her lawyers have until next wednesday to respond. attorneys for garcia- torres, the man accused of killing sierra lamar, are trying to raise the possibility that someone else kidnapped and presumably killed the morgan hill teenager in 2012. forensic specialists say they found dna of three different people on sierra's jeans. sierra, garcia-torres, and an unidentified person. yesterday a judge prevented the defense while they were cross
9:34 am
examining a criminalogist to talk about a prior case. his dna was transferred to the victim through paramedics who handled both cases. well, last night contra costa county officials told residents that it's going to take months before the road is fixed because of landslides. last week a slide collapsed part of the road which runs along the eastern side of mount diablo between clayton and livermore. the slide is about 400 feet long. it cut off access to the north end of the road which leads to clayton and brentwood. in the meantime overnight the chp reported mudslides closed more aof the road. -- more of the road. there is good news. the water was turned back on yesterday. residents did not have running water out there for a week. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news
9:35 am
room. gasia, sal, alex, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. bart is being sued by the family of a 12-year-old boy who was robbed as he got off of the bart train in oakland. a man stopped him at the station and jammed a gun into his side and searched him. he was able to escape. his mother says that bart has not done enough to catch the attacker even though his son helped investigators complete a police sketch. >> my son's quality of life has definitely changed. you know, he has struggled with sleeping, having to be dependent on medication. >> we don't send every sketch to the media. it's obviously a call that you make if something that we feel that the media may or the public may play a role in helping. >> bart says it did share the police sketch with local law enforcement agencies.
9:36 am
and the bart system is upgrading security cameras in july. the family is suing for psychological and emotional support for their son. nobody likes to eat alone. that also goes for police officers. >> a sergeant in pittsburg took to social media to express her lunchtime loneliness. >> we have an update on the viral coast that got the public to talk to police over lunch. >> reporter: cass eis a pittsburg police sergeant. she stays busy while on patrol. all too often on her break, she eats by herself. she says it can get lonely. >> i'm not the type of person who likes to eat alone. >> reporter: on facebook she posted this picture of herself at togo's saying that people often walk past her without saying hi. it would be nice if somebody would break bread with me. >> it would be nice if they want to have a conversation. that's what i like to do when i eat. >> reporter: her post was originally meant for family and
9:37 am
friends but a coworker got permission from the department to share it publicly. you can imagine what happened. >> she has received several invitations for lunch. >> reporter: she got a special invite the other day. she got to have lunch with the kids at foothill elementary school. a fourth grader saw the post online and reached out to her. >> i wanted to have lunch with her because she was -- she was alone and i didn't want her to be alone. >> reporter: it turns out that the sergeant went to the same school herself and sat in the very same cafeteria. >> i'm happy to be able to make these kids' day and they made my day just as well. and to just have a lunch where there's no stress, no -- positive vibes. >> reporter: the sergeant had a message for the kids who may see classmates by themselves. >> invite them to come play with them or sit with them. because, you know, we're not meant to do life alone. >> reporter: in pittsburg, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. well, he is a suit-wearing
9:38 am
briefcase-carrying baby on a secret mission. >> we babies are having a crisis. babies are not getting as much love as we used to. behold our mortal enemy. puppies. >> oh. no that is exactly the problem. >> that is bossy baby. it features the voice of alec baldwin. it opens march 31st. >> tom to have the director here on the nine. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for joining us. a lot of people before we had our second said two isn't twice as hard, it is ten times as hard. and your movie bears that out. >> yes. the richter scale. >> yes. >> multiplying. >> exponentially harder. >> i didn't have children. my producer had children. i was the boss baby of my family. i had a brother two years older than myself. i tortured him and he tortured me. we were competitive our entire
9:39 am
lives. in a way this movie is about two brothers who learn to be brothers and love each other. and it is a 50-year-old apology to my brother. at the end of the day, we're best friends and love each other. >> but it takes a while to get there. >> it really does. this movie was based off of a book about when a baby comes into your life. you're about to realize -- >> alex is about to go from one to two. >> we're about to have a baby any time in the next few weeks here. how do i know if i have a boss baby on my hands. >> if it shows up in a suit. >> like alec baldwin. >> how hard is to direct one of these pictures? i have seen a lot of them. i have seen trolls and moana and all of these movies. we're going to see yours too. i wonder, wow, these are also made for adults. the kids like it, but the adults have these little things that you put in that makes us laugh. >> having alec baldwin too. he knows where the comedy lives. i have the best job in the
9:40 am
world working with someone like alec. he makes me laugh all the time. there is plenty in it for kids. for adults, there is no reason that they can't go to the movie and enjoy it as well. >> you do a great job with that. >> that is the most important thing, make it for everyone. movies are expensive. you have to take the whole family. everybody should be entertained. >> absolutely. >> this is based on a children's book. >> yeah. >> how do you take -- it's a short children's book. how do you take that and make that into a full-length film and sort of flush out the story? >> you work with a writer. i had a great writer who worked on the austin powers movies. very fun e. we went off of the central theme that every kid's worths fear, is there enough love for me? if i have a brother or sister, do i get enough love. we blew it up into the landscape that puppies have been vying for love and babies
9:41 am
have been on the decline. boss baby is on a mission to find out why babies were losing. >> who is stealing my love. >> yes. >> when you're directing these actors in the booth there, are you -- you know, they're doing their line. is it like directing an on screen actor is it a little different. >> it is a big leap of faith for actors. there is no set or costumes. i go in the booth with them. it is a testament to our cast's imagination. they're alone with a microphone. they have to imagine the world around them. and we have a great cast. not only alec baldwin, steve bushemi plays the villain. and lisa kudrow and jimmy kimmel. >> i know alec baldwin has little children. i want to say three under the age of five. i mean, three young kids in one household.
9:42 am
did he ad lib anything. >> he immerses himself into the part. >> he knows what he is talking about. >> when he started boss baby, he had ireland and she was already a teenager. during the course of making the movie, he had three more babies. >> he is living it. >> he is method. >> without giving away too much, does it end on an inspirational note. >> poor alex is worried. >> what is your take-away from the film. >> when i take my son to see this. >> this is not boss baby manchester by the sea. >> no. >> they can live in harmony. >> there's a great message where, you know, for little kids it's not like the love that you get. and what i think the kid in our movie tim discovers, it's not about getting love but giving it. at the end of the day there's a sweet story about brotherly love and kind of it's a little bit of a romantic comedy. >> nothing like brotherly love.
9:43 am
>> right. >> that's my hope -- >> you will be fine. that's every parent's hope for their child. i'm one of four. we realized we will always have each other. even when god forbid mom and dad isn't here. we will always be together. that helped us knit tighter than we were in elementary school, i hate you, you stole my belt days. >> yeah. there's no stronger bond than the family bond. if you can take that and make your family bigger and spread it out to the world, it would be a great thing to do. >> oh. all right. >> nothing funnier than talking babies. >> no. >> thank you. >> and alec baldwin in a diaper is pretty great. >> called the boss baby. thank you for being here. thank you. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the nine -- >> and we are live at the fairmont hotel in san francisco where i have a special guest with me this morning. the star of moana. her dvd blu-ray is coming out next week. we will talk about the oscars next.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> she is the voice of disney's moana. >> you probably saw her perform at the academy awards which was no, ma'am neated for an oscar. >> the voice of moana is in san francisco celebrating the blu- ray -- i guess her name right and then i mess up blu-ray release. >> i was very impressed. >> of the movie on march 7th. cara, save me. >> you know what, i actually was doing the same thing. is that right. >> that's right. >> i got it right. >> gasia messed up the name of
9:47 am
the dvd. your career has taken off overnight. >> it absolutely has. yes. >> tell me about how you landed this role of moana. like every little girl has seen this movie. and little boy. my kids included. i heard that you were actually the last one to audition. >> i wasn't planning on auditioning for moana. i was a freshman in high school. as fate would have it, my friends and i awe digged for a nonprofit organization hoping to become the entertainment for the event. we didn't make it for the first round. but the woman going through those auditions was the casting director for disney. so i got to audition for moana and it worked out well. >> you're from hawaii. it all goes together. you have the island thinking going on. >> i'm of polenesian descent.
9:48 am
>> were you nervous about the academy awards. >> yes. for the rehearsals you see people's names in the audiences and they have head cutouts and i saw meryl streep in the front row. i was totally freaking out. >> you did a great job. you had good stage presence. let's talk about that one movement. i don't know if you caught it it. when the guys in the sails in the back, they bumped you in the head. >> yes. they reminded that, hey, you're at the oscars. it was a good reminder that this is actually happening, it isn't just a dream. >> then the after party, tell me who were you most excited to see. >> i wanted to see meryl streep. i didn't see her. i saw viola davis and katy perry and demi lovato. i got bad pictures. >> how old are you right now. >> 16. >> you're so young. let's also talk about your future. i know that you've got a series that is coming up too. now people won't just see you
9:49 am
as a cartoon as moana. they will see the real you. >> i got cast in a pilot, yes. >> the funny thing about that, the person who wrote -- who actually produced it is the same person in charge of hamilton. >> that is true. >> and miranda was sitting in front of you, he is the guy who cowrote it. >> we like everyone part of the team. they're great. >> so the blu-ray dvd is coming out next tuesday. >> uh-huh. >> i just have to tell you that my middle daughter now insists on having a pot-bellied pig after watching the movie. so thank you for that. >> oh, you're welcome. yeah. >> and what is next? s next >> oh, no. our signal broke up. that was tara in the city talking with the 16-year-old. >> what a huge moment former singing at the oscar -- moment for her singing at the oscars.
9:50 am
>> i haven't seen it yet. >> i have girls. >> that is a must see. >> yes. >> the new fox show making history premieres on ktvu. >> it follows three friends from two different centuries as they balance the thrill of time travel with everyday life. >> paul chambers talked with the stars of the show. >> reporter: this sunday. >> john han and sam adams. >> reporter: fox is taking you back in time. >> taxation without representation -- >> who brought a slave in here. >> wow. good to see that boston hasn't changed. >> reporter: the show making history follows three friends from two different centuries who travel between colonial days and the present. >> it is a time travel comedy. i play a janitor at a university and i find a way to travel through time and fall in love with paul revere's daughter. >> in the show, dan and his friends use a duffle bag as a time machine. >> this is so stupid. >> it's real? >> i play a history professor
9:51 am
named chris. i work at the same college as dan. he recruits me to go back and fix things. >> the trio bounced between revolutionary and current times. >> you're in 2016, black people and white people are friends. >> not at all. >> exactly. >> traveling through world war ii and even into chicago to see he alka opponent -- al capone. >> so he has our time machine. >> my family is from up there. >> a huge niners fan. >> i used to live off of 17th and broadway in oakland. >> shout out to o-town. >> what is truly up is making history will take you on a ride. if it ever stops in the bay area, he is prepared. >> i smoke weed every day and use the world hella. so i love san francisco.
9:52 am
>> it is legal now to say that. >> see how dan and the gang change the course of time in making history. >> that is funny. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, we have heard of dog walkers but what about a people walker? we will introduce you to a man who walks humans for a living. >> that is funny. >> 7 bucks a mile. i would do it.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> for the first time in more
9:55 am
than two years, the warriors have lost back to back regular season games falling to the bulls last night in chicago. it was their first game without kevin durant. they were ice cold last night. steph curry continued to struggle behind the three-point line. he was 2 for 11 in three-point shooting. the record streak without consecutive regular season losses ends at 146 games. you can enter for a chance to win a four-pack of tickets to the all american get- together at the alameda county fairgrounds on march 25th and 26th of this year. it ace two-day all things custom hot rod and custom car event. to enter go to facebook and click on the contests link and fill out the entry form. entries are accepted until 11:59 tonight. you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. each prize has an approximate retail valley of $160 and
9:56 am
provided by good guys. two winners will be chosen on march 6th. you will see the official rules on we have heard of dog walkers. what about people walkers? this is how one man in l.a. is making a living. this is for real. it doesn't require a leash. that was one of my questions. walk, talk and listen. chuck mccarthy spends his days walking and talking with people and letting them vent about their problems in life. he says he is not a professional therapist. he just wants to be there for people in need. le in need. >> they aren't confessions. i'm not a therapist. i'm not a priest. people aren't telling me, you know, breaking down crying. but they're telling me, you know, if they had a bad day at work maybe or if the traffic was bad or just -- man, it is hot. >> shotout to the writer who wrote this. mccarthy walks humans around
9:57 am
city streets and park. >> i love it. it is sad if you don't have somebody let's take a quick spin. >> i was going to say what about a real friend. >> you don't have to pay. >> yeah. i have to say at the end of the day, especially after work, i used to walk with one of our directors. and we would talk about work and other things. you feel so much better at the end of the walk. >> decompress. >> yes. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> i'm going to go put this in the bag and eyou later. >> thank you for joining us. >> take a walk. >> patsy klein. see you at noon. ♪[music]
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live in new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we don't judge but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yes. thank you. for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] and say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. [ cheers and applause ] nice.


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