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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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violin clashes break out in berkeley when pro-and anti- protesters collide. and the tweets from president donald trump saying president obama wiretapped him during the election. good evening. thank you for joining us. countless fights broke out today in berkeley as dueling protesters about trump were out there. leigh martinez witness the intense moments. what's going on? >> reporter: it is finally, out here now. but it was not peaceful at all from the very beginning.
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both sides showed up prepared for a fight. we saw people on both sides coming here with wooden sticks and pepper spray, not showing their faces. we counted numerous fights, so many that i lost count. >> [ indiscernible -- multiple speakers ] this is video from earlier with the pro-trump supporters and anti-trump supporters. within minutes they were physical confrontations after arriving. a few people covered their faces and carried peppers spray and sticks. one man had a knife on his hip. here is a fight, and another. one pro-trump supporter had his hat stolen and put on fire. >> these guys are acting like
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fascists. >> reporter: wire you out here today? we had to cut off that interview short because another fight broke out. and old man was thrown to the ground. the protesters ended up back here at this park and stayed here for a few more hours . it was a little intense, not as bad as at the beginning they have now dispersed. there were in eagle -- equal number of people on both sides. >> that doesn't look very american at all. what did police do about all of this? >> reporter: in the beginning, police just stood there and
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watched the fights happen. they let them occur. of people ran to the police, the police did come in and help. but for the most part they stood by and watched the fights happen. we did get reports that at least five people have been arrested. we did see one person being led away in handcuffs towards the end of the night. >> this is not your first protest here, especially since the election. you feel like more people should of been arrested? i remember talking to police when milo yiannopoulos was supposed to be at berkeley what they said they were doing a hands-off approach to not interfere to start more violence at that time.>> reporter: it was incredibly violent here. people were hurt. we saw people with blood coming out of their noses. people said
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they got hit by bottles in their faces. and pepper spray was going off by people in the crowd. people on either side had weapons with them. whether or not the police should have jumped in, i honestly don't know. but it was one of the more intense protests that i have ever seen. >> it looks like it or get looked awful. thank you so much. other cities had pro-trump rallies today with counter rallies to go with them. several hundred supporters gathered in washington dc, new york, indianapolis, denver, and atlanta. confrontations between the people in the rallies led to arrests in nashville tennessee and st. paul, minnesota. and today president donald
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trump tweeted of wiretapping during his election by former president barack obama. >> reporter: an early morning tweets from president trump had a bombshell accusation. he accused former president barack obama of wiretapping him during the election, tweeting, "terrible! just found out that obama had my 'wires tapped' in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism!" and "how low has president obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. this is nixon/watergate. bad (or sick) guy!" the tweets seem to reference a story from friday that brought up and unsubstantiated report that the obama administration wiretapped the trump tower in 2015. >> i do not know if it is true, bit if it is true, it would be
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the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> reporter: a spokesperson for former president barack obama said a cardinal rule is that no white house official ever interfere with a independent investigation by the department of justice. one of his former senior advisers had a tweet in response saying no president can order a wiretap, those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you. the repercussions of these allocations could be huge. if true, they could lead to serious trouble for former president barack obama and his staff but if false, it could give more fuel to critics of president donald trump. let's turn now to our weather. rain is making a
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comeback this weekend. we have seen scattered showers across the bay area. >> the rainfall will pick up tonight. thankfully most of the day was dry today. but that will change in the short term. . are the rain fall totals for you. here is the satellite and radar and this system coming on board tonight. here is the current radar and let's come closer. it is and portions of the north bay, santa rosa. a pretty good
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sell right over sonoma. let's go to the south, scattered rain over portions of san francisco and also to the west. let's look outside right now. a breeze is kicking up right now. winds approaching 40 miles per hour. tomorrow the snow levels come down to 2500 feet. here is a live camera with a golden gate bridge. coming up, i will break down the time that the heaviest rainfall will be here for the short-term. and the full forecast as well. police are investigating a fatal crash from earlier this morning. police say the driver of a white sedan feared off the
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roadway around 3:00 this morning near the barton bridge of the bayfront expressway, it shut down traffic for hours. >> upon arrival we found a vehicle off the roadway. it ended up colliding with a cement pillar. the driver was determined to be deceased. >> authorities are withholding the identity of the victim until they notify the family. three months after the horrific warehouse fire, we are now learning how all the victims died. autopsy show that all 36 people died from smoke inhalation. the fire broke out on december 2 chick -- 2nd. breathing in sick, carbon monoxide and extremely hot air can be lethal within a matter of minutes. investigators have yet to say what is the cause of
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this fire. now let's go to the memorial service today. >> reporter: this sound of bagpipes today. inside this church, one speaker after another. >> you will be sadly missed and i look forward to seeing you one day. >> i am eternally grateful for who he was, to me, my family and christina. >> reporter: a final farewell. those closest to lucas fought back tears extract lucas will always be my role model. the church was filled with loved ones and his wife and children. >> i talk to him that afternoon
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and we were just joking around. so to get that phone call is pretty hard. >> february 22, it's a day friends and family will never forget. it's the day he lost control of his motorcycle during a pursuit, crashed into a pole and died. >> this they horrific event, but we are stronger and closer . it we need to stick together to get through it. the 31-year-old grew up with law-enforcement in his blood. his dad and sister are both part of the chp. he was even an advisor for junior officers. >> it's an honor to say that i have known him. >> reporter: he is known for his love for he had for his family. >> always remember his smile
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and personality. his laugh and sense of humor. still to come tonight, why authorities say isis is using chemical weapons against humans. and if you're looking for and unusual fine, we will take it to the annual white elephant sale.
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four people were killed today in an explosion at a home in a mexico city suburb. government officials say the victims were two women and two children. six people were hospitalized and the explosion
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was apparently due to a gas buildup. in a rock, a number of civilians that have escaped from mosul are being treated for chemical agents. they say of chemical agents were used it would be a war crime and a violation of law. >> reporter: this is not the first time that isis has been accused of using chemical weapons an innocent men, women, and children and if true, this would constitute a war crime, crimes against humanity in a serious violation of international law. a dozen people, including several children, were hospitalized with burns, respiratory problems, and other condition since their chemical weapon exposure. some of this is just too graphic to show. this woman says her daughter's legs were burned
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along with her hands and feet. >> the rocket landed in our home and exploded. >> reporter: so far thousand of civilians have escaped him western mosul or are trying to escape. iraq continues its offense right there. isis has been using mortar and rocket fire, suicide attacks and snipers and bombs and using people as human shields, executing civilians as they tried to escape. this man said his family fled at night and families were beaten while men were executed. in january, i rocky special forces found an arsenal of chemical weapons, mortars, and rockets, some loaded with chlorine and mustard gas in eastern mosul. doctors say those hospitalized
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this week are expected to recover from their injuries, that is the good news. but there is serious concern among military commanders that as isis loses ground, the militants will become more desperate and try to use any and all means possible to try to kill i rocky troops and innocent civilians -- iraq he troops and innocent civilians. the pipeline will not be built with american steel. trump signed orders shortly after taking office. he insisted that work would be done with american made pipes. but yesterday the presidential directive said it only applies to new pipelines are those under repair. the keystone pipeline is already under construction and the steel has
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already been bought. hollywood and politics are mixing online between president donald trump and arnold schwarzenegger. yesterday schwarzenegger said he would be leaving "the apprentice", blaming president donald trump for falling ratings. today president donald trump tweeted that sworn aider is a voluntarily leaving, he was fired. arnold tweeted back that you should think about hiring a new joke writer or a fact checker. the biggest rummage sale got underway in oakland today . it is the 58th annual white elephant sale benefiting the oakland museum of california. there were many items and organizers say last year they
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raised more than $2 million for the museum. the sale will be there again tomorrow from 10:00-4:00. tuition is free. let's take a look at the weather. >> bring the umbrella. off and on showers tomorrow. the main event is happening over the next few hours as this cold front moves in from the north. you can see all the clouds right here. this is the rainfall out to the west. the areas shaded in white are a winter storm warning and that includes portions of lake county . they could get 5-10 inches of snowfall later tonight and into tomorrow.
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scattered showers up towards santa rosa. moderate rainfall back into the north bay. more rainfall out to the west to the shoreline, working its way closer to ocean beach. rainfall will increase in intensity tonight. we are in the 50s right now. the warm part of the system. winds will pick up. concord has a gusts up to 28 miles per hour right now. half moon bay is gusting to over 20 miles per hour at last check. winds are coming in out of the south. let's look at the airport san francisco with the wet runways. a winter storm warning is in
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place for the sierra. snow could be as much as 2 to 3 feet and travel will be extract difficult tomorrow. tonight we will get down to the upper 30s- 40s with a chance of scattered showers. tomorrow a chance of showers throughout the day. we could have an isolated thunderstorm or some small hail as well. rainfall is spreading to the south tonight. tomorrow, we are on the cold and of this system with scattered off and on showers. snow showers down to 2500 feet, we could get a bit of a dusting in the bay area tomorrow. tonight, we could have some heavy rainfall until 11:00. then scattered rain will remain.
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tomorrow we hold onto a chance of showers, even into monday. monday it will be cloudy and sunny, a mix. tomorrow in the 50s, you could see snow in the mountains. if you look up that is. here is the five-day forecast. temperatures by next thursday could be up to 70 degrees. >> that led -- looks much better than tomorrow extract keep your umbrella handy tomorrow two coming up two local teenagers facing off in a tournament.
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let's have a look at the warriors. >> at the end of play tonight, the warriors will be either two games or three games in front of the spurs. they are practicing today at the nba players association facility in manhattan.
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they are at madison square garden tomorrow against the next. -- next on -- nicks. the workers are still dealing with their absence of one of their big three. >> without kevin, they know they will get even more shots. we need to get great shots. we need to move the ball better. we need to go from good to great shots. and lets look at this they area matchup. it went right down to the line.
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the broncos 76-69, winners. cal bears had a shot at the tournament but it is slipping away on senior day in boulder, colorado. george king does not miss. the game is tied 32-32 but the bears will never lead again. the bears need to stop the shot clock running out and somehow derek white gets that shot to go . it puts the buffaloes up 6. final score 54-46, colorado. and utah is saying goodbye to one senior. here is stanford midway through
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the second half. pickens led stanford with 20. senior day was a good time to go for a career-high 26 points. utah goes on to win it, 67-59. thank you. we will see what happens with golden state tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. have a great night. see what 10:00. jack: most other combos come with a wimpy, kid-sized burger.
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