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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 6, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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restoring wetlands, reducing polluted runoff, and improving shoreline protection. today at 9:00, examining your rights as a renter with the rainy season causing damage over the bay area. a travel ban could affect california's largest industry. [ brief pause in captions for captioners to transition ]
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wearing high heels as part of corporate dress code. i call these cody si boots. i wear them in the morning, they're super comfortable. they do the job. this is normally what you see me in. . >> i'm always in heels by this point of the morning. it's a personal choice. wells fargo get up in the middle of the night. across the pond at price water house cooper, she was sent home for the day without pay because she was wearing flats. >> shocking. >> so she took to the internet and put up a petition with 150,000 signatures so long so at this point british parliament is debating today whether or not an employer can make that request. . >> i'm not sure you can make
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that specific request. i'm sure there are companies where they require people to reach a certain level in terms of their dress. a certain --. >> there's an understood dress code for all of us here. but we have some leeway and judgment. so yeah this morning we have been asking you has your workplace written a dress code. a twitter user says yes, even oir off-site business offices have a dress code.
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i talked about the hail. it's been a wild 24 hours of weather around the bay. even snow on some bay area peaks. christian captain drove up to mountdiablooo where snow was spotted. >> we have made it up. you can see the crunch of the snow under my feet. and george, of course, has to throw a snow ball at me. the snows up here drawing. 0 there's snow near summit road. people are trying to take a look for themselves to see the snow up here. we have a couple snow angels here. did you want to see the snow?
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what do you think? >> i think it's really great to be build a snowman. >> oh, you guys are going to build a snowman? it might be a little muddy. >> yeah. 0 it's pretty clouded in this area. summit road here actually closed off at this time. this is about as far as you can make it. you see summit road closed goth further. we're at about 2900 feet. steve this morning saying the snow level was probably around 2200 feet and sure enough, that's where we started find thanksgiving snow. guys, for right now, i'll take it. it looks good up here.
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>> looks like fun. >> thank you, christian. >> absolutely. just about 20 minutes ago we brought you the announcement of president trump's new revised travel ban. rex tillerson explains the reason behind the executive order. >> it is the president's solemn duty to protect the american people. with this order president trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe. as threats to our security continue to evolve and change, common sense dictates we continually reevaluate and reassess the systems we rely upon to protect our country. >> a new travel ban prohibits people from six muslim majority nations from entering the u.s. for 90 days. iraq was struck from the list. the new order suspends the entire u.s. refugee program for 120 days. a federal court hearing is scheduled in los angeles today for an afghan family at the dane daned last week.
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a restraining order was kept from sending the mother to a detained camp in texas. >> it's a type of visa where there's a long and very thorough vetting procedure that they had already gone through and passed. so why they were stopped and detained, we're still trying to understand. >> the mother and children are still waiting to be reunited with the father. he is still being held t a at the tension center in orange county -- -- detention. >> many farmers say without immigrant farm workers california's largest industry could no longer survive. ken wayne reports.
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there are signs of spring in the green canopy hills around watsonville and some farmers are getting nervous. >> the height of the season starts in a couple months. we don't really know whether there's going to be enough workers. >> tom not only runs live earth farm, he's also the president of the santa cruz farm bureau. he says farmers across the county and state and nation are worried. >> are you hearing from farmers who are saying i don't know if i'm going to have enough workers to handle the crops here. >> we have heard from many farmers. >> the big concern to growers is the workers who have been with them for years and are loyal and want to work and may not have the right documentation. >> dan sum ner is the director of the uc agricultural center at uc davis and says today's debate over immigration is nothing new to california farmers. >> there's no question that
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hired farm labor in agriculture depends on people who are not fully documented. that's been true for 50 years. >> 55 years ago the council of california growers put out this film to explain the importance of farm workers. >> the big question in many minds is why settle. >> half a century ago americans had many of the same concerns about immigrant workers. >> well, with americans on relief roles, why bring in foreigners to work on our farms? makes no sense. >> makes sense to the farmer though. they work for lower pay than americans would. >> california agriculture has become more sophisticated sense then. we're the number one farm state in the country producing almonds, grapes and cheese sent around the world. $47 billion worth in 2015. >> the process parity depends on global prosperity and we don't want to do things as a nation that reduce global
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prosperity. >> while automation continues to evolve, much of california's farm work is still done by hand by immigrants. >> not everyone in our society in the united states is still willing to work under those conditions. straw rer byes and blackberries are hand picked. i know farmers who have walked away from tens of thousands of acres, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crops not able to be picked. some of the same voters are trying to convince washington how immigration laws could affect farms. >> there's some sort of program that would allow those folks to
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stay and if they have legal status to be there. >> we hope having voting for president trump or having voted for trump we hope it doesn't backfire. >> he doesn't want to be alarming but if farm workers continue to flee california then the farms themselves may disappear as well. >> we will have an increase in prices and we will see maybe the industry moving to other places. and that would of course be you know, the worst case scenario that we lose the striving industry we have here in california. >> in spanish, it means a man who works with arms and hands but in americans they are called "lifesavers". >> president trump kreeed quite a fire storm accusing president obama of wiretapping his phones during the election.
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st 2 president offer td no evidence of wiretapping or even said where he heard about it. the former director of national intelligence denied the allegation. >> there was no such worry tap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as a candidates or against his campaign. republicans say they will look into the wiretapping allegations as part of an investigation into russia's role in the election. the controversial over the trump administration contacts with russia intensified after it was revealed jeff sessions failed to acknowledge two meetings with the russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing. he plans to provide ament ed testimony. sessions has sense recused himents from any investigation that examines communications
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between president trump's aide and russia. they could be getting complaints soon from airline passengers because the tsa is changing the way it screens travel lers. the agency says it has new search procedures that call it more comprehensive for selective passengers. they report the new pat down will trace to five different kinds used. they will use the palm of their hands to pat down passengers in private screening areas. they often use the back of their hands. coming up here on mornings on 2, justin timberlake at the i-heart music radio awards last night and will share his message to young viewers specifically during his acceptance speech. damage to your home or apartment caused by this winter storm, we'll talk about the rights you have if you rent.
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soofrjts steve is telling us about the rain and hail pattern again. >> yes, we'll see more sun today than yesterday. still a possibility today. no doubt about it. low snow levels. many reports talking about 2200 feet. we had reports in the santa cruz mountains above sar toga. not a lot but enough for us, it's a big deal. hamilton had a ton of snow. almost a whitous there for a while. we talked about snow in diablo. slow to warm up here but quite a snow show for mother nature. san francisco, just saturday night got plum led. 280 last night also in kent wood, big hailstorm up there.
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some areas picked up more than that. mill valley and half moon bay, good rain. kensington, mendocino coast lots of report of snow. lake county thins have calmed down t not completely done. many reports and continuing until 4:00 today. . you can see in marin county.
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over to san jose, wanding down a bit there. snow on the go. very low, down to applegate. 2,000 feet, that winter storm warning goes until 4:00. 40s on the temps. you can see why, the air flow showing out of the northwest. we are starting to see more breaks to the west. so cold morning rain but then off and on mixture of sun and clouds. rainbow weather for sure. by tonight clearing out. in the afternoon we'll keep an eye on things. it looks warmer as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday. another system on sunday. with the recent rain we have had multiple reports of flooding and trees down and damage to homes. >> we have talked about flood insurance and aid for homeowner but what about those who rent? >> we're joined by the housing attorney for the east bay community law center. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. san jose had the bulk of the
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problems. the intense flooding. you represent communities in the east bay but you say you're still getting concerns largely due to recent rain. >> absolutely. with an increase of rain tenants see a problem in increases in mold and flooding coming from their roof. increased moisture and leakage can cause long term damage. >> people come to you when they're not getting a response from their landlord. >> absolutely. tenants can reach out the the law center when they have questions about repairs that their landlord needs to make and they haven't been taken action. what we do to represent low- income folks and help them represent themselves. >> who is responsible for this? is the landlord responsible for all damage that occurs? or if the tenant did something to bring on the damage is he or she responsible? >> under state law they are required to provide safe and healthy housing.
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tenants are also obligated not to do damage to the property. so if the tennant had damage the landlord wouldn't be responsible for that. but landlords are required to provide adequate heating and electrical, plumbing and a whole host of services for tenants. in situations where the landlord hasn't met the obligations we encourage them to communicate in writing and request repairs. >> what i'm a renter and have flood damage to my apartment? i ask for it to be fixed and time goes by and things don't get fixed. as i am a tenant allowed to withhold rent? >> at the east bay community law cent we never recommend tenants withhold rent because you're vulnerable to being sued for nonpayment of rent. so instead we encourage tenants to take a stronger poster. communicate in writing and request in writing and be
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specific in your written requests. you can take pictures. you can contact the local code enforcement agency and ask them to come out and do an inspection and they can issue a notice. if they continue to refuse to make repairs you can take legal action and sue them in small claims court or superior court depending on the extent. >> i'm intimidated to take anybody to court. say this is a low income person that doesn't have the option of picking up. there's a fear in the tenants who look say it's not the best but i don't have anywhere else. >> absolute will you. that comes up a lot for folks that we work with. 0. >> if you live with a lot of tenants and it's happening to
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them, you can ban together as a group and contact your landlord. tenants -- the nice thing about small claims court is you don't need an attorney to represent yourself there. tenants by just contacting their local office can find out what their rights are and assert those rights. it's always important to remember a landlord can never retaliate for requesting repairs. >> that's important to remember. thank you megan with the east bay community law center. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. coming up, a clash that happened in berkley over the weekend, we'll take a look at the dangerous items confiscated by protestors. oakland schoolteachers leaving their jobs. what some say needs to be done to keep them in the classroom.
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the oakland school district is calling to do more teachers. many new teachers are not get thanksgiving support they need. they say it depends on the strength of school leadership which varies. the group hopes that up kming bargaining talks include a way of increasing teacher retention oofrmths former oakland mayor is moving from politics to me sisal marijuana. they are partners in a dispensary that plans to open in san francisco. they hope to get a license to up on in the outer sunset. the dispensary plan is being met by opposition from neighbors who say it will bring crime in the #2345ibd.
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music's biggest stars were honored last night the in southern california. ♪ [ music ] ♪ he dlefred a strong speech. >> if you're black, brown, gay, lesbian or trans [ applause ] or maybe you're just a singing boy from tennessee, anyone that is treating you unkindly it's only because they are afraid or have been taught to be afraid of how important you are. [ applause ] >> the pop star bruno mars was awarded innovator of the year and katy perry kicked the show off. young brothers take their talent to a whole new level. why they want to sit with their careers.
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draymond green has parting words for the nicks. how they tlu off the pre-game warm ups.
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welcome back. heels verses flats. ai woman in britain was sent home from work because she was wearing flats and asked to put on heels. we're asking today does your employer have a written or implied dress code of any kind? >> a lot of answers. a couple reasons as to why people do not wear heels. 0. >> cameron tweets a can't wear heels i broke a bone in my foot.
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on twitter l says this is the one area i was always reprimanded for every job. let a g be a g, right? which translates let a person be themselves. >> i like that translation. >> a lot of people ask if we have a strict dress code. i'm wearing flats. usual i you see me like this. there are some perimeters. if i went one way or the other i would be reigned in a little but we know what's appropriate. >> we're supposed to look the part. >> right. >> when i first started in the business someone said you should look like a banker. >> interesting. >> i don't know if that's changed. you look like a banker. >> yeah, that interest rate. exactly. >> thank you for talking to us through twitter and using our hash tag. there's a new way to get to work and back home for north bay commuters. the new service just started a hours ago.
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ktvu allie rasmus tried it out and explains why it's different than what commuters had before. >> we are on board the golden gate ferry from tib ron to san francisco. all the commuters on this busy ferry are headed to san francisco. most of them are from tiberon and a lot of people say they are very happy that they even have a ferry service. they almost weren't going to be able to rely on this service going forward because back in 2015 blue and gold for reused to operate the wrap. about a year and a half ago they came to the golden gate bridge district and said it's too expensive for them to continue the route. after negotiation united nations the golden gate bridge district decided to take over the route and starting today they are the new operators. the spokes person says this is not a money making route for them.
9:31 am
she says it's worth it. commuters say the ferry route is essential and they're pleased how different this ferry is compared to the one before. >> this boat is night and day different. the last one was barely seaworthy. it was leaking and dark and dingy. this one looks like a -- you know, a cruise ship compared to the last one. >> even on a stormy day like this, it's still a gorgeous relaxing ride to take the ferry from tiberon to san francisco. there's four trips in the morning and four in the afternoon. another difference is they can now use their flipper yard to pay for their way. on the san francisco bay, on board the tiberon ferry, allie rasmus, news news. for more on the other headlines we have been working
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on, let's go to dave in the newsroom. here are some of the top stories we're following. testimony will resume in the trial of antolin garcia-torres, the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. lawyers tried to raise questions about the dna evidence the prosecution presented. the dna or antolin garcia- torres was found on some of sierra's clothing. defense lawyers tried to question a witness about another case where the dna of an innocent man was found on the victim. but after the prosecution objected, the judge stopped the line of questioning. antolin garcia-torres is charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar who disappeared if 2012 on her way to a school bus stop. in just about whafl an hour several bay area leaders will hold a news conference about passing a bill to pay for road repairs. the legislation by south bay state senator would raise gasoline taxes and car registration fees to pay for
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road and bridge repairs. the 10:00 a.m. news conference at river glen park will include the san jose mayor and other local officials and representatives from labor, transportation, and business groups. in world news, north korea fired four banned ballistic missiles. the missiles flew 620 miles and 3 landed off japan's coast. we're not sure what kind of missiles they were. north korea promised to retail yat for military drills by the united states and south korea that north korea is calling a preparation for war. those are some of your morning headlines. alex and gasia, back to you. berkley police want help in identifying people who took part in a violent weekend protests at a march for trump event and they need your help. 0 this is some of what happened
9:34 am
on saturday afternoon between supporters of president trump and people from the groups by "any means necessary". our crews saw a few people with pepper spray and others threatening each other with large sticks and one man caught with a knife. ten people arrested and seven people treated for injuries. they released a photo of weapons they confiscated will youing bats, metal pipes and two by fours. neither group had a permit to protest. they're asking anyone who felt like they were a victim during the crime to call them. 30 people lived at a resident dshl hotel in the north bay are looking for new places to live after their homes went up in flames. this fire started early yesterday morning in vallejo. you can hear the sound of crackling flames then they started waking up other families and their neighbors telling everyone to get to
9:35 am
safety. >> if the people wouldn't have knocked on my door, he should get out. the hotel is on fire. >> when the flames spread, they spread to an upper balcony with a fuel can be stored there. . >> three people had to be treated for smoke inhalation. one cat died in the fire. several other pets missing this morning. hotel management said the rooms did have smoke detectors. . now to contra costa county. new information about the troubling landslide. lee martinez explains homeowners there got good and bad news yesterday. . >> people on morgan territory road can be seen carrying supplies and garbage across a road that keeps collapsing a bit more each day. >> we feel like we're camping. you have to bring your groceries in on foot and take your garbage out by foot.
9:36 am
>> you can tell from the public works markings where the new crashes have formed. despite the slide, things are looking up. >> they're going to secure our electricity better at the far end of the cloe sure to the north and right down here they're going up 75 feet and 1 line goes across that should provide us uninterrupted power. >> the water department figured out a way to deliver water with a temporary above ground pipe. >> then yesterday they have been very good about communicating and posting signs and say thanksgiving water is okay to drink now and let it run 3-5 minutes to get whatever is out. >> but the bad news is the slide keeps moving. homeowners got word today that work will start on the road two months from now on may 15. >> if they take a year to fix this, that's fine with me as long as we can get in and out without having to go through livermore. >> homeowners want to use a fire access road up leon way
9:37 am
and through es par drive. the problem it's a private road that's narrow and room for just one car. the people who live on it say they have their own problems. >> not only is it good for a car but even whb you get to this side you can't cross because rivers are overflowing. >> he has to park his car on this side and have his wife pick him up in the truck. >> everything from emergency services going across, the garbage truck can't mauk it across the pick up garbage. kids are getting letters because the kids can't go to school. >> this steep road isn't designed for traffic and for two years he hasn't gotten an answer. >> we have no idea. we have contacted the county and they don't seem to be able to tell us who is in charge. we literally don't know. so we don't know who to call to get this resolved. >> neighbors on both sides of the hill say they're stranded. lee martinez ktvu, fox two
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news. all eyes on reservoirs and creeks in the south bay during this latest storm after the historic flood that forced so many people to evacuate their homes for days. people are still cleaning up the damage left behind. the city of san jose has to keep a level on water levels at 99% capacity on saturday. the level this morning at anderson is 98%. officials don't think this storm will cause the flooding as the last one did. the warriors shook off the two game slump beating the nicks 1-12-105. . >> steph curry, that was something nice there. clay thompson and steph combined for 60 points on 45 shots yesterday in new york. the warriors now fly to atlanta today to play the hawks at 4:30 green is upset with something
9:39 am
that happened at madison square garden yesterday. when teams started their warm up there was no music piped through the speakers. that lasted all the way until half time according to officials, the nicks wanted fans to experience the game in its purest form. green did not see it that way. he said after the game he thought it was redick louse and felt that it changed the flow of the game. stanford women's basketball team won their 12th tournament title beating oregon state 48- 43. did not start out well for sanford. the beavers were up with a ten point lead after the first quarter. before the end of the half sidney banks one in to beat the buzzer. went to the locker room here trailing by six at the half. the cardinals tie the game in the fourth quarter and pull away thanks to smith's game high 18 points. this win gives stanford the pack 12 the automatic bid to the ncaa tournament.
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one coach recovering after being hit in the face by a foul ball over the weekend. hef has a broken nose and small fractures around his eye socket. he was sitting with the manager by the visitor's dug out as the giants played the royals on saturday when the ball hit him. several hours after surgery he tweeted out. you can file this next story under "i'm not so sure about this" combining two popular delicious beverages goo in their own right. what happens when you mix them, the bay area wine maker turning your caffeine fix into a happy hour. not ready to go 100% vegan? just spend a day without meat. meatless options and how local school districts are getting on board with this.
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our next guest has been a vegan since 1997 and tomorrow her new book goes on sale. >> she works with the oakland school boards to have meatless days. >> sometimes we do meatless monday at our house. with some options, senior director with the humane society of the united states, thanks for joining us. if we can talk quickly, a lot of people have this feeling that it's all or nothing. with vegetarianism, you're saying it doesn't have to be that. way. >> that's why i wrote the book. so many people excited about reasons to eat less meat but
9:44 am
they couldn't go fully vegan. we wanted to give them permission to do what you can. a guide for physicians treating patients suffering from heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and they said a plant based diet that everyone sideses vegetarian proteins is better for our health. they don't have to go one # 0%. 80% is a good direction -- -- 100%. you can do meatless monday and reduce the amount of meat you eat. >> what are the common misconceptions? i'm sure they have said things over the past like you don't look pale to me. >> yeah, protein is a big concern. that's why i brought along these delicious plant-based proteins. starting down at the end, we have the beefless burger. you can see it's very robust. you can swap it out for a regular burger with 14 grams of protein and you can put it on the grill or top it with your
9:45 am
favorite toppings and customize it. you can fund it in virtually any supermarket. -- -- find. we have chili. they're doing a meatless wednesday in the oakland school district. now they're serving things like a three bean chili. this one contains the crumbles or you can do it with beans. >> are the kids being told that's not beef in there? are they informed of the change? >> yeah, it's on their menus. by doing the meatless day it helped with saving money, they saved $42,000 over the course of two years and reducing green house gas emissions by 14% and it's healthier for students. >> what are the biggest obstacles and barriers that you see people encounter as they
9:46 am
tray to transition to a full vegan diet or just tay to reduce the amount of eat they eat? how do you get past the obstacles? >> a meatless monday is a great way. take a holiday from meat and dip your toes in the water and throughout the rest of the week you can incorporate more of those into your lifestyle. just trying to get your friends and family on board. our eating choices are so informed by the people around us. so get your friends and family on board, you can have their support and make it more likely you'll stick with the transition and also help to get them in. >> you started in 1997. have you seen a big increase in the amount of people up to now? >> absolutely. every year we hear more and more trends saying meat-free is mainstream. the meat industry's own trade publication said that number is up 22% from just a year ago. about 70% of americans are saying they want to eat meat
9:47 am
free at least one day a week. >> i'll mention real quick -- you haven't tried these meat replacements. everything you brought here i have in my pantry. we do a lot of beans and legumes. everything is inexpensive. you don't have to pay $8 for a fancy patty. it can be economical. >> that's right. there are wonderful products out there. beans are the original pro teen. you can get them dry -- -- protein. they're packed with fiber which we all need and full of cancer fighting chemicals so they're good for reducing cardiovascular disease and help fight cancer. >> there's also the benefit the for the environment as well. >> exactly. the sierra club said if we could reduce meat by 20% which is roughly a day a week, it would be like us stwich sweching from a sedan to a hybrid.
9:48 am
we can enjoy meatless monday. >> let's do it. thank you so much for joining us. meatless monday it is. more on the nine. i love it. you love the lentils and gar ban garbanzo beans.
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0 oofrments maybe for you it's meatless monday but for
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everyone it's mug monday. to enter go to our facebook page and fill out the entry form. we're accepting entries from now until 1:00 this afternoon. don't miss out on your chance to win this mug -- this is mine we're talking about. ktvu plus on the other side. don't forget, if you're the big winner take a picture of your mug which is what a inwither from a few weeks ago did. take a look at maria with her baby boy with all that hair. so happy. they both have incredible hair. they are previous mug monday winners. we appreciate you watching. >> wednesday is international women's day. this year's theme is be bold for changes. events around the world call for an end to violence and discrimination against women and girls. thousands of women plan to strike on wednesday. organizers plan for a day
9:52 am
without a woman strikes to fall on international woman's day. they are advocating for equal pay in the workplace. >> we had a march and upwards of 4 million people around the world marched to support women in the workplace and at home. now we're saying this needs to continue. these are ongoing events and that's what's empowering. >> people are encouraged to participate and wear red in solidarity. >> the chance you may be audited by the u.s. is lower than in years past. the number of people audited fell in 2016 for the 6th straight year. that was to 1 million taxpayers. the last time so few people were audited wus in 2004. the i recross-examinations blames budget cuts and lost of 17,000 employees. experts say this doesn't mean you can get away with cheatingover on your taxes
9:53 am
reminding us all the irs still collects a lot of information to verify. the new movie "logan" as soared to the top of the box office. it stars hugh jack man as wolverines rine. he's hinted the film could be his final performance as wolverines rine." get out" came in second. " the shack" came in third place. the hit show "so you think you can dance" is returning for a 14th season this summer. auditions are being held this month for dancers. auditions were held in brooklyn, new york over the weekend. this season dancers between the ages of 18-30 will show case talents in various styles. no bay area auditions, the
9:54 am
close is in los angeles on march 17, however the deadline to sign up was yesterday. two young brothers demonstrating their amazing pizza tossing skills for years. a recent video has made them stars. mac king headed to jersey city to get a firsthand look. >> i go where the dough is. not better than mike's yet but i'm doing better than i yauzed to do. >> they started going to work with their dad to allow mom to care for their baby sister. >> me and my brother are competitive. we fight about everything at home. >> car mine's pizza has been owned and operated for 17 careers. to occupy his sons he gave them rubber practice dough. . soon the boys taught themselves to toss and maneuver the doughs well enough to
9:55 am
attract a small following on the internet and earn i cameo on good day new york. >> my oldest probably can win a competition now. he's that good. >> i've been practicing a lot. >> rules forbid him from competing until he turns 18. when they do get old enough they will do so more than anyone in history. car mine uploaded this 30 second clip of his son. it soefed 15 and a half million views and counting sending these personal pizza around the country. >> it takes me places and makes me go on airplanes that are fun. >> after dark on the first friday in march, the boys working with their dad practicing the art of spinning and catching a disk.
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striving to mask a routine and sdoid, the world pizza games -- -- some day. here's a different way of getting more antioxidants in your diet. one infused coffee. wild card rosters is creating an unexpected combination. carefully selected coffee beans relax in the artisan crafted wine to absorb flavors. the beans are then dried and hand oesed and they can be used for iced coffee, expresso or any variation. they have a slight bloour berry flavor. -- -- blueberry. right now they're sold out online. >> $20 for half a pound? that's steep. >> i think i might just stick with wine and coffee separate . >> right. >> coffee in the morning, wine later in the day. >> guess what? we have a chance to try that tomorrow here on the nine because the wine maker we told
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you about and that wine infused coffee will be here on the set. also talking more about women's day with a woman who knowingly sparked a large following with "grab your wallet" we'll explore that and tomorrow. nice to have you here for mike. i think you're back with me at noon. >> yes, we'll be here. >> eat that hamburger. thanks for joining us, see you back at noon. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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live from new york city, it is "the wendy williams show" . we won't judge, but we are judging. now, here's wendy. [ applause ] >> thank you for watching. [ applause ]


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