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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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security. police in berkeley work to identify those involved in this weekend's violent clash between pro and anti-trump demonstrators. >> knives are legal to carry in the state of california. go check your laws. >> and facebook cracks down on fake news and rolls out a new label on disputed articles. "the four on 2" starts now. president trump today signed a new refugee and visa ban, one that the administration says is much more narrowly tailored but already it faces fresh legal challenges. this new order set to go into effect next week. hello, i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. while this new order makes a series of concessions the changes have done little to halt criticism from opponents. they're vowing to put up a new fight. >> joel waldman is in washington with the revisions the administration believes makes this order judge-proof.
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>> they took out "iraq" but it's the same executive order. >> reporter: the original action on hold over month after a federal judge blocked it was tweaked with the president quietly signing the new action behind closed doors this morning, members of his cabinet official unveiling it today although it won't take effect until march 16th. >> the united states has a right to control who enters our country and to keep out those who would do us harm. >> reporter: among the biggest changes from the first order iraq has been dropped from the original seven muslim majority countries. secondly, syrian refugees will no longer be put in a separate category but in stead dealt with just like other refugees. thirdly, legal temporary residents with a visa or green card will be exempt from the ban altogether. despite the changes the
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president's critics still think it is too extreme. >> it alien eights a lot of people we want to help, like refugees, or who we need to fight terrorism. >> reporter: lawmakers from both sides of the aisle still trying to make sense of president trump's weekend twitter call-out of former president obama for allegedly wiretapping trump tower. >> we've had experience that obama administration has been notorious on this type of stuff and we're going to look harder. >> reporter: a spokesperson for former president obama has denied the allegations made by president trump. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. here in the bay area the new travel ban has many in the muslim community upset and feeling persecuted. >> ktvu's rob roth spoke to some muslims outside a mosque in pleasanton. >> reporter: late afternoon prayer services are about to begin. earlier we spoke with an immigration attorney what calls the new travel ban anti-muslim.
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>> the new executive order, just like the old one, is predominant al muslim ban. call it what you want but it is affecting muslim communities. >> reporter: immigration attorneys say the new travel a ban is already causing concern and fear among bay area muslims. she says she is getting many calls from immigrant clients who are afraid to travel outside the united states just as she did when the first travel ban was announced in january. the trump administration has since revoked that been and replaced it with the new one. while the trump administration maintains the new order is not a ban on muslims, the people from the six countries the united states will not grant new visas to for 90 days are all predominantly muslim. muslims say while the new executive order has some improvements, such as allowing those with green cards to enter the united states, it is still unacceptable. >> those who are green card olders are afraid to travel. they are not able to go back home because they don't want to take the risk of uncertainty of
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being banned. >> reporter: the new ban is set to take hold march 16th, and opponents say they will likely challenge it in court. ken and heather. >> rob roth, thank you so much. lawmakers are also reacting to the travel ban. house minority leader nancy pelosi called the new travel ban immoral, unconstitutional and dangerous. she said the new order is driven by dangerous discrimination. she added, the president claims he is strengthening our security but his incompetent actions are making america less safe. >> kamala harris issued a statement saying she stands with refugees. she says, my message remains the same. you are not alone, we stand with you, and we will continue to advocate on your behalf by 0 piece ban that is not justified. >> we're going to sit down with a local immigration attorney to learn more about the travel ban and how it could affect people traveling to the u.s.
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within the last house, house republicans have released their long awaited bill dismantling president obama's healthcare overhaul. the bill would roll back the government's healthcare role. house committees plan votes on wednesday. we are looking to learn more about the finer details of this bit. we will bring you more at 5:00. you can also find the latest on- line at boy that wild mix of rain, hail, and snow that we saw, it continued in parts of the bay area today. the tail end of a cold winter system moving across the area. as it did it brought some snow to the santa cruz mountains. you are looking at the scene in saratoga. >> looks more like the is i era. in marin county sir francis drake is closed because of a mudslide near white hill. officials say there is no timeline for that slide to be cleared. people can use lucas valley road as an alternate. >> in the sierra foothills the storm brought unusually low
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snow levels. colfax saw about an inch of snow, enough to enjoy a snowball fight. interstate 80 remains closed tonight westbound from the nevada state line all the way to applegate due to hazardous conditions. eastbound lanes are open but chains are required. let's get an update from meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> it was quite a cold storm. i have seen everything from hail and snow to rainbows, sun and clouds, and of course the rain. giving awe look at what is going on outside now we still have partly sunny skies, scattered showers remain at this time as well. as we get into your evening hours those are going to taper off some. taking a look at the numbers right now 53 degrees in santa ro 15. 49 san francisco, oakland reporting 55, and low 50s in livermore. mid-50s san jose. so a chilly one out there this afternoon under partly sunny, partly cloudy conditions, and the rain still falling in some spots. as we take a look at the north bay you can see napa, closer to american canyon and vallejo all
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reporting light scattered showers. if we shift to the east bay, on the east side of san leandro you are going to find a little bit in our hills. as we shift to the south bay, santa cruz mountains still pick up some of this. snow levels are dropping all the way down to 1400 feet. i had folks from kelceyville and the clear lake area send me photos. we had an advisory. that has expired. where we do remain with the flood warning is over lake county, clear lake, lake fork, this now expected to go into wednesday, maybe thursday, as flood stage is nine feet and still above that. so minor flooding continuing there. for us here at home we are look at a cold start tomorrow but we will be drying out and temperatures slowly warming up. upper 50s, low sick in the forecast for your tuesday afternoon. when i come back i will have a detailed look at the numbers expected for tomorrow and when some of us will reach into the upper sir, perhaps low 70s. heather. >> rosemary, thank you.
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there was always dusting of snow on mount diablo in contra costa county. christien kafton found snow at elevations lower than 3,000 feet. >> we've all seen plenty of rain this winter but snow on mount diablo is still just unusual enough to draw visitors up the slope, some with big plans. >> i think it's really great to build a snowman. >> reporter: it wasn't just seven-year-olds who wanted to visit the snow. these teens go to school in the shadow of mount diablo and couldn't pass up the snow. >> in our area it's very infrequent we get snow so we wanted to take advantage. instead of having to wait for the snow to come to us we decided to come to the snow. >> reporter: these high schoolers say it's breathtaking. >> it's incredibly beautiful up here, like they were saying at our school we seat every day. we saw the snow. everyone was freaking out. so to come up here and check it out and be a little cold, it's
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all worth it. >> reporter: visitors said this was a once or maybe twice in a lifetime experience. so far. >> i've lived here almost my entire life and my parents told me maybe when i was four there was snow up here, but like 12 years, probably the first time. it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: if you are familiar with mount diablo we're close to juniper campground, and summit road is closed to vehicle traffic from this point on but there is still plenty to see. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> officials say 20-year-old destiny rose was killed by a falling tree in yosemite national park this weekend. it happened yesterday morning at half dome village. she was in the park working with a company contracted by yosemite. officials say high winds and heavy snow are blamed for the falling tree. a dozen big trees have fallen in marin county's muir woods. fortunately nobody was hurt. park officials say that while they're sad to see trees fall down, they say it's actually
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pretty good for the forest because it creates an opening for sunlight and allows nourishment for other plants and animals. fire forcing dozens out of a residential hotel. the investigation underway to determine just what sparked this blaze. and we are learning more about the 10 people taken into custody in berkeley after a political protest where protesters clashed. e you pay, . at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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now to the latest on those dueling protests in downtown berkeley that turned violent. a pro-trump group called march for trump clashed with members of a group called by any means necessary saturday afternoon. 10 people were arrested. seven people suffered injuries. police continue to ask anyone who feels they were a victim of a crime to come forward. this afternoon we're learning more about the arrests made. our crime reporter henry lee is live at berkeley police department. henry, once again, they're fighting off criticism of how they handled the violence. >> reporter: yeah, heather, of these 10 arrests, eight people are from the bay area including two teenagers. the other two are from modesto and river side. berkeley police cannot tell us who was for and who was against trump but officers are defending their hands-off approach. police made 10 arrests during a chaotic demonstration and counter protest at civic center
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park in berkeley. among those arrested was trump supporter kyle chapman of daly city. he is seen here wearing a helmet with a second amendment sticker, goggles, a respirator, and a sign on a stick. our camera spotted him with a knife and chemical spray. ktvu caught up with him and asked him why he was carrying those items. >> i'm not going to talk to you. i'm busy right now. i'm busy right now. >> reporter: are you carrying a weapon? why did you bring a knife? >> knives are legal to carry in the state of california. go check your laws. >> reporter: berkeley police later arrested chapman for allegedly carrying a concealed knife, assault, and rioting, but some say he was acting in self-defense and protecting fellow trump supporters. he has become a cult hero among
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the right dubbed the alt knight, knight with a k. berkeley officers mostly stood by as fights broke out. in a statement, police said some of those fight diagnose not want their help, and that at times officers did not arrest people immediately because they didn't want to touch off further violence or injure peaceful bystanders. police say they took video of the protests and that arrests could happen in the days afterwards. police also released this picture of items they confiscated from both sides. metal pipes, bats, 2 x 4s, helmets, and chemical sprays. so berkeley police tell me it was a challenging balancing act. they didn't want their officers swept into a volatile situation. as for kyle chapman, his first court appearance is tomorrow morning. live in berkeley, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, thank you so much. criticism continues to roll in following the latest travel
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ban executive order. the ban affect people trying to travel to the united states from six mostly muslim nations. for more i am joined by a professor at a uc hastings college of the law. thank you for joining us professor. what is different about this ban? >> there are a few differences that i think show that someone at the administration was reading carefully the 9th circuit decision and tried to tailor it so that it wouldn't encounter the same challenges. for one thing iraq has been removed. then there's also the fact that green cardholders and current visa holders are also exempt. they have also carved a situation where people can ask for special exemptions. i assume that the last bit is there to eliminate the standing problem that they were facing before when universities were saying our scholars, our visitors, our students can't come in, and this is supposed to make this difficult. >> you mentioned this is carefully crafted to avoid a
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constitutional challenge. already it looks like we're going to see some legal challenges to this new version. do you think it is going to hold up? >> it is a good question. i think there are still strong arguments that can be leveled against what is going on. it is true that the due process argument that was very strong, the previous bout of litigation was like shooting fish in a barrel because the ban was so ridiculously unconstitutional that it was very easy to argue against it so the due process concerns have been somewhat ameliorated by the fact that he's rolling this out a little more gradually, which was not the dance in previous one, and there's this ability to have this exception. there's also the fact that they have removed a particularly pernicious part out of this by which they would allow christians and so the eagle protection claim is going to have to be made on the basis of the outcome, which is we're still targeting six
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predominantly muslim countries, and the an the animous behind this. they are trying to establish whether there was religious intent. >> one of the reasons for not giving anyone time before the first ban was put out was because, as the president said, they didn't want the bad dudes to get in. now they have done exactly that. this doesn't take effect until, what, the 16th or something like that. >> that's right, which probably tells you what most of our viewers already know, and that is that there is no big crowd of bad dudes clamoring to get into the country, just like two months ago. >> real quick, time for one last question. you earlier talked about the
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three main issues of this. the constitutionality is one issue, but you are talking about the moral promise or where this stands morally, and what this country stands for. >> right. i think that regardless of which way the constitutional argument comes down we still to have ask ourselves is it the right thing to do to contribute to a human rights crisis by not letting refugees into the country. i think the answer remains the same as two months ago. the other issue is, is this actually effective, is this actually going to keep us safe some the answer remains the same as the previous ban. >> so these challenges could take awhile to work their way through the court. ultimately will this go before the u.s. supreme court? >> i suspect the supreme court is going to stay out of it unless they see there are different circuit court decisions in opposition. one of the reasons they didn't intervene before is that all the federal courts were pretty much united in saying this was pretty much unconstitutional. i don't know if they are going to want to tackle this with an
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eight-member court. there are a lot of things happen sog could it go either way. >> professor, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> heather. the transportation security administration is now warning local police that some airline passengers could complain about the new search procedures that it calls more comprehensive. bloomberg news obtained a copy of a memo and reports that the new pat-down will replace the five different kinds used by tsa officers. it says screeners will use the palms of their hands to pat- down passengers in private screening areas. right now they often use the backs of their hands. bart is explaining what may have caused the fire that stranded hundreds of riders over the weekend. that we come back. -- that when we come back.
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san francisco police said a tip from the public helped them arrest a man suspected in a violent robbery at a jewelry store. officers say 21-year-old matthew hull of san francisco march inteed a jewelry storks knocked an employee over and ordered everyone else to the ground. they say used a hammer to smash display cases. he was arrested yesterday. he is facing burglary and assault charges. dozens of people have been left without a permanent home after a fire broke out in a vallejo residential hotel. it happened at the travel inn on lincoln road east. everyone managed to escape except for a cat that died in
4:24 pm
the fire. three people were treated for smoke inhalation, and a few animals still remain unaccounted for. >> i literally just started grabbing piles of clothing and tossing them over the balcony to try to get something out of the room, but i went in twice, and by the time i went back for the third time to try to grab anything else i could it's like this is too dangerous, my whole room was engulfed in flames and smoke so i left. >> many residents lost everything. the red cross is assisting those displaced by the fire. the cause is under investigation. >> we're getting new details on a fair at the walnut creek bart station that stranded 400 passengers saturday night. this dramatic video came from a ktvu viewer. bart says the fire started saturday evening after breakers inside an electrical room tripped for an unknown reason. each time bart would try to reset those breakers they would trip again. after several repetitions they apparently overheated and then caught fire. passengers were stuck for about
4:25 pm
two hours but no one was hurt. the costs keep adding up for the new transbay transit center. today there will be a special meeting to talk about how much it is costing the city. the center is set to open in december. it is already overbudget. the cost is set at $2.4 b. the chronicle reports it is going to need $20 million a year to run the center. where that money will come from is not known but the paper reports taxpayers and commuters who use bay area bridges may have to take on those costs. well, there is a new way to get to work and back for some north bay commuters. the golden gate ferry's new tiburon to san francisco service started this morning. it used to provide service from tiburon to san francisco but two years ago they approached golden gate ferry service because it was becoming too expensive. they say the run isn't a money maker but ultimately it means fewer cars on the road. they say the gold even gate
4:26 pm
ferry boat is nicer than the boat they had before. >> this boat is night and day different from the last one. the last one was barely sea worthy. it was leaking. it was dark and dingy. this one looks like a cruise ship compared to the last one. >> the tiburon ferry makes four trips in the morning and four in the afternoon. just when we thought the raiders' move to las vegas had been scuttled there is now a new wrinkle. we will have the latest on tester to move the team from the bay to the desert. plus, the supreme court refuses to hear a transgender bathroom rights case. coming up, an advocate here in the bay area joins to us talk about why they're still hopeful.
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the u.s. supreme court today declined to hear the case of a transgender student in virginia who sued to use the boys' bathroom at the school. that decision after the trump administration overturned federal guidance to let students use the bathroom of their chosen gender. this comes as a number of states are grappling with the issue. >> reporter: the supreme court will not hear the case of gavin grimm, a transgender student who sued to use the bathroom that he identifies with, not the one of his original gender, the courts sending the case back to the lower courts after the trump administration
4:30 pm
changed the decision on whether public schools must allow people to use bathrooms based on their identities instead of their birth rite. in texas the state's lieutenant governor says it is designed to help protect all people in the most delicate situations. >> north carolina was the tip of the spear. we will be next to pass a bill that focuses on privacy, a person's privacy and public safety as we focus on the needs of every student, but protecting all students and all adults. >> reporter: north carolina is a state that leaves that decision up to the local authorities. and the state's lieutenant governor says that any legislation must be able to provide for all. >> i believe that this is an issue about doing the right thing. unfortunately it's not an issue about to transgender community. it's not an issue about the lgbt community. this is an issue about privacy and safety and protection for all people. >> transgender rights activists say they're disappointed in the
4:31 pm
supreme court's ruling but vow to continue to fight for their rights. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> i'm joined by the executive director of the transgender law center here in oakland. some of the advocates are disappointed that this is not going to go back to lower courts. your thoughts. >> thank you so much for having me here today. the supreme court's actions today do not change the fact that transgender students are still protected from discrimination under the law. it is, however, incredibly disappointing that the u.s. supreme court did not take this opportunity to once and for all make clear that transgender students are protected from discrimination. and we've seen that transgender young people across this country with their families have been watching this case closely, in hopes that the u.s. supreme court would take a clear stand that discrimination is not acceptable in this country. >> so let's talk about what happens next. it is going to go back to the
4:32 pm
lower court. >> right. >> in that original ruling, they basically had said, or hinted that the school district was probably violating u.s. civil rights by reserving the boys' bathroom strictly for biological males. that was the argument then. do you think that that argument will hold up? or could hold up? >> yeah, i mean, so the law is clearly on the side of transgender students. so gavin's case will still move forward and still will be heard. there are a number of other cases all across the country of transgender students rights at the transgender law center we are representing a young transgender boy in wisconsin who very similar to gavin was singled out and told he had to use the rest r5078 different from all the other boys, and the school district even took at step further, and they were requiring transgender students to wear a green wrist band so that they could better monitor their bathrooms. we had a major win and won a preliminary injunction so the school district was not able to
4:33 pm
advance that discriminatory policy. and that case will be heard at the end of this month at the 7th circuit. >> let's talk about what was in the piece that we heard before we started chatting, and that is, opponents say that this is a privacy issue and that perhaps allowing people to use whatever rest room that they would like could open the door to perverts who might try to abuse the privilege. >> yeah. privacy is important to all of us, right? however, there are policies in place all across the country in large school districts, like the lausd that protect transgender students from discrimination and allow them to use the bathroom that they need to use, and that simply has not been an issue. >> what do you think about title ix, and how crucial is that going to be in arguing this moving forward? >> title ix is critical. it is clear under the law that transgender students are
4:34 pm
protected from discrimination under title ix. that has been shown again and again in the case where we won our preliminary injunction on behalf of the young transgendered boy in wisconsin. >> and tell me again what happens with that wisconsin case. >> it will be heard at the 7th circuit at the end of this month. >> chris, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and for keeping us abreast of these latest developments in regards to this issue. ken. wednesday is international women's day. this year's theme is be bold for change. events around the world will call for an end to violence in discrimination against women and girls. organizers behind january's women's march organized the "a day without women" strike to coincide with international women's day. one of the issues demonstrators will be advocating for is equal pay in the workplace. >> we had a march, and something upwards of 4 million people around the world marched to say hey we need to support women in the workplace and now we're saying we're not over
4:35 pm
yet. this needs to continue. this isn't just a one day event. that's what's really empowering. >> organizers are encouraging people who plan to participate to wear red in solidarity. >> facebook addressing the problem of fake news. coming up next, we talk with an expert about ways to fight misinformation and if the social media giant's plan is the answer. outside our doors this afternoon the clouds still in place, a few lingering showers, but i am tracking a dryer warmer pattern as we get into the days ahead. i will have a look at what you can expect coming up.
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trying to figure out what's real and what's fake on facebook can be tough for. some biased sites can make it hard to figure out what's fact and what's pick shufnlt facebook is trying to help users by adding a disputed news flag to stories that have been debunked by third-party groups. after a story is mark a group of researches will have the story of sifting through and fact checking those stories. if it is determined to be fake the story will remain on facebook but it will be flagged as disputed. for more i'm joined by professor peter young. how big of a problem is this? are there any stats on how many people get their news from
4:39 pm
facebook? >> it depends on whom you talk to but we have something in the neighborhood of 35 to 40% of purported news comes through facebook or liked websites. >> and the flagging of the story as fake, is that anyone that can do that? because i immediately see a problem. if you are a republican and you don't like anything that supports obama, even if it's from the "new york times" or the washington post, you are going to flag that as fake news, right? >> oh, most definitely. and i think that what's important here is not so much how it can be abused, but to note that this is really a first step. facebook is finally realized that they are one of the entities out there that's allowing the fake news to be distributed. so they're taking first steps. i think that we should applaud this effort. >> it's a great first step, but again, if every story we see is flagged, does anything really change? >> i think that what we are going to see is the idea of
4:40 pm
fact checking by not just one source but two sources minimum. so we're going to have organizations like associated press and actually coming into the fray and saying, this is actually true, or not true, based on our research. so you won't be able to arbitrarily flag me as an individual citizen. >> so a regular facebook consumer can't flag stories? it is going to be up to these fact checkers out there? >> so now we're getting into an area where you can report a particular item as being disputed, but then it goes to the facebook folks, and they will then look into it, and they will send it out to the organizations that they have
4:41 pm
employed for this purpose. so you won't see the disputed label or tag on a particular story until it's been verified one way or the other. >> you bring up an interesting point on who is fact checkers are. if the associated press is a fact checker, i know there's been associated press stories that have been called fake news by one side or the other, because they just didn't agree with what they were saying. the ap, the "new york times," the washington post will cite anonymous sources, which is basic journalism method of gathering information that some people don't understand how that works. you can after white house official who is very close to the president give reporters specific information but they can't be quoted because they might lose their job. >> right. >> if the ap puts that story out and some people don't like the politics of that story, they're going to cry foul. so this is where i'm kind of grappling with who's going to determine what's true and what's fake. if the ap is going to be fact
4:42 pm
checking their own stories is what i'm getting at. >> sure. and it's not just one source. facebook has employed a minimum of five different organizations at the moment. it's my understanding that they're going to increase the number of organizations that will be a part of this fact checking by seven or eight this summer. so i think that we're going to have a nice spread of organizations that will look into these. i think the problem for many people is that this is not going to be instant. so i think that a story that is put up now, right now, literally, it is going to take two or three days minimum to go fact check. so it may have already done its damage, and that's the issue that the critics are throwing out right at the moment. but again it is a first step, and i'm very excited about it. >> we're going wait and see how this all works out. hopefully they can speed up the
4:43 pm
process of fact checking. thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. interesting conversation. >> thank you very much. and there is both good news and bad news for home owners who live around that landslide damaged morgan territory road in contra costa county. neighbors say that public works crews are working on securing power to provide uninterrupted electricity to homes there, and that the water department has found a way to deliver water using a temporary above-ground pipe. well, as for the bad news, the slide is still moving, and county officials say repairs to the road will start two months from now on may 15th. residents want to use a fire access road to get around the closure, but it is a narrow private road. >> not only is it good for one car at a time, but even when you get to this side, then you can't cross because the river is overflowing. everything from emergency services can't go across. the garbage truck can't make it across. kids are getting letters from school because the kids can't
4:44 pm
go to dismoo. people still have to carry supplies and garbage across morgan territory road. public works crews also marked areas where new cracks formed over the weekend. and all eyes have been on reservoirs and creeks in the south bay after historic flooding forced people to evacuate their homes for days. over the weekend the city of san jose said would it keep an eye on water levels at anderson reservoir which was at 99% capacity on saturday. the level this morning also now at 98%. it dropped a bit. officials don't think this storm will cause the flooding that the last storm did. let's check in with rosemary or offer. we're going to be dealing -- rosemary orozco. we're going to be dealing with these problems well into summer. >> you're right. we have tons of show in the sierra. they're talking about ski resorts staying open until the 4th of july holliday. so yes, a lot going on out
4:45 pm
there. this past weekend we saw another round of rain. we saw another huge dumping of snow for the sierra. in areas of vermille valley, more than an inch. oakland reported .8. san jose, .4 3. concord a little bit more than .9. a look at what's going on at this hour, the showers continue to wind down. as we look to the north bay we can still see some green on the screen. a little bit of rainfall down through napa, vallejo. it crosses over towards i-80, right there in between vallejo and fairfield. if we shift to the east bay we had a little bit over antioch. it looks like it is now beginning to shift farther inland. south bay, we've got dry conditions. a little bit of lingering shower activity right over the santa cruz mountains. in the sierra it was coming down pretty good early on but you can see here it is tapering off with the advisory for the
4:46 pm
roadways there expiring is at 4:00 this afternoon. here is a look at future cast models. we get into the evening hours. it is going to continue to dry out. we do have a little bit of moisture north of -- right on the edge of sonoma county but that should be about it. your tuesday morning wake up with a little bit of cloud cover but we are going to be dry. we will be drying out and warming up for the days ahead. temperatures outside now, it's a cool one, 55 in san francisco, 55 in oakland, santa rose sacks, temperatures in the south bay, 55. even though cool, warmer than where we were yesterday, take a look at the 24-hour temperature change, up by seven degrees in the north bay along the peninsula, palo alto by 9:00. inner east bay up by five degrees as well as concord and livermore. as we get going tomorrow morning we could have a little patchy fog. cloud cover in place. temperatures on the cold side. 35 santa rosa, 41 in oakland. along the peninsula 39 redwood
4:47 pm
city. 38 degrees for san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow coming up a few degrees. it is not going to be too warm just yet, but it is going to feel better out there. partly cloudy, 59 for san francisco, 61 in oakland. south bay locations, 64 san jose. some of the warmer numbers for you there. north bay, 60 expected in napa. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures continuing to climb. in fact, as we get into wednesday and thursday, upper 60s in the forecast. a few low 70s a possibility as well. if you are far enough south in areas like monterey, they could be nearing 80 degrees. so yes we are getting closer to spring, and thankfully starting to feel like it. >> we haven't seen an 80 for a long time. >> a long time. >> seems like forever. >> that extended forecast shows we may see some shower activity come back by the second part of the weekend. right now it's just 20%. not a big deal. but we will keep an eye on it. >> i'm going to monterey. thanks, rosemary. frank joins us with a look
4:48 pm
at the stories we're working on for 5:00. president donald trump has signed a narrower travel ban. some experts say the changes in this new order address some of the legal challenges. still, muslims here in the bay area are afraid of what might happen next. >> frank, a little controversy at a south bay university. >> yeah, some questions about the limits of free speech on college campuses being tested again, this after a high ranking school official in the bay area overturned the student senate and is allowing a conservative organization to establish a chapter on campus. >> we will sigh at 5:00. thanks, frank. coming up next on "the four on 2", joe fonzi joins to us discuss the latest on a potential move by the raiders to las vegas. there is some new information. we will have it next. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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there is still life to the raiders' potential move to las vegas. >> remember after losing its main financial backer? there are reports now that the team has found a new revenue source. what's the latest? >> we will continue to try to weave our way through all this. here's the latest as of today. and remember that this is a story that remains fluid. the big hole in the financing of their move to las vegas came when goldman sachs informed mark davis nights involvement was tied to casino owner sheldon adelson. that left the raiders one-third short of the funds they needed for a roughly $2 billion stadium. sources say davis has acquired alternative funds provided by bank of america. that would still leave the raiders some $500 million short due to be provided by the team itself. it also does not address a relocation fee thought to be
4:52 pm
another $500 million. there was also a meetings today headed by oakland mayor libby schaaf designed to convince nfl owners to vote no on the request for relocation and to work further with the for the record trees group which wants to build a new stadium in oakland. there are still many questions but what today's news does appear to expedite is a vote by the owners about the move later this month when they all meet in phoenix. and more information to process. the las vegas review journal is reporting tonight that a vote by nfl owners may be postponed until the league's may meeting. so i have been saying this for awhile and i will continue to say it. many, many moving parts. the one new information today appears to be that mark davis says he has bank of america financing, but he also said he had goldman sachs financing as well. >> but he still could be a billion dollars short. the 500 million relocation plus the 500 million that he is short on the stadium.
4:53 pm
>> correct. and what none of today's information addresses is what has always been the issue. bank of america does not say, here's $600 million. there's debt service associated with that. there's something that has to be taken care v. >> do you think the nfl owners meeting will be put off until may? >> they're meeting, but obviously the vote could be put off. they are going to be asking what is the debt service, do they want a portion of the team, all questions skied by the nfl owners before they vote yes or no. >> thanks joe. >> stay tuned. still to come, he will luesive artist has opened a hotel. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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4:56 pm
north korea today fired four more ballistic test missiles into the sea of japan prompting new alarms about the threat the country poses to the region. japan says some of the missiles landed 190 miles from its northwest coast. launches were an apparent reaction to military drills. pyongyang has promised retaliation. north korea's only ally, china, spoke out against the launches but you remembered everyone involved to refrain from any military exercises. >> china opposes north korea
4:57 pm
conducting the relevant launch activities in violation of the security council resolution. >> the u.s. state department issued a statement saying these actions only strengthen their commitment to defend south korea and japan in the face of such threats. the british street artist known as banksy has opened a new and unique hotel along the israeli security barrier in the west bank. the guesthouse was set up in secrecy and is being billed as a hotel that, quote, offers a warm welcome to people from all sides of the conflict and across the world. conor powell gives us a tour. >> reporter: the elusive british street artist banksy opened a hotel packed with artwork by the graffiti artist. the walled off hotel directly faces israel's separation wall. >> this is the hotel that has the worst view in the whole world, the view of the wall. i think it's a great experience for people to come and stay here. >> reporter: the whole project
4:58 pm
took 14 months to complete and was kept under complete secrecy. seven of the bedrooms were designed by banksy himself. in one room guests sleep in a king-size bed underneath banksy's artwork showing an israeli soldier and a protester in a pillow fight. >> this is a great opportunity for me to try to promote dialogue and understanding to our situation. >> reporter: and while most hotels offer guests a gym, the walledoff has a space meant to empower and inform people. >> the museum tells the story of the world and explores its history and its context from all sorts of angles, but also its role as a canvas for
4:59 pm
graffiti artists. >> reporter: the three-story "walledoff" hotel will open soon and the cheapest room will cost $30 a night. president donald trump signs a new narrower executive order on immigration. tonight we break down what is different from the original version and why opponents are already planning legal challenges. good evening. i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. today president trump signed an updated version of his controversial executive order barring people from several mostly muslim countries from getting visas. it also shuts down the entire u.s. refugee programs for review for 0 days. the new order does make some significant changes to his previous order. it drops iraq from the list of countries affected but still includes iran, syria, somalia, sudan, yemen, and libya. the new ban now has exceptions
5:00 pm
for permanent residents of the u.s. dewing nationals who use a passport from another country and a current visa holders and those what have already been granted asylum or refugee status. >> three of these nations are state sponsors of terrorism. the other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries, countries where governments have lost control of their territory to terrorist groups like isil or al-qaida, and its affiliates. >> attorney general sessions and homeland security secretary john kelly did not take questions following their briefing today, and the president signed the order without reporters present. the order goes into effect 10 days from now. the original travel ban will you recall led to chaos and protests at airports around the country at the end of january. it was challenged in court and put on hold last month by a judge in washington state. the new order rescrindz the old one so the -- rescinds the old


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