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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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off with a woman's wedding ring and other precious items. >> reporter: the woman said she was devastated. she did not know who would take her treasured items or why but she's now grateful that they are back where they belong. >> that was my mother's stuff. >> reporter: laurie felt violated after burglars broke into her home and made off with items the sentimental value. >> there was a pot with my mother's ashes that was taken. >> reporter: there were other things that could not be replaced. >> a friend of mine, a 1970 year old man gave me some world war two bags, he was in the service, they were stolen.
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>> reporter: the thieves took jackets and other clothes. >> there is a lack of concern for other people and their privacy. >> reporter: the burglars also stole her pickup truck. >> this is a pecial crime, think about it, you have an unknown person breaking into your sanctuary, your home, your castle, and going through your personal items and taking them. >> reporter: police worked quickly, a day after the break in, officers found the truck and arrested two people. police learned that they had a storage shed in martinez. they found her stolen property. >> when we can give something
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back, in this case, irreplaceable items, it makes me feel good. >> reporter: both inspection were charged with stealing the woman's truck, one woman was charged with possessing meth. >> did authorities find other items in that truck that may have been someone else's. >> reporter: the woman did not tell me that. i think that the police are working to see if there are items from other victims. a total of six people have been arrested in connection with the deadly stabbing of a little league coach in san jose. the suspects are facing homicide charges. the victim, frank navarro was working as a bouncer when he was killed following a dispute
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over a fake i.d. his death is san francisco's sixth homicide this year. berkeley police are asking for the public's help tonight in identifying several people involved in fights at po tests last weekend -- protests last weekend. the fight only lasted a few seconds and took place in the middle of crowds. berkeley police arrested 10 people at the scene but they said they could not safely arrest the people in these photos. if you recognize these people, berkeley police want to hear from you. we have an update on a homeless encampment we showed you last week. >> reporter: today, the area is spotless, a far cry from a week
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ago when dozens of tents called it home. cries were sent it in to reclaim the street. this woman owns a family jewelry business at the edge of the encampment. she's witnessed everything from drug use to violence, she appreciates the city's efts but said that the big problem still remains. >> the tents did not go anywhere, they went into the neighboring streets. >> reporter: block away on alameda, the tents have reappeared. this man moved just a street over. >> it's like musical chairs, it's inconvenient and stressful for people that do not have a
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home. >> reporter: city officials have encouraged the businesses to protect themselves. they bought 60 of these barricades and that's not all. >> they said we should put up lights and cameras and hire extra security. we have done those things, but i think that the city should do that. >> reporter: we spoke with the manager of a tile business on utah street. she's spear heading a group of aingt e 80 business owners to get the homeless under a warm roof. >> things on this street are better but we have a long way to go. there is a plan for the rest of the neighborhood for the end of april. thank you frank. up next tonight, a violent attack at a military hospital in afghanistan, the attack is
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being blamed on isis, the gun men were dressed as doctors >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. congress passed a $578 billion spending bill that funds the armed forces through september. president donald trump has called for a 10% increase in military spending. democrats say that the united
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states spends eight times more on spending than the next five nations combined. in afghanistan, militants wearing doctors uniforms attacked a medical facility. the attackers were killed in a three hour gun battle. many of the victims were soldiers wounded fighting the taliban, isis claimed responsibility for the attack. the united states is sending missile defense equipment to south korea. the system is called terminal high altitude area defense, this comes after monday's launch by north korea of four missiles into the sea of japan. >> the reason we are pur seeing
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this deployment -- pursuing this deployment is because of north korea's bad behavior. >> the trump administration has asked china to implement sanctions against north korea. rex tillerson is visiting china to deliver that message. 71 degrees in santa rosa, it's going to be warmer for many cities. we could see lower 80s by the end of the week >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break after the break (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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. a washed out road and how to fix it is pitting neighbor against neighbor. there is a growing fight in orinda as to how a road should be repaired. >> reporter: january 11th, a sinkhole developed on minor road. before long, the road was severed, utilities and all. it also flooded out three houses, this one for the second time. two months later, it remains an open wound with temporary utility lines, because the twice flooded out home owner
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wants a better fix than the one that the city offered. the city must get on to the home owner's property to do the work. >> for thousands of people who have to do a very long route to get to downtown orinda and the freeway, this is a major problem. they want the road opened as quickly as possible. they are upset that it could be a delay. that's a narrow windy road. if the garbage trucks are going by, you are hung up for a while. if you are going during commute time, it's a mess, there is significant erosion happening to that road with the amount of traffic that it gets. >> reporter: the online neighborhood chat board is full
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of vit -- vitriol. the twice flooded home owner warts a better solution, like an engineered bridge which is an 18 month build out. >> they want to be sure that what ever the city does is a permanent fix. >> reporter: the city declined to comment because the city is negotiating with the home owner. neighbors would into the appear on camera because, they said, they feared retaliation from the city. lets talk about the weather. this is one of the best times of the year. >> yes. especially after significant
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rain. we had so much inclement weather, we appreciate this. you can see the fog working its way back to the coast. it's patchy but it's around. this is a beautiful shot of the sales force building. when you see the fog, you know it's getting closer to spring. the satellite images show the severe weather to the north of us, scattered showers into tomorrow but for the most part, we are not anywhere near the ridge. we just have some fog. so tomorrow is a lot like today but warmer, except at the coast. the coast is into the 60s for today and tomorrow. as i look into the forecast, we have high pressure setting up, giving us a drai pattern that
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lasts into the weekend. -- dry pattern that lasts into the weekend. it's acting, feeling and looking like spring. it's lower 60s at the coast. the forecast model brings the fog to the coast. that's coastal fog, in the afternoon it warms up. we have upper 60s and lower 70s tomorrow. 73 in brentwood and concord. 73 in antioch. 75 in gilroy. mountain view, 70, 69 in redwood city. the five-day forecast, the coastal fog is back, but it's dry. look at all of the sun in the five-day forecast. upper 70s and lower 80s for the temperatures. not much going on in terms of
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rain chances. everyone gets a chance to dry out. let the hills dry off a bit. >> it's so nice to hear you say, nothing is going on. >> it's true. it's nice to just have the sun out. it rained hard almost every weekend for the whole winter. >> in the meantime, the trees are plooming and the flowers are coming out. >> we are not out of the woods yet? >> no. we could see more rain but hopefully none of these atmospheric river events. we have an update in a story from last november. a beloved shoe shine worker was
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injured. he was hit by a teak cab in august and -- taxi cab and had to go to the hospital. a local architect helped design a new shoe shine stabbed for the man. >> the chair is a local height so he can work if he comes back in a wheelchair. also people with mobility issues can come in. >> i miss him. >> he is doing well in rehab but not ready to get back to work s. it looks great. i hope he can get back soon. coming up, the 49ers sign a
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veteran quarterback for the starting job. >> joe has the highlights and the sports coming up next >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the feurt niners had to bring someone in. they have a new quarterback -- 49ers had to bring someone in. they have a new quarterback. >> they are going to have a veteran on the team. brian hoyer is joining the team. he had one year in cleveland in 2014 where his offensive coordinator was kyle shanahan. he also played in huston. also pierre garcon is set to sign with the 49ers. they will also seen another full
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back. he spent four years in baltimore. he caught 78 passes the last two seasons. the 49ers also announced that they have waved marcus martin. he was a third round draft choice in 2014. in las vegas, cal is facing oregon state. he goes strong to the hoop, the foil, he ends up with 12 points. the bears were the favorite but the beavers hung around until the end. the beavers within two. thompson lead oregon state with 25. the beavers could take the lead here, but they get an air ball.
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a long pass and the dunk. the bears put it away with a 67 - 62 win, they live again to face utah tomorrow. the cardinals staged a dramatic come back. at the end of regulation, the shot clock is running out and he hits the jumper to tie the name. but the stanford momentum symptoms stops there. the final -- stops there. the final is 88 - 78. the warriors back on the
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road against the celtics. barnes has already played a significant role off the bench against atlanta. he has made 12 team changes in 14 years but he's happy to be playing for the warriors. >> i have a well traveled career. but i have had the respect of the guys i competed against, to have them want me as part of the team says a lot for me. >> you might remember, not long ago, tim tebow was the heisman trophy winning water back. now is a minor league baseball
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player in the mets training camp. we all know weight lifting goes along with being a football player. this is joseph pena. after this squat, he is the texas state record holder. he just pressed 1,000 pounds. >> 1,000 one wow. >> do not try that at home. thank you joe, thank you for joining us everyone. our coverage continues on ktvu plus, have a great night
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