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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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such cases reported. down 46% from 2015. the irs did not give a reason for the surprising decline in id theft cases. >> bart has a few proposals for closing its budget gap. which option do you think is best? plus, ktvu's sports director mark ibanez looks at the idea of speeding up the game of baseball. ball. ♪[music] >> it's a great looking thursday morning out there. really across the bay area. including that small town we like to call san francisco. we've been talking about it on mornings on 2. it has that summer vibe to it with the fog rolling through the golden gate and across san francisco right there. 70s dialed up in the forecast. i'm liking that. flip flops and shorts. >> there you go. >> welcome to the nine, everyone. >> it's about time, mike. it's about time for this kind of weather. >> it makes us happy right
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here. >> uh-huh. >> good news and bad news out at oracle. the bad news. the warriors lost. this guy out of oakland, his name is evan. here was the game to win the car. 30 seconds on the clock. had to make four threes. he made the first one and the second one and missed a few and then boom evan drains number four. >> nice. >> he wins the kia. the crowd goes crazy. they lift him up on their shoulders. i don't know if i could get four in 30 seconds. >> a lot of pressure. >> 12 points for the warriors in the 4th quarter. i went to bed and said they've got this. >> you should have stayed different. >> the team is different without kevin durant. they may have to adjust when comes back. >> i like what he said about i got a boo boo playing basketball. that's what it is. a multi million dollar boo boo. >> what about the bart boo boo.
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people are talking about this fare possibility. bart is raising fares. when they get the -- the bond. >> i would love a full accounting. if i give you that extra dollar, tell me you're putting it to good use. i don't know where the extra money goes. i don't ride it that frequently. i'm fine paying more. some are saying they're priced out of the daily commute. >> most people want to see where the money is going. >> the board of directors is meeting to discuss that possible fare increase, about 30 cents. allie rasmus is reporting on this. >> reporter: bart representatives say the budget shortfall is due in part to sales tax from fuel prices that bart gets a part of, they are down. and ridership on the weekends. it is hard to believe that.
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sometimes it can be so packed that you can't find a seat. the board will discuss the possibility of raise being fares about 25 cents. if that became a reality, it would increase the minimum fare on bart from $1.95 to $2.25. it would also reduce discounts for seniors and youth and disabled riders and adding a surcharge for people who use paper tickets as oppose today the clipper card. all of that together is supposed to bring bart an additional 10 to $20 million. riders we spoke with this morning are split whether a fare increase is really a good idea. >> having to travel from antioch down to oakland is almost 10 bucks. when you park it's about 13 bucks a day. that's not cheap. and so i think they can find some other ways of cutting back instead of putting it on the riderships on the backs of them each and every time. >> it seems like they do it
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every year which might be necessary for maintenance and things like that. but i think they just passed that bond. is that right? yeah. so there's questions there. >> reporter: you recall voters approved a 3 and a half million bars measure for bond. but legally that money can only be used for infrastructure, repair and improvement. they can't use it for their general operating costs. so the largest expense to their operating budget according to a bart spokeswoman is labor cost. that is not unique to bart. it is also the case for transit agencies across the bay area and across the country. we reached out to board directors at the meeting that is getting started right now. we hope to get an update from them and what happens in the meeting for our noon newscast. back to you. throughout mornings on 2 we have been asking you which bart budget proposal would you vote for. number one, raise the fare 25
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cents. reduce discounts for youths and seniors. the third would be a surcharge on paper tickets. number four, none of the above. people have been voting all morning long. we see the results right here from the top. very few people, just 14% say raise the fare is okay, reduce certain discounts is okay. 18% a little warmer on the surcharge for paper tickets. 54% of respondents say they would not vote for any of the above options when it comes to closing that budget deficit. also on twitter we find viewers such as ash the artist tweeting i'm a college student who relies on bart to get to school and it drains my wallet as it is. i avoid taking it when possible. >> someone else says seriously it's already cheaper just to drive where you need to go. >> scott tweeted where is the option to make sure that proper oversight is in place to avoid paying janitors $270,000 a year. scott of course referencing the 2 investigates reports that found that. >> we're taking your responses
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and exploring the issue all morning. we will read your responses at 9:30. thanks for using the hashtag tvu. almost 18,000 people signed up for the bart perks program which ran between last august to this february. that's almost double the number of bart officials were hoping for. the transit agency says 10% of the program's participants changed their riding pattern and either rode bart before or after the peak morning times. state water officials hope to have the main spillway at the oroville dam releasing water by the end of next week. the water level at the lake continues to rise and is expected to be at 865 feet when the main spillway is put back into operation. that is higher than water officials would like but still below the level that the emergency spillway would be needed. that main spillway was shut down when cracks were discovered in it. that forced the evacuation of 200,000 people who live
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downstream from the dam. federal scientists say california is having its wettest years in 122 years since they have been keeping records. the one on the left shows current drought conditions. no part of the state is in exceptional or extreme route. the map on the right shows 99% of our state was in those conditions in february of just last year. all the white on the new map shows that 62% of california is not in a drought at all. last year you would have to go to the far north corner up in dell north county in the north western part of california to get the no drought raining. san francisco police are asking for the public's help to identify two robbers who grabbed a baby girl and then held the mom at gun point. now, this happened at a mission district parking garage near florida and 18th streets. the mother who does not want to be identify says she was pulling into her parking spot when two men approached her. the security approximate gates on the garage were not working that day. surveillance cameras did show
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the two suspects walking into the garage. she says the man with the ponytail held her at gun point while the one in the hoodie yanked her 1-year-old daughter out of the car seat in the back of the vehicle. >> the one with the gun said we take your baby and the car. i said i'm not leaving without my baby. they wouldn't let us go. and then all of a sudden, we got pushed to the side. the second guy without the gun grabbed my backpack and told the other one, let's go. >> she went on to tell our amber lee that she thinks a neighbor came into the garage and scared off the two robbers. they got away with her backpack which had $300 cash in it. the woman says she and her daughter were not seriously hurt but she is hoping that someone can help police identify the men so that they don't hurt anyone else. bridging the gap again law enforcement and african- american and latino communities is the motivation behind a series of community discussions taking place at barbershops in
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the east bay. ktvu's paul chambers has been serving as moderator for the forums and shares part of tuesday night's discussion. >> reporter: station 33 barbershop in oakland played host to the latest discussion. it was also the place with the most diverse crowd so far. the first topic, mental health. >> law enforcement should not be health care providers. particularly they should not be mental health care providers. >> you don't expect the officers to be able to be mental care experts but you expect the officers to be able to deescalate situations better than a citizen. >> reporter: during the discussion, we learned that alameda county core systems takes drugs, veteran affairs and mental health issues into specialized courts. >> individuals who have been arrested and in the process of going through the criminal justice system but have mental health officials. >> reporter: many law enforcement stations are making mental health a criteria. something they hope will spread department and county-wide. >> we have officers that go out
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as first responder to diagnose what is going on. these officers are familiar with them. >> you go over different aspects of mental illnesses, you touch base on ptsd. >> reporter: the conversation moved to another topic, one that made some people feel uncomfortable. >> 95% are police officers. you have about 5% who are pigs. those are the one that's cause all of the ill light on the rest of the good officers. >> i disagree with your statistic. i don't believe that 5% of police officers are pigs. i believe maybe there's 1% that are definitely bad apples. that's true of every profession. >> as long as we keep telling young black men and people of color that cops are pigs and they're murdering people on the street on a daily basis and you have to look at this one and tell if he is a pig or a cop, that's a terrible way to live in the society. >> it says a lot about the men and women in this room, that law enforcement take the time to come here. that says something about a lot
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of you. we don't necessarily put you in that category because you're here trying to make a difference. >> reporter: officers say the way to make things better is having your department reflect your community. >> what percentage of the force are products of oakland? in particular, ousd. and if the number is low, why? and i ask because i think those would be the best candidates for the job. >> we believe exactly like you believe, the best officers would be officers here from oakland locally. the city administration believes that. >> reporter: officers didn't have the exact figures but say the number from oakland is a small amount. that's why they encourage more women and those of color to apply. >> i work in recruiting. nobody comes out to be a police officer. not from my community. i'm from down the street. i'm from the 20s. >> i went to the warriors game with three little kids and we came out and there were some officers on motorcycles.
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and the kids looked like they wanted to go take a picture. but some told them no. they didn't want to take pictures with them. they don't want to be police. >> it's going to be hard to bring folks from inside the community, uncles, grandmothers. >> reporter: >> go take the job. if you don't like the way that things are being done, if you don't like things that you're seeing, go make a change. >> reporter: for now the conversations will continue to find a better understanding and work to bring us together. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, homes flooded in pittsburg after an overnight water main break. we will look at the soggy mess that neighbors are dealing with this morning. also republicans made progress overnight in their attempt to repeal the affordable care act. the big challenge that still lies ahead. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> good thursday morning. it looks like june or july out there. fog in the san francisco bay. just a few days ago we were talking about low snow levels, hail, thunderstorms now it looks like the middle of summer. we swapped the rain clouds for that. >> i felt like it went quickly. >> yeah. >> boom, just like that we're in the 70s. >> it is march. >> it is march. >> aren't we supposed to have this weather. >> this is unusual for march. march and april are the wild card months for us. you can get a bit of everything out there. >> can we dip down to the wet forecast. >> yes. we deserve this break. as you can see fog. it's not everywhere but it is moving around until 3:00 this morning near parts of the shoreline and south of ocean beach and right around san francisco bay. current temperatures have been warming up a little bit. each hour. santa rosa, 56. san jose in the upper 50s.
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livermore in the mid-40s. here is a wider perspective. the satellite is having a hard time tick picking up the fog. you see the lighter shading at half moon bay and also patches in san francisco bay itself. to our north, high clouds. it is not completely clear. no significant rain in the forecast. we have dry through the weekend. how often do we guarantee a forecast for five days? i think i'm about to do that. you can see 60sand 70s for this afternoon. still patchy fog marry parts of the shoreline. it could be stubborn around the bay itself into portions of the afternoon. we are trending up with temperatures. clearing skies for friday. it will feel strange around here this weekend. by sunday, 7 #. that is an average temperature. some neighborhoods could be close to 80 on sunday. >> wow. >> get outside. >> go outside to my back patio on saturday and sit around. >> absolutely. >> you're talking about forecasting in the month of
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april. i remember ten years ago i picked my brother up at the airport. pouring rain. >> right. >> thunder and lightning. they got the game in. they delayed it an hour. that was early april. >> that is the start with the baseball season. it is a tough time of year. one day in a series could be sunny. the next day it could be freezing rain. the first month of the season is always a tough one. you may have delays or even a cancellation. >> let's not think about that right now. let's enjoy these five days. >> republicans made progress overnight towards the goal of repealing the affordable care act. >> after an 18-hour marathon session, a house committee voted to end the so-called individual mandate to purchase health insurance. but the gop still has a very long way to go. >> reporter doug luzader has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: thankfully members of congress are not paid overtime because this haazig madyun been an around the clock
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effort to get this done. and republicans made a major move overnight. >> there will be no further business for the committee. the committee stands adjourned. >> reporter: it was just after 4:00 a.m. on capitol hill this morning that the house committee pushed through the repeal of the least popular provision of obamacare. the legal requirement to carry health insurance or pay a penalty. >> we're passing this first installment which is to gut obamacare. repeal the mandates and spending. then we replace it with conservative republican tax policy that has been conservative reform. >> reporter: for all of the confidence of house speaker paul ryan, this won't be easy. some republicans are none too pleased with the party's plan because it per pet utes the idea of an entitlement for health care, shifting the payments from a subsidy to a tax credit. >> the obamacare light plan that is being put forward by the house leadership not its
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subsidies and obamacare taxes has a mandate and has insurance bailout money in it. i don't think we're on the same page on that. >> reporter: and that is where the white house comes in. president trump is trying to win over conservative members of congress and interest groups. vice president mike pence heads to capitol hill today to do arm twisting. all while democrats are trying to whip up public anger. >> the question should be are you with the wealthiest families in america or with your contourents. >> reporter: the administration inviting some members of congress to the white house for bowling next week as they try to sell the repeal and replacement of obamacare. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. an electronic billboard targets elon musk.
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as you see, it says elon please dump trump and carries the tag line resist. critics have targeted musk for joining president trump's business advisory panel. so far no one is taking credit for the advertisement. wikileaks will work with technology companies to help them defend their products against the cia's hacking tools. in an online news conference earlier this morning, the cea of wikileaks says more companies have asked about the cia details published earlier this week. he said that wikileaks has decided to work with the tech companies to give them access to some of the technical details so that they can fix vulnerabilities in their products in. the 9,000 documents released by wikileaks, the cia outlines methods to hack into computers, mobile phones and even smart tvs. some michigan children are taking on a 40-day project for lept. they decided to start a project to remember a family member in
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the air force. the idea grew into a care project. packages for at least 80 troops. for lent, the siblings vowed not to give up on their effort. they called it little hands big difference. >> it would be a cool idea. we did it. we have the sister church involved and our church involved and another church involved and we have our classmates involved writing letters to the troops to put in the care packages. >> along with those letters, they're boxing up all kinds of things, shampoo, candy, hot sauce. they hope to have all of the boxes packed up by easter. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, an alaskan airlines acquisition of virgin brings new routes from the bay area. it's a story we told you about last week, business complaining about growing homeless encampment. the city has not taken steps to clean up the homeless problem.
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and why business owners are saying that's not good enough.
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♪[music] >> 9:23. looking at stocks. not a lot of major movement to report. the dow jones is flat. the same for the other indexes as well. community leaders in san jose have launched the san jose promise. it offers free community college for those who need it. the city colleges have received $750,000 from the california college promise incompetent ovation fund to help get their program started. the goal is to offer two years of free community college to low-income, first generation and historically underrepresented students. mayor sam liccardo wants to eliminate all financial barriers to public college in san jose by the year 2021. >> we're going to walk before we run. we're starting with 800 students. we think we can do more this year and expand every year. >> the san jose promise money will cover tuition, books,
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health fees and public transportation to class. we have an update to a homeless camp in san francisco that has frustrated local business owners. they accused the city of dragging its feet and not doing enough to protect the area. ktvu's frank mallicoat reports on the changes by the city in that neighborhood. >> reporter: san bruno avenue is nearly spotless. a far cry from a week recognize when dozens of tents called it home. sunday san francisco sent in dpw crews to reclaim the streets. >> i am still upset. i am pleased that there has been a response. >> reporter: she owns a family jewelry business that sits on the edge of that encampment. she has witnessed everything from drug use to violence through her back window. she appreciates the city's efforts but says the big problem still remains. >> what happened is all of the tents, they didn't go anywhere. they weren't placed anywhere. they just moved and spilled over into the neighboring street snooze a short block
9:26 am
away, new garbage and refuge piles have appeared, including used needles. just a few feet away, kenny smith is resetting his tent. he was part of that mass cleansing on sunday and moved just a street over. >> they're playing musical chairs. you know. it's really inconvenient for the people who don't have a home. >> reporter: city officials have encouraged the businesses here to protect themselves. at a price tag of $7,000, they went out and bought 60 of these barricades. that's not all. >> we should put up lights, put up extra cameras, higher extra security. put planters out. those are all great things. but we've already done that. that is city property. i think the city should do that. >> the city is finally listening. >> reporter: she is spear heading a group of 80 business owners and working with the city's homeless team to not only clean the neighborhood,
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but to get the homeless under a warm roof. progress. >> things on this street is better. we still have a long way to go. there is a plan in progress with a resolution for the rest of the neighborhood. it will be the end of april. >> reporter: in san francisco, frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, one in five children will face hunger in the united states this year. the effort right here in the city of oakland to make sure that school children have enough to eat. later on, we hear from ktvu's sports director mark ibanez from spring training in arizona and get his thoughts on new rule changes in baseball, including the intentional walk. >> boo.
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>> welcome back everyone. want to check twitter. the question of the day is regarding bart. the board of directors is meeting today in response to a proposal to get more income.
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one being to raise the fares about a quarter percent or -- a quarter. also there could be a surcharge on paper tickets. and then also there could be a reduction in certain discounts. we will put it up on the screen. which one would you vote for? we've had a lot of responses. more than 300 votes. 14% say raise fares by 25 cents. you would prefer that. another 14% said they would reduce certain discounted. 17 percent are going with the surcharge on the paper ticket. the majority, 55% said forget about it, none of the above. >> we talk a lot about our viewers tweeting they want accountability. that rings true for jenny lynn who says record ridership and a rate hike. it doesn't have to do with the labor contract and overtime costs. >> another possible solution install emergency gate that's cannot be easily jumped along with the cameras. that's so people can actually -- so they can get the revenue
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coming to them. a lot of people have been saying, no, they need to do better with the money they already have. >> that's right. >> and then tony said i won't work any job that requires taking bart. fare increases for no reasons so janitor can earn big money. thank you for your responses. reach us on twitter and use the tvu. american infrastructure gets a grade of a d plus. that is not good. according to the american society of civil engineers. it looks at 16 areas including schools, roadways, bridges and ports. the current grade is d plus which is the same grade given last time the report was done in 2013. one area that showed some improvement were railroads which improved from a grade c plus to a b. the area with the worst performance was public transit with the group saying there is not enough investments being made in public transit across the country. i'll be talking live with the group behind this study tomorrow at about 7:30.
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repair crews have temporarily patched up a broken water main in pittsburg. cleanup to nearby homes is far from over. christien kafton reports on the flooding problems that several residents area went through. >> reporter: that temporary patch in place right here. you can see it there. earlier this morning, there was a big hole. crews have been going around the area, looking for damage this morning. talking with residents and homeowners. the water main itself has now been repaired. that patch is over the hole. when we arrived this morning, there was a massive hole in the ground and crews were working to fill the home. the water began pouring out of the broken water main before 10:00 last night near west tenth and black diamond. water was dumbing for more than an hour. four homes and apartment complexes had some water damage. we talked with the city manager about ten minutes ago for the city of pittsburg and he said they're in the process of trying to figure out how to help residents who were affected and starting the process of cleaning up and
9:33 am
moving on. >> we are already out there with restoration companies to work with them to get their homes repaired and back up to normal as quickly as possible. >> reporter: now, you can see those crews out here. again, they're going door to door, talking with affected neighbors. that crew out here talking with various neighbors in the area. and keep in mind, i think i told you guys before, this is a temporary fix. we're expecting another crew to come out later on to lay hot asphalt in this area and have a more permanent fix. we talked with the city manager. out of the more than 100 miles, somewhere between 100 and 200 miles of water mains that are running underneath the city of pittsburg, most of them he says are new. this one that broke happens to be one of the older ones still here. it was a 12-inch main that burst. they're trying to determine what went wrong with it. >> thank you. for more on the news we're following this morning and through the day, we head to dave clark in the news room.
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hi, dave. >> hi, gasia. thank you. a major marin county road sir francis drake boulevard reopened after a mudslide closed part of it yesterday. now, it was shut down about half a mile west of fairfax. the slide came down a hill, knocked down trees, left tons of debris on the road. also pushed a cement barrier 12 feet out into the road. heavy machinery took out an overhang from that landslide to keep it from falling down on to cars. this was the third mudslide in the same area in the last couple of weeks. well, happening today, a public meeting in san jose focusing on how the city responded to last month's floods. many residents are angry they didn't get an early warning from the city about the potential flooding. today city hall meeting begins at 3:00 p.m. they will take public comments and go over their response and
9:35 am
talk about future improvements like an early warning system. those are just a couple of the headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. the chp is going over an incident that resulted in a fight on a freeway. one man was taken to the hospital. the video was given to ktvu. the chp says around 6:15 last night a group of 15 dirt bikes and atvs were doing stunts and wheelies along all lanes on 101 in san francisco. someone hit a toyota. the driver confronted the bikers and a fight broke out. that driver was beaten and the bikers rode off. the chp says in stances like this, drivers should call 911 instead of confronting bikers or other drivers. >> definitely do not try to, you know, confront the motorcycles, do not try to get out. this is something that can happen. not only that, but you have -- you're on a busy freeway. you never know who is coming in behind you. the best thing to do, again, you know, call it in, report
9:36 am
it. we have units in the area and we will respond. >> the driver's injuries are not life threatening. the dirt bikes and atvs did not have license plates but they do know the descriptions of some of those riders. new at noon, an east bay educator is recognized for making sure that students are nourished and well fed in class on this national school breakfast week. in observance of the event, the food network and the antihunger group presented an award to the west oakland principal alma. she credits everyone at the school for implementing a program to make sure that students have a healthy breakfast before they tackle their school day. . >> ten years ago the percent of students who ate breakfast in the morning is one out of four. now it is three out of four. the highest in oakland. good job to the school. [cheering and applause] >> educators say statistics show students who eat a healthy meal before class have better
9:37 am
test scores and grades than students who don't have breakfast. whether your child is hungry greatly affects not only their success but also behavior. we've had our own teachers reach out and thank us, thanks for sending them with a healthy lunch and a full tummy when they get there. it makes a big difference. >> the most important meal of the day. >> good for that school. >> across the country and around the world, tens of thousands of women marked international women's day with parades, concerts, rallies and marches. one of the largest in the bay area was the march in the city of oakland. 600 people, men, women and children held the rally at the plaza and marched to a nearby law enforcement office around lake merritt. they were loud but peaceful and had a variety of issues they want addressed, wage equality, abortion rights and ending sexual harassment. they agreed that women must work together for change.
9:38 am
>> i think that there's a lot more activism now. i think that a lot of trump's agenda is very contrary to what people think is best for the planet. >> i think it's really important and people who were not civically engaged before, like myself, need to be out here. >> there were also rallies and marches in san jose and san francisco. overall police say the events were peaceful. although one man was arrested for getting into a dispute during a march in oakland. the mayor of las vegas doesn't see eye to eye for the stadium plan for the raiders. raiders owner mark davis prefers two sites near the las vegas strip. but the mayor wants it downtown. she believes the most cost effective parcel of land is near city hall and some of the city's older hotels. bank of america as we reported earlier this week has agreed to a loan deal that was needed to finance the new stadium. team executives are expected to speak about the latest
9:39 am
developments today at a board meeting. nfl owners could vote on relocation at the end of the month. the 49ers are set to sign a lot of players today. it is the first day that free agents can sign a contract. brian hoyer is about to become a 49ers. he had a one-year deal in cleveland back in 2014 in which his offensive coordinator was kyle shanahan. the 49ers new head coach. another shanahan connection is wide receiver garrison. and he will also become a 49er. he spent the last five seasons with the redskins. in 2013 he lead in receptions with 113. the 49ers will also sign receiver marcus good win who played last year in buffalo. finally raiders linebacker malcolm smith will leave the silver and black to put on a niners helmet. smith has played two years with the raiders. before that he was up in
9:40 am
seattle with the seahawks. the sports department just learned that the oakland a's pitcher sony gray is out for at least three weeks with a lateral sprain and won't be ready for opening day. speaking of baseball, the league is trying to speed up the game by automatically awarding batters 1st base on an intentionally walk. something that i don't really like. >> and nor does our own sports director, ktvu's mark ibanez. a baseball purist. he does not like the idea of speeding up the game. >> reporter: i've been a baseball fan for 50 years now. i've been to a lot of games and never once have i heard a fan man i wish this game would hurry up and get over with so you can get back in my car and back in traffic and get back to work or go home and pay all my bills. no, but baseball continues its effort to speed up the game with ridiculous rule changes. maybe i'm rushing to judgment. we talked with some fans today
9:41 am
and asked what they thought of baseball's rule changes. >> i'm kind of a traditionalist. i feel the same way you do. i'm not that crazy about the designated hitter. >> the way they're trying to do the intentional walks and stuff like that, keep it the way it is. >> i've thought about baseball. it could be a little faster. i definitely see how the players might feel a certain way about it. it gives you a faster paced game similar to the competition like the nba. >> there is nothing wrong with it the way it is. it hasn't been controlled by a clock. there is nothing wrong with it. >> we're here to enjoy the time here. we don't want a quicker game. >> but if you have to shorten the game and you're not going to like this, make it a 7- inning game, leave it exactly the same and go 7 innings. >> you're going to end up on the cutting room floor. . >> reporter: most veteran baseball fans have a memory of something weird and/or exciting
9:42 am
happening during an intentional walk. but nothing tops the 1972 world series when the a's faked the free pass and at the last instant thinker snuck a slider past johnny bench for strike three. he figured he would be the  perfect person to talk to with regard to baseball's latest rule change. >> i've seen things happen on intentional walks just like what happened to me. i saw guys throw balls back to the dugout. they throw it over the catcher's head or bounce them and run and score. so i think it still should be parts of the game. >> reporter: that's just one example of how tampering with the rules could have eliminated a great moment in baseball history. i've got other examples believe me. i have to hurry up and watch this game. in fact i have to go now. i'm mark ibanez for ktvu fox 2 sports. bye. >> see ya. >> he is having the time of his life.
9:43 am
>> we're all in agreement. >> leave it alone. funny things happen on the pitches. >> i don't think they will satisfy a lot of time doing it either. what takes a lot of time in baseball is when the manager or the pitching coach or the players go out to the mound and hang out and have conversations. anyway. >> i'm there for the experience. i don't have to go to work after the baseball game. >> you pay a lot of money for the ticket. it's two and a half hours in the national league. three, three and a half in the american league. >> for once we are all in agreement. new york tabloids calling this new couple j-rod. talking about jennifer lopez who is reportedly dating alex rodriguez. they have tried to keep it a secret apparently. friends say that the two have been on the downlow for four months now. >> i like it. >> he is known to be a bit of a ladies man. he has been linked with madonna and kate hudson, cameron diaz.
9:44 am
coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, movie theaters could be getting a little noisy. up next, the new chain that will feature a playground inside the room where you're trying to watch that latest release. and yesterday we spoke with the host of the new fox show kicking and screaming. coming up next, ktvu's paul chambers introduces us to some of the unlikely pairings for the new reality competition series. ♪[music]
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9:46 am
>> it will add ten routes that start and end at san francisco
9:47 am
international. and san jose. the new cities include nashville, new orleans, kona and baltimore, philadelphia and austin, texas. alaskan airlines acquired virgin last year and the two airlines in the process of merging operations. get ready to see a new kind of movie theater popping up across the country. they are building theaters with playgrounds right inside. these playgrounds have slides, bean bag chairs, designated play areas. now it is bringing it to the united states. the playtime is scheduled to happen 15 minutes before the movie starts. then children are expected to settle down and watch the movie. and only family movies will be shown in the playground theaters. tickets cost a little more, 3 bucks more than a regular ticket. two theaters are opening up in los angeles and one in san diego. >> i don't know about that,
9:48 am
man. you're going to get the kids wound up and ask them to sit down for a movie. >> i like they're expected to settle down. >> i like to keep my eye on the children when they're playing. they dim the light asks then it is dark. >> they do it before the movie. >> you can't play during the movie. >> no. >> keep them separate. >> that's what they're going to do. they're going to start playing. >> right. >> we will see what happens. yesterday on the nine we spoke with new girl star hannah simone host of kicking and screaming. >> right. kicking and screaming teams up ten expert survivalists with people a little more accustomed to the lux life and drops them in figi with the chance to compete for $500,000. >> recently paul chambers was down in los angeles talking with simone and learning about the contestants. >> reporter: what happens when you take a team of survival experts. >> a combat diver in the
9:49 am
military. >> i helped capture hussein. >> i'm a professional chest player. >> i'm a professional club goer. >> you get the competition show kicking and screaming. >> they paired ten hardcore survivalists, people where it is easy for them to be in uncomfortable situations with ten people who wouldn't go g lamping if you paid them. right. me too. me too. >> reporter: the host, hannah simone. >> i love survival competition shows. >> reporter: she spent a month filming the show in figi. >> did you live in the area. >> i lived in a hotel. still some nights i was like is that a bug. >> reporter: the teams have to overcome obstacles from the elements to the animals all for a chance of winning half a million dollars. for the survivalists, this sounds like something right up
9:50 am
their alley. remember, they're not going at it alone. >> i don't fear anybody but god. and maybe my partner. >> oh, my god, you're louis. >> it will run for eight episodes. simone hopes you like it and tell a friend so she can get paid at laughing at other people's expenses. >> if you tune in, i get to go back to figi. help a girl out. >> reporter: tune in to kicking ask screaming thursday nights at 9:00. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. again it premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 on ktvu. and then we hope you stay tuned for the 10:00 news. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, a motorist went above and beyond to show a police officer he was driving sober. this video now going viral. we will talk about it right after the break.
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9:53 am
>> i want you to see video of a pretty unusual sobriety test. it has gone viral. a student proving to an officer that he is sober by juggling. >> reporter: it's a traffic stop unlike any other. >> as soonsa got to the stoplight and had to brake. i knew i was going to be pulled over. >> you're coming from the library. >> reporter: a student blake puckett was driving home from the library late friday night. >> i knew i had a brake light out. i'm driving very carefully, driving -- trying to be as careful as i can. >> reporter: not careful enough for sergeant keith mckay with
9:54 am
uca police who for all he knew pulled someone over with a license plate juggler. >> the slower they get later in the night. when they almost hit a curb once, that indicates that they may be impaired. >> reporter: it's all caught on body cam and dash cam. sergeant mckay shows puckett why he was pulled over and talks to him to make sure he was sober. then asks a question that will change the entire conversation. >> what is that? >> here? >> yeah. >> it sounds really weird. i'm a magician. >> you're good to go. but you're a magician. can i see magic. >> he said i'm a magician but i'm also a juggler. >> i thought i could prove by juggling. >> reporter: that video viewed more than 6500 times. >> it is more fun when you can juggle and have fun with the officers instead of a standard traffic stop that is boring and scary. >> i try to make it as much fun as i can. this was absolutely the most fun i've had.
9:55 am
yeah. any time that i'm treated to something like that into monday puckett and sergeant mckay laugh about what happened. >> i never did fulfill your request. you wanted to see magic. a little ball. hold it right there. just like that, this is -- get a close-up of this. this is cool. the ball disappears. it doesn't go far. it jumps over here into my pocket. see. >> i could watch that stuff all day. the sergeant let him go without a ticket. he knew he was sober before the juggling but thought i have a magician and a juggler, i might as we will get a show. last night was the first warriors home game this month. the warriors lost to the celtics 9 -- 99-86. the game was nip and tuck throughout. one of the highlights came with steph curry gave them a lead at the end of the 3rd quarter with a three pointer. he talked trash to celtics rookie and former cal star brown. but the celtics owned the final
9:56 am
period, including going on a 15- 0 run to pull away. the warriors lead back on the road and play minnesota tomorrow and san antonio on saturday night. i hope they make it to the nba finals. that could be on opponent right there. before the game, kevin durant made his first appearance since he hurt his leg in washington. durant was on crutches and his least knee in a brace. he is expected to be out four to six weeks. >> nobody should be concerned about it. i got a boo boo playing basketball. you know. it is what it is. man. it's just -- so i'm okay. my spirits are good. my family is good. you know, i'm doing what i love to do every single day. it's all right. >> the warriors hope that durant will be back before the end of the regular season on april 12th. hamilton opens in reviews tomorrow night in san francisco. a limited number of tickets are sale for just $10 each.
9:57 am
the company announced yesterday two days before each performance, 44 tickets will be sold by lottery for just $10. enter online. winners are limited to two each. if you want those tickets head over to you will find a link to try to get them. i'm looking at a resale site. the cheapest is 400 something for the way back. what a thrill that would be. >> sounds like a good deal. >> yeah. >> most tickets are in the thousands. >> i know. >> thanks for watching, everyone. have a great morning. we will see you back here at noon. ♪[music] service, nal customer head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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