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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 11, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> on three, one, two, three. >> rest cued from a ravine, 200 feet down, a woman and her dog missing for more than a day found alive. and a bay area man is arrested for allegedly jumping over the white house fence. good evening everybody, i'm alyana gomez: ktvu fox 2 news'
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tom vacar joins us with the latest information from stanford and how this could have been a real tragedy. tom? >> reporter: well, you talk to the searchers and they will tell you bethany harri is one tough woman. here's why. 56-year-old bethany who disappeared thursday afternoon near wood side was found this morning at 10:30. her husband notified police thursday evening when she did not return from a hike with her dog to the bed an breakfast where the family was staying. >> we learned she is suffers from very mild dementia. so, these were concerns for us. because they are not familiar and she left without her medication. >> reporter: because this has every potential to be a life and death situation, 50 people initially searched for her for the next day. using the helicopter last night
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to continue the search. at dawn, ground personnel once again returned to the search as well. >> while this search team was in the area, they called out her name. and both she and her dog answered so she answered and her dog also barked. >> set her done, subtler down, one, two, three. >> reporter: they found her in a 200-foot deep ravine a third of a mile off skyline boulevard with her dog wearing only a t- shirt and yoga pants and found in a cold, tired, and dehydrated condition. she was given water and food as was her dog. she was immediately brought to stanford medical center where she is recovering from her lengthy ordeal. in all, 230 people volunteered from 50 different agencies to join in the search. >> there were so many things that could have gone wrong. you know, the weather, her health. the terrain. and, there were so many things that could have gone wrong, but they didn't. >> reporter: now, here's the
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lesson for all of us. if you have a friend or a family member that has dementia, even the mildest of cases, make sure that you get them something like this. a little tracking device, a tile or a tracker: there are many, many device that's are not all that expensive that you can have with them. and the point is if they get lost, it is easier to try to find them. the bot testimony line is if you don't, you go through this horrific situation we just witnessed. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> very good advice. thanks tom. washington dc police say a bay area man jumped a fence at the white house last night and claimed he is a friend of president trump. 26-year-old jonathan tran of milpitas appeared in court. he is facing charges of entering restricted ground while carrying a dangerous weapon. he had two cans of mace in a backpack. he is due back in court on monday. the president was home at the time. today, he praised the secures
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service for catching the man. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. very sad. >> it was the first known security breach at the white house since mr. trump took office almost two months ago. a day after being asked to step down by president trump, u.s. attorney prid bahara has been fire. he was one of 46 asked to resign. he refused. u.s. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president and usually resign at the end of an administration. but that process is usually staggered to allow for continuity in investigations and prosecutions t. white house has a monday deadline to provide the house intelligence committee with evidence that former president barack obama had trump tower wiretapped. in a tweet last weekend, president trump accused the former president of ordering the tap in the final weeks before the presidential election. mr. trump is not providing
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evidence to support his claim and has asked congress to investigate. the republican plan to repeal and replace obama care scored two major victories passing out of two key committees on capitol hill. they are sending out mike pence to rally support for the plan today in kentucky. fox news correspondent lauren blancard has more. >> reporter: the president made his way to kentucky to make his healthcare sales pitch as a group of 40 plus house freedom caucus members are calling it obama care by a different form. here is what they say are their main concerns. they believe a refundament tax credit to help individuals purchase insurance is a new entitlement and obama care's medicate expansion remains until 2020 and the so-called cadillac tax on high cost insurance plans returns in 2025. and some representatives say house leaders are not being honest with the white house on what congress members really
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think. >> we have to keep our commitments to the american people. we promised that we were going to repeal obama care. the house leadership plan is not a repeal of obama care. it keeps substantial parts of obama care in place. it copies or repackages other parts of obama care. >> reporter: a number of high- profile senators have also promised that the bill as it stands would be dead upon arrival to their chamber. but, chairman of house committees that visited the white house on friday say despite disagreements, they are unified in the belief that obama care needs to go. >> you hear nothing else i say, this is the most important one. there is so much more that unites republicans than divides republicans on this issue. repealing these awful taxes, those subsidies, those mandates that have hurt our local businesses, we unite behind. >> the reforms that the american people ask us to do, we are ready to go and the worst thing we could do is hit
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the pause button and continue obama care and its broken policies hurting our people. >> reporter: there's still a long road ahead for this republican healthcare bill. it will head to the budget committee this coming week and the rules committee before the house floor. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. several dozen protesters rallied in front of the home of peter teal over worries he would facilitate mass deportations. these were pictures taken of the peaceful protest. many deem tray stores carried signs saying makes america mexico again. others say no ban, no wall, no surveillance state. there were reports that his company could help ice carry out raids on undocumented immigrants. well today was meet a muslim day and it was organized after a pew research study shows 62% of americans go their entire lives never meeting a
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muslim. at the pleasanton farmers marker, they stood with signs hopeing to answer questions about their religion and way of life. they said the fear media reports on terrorist attacks are the only information on muslims many americans actually receive. >> to see a muslim carrying a gun or killing someone, they think that is islam. that is not islam. that is exactly the opposite of islam. >> organizers said the reaction in pleasanton was positive with some people coming up to apologize for anti-muslim sentiment in america. also new at 10:00, the highway patrol as a head on wrongway accident killed one driver and sent another to the hospital. it happened in campbell. the chp says a man driving the wrong way on southbound winchester boulevard hit a woman entering the road on sunny oaks avenue. the woman was hospitalized. and there is no word yet on her condition. investigators say they don't know yet why that man was traveling in the wrong direction. a high speed police chase
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ended overnight with the crash that injured three people including a police officer. it all started around 2:30 this morning when police received several calls about a driver traveling at a high rate of speed through mountain view in sunnyvale. both departments tried stopping him, but each time, the driver sped off. the chase ended at the intersection of the expressway in monroe and santa clara. the suspect collided into the back of a parked accra injures the driver of that car and injuring a passenger in the suspect's car. >> there were reports he was traveling 100 miles an hour. he did travel wrongway on that. this guy was definitely a danger to everybody on the road and had to be stopped. >> santa clara policemannaged to catch the man, but one officer was injured trying to take him into custody. that officer is expected to be okay. but, authorities say the driver is facing felony dui and hit and run charges. in palo alto, has mat crews were called to a three alarm
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fire at a medical school building on the stanford campus. it started just before 8:00 a.m. at the third floor of the edwards building. several officers in the building were evacuated but nobody was hurt. there was no threat to stanford medical center patients in a separate building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. all right, breaking news to our news room. belmont police are reporting a water main break at alameda and sharon avenue. this is a picture they tweeted out. it happened just before 10:00 tonight. the water department is just arriving on scene after a significant number of customers called claiming they had no water. the cause has not yet been determined and so far, there is no time as to when it will be repaired but we will continue to follow this and bring you the latest on the breaking news. authorities say the pilot of an ultra light plane died today when it crashed. it happened 10:30 this morning at the airport in the city of oakdale about 15 miles
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northeast of modesto. the single engine quad city challenger aircraft hit a puckup truck during a landing and burst into flames. witnesses told the police the plane may have been experiencing engine trouble before touching down. authorities have not released the identity of the pilot who was the only person on board. emergency officials in monterrey county say they rescued a diver today. and it happened about 11:20 this morning at carmel river state beachment they arrived to find an unconscious diver in the water. rescue swimmer brought him to shore. he is a 61-year-old man, a experienced diver. no word yet on his condition. it is crazy. it's a crazy world we are living in now. >> still ahead, a woman plows her suv into a jail lobby right here in northern california. at 10:30, why witnesses say they don't think it was an accident. and, coming up later in sports wrap, warriors fans let
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down. hoping to see their favorite star player versus the spurs tonight. scott reese with the detail ins sports wrap. >> but australia's looming energy crisis solved within 100 days. a plan announced by billionaire elon musk. >> and a stretch of dry weather continues. it feels like summer out there. low clouds and fog developing near the immediate coastline. here is a live camera looking out toward san francisco. coming up, we are talking about a warmer sunday forecast. and eventually, the chance of a few showers.
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>> tesla batteries can provide as much as 300 megawatt hours of energy. in september, severe storms triggered a statewide blackout when a transmission failed in south australia. well, wikileaks is offering to tell high-tech companies how to fix their security holes. the group says the cia can exploit. the move sets up a potential conflict between firms eke tore protect their products, and an intelligence agency stung by the group's disclosures. they released details of
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hacking methods used by the cia to target a wide array of consumer electronics. >> if wikileaks is offering the chance to fix security holes, the company should pick them up. who offers you this information isn't nearly as important as if it is useful and if it makes the tools better. >> wikileaks leader julian assange says once the tech products have made their products secure he will release the information. a stunning admissionover guilt by volkswagen yesterday in federal court. they admitted to a conspiracy to defraud american customers and the government all surrounding an emissions cheating scheme. as fox charles payne reports, vw is waiting to see if the judge will sign out on the deal they have reached with the justice department. >> reporter: a stunning day in federal court. volkswagen pleading guilty pride to felony counts after a
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decades long emissions scandal. >> they said they admitted to being guilty because they are guilty. >> reporter: wire fraud, violating the clean air fact. they used 600,000 vehicles to cheat emissions tests. they denied it at first. even when they owned up in 2015, they were still deleting evidence. >> it is a positive in that it is one more step to get behind them. >> reporter: they agreed to a plea deal to pay $4.3 billion in penalties. a federal judge still has to sign off. in court, friday, the judge says he wants more time to study the bill calling this a "very, very serious offense." >> it was also interesting that the judge said he wanted some time to review the finds which are something like $4.3 billion. they could have been far more without the settlement.
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>> reporter: sentencing guidelines bowl call for much stiffer penalties. up to $34 billion. >> the whole situation of course is very negative for the company. and, it will be, you know, suffering the consequences for a long time. but, they are making steps along the way to right the ship. >> reporter: if the judge rejects the agreement, vw can withdraw its flee. in new york, charles payne, fox business. well, a beautiful saturday here in the bay area. a spectacular drone footage over oakland area. clear skies. we have been waiting for a weekend like this. beautiful at jack london square. january and february, so active with multiple storms, strong storms, but today, finally, a break. in fact, looks like a summertime weather pattern with the low clouds and fog in the morning clearing back to near the shoreline. i want to thank our photographer will for capturing these beautiful scenes from oakland earlier this afternoon. as you can see, the temperatures from this
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afternoon, they warmed up nicely. 70s toward santa rosa, antioch. santa rosa 73. a bit cooler coast side here with the on shore breeze. the fog was a factor. it has been regrouping over the past few hours. here is the biggest picture out here in the pacific and the main storm track headed up to our north, you see the green up toward portland. we have areas of fog bumping up close to the coastline. right around the bay. and we have an on shore wind as well. so patchy fog on the coast. could be locally dense first thing tomorrow monoing and right around the bay itself. right there at the golden gate bridge. current numbers santa rosa, 51 degrees. oakland, 56. san jose, last check reporting, 54. our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge, out toward san francisco. probably about two hours ago, we had a solid blanket of dense fog herement but looks like it cleared out nicely at least for right now. and san francisco, overnight, dropping back down to right around the 50-degree mark. coolest locations in the lower 40s out toward santa rosa,
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napa. san jose, 48. and, the apache fog out near the coastline and the bay as i mentioned. so, here's the deal. in san francisco, 7:00 a.m., 54 degrees to start out sunday. and then, we will call it fair skies by 12:00. 11:00 a.m., 65 degrees. then it is the afternoon hours, we are expecting the temperatures back up into the upper 60s flirting with 70 degrees by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we will call it nice. mild to warm with temperatures once again only in the 60s for the coast. the warmest locations inland. on track to reach the mid 70s . tomorrow, though, is not the warmest day of the week. coming up, we will let you know when that will be rolling back into the bay area. we could be talking about a slight chance of showers coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks mark. that was really a nice shot of jack london square. well, it is already that time of year to spring forward. daylight saving returns early tomorrow morning. and this comes as a bill to get rid of daylight saving time is
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headed to the floor of the state senate. in sacramento. now, if it passes, and gets the governor's approval, voters could be deciding the fate of daylight saving time. in california. as soon as next year. in the meantime though, turn your clock ahead one hour before bed tonight. the 166th annual saint patrick's day parade got underway this morning in san francisco. ♪ [ music ] >> the pipers led off the parade. organizers say this is the biggest saint patty's day parade west of the mississippi. city leaders fire and police all marched as well as irish dancers and celebrants wearing all kinds of irish themed costumes. even first time parade attendees said today was a day for everyone to feel a little irish. >> no. it was really exciting for me. i waited for this like, i think, six months now. i have been waiting for this day. >> organizers estimate 100,000 people turned out to watch the
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parade. in a certain level, the identity documentation is just a piece of paper that is definitely true. it is like, when you get a diploma from high school. >> coming up, choosing to change the gender listed on their birth certificate. up next, the state to state issue that is on the rise. >> and, twin bombings turn deadly overseas. the latest developments in the attacks in syria as authorities look to find who may be responsible.
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>> new information tonight in the twin bombings in syria that left dozens dead. the death toll is at 40 people. the blast targeted an area of damascus known for shiite. >> many who carried out the
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rescue are wounded. the civilians took part in the rescue. soldiers died in the second blast. >> to group has claimed responsibility for the attack just yet. meanwhile, the u.s. is sending more troops to syria to aid in the fight against the islamic state. more than 200 marines were deployed to syria bringing the total number of troops in the country to 700. a series of tunnels town in an ancient mosque in iraq the islamic state planned on looting. they preserved them found under the mosque of jonah in mosul. they destroyed the mosque, but not before moving these items to the tunnels below. they date back to 600bc and include pottery and stone sculptures. inmates dying of drug overdoses is a growing problem one judge is trying to combat. the judge agreed to waive a
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requirement that licensed vocational nurses could only inject a life saving antidote when ordered by a doctor. drug overdoses are among the leading causes of death in california state prisons killing an average of 17 inmates each year. an increasing numberover transgender americans are choosing to change the gender listed on their birth certificates. as >> we issued 731. gender marker change birth certificate. >> reporter: the new york city department released the reports on people changing the gender market. it started in 2015. the removal of a surgery requirement and a name change requirement. >> so what is required now is a letter from a healthcare or a
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mental health provider saying that the person has transitioned genders. no surgery, no hormones, we are relying really on the expertise of the medical professionals. the u.s. licensed medical professionals. >> were you at the correction and amendment lobby at the u.s. department of health, this is where you come if you want changes related to gender identity to your birth certificate. it starts with a $40 application fee. from there, they go through all of the steps. there has been a huge spike since the law was changed from 20 to 360 a year. >> 55% of the applicants change gender from male to female while 45% change from female to male. >> in a certain level, the identity documentation is just a piece of paper that is definitely true. it is like when you get a diploma from high school. it doesn't mean anything. it is the education you receive to earn it. but, when you need to show somebody you earned that education, how do you verify
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that with a diploma? >> reporter: the ability to change birth certificates is a state by state issue. for hannah simpson, a transgender woman born in new jersey, the process was a bit more complicated but just as important. >> all transpeople want to do is use our documents the same way anybody else does to authentically represent ourselves rather than to feel fraudulent and misrepresenting something about ourselves as concrete and as important as our genders. >> it was previously an unmet need. >> reporter: reporting for fox news, i'm zachary quiche. coming up, shots fired during an attempted robbery. the scuffle that sent one man to the hospital. up next. >> and, an suv plows into a jailed lobby in northern california. the charges the driver now faces an why witnesses say it may not have been an accident.
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>> president trump continues to push his plans for healthcare reform. this man scaled the white house fence while the president was inside. >> reporter: congressional republicans and president trump stepping up their effort to repeal and replace obama care. mr. trump applauded party members on twitter for coming together over healthcare. but the political reality, is many on the right still need to convinced to get on board. mike pence was in kentucky pushing the president's plan. >> this will be a battle in washington dc. for us to seize the opportunity to repeal and replace obama care once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. >> reporter: meanwhile, there is conflict as some holdovers are pushing back after being asked to resign by jeff
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sessions. pre bahara said he was fired but he was not fired they said but asked to step down. then there was the intruder who scaled the fence and made it to the white house before he was caught. >> secret service did a fantastic job last night. i appreciate it. secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> reporter: the white house intruder is identified as jonathan tran. he was in court and will be arraigned in the u.s. district court monday. this incident is the latest in a long history of white house fence jumper. by our count, there have been 78 fence jumpers at the white house since 1991. at the white house, i'm kristin fisher, fox news. we continue to follow breaking news out of belmont, police are reporting a water main break at alameda and
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sharon avenue. this is the picture they tweeted out a short time ago. the water department is at the scene trying to repair the issue after a significant number of customers said they had no water. the cause has not yet been determined. and so far, there is no exact time as to when it will be repaired. the sacramento county main jail was on lock down today after a woman drove an suv through two sets of lobby doorsful it happened about 5:30 this morning at the facility in downtown sacramento. deputies arrested 32-year-old latasha marie dora of rancho cordova in connection with the incident. dora told deputies she hit other buildings first, but there was no evidence of other damage. a man who saw it happen said it appeared she did it deliberately. >> i saw the lady comeing from that way. she turned here and just punched it as fast as she
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could. >> there were no reports of any injuries. and no word yet on a motive. dora is being held on $10,000 bail and is due to be arraigned on monday in charges of felony vandalism. all visits at the jail are currently on hold until the damage is repaired. the dmv has professional posed new regulations changing the rules for driverless cars on public roads. now, they say they are trying to strike a balance between public safety and innovation. right now, 27 manufacturers statewide have gotten dmv permits to test autonomous cars on public roads with someone monitoring in the drivers seat. but, the new proposal would let manufacturers leave the drivers seat empty and use a remote operator instead. the rules also require companies to submit a law enforcement interaction plan so police know how to take control of the self-driving vehicles in an emergency. >> what this comes down to is safety. we need to insure the
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manufacturers are on the safe not only for the people to use, but, those around us. >> the public has 45 days to comment and a hearing is set april 25 in sacramento. new at 10:00, oakland police say a robbery victim was shot today as he struggled with his attacker. it happened 1:00 this morning on d street near 92 avenue. the man told police he was walking to a store when he was stopped by two men. the victim says one man had a gun and demanded his cash. and during the struggle, the victim was shot in the stomach. he is reported in critical condition. police have not released descriptions of the suspects just yet. $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and convictions rather in the case. it is intriguing that i can feel a part of hollywood history now. >> john goodman gets his own star at the hollywood walk of
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fame. who he thanked and the former guest who appeared as his costar in costume. >> get ready for a bump in the numbers. warming will continue into early neck week. coming up, we will let you know when a few spots could be approaching 80 degrees.
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>> people are soaking up the sun, we will tell you how long that sunshine will last coming up. beloved actor john goodman
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received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. goodman best known for his role on the popular 90s sitcom rose an. and starring in the big lebowski and argo. he is joined by fellow actors jeff bridges and bree larson at the ceremony. >> he is a good actor. he's a good man. john goodman. [ laughter ] >> um ... he ... he is one of us. >> roseanne. thank you. i don't think i would be up here if not for her. she really took a lot of heat but she was always right and i love her. >> he probably should have had a star a long time ago, but he has it now. his latest film, the action adventure film, kong skull
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island opened in theaters nationwide this weekend. [ laughter ] >> he was having fun. >> yeah. as far as weather for today, a nice start to the weekend. almost feels like summer. low clouds and fog hanging out in parts of the shoreline. the main storm track is headed up to the north. we still have patchty fog trying to regroup offshore. that will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and bay. so forecast headlines for tonight, we do have this. a partly cloudy sky. let's see, or some patchy fog trying to regroup as well. tomorrow, a little bit warmer in a few spots and the extended forecast, more clouds. a little bit more of the dropoff in the numbers but these are minor changes out there over the next few days but sunday, here's the deal. as you can see for the morning hours. patchy fog, with the time change, as we spring forward, take a look at the sunrise time. 7:25 tomorrow morning. and then to complement that, it suns at 7:40 14.
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temperatures reaching the mid 70s . let's take a live look outside. out toward the bay bridge. this is our emeryville camera looking nice out there as well. some patchy fog will work its way back into the bay. and temperatures tomorrow as i mentioned probably a few more 70s to talk about for your sunday forecast. current numbers out there, santa rosa, 51. san francisco, 53. san jose, 54. lots of 50s out toward livermore. walnut creek. and concord at least check. if the plan in santa rosa for tomorrow starting out the day in the 40s for your sunday morning, but then a nice recovery into the afternoon hours by 3:00 and 4:00. around 75. to 76 degrees. so you get the idea, some parts of the bay area getting close to 80. that could happen heading into monday. at least for tomorrow, so far, it has been a nice weekend. we will continue with that idea for tomorrow as well. and a little bit of a bump in the numbers. monday will be the warmest day of the entire week. and the main rain will be focused up to the north, our
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next chance of a few light showers, and it is a slight chance. that will be on wednesday mainly focused in the north bay. here's the forecast model. we could have areas of fog near the coastline. almost resembles a summertime weather pattern with the fog in the morning clearing back to the shoreline, then in the afternoon hours looking pretty good as you can see more sunshine around the bay. then the inland areas as well. monday, you can see the main storm track still up to our north. we will go with mostly sunny skies into monday. then a little bit of a dropoff beginning tuesday and into wednesday of next week. but, look at these numbers. a lot of 70s out there for tomorrow. there's that 76 in santa rosa. san francisco, 69. and it was a bit breezy out there this afternoon. that could be the case for tomorrow. maybe some patches of some fog azure look out toward the west. concord, we will go 74. and some more neighborhoods, with san jose, checking in 73. half-moon bay, 67 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast. and temperatures on monday,
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more 70s . in fact, i think a few neighborhoods could be around 80-degree. then we will gradually call off the numbers by tuesday. if you missed the rainfall, you miss it yet? >> no. not at all. >> and right now, at least the next few days by wednesday, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle up in the north bay, but, in terms of the significant rainfall, the flooding rains, not showing up in the forecast. and that is good news. we need a chance to dry out and enjoy the sunshine. >> and it is good that the north bay is only getting a sprinkle because they have had enough with the rain and the flooding. >> we need a chance everywhere to let the water go where it wants to go and go outside and enjoy all that sunshine. >> i know i will be that. >> that's a good plan. well, that does it for us sports wrap is up next. ncaa tournament on the line today across the nation. >> and wariers facing the spurs shorthand trying to hang onto the top seed in the west. scott reese is up next in
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>> nissan sports wrap starts right now. >> hey everybody. happy saturday. i'm scott reese. this was not in the promotional material. klay thompson, draymond green, andre iguodala, tony parker, and lamarcus aldridge. a little controversy surrounding steve kerr. matt barnes, three from the corner. he had 14. warriors down fi


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