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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and the city this morning. looks like a very sound sight. a very nice day. sounds like a very nice day. we've been having some luvy weather here. unfortunately we've been talking about that very intense weather here on the other side of the country. it is tuesday march 14th, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. if you noticed we are twins today. >> we are classic black and white. >> michael jackson song. >> yeah. >> steve paulson's right over there with our forecast. it sounds like a great forecast. >> for us. >> yes. it will still be one more day. thank you, you two. we do have some clear skies although some patchy fog has moved its way back. nothing was an issue yesterday except some warm temps. sfo hit 77 degrees. most of these were down towards salinas airport.
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yet the ridge of high pressure is slowly moving toward the east. few little patches of fog and some higher clouds will begin to work its wra in but still another warm day inland. 40s, 50s on the temps. you can see this cloud cover. again it's not going to amount to too much. a little bit around here. so maybe some partly cloudies to the north. but still mostly sunny totd. 67. a slight cooling coast in moon bay. one more day near 80 for a few. all right. sal, 5:01 we thought we had an issue but now things are light. >> for the most part. most of the bay area commute is light right now. we do have some slow traffic on the altman pass. a lot of the slow traffic on 205 and then leading on to 580 here. but once you get into livermore it looks pretty good from livermore all the way into
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castray valley. this is a look at the east shore freeway westbound 80. 17-minute drive. it's not a bad commute at all. at the bay bridge toll plaza you will see that it's light. also from the airport up to the downtown area. at 5:02 let's go back to the desk. an unidentified man was shot and killed by napa police last night. several 911 calls were made around 6:20 p.m. saying a man was acting high or crazy at a shopping center near the napa river on highway 121. now the homeless man said he saw the whole thing and he said at first the man holding a long
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knife walked to a parking lot and attacked two of his friends and was saying things that didn't make sense. then the police arrived. >> they found that the subject walked across the street to the north. they contacted him in the lot and multiple shots were fired shortly after that. >> the police have not told us yet how the situation escalated and why the two officers started shooting. the man who was killed reportedly was in his 20s. no one else was hurt. the two police officers now on administrative leave. the investigation is under way by the napa county sheriff's office. good samaritans and firefighters had to rescue a man last night. his car plunged into the oakland estuary. security guards at the motel 6 saw his car go into the water. a witness went in the water to try to pull out the driver. firefighters then arrived and
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were able to get the man out. >> there was a stranger and i didn't know who he was and he was really brave. we broke the glass. we figured he climbed out but i think he was knocked out. >> a witness says the driver was in the water for about 10 minutes. no word on his condition this morning. but we do understand he did have a pulse when he was taken to highland hospital. time is 5:04. the alameda county sheriff's department investigating a homicide in the hills above san leandro. northeast of interstate 580. investigators hadn't given us any information about the victim or how that person died. they say they're searching for a suspect but haven't said yet if they're searching for someone specific. meantime at 5:04 a powerful
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noreaster storm is causing a lot of chaos. >> yeah, the late winter storm is expected to dump about 20" of snow in some areas. reporter laura blanchered keeping an eye on the situation in washington d.c.. >> reporter: we are hoping for the best but as you can see all the people behind me are planning for whatever mother nature sends our way. >> reporter: washington d.c. mayor meeting with a handful of officials monday. the government is prepared for the snow storm hitting overnight. >> i've spoken with my homeland security advice sorry and instructed him to make certain that the federal government is ready to provide assistance to the states. >> and indeed it did.
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the nor easter making its way all the way from the nation's capital to maine. >> all the cars that are coming piling up going boom. they hit each other and they hit me too. >> reporter: meantime travelers are facing long waits up and down the northeast and delays and cancellations at airports across the country this morning. >> it's still wintertime. absolutely. so, you know, it's no surprise. >> that was lauren blanchered in washington d.c.. of course that storm having rippling effects across the country leaving some people stranded. >> yeah, you've got to check ahead. ktvu's christien kaplan. you're out there at sfo. >> reporter: yeah, as you said someone flying out of the airport today check ahead.
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we're already starting to see some of that ripple effect for some people on the east coast and there are already plenty of stories about stranded passengers. yesterday alone there were 44 flights cancelled. visitors to and from all three new york city airports. newark, philadelphia, boston all affected by these delays. those flying out said they were following the weather report at the time. >> it's so ironic to be traveling in march and have weather that you don't expect. you think it's over. >> reporter: i just had a chance to check the big board inside. i saw that there were delays for airports going to boston, flights going to washington d.c.. so clearly already a lot of problems. at least 50 flights cancelled today already. that number likely to grow and there's likely to be of course
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the chain reaction effect that planes aren't where they're supposed to be so that could cause delays throughout the entire system. as soon as we started this report the best advice if you're going to be traveling today or if you're going talk picking up somebody who's going to be traveling check ahead look and see what the airline is telling you about those flights. >> certainly you can make changes at this point and delay your flight to another day would be some good advice as well. thank you christien for checking in on that at the airport. the congressional budget office has released its report on the estimated cost of the new gop health care plan. >> president trump admits the republican's plan is a work in progress may have to be modified so it it request get through congress. ktvu's jana costillama explains what that could mean to you. >> reporter: the secretary of health and human services
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rejected the report. >> we believe that the plan that we're putting in place is going to insure more individual than currently are insured. >> democrats are calling the increased in uninsured unacceptable. >> 24 million of you are no longer to have coverage and those of who do have it will have less in terms of coverage at more cost to you. >> the house speaker says with no mandate people will be free to opt out. >> if we're not going to force people to buy something they don't wrant to buy they're not going to buy it and that's kind of obvious. >> when you're negotiating with everyone it's a big fat beautiful negotiation and hopefully we'll come up with something terrific. >> the ceo says average premiums will go up but decrease by 2026. >> the average premium goes down over time because there's a shift in who's covered.
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you're pushing out some of the older people and some of the pourer people. >> u.c. berkley researcher ken jacobs says young healthy people will pay less. older people would pay more. >> it's really those people who are not yet eligible for medicare in that 50 to 64 range who are going to see costs go up quite significant. >> some of the gop's most conservative members oppose the gop plan. >> do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot it's the senate and then face the sequences of that vote. >> and we have posteded the full report on our website just look for that right on our front page. a new list is out this morning of the best grad schools in the country and two bay area swools are on that -- schools are on that list. harvard university is at the
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top, but not far behind is stanford which is ranked number four. u.c. berkley'sho hoss school is on the list. faculty student ratios and job placements after graduation. >> the best of the best. >> yeah. time is 5:11. a police officer in vallejo is under investigation this morning. coming up at 5:30. new information about the police officer involved in this violent arrest caught on camera. >> also, trying to hold on to good teachers. up next a new bill that could give teachers a huge break at tax time. >> and so far so good on the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along well. and we'll show you another commute that is getting slower. >> and our weather was record setting warmth for a few
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yesterday. sfo 77 degrees. what about today? we'll have some changes. we'll talk about that coming up. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the university could have a woman serving as chancellor. u.c. president janet palatano is
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announced she has nominated 52-year-old carol christ. if approved she would start the job july 1st. time is now 5:15. california lawmakers release an ambitious new bill. the bill introduced by democrats in the assembly would expand financial aid programs for community colleges and also create a new scholarship for students in the university of california and the cal state university systems. now the scholarship plan would cost $1.6 billion over five years and it would come from the state's general fund. of the legislative analyst office says more than half of california college students are in debt after they graduate. and students in u.c. oh, almost $20,000 on average. also, there's a new bill in
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the state senate that would exempt california teachers from paying taxes. it's all an effort to attract more teachers and reduce the statewide teacher shortage. it's 5:16. so we want to check back in with sal. i know earlier we were talking about a stall on the bay bridge. >> yeah, that's gone. or it was never there. we looked for it. so that's good. let's take a look at the gilroy commute. if you are driving from gilroy up to san jose. it continues to be a very nice looking drive all the way into the valley. by the way if you're trying to get into the valley 237 and 81 are all looking good. not even on the east bay on 880 all the way down to san jose it looks pretty good.
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this is a look at 280 in san jose. as you can see right there it's a nice looking drive. we're getting a little bit more of a delay. usually 5:30 is when we see those metering lights come on. at 5:17 let's bring in steve today with the weather. slightly cooler over by the coast. inland temps will still be in the upper 70s or 80s. in the northeast the update is it's going to be a hit for some and a bust for others. it looks like up state new york will get hammered. put the hammer down. yet the rain/snow line national weather service out of new york city just moved that line a little north. cold, slush, sleet for some. it will be windy. it will be a crazy day but that rain line looks to be winning out that slush line but this up state new york looks like maybe 2' to possibly even 3' for some.
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for few it's a big event for others not so much. but it's a fine line. you know, somebody tweeted out and this is true. everybody expects meteorologists to be right 100% of the time. your favorite baseball player is successful 1 out of three times. i'm chasing temperatures around and clouds and i only get a half a million. anyway. flight cancellations oh, plenty. so if you're wondering what's going on that's the situation back there. they're looking for record highs in nevada. that tells you where the ridge or the access of high pressure. to all have record highs. a little bit of a westerly breeze is trying to kick in for some. 40s on the temps 50s for some. not that howling westerly breeze
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is kicking in. very warm southern california. palm springs 71. spring training activities. it will be in the upper 80s to low 90s. can you see a little rope of a system will spread a few high clouds across. as this system inches closer it is bumping that ridge of high pressure aloeng. get her going and it is starting to move. upper 70s to a few low 80s. out to oakly, morgan hill to gilroy. by slightly cooler coast and bay. clouds cooler maybe some rain north of santa rosa tomorrow. clearing thursday. friday looks all right. possibility of some rain next week it looks like rain returns. >> by the way greetings to you. >> from. >> from our friend jack trout he's in chile.
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>> our friend up in mount shack. >> thank you. time is 5:20 we now know that yahoo c.e.o. marissa meyer will be replaced once yahoo is sold. her replacement is due to get double her salary when he takes over. marissa meyer is expected to get a $23 million severance package when the verizon deal is complete. well wal-mart says it's hiring more workers to beef up its sales. told the bay area news group it's hiring hundreds of new employees in its bay area tech offices. walmart also recently launched free two-day shipping. time is now 5:20. still talking about the winter storms in the other parts of the country that's causing traffic
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messes all over the country like this. look at what happened in wisconsin. we'll tell you how many cars were involved in this huge pile up. >> but when we come back a baby girl just couldn't wait to be born in the hospital. she was born on an east bay highway. the 911 dispatcher who helped deliver that baby over the phone.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2 it's 5:24. it started yesterday afternoon at a recycling plant in santa fe springs when a truck crashed into a power pole knocking power lines onto that building. a fire hydrant was also damaged and that made it hard to put out the fire. two firefighters were hurt battling the flames but they're expected to be okay. an air quality advisory was issued for this in the area of santa fe springs and whittier. well the orange county sheriff's office investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting sunday night that began as a traffic stop. police in the city of orange say they used a fire hose to force a man out of his van when it looked like he was trying to blow himself up. >> he was making a threat with the gas can at one point he actually poured some gasoline onto a rag and again because he had a sglet list that's a combustible item and we have a
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responsibility to try to save him. >> yeah, the emergency crews used a fire hose to force him out of the van. now he fell out of the van window but he had a knife in his hand. and that's when police started shooting and that man later died at the hospital. he had a long criminal history including charges for drugs and weapons. part of an antioch street may re-open after being shut down yesterday because of mercury contamination. hazmat crews were called just after 10:00 yesterday morning. a substance pulled underneath a tractor trailer. the chemical was found in six different locations on the streets but they don't know where it came from. the epa was called in to help clean it up. >> we came out and we started cleaning it up and as we looked around the street we found other
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areas of contamination that surpassed our ability to clean up. >> no shelter was issued. a 911 dispatcher helped a young couple deliver a baby along a bay area highway. the dispatcher jennin campbell got an emergency call sunday afternoon. the couple had pulled over on westbound highway 4 near highway 160. the man told the dispatcher the baby was not going to wait. the dispatcher supervisor says miss campbell had to multitask while giving instructions to the parents. >> she's talking these parents through having a baby and at the same time she's talking to the responders telling them their where they're at on the road and getting them there. >> she did all of that. now, the baby girl arrived within six minutes of that 911
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call. the ambulance arrived a little while later and took mom and the new baby to john muir medical center in walnut creek and both are doing okay. time is 5:27. a failed demolition attempt. when crews tried to demolish a bridge in big sur. >> plus it has been one of the wettest winters on record yet your water bill may be going up. we'll tell you why some of the area's biggest water districts are thinking about raising rates. we see traffic that's not too bad. this is a live look at northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the 80 split. >> subtle changes today but maybe not enough to impact those inland with upper 70s and 80s. a little fog kind of dancing around for a few.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, it's march 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. it's 5:30 let's check in with steve. we are having very nice weather here but boy are you going to be affected. >> today will be much better but for some it's going to be cold
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rain. for others it's sleet and snow. for others it's not that far apart. some of that rain/snow line and sleet line is very fine but it looks like up state new york will get the most snow out of this. maybe not so much new york city but some of it already turning over. so it will be the big issue here today as it heads up to new england and then probably turning more to snow. but there are many warnings and watches. winter storm blizzard warnings for some. although they're kind of cutting back some of the snow totals. you don't have to go far to find some pretty good snow and very heavy cold rain. that will be the key issue for us today out there for travel because everything downstream is probably being delayed. for us high pressure's moving. now it's still going to get us a nice warm day. a few high clouds not a big deal but a little bit of a change here. 40s, 50s on the temps in san
5:32 am
jose. look for mostly sunny skies today but maybe a few clouds starting to work their way in. still upper 70s, 80s. cooler tomorrow. 5:32. the metering lights have clicked on. the bay bridge is doing... >> it's a little slow steve. we're going to talk about that in just a moment. leading to the bay bridge people are driving in from as far away from, well you never know how far. vallejo traffic is not that bad on 80 right now which is good. it's a little bit slow on 30 z. i see some slowing on 80 approaching 780. i see slow traffic on highway 4 through pittsburgh in bay point but 680 is still looking clear from martinez to walnut creek. traffic is backed up for a normal delay. those metering lights are on and in san jose, the south bay this commute looks good in both
5:33 am
directions here. downtown san jose. at 5:33 let's go back to the desk. continuing coverage of a story we told you about yesterday the vallejo police chief has ordered a complete investigation into the police officer's use of force last sunday. shows the officer chasing and tackling a man at the valero gas station. then hitting the man with a flashlight or police baton. now police had been called to the gas station by a clerk who said a man threatened her and other people. the clerk talked to us but did not want to be identified. >> i don't think that -- i don't know what he did was wrong but i don't know what he did if it was right, you know, i don't receive the training but i do know that this guy's a nice guy.
5:34 am
>> ktvu has confirmed the officer in the video is spencer munez bottomly. he is a former ma rooeven who has been with the vall ejo police department for two years. time is now 5:34, a man and two teenagers were charged with nurd in last thursday's deadly shooting in richmond. the victim 24-year-old demarcus doss was shot several times. he later died and his female passenger was wounded as well but is expected to recover. the suspect's car was found in richmond less than an hour after the shooting. investigation appears to show that doss and the woman were targeted. new details now about a seven hour stand off on friday in san francisco's mission district. police now say the gun aldly used by the suspect was fake.
5:35 am
57-year-old samantha helstrom faces two misdemeanor charges of brandishing a replica weapon. the san francisco chronicle reports that helstrom is a former u.s. marine who had gender reassignment surgery in 2001. helstrom pointed what looked like a weapon at a hement worker. the barricade situation shut down part of valencia street. but after seven hours. time is 5:35 we're learning more about a young man who was shot and killed in oakland over the weekend. 18-year-old salton bay of emery was set to graduate this may. he was shot saturday night on 60th street near martin luther king jr. way. his family said he was sitting in the passenger seat of a car
5:36 am
when someone came up from behind and shot him. he was rushed to the hospital and that's where he died. >> he wanted to be an engineer in computers and he was just a very good person. >> abay's mother has established a gofundme page create a scholarship in her son's memory. she also called for an end to black on black crime. so far, the police say they don't have a motive in the shooting and no arrests have been made. the state of california is now among six states suing to stop president trump's revised travel ban. california will sign on as a plaintiff in the case filed by washington state. now the revised executive order bars new visas for people from six predominantly muslim countries. the new ban is set to take effect on thursday. time is 5:36.
5:37 am
democrats are criticizing republicans for a controversial tweet about immigrants. now an sunday republican congressman steve king tweeted about a dutch politician who was against immigration and has spoken out against islam. his tweet said and i'm quoting, "wilders referring to the we can't restore our civilize sdaegs with someone else's babies. a bill passed yesterday in the state senate appropriations committee. it would forbid police and sheriff's deputies from arresting or detaining people purely for immigration violations unless there's a warrant issued by a judge. law enforcement groups are opposing this legislation as well as some of the victims of
5:38 am
violent crimes. demolition has been temporarily suspended on a bridge in big sur. after three hours crews realized that the ball was not hitting the bridge with enough force. engineers are now trying to figure out how to make the bridge collapse and they're expected to resume work later this week. the bridge is located just south of big sur and crews have had to bring in food and supplies time is 5:38. how they responded to last month's flooding. he wrote a letter expressing his disappointment when the water district did not send a board member or even an engineer to a public meeting last week. now the city of san jose's been under pressure to come up with
5:39 am
answers for residents but he's waiting for those answers to come from the water district. he's said he wants to schedule another meeting in two or three weeks. the flooding forced 14,000 people to evacuate and caused about $73 million damage. well water district officials responded to the mayor saying they did send their senior communications officials to make a presentation and also provide some answers. they also say they were interested in facts not blame. also in a commitment to working with the city of san jose to prevent flooding in the future. today the city council will consider declaring a shelter crisis which would give the city an option to house some of those victims. the mercury news is reporting
5:40 am
the city council will consider hiring the non profit home first to run the shelter until april 5th. at the price tag of this would be about $247,000 for one month. well despite all the rain we have received this winter, some of the bay area's largest water districts want to raise their rates. the morine water district is presenting a 14% hike over the next two years. the water agency says that no matter whether it's a drought or heavy storms the district has to maintain the water system. >> water rates going up really it's about improving infrastructure and making sure that our hundred million dollars worth of infrastructure is continually maintained and updated throughout morine. >> final decisions on the rate hike are expected in may. that would take effect july 1st.
5:41 am
less water use means less money going to the water district. san francisco water rates are locked in for the up coming year. . your time is now 5:41. former president barack obama had a warm welcome yesterday during a short visit to silicon valley. he flew out of moppet field. the former president reportedly arrived sunday. while we haven't heard any official word on why mr. obama was in the bay area we're told he was meeting with tech executives and raising money for his presidential library. it's 5:41 for 51 million people today snow will be measured in feet and not inches. we're going to show you the
5:42 am
areas that will get the most snow today and the impact it's having here in the bay area. >> it is not bad out there. right now we are seeing some more slow traffic. this is highway 24 westbound driving up to the tunnel. can you see traffic is going to be okay. >> and our weather's going to be okay. big changes start a little bit tomorrow but today a couple of 80s still popping up. antioch livermore and morine hill. no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:44. we want to take you to wisconsin. more than two dozen cars and trucks involved in a big pile up there. it happened in slinger, connecticut on monday.
5:45 am
we're told that nearly 30 vehicles were involved. another 30 or so wound up in a ditch near the accident. the highway was shut down for six hours after that crash. but fortunately only 5 people had minor injuries. no major injuries. they're all expected to be okay. >> i've been in stuff like that some areas may get up to 20" of snow. a lot of flights were grounded last night. a lot of people are now stranded at the airports until the weather gets better. >> i was supposed to fly out tomorrow and i switched it to tonight but now it's been delayed three times. >> i never thought we'd have such a big storm. >> i was nervous this one would be cancelled also.
5:46 am
>> amtrak says so far it's business as usual but some trains are running on modified schedules between washington and new york and boston. it's 5:46 time to check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> well you know we look at the farther away commutes and we're looking at that tracy commute, pam and dave, on westbound 580. we have some slow traffic there and it has been slow for about an hour now. but the rest of the commute in livermore is okay. we are starting to see some slowing through pleasanton. there are a lot of people onto road there. let's also talk about the mcarthur means approach. not a bad commute coming around the corner to the bay bridge which is backed up now. there is a back up of about 15 minutes and that's pretty typical for people cueing up to
5:47 am
get on to the span. once you get onto the bridge it looks good all the way across. >> 5:47. let's bring steve in for the good weather. >> for us indeed, sad. enjoy it while we can because there are changes brewing certainly by the weekend and next week. not today. all eyes are on northeast and i'll tell you if you're a fan of weds you really should be on twitter. it's just one stream after another. either it's a bust. it's nailing it. it's heavy snow. it's sleet. it's rain. i do know one thing central pressure is what we call bombing out. looks like around 23". it looks like the snow line is kind of lifting a little north. some areas are getting very heavy rain. some areas in up state new york are still getting hit. maybe gusts of about 50 to 70 miles per hour. new york city it's like a mix of
5:48 am
snow, some sleet, some rain it's a really fine line there. that's going to be the source of a lot of the travel cancellations. slowly moving back into nevada. i've only been here for 40 years. it's nevada. i've been there. i've driven across 80. you're like when does this end. that tells you the ridge access is moves a little bit. yesterday was right over us. and salinas at 86 balmy degrees southern california. niept degrees all or nothing. all or nothing that's the way it works now. 40s and 50s. upper 50s for some. very mild to warm. 40s and 50s. glenn ellen 51. but you can find a lot of 50s in the mix including nevada at 56.
5:49 am
53 down in monterey. 55 phoenix. 71 palm springs. looking for upper 80s and low 90s down towards spring training. few high clouds and some patchy fog are trying to work their way in. the system will eventually' superstar spread some cloud cover over the north bay. not a big deal but it is a sign of a slight change for a few today. but inland temps still some upper 70s to low 80s. around the bay. some 70s. low to mid. closer to the coast 60s and 70s. half moon bay yesterday was 79. i' went 66. we'll go 77 today. always a tough call. it's only march, not june. >> i actually turned on the air conditioning in the car yesterday and i don't usually do that very often at all. >> i did on the weekend. >> yeah. >> first time this year. >> amazing. >> rain returns next week. >> all right.
5:50 am
thank you steve. 5:50 is the time right now. a new documentary is raising some questions about what happened the day 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by police in ferguson, missouri. now the film maker claims that new surveillance video shows that brown did not rob a convenience store when he was shot by police in 2014. he was trading a small amount of marijuana for tobacco products. brown who was unarmed was shot and killeded minutes later that sparked nationwide protest. the footage is heavily edited and that it does not prove or disprove any wrong doing. the film maker says that's not true. >> a pathetic attempt at a video production regarding the fatal shooting of michael brown. >> he didn't rob the store. >> the documentary debuted saturday at the south by southwest festival in austin,
5:51 am
texas. our time is 5:51. interesting story about making a major move. up next, we'll tell you the country that's seeing a huge increase in american applications ever since president trump took office.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:53 today is march 14th,
5:54 am
3.14 which is also pi. so face known as pi day. some silicon valley workers are going to mark the day with protests. about 6 tooeven00 people are planning to walk off the job. employees of google, facebook, and apple. they're equalling it the stand up for tech -- calling it the stand up for tech protest. similar protests are planned in los angeles and austin, texas. well the warriors face the philadelphia 76ers tonight at oracle arena after losing three straight games the dubs have fallen. there is great news off the court. we understand kevin durant is progressing very well with that knee injury. we wore a wrap instead of a heavy brace at the warriors training facility yesterday. durant has not practiced since
5:55 am
his injury two weeks ago. in other news andre iguodala said it was a joke. steph curry klay thompson for saturday's game. >> he's got a cryptic sense of humor. the only thing i would say is there's certain humorous things you should say in the sanctity of the locker room and things you might want to keep from the media. >> well the nba fined iguodala $10,000 for what the league deemed was racially insensitive remarks. >> they're going to put it behind him. >> and you said it's steph curry's birthday. >> 29. >> call me okay. two bay area college basketball teams are headed to the ncaa women's basketball tiernment. one was certain. the other looked like a long
5:56 am
shot. pam, i think they're excited. >> kal was on the bubble for their invitation after losing 13 of their last 19 games. the bears were among seven schools to make the big dance. that strong schedule may have helped the bears earn a spot. cal is the 9th seed. they're going to play lsu in waco texas. now they do. >> the cardinal is seeded second in what's being called the lexington bracket. stanford will play new mexico state on saturday in kansas. before the election there was a lot of talk of people moving out of the country if donald trump became president. new zealand says it is seeing a
5:57 am
lot of americans. officials say they have seen an increase in u.s. citizens applying. most citizens have to apply for and live in the country for 5 years. all right. our '5 years. all right. our time is 5:57. there's a homicide investigation happening right now inial immediate canada county. authorities were call today a home. they are still there this morning. >> plus lieutenant governor gavin nusen ambitious plan for california how it could help people here despite what happens in washington.
5:58 am
5:59 am
here we are. i never thought we'd have such a big storm. >> oh, yes. snow blanketing parts of the east coast. millions are being told to stay inside. this is affecting travel and flights for bay area passengers. >> a man shot and killed by police in napa. we'll tell you what authorities
6:00 am
have to investigate today. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning thank you for joining us here tuesday morning, march 14th, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. weather forecasters like steve paulson say they're expecting up to 2' of snow for millions of people including my family back in the northeast. this is philadelphia, my hometown. early this morning i don't miss being in that. >> i bet. >> a national service issued blizzard warnings for eight states includes pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and of course all that snow is having a ripple effect. the domino effect on travelers here in the bay area and along the west coast. >> yeah, you might have family visiting you soon to get out of there. >> we'll see. right now christien kaplan is out there for us. it's certainly going t


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