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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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patrick's day -- i can't remember the band. >> good morning -->> he is trying to figure this out. >> what was the band? >> the midnight runners. >> i believe it was one and down on that. >> i think so. >> that's one more than i had -- more power to him. >> a lot of sunshine forecast today and warmer temperatures -- get out and enjoy -- we have cover coming in -- more than rain. i wouldn't cancel my plans. >> for today the fog was a huge issue -- today it's gone. it's going to be warm. southern california and the desert and toward spring training in phoenix -- mid- nineties. for us starting off with 40s -- 50s -- down by 8-10 compared to yesterday. 33 in lafayette. 44 walnut creek 44 in danville. if it feels cooler it is. the system will make it but not
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today -- more likely over the weekend giving us called cover and some rain.>> that's about it. today everything looks good. 70s for many. mid-seventies and upper 60s. >> it's 6:01. >> traffic is -- >> good except for one spot in northern marin county and southern sonoma county southbound 101 near san antonio near the dumps. the crash is blocking all the lanes. traffic is going to be slow. this injury crash is there and they are blocking lanes and the problem is they would be -- they have been at it for about 15 minutes and that's causing a backup. >> petaluma -- put this in your mind. you might want to hold off.
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before the accident the traffic was light. weight and see if they open up all the lanes and traffic starts to dissipate a little. >> it's move to the other side -- lighter than usual on 80. we get to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is backed up a little bit. this is a look at 880 oakland. this is 280 in san jose. the morning commute except what we told you about in sonoma and marin county looks pretty good so far. >> 6:02. >> new this morning a shooting in antioch is under investigation by the conduct -- contra costa county. >> it happened last night on walnut court after a police chase. we will take you to some live pictures. we are there now -- investigators are still out there as well. a tow truck as well. the police have not given us
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much information about what happened. as you can see with the camera we have a ktvu crew there. we will bringing more information on what happened antioch as soon as we get it in. >> also new this morning an investigation is underway into a shooting in san francisco's mission district. police are saying much about this but we do understand that officers received a call after 1230 this morning about a man shot on the sidewalk at 19th street just outside the nightclub. officers blocked the area and searched for the shooter. the victim was rushed to the hospital and there is no word on his condition. >> it's 6: 03. a teenager is the latest victim of a highway shooting in the bay area. this time instead of east bay it happened last night in san jose. lee martinez has the details.
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>> leigh? >> this was on highway 101 -- that's where they found the victim, a 17-year-old riding as a passenger in a vehicle when another car pulled up along m an open fire. chp was called to the scene before 7:00 and found the teen victim. he was shot twice. he was taken to the medical center. the driver of the car was not injured. chp said the suspects are two has been a males wearing black and dennis driving a white dodge charger. they shut down the highway for several hours while they gathered evidence. >> at this time we don't have an update on the gunshot victim. the suspect are at large and this comes after a rash of highway shootings. 80 since 2015 around the bay area. >> back to you. >> thank you.
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>> 6: 05 -- a mountain view police officer is recovering after his car was rammed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant last night at in and out burger. police were staking out the area because of rash of car break-ins and people were seen looking into cars with a flashlight and when police tried to pull them over they try to drive away. they hit the passenger side of the patrol car and one officer was treated at the hospital and two were arrested. >> a vigil was held in richmond for a 24-year-old man killed in a freeway shooting last week. to marcus dos was shot thursday while driving on i-80. he was a college student who had nothing to do with violent and he wanted to become a parole officer. the shooter was targeting someone else who would drive the minivan that dos was driving. >> last night dos was remembered as a hero.
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his family said he used his body to shield his passenger to keep her from being hurt. >> it didn't surprise me at all. i'm proud of him. i know he's in a better place. >> it's scary to know it doesn't have to be gang related to be shot. how do you avoid it? >> a gofundme account has been set up to help the family pay for the funeral and tomorrow a basketball tournament will be played at contra costa college. police have made three arrests and later this afternoon chp will have a news conference to bring us the latest with all of the recent bay area freeway shootings. >> the chief justice of the california supreme court asked immigration agents to stop stocking undocumented immigrants. chief justice wrote in a letter to the top officials that she is concerned that recent
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reports of immigration agents going to the courts to track down immigrants for arrest will affect the trust in the court system. there have been a series of reports of arrests and the courthouses in california oregon and texas. >> the time is 6: 07 -- president trump's proposed budget may not get far in congress. the blueprint is getting mixed reviews and some say congress will never approve it. we have more on this from new york. >> the white house budget is angering democrats as it cuts spending from several departments. any republicans are calling it the most conservative budget ever. >> you can look at this as a message of the priorities -- defense, a strong border -- signals. >> some analysts believe this won't get anywhere. >> a lot of these have been tried before and they don't go through. i don't think we have learned a lot about what we are going to get out of this. >> some analysts say they think the president has the wrong
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priorities. >> i think bolstering the defense department when it is pretty muscular as it is is not the right move. >> in the meantime the white house continues to defend president trump's claim that president obama ordered a wiretapping of trump tower. >> some republicans think an investigation could find something else even if there was no wiretapping. >> people are hung up on the word wiretapping. the bottom line remains that there have been a lot of reports about surveillance of the campaign or people around the campaign. >> if approved the budget will take effect october 1. >> in newark, fox news. >> workers are spraying for mosquitoes around martinez waterfront. it was scheduled to begin at 4 am and and at 6:30. county officials are responding to a surge in the mosquito ovulation. there is concern that all the
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rain will lead to a larger mosquito population all over the bay area and increased risk of west nile virus. >> the time is 609. all options around the table for korea -- the secretary of state sent a strong message to north korea. >> clearing congestion -- a new idea they could get traffic moving along better. >> clear skies this morning and not the fog yesterday. a little cooler with afternoon temperatures warmer on the friday forecast. >>
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welcome back two mornings onto. it's 6:12. yesterday the house of representatives passed a bill to let veterans with mental health conditions by a gun. after the 2007 mass shooting at virginia tech a required agencies like the veterans administration to add the names of people deemed mentally incompetent to the background check system. this is to block them from buying weapons. republicans pushed for repealing the law saying it deprived veterans of their second amendment rights. this legislation would stop the will be a from referring veterans with mental health problems to a background check system. >> rex tillerson said the u.s. would consider action against north korea if provoked. he spoke at a news conference
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this morning after visiting the border with north korea and told reporters that washington has a policy of strategic patience that has ended. >> we are exploring a new range of security and economic measures. these options are all on the table. >> north korea must understand the only path to a secure economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. >> last week north korea launched four missiles toward japan and they fell into the sea. >> it's 6: 13. >> an emt was killed last night by a man who stole the ambulance and ran over her. the female emt and her partner was alerted by other drivers that a man was riding on the bumper of the ambulance. when they stopped the ambulance
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and got out to investigate the man jumped in the drivers side of the ambulance, put it in reverse and ran over the emt and killed her. >> the man who stole the ambulance was arrested. >> hyundai is issuing a recall over the seatbelt issue. this covers sonata sedans from 2011-2014 and hybrid from 2011- 2015. hyundai is recalling them because the front seatbelt could attach an accident. so not to owners will be notified starting the first week in april and dealers will inspect the seatbelt anchor system and repair them if needed. >> siri will have to make room for alexa -- the alexa feature on iphones. through this app can ask for permission from the popular voice assistant ranging from nearby shots to news and weather and sports updates.
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you can start asking questions just like on the amazon devices like echo. >> don't forget -- you can get daily news updates on alexa.>> you know that very well. >> yes, when i -- out of here, sal, i record updates so people can say what's the news? you will hear me giving the headlines. >> perfect. >> can you give me some update? >> i asked that question -- as they can. southbound 101 as you drive down the golden gate bridge traffic is moving along. heading -- driving in from sonoma county there is a crash blocking lanes southbound 101 near san antonio. if you are driving from petaluma it will be a huge backup -- at last check they had most lanes blocked.
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maybe they will open a lane or two but give yourself plenty of time in this area southbound 101 driving to this area because they keep saying the lanes are blocked. now they say you can use lakeville as an alternate route. they don't say when they will clear this. it's a mess out of petaluma -- give yourself extra time. on the other side of the bay everything seems okay at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a backup -- a 15 minute delay before you get onto the spin. here's a look at i-880 -- a nice looking drive with no problems on the south bay commute. it's 6:16. >> let's bring in steve. >> thank you. now it is clear and much colder. i use this term -- for some down 12 degrees appeared to yesterday.
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napa is down 11 and livermore 10 area san jose is close. concord and fairfield and oakland -9. if it feels cooler it is indeed. systems on the way that won't do much and if it does anything it's mainly to the north and the forecast models are taking the energy out of it. today looks sunny and warmer and it will be hot in southern california and hot in the southern -- does it southwest. look for class to increase but the rain will be on next week. 40s and 50s -- 41 in santa rosa. 45 at half moon bay and 40 at woodside and 41 for stamper. stanford campus and menlo park and 44 san mateo. los altos 42. 42 in ukiah and 50 in monterey. hot conditions are setting up at 270. phoenix 65 looking for a 94 for today and 96 tomorrow.
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if you are heading to spring training. when you see this system it looks good for those in the north but it is running into resistance and it will plow through and bump the ridge out of the way. that will happen over the weekend. rain will be confined north of santa rosa. monday is the day won't things will develop. today it's all about warmer temperatures and sunshine -- 60s and 70s. we will see the warmest temperatures to the east and south. look for increasing clouds over the weekend but generally cooler with rain next week. >> or smack thank you, steve. >> 6:18. a glimpse into the future of part. the new cards were tested this morning. we were right there. coming up at 6:30 you will see what they are doing while people were sleeping. >> up next the hottest housing markets in the country -- a bay area vocation rising to the top
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of the list. >> the choice for stories worth sharing -- box to. >>
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the theme today is songs to celebrate -- you may be celebrating st. patrick's day or the fact that it's friday.
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-- whatever you want -- thank you for your support. >> cool and the gang -- what year is this ask >> i'm going into the mid-80s. >> you are close. >> i think it's 1981 or 1982. >> i saw them at disneyland. >> let's just celebrate. >> thank you. they did play when the a's one. >> if there is a special song i will play your request -- twitter facebook or instagram. >> you threw me off. >> 1980 officially. >> 6: 22. big changes could be coming for drivers in san francisco. the transportation agency wants new rules -- they are proposing a tougher on residential
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parking permits in bernal heights and dogpatch and they are considering reducing from four per household to only one or two. the mike make it possible for more parking to be found on san francisco street. >> in the meantime in sacramento federal court a lawyer was sentenced to 40 years in prison for kidnapping that they called a hoax. >> he played guilty to abducting denise hoskins. they faced each other for the first time since the ordeal in 2015. >> no cameras were allowed in the courtroom. butler addressed the judge saying he was sick with shame but that wasn't enough. hoskins and her boyfriend broke down in tears as they talked about the kidnapping. she said "now we need face to face, i to i. i am donate -- denise hoskins -- on the woman
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that you line folded and raped and drugged and tortured and attempted to manipulate.">> i had no idea how bad it was for denise. i knew it was bad but i had it no idea how bad. i was impressed with both the kids. >> he broke into the couple's' home and drug them and took hoskins to self like tahoe before releasing her two days later. vallejo police treated the case as a hoax and criticized them for wasting resources. the lawyer hoped the client would receive a lighter sentence saying he suffers from bipolar disorder. >> a former actor is facing prison after pleading guilty to killing his roommate. ricardo medina entered the plea yesterday. prosecutors say he stabbed his roommate several times two
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years ago during an argument. medina was the red ranger on the popular series. he will be sentenced this month. >> two were arrested in sacramento county after a chase that reached speeds of almost 100 miles an hour. it began with a stolen car. in elk grove south of sacramento. chp chased after the car on highway 99 and the car weaved in and out of traffic and sometimes when on the shoulder of the road. the car eventually turned around near stockton and headed north. they later stopped in a neighborhood and got out of the car and tried to run. officers tracked them down near where the chase started. >> the nfl is about to at a female referee and she is from the bay area. terry valente will work as a replay assistant. she is a stanford grad. she will join sarah thomas who
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has been a referee since 2015. valente was the first arena league female official and deviously worked in college football and the united football league. >> it's 6: 26. report said several bay area cities are among the hottest estate markets in america. according to the san francisco/oakland, hayward rocket is number one. there are a few homes for sale compared to the demand. vallejo fairfield market came in number two followed by the south bay. >> dallas fort worth is the only market outside california among the seven hottest markets. economists with told the mercury news the average down payment in san francisco last year was $150,000. >> if you try to buy a house you are aware of this hot market. >> 6:27 is the time.
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questions about a man posing as a dentist. coming up, the possible illegal business and of the crime he is accused of. >> bart is working hard to replace it's train cars. important testing has been going on over the night over the past few months. when you might see some new cars rolling on the tracks. >>
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ktvu warnings onto. >> good morning -- thank you for joining us. it's friday st. paddy's day march 17. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's about 6: 30. >> you are wearing green -- thank you for representing.>> steve and i -- >> i'm the designated st.
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patrick's day person. >> i am wearing red. >> remembering everyone deployed. >> steve said he was happy to get dressed and out the door. >> at 3 am that's an accomplishment. >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> this is my neighborhood bar. >> there's some green. >> we are heading to dublin ireland. last year i spoke to the owners. >> they were very nice and kind. >> don't they watch us? >> they were watching us on the laptop or something. >> yes. they held up a sign. >> it's windy over there. >> is there something going on over there? >> last time we looked it was raining -- this bar in dublin, ireland. we are cooler today -- for more
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-10 -- nap is 11 degrees colder -- it was all about fog and drizzle yesterday. starting off clear -- the fog won't last long heard the next system looks like it will run into resistance and it will be warm. down to phoenix and scottsdale -- 40s and 50s -- yesterday was almost all 50s. gilroy and morgan hill and boulder creek dipped to 41 and campbell 45. the system will drive north and spread cloud cover if there's any rain it will be to the north saturday and sunday and it won't be much. today sunshine and warmer temperatures -- 60s and 70s. >> 6:31. is there something you want to get to? >> there is a problem in sonoma and marin county -- southbound 101 they have one lane open but it's inadequate for the traffic. on southbound 101 people are
6:32 am
saying they are stuck and it's terrible.>> some people are turning around. southbound 101 as of 6: 31 -- all lanes have just reopened. look at the slow traffic. >> it's backed up into the loma. breaking news -- the lanes have reopened about a minute ago. that's not very long. let's check in with this commute again. some people are using lakeview highway and that will be slow. southbound 101 and san antonio they canceled the alert -- less than two minutes ago. all the lanes are open now. let's look at the rest of the commute. i'm pleasantly surprised. the traffic on 80 looks pretty good. the traffic on 580 looks pretty good. on the bay bridge a moderate delay of about 10 minutes before the spin. on 880 the traffic is moving well. the problem in sonoma county is one of the major things we have
6:33 am
going on -- 6: 33 -- back to the desk. >> thank you. looking at important overnight testing bart has been doing. >> when the new fleet will rollout -- good morning, alex. >> this is exciting. things are moving in the right direction as bart works to replace it's aging fleet of cars. it will be a slow process but some work is taking place and it won't be long before bart writers will see some of these train cars rolling down the tracks here in the bay area. early this morning we got a look at some critical testing being done on the first of the train cars. we watched as the train left the maintenance yard in hayward early in the morning and took a trip across the bay to the station and returned to the yard this morning.
6:34 am
for the past few months bart has been doing testing on the first batch of new cars. they are doing the work overnight when there are no other passenger trains and service. we are told in a few weeks you might start to see new cars cruising along during regular service hours. >> once we complete the testing we will begin testing during the day to for faster train service. these test trains will run in between trains carrying passengers. >> bart is running dozens of test -- running them at full speed checking brakes and making sure that the cars can pull other cars that might be disabled. these are some tests they are running. remember, bart has ordered a total of 775 you cars to replace this fleet but it won't
6:35 am
be entirely plate replace for several more years. passengers were invited to check out the railcars parked at some of the stations. this is a big step forward in the process. we are learning that bart is starting to test the first batch -- the first 10 new train cars running around the track. overnight hours -- in a few weeks -- you will see them during the day as well. >> thank you. >> the time is 6:35 -- transit officials say express lanes on the interstate are making a difference. >> 30,000 drivers used all or part of the lanes each day. 7.6 million cars in the past year. the lanes are free to multi- passenger cars with fast tracked. if you are one person you have to pay a toll depending on the congestion during the drive. managers say the drivers go 5-
6:36 am
25 miles an hour faster than those in the general purpose lanes. >> 6: 36. a federal judge gave final approval to a settlement between the ride sharing company lift and some of his drivers. >> the drivers claim they were employees, not contractors -- this means they would be entitled to be reimbursed for things gasoline and maintenance. the drivers will get a share of the cash in the settlement let them continue to be independent contractors. a similar lawsuit is pending. >> san mateo county man is accused of running a fake dentist office. joseph hirsch was arrested in san carlos tuesday after a three month long investigation. authorities searched the business and found drugs and equipment used to make drugs. they also think he may have been providing dental treatment
6:37 am
to people without a license. he is being held on $500,000 bail. >> it's 6:37. president trump welcomes merkel to the white house today. they will hold a joint use conference and talk about strengthening the nato alliance and also working together to fight terrorism. the bbc reports president trump and merkel will talk about transatlantic trade. they will be joined by top officials in german companies. >> the top republican and democrat on the intelligence committee issued a statement saying there were no indications that trump tower in new york was wiretapped during the presidential elections. trump made the accusation more than two weeks ago. the senators joint a growing up of lawmakers who said publicly they dispute president trump's claim. white house spokesman spicer
6:38 am
pointed out the statement was not a committee finding and he also said trump stands by his claims. >> trump has also approved a disaster declaration. >> the declaration freeze up federal money for the areas damaged between january 18- 23rd. in the bay area san mateo and napa counties are in line for the money. he has requested assistance to help with damage from other storms and problems at the oroville dam. >> it 6: 38. demolition moving ahead to take down a bridge near big sur damaged by storms. caltrans said a third of the bridge was torn down last night. they ran into problems the 6000 pound wrecking ball. the bridges on highway 1 cell of big sur state park. it has been cut off for about a month. since officials determined it
6:39 am
was about to fall down. support pillows as whereas the dak were damaged by landslides. >> weather is having an impact at lake orville -- the water levels have risen as crews worked to remove debris from the damaged spillway. reporting on what's being done to address the high water levels. >> the break in the weather was in favor of the work crews who have been working around the clock to remove debris. the channel was filled with 1.7 million cubic yards of material and so far 1.2 million cubic yards have been removed and a massive effort of men and machines. >> the one whether means more runoff and it's raising the lake levels. water is coming into the lake between 17-20,000 cubic feet per second and it's being released at only 13,000 cff. >> we have been watching the elevation and watching weather conditions. that's why we are preparing for
6:40 am
this -- to make sure that the reverend -- the reservoir levels are maintained. >> it doesn't take an engineer to see that is in bad shape and as bad as it looks now the water resource engineers say releasing more water tomorrow will only result in minimal additional damage. >> the water release tomorrow will likely flow into a channel from beverly over bedrock rather than soft soil. it's not ideal.>> we expect additional erosion and we will monitor this closely tomorrow. we are confident we will use the flood control spillway successfully and manage the lake levels. >> while this was designed to empty as much water as possible from the reservoir, tomorrow water would be let out at 40,000 per second -- have the capacity of a full functioning spillway. >> the water channel is being reinforced to protect the bank from the expected release. agencies and recreational losers downstream are being put
6:41 am
on alert especially for the weekend. >> people going to be near the river should be advised of swift water and avoid the river if possible. >> we will monitor that -- more rain coming in. >> 6: 21 is the time. another shooting on the freeway rings the total to 80 in the past 1.5 years. coming up at 7:00 what we are learning about the latest investigation and the 17-year- old shot. >> coming up next, a new era of cash registers shut down. coming up, a problem for the square payment.>>
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you are watching the bay areas news leader. >> welcome back to morning son to. live to the big board -- dow jones up almost six points -- the s&p 500 is up a little bit as well. nasdaq is down and jcpenney released its list of the stores double close -- 138 total on the list. looking at it now -- four in california and one is the jcpenney in richmond at the hill top mall -- that is a store that will close. san francisco bay square said they have fixed a problem that caused an outage yesterday affecting teeple's ability to process payment. square said the outage was caused by a change it made to its backend system. a spokesperson apologized.
6:45 am
>> it's 6:44. san francisco came out on top of a list of big cities with the highest average weighted scores among the people living there. >> according to wallet of the average credit score in san francisco is 711 followed by honolulu with 710. in seattle 698. the city with the lowest average was baltimore at 629. wallet of said a credit score is an indication of how well people handle their money. >> the new pro soccer team is holding an event today kicking off the first season. this afternoon at 330 there will be a free meat the player event at civic center plaza including soccer clinics and photos and autograph signings. exhibition match is tomorrow night at the stadium against sacramento republic. the regular season will begin march 25 with 16 matches that
6:46 am
the stadium. >> the warriors about orlando magic 122-92. >> [cheering and applause] >> steph curry with a pass and then a pretty finish. the story of the night was clay thompson -- 21 points in the first quarter. he finished with 29. the warriors host the box tomorrow night at 4:00. >> from pro basketball to college -- last night st. mary advanced to the second round and they beat bcu 85-77 -- st. mary said they were looking for respect. they were not happy that some people picked vcu to beat them. they work red-hot and shot nearly 86 percent and they had balanced scoring -- five
6:47 am
players in double figures. st. mary has to face arizona. >> we will watch. >> it's 6:47 -- let's check in and see what's coming up on morning son to. >> good morning. so much coming up -- two palo alto middle schools could undergo a name change. the campaign appears to be coming to a had -- who the schools are named after that has the board members pushing for a change and how the budget could figure into how soon changes happen. >> also, could marshall and lynch be considering a return to the nfl? this could bring him home to oakland. these hints were dropped that appeared to two point in that direction and what would have to happen. >> we will see you in a few minutes with these stories and more. >> i want to see that. >> thanks. >> 6:48 -- let's look at the
6:48 am
traffic. >> starting in the east bay -- good morning. if you are about to use highway 24 remember how bad it was yesterday? today it is more like normal and you can see the traffic looking pretty good. getting out to the tunnel there have been no major problems driving through -- at the bay bridge there's a backup -- 20- 25 minutes before you make it into san francisco and before you make it onto the bridge. the morning commute has been pretty heavy as you drive on southbound 101 through petaluma -- there was an accident near the county line. it is gone but it was there for a while and at one point all lanes blocked and traffic is a mess through petaluma. 6:48. let's go to steve. >> thank you. >> good morning -- let's head to the antioch bridge. a pretty picture. >> very pretty. >> [ music ] sitting on the
6:49 am
dock of the bay. >> that is a good spot. >> the control room is frisky this morning. a very pretty picture. >> steve, you threw me for a second -- i thought it was 10 below. >> no, this is the temperature change from 24 hours -- 10 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. >> in concord it's not below -- it's 9 degrees cooler and the same for san jose. if it feels cooler, it is. >> the system is heading north and we will get some cloud cover but not today. be a few high clouds but a warmer pattern -- 40s and if you 50s. 50s and 30s to the north -- 40s for many including napa at 43 and mill valley 43. >> 25 in truckee and 42 in ukiah with 50 in monterey. 72 in palm springs.
6:50 am
it will be smoking hot in phoenix and scottsdale if you are heading to check out spring training or if you are there you know that. today 94 and tomorrow the forecast is 96 with apostle record high. the system will we come by the time it arrives with light rain saturday and early sunday. i think a lot more cloud cover and cooler conditions. waiting for monday next week and beyond into early april when rain shook again. we are looking for excessive rain although north of santa rosa the could be decent amount. maybe 4-7 inches over the next seven having 10 days. south of that not as much. monday and tuesday a stronger system coming in friday. a long way to iron out these details but it looks like wayne is back in the picture next week. today back into the picture mostly sunny skies and 60s and 70s and mild to one. we will continue this theme into the santa clara valley and over to the coast. tomorrow the low clouds come back in high clouds and it will
6:51 am
be cooler. except for the north where it will be drive. >> 6: 51. google is changing the way that you search. coming up, the new crackdown on offensive material. >> san francisco police making a difference in the community in more ways than one. we will show you how they helped the owner of a barbershop. >>
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6:53 am
fox to -- the choice for
6:54 am
traffic. >> [ music ] >> celebration music? yes. >> this was requested -- like a piece -- by and on the twitter page. thank you -- we are doing celebration songs. thank you for giving us a tweet. if there is a special song you want to hear we will play your song every friday morning. just use the hashtag. >> and find something to celebrate. >> items stolen from the catholic bishop are back where they belong this morning. someone broke into the car sunday while he was on his way to church. the religious items stolen are used to celebrate confirmations. this includes the things he uses along with rituals.
6:55 am
>> the young woman found the items in a dumpster and drop them off wednesday at the church. >> i got everything back the way it was. secondly, i want to say once again i'm appreciative for whoever dropped it off. i prayed for the perpetrator. >> everything was returned accept for personal checks stolen from his car. the case is under investigation and so far police have not made any arrests. >> the next story is a great one -- stop and take a moment -- a chance encounter that left a lasting impression on people. >> this is a classic -- a man in east bay when out of gas while driving but he got help from a good samaritan who happened to be the quarterback of the oakland raiders., derek carr. he was looking for a gas station and his car stopped and ran out of gas in dublin. this was a major road. he was about to get out and
6:56 am
start walking to the gas station when this stranger pulled up in an suv and asked him what's the matter? >> at that point i was going to get the gas can and i said i ran out of gas. he said hop in the car and we will get some gas. >> so we did and he started to talk. that's when reser found out that it was derek carr. >> derek is a religious man. he wants to be a pastor when he retires. >> they prayed together. they have stayed in touch on twitter. he thanked him for restoring his faith in humanity. >> san francisco police officers are helping a barber stay in business by replacing the windows after they were blown out during a deadly shooting.>> the last time it was too much for me.>> that is lloyd lacey and his barbershop has been in the neighborhood
6:57 am
since 1972 but over the past two years the windows have been shattered by gunfire three different times. lacey was ready to call it quits but police at the station pitched in by collecting change. pretty soon they had more than $1000. >> when we saw over two weeks that officers were digging for change and digging into $20 bills and five dollar bills. >> the windows were installed yesterday and now the officers are digging into the pockets again to have the mirrors and windows replaced. >> very commendable. >> it's 6:57 -- another shooting on the bay area freeway. next, the car they are looking for now after a 17-year-old was shot on highway 101. >> the federal budget battle is on. i'm in washington and we will break it down for you coming up. >> or smack
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> a teenage boy is the latest victim in a drive-by highway shooting. we have details on the shooting that took place on highway 101.
7:00 am
this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 this morning friday, march 17th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. talking about your weather. nice weather, i think. >> yeah. >> steve paulson. >> lots of sunshine today and warm. >> yeah. >> after yesterday's fog. >> thank goodness. >> i know. that was a tough one. another pretty picture out towards -- >> that is tremendous. >> it is. who is taking this picture? who is the photographer? keith. thank you, keith. the bridge. it will be a mild to warm day. about 76 degrees towards antioch today. one of the least traveled brimmings, by the way. rain up north. not here. hot in southern california and really hot in arizona for spring training if you're heading down there. livermore down 10 degrees compared to yest


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