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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the area shut down. >> and shot on 101 in san jose. it is a series of a recent shootings in the bay area. the new information we just received about the victim and the suspects. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> a teenage boy is the victim of another highway shooting this time on 101 in san jose. that shooting happened just before 7:00 last night. >> ktvu's lee martinez just got some new information about the investigation. she's live in san jose to bring that to us. lee. >> reporter: yeah, we just got an update from chp. the 17-year-old boy was riding as a passenger when another car pulled up and openeded fire. now police are saying that both the suspects and the victim are gang members and that this was a targeted attack. last night police got the report of gunfire on the northbound lanes of highway 101 near story road just before 7:00.
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chp found the teen gunshot victim whose car had been pulled off of the highway suffered from two gunshot wounds and was taken to regional medical center. he's expected to survive. the driver of the car was not injured. >> the 17-year-old victim is a hispanic male out of san jose and he suffered a gunshot wound to the face and another to the back. he is in stable condition expected to survive his injuries. >> reporter: now chp says the suspects are two hispanic males wearing black bandannas this is just the latest in the rash of highway shootings. roughly 80 in the bay area in the last 16 months. now chp will be addressing the increase and shootings on the highway at their headquarters in vallejo. >> and ahead of that news conference this afternoon loved ones held a vigil in richmond
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last night for a 24-year-old man killed in a shooting. his family says he was a college student who had nothing to do with violence and wanted to become a parole officer. last night doss's family says he was a hero because he shielded that passenger from the violence. >> doesn't surprise me. i'm proud of him and i know he's in a better place. >> it's scary to know that you don't have to be gang related to get shot. how do you avoid that? >> the gofundme account has been set up to help the family. police have made three arrests in connection with the shooting and again at 2:00 today the chp will hold a news conference on all the recent shootings. we will have that for you coming up on the four on two.
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now developing to san francisco where the civic center at the bart station is back open now. police shut down the station after someone reported a bomb threat. >> this happened around 9:30 right there on market street. at one point in the area was cleared out. some trains were turned around. muny light rail service was also shut down in the area. the station re-opened just about 10:30. president trump and the german chancellor are meeting today for the first time face to face. >> much better to talk to one another and not about one another and i think our conversation proved this. >> their meeting at the white house and discussing wide ranging issues including nato, russia, vladimir putin and north korea. trump said some harsh things about the german leader. among other things she was ruining germany and making a
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catastrophic mistake allowing migrants and syrian refugees into her country. they were asked about their differences on issues during a news conference. >> to germany i can say people are different. people have different abilities have different origins. have found their way into politics along different pathways and which all that is diversity which is good. sometimes it's difficult to find compromises but that's been what we've been elected for. >> the united states has been treated very unfairly by many countries of the years and that's going to stop. >> the two leaders also talked about business during their meeting. some top executives at bmw and seamans accompanied the chancellor on her visit. meanwhile on capitol hill president trump's budget proposal. >> the spending for the military
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isn't nearly enough. >> this town hasn't seen a budget like this since the reagan years. the white house is pushing back. >> president trump's $1.15 trillion budget is taking shots from all sides today. predictably democrats are ripping it apart. >> the trump budget is great if you can get on a plane every weekend and fly to mar a lago. but it stinks for everybody else. >> hardest here the environmental protection agency losing 31% of its budget and health and human services loses almost 18 prpt. the pentagon gets a $54 million bump and affairs another four building. some republicans are also complaining. senator john mccain says the military needs more money.
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he released this budget. which has left our military under funded, under sized and unready to meet the threats of today and tomorrow. but the white house is urging everyone to take a deep breath. >> this is simply the top line spending budget that's why we call it the budget blueprint and not the full budget. >> that full budget comes out in may and that's when the real budget begins. in washington fox news. president trump also addressed the republican bill to replace the affordable care act today during a meeting with republicans at the white house he said he is 100% behind the bill. under the republican plan. the president just this morning said some changes have been made to the bill. no specific details were released but one republican lawmaker sdez. secretary of state rex
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tillerson says it might use action against north korea if it was provocaled. after a tour of the border between north and south korea. he told reporters that washington policy of tra tooejic patience has ended. >> we're exploring a new range of diplomatic security and economic measures. all options are on the table. north korea must understand that the only pads to a secure economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. >> last week north korea launched four ballistic missiles simultaneous leotards japan with those missiles falling into the sea. water began flowing over the or omdville dam. lake level is at 850 feet today.
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spillway was shut down on february 20 zth. precautions are also being taken now because naturally occurring asbestos has been found. they will continue to monitor the air quality in the area. the places that's been identified are minimal. however, because we're still in that sampling face and we're waiting for some analyticals. until all the analyticals are in we're airing the sight of caution. >> meanwhile with the water relief beginning at 3:00 today the water level is expected to rise up to 15 feet. we're now getting our first look at bart's new train cars as they get tested out there on the tracks and what needs to be done before that can actually happen. >> and it's a nice clear sprakt
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st. patrick's day outside.
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new at noon dozens of students at napa high school are not in class today in protest over the explosion of two football players involved in a case of hazing. there's about 100 students parents protested at the school
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and the district offices located next door. the hazing incident allegedly happened in november. the students and parents say they plan to protest all afternoon. the first of its brand new train cars which will eventually replace the entire existing fleet. >> testing that it's happening get those new cars ready for all the passengers. >> yeah, they are moving forward here in it this very lengthy process. bart has ordered a new fleet of 775 new train cars that will eventually replace all of the existing cars and a handful of those new cars are almost ready to go into service. >> an early morning test drive for some of bart's brand new train cars. our camera was there as this ten car train pulled out of the maintenance yard in hayward for a trip across the bay. for the past few months bart has been testing out its fleet of the future during the overnight hours. >> you have more than 70 tests
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that we perform overnight. everything from routine like does the train stop at the black marks at the station to one train car pull three other cars if their motors don't work. >> for now, the new train cars runs after the new passenger service has stopped. but after a few weeks bart riders may notice some of these new cars. >> once we complete the overnight testing we're going to begin testing during the daytime during the passenger train service. so these out of service test trains will run in between the train centers carrying passengers. >> these new cars feature a number of improvements. there are digital displays with real time maps. and a lot more spacious with fewer seats but extra standing room for those busy commute hours. >> most looking forward to more room in the cars for people to
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stand or sit essentially because the trains are very crowded. >> climate control would be nice sometimes the ac isn't working especially when it's jam packed and you're elbow to elbow. >> the new cars will also be easier to get on and off on with three doors instead of two. commuters are glad to hear that bart is close to rolling out its new fleet. >> any improvements to the system is a good thing. i voted for the increased bond fund so they would improve the system. so i'm glad to see they're getting the cars in place. and that first batch of ten new years likely will be carrying passengers sometime this year. the roll out will continue over the next several years and bart says eventually this new fleet will increase capacity for the new system by 50% by the year 2021 and obviously we know it is a system that is maxed out. >> and overcrowded especially
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during those commute hours. so the new cars are definitely more spacious. >> have you been in them? >> i did. you know, there was a few months back they parked some of these new cars at some of the different stations around the bay area. yeah, we did. my family and i went out and took a look at the new cars. obviously they're newer, they're nicer. they have the digital screen that will tell you exactly which station you're at. but the key point that a lot of people pointed out today that we talked to is that they're more spacious but remember it's mostly standing room that we're talking about here. but a lot of commuters say they don't expect to get a seat during rush hour. >> hands down cleanliness. easier to clean the seats and the floors. >> well they're clean for now. >> yeah, they are brand new. it's how you take care of them. >> thank you alex.
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let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> it's going to stick around all the way until the evening hours before changes come way and we begin a cloudier cooler palt earn. a lot of sunshine out there today. temperatures within a few degrees of yesterday but into the 60s with again, plenty of sun for your afternoon. right now santa rosa checking in at 65 degrees. we have san francisco at 64. oakland 64. livermore 66 and san jose 66 out your door. not even clouds at the coastline. just a little bit of fog they're developing right off the san mateo coast. we have a north wind in place . if i step back i'm going to show you changes coming your way. this is the rain line. right on the north edge of california there and beginning to slip our way as we get into
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the overnight hours. we have one system coming into the weekend. the first system over the weekend looks very week in fact a lot of cloud cover maybe a few sprinkles and that should be about it. here's a little bit of a closer look for you. you can see the farther north you go areas like oregon and washington seeing that as well. here we go into your future cast if you do have evening plans we will see increased cloud cover. right about dinner time you may notice it. we're now into saturday morning and the rain line still pretty much the north of us. areas all the way down. maybe a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning with a cloudy start. here's saturday afternoon still fairly quiet, cloudy, cool. now into sunday morning and the rain lines still pretty much to the north. but we're cloudy and we're cool. here's sunday amp with a chance of a few scattered showers and that is how you're weekend is
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going to go. as far as rainfall amounts you can see from that future cast run that we're not goiveng to see as much. with another system coming in early next week. here's a look at the afternoon highs. 72 for navado. 70 degrees in oakland. 76 degrees for antioch.. we've got san jose at 73. and 74 for santa cruz. the extended forecast showing you a lot more cloud cover for the afternoon. upper 60s to near 70 degrees and then the first day of spring arrives on monday and storm number two will continue to bring us that chance of showers as well as into tuesday with perhaps another to follow as we get into the second part of the week. we'll be tracking it for you between now and then. meanwhile also the impacts into
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the sierras. that was damaged by the recent storms. caltrans announced that the pfeiffer bridge was demolished last night. the bridge is on highway 1 just south of pfeiffer big state park and has been closed for a month because of fears that it would collapse. support pillars and the bridge deck were damaged. the surprising number of college students planning to use their student loans on something that does not involve class work.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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wall street stocks are ever so mild. we've been watching just a small of movements of the smp, dow and they're all essentially flat right now. filing a class action lawsuit in connection with that hacking case. the lawsuit announces that senior executives at yahoo are failing to prevent that hack. shareholders are also suing verizon which is buying yahoo. >> verizon wants disclosure of the hacks occurred in late 2006 immediately contacted and renegotiated the deal with yahoo
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and reaped $350 million in reduced prices. yet did not insist upon any changes of compensation packages to yahoo's executives who were negotiating that deal. >> the company is facing dozens of lawsuits. >> about 30% of students will use their student loans to pay for their spring break trals. using stupt loans to pay for vacation during college isn't illegal but financial experts say it isn't a good idea. it is tough to be budget conscious and stay on campus when everyone heads to the beach somewhere. the average college student graduates with $20,000 in student loans. >> some dancers are bringing some irish joy to city hall.
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a few irish dancers showed off their moves in the spanish rotunda today. next month they'll be heading off to the irish dancing world championships in dublin ireland. >> i practice like six days a week for about two hours. the weekends we're there all day because we're going to world soon so the training is really amped up igt radionow. >> these irish dancers have been dancing since they were little. they wanted to get in touch with their irish heritage. whether you feel the luck of the irish or there's such a good bargain. >> heading into the final weekend of winter and here's what's happening ashd the bay area. celebrate the luck of the irish at the st. patrick's day parade. the festival runs all weekend
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long with an international food court and an irish marketplace with over 250 booths. you'll find it at the dublin civic center. in san francisco it's a sweet treat for chocolate lovers. at the hotel kabooki on saturday. >> or if you're a beer lover from unlimited samples from dozens of breweries, a dj and the trucks. check out the 2017 blossom festival of saratoga. music of the 30s, 40s and crafts for kids can all be enjoyeded at the saratoga orchard vineyard. or head to one of the biggest second hand stores around. this saturday at the santa clara county fairgrounds where you'll find over 45,000 feet of quality bargains. that is your weekend watch.
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bay area law enforcement agencies remiepding people not to drink and drive this st. patrick's day weekend. from 7:00 tonight to 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. police point to research that shows well publicized can cut things down by 20 prpt. in case you end up overindulging aaa is offering up tips ji to. you do not need to be an aaa member and this runs through 6:00 tomorrow morning. tipsy ji toe will provide. to see if a driver in drinking or using drugs. if an officer suspects someone is under the influence they take
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a saliva sample. the san diego police department is rolling out a $6,000 sobriety testing machine today just in time for st. patrick's day. unexpected call and even visits by the fbi. >> he received reports of over 100 people who were visited by fbi abouts. >> the program that's raising fear among muslims and the explanation from a former fbi agent.
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on segment two today some members of the bay area muslim community say they're fearful of a number of unwanted calls. >> and as ktvu ariana gomez reports. >> reporter: more than 250,000 muslims call the bay area home. they're your neighbors and local business owners, but unlike most of us they feel like their freedom comes with conditions. it could be a knock on the door or an unexpected phone call, the person on the other side identified as the fbi now wants
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to talk. >> well there are no words for how terrifying that is. >> reporter: it's been happening for well over a decade for all types of people. but in 2016 these cold calls or visits became increasingly popular amongst muslims. zara balu is an attorney among the people representing this. she says her office received 39 complaints in 2016. twelve of those complaints came in in the three days leading up to the election in november. >> we received reports of over 100 people across the country who were visited by fbi agents. these are people who traveled to pakistan or afghanistan in the last five years. it seemed that law enforcement had gotten travel records from custom border patrol or somewhere else. >> how the fbi got their information is what hair known.
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again, the concern remains that people are being targeted based on their race, religion, and national origin and treated as suspects. >> former fbi agent jeffery ryan rhinic. >> it's a form of basic foundational investigation. can you call it intelligence gathering but you can also call it meeting people and meeting the community. >> reporter: rhinic says his experience for the most part is positive. he does admit some agents come off a bit abrasive. >> a lot of the situations that we hear about involve fbi agents wanting an invitation into someone's home and then wanting to talk to them about their
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travel, their friends and family, their religious community and their political activity. >> still rhinic attributes those questions to an old school style. but also for the gain of future intel. >> this isn't about finding people that are about to build a bomb. this is about meeting people who will tell you about other people that are about to build a bomb. because the person who's going to build the bomb is suspect to tell you he's going to build a bomb. >> reporter: muslims don't exactly feel welcomed by the u.s. government. care says they see flaws in the fbi's system of meeting people. >> they would say we're not doing it based on religion but i would say yes but you have visited ten people from the same mosque and asked them about the mosque. it's ineffect iit's counter productive and what it does is it terrifies someone who is experiencing this. >> reporter: the fbi returned
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our calls thursday evening and said given the national climate there is fear in the muslim community. they also said quote we're trying to do better in creating dialog and establishing repore with people in that community in particular. >> anyone muslim or not has the right to choose not to talk to the fbi and consult an attorney. rhinic says he did you want want the community thinking each call and visit stems from bad intentions. ktvu fox 2 news. the chief justice of the california supreme court asked federal immigration agents to stop quote, stalking immigration agents. she's concerned. recent reports of immigration agents going to courthouses to track down immigrants for arrests will affect the public's trust in the court system. there have been a series of reports of recent arrests at courthouses in california as well as the states of oregon and texas. an officer involved shooting
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in antioch is under investigation at this hour. it happened at about 10:30 last night. investigators say when officers arrived. they found a car believed to be involve when they tried to pull the car over but said the driver kept going. police say the suspect then rammed into a patrol car and that's when an officer shot and injured the suspect. >> i knew somebody was getting chased all over the neighborhood you know. and i knew something bad was going to happen too. because you know just by the way they were going and it wouldn't stop so i knew something bad was going to happen. >> police say they found a gun in the suspect's car. no officers were hurt. we are learning more about the 16-year-old girl who was killed in hayward. an autopsy confirmed elaina monodrove died. investigators say when they tried to stop the car, the
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driver drove into a police vehicle. so detectives opened fire. two suspects were arrested there at the scene. another suspect who fled was arrested wednesday night in san francisco. >> family and friends of sierra lamar marked the 5th anniversary. gathering at shaker's pizza. it's been an annual tradition since the morganhill teen. her accused killer is now on trial even though sie rra lamar's body has never been found. >> we stick together every year even though it's a sad anniversary we try to keep it positive just to see each other again and remember sierra and talk about her. >> the trial is now in its seventh week. the key in the case involveded traces of sierra lamar's. store front windows were
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blown out in a shooting. just when the barber was ready to call it quits some officers actually decided to pitch in and help. >> lacey's corner bar boar shop isn't just a place to get your hair cut, it's a meeting place. the shop on broad street and plymouth avenue has been here since 19set 2 and for decades it's lloyd lacey who's been at the helm. but over the past two and a half years violence has escalated with three deadly shootings right in front of lacey's two of them in recent months. >> it went like this and hit that picture. lacey shows us where the bullet flew. >> this last one was too much for me. i was like man. >> reporter: police found 60 shell casings in and around his
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shot. lacey dodged dozens of bullets. >> i don't trip on that i just learned that at an early age. >> reporter: but the repeated shattered windows became too expensive to replace. >> and said i just can't do it anymore i'm going to shut it down. i said oh, no you captain do that. >> reporter: captain flooes had an idea. start a money jar. >> what we saw over a two week period is that officers were not only digging in for change but they were digging in for 20s and 5s. >> today they hired contractors to fix the broken windows. lacey is overwhelmed. >> you know what i'm saying. i remember back in the day i would be running from the police. >> reporter: officers are digging into their own pockets once again to have the mirrors and some smaller windows
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replaced. >> he's an institution out in that neighborhood. >> for the 71-year-old father of eight has it changed his perception of police. >> yeah. it's a beautiful thing. starbucks is combatting homelessness but cutting off electricity to one of its southern california's stores. customers normally use to charge their phones and computers. one customer was told it's because of homeless people. >> i can't sleep outside. it's complicated. you know, people need to plug in their device whether you're homeless or not. at what level are you going to have the home or business shut down. it's almost like a shelter. >> regular customers say they've
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been complaining about the homeless issue for a long time. starbucks has not commented. a man runs out of gas on the side of the road in the east bay and just moments later suddenly a vehicle stops to help him. >> i said that's pretty cool man what do you do and i said i'm a football player. >> that's great. a starting nfl quarterback who came to his rescue. >> it's a mild clear day outside. ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco has more in your weekend forecast.
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well the shots were falling for the golden state warriors. the orlando magic 122-92. >> 40% on 3. splash brothers have liked orlando. >> take a look at that again. steph curry between the legs. one of the big stories last night kl.ay thompson put up 21 points in the quarter. st. mary's advanced to the second round of the ncaa tournament last night. st. mary's players said they were looking for some respect because they weren't happy some folks were picking 10 seeded st. mary's to beat. the gales were red hot from the field shooting 56% from the game. also had balance scoring. st. mary's also tips off against
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arizona tomorrow night in salt lake city. san francisco's new soccer team is in the bay kicking off. it includes soccer clinics for children, photos auto graph signings. the first match is tomorrow night against the sacramento republic fc. with 16 home matches at kooeser. beast mode could be coming back to the nfl. oakland native marshawn lynch retired from the seattle seahawks but raiders broadcaster the raiders are talking to a certain running back who did not play in the nfl last season just this morning an nfl reporter said lunch. >> it all comes around full circle. a man who ran out of gas at a dublin intersection had a chance encould you repeater with one of the most famous athletes
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in the bay area. >> right he was getting ready to walk to the gas station. the driver rolleded down the window. ktvu's amber lee takes it from there and tells us about the random act of kindness. >> dublin, a low key suburb and home to ron reser who drove to get some gas and became stranded. >> this light right here at orchard and tasahara had turn green and my car just stopped. he stuck his head out the window and said hey is everything okay and at that point i was going to get my gas can. and i said well i ran out of the gas. he said why don't you hop in the car. >> it was only a half mile to the gas station. >> i said yeah i'm a dj. and i asked him where he's from. he asked where i was from. he said i lived in fresno and
12:46 pm
played at fresno state. i said that's cool and i said what do you do and he said i'm a football player and i said that's great. >> on the ride back to release er reser's car. he said i'm a quarterback and i said what string are you and he said first string and he said what's your favorite team and he said i'm a little bias i play for the raiders. and at that point i stepped back and he said i'm derrick carr. >> the quarterback made another unexpected move when they arrived back at reser's car. >> and he said you know before you go is there anything you want to pray for and me being catholic and being raised that way i said sure why not he wept and put his right hand on my left shoulder and we said a
12:47 pm
prayer together. at that point it was a little mind blowing. >> the two exchanged contact information. since then reser tweeted this to carr. >> thank you for the help and prayer today. god bless. pay it forward. carr replied god bless you too. any time but hopefully not on the side of the road again. >> it kind of reinstilled faith in me that people can still be good samaritans and they can still do something nice for people without expectation regardless of your statue. >> reser says he grew up a 49er fan but he says carr impressed him. >> you might see me on the sidelines at a raider's game. >> reser says his chance encould you repeater with carr lasted
12:48 pm
only about 15 minutes but says the positive energy from the quarterback has left a lasting impression inspiring him to help others whenever he can. in dublin amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. on this st. patrick's day certainly a lot of people will be out and about this evening and rosemary not a sprinkle to worry about. >> you're right. not today. in fact get out and enjoy today. today is likely to be the warmest of the next several as we get into your weekend. we're looking at cloudier skies and a bit of unsettled weather and for the first day of spring showers in the forecast. let's take a look outside our doors where we have wall to wall sunshine. and everything looks very green. so we're happy about that and as again as we get into your afternoon things will start to change. eventually you'll notice the cloud cover starting to take over the sky and then by tomorrow our chance for a few scattered showers will arrive. here's a look at storm tracker 2
12:49 pm
right now where we are in the clear from the coast, around the bay and inland. there's that storm line right about in there just approaching northern california. the ridge of high pressure that's been in control of our weather pattern is slowly breaking down. today another enjoyable day. but again saturday and sunday will come with changes. here's a closer view. oregon, washington seeing some rain and eventually we will get that chance and a better chance as we get through next week. i'm going to roll you out several days and take a look at this wet pattern. here we are into the afternoon and by tonight you'll notice the increase in cloud cover overhead. tomorrow we're mostly cloudy, cooler. maybe a few sprinkles but you notice the rain line is just to the north. sunday not a lot of change. cool, cloudy, just a chance. but by monday and into tuesday what we'll call storm number two is bringing a little more moisture with it. wednesday looks like it can be
12:50 pm
an in between day. of the first system being this weekend and not really going to bring much. if you're going to the sierras there's a chance of showers as well. no restrictions along the highways and no advisories in place. mid 40s to start the morning. about 60 degrees in the afternoon with cloudy skies and a few less scattered showers expected. snow levels right now and through the weekend will be 7,000 feet. but beyond that snow levels will begin to drop. always a good idea to have those chains hands. temperatures outside right now a beautiful day in walnut creek and mostly sunny. 68 in navado. our south bay locations 66. afternoon highs for today upper 60s to upper 70s with plenty of sunshine for the most of the day. 73 in san jose. 74 for santa cruz. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will cool off as we get into your bay area weekend
12:51 pm
and even cooler as we get into monday and tuesday with that second stronger system. hard to believe we were enjoying low 80s earlier in the week for the final week of winter and now as we get into spring it's going to feel a little bit like winter. >> thanks rosemary. just in time for st. patrick's day there's a new brew. we're going to tell you its key ingrooed yept coming up.
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a new report shows the bay area in california for that matter are among the hottest real estate markets in the country. san francisco oakland hayward market is number one because of the scarcity of homes for sale. followed by the south bay. dallas, fort worth was the only market outside of california among the seven holtest markets nationwide. an economist said the arch down payment in san francisco last year was at least $150,000. if you drive you probably noticed the price of gas is going up here in the bay area. between february and march. $0.17 higher than the national average. according to aaa a gallon of regular gas about $3.2. drivers in san francisco are paying the most as they usually
12:55 pm
do. right now it's about $3.13 a gallon. and vallejo are offering $2.90 per gallon. americans use about 500 million straws a day and a lot of that plastic can end up in our waterways and be harmful to marine life. activists are not pushing for a total ban of these straws. just in time for st. patrick's day celebrations there is a new brew in san diego. a local brewery to raise a glass to new pure water beer. it is made using recycled waste water. >> this is a huge set for us. it's big for every business especially the beer business.
12:56 pm
>> the city of hopes to use purr technology. you can now win tickets to the game of thrones live concert experience at the sap center in san jose. click on the contest link and fill out that entry form. you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. it's provided by live nation. winners will be selected by random drawing on march 20th. so you can see the official rules by heading over to under contest. the california highway patrol is going to discuss dozens of shootings across the bay area. we're going to stream that news conference for you live at and of course we'll have the full report today on
12:57 pm
the four on 2. >> thank you so much for making ktvu your choice for news this st. patrick's day. if you're going to celebrate tonight with that green beer do it in a safe manner. have some fun.
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