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this week, it will take us into tuesday, wednesday and a break on thursday. the strongest in the series wednesday into early saturday, but the pattern will stay active for 10 days or so. maybe on the cooler side. that's not the case today, on the mild side with 50s, west, southwest, a conveyor belt of moisture on the way. that is the key, we need the dynamics, it's not here yet. but it's on its way slowly moving towards us. until then okay for the morning with a mixture of sun and clouds, and then an initial wave goes through but not much unless you're up north. a lot of mid 50s, temperatures in the mild side and west, southwest brees, rain on the north coast but we wait to later. for the morning fine, mostly cloudy and humid pattern and rain develops later, 60s in your 70s and the santa clara valley. 4:30 am when i hope things are quiet. >> most of the roads are quiet,
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overturned truck on south basco road in livermore. in overturned trailer pulled by this van. the trailer flipped over, and now it is blocking the entire road, southbound basco road at westgate in front of the lawrence livermore international laboratory, it looks like they're trying to break the truck, it is good it didn't happen on north pasco because this isn't as heavily traveled is that the travel will be affected. you can see traffic on 80 westbound will be okay, vacaville, fairfield, foley hill, solano county commute looks nice. as you drive through the area no major problems in vallejo as you drive into solano county and traffic looks good on their, canis bridge. also looking at contra costa county, looks good through pittsburgh and no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:31 am back to the desk.
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later today san jose police expected to hold a news conference about the officer involved shooting of a naked suspect. this started around 1:30 pm friday, it ended a short time later on stevens creek boulevard on the lawrence expressway. please got a call about a naked man asking -- acting erratically and chasing an adult and child. police arrived and they said the suspect tried to drive off in a pickup and hit a parked car and patrol car. police chased it several miles until eventually he pulled into a shopping center parking lot. the police are saying he ignored their commands to surrender and pointed what appeared to be a weapon at them. the officers opened fire critically injuring the man, none of them were hurt. investigators are checking video from police body cameras. governor brown asking the federal government for more money to repair damage caused by the february storms. the focus has been on storm damage from the oroville dam
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but 50 of california's counties were affected by flooding, mudslides and power outages. this is the 4th time the governor has made a request for emergency funds, the earlier requests have all been granted. workers may soon be trained to stop heroin overdoses, the idea came after homeless person was found dead in the bathroom of a library last month. the.--.ed is how to train them on using a note -- a drug that reverses the effects of a heroin overdose. it is normally injected by a leg injection, only those who agree to be part of the program will be trained. many san francisco parents are frustrated because their public school district missed an important deadline. parents have been waiting to get letters telling them which public schools their children will attend. the school district says it hasn't been able send out the notices because of unexpected
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staffing shortages. parents often put their kids in private schools if there kindergarten kids don't get into one of the schools the parents want. this coming wednesday is the deadline to sign up for private schools. a warning to people in alameda county about a phone scammer posing as utility worker. a fake utility workers calling people and asking for payment. the utility company says they only make courtesy calls about delinquent bills but would never ask for credit or debit card numbers. anyone who suspects you been scammed should call their credit card company. 4:34 am a federal judge in hawaii denied a request by the justice department to clarify his temporary restraining order blocking president trump's revised travel ban. the us district judge issued the order wednesday, response to a lawsuit filed by the state of hawaii. the white house wants the judge to allow parts of president trump's travel ban, on 6 muslim majority countries to go through. but the judge said the ban is
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unconstitutional. the order he blocked was a watered-down version of the 1st order. we are going to win, we are going to keep our citizens safe and regardless we will keep our citizens safe.>> the president calls this latest roadblock an example of unprecedented judicial overreach. and orange county waiter paying the price for asking a group of customers to show proof of legal residency. it happen when 25-year-old danica rio -- diana creole and her friends went to an upscale restaurant in huntington beach. they complained to the manager and left. diana was so angry a few hours later and shared her story on facebook. the restaurant waiter -- restaurant posted they had fired the waiter and the women have been invited back as vip guests and they will donate the profits from last weekend to an organization picked by the
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women. the women pics immigration youth united. and philadelphia the longer -- largest cinco de mayo festival canceled because of immigration concerns and threats. in the past up to 15,000 people would come out to watch the annual festival in south philadelphia but organizers of the event say president trump's promise to deport millions in the country illegally has a lot of people scared of what may come next. hundreds join hands around a mosque in santa clara to stand up for muslim americans. reporting to the muslim community organization with details on the peaceful response . >> reporter: with their hands held high hundreds of different races and religion formed a chain around this large mosque. for 2 people is the 1st for muslim association in santa clara. it's amazing energy, an
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amazing sense of strength. unity, which brings hope there is goodness in this country. moving from fear to friendship a sign of support for muslims feeling targeted under the trump administration, and saying islam a phobia is at its peak. >> we want to send a message that america is a country of love and acceptance, a country of open-mindedness and compassion. according to the council on american islamic relations, in the last year 139 mosques under attack in the country. in the bay area muslim women have been harassed wearing scarves. >> you are on the alert but being in the bay area it is a more inclusive environment. these cases are happening in the bay area as well.>> reporter: muslims are concerned giving desha given the uncertainty with the travel ban. through prayers, the emotional gathering not just for muslims
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but other minorities. mac i want to let them know i have their back in prayer and physical appearance and whatever work i need to do to join hands with them.>> reporter: this muslim is lutheran and brought her son. it is heartbreaking and frustrating to live in the country right now, that is built on so many different communities coming together in here so much rhetoric that's tearing us apart. >> reporter: her hope is to teach that the country can unite and stand together despite divided times. k tvu fox 2. a developing -- developmentally disabled woman who disappeared over the weekend has been found safe. lexus dupaty disappeared saturday evening, most 80 volunteers search for her on columbus parkway and lake herman , and yesterday she was found. 2 miles from her home. the sheriff's office says she
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was friendly and cooperative to the couple who found her.>> they stay with her and flight down one of our teams and the area, they saw the distinctive orange shorts and flag them down and brought them over. she was located safely.>> after finding her the crews reorganized after finding about another missing person 74-year- old james christien. the police say he also has been found to safely. time is 4:39 am the reason the ncaa basketball tournament is called march madness, you can't be sure what will happen. that was proven when seventh- seeded south carolina knocked off second-seeded duke in the east bracket. in the final 90 seconds the blue devils of duke were down by 7 points in south carolina held onto the lead. the game s are in the sweet 16 and they will play the bears on friday. no upsets in the south bracket, ucla played 60 --
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sixth-seeded cincinnati. ucla got a late lead and bruins were in double figures. you ca 79, to 69 wins. bruins in the sweet 16 plane second-seeded kentucky friday. michigan advancing to the sweet 16 after upsetting louisville, a career-high 26 points were scored and the wolverines picked up their 7th straight win, michigan will play oregon thursday, michigan is 4 and 0 against oregon but they have never met in the ncaa tournament. number 1 see north carolina had to rally from high to prevent illumination, the tar heels having a lead, and then becoming a deficit before they rallied in the final 3 1/2 minutes to beat arkansas. it was huge, less than a minute in the game north carolina earned a meeting with butler.
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5:40 am -- 4:40 am, motorhome exploded last night, how badly one man was hurt and why an arson investigation has begun. a program that brings guide dogs in training to a major bay area airport. good morning, they have made progress in writing this trailer blocking pasco road in front of livermore lab. it's on wheels and hopefully sometime soon they will tow it away. rain will be anytime soon, later, but cloud cover continues to roll in. pretty active week, what are the projected totals coming up.
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more than 2 dozen puppies to send it on terminal one in oakland international airport this weekend for important training.
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>> allie rasmus says they are part of the next generation of guide dogs learning to do their job.>> reporter: tickets in hand tracking down the jetway 25 students boarded a plane and sat attentively in their seats. this plane isn't going anywhere, the students are barking on a learning experience. they are being activated to the crowd to noise. >> reporter: the puppies are from an organization called guide dogs for the blind in their learning how to help their future owners navigate an airport. >> their working guides and they have to travel with their user, they can have the attitude of i've been here, i've done this, i am comfortable and confident.>> reporter: volunteer puppy raisers expose the guy dogs to the air travel process, from check-in, going through the security line to getting on a plane. >> boarding a plane and getting in the tight a narrow space we all know how small an airport
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-- airplane seat is and then you have a labrador between your legs also. if you need to use the restroom on the plane trying to navigate that with your puppy as well.>> reporter: most of the puppies and training are between 6 months and a year when you think about it airports can be chaos under the best circumstances. the circumstance allows them to get used to the environment beforehand. >> it's helpful to have a guide dog that is trained very well and knows how to handle the airport. >> reporter: teresa stern understands well, she is visually impaired and relies on her doctor travel for work. >> therefore can be confusing for everyone. >> reporter: this is the 3rd year alaska airlines has courtney did this in the hope to do it next year for the next generation of guide dogs. allie rasmus k tvu fox 2 news. great idea. time on the clock 4:45 am time to check our commute with sal. good morning to you, we have a vehicle that has been
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flipped back onto its wheels, it was a trailer on vasco road, south vasco road near west gateway road near the lawrence livermore and national geert -- laboratory. a tow truck came and put the vehicle back on its wheels and they moved it. hopefully we will get traffic going through here on south vasco road near the lawrence lab and just a little bit. hopefully this hasn't cause huge delays yet, we'll see traffic affected by other things, i want to mention now, let's talk about the commute on southbound 242. right near the willow pass road, there's an accident and traffic is slow. you can't get through, the left turn, i heard on the police radio. the best way to get onto 680 if you travel on highway 4 is to go to 680, and head south and
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bypass 242 southbound for the time being. because of the crash. we are looking at westbound 580, stop and go traffic on 205 and a 580, normal for livermore, getting in over the past from tracy it slow. were traffic looks good, heading into castro valley, look at interstate heading into castro valley, look at interstate 80 in both directions traffic is moving along well. the morning commute will be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:47 am let's bring stephen.>> reporter: you have extra spring in your step this morning? >> i went out friday night and it took me all weekend to recover. >> what were you doing? hanging out with people. >> sometimes you have to do that i understand.>> reporter: we have allowed -- a lot of cloud cover spring officially began at 3:28 am. i was out banging pots and
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pans. half inch to 2 inches of rain. gusts up to 40, not too much for winter storm watches, as we get to monday, tuesday and wednesday the best system, the series coming in friday. tonight evening rain off and on into tuesday and wednesday. a stronger system on tap friday, thursday and a dry day. a lot of moisture. a warm conveyor belt if you will but always away so we get a break in the morning if you have something you want to do, maybe play golf, tennis, morning is your best opportunity. by the evening better jet stream support and colder air and dynamics which will help enhance the rain possibility of showers tuesday and wednesday as well. cool, unstable air but right now it's mild. 50s and the southerly breeze on the human side especially for santa clara valley and parts of the peninsula.
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stanford 61, pacifica 51, san mateo 53, west, southwest 20 towards travis. the delta breeze kicks off. san jose due south, 25 to 30 miles per hour. call him at sfo and a good southwind, a warm pattern today, we'll get the system in tonight. 61 fresno, monterey 50, rain on the north coast, we have to wait for it to get here. might hit mendocino county but for the most part are fine. increasing clouds throughout the day, it doesn't look like a lot today or tomorrow, tonight or tomorrow, here's monday by 10:00. maybe a quarter of an inch by tomorrow morning, the commute looks wet not today but tomorrow. into tuesday night and wednesday. you can see an inch to an inch and a half to 2 inches for some. friday system looks to be good, not only rain but wind, it will lower the snow levels by the time we get to wednesday,
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thursday and friday. 2, 3+ inch amounts, we'll keep track of this through the weekend. sierra winter storm watch very high, 7000 feet. eventually down to 5000 feet and between now and the next 7 to 10 days good snow above 7000 feet. 60s in your 70s for some especially with the southwind from santa clara. kind of muggy there, takes us into tuesday and wednesday much cooler and friday, saturday the main event. thank you steve. >> you're welcome. a space x capsule back on earth with a full load of space station science samples. the unmanned cargo space station flew more than a month ago with supplies, it parachuted and splashed down into the pacific fine at -- 5 and half hours later after leaving the station. another ship set to last friday
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from cape canaveral. 4:50 am beauty and the beast, disney's new live action movie broke box office records in its debut weekend.>> [music] >> i know the words. the movie stars emma watson and dan stevens and took in $170 million in us theaters. it took in 180 million overseas. a new record for a pg rated movie opening, even more than last year's finding dori. >> 4:51 am when the parents are away the kids will play. up next have you seen this video? so cute. these twin 2-year-olds get into double trouble, they throw a party instead of going to sleep.
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tributes pouring in for music legend chuck berry who died saturday at his home in missouri at 90. his most famous songs include johnny be good and roll over beethoven. hours after his death announced fans brought flowers to his statue in st. louis. stars from jagger to keith richards, bruce springsteen and ringo starr also tweeted tributes. 4:54 am dozens gathered over the weekend in the east bay celebrating world down
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syndrome day. the down syndrome connection in the bay area hosted yesterday's event in concord at matteo's dream playground. organizers say it raises awareness and supports individuals and families affected by down syndrome. matteo's dream is a playground that lets people of all abilities they together.>> today is all about playing and coming together and inclusion. it's about bringing people together and having a lot of fun.>> world down syndrome day recognized by the united nations in 2011, it is celebrated every year on march 21 that they held it yesterday so families could take advantage of the weekend. students from oaklands clonus high school raising money to travel to south africa for a two-week cultural exchange program this month. the 23 students call themselves culture keepers, they will learn about south african history and culture and take part in a cultural exchange
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with south african students. they've been raising money the past few months and create a video explaining why they want to go. >> if i go to south africa, i feel like the piece of me, can be filled up. i want to bring it back to share with others because i'm not the only one who feels disconnected. >> i have looked at it my whole life. i want to go somewhere where we all, like, started. >> the students will be in south africa from march 20 to april 9, they set up a gofundme page to finance the page, called send matt to africa. interesting video showing you when mom and dad are way the kids really will play. this video has gone viral, new york city twin brothers andrew and ryan put to bed for the night. her parents thought so. this time lapse a video shows the kids tearing their bedroom
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apart. their slumber party was broken up by mom and dad several times, here is dad coming in, eventually while getting together on the sofa the boys decided it was time for bed and finally went to their cribs and went to sleep. finally. >> i love that the -- like -- i love that they put them back to sleep. we are having a good time, fine. the video goes on forever. the party was all night. in each other's crib, back out.>> just amazing. >> busted on the bay bridge who police say was taken into custody after they broke up a sideshow, caught on camera. a tragic scene, what police found after woman reported her husband left home with their daughter for making violent threats.
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good morning. 49ers legend dwight clark announces he has lou gehrigs disease. the public statement to fans and what he says might be the cause of inside justice. a huge day on capitol hill. today they will be talking about wiretap and who should be the next supreme court justice. i'll have the details coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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well good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 with live pictures looking out around the bay bridge in san francisco this morning. a nice morning, but rain may be in the forecast later today. steve paulson is here with the latest to tell you how to prepare as this day begins. thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2 it's monday, march 20 i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook today. steve paulson telling you to throw that umbrella in the car just keep it for later. >> later. >> not now. >> that tower sure stands out. >> yes, it does. the chronicle did a nice story on that, saturday. the view from up above. >> mike mibach went up there and said it was scary. >> yeah, nothing scary about our weather yet, but it's going to be a pretty active week here with a lot of cloud cover on the way, but it is really mild right now. everything coming from the west southwest. there's a south wind


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