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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the rain is back in case you didn't hear it or see it. expect the rains on bay area roads today. this is highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. that tree fell down, blocked a lane on highway 9. and we thank you for joining us this tuesday march 21st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us 6:00 on the dot. >> i think they'll continue to have rain this morning. some pretty good downpours for a few and had one report of lightning and thunder. skyline .79 and coming down pretty strong and yes it is. some of the rain totals just
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keep adding up. mount diablo over an inch. not far away i'm sure you can find more than that. there've been some 2" amounts. we'll focus on that and a couple of people. i believe it here right there it's heading just past the marina district. going over the golden gate bridge by the way and a line stretching right off the san mateo coast. it's mainly rain but it's slowly turning to snow up in the sierras but look around gilroy. some impressive amounts down towards the santa cruz mountains. and rounding the bass of that is a pretty impressive jet stream and that's going to enhance some of these rainfall rates.
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and there's a rather decent south wind for about everybody even up into lake county. also now moving back into morine county right back over t berkley there's a line there and also in the east bay beginning to pick up. over the next couple of hours. 60s on the temps. and when it rains usually there's a traffic problem or two. >> yeah, steve, i'm going to show you the godden gate bridge. we've had reports of flooding in some areas. and the golden gate bridge you can look at your camera. you look at the water coming down here it's raining pretty hard here on the golden gate bridge and that means that traffic is going to be a little bit tough in this area. if you look right into the street light there you can see how hard the rain is coming down. we're also looking at rain on other parts of san francisco. this is a look at the bay bridge
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westbound. you request see traffic here is going to be stacked up all the way out to the mcarthur bridge. there are no major problems on the san mateo bridge so the rain is definitely going to slow the commute down. looking at san jose about the only slow traffic i see is northbound 101. 680 heading up to the 880 interchange. it's 6:03 let's go back to the desk. a huge tre fell on a house in vallejo this morning. >> ktvu's lee martinez is right there in vallejo. show us the damage. >> reporter: this family says they tried to cut down this tree 11 years ago but the city they say wouldn't give them a permit because the tree is 100 years
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old. tack a look at this tree right now. it's on top of their house. if you pan over to the right there's another large portion of that tree that appears to be moving out into the other direction. now the macelroy family heard a crash at 2:15 this morning they jumped out of bed thinking it was an earthquake. >> the house was shaking and the dogs were barking but when we wevent to check if smig was broken then it felt like there was aftershocks coming and the aftershocks weren't aftershocks it was the rest of the branches coming into the house. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the house has been red tagged and the family can't stay here. now we just saw someone out here
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with the fingerprint a couple minutes ago and we asked about the tree coming down and they said it appears the tree is on private priority so this probably would be a case for the homeowners to handle the cutting of the tree down. now red cross has been out here. they said they do not have family close by. they said they're looking for a he tell. who's at fault. we're just at the beginning of that. 6:05 is the time right now. today governor brown will meet with california's congressional congregation. >> the first trip to washington d.c. since president trump took office. and that helped expand medical coverage to low income kovrnl. it also provides insurance to 1/3 of the people who live here. but california may lose that money in the republicans health
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care repeal and replace plan is approved by congress. the president is meeting with house republicans at the capital today. he'll be applying pressure to those who've been skeptical about the republican health care plan. without the backing of at least some of those republicans the plan could fail in the house of representatives. 43 pages worth of changes to the bill to try to address the lawmaker's concerns and house speaker paul ryan says the house made it out of committee hearings and it is graining support. >> the koeks members have already voted for it. >> now all the democrats in the house have publicly said they oppose the republican health plan. it kwoms up for a full house vote on thursday. expected to announce a major change from the u.s.
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the new order starting today requires passengers on non stop flights to the u.s. from ten airports in the middle east and north africa to pack electronic devices such as laptops and tablets in their checked baggage. only cellphones and medical equipment will be allowed in the cabin. a preliminary hearing continues today for three political insiders accused of bribery and corruption. keith jackson, lula jones and nazare huhlu. in 2012. now yesterday audio recordings of wiretapped phone conversations were played in court. in one of those calls mayor lee
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has not been charged with any crimes related to this case. police in union city trying to identify a driver. take a look at the video. you see a honda hitting a shopping cart that knocked down a three-year-old girl and his her mother. of the mother managed to pick up the child before they were both seriously hurt. investigators believe the driver was a woman who was trying to return batteries to the walmart. she wore a sweatsht with the batman logo on the front. >> the victims were actually saying that she was yelling and screaming inside her car and banging the steering wheem in anger. >> now this car possibly silver
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in color with front end damage unrelated. investigators say someone in the parking lot kicked the car. now the driefr is described -- driver is described as either white or latina. she could face up to five felony counts of assault with deadly weapon. happened around 5:30 at 5th and brannen. when a patrol car and another car collided. the two police officers and people in the other car were treated for injuries. san jose police are now releasing new information about a man shot is and critically wounded by three police officers last friday. we're learning that 53-year-old john bous pointed what police say was a cooking gun at officers not a real gun. when bow started throwing things
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out of his truck. when police arrived he rammed his truck into a police car. officers say he pulled into a mall parking lot. pointed what looked like a weapon at officers and revved hisine and that's when three officers opened fire. >> additional officers fired their weapons at the suspect out of near that he was going to enter the crowded parking lot and strike innocent people. >> the officers are on paid administrative leave which is standard procedure and video from their body cameras is being reviewed. our time 6:10. coming up in just minutes, something's missing from the white house website and now a california congressman says it's time to do something about it. the bill that may be introduced can have an effect on other websites. >> and sounding the alarm before our weather starts to warm up.
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>> well lines of very heavy rain moving through. one of them focused. we'll look at that one plus what's in store later today right there.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. . a southern california congressman introduced legislation to require the white house and all federal agencies to have a spanish language version of their website.
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congressman lou correa. a white house spokesman says they're rebuilding the spanish language version of the white house website and it would be restored. california democrats are fighting back against president trump's plan to build a border wall. with any company would become involved with building the border wall. it comes days after the federal government began for prototypes of the proposed wall. later today san francisco supervisor hillary ronen will introduce legislation. ronen will hold a news
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conference and washe lead design engineering firm. ronen says the city should encourage companies to build bridges not walls. the senate confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. while officially it's day two of the hearings. the nor will for the first time question him. judge gorsuch and members of the senate judiciary committee made remarks. >> sometimes the answers follow us home at night. and keep us up. but the answers we reach are always the one we believe the law requires. >> the judge garland was deny aid hearing and this vacancy has been in place for well over a year. i just want to say i'm deeply
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disappointed that it's under these circumstances that we begin our hearings. >> now as you heard democrats really angry that president obama's nominee mayor garland never received a senate hearing. >> judge gorsuch has spent weeks getting ready for the nomination. he said that confirmation hearings have become, quote, political warfare. right now weant to go to complete coverage of our morning commute. yeah, it's going to be rainy and we do have a new crash reported in hayward. this is 880 southbound at a street and traffic is beginning to slow down. not only on 880 but also on 238. and try to access the san mateo bridge. we're also looking at contra
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costa county. : as you drive toward the tunnel this morning you can see that it is not a bad drive getting through lafayette and getting up to the tunnel. you can see the traffic here. it is going to be backed up westbound at the toll plaza just as it normally is. 6:17. let's bring steve in. yes, we do have some pretty heavy downpours coming in some and it stretches from north to south. as a pretty vig house upper low is coming to us. 1 spt 70. we'll focus in on sals alito. that stretch is now back over to
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san pablo. and el cirrito and from oakland somebody named dave clark just told me it was out here. ask this is the line that went right around pescandero. right over 280. that's the line right there. so that's some brief rain. we've had se reports. so far nothing else so far. watch out for gilroy. getting pretty good rain down there and also into the santa cruz mountains. they've had the most i've seen so far along with mount st. hell helena. and san jose jose says .26. we're actually going to merge
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two of them together but the jet stream is rounding the base of that and that's really going to enhance as it gets closer here. so the farther north you go certainly better in line to be in possibly of thunderstorm activity. we've already seen a hint to that earlier this morning. 50s and 60s of the temps here. south or southeast breeze as far as the high can see here. 41 in truckee. there's already been some pretty good rain. there's your rain from hercules, richmond and right over east bay now starting to pick up as these nes move through. watch what happened. we might get a few sun breaks but they'll fill in rapidly here
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as this system rotates in. southern california is going to get pummelled tomorrow. 60s on our temps today. the temperatures will start to cool down. i think you'll notice it by tonight and certainly tomorrow. i would not be surprised by some severe weather today certainly up towards napa county. rain wednesday morning. a break thursday. strong system friday. >> do you think the airports will have any problems? >> i don't think so today. time is 6:20. still ahead this morning. a pick pocket who only targets specific people. what this woman is accused of doing in several states and she might be hiding right here in the bay area. >> and amazon is under fire accused of misleading customers. this as the web retailer
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releases a new feature for people who can't make a decision.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. los angeles mayor eric garsetti taking a serious step. he's declaring aven emergency because of the historic sierra
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snow pack. >> now the mayor says as the snow melts it has the potential to create flooding situations. the accurate duct runs through several counties and the u.s.. they're moving fast to build a new bridge in big sur. now that the bridge on pfeiffer canyon has been torn down. >>. >> now the bridge started collapsing after last month's rain and the landsli. the shut down of highway 1 in big sur is causing major problems with more than 400 people stranded. hotels, restaurants, and state parks have been cut off. people want caltrans to quickly build a new bridge which is expected to take six months at a
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price tag of up to $30 million. a measure in the state legislature could make public college and universities tuition-free for california residents. it could improse a 1% tax. to help pay for tuition and fees for all in state students. it would cost just over $2 billion. a 2/3 vote is required to pass it. now the author of the bill susan tellemonte said it would also be coupled with a constitutional amendment. well the california based consumer watch dog group is accusing amazon of misleading kurps. >> the consumer advocacy group has filed a complaint saying they checked. the consumer watch dog says that
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impries that other retails sell the products at the higher price. >> the list price really is a notional bogus price and so they're creating the impression of a discount luring consumers in to buy if you will, when there really isn't any such discount at all. >> canadian officials recently fined amazon a million dollars for not proving the accuracy of list prices. well amazon calls the consumer watch dog study misleading and told the los angeles times manufacturers, vendors, and sellers tell us list price. and we eliminate list price when we believe it isn't relevant to our customers. also amazon has a new feature for prime members who can't decide what to wear. it's called outfit compare.
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you'll receive a response from a team of fashion experts. if you're worried about privacy amazon says only employees can see your photos. and you know your san francisco quarterback i'm sure nobody ever heard of him. >> coming up at 6:30 we'll tell you what else the president had to say about the new free agent. >> plus, the trump administration has put a new ban in place on certain electronic devices on specific flights coming to the u.s. we'll tell you about the new rules and why the administration says they were necessary. >> rain means slower commute for you if you are driving on highway 24 for example. it looks like it's slowing down right through lafayette. >> well overnight rain is now
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giving way to moderate bans of rain. sunnivale, mountain view, and palo alto.
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good morning. it is raining on most of us here in the bay area. here's a live look outside. oakland along the estuary. can you see there goes the windshield wiper. you can tell it is definitely raining here in oakland. steve and i were talking about the jackson of rainstorms. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark . let's not wait. let's go straight to steve paulson. >> we've had some pretty intense
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storms come through. not sure rene says i'm so loving these spring showers. keeps that pollen down. some of that rain moving north. napa, american canyon, vallejo venecia. look at that line heading right into mountain view. wood side, 280 and then coming right off of 84 and then there's more coming in. and smof these cocaine some hail or brief heavy rain. ones going through san ra monoright now just came out of hayward. so that's visiting them and there's more coming in upstream towards the south. and towards gilroy which has had plenty this morning. that's going to help trigger
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some afternoon thunderstorms. 50s and 60s on the temps here. pretty good build up spooesh if we get some breaks in those clouds. and take your pick there's gong to be off and on rain. farther north better opportunity closer to the core and also the colder air for the thunderstorm activity. 60s on the temps. 6:32 when it rains we usually have one issue or two. yeah, and normal morning commute will also show us some issues so combine that with the rain steve and you're intlument right. now we did have a report on something going of. i don't see it here but i'm just looking around for it. chp saying that there's something blocking lanes so it would be perhaps eastbound 580 right around here in this area. i don't see it but you can also see the traffic getting out to the maize is going to be slow.
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we also do have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see this traffic is going to be slow as well. a lot of crowds here except for the car pool lanes getting into san francisco. looking at the san mateo bridge traffic is looking pretty nasly. this is a look at san jose. you see the road sensors are beginning to fire up red on 85 approaching 17. that's about all. there's a couple of other spots here but for the most part it's beginning to get a little bit slower but still have a little room for you to get out there this morning there is a new ban in place for certain electronic devices on flights coming into the u.s. from several muslim majorityries count>> good morning to you gu. administration officials say new
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took this emergency reaction because they say there's still a great deal of terrorism threats. those larger devices will now be banned from certain flights coming here to the u.s. from certain countries in the muslim world. these new rules are very narrow and very specific and to that end they will only impact two flights that come into sfo. passengers cannot bring those devices into the cabin of the plane on inbound direct flights from certain muslim majority countries. those eight countries are as follows. now cellphones will be allowed inside the cabin on board those flights. this morning tralers here at sfo. are weighing in on the
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restrictions. >> i don't think it's meaningful at all. these devices have came in from all over the world and how many have actually triggered explosions maybe a crowded market or some of the kufrnls they're probably banning. so i don't see the impact. >> reporter: under an issue directive larger electronics will have to go in a passenger's bag. this will only apply to a total of about 50 inbound flights. this comes a week after president trump's second bid to restrict travel from muslim majority nations was blocked here by the courts in this sxufrm now we have an electronics ban being put in place but it is narrow lite
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lored to -- narrowly taylored. >> alex savage at sfo. well san francisco has banned employees from traveling to south dakota. the ban on city employees traveling to south dakota is part of an ordinance. yesterday in kentucky at a campaign style rally president trump talked about 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> there was an article today that was reported that nfl
6:37 am
owners don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nastily tweet from donald trump. >> colin kaepernick refused to stand during a national anthem. he's already said he would not take a knee during the anthem this coming season. movie director spike lee is also talking about kaepernick. saying how is it that there are 32 nfl teams and kaep is a free agent. analysts say. the two democratic state
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senators say their research shows. they say the state should emphasize rehabilitation over incarceration. among their proposals ending the practice of letting minors waive their right to remain silent without talking to a lawyer first as a minor it's a much more likely to give a false confession during intersections. searching for a woman accused of stealing wallets from women who look like her. the sheriff's office posted photos of the the suspected thief on facebook. authorities say she has done this in several states and was repeatedly seen here in the bay area. anyone with information is asked to cal the san mateo county sherf's office. a man hunt goes o this morning for a tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a
6:39 am
15-year-old student. authorities released surveillance video of cummons shopping at a walmart a week ago shortly before the kidnapping. they could be anywhere in the kufrnl. >> our efforts to locate her and the man believed to have kidnapped her believed to be active and ongoing. >> now in january another student reported seen kissing cummons vpt until a day after he and miss thomas went missing. thomas is now on tennessee's 10 most wanted list. it's believed he is armed with two handguns and has been studying to be a survivalist. public health officials in in san francisco say a woman has
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died from drinking herbal tea. the tea leaves were bought at the sun wing wo market in china town. to find out exactly where the tea came from. > time is 6:40. it's raining again here in the bay area and for a family here in vallejo it made a big mess during the night. coming up you're going to see this. a really close call after a huge tree crashed into their home. >> getting physical. >> yeah, it got physical. the warriors rolled past the thunder. the cheap shot before the game as steph curry leads a last seen impression. >> good morning we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy. also all the bridges are going to be crowded now. so this commute is going to be slower. >> our rain pattern kicked in yesterday afternoon.
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and even in san francisco right now. closer look at some of these coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:43 and google announced today it is changing their advertising. appearing alongside controversial videos featuring terrorist support groups and white nationalist david duke. toyota and heinz as well as the
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british government pulled their advertising from google and youtube. google which owns youtube is promising to eliminate rate speep that will no longer accept ads that harass people. uber says it's scaling back its plan to expansion. 2000 to 3000 employees were supposed to move into the o sears building on broadway last year. they will rent out much of the oakland site. in a state oakland mayor says in part quote this prime office will be put back into full use. time is 6:44. target is giving shoppers a peak at the future. take a look at what a houston's door will look like when it comes in october. it will have a speed entrance.
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that will lead shoppers to the redesigned grocery aisle. target plans to renovate 600 stores over the next three years. basketball fans from around the country will descend on san jose. >> san jose is one of four cities picked to host games at this regional level. the last time they hosted the san jose men's basketball tournament was 1847. west virginia plays gonzaga followed by xavier and by the way both days are sold out. >> it's a pretty exclusive and elite event and it doesn't surprise me that, you know, the tickets were snatched up pretty quickly. >> restaurants, bars, and hotels in the area are expecting a
6:46 am
surge in business as well. people who live in san jose say they want to be part of the action. >> college basketball while we're college students. you captain miss that opportunity. >> and those fans who cooperate get tickets you can still be part of it. whoever wins the games in san jose advances to the final four in phoenix. >> i'm going to be watching the games in memphis. >> i know. uc i. 6:46 is the tim let's check in with what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> coming up in a couple of minutes vandals in san francisco is tagging those at&t buses and the city says at&t isn't moving fast enough to clean up that graffiti. what the city did to give the utility a not so gentle reminder
6:47 am
about its responsibility. >> also could california teachers be facing new hiring and firing rules. see right now they can get perm independent status after two good years on the job. that could be expanded to three. most states have longer proobservations. we'll tell you what the lawmakers behind the bill say they want to achee and easterly -- achieve and early concerns we're hearing time is 6:47. the warriors beat the thunder last night 111-95. before the game an oklahoma city thund rolled out this fan a cup
6:48 am
cake with crutches. >> getting physical. it's getting physical. >> whoa. >> it got physical. between seth curry and the thunder before that jumped ball. but moments later it was steph who got the last laugh. >> right now. look at this. wow. we know who one that jump. >> the buzzer. nothing but net. warriors led by 26 at the end of the 3rd allowing steph curry to rest the entire 4th quarter. he had a team high of 34 points. but they beat okc. >> yes they did. 6:48 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> i really enjoyed that, pam and dave. >> oh, yeah. >> and everyone in that arena just hands down at their side.
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>> you know. >> i didn't like that so much. i liked when he zung that three. i'm going to put that on loop here. good morning. let's go out and take a look at highway 24 westbound as you drive through the lafayette area. it's stop and go here. the wet weather is not helping. it's just a normal day with just a little bit of extra slowing because of the wet weather. we're also looki at traffic in the mcarthur maize and the wet weather is coming down just as steve said. it's going to be raining off and on. and that means the roads are going to be continually wet. this is a look at the san mateo. bridge and that traffic is moderately heavy moving out towards the high-rise. heavy pockets of slowing. 280 slows at 17 and so does 85.
6:50 am
it hasn't completely moved in. but 87 is also slow. at 6:49. let's bring steve in that was the dagger. >> yeah thank you. we do have pretty good rain moving through for these traffic cameras. now it's kind of hit and miss. but laura k. says wow. over the last 24 hours that's not too bad. we could do better than that. we can beat that. ben lowman. i'm sure bonnie's had more than that. soquel's over 2". our observer michael polasky. and there's some pretty good lines moving through from about
6:51 am
st. helena. also american canyon back over to hidden brook. valle jo. and you can see coming right across here from the richmond district san francisco right over the bay bridge and also berkley that was pretty strong. that's the one that went through the city there. still moderate to heavy rain for some. and it is just lit up on the san mateo coast. back over to red wood city and then right on 84. i think on the union city side. and red wood shores that is really intense rain starting to fall right there. so from wood side over to palo alto and right into the santa cruz mountains. and also into bolder creek. so some of this is picking up very intense. and as it does it's going to enhance this on shore push and flow. not only that we could get some
6:52 am
thunderstorm activity out of this. had a taste earlier if you will. a low rotating in. look and see on the right track. that's the jet stream. rounding the base of that is going to give us a pretty good round of rain. still rain the last time i checked althought looks like a rain/snow mix. the colder air will arrive. then the snow level will go down. 50s and 60s rather breezy. out of the south southeast for everybody and their uncle. mainly it's a southerly breeze. look for some thunderstorm activity today certainly in the valley. you get closer to the core. there's some moderate to heavy rain moving through right now and this will keep us so to speak here throughout the rest of the day and into tomorrow. 60s on the temps. that will mean some cooler
6:53 am
temperatures on wednesday and then a strong system, probably the strongest in the series on friday, pam. >> thank you steve. 6:52 is the time right now. can you put a price on california's tarps. coming up next the decision for voters and the price tag. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. the state assembly narrowly approved put the it on the state ballot. as well as open spaces and disadvantaged areas. several republicans don't like it. they say park improvements should be paid for upfront using general fund money not a bond. water officials in southern california are continuing to see clouds. the santa barbara california agent is partnering with a company. they're using silver iodide particles. >> it's a silver crystal which is released from this very fine
6:57 am
smoke. it's like vitamins. the clouds become much more efficient at putting rain on the ground. >> some claim the release of chemicals during cloud ceding is safe. despite concerns from the public last night the san rafael city council signe off on the train. to make sure a bike and a pedestrian pathway is built. it was a key incentive when voters approved the smart train service. >> there's 60% of the population that have a bike in the garage and would really like to go to the train by bike or do their business and they're not comfortable on the street. they want to be on a multiuse path. >> eventually the smart train is scheduled to run from cloverdale all the way down to larksberg. the first phase from santa rosa
6:58 am
to san rafael. that's supposed to happen soon. it's expected to open in the summer of 2018. a lot of whistle sounding around the area. it is 6:58. happening right now in washington a senate confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch is under way. the top questions he may face. >> and caught on video, a woman backing into a family in a walmart parking lot in union city. what happened right before that police say may have set off that driver.
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>> a vallejo family wakes up this morning finding a tree trying to come into their house. we speak with the family and discuss what they will do next. no laptops, no computers, no cameras. the new restrictions announced overnight on some flights heading into the united states. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2.


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