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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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believed to break in her house and cause a raw cuss and that provided a restraining order for her project for 7 days. at that time the officers confiscated the weapons that were registered to him and took him in for safekeeping, a normal domestic violence protocol. a look at the scene from sky fox. this was how it ended when the man was cornered by arriving police. he was ordered to drop his weapon. there was some back and forth negotiation as he did not comply. he was pointing the gun at himself and when he pointed his gun at officers that's when a single police shot was fired. about that same moment the suspect shot himself in the head. now the deputy chief says he doesn't know if it was the police shot or the self- inflicted shot that killed the man. he does say that the man is in his 40s. the woman in her 40s as well. and that she is at the police station giving her statement but in his wood she did everything right and can kept her wits about her.
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during the month where she has been going through the turmoil with him and today when it escalated to what could have been a violent scene and possible harm against her. >> deborah we know she was literally running for her life and calling 911 as she was running. do we know whether her ex- husband was actually running after her at that point and did he fire any shots at her. >> let me show you the truck and this is the road she ran down and the truck is in the distance. if we can zoom you can see the tow truck has arrived to take it away. that is where she arrived at work and that's where he jumped out and confronted her and she took off running down the road and apparently he was as well. so this is the distance that they traveled just a block down the street and to another building unrelated to them and so that's where it ended. i did ask the deputy chief though, frank, if the arriving officers who were a few minutes away knew who this man was at
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the time. did they know its history and know they would have a propensity to violence and restraining order and he said no, there wouldn't have been time to have that much information as far as they knew they were arriving to a scene in this business park where there might be an active shooting and piecing together the details as they went. >> incredibly story and thank goodness the woman is still alive. deborah reporting from redwood. thank you. we will post the latest on this news and posting updates on facebook and twitter and our mobile app. >> developing news out of san jose where a bicyclist was struck and killed by a car this afternoon. officers responded to lee avenue and coi drive before three. they cried the cyclist as adult male. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the vehicle stopped nearby and police say that driver is cooperating with
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investigators. the coroner's office will release the identity of the bicyclist once his next of kin is notified. a murder trial got under way in the south way for their deputies accused of a beating death of inmate. jesse gary says the testimony included graphic pictures from the scene. >> nearly two years after alleged crime, defendants matt far ris and matt rodriguez arrived at the hall of justice for the first day of their murder trial. inside the department 31 deputy district attorney matt breaker started his opening statements by telling jurors power and the abuse of power. that's what this case is about. the three santa clara sheriff deputies charged in the august 2015 death of mentally challenged inmate michael kyrie. breaker showed jurors in steps pictures of michael kyrie dead on the floor outside his cell covered in vomit and feces. the prosecutors cite the the autopsy report that showed the victim had a ruptured spleen and lacerated liver that he
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claims was due to the severity of a retal latory beating. >> i don't think we have to counter it. we have science. we know what caused mr. kyrie's death and it was not deputies. >> but the defense lawyers say their clients are not guilty and impair ra cal science will prove it and claim that defense experts will show it was impossible for the three guards to beat him to death but the injuries came from a fall after the guard left the cell to complete round. >> it was from him standing on the toilet and slipping off and his skid mark on the toilet seat from his feet where he fell back and the puncture mark in his back. the sinkular puncture mark coincides directly with how the spleen was injured. >> prosecutors will call inmates that testified to hearing the beating and hearing kyrie beg for the punishment to stop. >> the prosecutor will also
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introduce logs of text messages in which the defendant seemed to brag about the beating of inmates. proof he said of a culture of abusing inmates inside the jail. if convicted a you will three can get life in prison. in san jose jesse gary, fox 2 news. to the weather and a beautiful day. it didn't start that way. and the heavy rain lasted until the early morning. this is what it looked like in berkeley. the skies cleared and the sun came out. >> played a role in a family in vallejo when the huge tree came crashing down this morning. the family was able to avoid injuries after the tree came right on to their home during the wind and rain. the city has now red tagged the home. a funnel was spot the in turlock this morning. heavy rain and lightning and hail have also been reported in
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the area. >> this weather is crazy. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. i remember going home last night, it was pouring. it was so hard that your wipers could barely keep up and pockets of water all over. >> like february and january. here we are, yesterday the first day of spring and it felt different. we will continue. this whole week won't feel spring like if you are used to wet springs. talking about more rain coming our way and the rain we got in the last 24 hours, check it out. they are impressive. three inches of rain in ben lowman and an inch in petal louma and an inch in yontville. over an inch. significant rainfall came down and we still have showers throughout now. let me go forward. the next system is this back in here and that will bring rain on friday.
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here are where the showers are still in the north part of the state. clear lake and santa rosa and as you head down here, this is the tornado warning that frank and julie mentioned. i will back it up. here we are at noon and then right through modesto and you can see the progression and these storms exploded tuesday or this afternoon at 2:00 right there. coming up and powerful storms. went to the south of the bay. just missed us and it could have went through the bay. didn't happen. tornado warning and showers here and the showers are winding down rapidly as i mentioned, more showers coming our way on the wednesday morning commute and i will have the details in a bit. and a reminder you can download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the conditions. president trump made a visit to capitol hill to lobby republicans in the house to support the american health care act. that's the republican bill that would replace obama care. it is said to go to a vote on
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thursday. it is unusual for a sitting president to travel to congress to trump for a bill underscoring the president's commitment to seeing it passed quickly. some conservative republicans don't like the legislation in its current form and want changes. they call it obama care like and democrats remain united in their opposition. it is nothing more than a band-aid for a piece of legislation that will rip coverage for 24 million americans. >> this is what voters have been waiting for. republican leaders seem to think that they have enough votes to pass the bill on thursday. but it is unclear when the senate will take up the bill where it may be tougher to pass. on wall street stocks took the biggest losses as financial shares tumbled. bank of america sank six percent and jp morgan chase and wells fargo each lost about three percent. the broader markets lost one
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percent. the dow lost 237 points and nasdaq sank 107 and the s&p dropped 29. people coming to the united states on direct flights from 8 mostly moslem countries will have to leave their laptops in their checked baggage. new rules require that any electronic device larger than a smart phone can no longer be brought on board a u.s. bound plane in carry on luggage from those countries. rob roth says the business travelers say this will be a huge inconvenience. >> passengers off of a 16 hour flight from arab emma ris are not happy. many travelers say they need their laptops for the flight. >> i have to do a lot of work when i am flying and coming in the country to make notes and get ready for presentations. it will be a big hassle. >> the barn begins saturday. passengers that flies from the
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united states to 8 countries will no longer be able to carry on electronics larger than a smart phone. laptops and kindsals will all have to be checked. besides the united emma rest the country are jordan, egypt, katur and kuwait and morocco. this soft way engineer flies between the u.s. and the united emma rest has mixed feelings. >> security is first and if there is not sufficient data for a hazard it is an overkill. 16 hours of work wasted. washington officials say the new directive is not based on a specific threat but they are trying to keep terrorist groups from smuggling explosives on board planes. we smoke by phone with an airport security consultant outside washington d.c. >> this seems to be a typical
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maneuver to address specific -- the piece of intelligence that has become available. >> passengers say it will be difficult especially for parents trying to keep small children entertained and some say security is paramount. >> not allowed to carry a gun or a hunting knife is that an abundance of caution or common sense? >> the british government has also announced a similar restriction, no word on how long the ban will be in effect. at san francisco international airport, rob roth. ktvu fox 2 news. no man is above the law. >> coming up president trump's pick for the supreme court making his case at the capital. at 6:30, details on day two of his confirmation hearing. there may be a few sprinkles on the wednesday commute. i will line that up for you after the break. relief for people in areas devastated by the recent rain. the federal loan program just
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approved. and any amount of loan i want to get because i don't have flood insurance.
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some relief is on the way for california residence and businesses that sustained damage during the severe storms. >> federal disaster loans are available to those that need to make repairs. cristina the rock springs neighborhood was hit hard by the flooding. reporter: it was and talking
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about low interest federal disaster loans that are available across the state including right here in san jose where roughly 400 to five hundred households remain displaced. >> the february storms that flooded san jose rock springs neighborhood has left behind a mountain behind of dried up messed. >> kim is using credit cards to pay for the properties she owns and plans on applying for a low interest loan for the 24 damaged units. >> any amount of rent or loan i what about to grab it right now because i don't have a flood insurance. the insurance coming out and deny everything. >> starting the u.s. small business administration is offering low interest loans to affected residence in santa clara and santa cruz properties. homeowners are eligible for $40,000 to replace damaged
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personal items like a car. businesses and nonprofits are eligible for up to two million dollarss. >> we want to ensure that every member takes advantage of this assistance. >> san jose member san la cardo says the loans may provide the best chance for families to get back. >> you don't need to be a business. they are available to renters and homeowners and you do need to apply and do it within 60 days. >> wynn says she and her renters need the assistance go we have to do as much as we could to replace what we lost. fortunately i have great tenants and they will be patient to wait until i fix it. >> for those that need assistance, the 12th floor of san jose city hall will be transformed into an outreach center and that opens tomorrow morning at ten. people can start applying right now. frank. cristina. i wasn't sure if the pictures you showed were taken today. when you walked down the street in that neighborhood do you see
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the piles of rubble and the cars that are no longer any good and haven't been towed away yet. >> we do. we will take the camera off of the tripod. the debris is still right here and still police officers blocking off the street making sure that residents or homeowners can check the property and this debris still remains and the only people here are crews that are tasked with stripping the floors and carpet. the work still being done. >> cristina thank you. >> a reminder to go to for more information on how to apply for one of the federal loans. click on web links. new at six. the sonoma county board of supervisors awarded a 3 million- dollar contract to build a community park in memory of andy lopez. it is where the 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in 2013. the teen was carrying an air soft rifle designed to resemble an assault weapon when he was
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shot 7 times by deputy eric rohas. many demonstrations took place where the park will be bill. the california film institute director entered a not guilty plea to child pornography charges. 71-year-old john morrison is charged with possession and distribution of child porn. he was arrested after searching his home in san francisco. they found hundreds of videos and photographs. morrison taught film classes to young children at the film institute. his next court date is at the end of the month. now to the sierra where a good samaritan helped to rescue two dogs that fell through thin ice near south lake tahoe. the owner of the two dogs were struggling to save them and a stranger jumped into help. >> the local fire department wants to get the word out that they respond to animal rescue as well as people in trouble. >> spend just a few minutes with russell and dexter and you can see the outdoors suit them
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well. that's why the owner terry po land brings them to cove east. >> they are chasing ducks like the dogs do. >> when the shelties moved out of sight and didn't respond. routine turned into panic. >> they ran on the ice and before i knew what was happening they got themselves into trouble and fell in a hole that was far out. >> far as long as 15 minutes the pair struggled to stay afloat and stuck in frigid water. >> they tried to get out and couldn't and were trying every avenue and i jump in and tried to swim. for far away and too cold. it started to take my breath away into a man on a pedal boat rescued the dogs along with one of terry's friend. >> he came and picked up sandy and she went towards the dog and broke through the ice and grabbed the dogs out in the nick of time because these dogs were going down.
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>> in too much of a panic and unaware that south lake tahoe would come she didn't call 911. >> south lake believe a dog is part of a family. >> they train for water rescue whether it is man or man's best friend. >> people love their animals and they will make every evidence , effort they can and to prevent this from happening we will do. >> a lesson learned from terry in south lake tahoe. >> getting it out there that the fire department comes to the rescue of animals is huge. in our community, it is huge because everybody has a dog up here. >> and more snow heading to the mountains and more rain headed our way. these were the highs from today. started off wet and the sun came out and temperatures warm. mid 60s. 65 in oakland and 68 in hay ward. 68 in antioch. pretty warm once the sun came out. tomorrow like today where we
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start off with sprinkles and end up with mostly sunny skies. the current setup president radar. shows you what is happening. the model would push you in the future but this is the radar. you can see the analysis bus you see the spinning radars. this is the live doppler spinning. so you know. i never explain that. the radar is happening now and you can see it is out towards santa rosa and the guysers and outside the live pick. you got clouds and unsettled weather that will take us to tomorrow morning. here is what we got. tomorrow morning in san francisco. you see the showers, widely scattered shower on wednesday morning commute. you may not get any but some folks will and in the afternoon a lot like today it starts to clear out and by late in the day san francisco and oakland, 62 and probably 65 or 66 in some of the warmer spots. this is a your wednesday.
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i will show you friday which is more significant weather system. a little girl snatched from her mother at a bay area grocery store. >> she had my daughter in her arms. right at the front door and headed out the front door with her. >> coming up next. the girl's mother tells us what happened next plus her warning now to other parents. barry bonds has rejoined the giants. mark will tell us about the front office position that team created for one of the games greatest home run hitters. >> a pair of dime thieves caught in the act. the search for the armed robbers
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in the south bay. valley fair mall, december 20th at ben bridge jewelry. surveillance captured an incident. a man and woman enter the store and they ask to see jewelry and struggle over it. the two thieves took off and the male suspect is described as black man about 25 years old standing about 6'1". the female is black and approximately 18 to 20 years old. >> anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police department. a family in sonoma is speaking out since a 4 year-old was almost kidnapped at a
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trader joe's. the reason for wanting to comment now from the parents. >> lexy pen says her 4 year-old daughter that we will call sarah has not been the same since december 8th. that's the day the two were shopping at this trader joe's in santa rosa. lexy at the check out and sarah a few weeks away. she noticed a woman i go her daughter. >> i saw the woman swoop down and when she came out she had my daughter in her arms right at the front door and headed out the front door with her. >> a hysterical lexy runs after the woman and identified as 41- year-old tina sapanic headed to the parking lot when lexicon fronted her. >> when i told her to give me back my daughter and she put her down she says i'll respect you. i will respect you. >> police were here within minutes and had the suspect arrested and booking her on kidnapping charges. they learned the judge wanted
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her to give her five years of probation and one year in jail but the minimum for kidnapping is five years in jail. >> probation, how can that be justified. >> sarah's father said the punishment is too lenient. district attorney joe ravish agrees. >> i think it was a rush of judgment on the part of the judge. he had not been provided with a report from the probation department. >> despite claims that sapanic is transient and suffers from mental illness she is well kept and coherent. >> she knew she did something wrong. she was caught and she knew it. >> the pens say sarah has been struggling since the attempted kidnapping. >> she is a scared little girl. she is a sassy thing and outgoing and talkative and that's not her now. >> i put her in the spa because she watches over. >> sarah sleeps with the virgin mary by her bed stand. she is not even catholic her
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parents say but the statute gives her comfort. >> she is scared in her own home. she sleeps with a pretend sword and shield to keep her safe. >> she has pled no contest. >> if she receives a year in jail she will be free in june. >> it is bigger than us. >> there is an online petition on change. >> you can do this and get away with it. >> tara moriarty fox 2 news. ktvu at 6:30 starts next. president trump supreme court pick questioned at the u.s. capital. >> i put my ego aside when i put on the robe. >> up next, details on day two of neil gorsuch confirmation hearing. >> plus how bay area businesses are taking a stand against the president's plan to build a
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border wall. >> a bwx bike stolen. how the father and police got it back. stay with us. ktvu news is up next.
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