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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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because when spring starts right, the months that follow stay perfect. load up your shed with scotts and miracle-gro. it's time to get outside. ♪ ♪ now to our top stories. police in redwood city are investigating the shooting death of a man following a domestic dispute. it happened at an office park
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near saginaw drive. a woman called to say her ex- husband was chasing her. officers tracked down the suspect and exchanged one shot with the man before he shot himself in the head. >> federal disaster loans are now available to help residents in businesses that suffered damage during the winter storms. the low interest loans available in 24 counties including santa clara and napa and santa cruz. property owners can borrow up to $200,000. homeowners and renters available for $40,000 to replace an item. new restrictions going in effect for people travel to go to u.s. from 8 moslem countries. they will no longer be allowed to have any electronic device longer than a cell phone with them in the cabin. all lab tops and tablets and kindles will have to be checked.
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business travelers say it will be a huge inconvenience on long flights. >> watching ktvu fox 2 news. president trump supreme court nominee faced his first full day of questioning from the senate. >> notably neil gorsuch talk about the attacks on judges calling them disheartening and demoralizing. joe waldman on the other controversies that the judge tackled. >> supreme court nominee neil gorsuch getting peppered with ten hours of questions on a wide ra vite of topics. >> no man is above the law. >> president trump supreme court pick judge neil gorsuch making the case for why he belongs on the bench in the nation's highest court. the senate in the ju dishary asking if he had any trouble ruling against president trump if confirmed. >> i put aside my ego when i put on the robe. >> facing the 20 members with
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democrats hitting gorsuch hard and still upset that president obama nominee merit garland never made to it confirmation process but despite being pressed a number of times about the president's travel ban the judge refused to take the bait. >> i am not going to say anything that would give anybody any idea how i would rule in any case like that. >> torsion and abortion other topics as there were appellate rules in favor of hobby lobby and the little sisters of the poor. on the basis that it conflicted with deeply held religious convictions. >> i have applied that same law. their companion statute to moslems and oklahomaians and native americans. >> earlier senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hypotheticalled he may seek the option or a simple majority of
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51 votes if that is what is needed to confirm judge gorsuch. jo waldman fox news. san francisco mayor ed lee celebrated the signing of the anti recommending industry ordinance. it bands the creation of any registry for a select group of people such as moslems and comes in response to the crack down and calls for the registry in the u.s. people are ready for a much bigger battle. >> the mayor and city of san francisco organization and commune through the ordinance have shown a commitment, a commitment to not let the past repeat itself. our fight to keep immigrant communities and community of color safe against the federal government's onslaught is far from over. >> the new ordinance will go into effect 30 days on april 20th. a number of bay area citizens are planning to top doing business with companies that sign up to help build president trump's border wall.
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tom vacar with the movement that could force major u.s. contractors to decide if that big project is actually worth it. stick to building bridges and not walls. >> that was the message from san francisco supervisor hillary roan in front of t ylynn california headquarters. a firm that has expressed interest in building the wall on the border. her proposed legislation, any contractor taking business to help build that wall will lose any chance of getting contracts from booming san francisco's ten billion dollar annual budget. >> by introducing the legislation, we are moving beyond symbolic protests and making it clear to companied from in doing business with san francisco that we expect those companies to uphold basic principles of compassion and dedication to human rights. >> we are here to protect our communities and stand against the companies that are
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supportive of this wall that is a symbol of discrimination of hate. >> the wall is not going to prevent criminals from entering into the you said. it is going to be just an expensive structure that we will risk more lives. >> the wall is such a strong symbolism of division in our country that we don't want to have anything to do with it including contractors that want to work for the city. >> berkeley has passed the resolution banning the wall with with contractors and oakland is expected to follow tonight. >> you will be boycotted and we won't do business with your company. >> you don't overcome an evil by cooperating wit and this is why we insist that company like this one resist the california state legislation has taken steps to introduce legislation to divest from any company that is investing in trump's wall. >> the councilman has gotten
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inquiries from city officials around the nation about passing their own anti wall boycott. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up. committed to change. the promise made today by uber in light of the company's scandal. >> a big boost for nasa. the bill signed by the president and it includes a mission to mars. we support nasa scientists, engineers and astronauts and their pursuit of discovery. new at 6:30.
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uber is promising to improve the culture. the san francisco company is battling controversies including accusation of sexual harassment. three women including uber board member huffington and the head of human resources were on a conference call with reporters. uber plans to offer employees anti bias training and release a report on staff diversity by the end of the month. apple introduced a red iphone along with a few upgrades and price cuts to its ipad line. the new red iphone is a special edition to raise money for hiv innards programs. apple will make a donation for each phone sold. as for the ipad the ipad air is being call ipad. it has a brighter display and the price is cut by $70. the ipad mini has more storage and $100 price cut. >> president trump signed a
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bill giving nasa a boost in funding. the bill send nasa $19.5 billion for budget year 2018. the measure expand the u.s. space agency's objective to include a manned space flight program to mars. two of the president's former republican rifles. florida senator marco rubio and texas senator tez cruz were on han for lighter moments. >> it is a tough job. ted would you like to do it or marco, do you want to do it? i'm not sure we want to do it. >> you can send congress to space. >> the bill also calls for the u.s. to support the operation of the international space station through the year 2024. well a ten year-old boy reunited with his beloved bmx bike. thank you so much deputies. i'm so happy that you brought my bike back. >> how the boy's dad teamed up
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with authorities to find it. and we are tracking the showers that are still out there, the showers that are to come and the rain that we could see as we head towards the weekend.
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most of time when a bike is stolen it's gone for good. >> that's what a father thought when his son's 500-dollar bike
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disappeared. >> but as crime reporter lee reports there is a happy ending. >> he loves his trick bike. >> i like the color because it is blue spark and i like how it is durable and how like the logo wild man, how it looks like caution tape. >> marvelllo leaves where kids leave their bikes unlocked and he left his bike leaping against a school bus stop and when he came back it was gone. >> i i had a little streak of panic. >> marcelo's dad knew it was stolen and that he needed to get it back. on a whim he checked out craigslist under north bay and bikes. >> sure enough there it was. when i went on craigslist it was on the top. wild man, his bike. just popped out at me. i was like oh, my god. >> marcelo's $500 bike a christmas gift was being
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soldier field for half the amount and that is where sheriff deputies stepped in and pretended to be a buyer and met the buyer. a man showed up with the bike and cited with possession of stolen property. >> glad we got him his bike back. >> marcelo's christmas bike is back where it belongs just in time for his birthday. marcelo turns 11 next week. >> thank you so much deputies. i'm so happy that you brought my bike back. >> bike theft can be hard to crack but in this case the wheels of justice move pretty quickly in wood acre, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. i like that kid and i like his smile and his enthusiasm. >> the wheels of justice. >> let's bring in bill martin. >> it is a nice story. and henry's wheels of justice. that's good stuff. yeah. i like that.
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we were talking about that because it is an easy -- great to see someone get their things back. >> bad guys get put away. >> we got rain. and it is dying down and the morning commute, maybe wet. morning commute was wet. let's take a look at the rain. most of it is northeast. see a few drops showing up south of santa rosa and a few sprinkles and count on that kind of through the night and then by tomorrow morning we get another brush with some wetness and during the morning commute. i will show you that in the computer model. 65 in concord and 63 in livermore. mild and warm. lake tahoe the snow levels are high and you are still like tonight you are looking at 6000- foot. it will drop down to 5000 feet by tomorrow. but you can see a foot of snow between now and midday tomorrow. winter weather advisory tomorrow and a winter storm
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warning on friday as another storm comes in and maybe showers out there near the golden gate bridge. that darkness. we will be tracking it for you. here is the model tomorrow morning. that chance for shower and that will be rain on the morning commute. redwood city and san francisco south. cleared out quickly like today and tomorrow afternoon it is similar to today. not quite as much sunshine and temperatures today in the upper 60s despite the significants -- when you woke up you thought it would be rainy and 9:30 it was done for most of us. now we go to thursday morning. thursday is your day. thursday morning. and then thursday afternoon. dry, nice and this guy tees it up. friday and then fridaymor and so it looks like friday's morning commute. friday morning commute and certainly friday afternoon will be wet and that's the friday system. the headline this week as that is the most organized system.
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although we did get rain like i said we got three inches of rabbin the santa cruz mountains. 63 in san jose and 60 in morgan hill. and the five-day forecast morning showers on the commute and not a bad day. and then thursday's morning and friday goes pretty well. that is a slow commute morning and afternoon and saturday and sunday a chance but don't sweat it. i think the week will be fine. more unsettled weather. it is pretty doable. barry bonds returns to the san francisco giants. mark is up next to tell us about his new roll. what started a fight and who threw the punches next.
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this portion of ktvu news brought to you by the all new chrysler pacifica. mark is here with sports. warriors trying to keep the magic going. >> a couple of weeks ago the sky was falling. warriors were done. they lost three in a row. now they have it rolling again. back to back nights as a matter- of-fact. that is not hurting their cause at all. playing the mavs down in dallas. and look at this.
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kevin durant jogging before the game. that's a very concerning sign and kevin durant. look at this. a couple of familiar names. seth curry to harrison barns. a couple of former warriors. let's have enough of that. meanwhile seth. brother of steph rolls with damon with the becomest and clay thompson leading the way. 13 at half-time and warriors leading 62-15 against the dallas mavs intending. meantime i don't know what it is but closer to playoff time teams getting a little testy. take finance tonight's game, robin lopez the stanford man takes exception to search baca under the basket and that is not pushing and shoving. throwing punches. i don't know if they landed. it looks like grazers right there but i can tell you this.
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both players rejected for the little extracurricular and possible suspension will follow. looks like lopez took a little brunt of the fist on the side of his face right there near the eye. we will catch up with that later. meantime could this be the first step towards a statute in front of at&t park. finally for barry bonds. as the giants have announced that barry will become a full time employee. he is going to be a special adviser to the ceo. larry bear on a regular basis to do community events and go to spring training as a matter of fact tomorrow be an instructor and go through the season in the minor league venue for the giants 7 time mvp. knows a thing or two hitting in particular. meantime the real feel-good stories from the giants in spring training and is matt going to have a happy ending.
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michael morris who did so well in his come-back attack has sustained a hamstring injury. he will be out indefinitely and the giants say that he will probably have to go for rehab and if he chooses to continue his come-back he will have to see some duty in the minors. he looked like he was going to make the team as of a couple of days ago. in the meantime other baseball news. tim tebow he has got something to learn, in the minors right now and oh, he was tackled by the foul line. right there. take a look at it. we are not picking at him but he is in single abaseball trying to make it in big league. meantime been a lot of talk about colin kaepernick. a free agent market although it is early on the free agency season but he is still without a team. spike lee the movie director, sometimes actor says it is all
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michael. meanwhile kaepernick is up to $500,000 in donations to charity. the latest $50,000 donated to meals on wheels and his former coach, jim harpy says not only is he going to be all right, but he is going to play well and succeed again in the nfl. jim harbaugh. outstanding player. i think he is a great competitor and proven it in games and has the ability to be not only nfl starter but great player and a great career and be a great quarterback. win companies. all right. so collin kaepernick according to his former coach jim harbaugh will see action again in the nfl. >> i hope he gets picked up. >> it will be nice. you don't want to believe that his kneels had anything to do with it but hard to believe it doesn't. thanks for joining us tonight. see you later everyone.
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checkmate. (groans) again?! obviously, you're not well suited for three-dimensional chess. perhaps three-dimensional candy land would be more your speed. just reset the board. it must be humbling to suck on so many different levels. (knocking on door) hey, guys. hey. did you get my mail? yeah, right here. how was nebraska? well, better than north dakota.


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