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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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and republicans. it could be a crucial day for the president back health care bill as conservatives oven capitol hill try to hammer up some last minute negotiations. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday morning here on mornings on 2. march 23rd i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather for thursday. steve paulson's right there. >> it looks a little cooler. >> a little break. >> yes, until tomorrow. we have everything come doing out of the north but all the cloud cover and thunderstorm activity has moved off. you can see the air flow coming down off the in other words. clouds increasing up to the north. we'll start off sunny and then we'll get some increasing clouds later and then some rain on friday. 40s, maybe a few 30s showing up
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here. we'll stay in the upper 30s or 40s but 35 up in kelseyville. napa 40 i would expect probably about 37, 38. and low and behold look at what's going on down in phoenix. they're getting some rain down there. you're probably saying hey this is not supposed to happen. well it is. .60s on the temps today. it's 4:01 and here he is let's hope today's quieter for everybody including you. >> okay. no rain huh. >> tomorrow morning. >> all right. so another night of good sleep. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute. doesn't look bad. that means traffic is moving well as you drive from alta
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monte pass into dublin. yesterday at this time it was raining hard today and as you know right now it's not and traffic is moving along nicely. 4:02 let's go back to the december. security remains very tight in london this morning especially around the british parliament building because of yesterday's attack. during the night cars in the area near the parliament building were towed away. police were everywhere. british officials say there's no indication there will be more terrorist attacks. they're trying to assure people that london is safe. and seven people were arrested during police raids in birmingham. so far we don't know how these locations are linked to yesterday's terror attack. the british prime minister teresa may says the people of london won't let one attack to send them into a panic.
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>> tomorrow morning parliament will meet as normal. we will come together as normal and london and others from around the world to visit this great city will get up and go about their day as normal. they will board their trains. they will leave their hotels, they will walk these streets. >> now in france the lights of the eiffel tower were darkened. three of the injured victims were french students visiting london. so far british officials have not released any information about the attacker. now the reactions on social media still coming in this morning. this one from president trump. spoke to uchtk. prime minister teresa kay today she is strong and doing well. >> teresa may tweeted this
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statement. we will move forward together, never giving in to terror. former prime minister david cameron posts my thoughts are with the families of those injured and killed. those seeking to attack our country with barbarous methods we will not be afraid. i am london. and vice president mike pence said this about the terror attack in london. >> a grim reminder of the dangerous world that we live in and the importance of all the measures president trump is taking to protect our country and to do everything that we can do in our power to prevent this kind of attack from coming to our shores again. >> now investigators believe the attacker was on his own.
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republicans had hope to have a vote on their health care plan but despite some late night arm twisting they are not there yet. there are still enough republican hold outs to place the entire plan in do you think. >> i think there's conversation happening but i adopt think they have the votes unless some concessions are made. >> president trump's reputation may be on the line today over the repeal of obamacare. but a vote scheduled for today could be delayed because the gop leadership may not have the needed votes. >> when you have the fate of a presidency and the fate of a speakership hanging on the vote it's hard to see that in the end that his own party is going to reputeuate them. >> many republicans say the bill doesn't go far enough in getting rid of obamacare regulations. the republican leadership says this is just the first phase. >> they are looking at the entire plan. if you can just look at this bill which is what the
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congressional office did and i think they made a sig cabot error on the coverage. >> the chairman of the koeks appears to be open to -- caucus appears to be open to compromise. >> i think what we're trying to do now is to make sure that our agreement is actually something that can be executed in a way that passes the senate. >> this may be a good sign for republicans as they try to secure votes. >> it's not just that he says they're working together and talking it sounds like he wants to be with leadership on this. that's something we haven't seen much from the freedom caucus. >> if the house does bring the vote to the floor for a vote. in los angeles robert gray fox news. >> now this morning california senator will speak against the republican health care plan. senator harris will highlight some stories of people who have
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benefited from the care act. governor jerry brown says the republican health care plan would be devastating to california. the study by the governor's office said the republican plan would shift $6 billion in annual cost by the year 2020. governor brown was speaking yesterday sgens the republican plan outside the u.s. capital building along some other democrats and joe biden. saying millions of people in california would no longer be able to afford health care coverage. time is 4:07. san francisco police are looking for a 10-year-old girl. the girl was walking on far side avenue when a man in the car approached her, got out, and
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tried to grab her and pull her into the car. but she screamed and people nearby rushed over to help her chasing after the man but he got away. so far investigators have only released a vague description of this suspect. a white man in his 20s driving a volkswagen passat. sunday night at about midnight a cal student and another man were walking in the area of channing way and piedmont avenue while they were confronted by a group of eight men. the victims were able to escape but then the group caught up with them a short time later. police say one of the attackers showed that he had a gun. one of the victims was treated for minor injuries. your time is now 4:08 a convicted pedophile is back in jail this morning after police
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in marin. just eight months before he was supposed to go off parol. >> down the street a pizza place popular for teenagers. >> and the parol agent confirmed that he does detail vehicles, that is his job. >> only to a sting that police learned the man is a paroled sex offender considered high risk. >> and his history goes back several years. >> the boys say 54-year-old richard williams bought them food, gave them cash, and told them not to tell their parents, but one did. that's when police poses one of the boys for a week of texting with one of the boys. >> which included sexual
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enuendos. >> getting them to feel comfortable with him, safe, like he was a mentor and a teacher and he was there to support him. >> he said he was going to open up a business, a car wash and cleaner. >> finally back to the pizzeria where williams arrived for a third time expecting to meet the boys for a movie. >> and the police they were watching him and then after the police came here and then they take a picture of him. >> and then an identity for williams. convicted of learning los gatos boys. immediately alerted williams parol officer to have him arrested. williams is from san jose and has no known connection to marin. >> i'm pleased that the pizza owner here and the cops got this guy and took him away. >> the chief praises the boys
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for overcoming their embarrassment. >> being brave enough to go to their perpetrators and say this is what's happening. >> and with williams locked up their parents can finally relax. >> and she said it really wasn't until today that the whole thing hit her today of what potentially could have happened to her son and his friends. happening today santa clara county is taking steps to cut down the number of mosquitos after recent flooding. a helicopter will be used to spray large ponds. that is set to start at 8:00 this morning. officials say there's no reason for people to take any special precautions. time is 4:11. well tonight some oakland residents will get a chance to meet face to face with the new police chief. police chief ann kirkpatrick will meet tonight.
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it starts at 6:00 tonight at monotera middle school. it's 4:11 right now and a new feature on google maps has some people worried about privacy. some are now saying it makes it too easy to track you down. >> also a growing fixation on a sift 6-year-old dam in the south bay. the concerns of a project those now behind schedule. >> we're off to a decent start on this morning's commute. you can see traffic on 80 westbound. looks pretty good heading west. >> and our weather's off to a decent start but it's noticeably cooler this morning. what about the rest of the day though?
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . it's 4:15. experts say there is a risk if the main spillway at the oroville dam is not fixed. no time for dray in the state plan to restore the 770' dam. however, it gave no details on what could happen if the repairs weren't made in time. last month people had to evacuate after the main spillway and the emergency spillway were damaged during heavy storms. the department hasn't given us an estimate for the cost needed. flooding in the south bay last month created more distress over the condition of the
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anderson dam near morgan hill as well. that's why there are more than 400 people who packed into last night's meeting to fix the dam. >> ktvu's add azenith smith is there. >> they've done nothing about it. >> carrie hightower knew the dam needed a retro fit back in 2012. >> you know there's still a lot of snow melt out there and the danger is still out there if the rain comes down again. >> reporter: she is among the hundreds of residents who pack the morgan hill center and now back in 2008 found a major earthquake could cause the 67-year-old dam to fail
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potentially flooding nearby morgan hill and san jose. state and federal regulators have told the water district to limit appeareder son's water storage to 68% of capacity to preecht prevent a catastrophe. >> there were so many storms the water came back. saturated the water shed faster than we could discharge. >> reporter: the $400 million project was supposed to start in 2017 it's now delayed until 2020. . >> i do care about their frustration obviously but the way to look at this is that it's better that it's found now. any new findings, new
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complications, construction complicationings. >> reporter: historic flooding in san jose. they open this project won't face anywhere set backs. >> if they retro fit the dam and of course cleaned up the creek they may not have had this flooding in san jose. time is now 4:18. we get to check traffic now. sal, you ready for the gilroy commute and everything else. >> that's right, dave and pam. traffic is off to a nice start if you are driving on northbound 101. the heavy rain today it's going to seem like a much better commute today just because of the lack of rain.' northbound 101 looks good through morgan hill all the way up into the san jose area. and san joes traffic continues to look good -- jose traffic continues to look good here. and we're also looking good here westbound coming up to the pay gates. at 4:18 let's go to steve.
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>> well it's much easier for me coming in i'm sure the same for you, sal. >> yes, sir. >> a lot of these mornings we've had some torrential rain. we are in between systems. a little bit of cloud cover towards san jose, santa cruz mountains. could be a face-moving, brief shower. san jose does look cloudy although it looks like the clouds are continuing on just zipping by towards the santa cruz mountains. if you're getting a little bit of presip i don't think it will last very long. we're in between systems and the next one is already in the picture. but this is the temperature trend. these are not the current temps. it is not 13 below in santa rosa. this is how much colder it is compared to this time yesterday. napa airport double digits.
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livermore minus 7. but oakland 13 degrees l cooler. one system is diving into southern california and arizona. the next one here we'll have clouds in the morning and then overnight into tomorrow morning for everybody else. 40s on the temps. there are a few 30s to the north and i'm sure we'll see a few 30s in the east bay. low 40s here. even concord. martinez 47 due north. that's oakland airport. more of a westerly component out to the delta. not that strong but west southwest. 28 up in truckee. but for the sierra nevada it will be partly cloudy today. it is a bigger deal towards spring training if you're headed to phoenix and scottsdale. rain overnight into this morning and you can see the two systems. watch out right there those systems in the atmosphere that's
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heading down to southern california. that will keep that active in the phoenix area and also towards our desert. so we get a break today. it will be dry. if you work outside everything's fine. and as i mentioned earlier the system on sunday is trending wetter. i'm stunned. it's a rain year. if it was a dry year this probably wouldn't happen but it's not. tomorrow the rain looks to be up in the north i would think russian river area. some areas 2.5", 3". a decent system and combine that with the sunday system and after that it looks like the rain will calm down. temperatures will rebound very slowly but some low to mid 60s. rain returns if not late tonight. overnight into friday mofrng. we get a break saturday then one more system into early monday. time now 4:21. repairing that broken bridge
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along highway 1. the progress being made to rebuild the pfeiffer bridge and just how long it will take. >> plus... guess what starbucks hanging out the help wanted sign. how many jobs the coffee chain is looking to fill.
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welcome back to mornings on 2:00. it's 4204. calling all baristas -- 4:24. calling all baristas starbucks
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is looking to hire. it is placing an emphasis on hiring 15 million veterans. starbucks is currently focused on expanding globally with the goal of adding 12,000 stores in the next four years. google maps lets you share your location in real time so your friends can see exactly where you are. you can choose anyone on your google contacts list to share your location with and even say how long it will take to get to where you're going. google thinks this is a more convenient way of letting someone know where you are. some experts say the ability to see where a person is in real time could also be dangerous. however, google says you can turn off that function whenever you want and if you forget to turn it off it will send reminder e-mails that it's still on. the number of starter homes is slightly up in the bay area
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under slightly low levels. starter homes are anywhere between $400 ,000 and $37,000 depending on the location. only 360 starter homes went on sale in the san jose area so far this year. in the oakland area inventory is up by 19 prpt. in san francisco and san mateo counties it rose by 11%. there's a new report out by linked in. the company looked at workers who changed their location from the bay area city to somewhere else and found that the bay area lost most residents to portland, oregon last year. the most transplants coming in to the bay area are coming from new york, boston, and chicago. >> probably looking for slightly warmer weather. >> i would think. 4:26 is the time right now.
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body cameras for those working inside the san francisco jail. a pilot program getting under way to help protect deputies and inmates. >> and also the department may announce penalties for cities like many here in the bay area as soon as today. the move by los angeles to stand up for immigrants no matter what their legal status is. >> today's commute better than yesterday by far at least at this time in the morning. as you can see a nice looking picture approaching the 80 split. >> mostly clear skies. it is cooler this morning. some cloud cover near san jose and santa clara valley but it looks like some changes by this evening.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thank you for joining us here with mornings on 2. thursday march 23rd.
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i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. checking in with steve this morning. sounds like a little bit of a break before the rain. >> another system on sunday as well. then maybe a break although i still think this pattern goes into april this pattern being one of wetter than usual. it's that kind of year. november, december we were dry. also beginning of march. as you know the rain has come back and i would favor anything that says rain. it looks like it's clearing out pretty quick but a couple of those fast moving zip into the santa cruz mountains. but if it it happens it will be brief and it will be quick. increasing clouds throughout the day. it is cooler compared to 24 hours ago. those aren't the currents just compared to 24 hours ago. we'll start to see mostly cloudy skies by this evening. 40s and 50s on your temps. some upper 30s possible but right now the


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