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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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family member asking for a welfare check. information from that family member was that there were suspicious circumstances and the people needed to be checked. house is in the land park neighborhood in sacramento. the police knocked and no one answered, when they made entry, they found four people dead. at this time, police haven't revealed anything about the victims, we don't have confirmation on ages or genders or relationship to the house. >> the crime scene investigators are here and they're the ones that will takephotographs and lift the fingerprints, looking for any evidence that is related to the crime inside that might determine more for us. >> sacramento police said the homicides don't appear to be a random act. they believe the victims are
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known to the suspect. sacramento's investigation led them to san francisco. they confirmed they assisted san francisco police in making an arrest in the western addition. the suspect was taken into custody at golden gate avenue and still a police presence outside and that's in the 900 block. hill we were on scene, a woman told us, it's her apartment that police are searching and that her mother has been detained by police. san francisco police could not confirm a second person taken into custody. >> sacramento police did not have any information on a woman being taken into custody. but said anyone who was with the suspect may have been detained as well. >> any information on the original suspect taken into custody? >> no, they haven't released anything on the suspect, we don't know the gender of the
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suspect, or even the motive and connection to the people inside the house. crews rescued a man whose car plunged off the road in marin. a man in his 70s drove into a ravine at noon today. sky fox was overhead and we watched it as the crews got him out of the car and up into a helicopter. we are told the driver was the only person in the car and he may have been able to call for help using his cell phone. the road is busy on the weekends but on a weekday, it's possible no one would have seen him go into the ravine. i'm sure it happens in other places, sadly people go off the road and unless someone sees them or it comes to our attention they're not found. >> the driver was taken to the
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hospital, and no word on his condition, they're looking into the cause. two men heroes after keeping a 13-year-old girl from being kidnapped and they found their suspect, a 27-year-old from san francisco. we're near the suspect's family's home in the sunset tonight. >> we spoke to gale earlier and she and her family and friends are stunned by the news of her son's arrest. she was angry and told the media we should be covering more important news but for folks who live here, the arrest here was the most important news of the day. >> a surveillance camera shows a black vw speeding off second before he tried to kidnap a 13- year-old girl. >> the victim screamed and the witnesses pulled the victim out. >> the witnesses, two men who
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didn't want to appear, now being hailed as heroes. able to get a partial license plate number and within six hours, the police officers spotted the vehicle at apartments nearby and arrested the 27-year-old. >> he was taken into custody at 1:00 a.m. by the officers, and he emerged from a residence. >> according to his linked in page, he attended college in san diego and has an engineering background. >> he was driving into the station to talk to them and not given a lawyer. and he was read his miranda and said he was drinking and smoking marijuana and was out of it. >> the mother said her son wasn't mentally healthy probably. >> here's her reaction as to
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how she felt. >> what do you think? you feel like [bleep]. you feel like the worst mother in to the world. i'm not going to, that's not a fair question. it's, yes, no, no, i knew i was housing a closet rapist in my house, yes. >> his arrest was welcome news for those who live in west portal, and booked on kidnapping and assault to commit rape with someone under the age of 18. >> something they didn't hesitate and pulled the little girl out of the car. that's something. >> really was, and i spoke to one of the men and he didn't want any accolades and wanted
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to remain under the radar. but hugs and high-fives from neighbors. incredible they saw what was happening and intervened but it takes someone to step in and do something about it. a lot of the neighbors expressed their appreciation. >> did she say what it was that let them know that she was being kidnapped. sometimes we over think something and people don't get involved. >> she was frantic, she was screaming and so that was what alerted them. they ran out and he was pushing her into the car, she was fighting so hard, one of her shoes fell off and was in the car. there was no mistake. this girl was not going willingly and they stopped i it. now to london, a 75-year-
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old man has died following the rampage yesterday, the death toll is four including one american. 54-year-old kirk cochran and his wife are from salt lake city were hit by the suspect who drove an suv through a crowd of people on westminster bridge and celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, he died and she's still in the hospital. >> and the man that carried it out, he's a 52-year-old british man, he drove that suv and then fatally stabbed a 15 police veteran and then shot, david lee miller has more on the developments. >> in london, symbols of defiance, all less than a day after a deadly terror attack outside parliament.
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>> he acted alone and the police have no reason to believe there are imminent attacks on the public. >> he's 52-year-old british born man named khalid masood. his neighbors in central english said he was an ordinary family man with a wife and child. but had a history of arrests and that included assault and weapons charges. >> he was once investigating by mi-5 in relation to violent extremism. the case is historic and he was not part of the current intelligence picture. >> meantime, the british flag was projected in germany has a show of solidarity and donald
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trump offered condolences. >> a great american was killed in the terror attack in london yesterday. our prayers are with his family and friends. >> he and his wife were on a trip celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. >> isis is claiming responsibility and they arrested several suspects connected to the attack. earlier, israeli police arrested a man as a suspect in bomb threats against jewish community center. he's jewish and he's an american israeli dual citizen. the fbi and israeli police said he used technology to mask his phone calls. no word if he's connected to the bay area threats. a high school coach was arrested for being in a sexual relationship with a high school
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student. he was booked into jail on tuesday. police said he worked as a volunteer coach at westmont high in san jose where the victim is a student. the detectives said they believe it's an isolated case but anyone with information, contact police. this isn't just teens being teens, it's a hate crime. >> tonight, racist pictures on a fake instagram account and now a high school and police investigate. a vote on healthcare postponed for now. what republicans are fighting over and how it could derail the healthcare overhaul. back to the top story, four people found in a home in sacramento dead. and the neighborhood where the bodies found for that information. information. sunshine starts the day but clouds work their way into the
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region and another storm. timing of the heaviest downpours is next. urs is
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back now to the stop story. four people found dead in a home in sacramento and a person is detained and investigators are in the city right now looking into that. fox reporter allie wolf is where it began. how far are you from the home and what is going on there? >> well, we're steps away from where this investigation is
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centered, i'll step out here, and this is in the neighborhood of land park, it's a quiet residential community and a tree-lined street and you can see the crime scene unit and investigators have gone in and out and they're trying to piece together this quadruple homicide. and the investigation has gone on for ten hours after a welfare check and found four dead. a shocking crime for this community here, this community that doesn't really see a lot of crime and the most emotional thing we saw today, a girl came up with her mother with tears and she said she knows the girl that lives there and extremely worried that girl and her
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brother are among the victims. >> that's my question, you talked to a neighbor and a friend, it appears to be a family, a mom and dad and brother and sister? >> police have not given us confirmation. this is not random, the suspect and victims were known to each other butit's residential neighborhood and we heard from multiple neighbors that have seen kids in the house and there's a basketball hoop out front. we're hearing this from the community. >> have police said when they're going to release information and have the coroner remove the bodies and do we know how they were killed? >> you know what, the thing that we asked neighbors initially when we got on scene,
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around 11:00 a.m., if neighbors heard anything, gunshots or anything? they didn't hear a thing. as of now, we don't know how the victims were killed. or actually when, because it could have happened earlier than this morning, waiting for information as of now. and hoping for an update in the next couple of hours. >> sacramento investigators are now in san francisco and it's led them here to the bay area. any indication as to why investigators are focusing their attention in san francisco? >> i think the word that we got from police, that they detained that one person in san francisco, possibly, checking the location where the suspect was located and seeing if there's anybody else potentially involved, we have a police car entering the scene and just to answer the question
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from earlier. as far as we understand, we have not seen any bodies being removed from the house yet, we'll be on scene and bring you updates. >> how far is that neighborhood from downtown sacramento? >> fairly close, about 10 minutes from downtown sacramento. it's just south of downtown, south of the capital. very residential, this is an area where there are family homes and a safe area and we spoke to someone from the community, a community leader said that's not an area they have violent crimes. he can't remember the last time there was a homicide here. >> keep us posted for the latest. thank you. >> more than a month after the flooding in san jose, hundreds are still unable to return to
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their homes and in need of short-term housing. >> for those that have extra apartments or a back unit, make it available. >> they joined relief agencies in a plea for landlords to make units available and 500 families are still in need of short-term housing, the owner of a mobile home park made 20 units available. >> it's an ideal situation, short-term, it's not just a spot, it's a home. we can do something good and we've got bad press over the mobile home situation and we thought if we can help people
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in need we will. >> he's in discussion to cut red tape and hopes to have renters moving in soon. 2017 saw multiple storms moving in and guess what, another one is moving in, today a break with sunshine this morning, and clouds working their way back into the region and tracking rain showers. and that's in the upper levels but we'll add the shower chances to the forecast for the evening. especially up in the north bay. check in on some of the current numbers. 50s to the lower 60s. two hours ago, nothing but sun
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but a completely different story. cloudy skies and raindrops falling. far as rainfall, a big range, talking about significant rain. half-an-inch all of the way to three inches, that's for the north bay and coastal hills and the mountains but san francisco, it could be an inch and winds at 45 miles-per-hour and mountains of snow in the sierra. and we're going to add to it. overnight lows, rain develops and temperatures in the 50s. and temperatures mild out there. rain and wind and the rainfall picks up after 7:00. winds may be around 30-40 miles- per-hour and temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. showers could be heavy, but scaling back on the intensity
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and the coverage after 4:00 tomorrow. here's that active weather pattern, overall weather story is this, our next storm for friday, slight chance of a shower for saturday but for the most part, break day, and then on sunday, another storm, especially by sunday afternoon and into sunday night. over the next few hours, scattered rain pops up and we'll bump up the rain on friday. and here we go, covering the entire bay area, moderate to heavy rain, and not surprised to see an urban and small stream flood advisory. and a flash flood warning as well. temperatures close to 60 degrees and rain and wind and if you can avoid the morning
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commute or at least give yourself extra time. rain redevelops sunday and then a chance of a shower on monday. tomorrow will be a stormy one. >> breaking news involving the healthcare vote. president trump just issued annulty the latest. and later, life lessons, race and policing and students are now taking part of the discussion. discussion.
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breaking news, president trump issued an ultimatum. vote tomorrow and if it fails, he's leaving obama care in place. there continues to be disagreements over the plan and he said it's time to close the deal. >> house speaker finding himself in a catch-22. the speaker working hard to appease conservative members of the house freedom caucus but
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those negotiations in turn sparking backlash from more moderate republicans. this afternoon, the factions still appeared far from reaching a deal. >> it's ultimately the president is going to decide yes or no on what happened. >> the centrist republicans warn their constituents will lose coverage under the repeal bill and they don't like obama care, they said it's better than the american healthcare act. >> democrats are universally opposed to the plan. >> i don't know if you call this on trump's part, a rookie error. >> it comes as president trump met personally with the three dozen members of the house freedom caucus. their demand, the american
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healthcare app repeal even more mandates to truly lower premiums and they hope they can come to an agreement on. >> but there's a balancing act as you get this, we continue to make progress. >> once again, fox news learned the house healthcare vote won't happen tonight and lawmakers continue to scamble to come to an agreement. >> president trump has just issued annulty an ultimatum and it if fails, they'll be stuck with obama care, he said. racist pictures on instagram. >> this is not just teens being teens. this is a hate crime. >> the mother of one of the students targeted speaks to us about what happened at albany high school. graduation day for a convicted killer, he told us
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about a previous lifefull of drugs and violence is now about computers and coding.
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the mother of a student at albany high school is speaking out about racially offensive pictures that targeted her daughter and others at the school. we can't even show the pictures because they're so graphic. and henry, this wasn't just
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kids being kids. >> frank, there are pictures showing lynchings and african- american high school students next to apes. >> these are some of the photos posted in a fake instagram post. one showing nooses around a girl's basketball player and her coach. and others so offensive we can't show them on the air. >> this is not teenagers being teenagers. >> sarah francis is the mother of one of the girls in the photos. you have insecurities and then this comes along and it's not the first time she's been targeted. >> they spoke up so quickly and
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had that courage, our principal around his staff investigating. >> the val williams won't discuss discipline for the students who created what the district called hurtful material. 5% of the students are african americans. >> i find the photos offensive and i think it's more than disturbing. i find them disgusting and we're not going to tolerate racism and bullying and cyberbullying. >> police are also investigating. they wouldn't comment on the case. students have shocked by what happened and that some classmates made poor choices. >> stupid. i thought we were in a great community, it's a travis horrible. >> the instagram account is
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down. >> and once you attach harmful words, it's out there. >> school officials said it shouldn't define albany high and all students should feel safe. >> the woman you spoke to said it's not the first time her daughter was targeted. >> she said this happened in a separate incident and others have seen racial comments on campus, so, obviously they've got a lot of regrouping to do and i think the students are well aware that there are severe consequences. what does she want to see done? >> the mother wants these students expelled. whether it happens, it's another question. the investigation is ongoing. >> city college of san francisco, a proposal to arm campus police cause debate. they're asking that officers have guns and tasers and body
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cameras. they're the only bay area college that doesn't allow them to carry guns. a spokesperson said the board of trustees has the ultimate decision and they could vote on may 18th. the sheriff's department was awarded with money to have body cameras on guards. they'll expand the program after this. this is after two years. a large police response, police said the initial report came in around noon at that what man with a gun was on the executive park boulevard. >> we have units set up in our
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perimeter and they were able to find his location and they confirmed he has a firearm that looked real. >> police tell us it turns out to be a bb gun. today is graduation day. a unique program that teaches computer coding behind bars so it leads to a career on the outside. we went to san quentin and spoke to a convicted killer who is designing software now. >> and past the prison yards, [applause]. a graduation ceremony taking place. >> 18 inmates completed a prison program in computer
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coding to help them become more employable when they're released. >> i've been in prison for 17 years for murder. >> he said he was once involved in drugs and violence. now it's computers. to the program called code 7370, he and another inmate developed a software program for airbnb. >> it's a social media dashboard. >> he's going to be released on parole next month. >> i didn't have any experience as a coder or development, but since being in here, i've found something that i love to do and something i could see myself doing. >> the idea behind it is not just to prepare an inmate for a job but for a career. >> it's run by the last mile and eight hours a day and four
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days a week and volunteers from silicon valley come to help. three inmates who have been released are working in high- tech on the outside. >> this is a template that can be replicated. >> there's many that are looking to hire. >> these guys have done an incredible job here and it's a great opportunity. >> this program graduate is serving time for armed robbery and this has changed his life for good. >> it's a good structure to get out in the real world and not come back here. >> this is never again, i won't
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look back when i leave. still to come, a year's long battle may be over as soon as tomorrow. the keystone xl pipeline over its hurdle. >> and many get queasy, a window washer dangling after his scaffold collapses. more coming up.
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a dramatic rescue near miami. a window washer dangled outside of the 12th floor window of a beach resort and a special rescue team from the miami fire department arrived on scene. firefighters rappeled down and strapped and secured him and lowered him to safety and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. utah's governor signed a bill that makes the state's dui blood alcohol level the lowest in the country. it drops to.05 from .08. opponents including members of the ski and snowboard industry argue it punishes responsible drinkers and hurts tourism.
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approval of the keystone pipeline, it clears the way for the white house to approve the project. the pipeline does require a presidential permit before it can be finished. that ends years of delay on the 1,700 mile pipe. it carries oil from canada to the gulf coast. tom shannon will sign the permit because rex tillerson recused himself because he's the former ceo of exxon mobile. how he handled the release of the wiretapping claims, nunes' actions are prompting jackie spear and others to question his role in the bipartisan committee. >> the house intelligence committee wrapped up in two
5:43 pm
politically chargedinvestigations. >> he made waves after receiving evidence claiming the president and members of his team may have been swept up by u.s. intelligence agencies after the election, he apologized for not sharing the intel with them but some say it's not enough. >> there's grave question about hisobjectivity and we're going to assess if we're confident if he can continue in his role. >> but he's sticking to his guns and refusing to share the source of his information. >> as you can imagine, many don't want you to know and anyone to know who they are. >> meanwhile, the back-and- forth continues with the white house saying the new report
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vindicates president trump and others maintain there's no evidence to support the claims of being wiretapped by president obama. and these aren't connected to those allegations. >> he did overshoot the mark. he should not have said. >> it's not clear if there's going to be a special committee to continue the investigation. u.s. jc penney's and sears are the newest to fail an malls have to reinvent themselves. clouds have marched in over the past few hours and tracking rain. updating the current radar and talk about that timing and the heaviest rain for tomorrow and
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into the weekend. breaking it down coming up.
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foot traffic at malls fade as anchor stores shut down and sears is the latest. how can they keep people shopping there, it's about change. >> sears is on thin ice. sales fell 44% in the last five years and in an attempt to save
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itself, 150 stores are closing. >> you can depend on them having good prices and their styles are always right, and it was where we shopped for the family all of the time. and i heard about them closing, it was crushing. >> in a note to the sec, they wrote our historical operating results indicate that substantial doubt continues. not a glowing report. inside inventories are down an foot traffic is sparse. and they lost $2 billion last year. >> we worked for montgomery wards. i feel for them. >> last week, j.c. penney announced they're closing many stores and sears, two big anchor stores that keep
5:49 pm
malls alive. >> here in newark, shoppers say not so fast. >> the mall isn't dead yet. >> a two year, $64 million renovation brought new life to this 37-year-old property. it's about convenience and entertainment and this new imax movie theater and restaurants and a gym that's under construction and shoppers want options. >> it's good. >> it's a good get away and it's close and when you go to the movie, it's convenient. >> amazon grossed $36 billion last year and malls need to keep evolving. now to a story of two bay area women sharing the gift of life and a love of animals.
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michelle dunn, you see her here on the left and susan live 10 blocks apart, strangers until january, michelle donated a kidney to susan after reading about it on facebook and during the recovery, she learned about shelter puppies in need of homes. so she shared that news on facebook. michelle saw the photo of that puppy's brother and adopted her. their pets will have a lot of playdates. very nice story, and our weather, heading into friday, talking about more rain and heavy rainfall as we head into friday. especially in the north bay. right now, things are changing rapidly. and probably had sunglasses for
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the good portion of the afternoon. and closer, i saw .01 up towards geyserville, a few scattered rain showers moving into sonoma. and this will increase over the next few hours. wind speeds, nothing to major. they'll pick up, into your friday forecast, right now, winds are at 10-15 miles-per- hour and 14 and livermore, there's a gust of up to 22 mitch. and live camera, clouds working their way into the area and boat traffic. so we're going to have rainfall and by midnight, the chance of rain and tomorrow, you can count on it, but a big range in rainfall, half-an-inch to three inches. and we'll break it down. here you can't see the
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breakdown, rainfall timing increasing and then scaling back. those numbers add up for the north bay and hills and right around the bay and oakland, close to an inch and then the lesser amounts towards inland and south bay, half-an-inch. still have this very active weather out here in the pacific and the overall story, a break for the most part and saturday and then possibly more rain into sunday, especially by sunday afternoon. tonight, going to hold onto the chance of light showers for this evening and then look what happens friday, the rainfall picks up after 6:00 and 7:00 through the heart of the bay area and 2:00, heavy rainfall and then 5:00, the focus could be in the south bay. and then scaling back on the coverage and intensity and that gives a break. adding to the snow up in the
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sierras. a foot for snowfall and that's up towards 5,000 feet and forecast highs, 60 and heavy rainfall and another system for sunday not as strong and chances of showers into monday. warning, heavy rain and the day after, people say i didn't say it was going to be heavy, it's going to be heavy. two van gogh's are stolen and where those paintings were discovered after they disappeared a decade ago. the latest in our series on race and policing and students take part in the discussion. >> it's important to have them be critical thinkers if they
5:54 pm
get involved in law enforcement to see and understand the communities they serve.
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two famous paintings worth over $100 million have resurfaced after stolen nearly 15 years ago. how the two van gogh paintings were found behind a fake wall inside of a home overseas. >> two works of art lost for
5:57 pm
more than a decade found, the paintings by vincent van gogh were barely damaged. >> we have no idea what happened and this one, it's gone missing but it doesn't really disturb the image too much and the small church is practically unharmed and they both lost their frames early on, it's another miracle. >> the it artwork was stolen in a bold mafia heist in 2002 and italian police recovered it in a villa belonging to a mafia boss accused of running an international drug ring. they were crucial to the post
5:58 pm
impressionist master development. >> they have a significant significance. it was one of the earliest paintings and the other one, the church, he panted it as a gift to his mother. >> the sea view shows a single- waved toss the ship is important, the works were unveiled in amsterdam, it's his only work from the hague, netherlands where he studied. they're valued at $54 million. ktvu fox 2news at 6:00 starts now. >> an unity mate ultimatum or obama care stays in place. >> we have a good chance. >> all of this after the
5:59 pm
planned vote was delayed. >> right now, it's appearing the republican plan to replace the affordable care act doesn't have enough support to pass the house. in the last few hours, the white house is done negotiating the healthcare bill with republicans. and president trump is saying he wants a vote friday after the setback to overhaul the healthcare law. >> paul ryan finds him self in a catch-22 when it comes to replacing the affordable care act. the speaker worked hard to appease conservative members of the freedom caucus but those negotiations sparking backlash from more moderate republicans. the gop faction still appeared far from reaching a deal. >> do i think it gives him a loss? no, when you look at this, we're going to get to the
6:00 pm
finish line. >> the more centrist republicans warn their constituents lose coverage and concede while they don't like obama care, it's better than the american healthcare act and americans are universally opposed to the plan. >> rookie error for bringing this up. we're not ready. >> the growing moderate republican threat to bail on the new bill comes as president trump met personally with the nearly three dozen members of the conservative house freedom caucus. >> the president was gracious but nothing new came out of it. >> the biggest demand, the american healthcare acts repeal more of obama care's insurance mandates to lower premiums. it's a sticking point they're hashing out. >> we've made reasonable requests and we're


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