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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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mornings on 2. it is friday. thank you for joining us.>> how did you do that? >> i don't know.>> good morning. i am dave clark.>> did you have rain? >> my windshield wipers were on but it was intermittent. >> let's check with the expert.>> reporter: -- the further south we go, you might get a little break. the system has stalled a little bit. it is hung up on the north coast. it's going in a different direction but it is rather strong and beginning to move in. the rain is beginning to spread across the area. even down to the south, it looks like it is starting to fill in quickly. the heaviest rain is to the north it will take a while to
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get here. 50s on the temperatures. i don't think they will go anywhere. there will be a robust breeze. there is a southwind showing. on system will move out and another one will move in. cloud cover will be rolling in and heaviest rain will be to the north wind and rain on the old weather menu for this friday.>> rain and wind? yes. >> thank you very much. happy friday. we can't let the rain put a damper on friday.>> westbound 580, if you are driving through there, it looks pretty good. if you get on the road early, it looks good through livermore and pleasanton. we're not showing any slow traffic. you can look at traffic going to dublin and he word, it is
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not a bad idea to go now if you have to. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see a little bit of traffic, but it is light. where looking at a one-year-old and two-year-old boy who are brothers. they were in a car that was stolen south of palm springs. they were sound safe -- they were found safe about 15 miles away. they were in their babysitters car when she stepped out to do an errand. someone stole the car. the boys have been identified as jaden cortez and carlos cortez. there was an amber alert issued but once again, the two boys were found safe. police say they have no information on the suspect who stole the car. police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting that happened
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about 930 last night outside the delta pine apartments. a 22-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene and the second shooting victim, 23-year-old -- a 22-year-old man was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. the the investigation continues. san jose police want your help. a pedestrian was hit by cargo. the man was found in the street near north first. police say they did not see any cars in that area. they don't really know how he died.>> reporter: we don't know what happened to him. peers that he was hit by some sort of vehicle. we're trying to work backwards. we're doing a campus in looking at surveillance of videos to see if we can put the puzzle together.>> the car and he has not told us -- the coroner has not told us the man's name. san jose police are searching
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for the cause of a fire at a mobile home park. it was reported just after 10 pm last night. art news crew was there -- our news crew was there just minutes later. major damage was caused by this fire. one person was treated for minor injuries. we are learning new information about a homicide in sacramento. the suspect was arrested after an apartment complex -- at an accomplice -- at an apartment complex. the reporter talked to victims in this case. >> reporter: four bodies were discovered inside a home in sacramento. sources say the man arrested for the crime had been married to one of the victims and was the father of the two children.>> the relative bite spoke to said they did not live together but would be at the
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home because of the children. police have not released the identity of the suspect. the investigation began when a family member called police asking for welfare check. there were suspicious circumstances in the home. when officers arrived, no one answered the door. that is when police entered the home and discovered the bodies.>> crime scene investigators are here and they will taking the lead and looking for evidence.>> reporter: neighbors are shocked at what happened. this level of police activity is unsettling.>> their cars coming in here. that is kinda scary.>> you don't really see stuff like that over here. it is pretty surprising. now we're hearing from the mother of a 27-year-old man who is
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accused of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in san francisco. the mason was arrested yesterday morning accused of grabbing the girl as she walked in her neighborhood wednesday evening and trying to pull her into his car. a neighbors surveillance camera showed his car speeding away. two men who heard the girl screaming came running to help. they pulled the door out of the car. they were also able to get a partial license plate number. within hours police spotted that car near san francisco's date and arrested the suspect. his mother said he was actually on his way to talk to police.>> he was driving into tell them about it. he was not given a lawyer. he was read his rights but he said he had been drinking a little bit and smoking marijuana. he was out of it.>> he has been booked for kidnapping and
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assault. he is being held on $400,000 bail. in washington the house is scheduled to vote on the republican healthcare bill after postponing of boat yesterday when they realize they did not have enough support to pass the bill.>> president trump says if the bill does not pass the day, he is done negotiating and will move on to other issues. a reporter tells us more about this gamble.>> reporter: the house boat had been scheduled for thursday morning. >> the house is voting to repeal and replace obamacare let's see what happens. it will be a">> reporter: that vote never happened. president trump find this a tough deal to close. >> the defeat is if we don't
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get a past. it will be a defeat for everyone in the republican party. all of our supporters -- this was a campaign promise. i'm disappointed that we have not got it done. for 7 1/2 years we have been promising the american people that we would repeal and replace this program will because it is failing families. tomorrow we are proceeding.>> reporter: republicans -- some republicans say they will not support this as his. president trump met with members of the republican caucus at the white house. they want premiums reduced. >> the president was very gracious but nothing new came out of it. >> the president is going to decide yes or no on what happens.>> reporter: many republicans say they were --
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oppose the bill because it goes too far in cutting medicare benefits.>> we clearly are not ready for this. >> he made the decision to align himself with ryan. a defeat for the bill would be a defeat for trump.>> reporter: most surprising is this lit in the republican party. >> especially if the bill moves further to the right, i think they have come to the conclusion that they are much more at risk if they vote in favor of the bill.>> reporter: back to you. there is a new poll that finds just 17% of americans support the republicans american health care act.
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56% of those polled are against it. in a separate question, 85% stake it is very important that health insurance be affordable. finding help for flood victims. the housing option san jose leaders are looking into one month after hundreds of people were worst from their homes all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. .
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welcome back. senate democrats plan a filibuster the nomination of corsets to the supreme court. the senate's top democrat says he will vote no on the nomination. he will urge others to do the same. republicans don't have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. they may change the rules. the nuclear option will push the nomination through with simple majority vote. the press secretary called on democrats to let the vote go through.>> we find his
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announcement disappointing. it represents the type of partisanship that americans are tired of. might go the confirmation vote is set for april 3. the chairman of the intelligence community has apologized to the committee after keeping them in the dark. he faced harsh criticism for briefing the president and press before telling members of the committee about surveillance that might have been collected about president trump and his team during the transition. he felt obligated to tell the president. jackie spears also is on that committee and she said he has lost objectivity and may have to step down as head of the investigation into the white house's ties to russia. >> this is orchestrated either from the white house or by possibly someone associated with the white house.>> she was
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a key member of the transition team. his decision with the -- to go to the president with the information was a judgment call. president trump has not back down from his claim. he said he felt vindicated by what he was told. let's see what's happening with the weather. it is raining already. how does the commute look? it looks okay but it is early. the rain will not help. we did have a bad commute when it came to slow traffic. this take a look at the gilroy commute. traffic looks good from there to san jose and continuing all the way into the area here. there have been no major problems. the traffic does look okay. there have been no major problems on 280 in san jose. that traffic is moving nicely. sam help bridge is not bad.
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at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. the wet weather will not help. for more, let's go right to steve. our system is on the way. it has stalled a little bit but it is not going anywhere. it is aligning itself up north with some good rain. we're getting some warm overrun. the cold front has a long way to go. as it does, we will see some decent rain totals. the wind will pick up. the wind, again, it will be more parallel and perpendicular. let's take it from 4 am to 8 am to about 4 pm. that is about the main window.
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then think should tell off. it looks like a rainy day. i don't see anything -- any way around that. that it is -- it is not to have yet but it will pick up. areas are beginning to show moderate rain. the heaviest stuff is in humble county. as it moves south, the wind will pick up. this will not change much at all. there is a south easterly breeze. would get a good look at the system right there. you can see it has a long way to go to get from there to here. 36 and chucky. the rain will pick up. the storm series will give us a break on saturday. it might linger into early saturday. not a strong monday. if you are headed to the mountains, a winter storm warning kicks in in a couple of
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hours. go now if you must. 10 to 15 inches of snow. it might even go up a little bit. it looks like an all day event. it will taper off overnight into early saturday. monday we will get one more shot. >> a friday getaway to the sierras might be a tough drive?>> unless you go right now. >> just go. >> thank you. 4:18 is the time. crews brought a 70-year-old man to safety yesterday after his car plunged into a ravine. we were over head for the rescue. you can see his car in the brush. it went off cumberland road just before noon. the driver was the only person in the car. another driver who witnessed what happened called 911. he was airlifted but we do not
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have any word on his condition. a nonprofit group focused on urban planning has a plan to reverse erosion at san francisco's beach. this has been a problem for years. the city has a long-term plan. spurs says they should redesign concrete barriers near the beach and move parking lots further back. they say the great highway should be narrowed to only 2 lanes in certain places. city leaders hope to have a long-term plan in place by the year 2021.>> we do always see sand on the road. it would be interesting to watch what happens. >> southern california firefighters go above and beyond. coming up, his actions to save a dog that was trapped in a burning home. as surviving victim of the london attack
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describes those moments. i have the details coming up. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we are learning more about the victims and the suspect and it terror attack -- attack in england. people in london are still reeling from what happened. authorities deny there was a
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failure in the intelligence community. >> reporter: many are questioning how the man who carried out when his -- wednesday's attack fell through the cracks of british intelligence work he had been on the radar having a past criminal record. he was shot and killed outside the british parliament. >> what happened showed this security defenses were working. what was tragic was that a police officer lost his life enforcing those. he did not get on to the estate.>> reporter: several people were killed and dozens injured. on included francisco lopez.  she saw the vehicle plowing through the crowd.>> i had no time to get out of the way.>> reporter: he did everything he could do try to survive. >> i tried to defend myself. i just put my arms forward in the car tumbled me over.
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that was it basically.>> reporter: a vigil was held to honor those who lost their lives.>> you tom and was one of the men killed. he was celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife. a friend says he was a great guy.>> we became friends instantly. you just know that you want him to be your friend within five minutes. we've got several people have been arrested. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack overnight police in london reviewed -- released the name of the attacker. his original name was adrienne russell. another overnight development, another man died from the attack after family members decided to turn off life support. san francisco
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police say this man threatened to shoot a muslim woman. she was wearing a veil and playing with her son at a park. the man identified as joshua approached her. he made anti-muslim remarks then threatened to shoot her. woman called the police. he was arrested a short time later on suspicion of a hate crime. the woman accused of backing her car into people at walmart has been arrested. 23-year-old jessica belliard was arrested yesterday after they identified her through tips from the public. she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. the incident happened on monday when she allegedly backed up her honda and nearly ran over a family. she ended up hitting a three- year-old girl. the mother picked up the girl before she was seriously hurt. they think she was angry
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because the store would not let her return batteries. a 91 year old man kept a school after a speeding car crashed into his home. the chp said the driver lost control after this tire popped. this -- the car spun out of control and slammed into the wall. the crash woke him up.>> i didn't know, i thought it was a minor earthquake. the car can be fixed or jumped. the house will be repaired. as long as the lady was unhurt, that is the main thing.>> that caused major damage to his home. this navy veteran says his three years in the south pacific taught him to always stay calm, cool, and collected. reaching out to the community, what oakland's new police chief told the crowd
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when it comes to crime and police relations. >> i find this disgusting. we're not going to tolerate racism. a social media racist post. good morning. the rain and wet weather will make for tough commute. it is already wet in san francisco around northbound 101. our system is arriving a little slower but it is on the way. brain has moved in for some and it will pick up later. we will take a closer look at those coming right up.
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some areas are getting rain already. be careful and give yourself extra time. >> that's a nice picture out there this morning. a little drizzle this morning. >> for rain will develop fast and the heaviest will be to the north. late morning early afternoon will be when the front arrived


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