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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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some areas are getting rain already. be careful and give yourself extra time. >> that's a nice picture out there this morning. a little drizzle this morning. >> for rain will develop fast and the heaviest will be to the north. late morning early afternoon will be when the front arrived
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-- arrives. noon until 4:00 it will start to taper off. marion county is one heavy spot for rain another toward sonoma and napa and another toward fremont also union city and newark. the bulk of the system is up north. that is the front it has a long way to go. 50 on the temperature. mid- 50s may be on the high side when the southwind kicks in. this system will also give them snow to the sierra.
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it will be one of those commutes. sometimes friday have discretion and don't have to go but let's see what's happening. we will look at the westbound into hercules. no major problems of their. traffic still looks pretty good. the wet weather will slow things down. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is not bad. the roads are wet. i stepped out in oakland and it was raining a bit. the trump administration just approved a presidential permit to build the
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controversial keystone xl pipeline. it will carry oil 1700 miles from alberta canada to refineries along the texas gulf coast. supporters say this will improve america's energy security and create jobs. critics say the jobs will be minimal in the pipeline won't help with the u.s. energy needs because the oil is destined for export. the obama administration is set said the pipeline did not serve national interest. last night oakland new police chief was out in the community meeting people face-to-face. the chief spoke about crime and police relations and told the crowd oakland can be the soup all -- super bowl champions of law enforcement. she is reviewing how police officers are deployed and looking for improvement while she tries to recruit for a
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bigger and more diverse police department. >> we will become known as one of the safest cities in america. >> she said she spends most of her nights out in the community learning about oakland. she has been on the job one month so far. in san francisco the sheriff's department has been awarded $135,000 to provide jail guards with body cameras. they will wear them for six months to a year before expanding to all 850 deputies. police in campbell have arrested a high school coach accused of being in a sexual relationship with a high school
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student. he was booked into santa clara county jail earlier this week. he worked as a volunteer coach in san jose where the alleged victim is a student. detectives say they believe this is an isolated case involving just one student. police asking for help trying to identify this bank robber. police say the same man may be responsible. he is described as a white about 40 to 45 years old. a former berkeley student is suing the school claiming she is -- was harassed by a well-known professor. she says when she rejected his advances her pay was cut and she was eventually led to go. she also says she was --
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reported him but no action was taken. there are questions this morning about how a man died when he pointed a gun at himself. police were responding to a domestic violence call tuesday afternoon and found him in a business park. they say he shot himself at the same time the police officer shot him in the chest. investigators are still waiting for toxicology reports and corners reports -- the coroner's report. the gold star father who faced off with donald trump during the presidential campaign was in the bay area last night.
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he was a keynote speaker at the asian american bar association. the group presented him with an award for speaking out against president trumps promise to ban muslims from the u.s.. >> that is what happens in democracy. if you commit an unconstitutional act the court to take charge and step up and provide protection. >> his son was an army captain killed in 2004 during the iraq war. this morning we're finding out from the mother who says pictures of targeted her 14-year-old daughter and other students at albany high school. what is being done to protect
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the children. >> of these are some of the photos posted on a fake instant vase account -- instagram account. one showing nooses around the girls basketball player and a coach. some so offensive we can't show them on air. >> this is not the just teenagers being teenagers this is a hate crime. it is hurtful. as a teenager you have a lot of insecurities and that this comes along and it is not the first time she has been targeted and it is very upsetting. >> the pictures were discovered monday by students who told the principal. >> it is because it they spoke up so quickly and had courage that the principal and staff was able to investigate. >> the superintendent would not discuss any possible discipline.
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less than 5% of the school students are african-american. >> it is not acceptable. i find those photos offensive. it is more than disturbing. it is disgusting. we won't tolerate racism or bullying or cyber bullying. >> the albany police are also investigating. students say they are shocked by what happened and some class made poor choices. >> i thought we were in a great community and it is a travesty to see these horrible post. >> the account has been taken down but the damage has been done. >> what you post a picture on instagram or facebook or whatever social media you do it is out there and once you attach harmful words it is out there. san jose city officials are working with landlords to find
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housing for those displaced by last month's flooding. 500 families are still unable to return home and 70 people are still staying in the city shelter. officials say finding housing is a top priority. they can working with landlords to try to make temporary homes available. >> several have stepped up to identify apartments we can rent and several have waived security deposits and we're asking more apartment owners are help. >> the city is partnering with catholic charities on a car donation drive to try to help replace some of the cars of that were damaged were completely destroyed in the floodwaters. bart is celebrating the new station. service doesn't begin until tomorrow but this morning from 10:00 until noon three of the
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train cars will be on display. the new 5.4-mile extension it takes bart riders further south than the system has ever gone before. bart estimates 6,000 to 7,000 passengers will use of the new station during the week. coming up we will speak with fremont's mayor about what the station opening means to them. losing your privacy online. the new road that may provide -- allow internet providers to sell your private information. a new proposal to speed up your commute. a carpool lane that could the major changes. we see traffic here on the san mateo bridge. it is not too bad but wet weather is on the way which means the commute may not be too
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transit officials are considering extending the hours of the carpool lane down highway 101 and across the golden gate bridge. now the lanes are available on highway 101 from the morning and the afternoon. on the bridge it's 5:00 to 9:00 a.m.. there now available to extended to 10:00 a.m. during the morning and starts earlier at 3:00 p.m. at during the afternoon commute. the goal is to encourage more people to carpool.
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i will say the commute definitely starts earlier. it is crowded at 3:00 for sure. >> of the commutes are getting earlier and earlier. -- the commutes are getting earlier and earlier. people on the tracy commute figured out if i get on the road really early i can beat it for the most part. just a bit of traffic on the westbound 580. you can see there is not a lot of slow traffic. the wet weather will, during the commute today. this is interstate 880. it looks good. at the bay bridge it could be
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raining. the traffic is moving along okay. there is some rain there but the heaviest is coming in later. our system has stalled out on the north coast but it is not going anywhere over us eventually. a pretty long plume of moisture from northern california to hawaii. there will be rather impressive rainfall rates. i would not be surprised if some areas get wind from 35 to 45. the wind is not as favorable as it could be so we -- but the rain will pick it -- up between 4:00 a.m.
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until 2:00 p.m. it looks like it's just north of hercules and you can see the band in sonoma and highway 37. it's nothing too heavy but it is a sign of things to come. the main bulk of this has a ways to go. 50s for your temperatures. it stays there. the south breeze has no problem forming and it's on its way to pick up. are storm series has two more one today we get a break on saturday and sunday evening early monday another one.
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the winter storm warning begins first the -- of the sierra to -- the sierra nevada but that doesn't begin until 7:00 a.m. clearing on saturday and a few clouds sunday afternoon and monday one more system than a break for a while -- then and there will be a break for a while. a rundown of what is happening in the bay area during the weekend watch. >> in the san francisco you will find the human rights film festival. it features a thought-provoking thought-provoking work about human rights abuses and issues around the world. the three day event is hosted by the university of san
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francisco. sunday the rock and roll half marathon. it begins at ocean beach and crosses the golden gate bridge. on the east side of the bridge you will find the oakland running festival. winners can choose from several distances. volunteers and spectators are welcome. there's also the good guys get together car show in pleasanton. you will you'll be able to view thousands of american hot rods muscles classics and trucks. and the hello kitty cafi is rolling back into santa fe from 10:00 until 8:00 selling sweet treats. the 2017 fairfax a brew fest is happening this weekend. over 60 different brews will be offered. warriors are at home as a sharks are on the road and it is the
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opening night at qsar stadium. a southern california firefighter is a miracle worker going above and beyond to save the life of a dog after an apartment fire in santa monica. the 10-year-old dog was trapped in a burning bedroom on tuesday. it's owner had just come home as firefighters arrived. one firefighter got the lifeless dog out of the house and performed mouth to snout resuscitation until the dog came back to life. this morning the dog is doing well. the owner says her apartment was destroyed but she is happy she still has her best friend. >> that is amazing. telling it like it is. >> trying to kill him. >> matt barnes is worked up
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over tonight's game.
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two bay area women once strangers now share a special bond. they live ten blocks a park in west oakland but had never met until january when michelle donated a kidney to susan.
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she read about the need on facebook. during her recovery she learned about shelter puppies with part about and shared the news on facebook. michelle saw the picture of her brother and adopted him as well. they say the past will be having play dates. march madness has gone mad. the men's basketball west regional games began. it continues tomorrow. thousands of fans are heading out there to see some of the nation's best teams and the locals are not just there for games that they are also excited about having a national event show off the bay area. >> i think it is great for this part of the country to get these events on a regular basis. san jose has done a great job attracting it and keeping it.
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>> two of the teams playing last night in the west regionals are now heading to the elite eight. the wildcats are heading home. they left last night's game slip through their fingers. xavier trailed by eight but then they caught fire. the musketeers win 73-71. they advanced to the elite eight. that means xavier will play on saturday. jordan matthews made a three-pointer with less than a minute to play. bulldogs beat west virginia 61-58. there were 51 fouls and 34 baskets. this sense sends the bulldogs into the third elite eight in the school's history. one of warriors a player is counting to tonight's game. matt barnes was waived by the
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kings last month then picked up by the warriors warriors and he says it is payback time last night -- tonight. >> trying to kill them plain and simple. kings didn't go well they are so they are the enemy now and i'm trying to kill them. >> this is barnes a second stint with the warriors. an investigation in san jose with a lot of questions. coming up why police say they are not sure how a man was killed on a san jose road. a crucial vote on healthcare delayed until today. the reason president trump could give up on his fight against the affordable care act. the traffic will be slow and it is raining right now in san francisco. you can see our cameras are being hit by rain. northbound 101 looks good but the morning commute is going to be slow.
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the system we have been talking about has arrived and it has slowed down a little bit but it is bringing in some light rain but it will pick up. more on that later.
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good morning a late-night shooting in antioch, one person
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dead another hurt we will tell you what we know this morning as the police continue their investigation. the vote to repeal and replace obamacare is happening we think later today. we will have some early indications on the prospects coming up. this is ktvu warnings onto. >> good morning and thank you for joining us, we want to take you north to santa rosa where there is rain this morning. it's moving through the bay area , if you don't see it yet you will see it soon. that's in santa rosa and hearn. we are tracking the rain for you and will give you a peek at the roads.>> if you do not believe it, just watch.>> hopefully it's a smooth commute hopefully everyone slows down and takes it easy.>> good
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morning i'm dave clark, no further delay. talking about whether this morning. pammy worked in santa rosa, we both did dave. you forget how beautiful it is this time of year. it's stunning.>> it is gorgeous, it's pretty up there. but it's a small little freeway for a lot of people. >> and they get a lot more rain than most of us down here. the rain will add up, santa rosa could be an inch and a half to two rain -- two inches of rain. there's a pretty good plume or fletch of moisture rotating in. a robust onshore breeze will give us a rapid rainfall once we get going. we are in the warm sector right now, rain and wind today, increase intensity throughout the late morning and early afternoon. it may not tell off until later this ev


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