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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we learned about archaic rules in the senate and in the house. it has been an interesting experience. >> as joe waldman reports there was growing objections from conservative republicans and members of congress. >> house speaker paul ryan before the health care act was up for a vote stunning the political world by pulling the bill all together. >> we had no democrat vote and no votes from the democrats. they weren't going to give us a single vote. it is a difficult thing to do. >> negotiations between gop leaders and both conservative and moderate republicans continued into the 11th hour and beyond. vice president mike pence canceling a preplanned trip, instead racing over to the capital to persuade his side to push it through. house speaker paul ryan heading the other direction towards
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1600 pennsylvania avenue. the powerful wisconsin congressman and the architect to repeal and replace obama care in a final oval office meeting with president trump. >> the most troubling the worse is yet to come with obama care. >> i have been saying for the last year-and-a-half, that the best thing we can do politically speaking is let obama care explode and it is exploding right now. >> democrats publicly pulling for the bill and in the end getting their wish. >> today is a great day is a victory. it is a victory for the american people. >> white house press secretary sean spicer telling reporters today no matter the outcome, the president left everything on the field. in washington joe walman. fox news. bay area congressman eric swizel had more to say. >> what we have heard is that young people were going to
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suffer tremendously under this with the surcharges in having a lapse in coverage and this economy so unstable to have 30% surcharge over their head creates so much financial distress for them. >> and hillary clinton responded on twitter saying today was a victory for all americans and a victory for anyone that believes that affordable health care is a human right. brian sobel has more. the republicans control the house and how big is this for them. >> it is a big defeat for speaker of the house paul rye and then the president. >> the president did not get this through for lack of trying. it came down to different factions within the republican party. the freedom caucus. what effect will this have towards tax reform? >> we will see. tax reform is considered a little bit more of a low
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hanging fruit. many more republicans are concerned with that. the so-called freedom caucus, 29 members of congress didn't think it went far enough. and it didn't deal with things like tort reform and all of these other things. democrats to declare a victory are missing the point. this was a republican, inside republican loss because donald trump could not get part of the republican party to vote for something like this. >> brian, donald trump came in and said i'm a winner, i am the person that can close the deal but he has had health care and travel ban and mexico to pay for the border wall. would this defeat today start to change the perception of whether he is looked at as someone that can win and close the deal? >> i think what is happening he is learning to be a president.
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this is a person that comes from another environment and didn't understand how politics work and now he has learned there is a general branch that he can't have the travel order and now he is learn that congress has a say in things. and so to the extent that he has learned from this ... >> it could help him. >> yes, going forward. >> in the wake of what what happened there are calls for a healthier paul ryan to step down. do you think that could happen? >> i don't think it will happen but a shot that you deposit handle this well. his arithmetic was not good. you dop go into a vote being down 5 and what we are hearing out of washington and still think you can bring it to the floor and pull that out of fire. they should have withdrawn it and saved for another day. >> one thing was interesting
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president trump said i learned a lot about royalty. >> that was the one line that jumped out. clearly he thought people were not loyal and it is like he was saying taking names. >> we will have a lot to talk about more coming up later. >> absolutely. >> brian, thank you. >> thank you. >> if you would like to watch president trump's full response to the bill being pulled we have it on learning more about the suspect in a quadruple homicide and the victims. officers arrested 56 year-old salvador in san francisco at an apartment complex. the bodies of two adults and children were discovered yesterday inside a home in south sacramento. their names have not been released but closes close to the investigation say the victims included the suspect's estranged wife and niece.
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a couple that identified themselves as the parents of one of the women killed showed up at the crime scene in sacramento. i don't know anything about what is going on but it is my daughter. >> it is sad. nobody deserves that. >> the two young victims were a 14-year-old girl and 11 year old boy. vasquez is being held in jail and he and his wife worked at the health department in sacramento in the process of splitting up. raining all day. i want to show you live look at the afternoon commute from our emery cam and it is jammed up going both directions on i-80. this is a traffic on the east shore freeway with aquatic park and berkeley. out of the golden gate breeze and the roads appear dryer and
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traffic is moving. >> in the sierra, chains are required because of the winter conditions. the storms contributed to crashes and led to the closure of eastbound i-80 from baxter to donner summit for an hour. chains are in effect from kingville to donner lake interchange in nevada county. drivers heading up to the sierra are being urged to research chain control locations before getting on the road. let's go to our meteorologist mark in the weather center. >> tracking it and it looked like the most organized storm is kicking out of town later tonight and into your saturday forecast. the rainfall amounts impressive. kentfeel over two inches and ben lomond in the mountains 1.8 and santa rosa 1.30 and
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rainfall totals 3/4 of an inch and redwood city .69 and san francisco over a half-inch and livermore and san jose not too much but adding to those totals especially in the south bay with santa rosa reporting .11. a solid overcast in the bay and scattered rain showers coming down. still that roadway for portions of the south bay. here is the system. you can see the snow showers out in the sierra beginning to wind down. they have a winter storm warning in place until five a.m. tomorrow morning. and here is a closer look at our current radar pattern as we come in closer right now and we still have coverage in the santa cruz mountains closer to the santa clara valley. not extreme heavy rain but still enough to complicate the commute for sunnyville and santa clara and mill pee das
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and towards portions of sonoma county. a little rain and another system by sunday. weaker winds will talk about that coming up. >> let's take another look at current traffic conditions in the bay. you can see this slow going on the bay bridge. slow going at the mcarthur hayes and 880 heading down towards fremont and 680 as well backed up in the typical locations this time of night. >> in san francisco, no major flooding to report. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now. after the record rainfall totals we have had so far today's wet weather didn't seem to phase many people in san francisco. >> not in the slightest. we had some light showers this morning and then it sort of peeked around noon or onish. it is crystal clear. many folks thought the rain was welcome because it does continue to take the edge off of the drought. they said they are ready for sunshine. fridays are the most popular days at san francisco's
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city hall for weddings. >> say cheese. >> the drizzle couldn't dampen the spirit of those taking the plunge. >> we thought that people say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. i don't know why. >> it is fertility. >> oh really, all right. >> photographers are on tarps for the creative angles and one bride wore sneakers. >> where are you going on your honey moon. >> not decided yet. >> somewhere where it is not raining? >> yes. >> on market street a sea of multicolored umbrellas. >> i notice you are wet. >> i was hoping for sunshine. >> british tourists did not pack umbrellas. >> we came here and it is
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raining. brilliant. >> james' job is to make sure that the wet weather doesn't slow down the muni service. wet weather can create problems for muni operators. >> it can get complicated with the rain. there is steel rail against steel wheels. it doesn't stop the rubber tires. >> most san franciscoians shrugged off the showers. >> what i like most it has puddles to splash in. >> . >> and with galoshes who could blame that little girl? now we do want to mention that we will get a break tomorrow and as mark mentioned another system rolling through on sunday. i do want to mention that a lot sporting events canceled because of the drenched fields. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. and a reminder, be sure to
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download the new ktvu weather app and you can take the forecasts with you wherever you go. >> bart is on its way to san jose. 20 years of construction is done. and a new stretch of bart track and a whole new station. finally it is set to open tomorrow. oakland says it is not giving up in the 4th quarter. details of the plan to keep the raiders in oakland. the water reservoir has gone down but it is really enough? we will answer the question
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next. ktvu fox 2 news, frank somerville, complete bay area coverage. today's storms caused problems in the north bay. green valley road was flooded.
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some people tried to drive through the rushing water and others put on boots and waded across the roadway. sonoma valley lists green valley road closed and to no word when it will reopen. >> the south bay people have seen their share of weather problems in the past couple of months. they got rain but not too heavy. jesse gary traveled to the anderson dam to check on the conditions. what is the water level and did today's rain affect it. >> the water level has dropped dramatically since we did a broadcast six weeks ago. you can take a peek at seeing where the old water level used to be. kind of below the treeline and where it is now and you can see the spill way there. that is where the water was rushing over and no more. right now the capacity is at 85% and it could go up in the 90s if we get special rain the rest of today and over the weekend. >> its has been a good year. it could stop raining and we
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would have a good water supply this year. >> officials with the santa clear water district indicating the 3200 gallons per second. the flow is rushing into coyote creek and this time the amount of water is manageable because it is not going over the spill way and causing flooding down the creek. we checked in with city officials of san jose to say the light rain in the south bay is not creating flood concerns or downed tree business an santa jose responded to the tree limbs that have come down due to high wind gusts. the water level is down from one hundred percent capacity to 84 with the goal of getting it down to 68% percent. at the worst rain over the next several days could push the numbers in the 90s. we have quite a bit of space there now with the dry weather we have had since mid february. we have released water to a point that we are at eight
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percent five percent of capacity. so that leaves quite a bit of room to capture the rain from the storms this week. >> and marty grimes with the district says we have received more than enough rain and that people should practice conservation and good habits since you don't know what next winter will bring. we got kind of literally drowning in our own good fortune this year but don't know what will happen next year. keep doing what you are doing. for today. it didn't rain much and as i started to talk, the light drizzle started to intensify. and the hide and seek game still continuing. it is just about to start drizzle but for the most part the storm is over. >> winding down after 6 or 7:00 tonight and that will set the stage for a break as we head into your saturday.
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good news if you want to go outside for tomorrow. a cool side but at least not talking about heavy downpours as we head to your saturday forecast. on the satellite and radar. you can't see the main front across the bay and the organized rainfall. that was from the north bay and the rainfall totals coverage on the radar as jesse managed. scattered rain showers showing up and the rainfall verifying that and the santa cruz mountains and closer to san jose nothing major but lingering showers for the south bay and the east bay towards mal pee das and the livermore area. moving to the north. coverage in the north bay not dry and lingering showers and as we come closer lingering
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rain showers outside of callatoga and the possibility of scattered showers. 50s and right now 57 degrees in san jose. santa rosa 58 and livermore 55 degrees and win speeds picking up with the front moving in and they backed up. wind, nothing too major. about five to nine 14 miles per hour and san jose 12 miles per hour and no wind advisory in place. outside, pretty gloomy as we head to your friday evening with mostly cloudy skies in the estuary and enough drizzle for the roadways. here is the plan in san francisco. 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks. partly cloudin the upper 50s and the same deal by 3:00 and temperatures close to the 60s. active weather pattern and at least we have had the breaks.
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lots of breaks between the systems and this one moving out tonight and scattered showers for tonight. saturday there is the break and then on sunday we are talking about the chance of showers and especially by late sunday afternoon and sunday evening. for tonight, 8:00, still showing you lingering showers and you can see the break as we take this into your saturday with partly cloudy skies for the good portion of your saturday and we will cloud up once again with showers developing in the north by 4:00 sunday with a better chance for sunday evening. temperatures for tomorrow. 60s with partly cloudy skies and here is a look ahead for your five-day forecast will hold onto showers and chances into your sunday afternoon and especially by sunday evening a lingering drop sunday morning and finally we will have warmth. it will be beautiful tuesday and wednesday so we can all smile. >> we have to wait until tuesday or wednesday. >> yes. >> we will get through it. >> mark, thank you. it may be oakland's final pitch to keep the raiders in
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the bay. we talked to oakland's mayor about the plan they gave the nfl this month. >> making a tree an official landmark. >> they have to see the beauty and the inspiration. to touch a magnificent tree.
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ktvu tom vacar has a look
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at the new bart station and the two coming online deep into silicon valley. >> perhaps the dream of creating a rail loop around the bay draws much closer and later this year. 18 years in the planning and 8 years in construction, bart's warm springs station was dedicated today and will open to the public tomorrow morning. the station has almost 2100 parking spaces but the monthly reserving slots were sold out long ago on the very same day they were offered to the public. >> given the difficulty of acquiring land and the complex system. warm springs the gateway to silicon is a tower physically and financially. bart expects 7000 rider to use the station and that will
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increase into crowding because the nimitz free way is jammed for every commute. >> get these cars and be careful about getting rid of the old cars until you got money. >> for fremont there could be badly needed new housing. >> a new opportunity for us to provide future vision for development and so this is helping us bring the future of free toys mon. >> this will be the pivot point where we head down to santa clara county. >> by year's end there will be two more stations south. ten miles deeper into silicon valley and connecting to bt a. milpitas station are well along. main construction on the main station is done and bart believes it will be done this year. >> at that august 1999 meeting. we started with a song do you
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know the way to san jose? ladies and gentlemen we are on our way to san jose. >> in the coming years when bart has all 775 of its new cars in service, it will also have more stations, way more capacity and way more ability to serve the bay area's needs. >> tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. in san jose usa soccer hoping to take an important step towards the world cup. plus ... >> i am devastated. i love that car. it was like a child to me. >> a high schooler comes out of class to find his beloved car gone and he wasn't alone. another student's car was stolen about the same time.
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a vote to move the raiders to los angeles to happen on monday. there is an owners meeting next week in phoenix. the city of oakland and a group led by ronnie lott released details about their plan to keep the raiders in oakland. >> spoke to the mayor today and what is she saying about ronnie lott's proposal. >> this is a plan that they have been working on for two years and not until today that they were ready to release it to the public to show that they are doing everything to keep the raiders in oakland. >> right now i have all of my
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energy focused on convincing the raiders and the nfl ownership that oakland is the market to stay in and we have a stadium plan and we are ready to build it. >> and these of the sketches that would show that man an the city of oakland and ronnie lott revealed their idea to build a new stadium in oakland. the plan comes days before the owners will vote on a possible relocation to vegas. the new stadium would be built with mixed used development and a possible bart station and the city would pay $200 millions $200 millions for site improvements and the rest from investigators and less than what it would cost for vegas and one of the reasons people hope that it will remain in oakland. >> we are talking about 55 acres that right now is a
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parking lot. we can begin the environmental work and the site preparation and do the design work. >> but before na we have the vote coming up and the owners will be in phoenix voting yes for relocation and if that happens oakland would have the raiders for two more years and there will be a rally tomorrow and i will tell you what the new plan needs for the oakland as. i was curious with the construction. are there concerns about the oracle arena for the warriors. >> that's a good question. i posed that to the mayor. in the plan the oracle is gone. she says it is not a done deal to show the plans without the arena here. they plan to keep the arena or some type of arena here even when the warriors expected to go to san francisco. she says it is not a done deal
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but of course the plans show that oracle was not there. >> paul, did they show specifics of the stadium. how big it is or how many seats it will have. that kind of thing? >> no. it doesn't go to specifics. just the sketch to show people that they can build it here and put it in this area and it is not needed to go down to las vegas. and they have a great fan base here. so why will the fan base have to fly in. no specific details right now but they plan to let that come out as things progress. hopefully if the team is allowed to stay here in oakland. >> paul chambers, thank you. and we will be in phoenix for complete coverage of the nfl meetings next week. ktvu joe fonzi will be reporting live sunday night at 10:00 and early monday morning. you can follow the latest developments online anytime at california prison officials of changing sentencing rules for nonviolent offenders. it could see the release of
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9500 inmates. the changes follow proposition 57 approved by voters in november. there is trimming more time off sentences for participating in self-help programs including drug counseling and a six mon sentence reduction for a college degree. correction officials say the move could lower the inmate population to end long running oversight of california conditions. >> a happy reunion for a california family after two toddlers were found safe and sound in a car stole in. police in cathedral city issued the alert. the two brothers, one and two were in their babysitter's honda accord when she stepped out for an errand and someone stole the car. the car and the two kids were found early this morning in desert hot springs which is about 15 miles away. so far police have no information on a suspect. >> two high end camaros stole onto same day from the parking lot of an east bay high school. it happened in the town of
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danville where car thefts are rare. henry lee talked to a gentleman that had his car stolen. >> danville police are the lookout for two distinctive camaros both stolen from monta vista high school. >> the 2015 camaro. >> ethan gallagher showed us pictures of the chevy camaro. a car he calls betsy. these photos are all he has left of the $60,000 car. >> i am just devastating. i love that car. it was like a child to me. >> gallagher left his white camaro in the school parking lot on wednesday morning. >> i parked in the north lot part of the school property and they make you pay for parking. >> but it came back in the afternoon and it was gone. >> i was finishing class and walked to where i parked that day and another car was in the
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spot where i parked. >> gallagher realized that someone stolen his car but that was not all. >> in front of the front office, a pal of mine that is standing outside and he asked me hi, have you seen a gray camaro? and i looked at him and said, no. and he is like what and i said my camaro is gone too. >> his friend's camaro was a gray 2014 camaro super sport. >> another incredible car. 50,000 plus i'm assuming. >> danville police and school security have stepped up patrols on campus. >> this is very unusual for us to have two cars stolen at the same time. especially cars that are similar makes and the same model but handmade but similar years. >> if i wanted to check it here i would come here. >> gallagher thinks the thief disabled his security and onstar system. >> these twice knew what they were doing. there was no glass and no signs of entry and everything was done perfectly and i don't know
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how they did it. they somehow managed to get the cars started and drove away with both of them. >> we are curious to know how they did it. all of the keys were accounted for. we know that they didn't use the actual keys to the car. that is what we get on the other end once we recover the vehicles. >> the camaros license plates have been entered in the to databases and law enforcement are keeping their eyes peeled. >> this is a big school. are there any witnesses or surveillance that could help police find whoever did this? >> julie apparently surveillance cameras in the south parking lot but not in the north parking lot. there were suspicious men and they believe one of them took the cars but not a complete description put out yet. >> and there's some concern from people at the school that these cars may have been taken to a chop shop. are police saying anything about that. >> not yet.
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they are hoping the cars will remain intact and people like mr. gallagher hoping that they aren't being chopped up for parts. >> henry lee, thank you. >> a huge soccer game in san jose qualifier for the world cup. team usa playing honduras. team usa need to win after losing the first two matches. >> after losing the first two games, in qualifying it is time to win and the guys know that. they will be prepared but soccer is a funny game so you got to make sure you do everything right. >> my gut is telling me they come out at the first whistle and set a tone and send a message to honduras and the entire community that the u.s. is back. >> it kicked off at 8 and will be broadcasted on fox sports
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one. for homeless people finding a safe place to stay can be difficult. coming up next. the south bay pilot program this is a opening parking lots for overnight stays. and new details are coming out about the criminal history of the men responsible for that terrorist attack in london inweek.
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>> investigators are digging
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for answers following the deadly terror attack in london. a man drove his car through crowds of people killing four and injuring others. authorities arrested nine in connection with the attack. fox reporter katie logan has more on the attacker and including his criminal record. >> police say they arrested a total of nine people in connect with the investigation. they also revealed more details about the attacker he was a moslem convert with a criminal record and the counterterrorism chief says he had never been convicted of a terror offense. >> the main line of our investigation what led him to be radicalized and was it through influences in our community or online propaganda. it will make a difference if
5:42 pm
the public has more information. >> massoud was shot dead by the police as he ran into the crowd. a 75-year-old man has died after his life support was switched off bringing the total number of fatalities to four. one of the dead is kirk ukraine from utah on a trip to europe celebrating his 25th anniversary when he was killed and friends have been paying tribute. >> he was one of those guys. you wanted him to be your friend in five minutes. and ... >> thousands of people gathered for the vigil on thursday to remember those caught up in the attack. >> london's mayor addresses the crowd. >> we come together to remember those that lost their lives and
5:43 pm
all those affected by the horrific attack yesterday. but also to send a clear message that london will never be clouded by terrorism. >> the city is getting back to normal but the attacks will not be quickly forgotten. people will always remember those that died. isis says those inspired the attack but others say there is no evidence but they have doubled the number of armed officers in london. in london katie logan fox news. paul manafold testifying before the house committee. manafold will face tough questions about his business
5:44 pm
ties to russia and ukraine. up until twine paul manafolds was being paid to talk about vladimir putin's russia influence. the committee will meet behind closed doors and that is not sitting well with democrats on the committee. >> the committee has seeked additional information from monday's hearing that can be addressed enclosed session. >> there must have been a very strong push-back from the white house about the nature of monday's hearing. it is to come to any other conclusion. >> earlier f.b.i. director james comey told the intelligence committee that his agency was conducting a criminal investigation into possible coordination between russian officials and the trump campaign. the international space station, an institute from nasa and another from the european space agency walked in space
5:45 pm
for over 6 hours this morning. the two astronauts successfully prepared the installation of a new adapter to help the vehicles. a second walk is set for next thursday. >> never ceases to amaze me. how crystal clear the pictures are. >> beautiful but dangerous. >> still to come. find a safe place to sleep. it can be difficult for some folks. but now charge are churches in the south bay are teaming up to open their parking lots for the night. >> even though it is almost tax day in 2007. there is two things to do to lower your taxes before you file. >> and today moving out of the bay. a few lingering showers. your saturday forecast. tracking another system will move in for one part of the weekend.
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the homeless. you see them on side streets with their belongings and often time they move several times a night and unable to find a safe place to park and now as ann reuben tells us several silicon valley churches are stepping up and offering their parking lots as safe spaces. >> safe parking is tough to find. >> it is stressful. you feel victimized. >> these women asked that we
5:49 pm
not identify had this to say. >> he said you can stay here and somebody complained and he expressed judgment for the fact that i had a child and we were homeless and sleeping in our car like it was my fault. >> and so now several churches like st. jude are trying to help opening their hearts and their parking lots to the homeless. >> we all had something in common. many things in common. we have parking lots and people see us as safe places. >> for st. jude this is a pilot project and have jet to see the first guest and st. lucy has been growing since november and started with one car and the homeless in the back lot. >> these aren't people that strangers. they come here and we know them and they know us. >> hoping that it is temporary but as long as there is housing
5:50 pm
shortages. the churches need to do something. >> my stress level would have been reduced if we would have known this. >> three churches are banding together and hope to get theirs up by june. here at st. jude they are prepared for their first overnight visitors. ann reuben. fox news. >> the main front out of town and a few lingering rain showers. and changes and just in time for your weekend. working the way through the bay and right through the sierra. they have cal tran that lifted the chain restrictions on interstate 80 and you can see the coverage decreasing in the mountains in the east. outside you can see lingering rain showers out there and not
5:51 pm
dry yet. especially in the south bay. gilroy and morgan hill and approaching livermore. scattered rain and wet roadways towards milpitas. talking about the downpours and around the bay itself and up in the north bay and lake county approaching st. lena. more coverage to talk about. and that will be the case in the short-term between now and 9:00. current numbers. talking about extreme cold airmass. in fact mile with santa rosa. 58 and hayward 58 and livermore 55 degrees. the camera looking towards gloomy san francisco bay but it is friday. with mostly cloudy skies and still enough mist and drizzle. interesting and the records in santa rosa spotty in the past hundred years and 1982 and 1983 the highest in the entire year. 55.8-inches and this year we are closing in, this is the
5:52 pm
rainfall we picked up and that is up to 55.25 and we will see if we can match that and heading towards sunday night. as far as the temperatures, overnight lows, in the lower 40s and lots of 50s and san francisco and oakland. storms in the pacific and also breaks as well and we have the showers for tonight. showers the break and this system developing and bringing in a chance for showers by late sunday afternoon and into sunday evening but it looks like most of the weekend can be dry. here we are for saturday. partly cloudy skies and sunday picking up the clouds and a chance of showers in the north bay during the afternoon and bump up the chances by sunday night and maybe a lingering chance for early monday morning. forecast highs in the lower 60s out there and partly cloudy skies and could have a sprinkle
5:53 pm
or two and your five-day forecast. the sunday storm should not be strong and we wipe out the rain clouds and go to tuesday and wednesday and for thursday and friday and go for a nice dry spell. looking pretty good. we deserve it. >> thanks, mark. >> the tax deadline now less than a month away. the two things you can do right now to lower your tax bill this year. >> and in minutes new at six, guns and drugs and cash all seized from a bay area home. what we are learning. >> a vintage store owner accused of selling the fur of an endangered animal. what the accusations are against other bay area stores.
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a lot of people complain that they learn how to save money on the day that their taxes are due but tom vacar has two things that you can do right now. reporter: taxpayers have until april 18th this year to make the filing deadline for last year's taxes. long lines at the post office will be less because nine out of ten turns are file electricically. just one in ten by mail. even though 2016 has passed there are still two things you can do to lower your taxes. first, throw money into your retirement account. >> if you want to contribute to
5:57 pm
an ira and deduct it, you can do that all the way to april 18th. the key is if you are going to do that, you what about to let your financial institution know what year you are contributing for and that way you can make sure it gets appropriately put in your account and deduct it. >> make sure you are eligible and second set up a so-called health savings plan. >> the health savings account, you can set those up and that gives you the ability to have less money that you are taxed and it comes to you. it is like contributing to a ira. >> it is for health issues. >> if you pull it out for something else, there may be consequences. >> only one percent of tax returns will face the audits
5:58 pm
due to budget cuts at the irs and sophisticated cross checking to match up tax documents may turn up red flags to generate a letter to prove deductions. >> if we see something that doesn't seem right, we will try to contact you and do what we can do to get proof. >> many will engage in forms of roulette, the game that rest of us pay for. tom vacar. fox 2 news. heavy rain in the bay and another spring storm in northern california. tonight we are tracking the conditions. >> i am frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the storm is winding down and not before dredging the bay. check out the conditions in do you want oakland this afternoon
5:59 pm
where we saw most people were prepared as they carried umbrellas. wet weddings at city hall but it didn't dampen the spirits. >> good luck with rain but i don't know why. >> fertility. >> all right. muni crews keeping the service running smoothly and no major problems. mark mayo is here for bill and at times it came down. thankfully not causing extreme problems. because we have seen those in january and february. a potent cold front producing downpours and high amountings. ben low man 1.68 and santa clara 1.0 and napa close to 3/4
6:00 pm
of an inch and red why city .69 and san francisco over a half- inch of rainfall and san jose .11. outside right now here is the live camera towards oakland and lots of overcast and enough moisture that you can still encounter scattered showers but this is what we went through. 12 hours of radar showing you that front moving across the bay area and looking to the sierra we had the snowfall. come to go to south bay, gilroy and morgan hill and san jose scattered rain to talk about and portions of the east bay and fremont and then we will move the maps around up in portions of the north bay. still some action out towards napa and towards lake county as well. we will have lingering rainfall but a nice break for saturday. weil


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