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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 25, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. >> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> 36 years i lived here. and ... i have never heard of a death around here. of a murder or anything. this is the first one. so ... it is very concerning. >> a body of a man is found at an elementary school campus in the south bay. the latest information surrounding the suspicious death. good evening everybody.
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i'm cristina rendon. a disturbing discovery on an elementary school campus. police are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death after a man's body was found at toyon elementary school. azenith smith is live in san jose. police are snot saying how the man died. >> reporter: yes, at this point, we do not know if the man was shot, stabbed, or beaten to death. but, we do know he was found on this campus. neighbors tell us this campus is safe. and, locked up. today, it was covered in crime tape. >> it was pretty visible. you could see that it was a male. he was wearing a black sweater and he was laid on his stomach. >> reporter: cassandra's nerves are rattled after she saw the body of a man laying face down underneath a school bench. >> i lived here my whole life, i went to toyon.
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this is pretty dramatic for our neighborhood. >> reporter: police were called out to the school at 10:00 this morning after a man was discovered not breathing with serious injuries. medical personnel declared him dead a short time later. the coroner removing his body just before 5:00 this evening. >> it is surprising. totally amazing they found somebody there. >> reporter: mary martinez lives across the school. he was among the neighbors questioned by the police. >> so they came an knocked on our door. and asked questions if i had heard anything. but i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: besides interviewing neighbors police hauled away evidence. they have not revealed how the man died other than calling it suspicious. neighbors classify the area as quiet. crime is rare. >> when you are a child, somebody dying on the premises is very scary. it is just not ... it is just not normal. >> reporter: school is not in session. and, activities on campus were not happening at the time. neighbors are in disbelief. a place considered a safe haven
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was anything but safe today. >> scary. >> around us. you have to live differently now. >> i am paranoid to walk. i'm always looking around. >> you have to be aware. >> i couldn't believe it. it is devastating. and ... hurtful, you know? my heart goes out to his family. just like i said, you know, we grew up in this neighborhood and nothing like this has ever happened. >> reporter: a neighbor who saw the body says the man appeared to be in his 20s or 30s . police have not identified the victim. they are working to notify his family. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police's homicide unit. >> azenith smith, thank you. palo alto fire crews made quick work of a fire at a senior living facility this afternoon. the fire department first tweeted about the fire at 4:00 this afternoon. they say the fire was contained to just one room and the rest of the billing did not need to be evacuated. the senior living facility is
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part of the jewish community center next door. the cause of the fire is under investigation. pleasant hill police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident near i-680. it happened near the monument boulevard off ramp. a 20-year-old man from antioch died after being hit by three passing cars while standing in the northbound lanes of the freeway. it is not clear why the victim was standing in the freeway. further south, chp is investigating another crash t it happened in the northbound direction near the stone ridge drive exit. officers say a man in his 40s was driving a silver sedan when his car smashed into the center divide and flipped over. the chp says the driver was the only person in the car and offers say it does not appear any other vehicle was involved in this crash. now, to new developments in the oakland raiders possible move to las vegas. the east bay times reports nfl commissioner roger goodell has written the letter to mayor
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libby schaaf expressing concerns about oakland's proposal to build a new raider stadium. among other things, goodell said the proposal is not specific enough. meantime, raiders fans gathered outside and inside the oakland coliseum. and a bid to prevent the team moving to vegas. rod malcolm has the details. >> reporter: the 98 nfl football season begins in 2017 in september. but for the raiders today was game day. >> the fourth quarter. we have to get them to stay. >> reporter: the raiders fans gathered urging fans to show a united front. city leaders have showed a revised financing plan on a $1.3 billion mixed use stadium on land where the team currentlyplays. >> we know the strength is here. this is one of the most people power driven communities around the united states. the nfl knows they will make
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the most money here. >> raiders owner mark davis needs 24 yes votes from the 32 owners in order to move the team to vegas. julie morton remembers when the team left before and has heard enough of relocation talk. >> i look at it like this. it is a bad marriage. you know. the spouse cheats, you let them come back. they go again, i'm done. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says the latest financing addresses all the concerns they have. >> they agreed to put up $200 million to do the site preparation. importantly, that money will be paid back only through revenues derived at the venue. >> reporter: the city's general fund would never be at risk. fortress investment group would provide $600 million in a traditional loan. >> there's a lot of questions on how the numbers work. there are no questions here.
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these numbers work. and we are here to guarantee them. >> reporter: what is not guaranteed is if the raiders and mark davis will sit at the table. but mayor schaaf says the pot is pretty sweet. >> in the package we deliver this week, that we absolutely will give the raiders the right to select future development in a way that duh not conflict with their interests. >> reporter: fans ended the day by marching the perimeter of the coliseum to let the nfl know there is legacy and loyalty in oakland. they hope the league is listening. the long awaited nfl vote will be heard on monday. that is when we will find out whether fans of the silver and black could be seeing red. from the oakland coliseum. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. now to our bay area weather. clear skies but that might change headed into sunday. let send it to meteorologist mark tamayo with what we can expect. possibly the chance of showers
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mark? >> i think tomorrow evening we are talking shower chances across a good portion of the bay area. so changes for the second half of the weekend. but, after yesterday, it was nice to see this today. we had sunshine. a few of the puffy white clouds. so partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon hours. but, a nice saturday out therement we had a break in the rainfall. right now, in the satellite, just high clouds moving into northern california and the bay area. you see what is happening to our west though. we have some more coverage here with more shower chances. developing out here. so, right now, we have partly cloudy skies but more overcast. offshore, that will work its way closer to the bay area the next 12 hours so you can count on sunday clouds out there. and once again, we are talking shower chances going up as well. outside our live camera, looking out toward the bay bridge lights. partly cloudy skies over san francisco bay now. but here is the forecast model. 9:00 tomorrow morning. not a lot to shoyu here. but look up to the north and the west. things will be changing by the
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afternoon hours. by 4:00 up in the north bay. and that gradually moves to the south as well. so, it is not going to be a big deal. but definitely changes setting up in your sunday forecast. we will talk about rainfall projections coming up. and also, eventually, a big warming trend in our five day. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you mark. well, now to developing news out of las vegas. one person is dead. another wounded. and, the suspected gunman is in custody tonight after a deadly shooting. the man surrendered peacefully about 3:30 this afternoon. the gunman had barricaded himself inside a bus after the shooting. two people were admitted. one died and the other is expected to recover. las vegas authorities were quick to point out they consider this an isolated incident. >> this is a single incident that has no terrorist
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suspicion. >> reporter: the standoff took place on the las vegas strip near cosmopolitan hotel. there is no word on the alleged gunman's identity or the motive. earlier today, the belagio casino in las vegas web on temporary lockdown after a burglary at a jewelry store in the casino. this is cell phone video said to be pictures of the robbers. three men wearing masks. police say they used a large hammer to break into a store that sells expensive jewelry and rolex watches just before 1:00 this morning. police say they have one of the burglars in custody. several fights broke out today at a pro trump rally in huntington beach. this shows what appear to be three or four peep dressed, pushing, shover, and fighting with rally goers. the las vegas times shows one counterchemistrier doused a rally organizer with pepper spray and was tackled and beaten. four people were arrested. meanwhile, other pro trump
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rallies were held across the nation and were mostly peaceful including one in indiana and ohio. many supporters say they wish others in the country would just give president trump a chance. the president taking to twitter today in response to the rallies tweeting out this. "thank you for all of the trump rallies today. amazing support. we will make america great again." washington is still reeling from yesterday's stinging defeat for the republicans and president trump after house republican leaders pulled legislation to repeal the affordable care act from a vote on the house floor. as kevin fork reports, the failure leaves a major trump campaign promise unfulfilled. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington dc. and it was a victory for the disaster of obama care. but i promise you ... that victory won't last very long. >> reporter: elected officials in washington are continuing to feel the fall-out after failure of the gop's american
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healthcare act. the bill was pulled from the house floor before it went to a vote on friday. democrats in congress are celebrating with what they see as the end of the republican effort to repeal and replace obama care. but president trump isn't accepting defeat just yet. taking to the offensive on twitter on saturday, saying he will lead the charge in replacing obama care once it" explodes." mr. trompes opponent in the 2016 election chimed in. hillary clinton tweeted it was a victory for all americans. many are calling it a major loss for president trump. repealing and replacing obama care aver all was one of his top campaign promises. >> they control the house of representatives. the republicans control the senate. he is a new republican president. there is really no excuse why he shouldn't have been able to pass his own initiative other than this bill really was a disaster. >> reporter: the president, however, is convinced it will be democrats who are blamed
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when president obama's affordable care act fails. >> they own it. 100% own it. and, this is not a republican healthcare. this is not anything but a democrat healthcare. and, they have obama care for a little while longer until it ceases to exist. which it will. >> reporter: the trump administration meantime is ready to move on from healthcare to tackle the next big ticket item on their legislative agenda. and that is tax and regulatory reform. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. still ahead on the 10:00 news, a vigil held tonight for the four victims killed in their sacramento home. at 10:30, the tributes made in their honor. after two decades of planning and construction, the warm springs bart station opens for business. we'll be right back. >> and march madness invade it is bay area. how the gonzaga bulldogs took out xavier. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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>> golden gate bridge fishes are warning of traffic delays as three lanes will be closed for a half marathon. bridge managers say only two southbound lanes and one northbound lane will be open. they will be closed along with the southeast visitor parking lot. the event is the fifth annual rock and roll half marathon which start at 6:15 sunday on the great highway.
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it loops across the bridge and ends on the steps of city hall. the warm springs bart station in south fremont will make commutes a bit easier for people living in the south bay. the gleaming state of the art facility is called the gateway to the silicon valley. it connects to transit and buses and has 45 charges stations for electric vehicles. the project came in $100 million under budget. >> i'm excited to have this. >> absolutely. it is long overdue. >> this is bart's 46th station. and one of three stations that will bring the train all the way to san jose. the milpitas and berryessa stations are expected to be up by the end of the year. let's go! let's go! >> march madness invades the
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bay area. the gonzaga bulldogs led xavier. sending gonzaga to the final four for the first time in school history. as scott reese reports though there were know local team ins the game, there was plenty of local flavor. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a battle of west coast powers including the pack 12 champion in a pack 12 market. but x marks the spot where you probably picked arizona in your bracket. the experts underestimating xavier to the extreme. good for bill murray. less so for the pack. still, the conference was well represented as tournament host. >> it is really a great celebration of basketball. >> reporter: they help to manage these san jose games. >> so much going on behind the scenesful it take as large group to run a tournament like this.
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i think both schools are very excited. you are showcasing bay area basketball. on such a high level. >> and, there was one player with bay area roots. san francisco native jordan matthews who transferred from cal to gonzaga. just in time as it turns out. >> people were like saying, how grateful they were for my time at cal. it didn't end the way i wanted it to. but i really appreciate the way the fans have treated you. i love it. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: even though matthew's current team isn't technically local, it is from the west. gonzaga fans made themselves right at home in san jose. >> this is gonzaga nation. this is zag nation here. >> reporter: the seats are empty now, but there were very few empties during the game. the place was packed. the atmosphere, electric. this despite the fact there were no local team ins the game. a testament to how popular the ncaa tournament has become. this was a victory not only for
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gonzaga and college basketball, but the pack 12 and for the bay area. in san jose, scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. the sierra got hit with another snowstorm this week. making for slippery roads but great ski conditions. the highways were a mess this morning. and despite chain control, there were several crashes. caltrans is remining drivers to check ahead on road conditions and to find out if you need chains before you hit the road. the lyft lines were long today at kirkwood for a run down the powdery slopes. >> over a foot in the last 24 hours. it is right now, we just closed in at kirkwood, 624 inches so we are at the second deepest winter in kirkwood history. 800 inches was the deepest winter but the consistency. the call. it has just been absolutely an amazing year. >> he said he had seen more than 50 powder days this year. mark, you were in tahoe this
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week. >> as he mentioned t quality of the snow is just excellent as well. soft enough so if you fall, a soft landing to work with. they picked up snow yesterday. things taper out quite a bit. we are talking another incoming system as we head into your sunday. now, take a look at this. you see a bunch of zeros across. maybe .01 for san francisco. san rafael. into early sunday afternoon. and we will pick up a bit. but this will not be a major deal. rainfall projections a few hundredths of an inch to maybe a quarter of an inch in the north bay. so here is the deal now. on the satellite radar. clouds approaching cape mendocino. showers to the west of eureka now. we are dry for right now. we will be dry into tomorrow morning as well. we will check in on the current numbers out there. right now, santa rosa has cooled off to 39. livermore, 50. and san jose, 54. our live camera looking out toward san francisco bay.
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and, the bay bridge lights. not much in the way of solid overcast just yet. but we will thicken up the clouds while you are sleeping and temperatures for tomorrow morning will be in the 40s to right around 50 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 46. and vallejo, 45. so, here is the plan tomorrow. in san francisco, increasing clouds. 7:00 a.m., right out the gate. 52 degrees. and then, still some more clouds at 12:00 here. mostly cloudy skies. flirting with the 60-degree mark. we bring in a chance of showers. probably a better bet though, after 3:00 showing none the sunday forecast. here we are tomorrow morning. a few sprinkles. into the afternoon hours, things begin to change. we are tracking rain showers in portions of the north bay and this gradually slides to the south. to the early portion of sunday evening. and then, into a monday, look what happens. clouds and a few popup showers and we will gradually clear out
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the overcast. this will set the stage for a dry warm e weather pattern. we are talking more 70s eventually. we will have that updated five day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you mark. new video tonight. people around the world are drawing attention to climate change by turning off their lights. it is an annual event called earth hour when they turn off their events at 8:30 p.m. local time. went out as many landmarks did in cities around the world. among them, the white house, the national cathedral, the empire state building. the space needle, the coliseum in rome, and the eiffel tower. it is all organized by the world wildlife fund out of australia. still ahead, putting the brakes on uber's self-driving cars. in minutes, the reason the driver lesser vis in arizona has been suspended plus, returning to the american skies after more than 30 years. the surprise flight taken by what are called the french blue
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angel as their month-and-a-half tour get underway here in the u.s. ♪ ♪ it's spring, and we can't wait to open our sheds and get working on our yards. scotts and miracle-gro are here to help. we make it easy to grow thick, healthy lawns, spectacular plants, and bountiful flowers. because when spring starts right, the months that follow stay perfect. load up your shed with scotts and miracle-gro. it's time to get outside. ♪ ♪
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>> uber is suspending self- driving car tests after an accident in arizona. this video shows the aftermath  of an accident yesterday. the uber car is roll on its side. an, police say the uber car was not at fault. investigators say another vehicle failed to yield making a turn and hit the self-driving car. uber self-driving cars started picking up people in arizona last month. there is no word when uber will resume driverless service. france's version of the blue sane jells are takeing to the skies here in the united states. they are called the french acrobatic patrol. their month long tour is kicking off in new york. marking their first return to the skies in more than 30 years. >> we train so closely together
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that i could actually go out with one of the french pilots and within an hour, we could develop a tactical flight together. >> the french blue angels are celebrating the 100 anniversary of the u.s.' entry into world war i. authorities in london are releasing more details about the british man who killed four people wednesday in london. khalid masood taught english in saudi arabia for two one year periods. he didn't have a criminal record there. he was known for having a violent testify nor england and had been convicted at least twice for violent crimes. he drove his rented suv across london's crowded westminster bridge. he killed two pedestrians and
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then stabbed a police officer before being shot and killed by police. a fire in the east bay displaces ten people. the damage done and the investigation now underway. >> plus, the vigil held tonight for the four victims killed in their sacramento home. up next, the tributes made in their honor. nor
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>> a community vigil honoring the memory of four people killed in a home in sacramento. the vigil was held outside the home. neighbor haves been rocked by the deaths. >> we are right to be angry. we are right to be sad. we are right when we question
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humanity. >> through song. hugs. and tears. >> reporter: a community tries to heal. it has been days since four bodies were found in a home here. thoughts of the victims especially the two children lost haven't left neighbors' minds for even a moment. >> speaking with my kids, they were just in disbelief. they said we can't believe it mom. >> reporter: tonight's vigil was put on by sacramento council member jay shanier who represents the land park area. he says this has been the toughest circumstance since his time on the council. >> when you have small children involved in something like this, senseless tragedy. >> i have been on my porch staring over there in
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disbelief. >> reporter: like those up and down her street, nadine has had a tough time coping with the loss of her neighbors. today was her chance to turn shock into grief and the first step toward strengthening an area that has been emotionally devastated. >> we, some of us just grabbed our neighbor and hugged during the vigil. it shows us how strong we are as a community. we will get through this. they will never be forgotten. >> that was eric rucker reporting. sources close to the investigation say 57-year-old salvador vasquez-oliva is facing four countsover murder. he is due in court on monday. sonoma county investigators released the identity of a man accused in yesterday's fatal shooting of his brotherment it happened about 7:15 friday night on river road in the community of forestville. deputies say they found 36-year-
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old seamus gallon dead in the home. deputies spotted sean gallon's vehicle. neither deputy was injured but their cars were out of commission and a third located gallon and arrested him and recovered a rifle. san francisco police have detained a woman who allegedly fired a gun while barricaded inside an apartment. the incident began around 9:00 this morning in the 200 block of turk street. the bullet went through several walls but no one was hurtment they were able to talk the woman into surrender around 11:00 a.m. they did not say whether she will be arrested. an oakland police vehicle reportedly hit an injured a motorcyclist this morning. the accident happened just before 8:00 a.m. at 19th street in broadway. the motorcyclist was transported to a hospital and is reportedly in stable condition, but t is not clear how badly he was injured. the officer was not hurt.
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no word on whether the officer had his lights or siren on or who sat fault for the crash. ten people were displaced by a fire in pleasant hill. it happened just before 9:30 p.m. two units were destroyed and two others damaged by smoke and water. gas and electricity had to be turned off, so others were displaced as well. it is too early toe know what caused the fire. >> our investigator will determine the cause. but at this point, it will burned investigation. >> everyone made it out safely. of the building. and, no one was hurt. new at 10:00, san francisco police said today they arrested a man suspected of a series of thefts and burglaries. they a44-year-old her man canada was taken into custody after a series of burglaries. detectives say he is suspected of stealing from two other
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properties. canada has been quicked of burglary and grand theft in the past. remembering debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. if minutes, the public memorial held in their honor. >> and, in weather, the weekend is starting off nicely. mostly sunny sky. look what is happening offshore. more clouds and some clouds working their way back into the bay area. san francisco bay. coming up, we will break down the shower chances once again. coming up in the sunday forecast. if you want 70s . we have that as welcoming up. just a few days away.
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>> playing a little billing for you. a preview of what we will have in store, mark will have our forecast in one minute. welshing actor harrison ford's near miss on an orange county runway is still being investigated by the faa. but, for the first time, we are hearing the conversation between the actor and air traffic control. >> hi, just a couple of quick things. one ... >> i was distracted by the airline in movement when i turned to the runway. and, also, the landing air bus. >> well, if you didn't hear it, ford referred to himself as the smuck who landed on the taxi way. he said he got confused by the jet on the runway as well as
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turbulence from a nearby plane. thankfully, nobody was hurt. hundredsover people came to a public memorial service for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. the mother and daughter died within a day of each other late last year. todd fisher organized the memorial. he said his mother didn't like memorials or funerals so he decided to make the tribute more like a party and gave friends and colleagues a chance to say good-bye. weather changes are coming up sunday. coming up for tonight, we have partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, some clouds, we will bring in the chance of showers during the afternoon. but, especially, for the evening hours and the extended, we will warm up the numbers looking pretty good if you want 70s . the long range weather maps. as you see in the satellite, there is the weather system up
10:39 pm
to our north. right now, we have clear to partly cloudy skies. they will work their way back into the bay area headed into the sunday forecast. so, tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 40 toss the low 50s . then into the afternoon hours, a chance of showers in the north bay, early afternoon, 2:00, 3:00, better as we head toward your sunday eveningful let's take a live look outside. we will show you this looking out toward the bay bridge. san francisco bay. for the most part, a fairly quiet saturday evening. no rain drops for tonight. and, for tomorrow morning, raindrops not expected as well. here is the system that limb pact the second half of the weekend. there's the area of low pressure and the frontal band moving into northern california. we have experienced very strong storms as you know for january, february, march. this was going to be a weak one by comparison. still enough to bring clouds and showers. once this moves on through,
10:40 pm
this will set the stage for a bit of a warming trend for a little bit, not much for monday, by tuesday and wednesday. we are talking about more 70s out there as the storm track gets pushed way up to the north. this area of high pressure rebuilds so looks like a nice dry weather pattern issetting up. just a slight chance of a sprinkle or a light shower. that could be on thursday. for the most part, deep clouds. here is the forecast model showing you the clouds. the main rain is up to the north. here are rain showers approaching the north bay. a few sprinkles close tore san francisco and oakland. we will bump up the chances in the early evening showers. hold onto them until early monday morning. partly cloudy skies. breezy conditions. could be a bit blustery headed into the monday forecast. which is typical with the springtime starting last week.
10:41 pm
so, expect stronger winds in the coast. and hark is right on schedule. tuesday, look at this. mostly clear skies. it will feel warmer out there as well. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the upper 50s to the low 60s . mostly cloudy skies. we showed you the rain time line. mostly dry conditions for the morning hours. but increasing chances throughout the afternoon hours. up in the north bay, for the rest of the bay area. here is a look ahead. the five day forecast, there is that rain cloud for tomorrow. and then, into monday, we could have a sprinkle or a light shower into the early morning hours. say, 4:00, 5:00. then, this is the nice weather pattern we have been waiting for. tuesday, wednesday, temperatures into the low to mid 70s . good news. the models will keep us dry the next few days. i know you have been out with the flooding issues. it is kind of nice to see that fade away. >> it will be nice.
10:42 pm
>> hopefully that will be the case. thank you very much. appreciate it. well, that does it for us. sports wrap is next. coming up, high school basketball. state championships on the line in sacramento. and, the first tickets were punched to a trip to the final four. joe fonzi has all of the highlights next.
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>> fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> good evening everybody. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. west coast college basketball doesn't get a lot of respect around the rest of the country. but, two west coast teams represent half of the final four which was decided today. gonzaga against xavier this afternoon at sap center in san
10:45 pm
jose. and, the western conference finals. they do a great job moving the ball around. the bulldogs had it going from three point range. nigel williams goss. bulldogs 8 from 13. gonzaga kept it up in the sec half. a nice assist. jordan matthews to the lob to jonathan williams. williams on the way to a 19 point game. time for comic relief. josh perkins with the steal. down the floor so quickly. the girl on the broom was in did middle of the cleanup. gonzaga with the dominant win. in the 11th seeded musketers cinderella story. zs coach, taking some heat about whether his program is truly elite. and now he has a new entry for his resume.


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