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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it does. it sound inviting, doesn't it >> >> thank you for joining us. mornings on 2 march 27th. and good morning. he's right over there. has your forecast for monday. we get a little cloud cover clipping the coast. other than that mostly sunny and some rain overnight. good morning. we did have a .1 of an inch. 47. only picked up a tenth of an inch yesterday. a few locations and a little bit more than that. almost an inch of rain. .47. .36 and santa cruz mountains had a third of an inch.
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so not bad but another system that keeps add toggle the rain totally. right on the coast. partly sunny skies. 5:016789 hope things are quiet but maybe not. >> yeah. they are quiet now which is good. you and i both hope far quiet
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commute. driving through the pass we will see some slow traffic. still looks goodful it's not looking bad. this is a look at interstate 880 and the traffic is still doing well. poo em who get up early and get on the road soon generally have a better commute.
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no mark davis. owners tomorrow will discuss the proposed move to las vegas. tonight as they paraded by reaction range from indifferent to a solid commitment. >> you anticipate in that vote that it will get pasted? >> i'm not sure. >> i know. not right now, please. >> and again it, talk about that tomorrow. >> we'll be voting. >> do you think the raiders will get enough voluntary ets? >> i hope so. i hear a lot of positive things about it. >> they need 24 of the 32 nfl own force approve. but even if that happen it is are still serious details to be worked out including possible legal action from the city of oakland. >> there are on a sceivet level at least # causes of action. >> someone willing to loan you the money. can you pay it back? huge debts on this project in
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las vegas. they would not have if they stayed in oakland. >> when to comes to motivation there seems to approximate one overriding factory that's making las vegas so attractive. >> i think this deal wiz probably really cooked when mark davis and mark convinced state of nevada to give them $750 in public money. sthas the most by any public venue. quef not identified a solution. it was disappointing to me open
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our clubs to have come that conclusion. when they have had a fully financed stadium and we are not going to sit still and let them do that to tus. >> 24 of the 32 owners need to approve the proposal and those close to the nfl say it appears there are at least that many who support the raiders move. during the weekend, we have a twitter pol asking if they moved to vegas would you travel?
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our last check says 73% says not a single game. 21% say maybe a game or two and just 6% react be saying i'm going every game. now please stay with us throughout the day. we're going to break that news as the nfl owners vote. we're going to tweet it out, we're going have that coverage here on ktvu fox 2. time is 5:06. later today, president trump will try to move on with his agenda. trying to rebound from last week's failed push to replace. that means a new plan to stream line government with as well as some quarterbacking. >> president trump had promised to move past last week' failure on health care reform but they have to heal some different fi is ssur serks, hoping that today, monday, brings some renewal. for start es he'll announce that his son-in-law will
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lead. we came up short. but it will be hard to just skip past what happened last week. house speaker paul ryan had to drop plans because of a lack of republican support in the house and white house chief of staff promising that this is not the end of health care reform. the -- when obamacare can does explode, which it had -- if democrats come on board. we'll welcome that diswhrm that idea of working with democrats is manager of a threat to the most conservative republicans in the house, the freedom days discuss who refuse to back the plan. and trump himself unleashed on twitter tw. democrats are smiling in d.c. he wrote that the freedom caucus has saved planned parenthood and obamacare. still ahead a looming dead lin next month far government funding shutdown and the president would
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like to move forward on a complicated issue. he may be looking for democratic support there too. >> we can work with them but i don't think they are headed in that direction. and they are going repeat the same mistake on trumpcare with tax reform. >> talk about how difficult it was. tax reform may be even more difficult. in washington. fox news. >> he's expected to sign an executive -- that's the plan. that's the central part of president obama's plan to curb global warming from the u.s. power plants. coal l plants -- which promming to bring bag coal mining jobs and reduce the -- from cincinnati, ohio. still out there searching for suspects in a deadly nightclub shooting.
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one person was killed. 15 others were hurt t. started early sunday morning after two groups started arguing. reportedly 20 shots were fired. terrified crowd dove to the floor to escape the bullets. >> there's no evidence that this was a terrorist attack however to the victims what difference does it make? >> 27-year-old spikes was killed in the shoog. 5 shooting victims are still in the hospital. three of them in critical condition. now police say the nightclub had its own security team in place with pat downs and metal detection wands but still several guns somehow got inside. they are checking surveillance video to identify the person involved. >> san san si -- who killed a pedestrian. it happened early yesterday morning at monterey road in south san jose.
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they left crime scene tape as they search for leads in this case. friend have identified the perp killed a hoselessman or early 30s. they are now making a public appeal it will may have issued a crash. glm go ahead and l the victim was standing in the road shortly after midnight saturday when he was hit by the car traveling southbound on monterey road. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact san jose police. >> time is now 5:10. a two-car crash yesterday in redwood city sent one of those cars into a house. look at this no one was hurt but the home suffered a lot of damage. san francisco animal
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control agency is trying to find homes for more than 40 rabbits. they were seized from a man in opt sunset district who was trying to sell them on craigslist. it's illegal to sell them in san francisco. now the agency adopt the bunnies and foot who take one of the rabbits home. many i don't know if bupny would like. >> okay. look at that. >> oh. >> all right. time is 5:11. soccer game in san jose turned violent. coming up in 20 minutes tell you about the investigation underway after fans tore down a fence and really got physical. also left behind. the reason an agent stopped two teenages from boarding unite airline flight in denver and why the airline is standing by its
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decision. traffic on the bridge is a little bit crowded now. getting into san francisco. it's not stop and go though. a lot of people are on that span many we'll tw >> well, maybe a quarter or third for some. we'll take a look at that.
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well beyond his official salary. >> united airlines is supporting a gate agent decision at denver international airport. now the agent barred two teenage girls from boarding
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a flight because they were wearing leggings. the airline said that they received a angry tweets from acrosses country with people criticizing what they considered an intrucive policy. the united said they were traveling an employee travel pass that includes a specific dress code and united sent out ights own tweet. i looked at united's website. anybody else is welcome to wear leggings. i was kind of surprised when i saw the story. >> they were specific. >> spandex particular. it was because they were flying on an employee pass. everybody else your leggings are welcome. all right. >> interesting. time is 5:16.
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displrchlt there's a 4 hours. almost an inch of rain. the leaders of pack as far as i can see. consistentfield. willis had # .48. close to that. .15. so still another system that made it. right along the coast. we'll slowly zoom in. there you go. coming right down out of the northwest. clip the the shower. right there. so highway 1. wash out by the time they goat santa cruz. we'll mention it anyway. some activity going on. in the sierra a little bit of light snow. winter weather advisory for another couple of hours. there's still plenty going on. that's about the lineup.
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40s and 50s on your temperatures. east bay temp 43 in lafayette. and 40s and 50s even -- even 50 for pittsburgh. also dub lib. here's your westerly breeze. northwesterly breeze. a decent little breeze. it's going to be a breeze writey to bluttery day. 30s up in the mountains. 40s from sacramento. there's your little system up there. still producing some light snow and that winter weather advisory goes until 8:00. unless they just cancel it. they might have. technically going to 8:00. for us some partly cloudy on the coast. mostly sunny inland. some of that dry air beginning to amuse in. highs in the 60s. low to mid--- not in too much of a spread but 06 to 66. 65 redwood city.
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a fast-moving system. windy and coolers for us the hail was big enough to smash windshields. many parts of texas were under a severe thunderstorm watch. word of at least one tornado. this tree fell into a house knocking down power lines. no one in that house was hurt. hail and high wind hit that area antefunnel close but spotted a possible scam. >> i was livid.
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this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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a man behind.
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just before he cared out his rampage he accept a message but the police can't get to the content of the message and the information about the recipient because the message is encrypted. nine of the 12 people arrested last week have been released without charges. one person was released on bail. mane time the family of the utah man killed in the attack is now in london reporting his wife who was also seriously hurt. they talk about the tragedy this morning. >> the most difficult part of all of this is that kurt is no longer with us. and we miss him terribly. he was an amazing individual who loved everyone. and tried to make the world a better place. >> now kurt and me list is a cochran traveled to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. the adak of the attack was the last day of their
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tip. the family says they wanted to spend it sightseeing. a broken rib and an injured leg. the family says she is recovering. ♪ [ music ] at this memorial service yesterday many remembering the terror attack victims. the cathedral is just steps away from the attack on the bridge. overall, four victims died including london police officer. >> time is now 5:5. there are conflicting reports about what may have caused an explosion in italy on -- iraq that left dozens of people hurt. isis fighters may have been hiding among the civilians in the building where that explosion occurred. it's not clear the building was hit by u.s. air strikes. iraqi officials say it's the holes that would
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indicate an air strike and they believe the building was booby trapped by isis. 61 bodies were pulled out of the wreckage of the building. others say about 200 people the teenagers were mountain climbing with that avalanche hit early today and the resort about # 120 miles north of tokyo koa. emergency crews found them buried beneath the snow and at last check they were fighting fir that lives. dozes other sky and hikers were hurt in avalanche. >> time is 5:26. a driver lost control and coming up in 20 minutes, how officials in oregon say a man's car landed on that boat. plus a -- plus a big day for raiders fans. nfl owners will meet and will
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vote on a possible move to las vegas. we'll tell you what city leaders are doing to try to stop the team from moving.
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welcome back. it's monday, march 27th. >> thank you for joining us. coming up on 5:30678 sounds like the rainy weather
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is gone. >> for now, yes. >> still at. >> very little. [ laughter ] >> but it's there. we do have a system that's pretty much gone. moved off to the north and also to the east. more towards the sierra. still a little bit of energy up on the north coast. for us, not too much. i know our observer had .19. a third of an inch. almost a half inch of rain. not too bad. but i think i'm just going to send in an isolated little shower. right there. so right on the peninsula. santa cruz coastline. not a lot there but just enough to mention. up to the north. yes, a little bit of activity. mostly clearing out for us. 40s on temps to 50s. me nins -- peninsula techs.
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46 and 47. westerly breeze. so it's going to be a rather breezy to bluttery day and might be risk. coming overall the trend is getting rid of this system and mostly sunny but wind will be a factor today. pick up. anything going on? >> yeah. not too bad. we do have some clouding taking place. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you're driving through. a little bit of slow traffic already on 80 coming through. westbound 80 as you drive through the area. you'll see some slow approaching 780 and also on 37 heading west to marine condition. and you can see traffic is jamming up here. about 5:30. as usual. about 5 to 10 minutes late. if you're driving on 280 on
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northbound and some of the south bay commute you can look good for now. let's go back to the desk. thank you. expected to be decision day on the radarrer's possible move out of the bay area. >> nfl team owners may get a green light to move to vegas. ktvu. the okay land coliseum to tell us more about what may happen later today. good morning. >> good morning to you. the mayor of oakland and a number of other local politicians will be in arizona for this huge vote for the raiders. excuse me. football-only stadium here at the current coliseum site. this is backed by former players. they say they can do this without using public money. they say the raiders belong here in oakland and it remains to be seen if nfl owners agree. >> do you think the raiders will get enough votes?
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>> hope so. >> heard a lot of positive things. >> this was the scene in arizona yesterday as nfl owners were asked about the relocation vote as they began to arrive at the biltmore hotel. later today they are expected to vote on the radarrers relocation bid to las vegas. that's where $750 million in public money has been approved for a brand new stadium near the strip. the raiders near 24 out of the 32 owners to vote yes on the move in order to make it happen. and it sounds as if the nfl commissioner believes the votes are there to approve the relocation bid. but the oakland city councilman talked to us and says there is still a viable plan to build a new stadium for the raiders here in oakland. >> there's no reason for the nfl to allow the raiders to go to las vegas. we have shown them a plan that is equal, if not
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better than the plan in vegas. we control the land here. the eir has been completed. we know what ancillary development can be part of that -- that will surpd a football-only stadium. >> and former nfl great and the invest many group have put forth that plan to build a new stadium in oakland at the current site and again would not include the use of any public funds but the league has essentially rejected that plan. so later on today, the nfl owners will be taking that vote. the oakland raiders near nine of those owners to reject the move to las vegas otherwise the team could be headed to the silver state. we're going to have to wait and see how it all shakes out later today and if the move is approved they could be playing there as early as 2020.
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wow. all right. we're all watching. >> big story. thank you, alex. san jose police say there were no serious injuries but there was a fight between soccer fans at avia stadium t. happened just before 3:00 when fans start  throwing rock and bottles at each other and tore down a fence. there were long lines outside waiting to get in to the match between two mexican league teams and the mercury news recorded it's how fans of teams show their support. extra police were called in but no arrests were made. now the stay yum is a home field for the san jose earthquakes team and the team issued a statement saying we thank the san jose police department for the quick response to today's incident and for prevents the situation from escalating.
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one person was ejected from a car but is expected to survive. the 20-year-old driver of that car was arrested for driving under the influence. no other serious injuries have been reported. now streets were shut down in the area but they are open again. >> oakland police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a man who was working on his rv. now this happened sunday afternoon around 3:00 on 85th avenue near the dmv in east oakland. witnesses say a car hit the unidentified man and did not stop. the car was last seen going east. leading to the ace of driver. 5:36 in scroament. the man accused of killing his wife, two children and niece will appear in court today. amonged victims, a 21-year-old
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woman from san francisco. a 45-year-old mother she had an amazing personality. she was just full of life. i mean, there wasn't a day that went by that she wasn't smiling. they have not said how the victims were killed or why. opened fire on his parents and family friends inside the home. holiday was arrested about a mile from the home after being hit by a truck as he ran away from the crime scene friday night.
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a motive has not been termed. holiday lived with his parents and is a military veteran. he does face charges of murder, attempted murder andal cruelty. >> time is 5:38 and aftercool volleyball coach is facing felony charges accused of having inappropriate contact with two teenage girls. now 21-year-old moses martin was arrested after a 13-year-old told school officials martin sent her inappropriate comments on social media. investigators say martin was a volunteer for the sunnyvale service. officers an immediate tax
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payment. >> the irs is also warning these tax scammers have figured out how to disguise caller id on your phone. trick you into thinking -- came from the irs. >> right now it's 5:40 and well before uber and left. yellow cab were all over the bay area. coming intell how arifle to a company can keep taxis on our streets. after a major health care failure last week republicans moving forward on the next legislative hurdle. in washington with more. coming up. it's going to be a little breezy today. we're good to go.
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the bill failed because of its own short comes. >> this bill didn't do what we told the american people what we are going to do. >> wants to move already look to the next hurdle. will have to be willing. >> we've been running a parallel all throughout health care we'll continue to make improvements.
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they are -- a lot of invest force losing confidence. they are counting on tax retomorrow and deregulation. 5:40 is the time. let's check in for a look at traffic this monday morning. >> all right. pam, dave, we do have a commute that doesn't look too bad. we do have some stop and go traffic. it's not going to be completely light. one of our photographers just texted me saying you see -- spring break this week. so we might see a little bit of a break but still doesn't seem that way on the pass. this is a look at 580 and 205. some low traffic. livermore is getting slow. we have slow thrask -- there have been no major issues. really 880 north and southbound. we don't have that many crashes which is good. the traffic at the toll plaza continues to be slow. they've turned those lights on.
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5b9 -- a little bit of a delay maybe 5 to 10 minutes. is ill not bad but definitely the slow traffic is beginning to build. >> 5:46. let bring steve in. >> thank you. >> all right. good morning, everybody. >> there were some. he says steve we had .19. i mean, respectable. considering how weak the front was but some areas that picked up more than that. i know i saw about a quarter to a half inch of rain. almost an inch. consistentfield almost a half inch. .150. our system is still kind of just dancing with some activity right off the coast. coming right down out of the northwest. occasionally half-moon bay. so giving you a few little --
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there it is. zip on by. 40 sz in the temps. and also scott valley.
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rebound friday and saturday. more wind on sunday. >> is that okay? >> it is a windy time of year. >> end of march. early april. >> i'm -- the allergy medication has kicked in. thanks for your suggestions. it's healthy. >> yes. >> all right. time is now 5:48. well the warriors they won. they are on the role. they -- klay was hot again. 3 # poin s just like that. it was a warriors 7th straight win. they are going to try to keep their winning streak going. they are going to play the rockets in houston tomorrow night. >> well, we still have a local basketball team working toward the national title.
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the stanford woman are headed back to the final four after getting past notre dame 76-75. the cardinal rally from a 16- point deficit during the second half. less than try seconds left. attentions were high. notre dame had the ball at its own end. ericka mccall blocked the shot. stanford heads back to the final four for the first time in three years. the cardinal face the winners of the florida-state game in dallas next weekend. >> the final four. the men's basketball tournament. now is set. north carolina beat kentucky 75- 73. last second of the game. and the number one seed tar heels are going for their 20th final four and ncaa record. now kentucky tied the game with seven seconds left but north carolina's luke may stops, shoots, scored. less than a half second left in the game. it made some players want to cry. it was just tough. >> they really took it heart.
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the tar heels will play oregon next saturday. >> and south carolina continues its fairy tale season with a 77-70 win over florida. the game cox earned their first birth in the national semifinals with solid free throw shooting and a tough defense. yeah. i know. it's the first time since 1973 south carolina has won any game. the gamecocks will play gonzaga to try to make it to the title game. right now it's 5:50 and the warriors reached out as a family was scammed. the warning about ticket fraud and how one little boy still had a wish come true.
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is giving some parents a prescription drug. directly to children and the first kid friendly dispensary in the country. the support of children. making a difference. medical marijuana as an alternative precipitation drug. >> it makes a back and forth an commute. there's no other medication that does that.
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>> beautiful. >> -- uses oil with the kids and several of the parents say they have talked with their doctors about this. >> time is now 5:54 a man in oregon who's a rescue volunteer knows an emergency when he sees it and he saw one in his own driveway. his name is tim brown. he was in the kitchen washing dishes when he saw a car literally fly across the street and land on top of his two parked cars and his boat. he was stunned by what he saw. >> the car in between these two trees which is just amazing. flips sideways and twisted in the air and this is where it landed and hit them bankment. it just -- just flipped up in the air and twice and landed on top of the vehicles. >> and -- >> can you imagine seeing that?
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>> he immediately grabbed his emergency gear and raced out to the car. he pushed back the air bag and he could see the driver was still breathing. still alive. moments later, fire crews and paramedics arrived. they needed more than 20 minutes to pry the roof off the car and get to that driver. the paramedics believe he had a medical emergency before the crash. he's expected to survive. no one else was hurt. >> well the war yos are warning fans about buying tickets through stub hub or other popular ticket-selling sights >> . wee see about 40 to 50 tickets a game. they didn't scan. >> last night the war yos held a theme night. it's widespread this season. 1,000 fans across oracle arena access because of counter fit tickets. the warriors invited a family from georgia after they purchased tickets to a war
5:56 am
yars game which turned tout be fake. >> i had dreams. i worked so hard for those first tickets. but it's so good. you don't even know it. >> how disappointing that was and the joy of this. stubhub refunded the family. a safe and easy play to buy tickets. the warriors got a chance to meet steph curry. their ticket pattern is ticketmaster. that's the safest place to buy tickets on the website but we talked about it before. the coverage of the raiders amuse will continue. coming up a at 6:00 the potential vote tbi nfl team
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owners and oakland mayor talked about what's wrong with the vegas. also the wait is over for thousands of south bay commuters. joins us live from the new bart station. how they are handling the monday morning crowds. . >> we still see traffic that is going to be busy in many areas includinged bridge. you see more people getting on -- on that bridge. we'll give you a commute update straight ahead. mostly clear. there will be some clouds on the coast and a few isolated showers. talk about that and a little breeze kicking in for a monday. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
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the owners will be voting on whether the team can make a move to las vegas we'll tell you about the last-minute push to keep them in oakland. >> and that deal could be as good as a las vegas deal. get this done. who cares who money is t is. i don't have it. just take away from the good people of oakland. >> we have a one-on-one with
6:00 am
the mayor. what she has to say about the las vegas deal and working with mark davis. >> mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. if you are just joining us here monday morning march 27th. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your monday weather. right over here. >> not too bad today. we cleared it out. but overall, along parts of coast. getting some cloud cover from the northwest. pretty good today. our system came by. not a lot of rain. for a few locations a quarter an three inquiries of an inch. the weather was absolutely fabulous saturday. i'll say. thank you. that's a pretty picture there. we do have intweet system and saturday night. hopefully you got out of it. there's still a little bit. that says you know i'm not done


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