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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome back to mornings on 2 it is a busy thursday. but we're thankful that you're here with us. in a couple hours early for pam cook this morning. >> i recognize you. good morning. i'm dave clark. and we're talking about weather. and mark is in for steve. happy to be here with the gang. we're talking about some wind out there with the camera. you can see the wind shakeing that camera around quite a bit so be extra careful on the roadways for your thursday morning. saw some rainfall overnight and a few light to rain showers moving into the bay area. we have clear skies and 48 degrees. and they picked up .18 inches of rainfall. so the rainfall, has moved out of town. but the winds will be building.
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and the wind advisory are gusting to 45 miles an hour. and this begins for the coast and san francisco this afternoon. and then as we head into friday morning, this is in place in the north bay hills and the east bay hills, we could have wind gusting to 40 to 45 miles an hour. and you see the rain showers up to the north. and not a lot of coverage here. but produced a few light showers here. average sierra picking up more rain and snowfall as well. and the snow levels down to around 5500 feet. and the current numbers out there. lots of 50s. this is santa rosa 54 and san jose 56. and the wind speeds. there's oak land airport. and the last hour, we were calm around ten miles an hour. and that is a gust out of the north. and 33 and westerlily gusting to 32 miles an hour. this is the plan today. and the afternoon hours, more sunshine and the wind moving around quite a bit.
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forecast highs this afternoon will be cooler than yesterday and 60s. warmest locations around 70 degrees. we'll talk more about the wind with your full forecast in a few minutes. and we have an update on the roadways. good morning. we have an update on the roads. right now the traffic is going to be busy coming in on the altamonte pass. traffic will be busy as you head to up the pass. and no problems driving up to livermore. and the morning commute does look good to fremont. and this is 880 and the traffic is not bad there. and the 680 there's an overturned injury accident on the ramp. and it is not causing a big delay yet. let's go back to the desk. residents in the ocean view neighborhood in san francisco are angry about violent crime in the area after a woman was shot and killed yesterday and two men wound and it all
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happened in broad daylight. it happened just after 10:30 yesterday morning. and it happened in broad street in the ocean view area near interstate 280. shots were fired from a passing car. and investigators out there marked 11 shell casings on the ground. and the three shooting victims were innocent bystanders. and the woman identified and shot and killed just steps away from her house. and the two men were shot in the legs but they are expected to survive. one man was walk home and the other was working for a cleaning company on a job. and a family member of the woman heard the shots. >> we all heard the shots. i think she came outside and realized it was her sister. and she was just screaming. >> shooter got away. but the police are checking the surveillance cameras now trying to find clues them.
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is the third homicide in that neighborhood in six months. and that gofundme page is set up to help pay for the funeral from the womb. she arrived from china 16 years ago. and two years ago she brought her adult daughter here to the u.s. one man decide after an explosion at a senior zone home in walnut creek. a propane tank at one of the apartments had saw -- had been leaking for some time and the explosion shattered windows. and they gave cpr to the injured man. in oak land, some three dozen people are in a red cross shelter after losing their homes in a deadly apartment fire in west oakland. and people are donating clothes, and toiletries and school supplies. four people died in that fire.
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and about 100 other people were displaced. the san francisco school board has selected the new superintendent of schools. he is vincent matthews. he graduate from the city public schools. mr. matthews began his teaching career in bay view. and right now he is a superintendent in the englewood school district in oakland, california. and the san francisco school board will vote on his contract next week. a light rail train hit a tread last night at 6:00 p.m. at the santa clara station and second streets. a valley transportation spokesperson said that the victim was struck while walking on the platform. and the pedestrian was rushed to the hospital. and we don't know the person's condition and the trailer was carrying about 30 passengers and no reports of any injuries. there is a warning this morning if you drive and use
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crow canyon road, almeda crews will be making emergency repairs to the road. there have been several mudslides the past two months. and the work today will be focused on the area near norris canyon road in castro valley. and we're vehicling to see it if the road will be -- checking to see if the road will be completely closed or just long delays. and the work is going to start at 9:00 this morning and it should be finished by noontime. is you see this 80-foot section of the road here just collapsed. it will be closed till the damage will be repaired. we don't have an estimate how long it will take. this is because of last week's strong storms. but the road did not collapse till yesterday. a public hearing was held
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last night about last month's flooding. and among lessons learned, the water district and city need to work together. and the data they provided might have been misunderstood by others or just have been wrong. and the creek's capacity was about half of what they expected. >> it is my hope that they will recognize that the numbers were wrong and they will fix them. and if they don't, we'll go with our own engineers to fix this problem. but it needs to get fixed. >> and the next step will be to listen to residents' concerns. and the meetings are set for april 6th, 12th and 17th. the winter rains helped the water supply recover after the state's five year doubt. it puts an end to the 20% restriction in water use. but they hope people will still use water efficiently and it should be a way of life.
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>> yes. a grieving grandfather is mourning the death of his granddaughter after he was shot in san jose. >> he didn't make 21. he loved everybody. >> memory that the grandfather is holding on to and the questions he has about what happened. paying more gore gas every time -- more for gas every time you fill up. >> and car registration fees every time you go up this is the higher gas taxes in an effort to fix the roads. >> reporter: right now we're looking at the bay bridge. and this is the hour when it changes. it is light now and it probably will not stay this way for too much longer. we had a weak system move in overnight and scattered rain showers for portions of the area. but the winds picking up. and we have wind advisories to talk about. and we'll break it all down coming up.
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the china president will be come to meet the prize and it is the first in person meeting. the president has criticized china for what he call unfair trade practices. and he may try to ask china to pressure north korea about its nuclear programs. and eye judge in hawaii blocks the travel ban by president trump till the case is settled. and we have more on the opposition facing the white house. >> reporter: a federal judge in hawaii extend a ruling, halting president trump's travel ban from six muslim majority nations. >> most of the people are
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coming out in favor of the banning the travel ban. >> reporter: and the president said that threatening to give funding to sanctuary city. >> let me be clear about the president's order t is violating the law. it is unconstitutional. >> reporter: and conservative analyst said that the sanctuary cities are deliberately breaking the law. >> they want to violate the black letter law that says that you have to cooperate with federal agencies about people that are committing crimes. >> reporter: and the senate intelligence committee is expanding its investigation between ties and the white house and the kremlin. and that is amid calls for the chairman nunes to step down. >> a lot of it is about president trump's campaign and who knew. but this is an investigation about a foreign government meddling in a u.s. election. >> reporter: and president
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trump has tried to spirit investigation into president obama ordered the wire tapping of the campaign. >> it is a significant issue and significant breach of intelligence. >> reporter: and they will hold a hearing on the russian investigation today. president trump's older daughter has a new title, white house employee. she's been serving unofficially to and adviser to her father. but that did raise conflict of interest. but she's an unpaid federal employee but will have to follow the rules. political experts say this is not the first time that a president has hired family members. >> one that comes to mind is a 35-year-old attorney named robert f kennedy that became
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attorney general and there was a lot of controversy at that time about john f. kennedy naming his brother as attorney general. >> >> lawyers for ivanka president trump said that she will file the financial disclosures required by all employees. and the census bureau said it will not collect the information on people that are in the lgbt members. and the head of census bureau acknowledged the change but did not say right. and a gay rights group submitted a request under the freedom of information act to find out. there's a new plan to change north carolina's bathroom bill. republican lawmakers said they've reached a deal with the democratic governor last night. the original law bans transgender people to use the bathroom of its choice and that triggered a nationwide protest last year. and the north carolina
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lawmakers will debate and vote on the new deal later today. the governor and other state leaders will discuss plans to improve california's roads and highways. and we're in one of the spots where people are complaining about the roads in bad shape. >> reporter: under the proposal, some of the money would be an increase in the gas tax. if the proposal changes, it will be the first time in 23 years that there's an increase in the gas tax in california. let's show you the rundown of what this plan would entail. and it will include higher vehicle registration fees and zero admission vehicles would pay a 100 fee starting n 2020. and the higher taxes and fees are supposed to bring in $152
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billion in a ten year period and that will pay for road repairs and streets and highways and bridges and most drivers agreed that our road in bad shape. you don't have to go too far to find a bunch of potholes in the bay area. and state lawmakers set next thursday on the deadline on the proposal. and governor brown will meet with some state lawmakers to discuss the details of this proposal. time is 5:16. sal, you have not seen any bad roads, have you? >> is that a rhetorical question? >> definitely. >> i'm looking at my list here. we don't have a lot going on which, is good. let's take a look at at the
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gilroy commute. and it will be okay between gilroy and san jose. and there's a crash in san jose on southbound 680 and 101. it has not been causing a big backup that is traditionally the man that commute direction. and for the most part, it has been a decent drive. this is 280 and san jose. and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, this is the time when it changes between 5 and 5:30, you start to see more people showing up. and 5:30 they will turn the metering lights on. you might encounter a few wet roads this morning. and a few showers moving in the bay area. and still in the south bay and the east bay. but we have some measurable rainfall overnight up to the north. the amounts not too impressive.
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and .02 in san francisco. once rainfall moves out, the winds are already picking up. and the wind advisory in place. and that begins the midnight and the east bay hills and the north bay hills it begins at noon. so the wind increasing today, especially near the shoreline and for the higher terrain. and active radar and the rainfall to the north and rain and snow to the south. but i did see some light rain reports. and a few sprinkles reported in san jose as well. so we're not completely dry. this will be a factor in the next hour or so up till 6:00 a.m. and the temperatures are in the 50s. san francisco 50 and santa rosa 53. and checking out the wind speeds, they have been pick up as well. santa rosa, the wind out of the north, sustained at 24, gusting to 31 and more winter reports for new san jose and lighter
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wind up in sfo gusting to over 30 and the same gel for half moon -- deal for half moon day. and we're all sneezing this time of the year. so the wind will be blowing the the -- pollen around. and you can see the area of low pressure moving from the north and moving to the east right now. with that we're cooling things off. and we're bumping up the wind speeds. and the winds coming out of the north, northwest and cooler today and gradually begin to warm things back up beginning friday and into the weekend. the warmest locations right around 80 degrees and saturday. saturday will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. and it will be dry this weekend as well. in the short-term, we're tracking the chance of a few scattered light showers out there. and action popping up in the sierra as well. and the snow levels around 5500 and 6,000 feet.
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and see the winds coming out of the north. but partly cloudy skies for this afternoon and the temperatures, not nearly as warm as yesterday. and we had a few spots close to 80. and we're thinking 60s and the warmest around 70 and half moon bay 62. and here is a look ahead, and the five-day forecast. we say hello to more sunshine for your friday and a bit of a degrees out there. and the weekend -- breeze out there as well. and the weekend is look good as well. and then early next week, it looks like we'll gradually cool things off. >> i think a lost kids getting off school start in the bay area for spring break. between all the vacation schedules, we worked it out. >> thank you, mark. new rule for opening the envelopes at the oscars in
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hopes of preventing another big mistake. the people talk to save the warriors last night that led to a victory over the spurs. you'll hear what the coach told his team even as they started the game down by 15 points.
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we're pushing and trying to settle in and is play our game. we'll be fine. >> trust i am. the spurs win -- trust him. the spurs win. and the warriors storm back in the second and they took over in the second half. age seth currie was doing that. 29 points and four 3-pointers. the warriors won their ninth straight game and they lead the spurs by three and a half game and they have home court advantage through the playoffs. and more good news, kevin durant's injured knee is recovering well. and he may be back for the last couple of games of the regular season. some of the world's best golfers will compete at the masters. but some will kristen the course at augusta
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international. it is the peewee putt tournament. >> i'm trying to have fun. i know a lot of people watching and i'll be on the tv. but at the end, i'm just trying have fun and enjoy it. >> and other bay area finalists is eric -- and christina shoe of clermont. and it will be sunday morning. today is the beginning of the bay area baseball season and the giants and the a's plate first game at at&t park tonight. you you may have noticed there are some changes in the ballpark. it's been remodeled. there's a new mini ballpark for the kids out there. and game two of the series also in san francisco. >> and we'll find out what san
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francisco fans can expect today. we'll atent a's media day and they'll check out the new taverns and new foods being offered. and i believe he's going to be talking with dave -- the head of the a's and i'm sure he's going to ask where is this new ballpark going. >> way to go. 5:26. it is being called a major breakthrough. it helps people suffering from the condition. >> and you may have the option to buckle up when taking the bus. the proposal to outfit all new buses with seatbelts. and we're getting up to 280 and 17, look good. we have a few showers across portions of the bay area. and you probably noticed the
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wind speeds increasing through the day. and we have wind advisories to talk about. we'll break it down coming up.
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officials will conduct the april 1-6r9s snowpack survey -- 1st will be the snow back survey in veer, nevada.
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it is the most important measure. the snowpack was 186% normal for this time of year. and governor brown will announce in april if he'll announce if the water restrictions will be removed. good morning. we're happy to have you here. >> very happy to join the gang t is hard to believe they would make snow at the ski resort. so much snow. and they could pick up more rain and snow up in the mountains right now for this morning. the weather system moves in from the northern california. and it is impacting the bay area as well. and rainfall focused up to the north. so take a look at some of the
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rainfall totals. a few 100th of an inch in san francisco. wind advisories for the areas shaded blue at 35 miles an hour. and the coast and san francisco, it begins at noon. and the bay area hills, it begins at midnight and winds gusting to 40, 45. and the satellite, there's quite a bit of action to the north and rain showers develop in the south bay as well so there's some coverage and i did see some light rain reports in mountain view and san jose and livermore. most areas are in the 50s. santa rosa 53. but the winds picking up. and we're showing you oakland. and the wind. >> 24. and that is the wind gust at 31 miles an hour and stronger winds out in half moon bay. so for this morning, we'll call it this partly to mostly cloudy skies in the next hour or two
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and patchy fog and a chance of a light shower. and then for this afternoon, mostly sunny and windy and not as warm as yesterday. $60 to 70. we'll take a closer look -- 60s to 70 degrees. and we'll take a closer look at your forecast in a couple minutes. traffic will be busy if you're driving the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic is going to be okay. and since we always mention the commute, we don't see a major bunch of traffic on the commute just yet. the bay bridge does not look bad as you drive through and the traffic is looking good. and you can see the traffic in san francisco and on the peninsula is looking good. and on the each shore freeway, we look okay. and question mention that the commute. and there's not a lot going on
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here on on 80. we have an overturn vehicle on southbound 101. at 5:32, back to the desk. search goes on for the shoot they're shot and killed the woman and busy san francisco street yet and wounded two men. and you're in the ocean view neighborhood right now with more information and also the anger there over the violence. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people in this neighbor are feet up with the violence. and a lot of people said they're frayed after yesterday's deadly shooting. and it happened near this corner market at plymouth and broadway, you can see there is a mural that sits on the wall outside. this is the third killing in just the past six months here in the ocean view neighborhood.
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yesterday's shooting happened just after 10:30 in the morning. san francisco police said someone fired at least ten shots from a passing car. three people were hit by the gunfire. all of them innocent bystanders. one woman shot and died as a result of her injuries. she has been identified as leann woo. and two other men were shot in the legs, but both them are expected to survive. and one of the men were walking home and one was working for a cleaning company on a job for muny. >> something needs to be done our children and these family is, we don't deserve this at all. >> reporter: gofundme page has been set up to help -- pay for the funeral expenses for the woman that was killed. she arrived here from china 16 years ago and two years ago she
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brought her adult daughter to the u.s. and the police are checking surveillance video from the area for any clues trying to identify that person or identify anyone involved in the crime. and the police said they have had issues with the violence around this intersection in the past. and they say that they will be maintaining a strong presence here in the area for the foreseeable future after what happened yesterday. >> thank you. a grieving family in san jose is asking for the help to find the killer of 19-year-old joseph -- his body was found last saturday morning. he had been shot at least one. there's no suspect or motive. and the grandfather said that he saw joseph friday night for the final time as he was headed out to see some friends. >> i know that i can bring him back. but if i can get some justice
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here please. please help me. >> family believes someone does know something that could lead to ever kill him. if you any, in, you're asked to call the police. a new study looking at which counties in california have the best overall health outcome. sam ma te'o number one. and map pa and almeda, also in the top ten. san francisco county is just side at number 11. beth is taking a deeper look at the studies and what kind of factors go into deciding which counties are the healthiest. >> reporter: this is done by the report wood johnson foundation and they look at
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high school graduation and access to healthy foods and exercise opportunities. and they look the at the number of people that smoked and the number of people that are obese and teen birth rates and they paired how your county that you live in compares to the state average. and the pay average did really well. >> that is interesting. why do the county rankings matter? >> reporter: they matter because they give you and overall snap not how your community is doing in terms of keeping its people healthy. and where you live and where you work and where you play really impact your overall health. so in other words, how your community is doing is usually a reflection of how you are doing personally. >> i may have to move to sam ma
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te'o. what are they doing this is right? >> reporter: they got cited for a number of things. they have the lower a people that smoke and more active people and more access to exercise opportunities like parks and public places and lower teen pregnancy. if you check off the list, they did really well. >> way to go. and i have to ask about san francisco. i'm sure they have some strengths what do they also need to do better? >> reporter: the strength for san francisco is obesity and they are more active and better access to exercise opportunities. san francisco needs to do a little work to improve to get into the top ten. people there more likely to drink excessively and lower high school graduation rates and higher level of air pollution and that can affect
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your overall health. so san francisco doing well and high up compared to many other counties across california. but they had other areas that inprovements could be made. bay area biotech company is giving hope to people suffering from the disease multiple sclerosis. they have approved a drug. and there are other ms drugs, this treatment has few side effects and most effective against relapsing ms. and it is tacks the central nerve system and can lead to vision loss, fatigue and muscle coordination. >> i thought i was going off to a job ending in a wheelchair and severely debilitating. >> our hope with a highly
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effective medication like this the long-term course will be far more favorable for people that develop ms today and tomorrow. >> drug will be sold under a brand name and it could be available next week. you get an injection every six months and it costs $65,000 a year. researchers said that this can help reprogram your brain to stop flashbacks. it interferes with forming the visual component of a splash back. -- flash victims. it showed to help curve cravings for cigarettes and alcohol. seatbelts on buses may soon be required in california.
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a new bill was introduced by state senator jerry hill. and is a response to the deadly 2016 greyhound bus in san jose. and it will require new buses to have seatbelts but it would not require passengers to wear the seatbelts. they voted unanimously in favor of the bill and sent to the senate appropriations committee. we know what is helping the giant sequoia trees and the source is thousands of miles away. which cities are seeing a rental rebound with the prices going down? we see that traffic is going to be okay here on highway 24. it is getting busier on the way to the tunnel. we're tracking a few showers on the radar and gusty
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winds as well. the wind will be the dominant weather change for today. we'll talk more about that change and your weekend forecast coming up.
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. big changes at the oscars. the accountants will not be able to have their cell phones back charge. la-la land was mistakenly named best picture instead of the real winner moonlight. and the accountant was reportedly distracted, taking selfies back stage. he will not be allowed at the
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oscar show. and samsung unveiled its long awaited galaxy 8 phone. and they had several inspections on the new phone and x-rays and extreme stress tests. you remember the massive recall of the galaxy 7. and it goes on sale april 21st. preorders start today. chipotle is telling us that their food has no per -- preservatives in the food. ford is recalling vehicles. the engines could overheat and catch fire in some escapes and some vans. about 30 fires reported but we have not heard of any injuries. and ford said that a separate problem with bad latch cans cause a problem on some of the
5:46 am
-- laches can cause a problem on some of the other vehicles unexpectedly. if you want to see the vehicles covered by the recall, go to and click on the web link. driving to work so far today, not that much of a problem. a love the tracy super commute, sal that makes a huge difference. >> absolutely. it really fills in and right now it is filled in. and let's go to it 580 westbound pretty slow and so it highway 205. you drive on 205 and get through. so a lot of people do this every day and it is slow all the way through the altamonte pass. but the slowest traffic is on 205 and 580. and livermore to dublin that is not your commute. 680 beginning to slow down a little bit. and we'll take a look at interstate 880. and more cars every minute of
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the commute. the sam ma te'o bridge will be fine. and the bay bridge toll plaza backed up. >> this is it a typical pattern. nice to be here with you on this thursday morning. and we're talking about wind and rain showers as well. there is the live camera looking to the bay bridge and clouds out there and areas of fog and we were tracking a few rain showers as well. and you'll notice an increase in the wind speeds. a wind advisory in place for the coast and for san francisco. this begins at lunchtime at 12:00 all the way into the afternoon hours till 8:00 p.m. and the north and east bay
5:48 am
hills, it begins at midnight. 40, 45 miles an hour. and look at this radar, a lot of accidents to the north and east. and sierra, they have rain and snow. and we have coverage on the radar about 20 minutes ago. this is about it. and now as far as the current temperatures out there, we're showing you lots of 50s. we fly around the bay. livermore 54 and walnut creek 56. and upper 40s to 50s. wood side 54 and in san jose state in the mid-50s and gilroy checking in 52. and there's boulder creek, 54. the winds are cranking up. and they've been picking up. and the trend will continue through the day. you can see how the in santa rosa, that is the winds gusting to 24 to 35 miles an hour.
5:49 am
and stronger winds out to sfo and half moon bay but not nearly as strong. and time, we're the winds do pick up. an oak pine and pine and mulberry pollen levels are up. that will be a constant over the next few weeks. the picture in the pacific, you see the area in the north men that nevada. we're cooling things off today and bumming up the winds. the temperatures down a good five to ten degrees. and this area of high pressure rebuilds and pushing the storm track up to the north and a dry weather pattern for friday and the week. saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend. the possibility of a shower in the short tomorrow mainly in -- short shower mainly in the south bay. and the wind pick up with partly cloudy skies and.
5:50 am
60s later on. san jose will go with 67. gilroy is 69. and also talking about it will be warm are for your friday and still breezy and warm this weekend. and it will feel perfect by saturday. >> i think we you should go surfing. >> sign me up. a community trapped by mudslide damage on their main roads for months now. we'll look at the help on the way for the people living in and around clayton.
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it's been almost five weeks
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now sind a mudslide left people isolated and people are frustrated and they live in communities like clayton on the other side of the closure. and it means that they have to drive an hour and a half out of the way to do everyday errands and some people park a second car on the other side of the slide and walk from car to car. and it is frustrating and it is directing to the officials. >> rather frustrate with the county and their sponsor lack thereof. >> i know people angry. and i understand their anger and from you trace. anger and their frustration. >> they need to open temporary access roads. but they are privately owned. pg and e agreed to a multi- million dollars settlement
5:54 am
linked to the pipeline disaster. the $86.7 million settlement is over corruption claims after the disaster. and e-mails revealed several improper communications and back channel deals between the officials and members of the california public utilities commission and the settlement is $6 million each going the cities of san bruno known and san carlos. >> our objective is to make sure that the culture and operations are truly transformed and reformed to focus on safety as a highest priority outcould be in their operation. >> and that -- outcome in their operations. >> the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 30 homes and many more injured. if the state public utilities commission for the settlement, the gas bills may go down about 20 cents a month.
5:55 am
troubling news for a conservation group about whales. they say that whales are getting caught in fishing deer off the oregon and washington coasts last year. and they passed legislation to encourage crabbers to remove unused crabbing nets from the ocean. you know that san francisco is one of the most expensive real estate areas in the inter. but the rental prices are starting to go down. and in some cases 8 to 15%. and one bedroom apartment in san francisco still goes for about 3300 a month. and a new report from the website said that several bay area cities are on the other end of the spectrum. in concord, and average one
5:56 am
bedroom apartment goes for about $1,500 month. >> a great climate and we're in the bay area. and we have two bart stations that service our community and is it accessible to go other parts of the bay area. and we have a lot of open space and parks and community facilities and recreation activities. >> concord is the fastest growing rental area in the bay market. the rent is up 15% disappeared a year ago because of rising demand. bart launched a new campaign to make riders feel like the rain is a safeway to travel. on this train, everyone is welcome. and you see welcome in a number of different languages. and the campaign is a response to thoughts and emotions expressed by riders that wanted to be reassured that bart is a safe place for everyone. >> everyone is talking about bay area roads not so good. and california is not waiting on the white house.
5:57 am
and governor brown has a place to fix our roads. but it will cost us. we'll tell you how much and why some people are pushing back on it. an explosion at an apartment complex claims the life of an elderly man. coming up next what the investigators determined was the source of the blast. we're getting busier by the moment. but on the golden gate bridge, it is still a nice commute heading south. a weak system moves through in the area overnight. and you see the clouds and the rain moke mainly focused to the east. and we have stronger winds in your thursday forecast. we'll update that coming up.
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>> reporter: how much would you be willing to pay for a pothole free road? a dangerous early morning chase lands a man in jail. and the police finally caught up with him as mornings on 2 continues. welcome back to mornings on
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2 this thursday, march 30th. pam cook has the morning off. >> and i've dave clark. happy to be here with you guys. we have a lot to talk about. we had a few showers moving into the area. and that is the bay bridge and san francisco as well. and definitely cooling thins off compared to -- things off compared to yesterday. and this is from fort bragg and clear skies and they picked up 1.8 inches of rainfall. you can see some of the totals up here, .21. and a few hundredths of an inch in san francisco. the wind speeds picking up. the winds gusting 30, 35 miles an hour. and as we head to friday, we're talking about the wi


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