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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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disexpertsed, running toward the van seen leaving the school. their parents tried to push through the crowd. >> i really don't think they should come back to school. >> reporter: black lives matter, black is beautiful, signs adorned the school show the students returning from suspension that racism will not be tolerated. >> everybody is outraged because everybody was walking down the hall with all these kids for so long and never knew how they truly felt on the. >> i. >> reporter: it started last week when these pictures surfaced on an instagram account, one showing a student photo shopped necks to a gorilla. other pictures so offensive we can't even show them to you. >> talking about how they want slavery back and saying how people look like gorillas and things like that. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: we're told 11 students were suspended and three others may have been expelled. the district superintendent couldn't go into further detail about disciplinary action but
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says the district stands behind the students' right to protest. >> we will not tolerate racism. we will not tolerate homophobe i can't. we will not tolerate hate speech or hurtful behavior in any way, shape, or form. >> reporter: early thursday morning students reported seeing noose at a park by the school but after further investigation albany police say it was nothing more than a rope swing and not tied to the ongoing incidents at albany high school. >> reporter: some of the students don't seem to buy the investigation and the result of that investigation with albany police but nonetheless they want the school district and the administration to work harder to not only protect the students but to also keep incidents like this from continuing to happen and then hold those students accountable. now, i spoke with the superintendent about that. she says they are reviewing policies but wouldn't go into detail about what that would entail. for now the school will be looking into this matter and hopefully coming out with more information because the students want more transparency. frank and julie. >> and the students who were
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suspended and the ones who were expelled have they issued any type of apology for their actions? >> reporter: not at this time. i was told that one of the students at the school that has been expelled may have an uncle or a family member that's a local attorney, and i have been calling a number of local attorney offices with that last name to find out if they are being represented but was unable to get ahold of anybody at this time. to my knowledge none of those students or parents have come out with any appear polls. >> alyana thank you. now to napa where a panel has recommended that a napa high school football player be expelled for his part in the hazing of other players. earlier this month 16-year-old johnny torrez testified before the panel saying he did nothing wrong. the junior varsity quarterback is accused of holding a student down while another student grabbed and touched him inappropriately. if the board follows the recommendation to expel torrez an attorney for the teenager says they will appeal. in contra costa county jurors found a young man guilty of stack and killing a nine-
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year-old neighbor during a sleepover. it happened in discovery bay nearly two years ago. the jury took only 45 minutes to find 20-year-old william schultz guilty of first-degree murder. heart broken family members were present and a number of jurors cried as prosecutors described how the victim struggled to survive. the prosecution and defense agreed that schultz suffers from bipolar disorder. the sanity phase of his trial begins april 10th to determine if he will go to prison or a mental facility. new details now from san francisco police in a triple shooting that killed a woman on her way to a bus stop. this evening we learned an arrest has been made in that case. investigators say 24-year-old jonathan santos of vallejo has been charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder. as ktvu's tara moriarty reports all of the victims were innocent bystanders. >> reporter: music plays at the small memorial for the 65-year-
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old woman shot and killed just steps from her home. >> a good hearted, giving person. and i tell you, some of these guys, they shedded some tears yesterday. >> reporter: wu was walking to the bus stop when she was struck in the head under a hail of bullets. >> when i heard the shots i went down to the ground. >> reporter: dr. annett shelton, known to neighbors as ms. shelton, was just car lengths away from wu when the shots rang out. >> i see her laying there so i started screaming. she was bleeding from the nose. i could see the blood running from her back. >> it's a sad day for this community. the third homicide on this corner in the last six months. >> reporter: the supervisor says he has been working with the city to make this intersection safer. >> we're in the process of getting security cameras right on this building, and the chief has already committed to putting more foot patrols out here. >> if you gaze do see group of people, let them know why we're out here and that it is our job
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to be guardians. >> reporter: officers fan out over the neighborhood. >> these right here don't come up until april 1st. >> donald andrews owns a sports clothing store where the locals like to hang out. >> it's like i got a ice-cream shop in hell right now. we're only hearing about it the last three months. it's so immature, 20 years later, this b.s. still going on. >> reporter: folks say wu was the neighborhood recycling collector. she saved every dime to help bring her daughter who lives in china to the u.s. two years ago. they say she was always smiling and generous. a go fund me page has been set up to help pay for her funeral expenses. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. now to campbell where an investigation is underway after a vta train hit and killed a pedestrian. santa clara county first reported the incident on twitter. the fire department did at 3:15. the act happened at that time
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intersection of campbell avenue and civic center drive. a bus bridge is still in place for light rail service between winchester and baskam station. governor jerry brown came to the east bay to drum up support for his new infrastructure plan. >> this is pay now or pay later and pay more, and pay a lot more because we can't get it this year, why are we going to get it next year, or the year after? >> the governor joined a number of state lawmakers to make the case for a 12-cent-per-gallon increase in the gas tax and a new vehicle registration fee expected to average $48. the revenue would go toward adds 52 billion project to repair roads and bridge pees over the next 10 years. democrats have set a goal to fas bill by april 6th. the trump administration is appealing a judge's did he say to suspend the latest version of the president's travel ban. the white house notified a federal court in hawaii that it is appealing the ruling. that means the decision will again be in the hands of the
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9th circuit court of appeals based in san francisco. that's the same court that prevented the president's first travel ban from going into effect. the most recent executive order restrict travel from six majority muslim countries. also tonight more questions for the california congressman who is leading the house investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. the "new york times" reports that sources inside the white house provided representative devin nunes with classified information last week. democrats sites more evidence that nunes is too cozy with the white house and a should recruise himself from the investigation. garrett teny with the latest now from washington. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee grilled witnesses today about russian intelligence gathering as the committee continues to seek answers about potential links between members of president trump's team and the russian government. those accusations are something congressional investigators on both sides of the aisle are vowing to get to the bottom v. >> the public deserves to hear the truth about possible russian involvement in our
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elections. >> the white house today continued to deny it had any involvement in moscow's intelligence gather account. >> you continue to look at it from a backwards prism as opposed to what's the underlying substance of this. did something happen in the 2016 election? >> reporter: today's senate hearing comes after the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, called off all house hearings regarding russia. the congressman who was a part of the transition team has been facing growing calls to recuse himself from the investigation into russia's election meddling due to what critics are calling a conflict of interest given his close ties to the white house. nunes however is refusing to step down leading to his democratic colleagues to step in. >> we are going to go forward no. way we can allow the investigation to be deterred. >> reporter: however, not all house democrats are coming to his defense. in fact many are stepping up their attacks as they try to maximize the damage on his credibility. >> they have a dysfunctional a
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chairman. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate intelligence committee says this is one of the biggest inquiries he has ever seen, at least 20 people have been called to testify including president trump's son- in-law jared kushner who is also one of his top advisers. in washington, i'm garrett ten knee, fox news. in north carolina a controversial bathroom law is now history. the law required transgender people to use bathrooms based on their gender at birth. passage of the law set up boycotts that cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. critics felt the law was mean spirited. lawmakers who repealed it said it is about time. >> when i reflect on the civil rights movement, it took us over 30 years to get our voting rights. today, ace cast my vote, know that i am casting that vote for
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the time we are in today. we must learn the art of acceptance. >> this comes just a week after the ncaa said north carolina would not be considered as a host for future college basketball tournaments if the bathroom law remained in place. coming up, keeping california covered. at 6:30, details on a plan the bring universal health insurance to the state. and we're tracking the winds that are out there now. wind advisory remains in effect. much cooler today. as we head forward it is going to warm up quite a bit. i will let you know when the 80s could show up in the forecast. we can feel some of that breeze here at at&t park. i'm scott reiss live in san francisco. the giants and a's back by the bay for the preseason. you see the a's finishing batting practice. we will hear from both teams on what this series actually means
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coming up.
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>> happening now baseball back in the bay area. the a's and giants getting ready for the annual bay bridge series that marks the end of spring training. >> we have live team coverage. bill martin will tell us about the conditions at the ballpark but first ktvu's scott reiss is at at&t park where the first pitch is an hour away.
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scott. >> reporter: there's a great atmosphere for baseball. this isn't exactly the regular season butt kind of feels like a regular season game. why? because we've just gone through seven weeks of spring 49ing in arizona. an extra long spring training this year because of the world baseball classic. so it's certainly a welcome sight to have them back here in a big league ballpark. yes, the rivalry alive and well. giants and a's back on the feld at the same time. they will do this a couple times during the regular season as well. good pitching match-up as johnny cueto will be on the mound for san francisco, and sean monia, the emerging young star, will get the ball for oakland. the against to have go right back from whence they came, arizona. brandon bell thought that was a little strange. >> it would be easier to stay
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in arizona, but it is what it is. you have to come up here and enjoy it. it does feel good to get back in our home ballpark. senate's one of those things it's going to help both teams get ready for the season and see who can perform in front of the big crowd with young guys getting playing time. >> feels good to get home and get situated, be back in a comfortable scenario at home, in your locker, unpacked. it just kind of starts the season off and allows your body to get used to the and get ready to get going. >> stinls spring training it can get a little bit like groundhog day. it's tough to simulate the intensity of a regular season game. this is a really good transition because you get in this ballpark, the fans come out, they pack the place, get some really good energy into it. so it's going to be an awesome test to see where we're at. >> reporter: you talk about gaze getting their bearings for the new season, belt also told us when he walked in, he turned around, he saw santiago casia
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in the tunnel, and he said, hey, what's up, i'll talk to you in the clubhouse, forgetting that he now plays for the a's. we asked him if he got to talk today. he said, i told him it's okay if you hit a single, just don't hit a home run against me. it's fun to see old friends renewing acquaintances. it is an exhibition game. >> it is the start of whole new season. scott, thank you. check this out. a contingent of a's fans. we just got this video into our newsroom. the team this is kind of interesting. the team invited fans to join the a's mascot to caravan into the city from oakland on bart. here they are walking together along the embarcadero to at&t park filling the streets with fans of green and gold. >> looks like a lot of them hold the plan and they are there. back to bill to the weather
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center. >> it's all ready for folks at the ballpark. kind of neat. that's our changing of seasons. it is going to be kind of cool out there tonight because it's a little breezy around the ballpark. inside the ballpark the wind is kind of blowing around and over it, but it is going to be cool. you will be needing jackets. it is that time of year. it will get down into the 50s easily. these are the highs. they plummeted from yesterday. a couple days ago we had upper 70s. yesterday it was not too bad but today temperatures dropped down to the mid 60s in places like san rafael, 63 in the redwood city area. so these were the highs today. highs tomorrow are going to come up. they are going to get back to the mid and low 70s. this is a very impressive system. very impressive actually. and it's an atmospheric river and everything, but i've got to tell you, look how far north it is. that's the thing about to sun angle this time of year. the jet stream gets pushed to
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the north. as the days get longer it pushes the jet stream further north. that's why the core of the jet is well up into british columbia bringing rain to the pacific northwest but we're too far south. if we were staring at that thing february we would be battening down for a couple of days of real rain. in the mountains today they got real snow. current temperatures in the low 60. the winds are blowing. that's kind of the story. wind advisory in effect. there it is. 18 miles per hour wind at half moon bay. advisory stays in effect until 8:00. tomorrow afternoon the east bay hills. nice around warm tomorrow. more promising news from the snow covered sierra where the state water agency measured the deepest springtime snowpack in years. obviously great news for northern california water supplies but it is also raising some concern about what piet happen when all that snow melts. >> ktvu's frank mallicoat with
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more on the snow survey. >> reporter: phillips station in eldorado county right outside of echo summit. california's snow survey chief frank gehrke delivering the good news. >> an extremely good news from the snow standpoint. >> reporter: a robust 94.4 inches of sierra snowpack which amounts to 46 inches of water. 183% of normal. drought busting news for california. that mountain snowpack makes up nearly a third of the state's water supply. this is what it looked like just two short years ago. >> in this case, most of the storms came in rather cold so we tended to build the snowpack as opposed to having these big rain events such as we had in 1997. >> reporter: what does it mean for the bay area? plenty. after five plus years of drought the state's reservoirs are full and in some cases already spilling. all that snowpack will keep them brimming can you remember summertime. >> east bay mud has been releasing water from our
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comanche reservoir, and we've been releasing for 70 days straight. that's longer than we've ever done it since comanche was built. >> reporter: san francisco averaged over 19 inches of rain over the last four years. the norm is just over 21 inches. in 2017 the city has already seen 26 inches with more to come. it's been a record year. >> the enormity of these storms and how many and how productive is the storm machine that was kicking off, one storm after another. and they weren't -- i can't remember the weak ones. i just remember the strong ones. there were so many of them. >> reporter: but before we stop thinking about condition serving it is important to note northern california may be out of the drought but our friends in the middle and southern portion of the state, they still got a lot of work to do. >> our message to our customers is not it's pouring rain, stop conserving. it's conservation is a way of life, conservation is here to
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stay, please keep up the good work. >> a couple in their 70s attacked right in front their east bay home. >> i heard her screaming, and she was holding her cell phone calling 911. >> up next what we're learning from neighbors as police now search for the gunman. and the stanford women are prepping for their appearance tomorrow in the final four. later unsports how this team had to battle and adopt the unfamiliar role of underdog. plus, a bay area police officer attacked while trying to help a man cross the street.
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a richmond police sergeant is recovering from a broken nose tonight. it happened with a man who he was trying to help attacked him. sergeant don nelson was patrolling 23rd street on saturday night when he saw a man in the street. sergeant melson says positioned his car to shield the man from oncoming traffic and then tried to escort that man to the side of the road. that's when the man who was apparently drunk, punched sergeant medical so in the face. sergeant nelson arrested the man. he will now face assault charges. two gunmen confronted an elderly couple in moraga as they were returning home from dinner. police say the gunman was waiting for the couple as they got out of their car. they pushed the man to the ground and made off with the woman's purse. >> security officers regularly patrol the community near the moraga country club. still, at an a butt 10:30 last night, police say a man and wife believed to be in their 70s pulled into their driveway
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here on indian wells street. as they arrived at their home they were accosted by two people two, men who were armed, and they were literally robbed in their driveway of their home. >> reporter: a neighbor asked we not identify her. >> i heard her screaming, and she was holding her cell phone, calling 911. she said that some two bad guys came and grabbed my purse. >> reporter: police also say the second suspected robber pushed the man to the ground, but that man was not injured. >> he told me that he wrestled with the guy, and i said, oh my gosh. >> reporter: the two member then ran away with the woman's pur aferred a bag. the sheriffs helicopter assisted in the search. the suspect is described as an hispanic man between 5' 3" and 5' 8". the second robber is described
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as hispanic, mid-20s, between 5' 6" and 5' 10" tall with a thin build wearing a dark colored hooded sweat shirt. >> the fact that these people are going home after a family dinner, and they're accosted. it's very frightening. we're going work very hard to get these people in custody. >> reporter: police say they don't know if the men were stake out the neighborhood. >> one of the things that we would tell people, make sure that the front of your house is well lit. when you are coming home be aware of your surroundings. see if anybody is lurking about. >> reporter: police say they don't believe this case is linked to any other recent crimes in the area and they are asking anyone who may have any information about what happened to please give them a call. in moraga, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts next with the mayor of oakland moving on from losing the raiders. >> on pure economic terms, no, oakland will not suffer because
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the raiders left. >> up next, a look at oakland's financial future after the raiders leave town. also ahead the price of a pack of cigarettes is going up. details on a new tax taking effect in just a couple of days. and 10 years later the profound impact of an east bay program meant to keep the streets safer. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next.
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now to today's top stories and an arrest in connection with wednesday's triple shooting in san francisco. 24-year-old jonathan santos of vallejo has been charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder. 65-year-old wu was killed just outside her home at plymouth and broad in the ocean view neighborhood. two men were also wounded. police said all three were innocent by standers. >> a student walkout at albany high school turned chaotic. the protest was in response to racist images. some of the students implicated in the hate speech were supposed to be returning from suspension today from sky fox you could see a crowd running toward a van seen leaving the school and there was a confrontation. the school said the students had the right to a peaceful protest. the white house notified a federal court in hawaii they're appealing a judge's decision


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