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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 31, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning. welcome in to mornings on 2. it is friday march 31st. i'm alex savidge. dave is off today and pam will be in here in just a few minutes. first of all let's check in with rosemary. yesterday was very breezy. is it going to be like that out there today. >> it's still breezy outside. temperatures are going to be warm today. saturday looks absolutely fabulous. i think by the afternoon the winds will die down. and this is where we do have the wind advisory again until noontime for our hills. our north and east bay hills. winds are to 45 miles an hour this morning. let's take a look at where we're seeing some offer breezes where we live. driving that stretch along the i-80 is going to be difficult.
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and concord 14, 16 miles per hour. so it's a breezy start out there. temperatures are in the 50s this morning. 53 in walnut creek. 54 in oakland and 50 in san francisco. a bit of a cool start in santa rosa. highs looking good. upper 60s to upper 70s for the second half of the day. we'll go 70 for san francisco. the inner east bay 78 in antioch. temperatures will continue to climb as we get into your bay area weekend. i'll have a look into your extended forecast in just a bit. let's get on the roads with sal. good morning. right now traffic is moving pretty well on the altman pass. 80 you can see traffic is looking good. sometimes on fridays we catch a break. usually it's pretty good at this time no matter what happens.
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so right now it is not disappointing. into the livermore area is a nice looking drive from livermore into hayward. also from interstate 880 and oakland. no traffic on the peninsula reported. and on the bay bridge toll plaza no slow travel. at 4:02 let's go back to the desk. three people in san jose in need of temporary housing this morning after a fire damaged a duplex there. this happened around 4 3:30 this morning. in the end no one was hurt and the cause of that fire is now under investigation. we have new information this morning about this week's
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disastrous fire in oakland. city leaders now say it was a candle that set off monday's fire at a west oakland apartment building that killed four people. investigators have determined the deadly fire was an accident which started from a burning candle that was inside a room without electricity. a fire safety inspector had been on that building on san pablo avenue three days before the fire broke out. the inspector discovered a number of fire code violations. this morning a 38-year-old man is under arrest accused of setting a fire at a plant nursery in san mateo county this week. tuesday's fire destroyed five sgreen houses. investigators say after examining that scene and talking to witnesses they've identified gilbert flores as the suspect. flores was already in custody in connection with another case.
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he's now being rebooked on arson charges. investigators have not said what the motive may have been in that case. this morning a man is facing attempted murder and murder -- facing murder and attempted murder charges in connection with that triple shooting in san francisco on wednesday that killed an innocent bystander and wounded two others. police say they've arrested 22 others. he is being held now without bail. investigators say that he fired into a busy street and killed 65-year-old lan she woo as she walked to a bus stop. >> she was a giver. she's smiled all the time. that's the one thing everybody's telling me about her is that she smiles. >> a 40-year-old san jose man and a 51-year-old san francisco man were also shot but they are
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expected to survive. investigators have not revealed a motive for the shooting. on a gofundme page to help pay for woo's funeral her nephew wrote she was like a second mom to all of her nieces and nephews and cared selflessly for their grandfather. police are hoping to identify this man who reportedly exposed himself to a 12-year-old on maryposa avenue on wednesday. he's described as hispanic or white about 6'tall and based on this photo police say his car looks like a silver or gold 2003 toyota camry. it has a sticker on the driver's side bumper. the napa valley unified school district has expelled four students in connection with
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that hazing scandal at napa high. while two of the students can immediately apply to a continuation high school the other two students are out until next fall at the earliest. ktvu's deborah villalon reports. >> you have no idea at all. you sit behind this desk and think we have control. >> all the public heard was the outcome for students identified only as a, b, c, and d. as some of the families involved and their supporters waited for decisions that were crushing but didn't come as a surprise. >> adult bullying is what it is. it's people abusing their power. the parents of 16-year-old johnny torres aren't sure of what type of expulsion he got. >> leaving not knowing if our
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son is a, b, c, or d is wrong and what's another day. >> the sophomore testified at his expulsion weeks ago denying what he called locker room horse play. and it emerged that jv football players had a ritual of grabbing and goosing freshman teammates on top of their clothing as the big game approach wednesday their cross town rival. >> they did it out of lack of education. they did it because they're 15 and 16-year-olds who don't have the best judgment. >> the investigation resulted in indefinitely suspensions for many and months of expulsion hearings pending. >> we're not a football team anymore we're a group of criminals that you've made us. thank you for destroying the trust i had in this school. thank you for turning us against each other. >> police have identified 16
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victims and almost as many alleged perpetrators plus a coach they said should have reported the hazing but didn't. debora villalon fox ktvu news. now it's time to find a new place to live. >> you have to work two jobs to maintain here in the city. >> the survey by the bay area council find 40% of people who call the bay area home want to move away in the next few years. this is a big increase in last year when 33% of people said they wanted to leave. a lot of people just said they're fed up with the skyrocketing cost of living here in the bay area. >> we're growing our economy but we haven't grown our housing alongside it so it's put tremendous pressure on the existing housing stock. higher prices. >> the housing is just insane.
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whenever i decide to potentially buy a house. who can buy a house here. >> 55% of those responding to the survey said they worry about the overall cost of living in the bay area. 41% picked traffic as their biggest concern. 39% specifically chose housing. well the housing crunch in silicon valley brought dozens of renters to a gym last night. >> there's a lot of people being pushed out, taken advantage of, people who represent vulnerable communities. >> right know landlords in san jose can evict renters without a cause. it's difficult to find housing in silicon valley. it's a situation 670 people are now facing at the reserve apartments in west san jose. everyone there was ordered to move out of their rent controlled apartments by
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april 1st. tomorrow. that complex is set to be demolished. the city does not have a policy to help tenants financially. >> it doesn't make any sense and i think everyone deserves to live here. >> many landlords oppose just cause evictions saying it makes it harder for them to get rid of problem tenants. on april 8th, the city council will vote on two laws. a serious distraction, the violent crime one los angeles county deputy blatantly ignored he tried to make up with his girlfriend and why she is now releasing this evidence. >> is former national security advisor michael flin looking for an eye mustn't deal.
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-- immunty deal. >> i'm tracking a warm up if are your bay area weekend. outside our doors at this hour. wind still a factor for many. i'll have what you can expect for the rest of your bay area saturday and sunday coming up.
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that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. welcome back to mornings on
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2. there is a major development this morning in the investigation into russia's possible connections to the terence crutcher campaign. an attorney to president trump's former national security advisor michael flin says flin is offering to testify from congress offer in exchange from immunity. >> he was certainly in a position to know a lot about who was going on during the presidential campaigns. >> what does michael flynn know and what is he willing to say. general flynn certainly has a story to tell. no reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from council would submit to questioning in such a highlyly politicized.
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after failing to come clean to vice president mike pence. meantime on capitol hill... >> i'd call the into order. >> a look into last year's presidential elections with one expert saying russia was after everyone. >> the republicans tend to come up but the democrats were there too. they were with bernie sanders supporters. so they play all sides. >> but it's clear that hillary clinton got the brunt of any damage. and while the white house has been denied any wrong doing even backers of trump saw potential trouble here of the flynn news broke last night. >> who knows what flynn wants a deal for. >> and the question isn't just what flynn could potentially say to the congressional committees investigating a russian intooer
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fooerns in the election but also what he might say to the fbi which has been investigating this question since july. in washington doug luzader fox news. >> democrats will now say they will join republicans. north dakota and west virginia senators are the first to announce they will vote in favor of gorsuch. that's two of the eight democratic votes they need for a fillla buster. the votes are scheduled one week from today. let's pop you outside and take a check of the roadways here early on this friday morning. happy friday to you, sal. >> okay. it's nice and light out there. as a matter of fact traffic is looking good. obviously it's going to stay
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this way if you're driving up to morgan hill. and to west valley it is a nice looking drive. so you got up early it's paying off for you right now. this is a live look at 280 in san jose looks pretty good getting up to 217. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza that is going to be a commute that's not too bad. getting into san francisco with no major issues. so we're off to a very nice start on this friday morning. 4:17. good morning rosemary. >> good morning, sal. it's not too bad out there relatively speaking with the temperatures but we do still have the wind. let's take a look at some of the numbers first outside your door. 47 to start your morning. san francisco 55. oakland 54 as well as livermore and san jose. here's a look at storm tracker 2 where we are not going to be
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tracking any rain this weekend. high pressure will be building in the next couple of days. you can see here as i squeeze in a little bit closer. those winds kicked up behind a week system yesterday. so no fog to speak about there but could be a little bit pesky getting on the roadways there. sfo reporting a sustained wind at sfo 20 miles per hour. mountain view gusting to 24. livermore sustained at 7 teen also gusting to 24. as we get into the afternoon it's going to die down some. it won't go away completely but it won't be as strong as it was yesterday in many spots. we have 54 to start your morning in redwood city. in the east bay we have 52 in hayward and 53 degrees in walnut creek. some areas keeping the temperatures up and really
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howling in areas of our north and east bay hills. as i mentioned at the top of the hour there's a wind advisory for those locations today. 76 for san rafael. low to mid 70s for the east bay shoreline. upper 70s for the inner east bay. 70 degrees expected in brendawood today. going to santa cruz for the weekend how about sunny and 71 for santa cruz and temperatures even warmer for your saturday. and the cool it back a little bit on sunday but a gorgeous springtime forecast for you. >> that weekend looks dynamite. >> absolutely. well we had a couple of windy days here in the bay area but like nothing what they saw in the desert. clean up under way this morning. a huge dust storm rolled through that city. you can hear that wind.
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wind gusts reached as high as 84 miles per hour yesterday afternoon. the national weather service issued both a high wind warning and a dust advisory. they grounded commercial airline flights, they flipped semi trucks and they toppled trees. one person was injured when the winds caused a construction wall to collapse here at the famed monte carlo resort and casino. now while the winds will be calmer today, those wind gusts could still top 40 miles per hour. state water officials have measured the spring snow pack in the sierra and while the reading is the best in years there could be a down side. the survey showed an impressive 94" of snow on highway 50 above lake tahoe. east bay mud now says it needs to be prepared for flooding as all of that snow begins to melt.
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yesterday snow back reading was 180% the snow pack level. all that snow in the area is good for the skiers and snow boarders out there. those epic sierras and snow storms have brought 40' of snow in the tahoe and that means the ski season is far from over. >> the snow we had in january and february is one of our biggest years we've seen in 15 years in the area. >> it's expected to be especially busy at the lake tahoe ski resorts this weekend. and they're expecting a huge number of skiers and snowboarders from the bay area over the next few days. the oakland a's are working
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on a long term goal. >> we can really be part of the fabric of the community. >> what the a's are hoping to do as they could soon be the only professional sports team left in the east bay. >> coming up here next, also a bridge on an atlanta freeway collapses after it engulfed in flames. what fuelled that fire and the massive backup that followed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one of the busiest interstates in atlanta collapse. on interstate 85 investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. but they say the flames were fuelled by plastic construction piping that was being stored just underneath the overpass. no one was hurt here but how thousands of commuters were stuck in their cars with no way trying to get out of that traffic. >> so we just said pull over here and we're going to walk like four miles we have to walk. >> wow. georgia's top transportation officials says there's no way to tell when the highway can open. north carolina's controversial bathroom bill has been overturned, but critics say
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the repeal does not go far enough. the new law allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. but it bans cities from passing their own anti-discrimination laws up until the year 2020. the state's new democratic governor signed the bill yesterday which he calls a compromise. >> this is not a perfect deal and it is not my preferred solution. it stopped short of many things we need to do. >> the bathroom law cost north carolina millions of dollars in lost business and the ncaa moved a number of championship basketball games out of the state. the ncaa now says it will decide soon about whether to allow games to return. but critics say the repeal law may not be enough to bring back sporting events and businesses across the state. this means the case is now coming back to the 9th circuit
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court of appeals in san francisco. the most recent executive order rickets travel from six muslim majority countries. the state of hawaii argued that version two violated the constitution and discriminated against immigrants on the basis of their nationality. protesting recent racist incidents at albany high school. the chaos that unfolded during a sit-in by hundreds of students. >> plus one bay area county gets a grant to help low income families. still leaving thousands without help. honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey.
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huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. and good friday morning to you. welcome back in to mornings on 2. friday, march 31st. the last day of the month here
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let us check on weather here. rosemary telling us about a breezy forecast once again around the bay. >> not as windy as yesterday. the winds are going to dial back just a little bit as we get into the afternoon and we have a nice enjoyable forecast in store for the first week of april. as we get into the wind there's still an advisory until noontime today for the north bay hills and the east bay hills and i'm seeing those gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. cross portions up in the north bay and east bay. for some that wind helps to keep that cool air from settling and because of it temperatures are starting out in the 50s in many spots. but let's check in on the winds first. notice the arrows on this meaning if you're driving along i-80 you've got that wind right up against your car. in t


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