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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 31, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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let us check on weather here. rosemary telling us about a breezy forecast once again around the bay. >> not as windy as yesterday. the winds are going to dial back just a little bit as we get into the afternoon and we have a nice enjoyable forecast in store for the first week of april. as we get into the wind there's still an advisory until noontime today for the north bay hills and the east bay hills and i'm seeing those gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. cross portions up in the north bay and east bay. for some that wind helps to keep that cool air from settling and because of it temperatures are starting out in the 50s in many spots. but let's check in on the winds first. notice the arrows on this meaning if you're driving along i-80 you've got that wind right up against your car. in that area sustained 12.
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santa rosa sustained 14. for oakland and concord 15. 54 in oakland. 57 to start your morning in san francisco. upper 40s in santa rosa. 54 in the south bay. and warmer expected for your saturday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. let's check on those roadways with sal. good morning. right now traffic on the solano county commute is moving along well. it is a nice looking drive as you veeuf into the vallejo area. and heading drive into the vallejo area. it is still light getting across into san francisco with no major issues. and in san jose northbound 280 traffic does look good getting
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out to highway 17. police this morning are investigating a stabbing at san jose's willow glenn neighborhood. this happened around 9:30 last night around lincoln avenue and willow street. a man was taken to the hospital robbery but he is expected to survive. no arrests so far and police are looking for any witnesses to come forward with information on this case. a jury has found a young man guilty in the fatal stabbing of a 9-year-old neighbor during a sleep over in discovery bay two years ago. yesterday jurors took 25 minutes to find 24-year-old william schultz guilty in the murder. schultz suffers from bipolar disorder. its first defense witnesses are now taking a stand in the
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trial of the man charged with murdering ciara lamar. the first witness testified seeing a car that didn't belong to suspect antolin guarza torres. through an expert and forensic photography the defense later questioned how a strand of ciara's hair ended up in a rope in garcia-torres' car. this morning tensions still running high at albany high school at east bay. students walked out of class yesterday to stand in solidarity for unity and tolerance after racist social media posts. ktvu's alyana gomez has more on this walk-out. >> patience was key to this peaceful protest. but after three hours of waiting it was quickly overcome by adrenaline and chaos.
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sky fox was overhead capturing the moment the crowd disbursed running towards the van seen leaving the school. on the ground cellphone video caught the students finally confronting their fears seen hiding in the backseat as their parents tried to push through the crowd. black lives matter, black is beautiful. all to show the students returning from suspension that racism will not be tolerated. >> everybody's just outraged because everybody was walking down the halls with these kids for so long and never knew how they truly felt on the inside. >> it all started last week when these pictures showed up on an instagram account. another female student pictured with a noose around her neck. other pictures so offensive and despicable we can't even show them to you. >> talking about how they want slavery back and how they think
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people look like gorillas. >> the district superintendent val williams couldn't go into further details about disciplinary action but says the district stands behind the students' rights to protest. >> we will not tolerate home phobia. we will not tolerate hate speech or hurtful words in any shape or form. >> early tuesday morning reports of students. albany police say it was nothing more than a rope swing and not tied to the ongoing incidents at albany high school. this morning police in both vacaville and concord are looking for two women who stole thousands of dollars of. they stole $4,000 worth of makeup from the walgreens store in vacaville and about a thousand dollars worth of
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merchandise in concord. the suspected thieves pushed an employee who tried to stop them. they drove off in a maroon chevy impala. if you have any information on this case you should call vacaville police. an l.a.p.d. county sheriff. shows him ignoring a call of a shooting while recording a personal message to his ex-girlfriend. >> oh, well. >> that's 26-year-old deputy jeremy fen. he is seen in uniform wearing sunglasses and sitting inside his patrol car. the video shows him recording a message to his former girlfriend pricilla anderson when the call comes out of a shooting. >> i did not want to speak to him anymore. he would send me several videos.
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>> anderson says she decided to go public with that video because she feels the deputy's supervisor were ignoring her repeated complaints. california governor jerry brown continues to try to sway public opinion in favor of his new gasoline tax proposal. >> this is pay now or pay later and pay more and pay a lot more because we can't get it this year. there's no why are we going to get it next year or the year after. >> the governor joined a number of state lawmakers in concord yesterday to make the case for a $0.12 gallon increase for state gas tax and a new vehicle registration of about $48. all that revenue would go toward a $52 billion project to repair roads and bridges and fund public transportation projects over the next ten years. contra costa county is
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getting nearly $3.5 million from a federal grant to fund its early head start program. but the program director says it's a small victory. it will allow the county to help 190 additional children bringing the total to 500. but thousands will still be left behind. early head start and head start are designed to help kids from the most challenging circumstances. one student 5-year-old lola marascoul is deaf in one year. >> it's not just my kids they're going to they actually educate them here. >> we really look at the family as a whole. it's so much more than child's care. >> the directortor early head start says the county turns away as many as 2000 families because there isn't enough funding. the program's director is now urging people to contact lawmakers to ask them to support more federal funding for these
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early childhood programs. priscilla chan as its visionary of the year. chan and her husband facebook ceo mark zuckerberg launched the chan-zuckerberg. they've committed $3 billion to the initiative first goal that's to cure, treat, and prevent all human diseases by the end of the century. chan is also chief executive officer of a second operation. bringing together health care and education. and she remains a practicing pediatrician at san francisco general hospital now officially called the priscilla chan and zuckerberg. later today the stanford women's basketball team will be playing in the final four in dallas. the cardinal beat notre dame last sunday to win the lexington
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kentucky regional. stanford will take on south carolina today. one of stanford's top players is senior guard carly samuelson. she will likely face off her sister in the finals. katie lieu plays for yukon which is riding a 111 game winning streak. new pictures showing the aftermath of the 911 terror attacks in the pentagon. the chilling images now being released by the fbi. >> but first, a historic flight. how the space x flight is changing space travel. >> good morning. we can see traffic is off to a nice start in most areas including the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic looks good. >> i'm tracking a warming trend for your bay area weekend. still dealing with some wind. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your friday and the extended coming up.
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for the first time in space flight history the same rocket has been used in two separate missions. it sent a satellite into or bit and returned to earth landing up right on a platform. this same rocket was also used in a mission last year. the goal is to lower the cost of going to space while speeding up flights. the spacex rocket cost $62 million to build. an historic flight. back here on earth.
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sal, if people don't have a rocket ship they'll still be able to get off to work okay. >> i think so. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 580. a little bit of slowing on the altaman pass. a live look at interstate 880 you can see traffic there is moving along nicely. on the san mateo bridge it also looks good and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. so far it's been a nice quiet commute. at 4:44 let's bring rosemary in. upper 70s sunny skies and the bay area forecast for the weekend it's going to be nice. so this going on a little bit today of the warm up. the warmest day right now looks like it's going to be saturday
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and temperatures will cool back just a bit on sunday and with that wind out there we're actually a little bit warmer in some spots. 53 in walnut creek and to the north bay we have 47 in santa rosa. that's going to continue as we get through your friday. i think it's going to finally let up as we get into the afternoon. in our hills we actually have an advisory that goes until noontime. 49 degrees in lafayette. 56 pittsburgh and 54 for antioch and once the winds begin to die out it's going to feel quite nice. we'll go 76 in san rafael. 70 degrees in the city of san francisco and farther west we have 68 at the coast in pacifica
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and inland cities. our south bay locations for today san jose 72. we'll go 71 for santa cruz and 72 for los gatos. take a look at what goes on as we get into the first part of your weekend. temperatures climbing a bit more expected to peak on saturday. 80 degrees for our warmest locationsment upper 60s right around the coastline. just a gorgeous forecast out there for those folks that are going to be out and about. make sure you have the sun block and you should be good. of course water to stay hydrated as well. >> absolutely. a nice little warm up for the weekend. and i think it's going to be nice weather tonight out at the ball park. >> absolutely. the series of the freeway
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teams. and there were plenty of oakland fans on hand as well thanks to some free rides from bart. overall a pretty good game. a's picture pitched four perfect innings during a scoreless duel. the giants got on the board in the 7th inning when brandon crawford put his team ahead and then the series shifts over to oakland. that will be one game in oakland tomorrow with a 12-5 start. now that the raiders and the warriors plan on leaving town. the a's are considering four possible sites for a new stadium in the city of oakland. our own mike mibach has our very
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own interview. >> yeah, our plan is to announce this year in 2017 the location of the future home of the athletics in oakland. we're down to four site that is we're evaluating. >> yeah. so we have two locations in and around lake merit. we have the highland terminal location. and then we have here at the coliseum. >> is there something in the new ball park that you want that you don't have now, what is it? >> i think it's the bleacher section kind of like the old bleacher section in the coliseum. that's what separates us from other pro sporting venues is the quality of our fans and the dedication to our club. so we want to make sure that's an essential piece. >> water front. >> that's a possibility. it's a very sexy site. it's one of the finalists as you know. >> were you disappointed with the decision about the raiders? >> we're disappointed that they
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decided to leave and go to las vegas but by the same token we're focused on our efforts and securing a new ball park in oakland and we can really be part of the fabric of the community. >> there had to be a part of you that said wow this whole complex is going to be ours. with the warriors moving out and the raiders to vegas. >> you know, obviously that's the realty of the situation but i think for us we just want as many teams here as possible because it means you have better fans. fans in this area are some of the best in this country, in north america. >> do you feel there's more pressure on the a's to care the pacific pride? >> we can only do what we're doing every day which is to represent this community. >> but now it's all on you the oakland a's. >> it's true. we're celebrating our 50th
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anniversary next year which we're really proud of. >> intimate. well kamal says he envisions one of the biggest ball parks in the major leagues. it started out with a letter applying for the job of his dreams. hear how this young boy's dreams to become a member of the s.w.a.t. team came true in sacramento.
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welcome back. new this morning the usgs is reporting a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. this hit at 3:55 this morning. it was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth centered in a community known as aromas. some people say they felt it in cities including watsonville and salinas. at&t has been chosen to build a nationwide wireless network that's dedicated to first responders. the $4.65 billion contract was announced yesterday. for their day-to-day operations and for large scale disasters. it's expected to create 10,000 new jobs over 25 years and construction is set to get under way this year.
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from running festivals to cultural celebrations there is a whole lot going on. our own rosemary oros -- rosemary orozco. at the 39th annual st. stupid's day parade. it will go up columbus to washington square park. join san francisco's largest color fight. an ancient springtime festival of music and dancing while throwing water and non toxic chalk at friends and family. saturday from noon to 3:00. at the fort mason center shop the renegade craft fair. the free to attend fair features the largest craft and design for an unforgettable weekend. the event is free. in the east bay you'll find the oakland running festival this
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sunday. runners can choose from several businesses, volunteers, and spectators are also welcome. and oakland's fruitvale area. games for kids and adults. cambodia's food will also be provided by restaurants. in the south bay celebrate scottish style in fremont. enjoy meat pies, music, dancing at art and wood historic farm on saturday. the 20th anniversary film festival is under way named one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world by movie maker magazine. over 100 hand selected films in intimate venues all within walking distance of the historic sonoma plaza. warriors are at home. sharks and quakes are on the road. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch.
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a simple request from a 5-year-old sacramento boy leads his path to making his dreams come true. this is mada he sent a letter to the sacramento sheriff's department asking him to be on the s.w.a.t. team. qualifications indicated he is a fast runner and he already has an s.w.a.t. team uniform. his dream came true yesterday when the sacramento sheriff's department gave him the chance to try out in front of his friends and family. >> a 5-year-old asking to be on the s.w.a.t. team is not something that we see every single day. >> if they have guns. if they steal money i will arrest them. >> now besides being an honor rare member of the s.w.a.t. team madai says his job is also to continue to protect his mother. she is battling breast cancer and leukemia but right now is in
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remission. congrats to him. san francisco police. they've made an arrest in connection with the killing of a 65-year-old woman earlier this week. we'll have more of the woman gunned down. >> also from the city's archives of the pentagon on 9/11. showing the aftermath of the terror attack that day. >> good morning. we see traffic that is moving along pretty well around the bay area so far including on that san mateo bridge.
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three people displaced after an early morning fire in san jose. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> plus former national security advisor michael flynn says he is willing to talk about his russian contact. the request for immunity that could shed light on russia's involvement in the 2016 election. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. a nice overhead shot of san rafael. lit up. there's two cars headed out there from san rafael. >> but more coming. >> it definitely gets crowded there but it looks nice and
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clear on this friday morning march 31st. last day of march. >> hard to believe. i'm alex savidge. dave clark has the day off today. we're going to check all the streets in san rafael. but first, we've got to talk about the weather. >> yeah. and steve's off too. >> yeah, and he left us with a gorgeous forecast. we've got sunshine coming our way. he's so kind. love that steve. outside our doors this morning. and we can't get past that wind. there's an advisory in place and the advisory is for our north bay locations over the hills as well as our east bay hills and it is really howling out there. winds anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. but many of us are experiencing right here where we reside as well. fairport reporting 18 miles an hour which is an improvement because we were tracking gusts to near 30 a


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