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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 31, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the e-mail that suggest we consider shutting down the building is one that disturbs me greatly. oakland mayor libby schaaf speaking out tonight. just two months before this week's deadly fire. good evening everyone i'm julie haener. frank is off tonight. that fire captain had recommended shutting down that building immediately. we get the new information from
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ktvu paul chambers who is live tonight in west oakland with the mayor's response and the changes coming. paul? >> julie, those e-mails were released today. fire officials warned other leaders the building here was too dangerous for residents to live in. >> seeing these -- e-mails today is incredibly disturbing. >> reporter: mayor schaaf is referring to the e-mails by the city of oakland that warns the dangers of san pablo avenue, the same building that went up in flames and killed four people monday. one e-mail dated january 8 warning this building is dangerous and recommended it be shut down. another e-mail stated the fire alarm poles were broken or missing. a door to a fire escape was closed. the fire captain stated for these reasons i recommended we consider shutting this building down immediately. >> we cannot turn a blind eye to safety. >> reporter: the mayor says the the safe living conditions are
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not forced into the streets. they're investigating why those warnings were not prioritized. she is doing all she can to prevent this from happening again. >> we cannot let landlords put profits over safety. especially when the fear of displacement is so real for oakland tenants. >> in those documents, the other fire hazards such as exposed wires. faulty smoke detectors and no fire extinguishers. the fire was accidental, started bay candle. this is the second fire in three months in the city of oakland where multiple lives were lost and buildings deemed unsafe. back in december, 36 people died in the ghost ship fire. since then oakland's fire chief has resigned. tonight mayor schaaf announced her plan to make things safer. >> as we are doubling our fire inspectors, we are giving them the training and the tools. we are accelerating the process of bringing in a strong leader.
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>> reporter: now they plan to hire six additional fire inspectors to the six they are putting in place immediately. they will restrain firefighters on a blue tag policy, allowing owners to have 30 days to correct issues after being cited. the city also plans to prioritize problem properties to make sure those properties are done on time. julie? paul, thank you. now to san francisco and a tribute tonight to gilbert baker. he is the artist and activist who created the rainbow flag that became a worldwide symbol of lbgt pride. baker passed away last night. ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the castro where dozens gathered for a moment of silence and a march. >> reporter: julie, it was very emotional here tonight as people gathered right underneath the flag that was well designed by gilbert. some of them were his friends, others were just long-time admirers.
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the sun caught all the colors of the rainbow on friday evening. while below a painful party. with hugs and tears to the man who created the iconic symbol of the gay community. >> baker passed away last night peacefully in his sleep and in his home in harlem, new york. >> reporter: queen jones, baker's dear friend for four decades asked for a moment of silence. some said baker never wanted the rainbow flag to fly at half staff. >> he said no, it is the strength of the gay community around the world. >> reporter: in a tribute to that strength and baker's legacy, the flag was lowered and replaced with a new one as friends told stories about how gilbert baker created the first flag for san francisco's pride march in 1978. baker was honored at the white house last june by president obama. in june 2012 he was honored at city hall and spoke to ktvu about that moment in history. >> 1978 was the moment fortous
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have a flag. as i said we were a global tribe. we are a global power. the flag is a way of proclaiming power and visibility. >> reporter: empowered and visible, mourners marched down the street friday carrying the latest rainbow banner baker made. his lively spirit remembered as well as his well-loved work. >> it's beautiful and it creates a sense of emotional connection and a sense of pride. >> reporter: friday's march also was a bittersweet reminder. a page in history is turning on the generation of men who survived the aids epidemic. >> only when we are losing them. it is a real loss to this community. >> he was my dearest closest friend of my life. and you know most of our friends didn't survive the epidemic. i am just really heartbroken. but very proud of him. still proud of him.
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>> reporter: proud that a rainbow usually becomes something that lasts beyond a lifetime. >> reporter: gilbert baker was 65 years old and his friends say they are working with city hall to plan a more permanent and school-pledged memorial. >> he touched a lot of people, jana, thank you. happening now, san francisco airport is closing one of its runways to begin a repaving process. arrival flights have been delayed as much as an hour and 20 minutes and there could be more delays this weekend. the runway is expected to reopen noon monday. similar closures are planned for weekends trout june. -- throughout june. sfo says it is equivalent to painting a four-lane highway for more than ten miles. terrorist groups are reportedly testing bombs that can be hidden inside laptop computers and undetectable by airport scanners. citing unnamed u.s.
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intelligence officials. the report says isis and other terrorist groups are using stolen airport screening devices to test the bombs. earlier this month the u.s. banned incoming passengers on flights from nine countries in the middle east and africa from bringing laptops in their carry- on bags. new at 10:00 tonight, a memorial to the young homicide victim keeps getting vandalized to the distressed grieving parents. kimberly was found stabbed to death in november and cylert to be -- and killer yet to be caught. february deb is live not far from kimberly's home, debora? >> it is here from the start, usually bigger than this. but recently it was stripped and momento stolen. that's why kirk's mom has left this angry note calling both the vandal and kirk's killer cowards. >> nobody could think of anybody that would hurt him because he is just such a
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likable kid. >> kirk kimberly visits this shrine all the time. kirk was their only child and they were a close family. then kirk was found stabbed to death. his body buried in some open space at sonoma state university. >> i don't know, maybe there was confrontation he didn't let us in on or any of his other friends on. >> reporter: as far as anybody knew, he had no troubles. he had ridden away on his bike to see a friend he said, but he didn't return that night and his phone was off. >> it is sad to say, but i already knew at that point he was dead. because of his phone being off. he would never go anywhere without his phone. >> reporter: and still it would be two excruciating weeks before his body was discovered bay landscape worker. a happy kid his dad said about to start his first job. >> i told him in the morning to be careful. he said i will, dad i love ya. and that's the last thing he said to me. >> it was kind of a known party place out there at sonoma state. >> they pointed their creek bed that connects sonoma state to
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rancho high school where kirk graduated. the creek bed a place to congregate. >> where the teenagers would go and drink beer and smoke marijuana on occasion. we think there was probably an argument that led up to this. we think multiple people know about this. >> reporter: a reward is now up to $14,000 trying to shake loose information. from kirk's mom this message. friends would have saved him, tell the truth. your evil deeds will catch up with you. her anguish made even worse by the theft of this memorial. >> she has come here twice now and stuff were gone. >> the vandal left a letter of explanation behind. >> and it said we are removing this because it is a hazard. and you know, it's dangerous and it is against the law. >> reporter: candles, photos, cards, flowers were found in a nearby dumpster. other items simply stolen. now the momentos are locked up. the kimberly's have heard from other families this has happened to as well.
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>> they are very vulnerable like us right now. crushed by such a heinous act of taking down something that was built with love. >> reporter: the reward is still growing with donations on the ucaring website. law enforcement is kicking in a few thousand dollars too. they do have strong leads in this case, active leads they are working every single day. but julie, they say they need tips to get this murder case solved. >> just a shame, debora things such as candles, flowers, and cards are moved and thrown in the trash. >> reporter: yeah, and the sheriff sergeant has also put out a statement that's completely unacceptable. the people have the right to set up these memorials to loved ones. if someone has a problem with it, thinks it is a hazard or a distraction they should take that to law enforcement instead of just trashing it on their own. >> all right, debora, thank you. still ahead tonight, new tax hikes taking effect at midnight. one of them adds $2 to a tax of
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cigarettes. a new -- new weather as the bay area is clear right now. we're getting ready for the weekend. coming up the neighborhoods that will hit the 80s tomorrow. plus, a smash and grab on pricey videos. seat video police hope will lead to an arrest. tonight at 10:30, a ktvu sports special returns to glory. sports director mark ibanez on the 2017 giants. that's coming up at 10:30.
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police in san francisco are looking for a man who robbed a jewelry store in china town last week. police released video of the suspect. they say he robbed loretta's jewelry on waverly place. the man broke the store window with a hammer and grabbed
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$100,000 worth of diamond jewelry. police want to hear from anyone who recognizes that man. dozens of california cities and counties are raising their sales tax starting tomorrow. voters in those 42 locations approved higher tax last november. that includes more than a dozen cities in the bay area where the sales tax is going up on april 1. here's a look now at the bay area cities where the increase will result in a sales tax of 9% or higher. statewide the hikes range from a quarter percent to a full percentage point. for a complete list of cities where the sales tax is going up, just go to our website ktvu and click on web links. california cigarette taxes are also going up tomorrow, but it is jumping by $2 a pack. ktvu's amber lee live now in san francisco where health officials are using this opportunity to help people kick the habit. amber? >> reporter: julie, smokers say the taxes are unfair, but it's a way to get people to stop smoke.
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>> tobacco is like the new war on drugs. >> reporter: some smokers are lit up about the new $2 per pack cigarette tax. >> i like smoking, i'm a smoker. >> reporter: people currently smoking, they do have a nicotine addiction and they are being victimized over it. >> reporter: this smoker has tried to quit, but that cigaretted helped him cope. >> i would have heavy stress and then i would quit and break. like i think the max i quit was probably for five months. >> there's a new california cigarette tax. >> reporter: starting over the weekend, the public health department will air this television ad as a part of their sf quits campaign to get smokers to put out their cigarettes for good. print ads in english, chinese, and spanish will be in neighborhood newspapers and on buses. volunteers with the public health department have assembled 5,000 quit smoking kits to be given away. items include memory boards, tea, and lip balm, all designed to be distractions for smokers. >> we are offering a few resources to kind of get them started in quitting. and it takes a lot to quit. >> reporter: among those
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assemblying the kits are two people who used to smoke. they say quitting is difficult, but worthwhile. >> partner up with someone who will actually giveout encourage -- who will give you the encouragement. >> i tried eight or nine times to quit smoke, but i could never stop. finally one day, i said you know, if i live another birthday i'm not going to smoke again and i quit smoking. >> reporter: public health officials say more than seven out of ten smokers want to quit. the free kits are available to anyone who lives in the city. go to for smokers outside the city you can still go to the website. there will be phone numbers there and the folks there will be able to direct you to your local resources. julie? >> amber lee in san francisco tonight, thanks, amber. on wall street stocks posted a lackluster finish to a strong first quarter. the dow fell 65 points. nasdaq lost two, and the s&p dropped five. but three months into the year, all three major indexes are
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solidly in positive territory. in sausalito today, we watched the newest tall ship get launched. the 131-foot long matthew turner is set to launch tomorrow. a small army of workers mostly volunteers spent four years building the twin ships. it cost nearly $6.5 million and it is named after the long-time builder of tall ships in the bay area from the late 1800s and early 1900s. matthew turner is scheduled to sale to mexico in december and later in the pacific cup race to hawaii. coming up we talked a lot about wind over the past couple of days. wind advisories have expired with a little breeze as we head into your saturday forecast. take a look at some of the stronger winds over the past 24 hours. 30, 40, even up to 54 miles an hour out towards mt. diablo. but the wind advisory has expired. and also a bit of a warming trend as well. take a look at the highs today this afternoon, ranging from the low 60s coast side to the lower 70s towards fairfield and
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antioch and everybody. most areas, in fact will be warming up as we head into your saturday. here is a big view in the pacific. main storm track is heading way up to our north coming in closer here. the green, actually that rainfall is the radar picking up some particles in the atmosphere. we have a dry weather pattern for your weekend and a very nice warm one as well. we'll check in on the current numbers right now. santa rosa in the upper 50s. still pretty mild. san jose 60 and san francisco 65 for this 10:00 hour. as far as the wind speeds, fairfield is still a gust up to 26 miles an hour. the rest of the panel is not as strong around three, six, ten miles an hour. and in san francisco westerly checking in at 15 miles an hour. and the story for tomorrow the main headline, it's an easy one. it will be a very nice warm saturday with mostly clear skies. there's a live camera looking out towards the bay bridge. lots of 70s out there for tomorrow. the warmest location is right around 80 degrees by about 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.
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we are starting out the day though in the upper 40s to the 50s. so not an excessive chill in the air, but on the cooler side. great weather for baseball this time in the east bay for tomorrow for the giants making the trek across the bay with mostly sunny skies at first pitch just after 12:00. temperatures in the mid-70s. so here is the overall weather story. it's a nice warming trend. i think saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend as this high pressure kind of strengthens. that means lots of 70s coming on board for your entire weekend. but tomorrow with that area of high pressure will be strongest where temperatures will peak for the week. and here is the forecast model showing you this. clear skies, up and down the coast. so this is saturday 3:00 p.m. here's the change into sunday. we could have patchy fog return to parts of the coast. you'll notice this a band of high clouds are working its way through the area. this will be late sunday afternoon into sunday night. with that we'll drop those temperatures a bit for the second half of the weekend. but take a look at your saturday with a lot of low 80s
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out there for santa rosa. walnut creek 78. oakland 76 degrees. some more neighborhoods coming up. san jose in the upper 70s and san francisco always nice in san francisco into the 70s. that'll be the case for tomorrow. here's a look ahead for your five-day fork. a little cooler with a few extra high clouds by sunday afternoon. looks like a nice quiet weather pattern, julie into next week and monday and tuesday, but tomorrow we deserve it. >> yes, they have been waiting for it. it will be a good long stretch of sunny days coming our wyoming thanks, mark. still ahead tonight, a stunning upset in the final four. the uconn women's 111-game winning streak ended in a buzzer beating overtime shocker. mark is up next with sports. live-stream your favorite sport
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usually if you start with the warriors tonight, a streak would start on december 23, 2014 that came to an end tonight. >> that is very impressive knowledge there. >> thank you. 111 games ago. usually we start with the warriors, but this is probably the best women's game i have ever seen. uconn goes down. it was a great finish, but dak prescott, the cowboys quarterback who went to mississippi state will tell you it was a great finish. overtime tied 64-64, ten picks left. morgan william will rise to the occasion. watch her literally rise to the occasion. did it at the absolute buzzer and down goes mighty uconn. incredible ending to that 111- game winning streak. mississippi state does it. they will now meet the team. stanford cardinals were eliminated by south carolina. russell wilson, a night of the
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quarterback his sister anna is on stanford's team. mark will make a nice move and draw in on the foul. the cardinals will go up nine at half. tara's mom is on hand with the turning point right here. carly samuelson, the best three- point shooter in the land. injures her right ankle. she tried to come back later, but didn't work. the second half different story. 13-13 gamecocks run with a beautiful drive there by alicia gray who was fouled. stanford down by six and they missed in the final moments. a long pass for bianca. put it away they are up eight and stanford is eliminated. so there you have it. mississippi state against south carolina for the women's national title. i bet you the stanford cardinals are thinking man, if we had gotten past this we would have won it all. but hey the warriors are looking like they would have won it all. remember several weeks ago when they looked down and out and they lost three in a row? now they have ten straight
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victories. that man kevin durant, we shot this video earlier today. he looks great right now and probably a good seven to ten days away from making it back. iggy at the buzzer to beat it at half time. still down to the rockets by 5:00 and sensational. and he had himself a nice fourth quarter and still down. iguodala, coast to coast and they will do it all and he was even better on defense. helping the warriors come back as they will move it around. another guy off the bench who is really starting to contribute. and that is ian clark with the other three from outside. they are now breaking out the tie, going up. look at this wild play. draymond loses the ball. steph with the shot clock that winds down, they hit it off the glass as he called it. there you go, warriors are three and a half up in their western conference with six games left. and last night, kevin durant, he spoke on a pod cast to bill
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simons and said you know what when he was first diagnosed with that injury, he thought it was even worse. >> the the first diagnosis we got was a broken leg, fracturing my tibia for four to five months just busting out crying. i was like man, you know, notagain, it was definite lay good time. if you go back home playing in front of my family i'm in a dark place right now, you know, taking the basketball away from me and something i love and then they need to call it to check the -- to check the call again. i becaused my atl and it was something out -- i sprained my atl and it was like something out of the movies. >> that is great news for the golden state warriors. in the meantime at&t the place tonight. family outing for the second game. the bay bridge series giants and a's. is this guy coming along? i mean he has come into his own
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hitting him with confidence, playing a gold glove shortstop home run. giants lead it 1-0 until the 8th. jeff decker a young outfielder will be their fourth outfielder this year for the a's. got himself an rbi double. 1-1 game as giants score the game winner on the boring groundout. that guy takes a selfie and we're going to have our special right after the game to get more baseball. eight out of nine now the sharks have lost as they have really, really run into a slump. shawn monahan, struggling in the net. 22 shots on goal against him. four hits their mark and the sharks have lost eight out of nine. they were doing so well just a few weeks ago in first place. but giants special coming up right after this. >> yes, we will mention it. stick around. the turn to glory next with mark and join us tomorrow for mornings on 2. have a great weekend. good night.
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the giants hoping for great things and a return to glory. it's no pipedream. all the gradients of the past are there.


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