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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> van halen. >> time to wake up. >> there you go. >> and get up and rock. >> very nice. thank you for joining us. good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. dave is off today. >> he is. >> and good to be here? >> i'm sam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> we have good weather here for a few days. >> a couple of days. >> before the rain moves in. >> that's right. >> and it's a rain year. >> that is true. we have the april outlook for many of the, for what it's worth. showing warmer in the east and cooler in the west. the rain returns this week and there might be a break friday night until the next piece of energy comes in saturday and heaviest by far. looks to be in the north bay by far but four days to fine tune things. today looks good but day few -- a few clouds. sunny and mostly sunny. the next system riding up and
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over the temperature. palo alto, 48; 41, woodside, though; menlo park, 43; sanford, 44; san carlos, 48; pacifica, 47. and the west-northwest for some. and offshore oakland airport and onshore heyward, variable again; 27 in truckee and 23, ukiah. look for a lot of sunshine today. on the north coast and some high clouds, everything looks good. sixtys, 70s, and a lot of 70s on the temps. it's 4:31. and all is well. >> yes. for the most part, steve. >> okay. >> and we're off to a start. if the rain moves in the next few days, that might change. so far, so good if you're driving in solano county on 80 westbound. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo. not a bad commute into her cue less and continues to be a descent commute. no major problems driving in through the area in vallejo. that looks nice as you drive- thru. if you're driving from the carquinez bridge to the
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mcarthur maze, it takes 17 minutes to do that and the traffic looks good. it's also light, but for the lanes have a bit of congestion. there is nothing major just yet. at 4:32, let's go back to the desk. all right, thank you, sal error error. an oakley -- sal. an oakley man is under arrest accused of shooting five men at a weekend party in pittsburgh. the 23-year-old suspect and his friends were asked to leave the party on melon street around 11:00 saturday night. that is when a fight broke out and the suspect pulled out a gun and started shooting. other people at the party were able to detain the man until police arrived. he is in custody now on suspicion of several felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon. all five victims, though, are said to be in stable condition. shasta county officials say divers have found human body parts in a shasta county lake. authorities say a human leg that was attached to a cinder block was found under water at whiskey town lake.
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that is about 8 miles west of redding. divers reported finding other remains that were separate from that and they didn't go into more detail. they say the discoveries were made last friday and saturday and officials believe the remains are those of 38-year- old bridgette jones, who vanished on march 20th. her ex-husband, 56-year-old phillip jacobs, was seen near the lake the night before she disappeared, according to the redding record search light newspaper. jacob's was arrested last tuesday. he told shasta county sheriff's deputies that his ex-wife's death was an accident and that she died after falling down the stairs while charging at him. jacobs said he kept his ex- wife's body for four days at home before dumping her body in the lake. investigators are still trying to piece together the cause of a crash on highway 4 over the weekend that injured more than a dozen people. it happened on the westbound side of the freeway near the
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lone tree way exit at 6:00 saturday night. the chp said that 14 people were hurt, including seven children. contra costa county fire officials say at least four cars were involved in the crash. emergency crews shut down the freeway so medical helicopters could land as close as possible. the 14-year-old girl was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. three others were taken to the hospital with major injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and atlanta still cleaning up following last week's bridge fire. this morning, a major interstate remains closed. just thousands of people new need to take alternate routes to get to work. clare sims has the latest on the ongoing cleanup and the aftermath. >> reporter: demolition cruise worked non-stop at the site of the 85 interstate bridge collapse. workers ripped down the sections of the leave pass needing replacement and cleared debris from piedmont road. >> i knew this bridge my whole life and i thought it was
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strange. i wanted to see what happened. >> reporter: they visited the site on sunday afternoon. she is impressed with how quickly workers have made progress after seeing images of the initial destruction. >> i am glad that they're getting everything cleaned up quickly. >> reporter: laura greene is from tallahassee and is in up to visiting family for the weekend. she is not only worried about the businesses in this area, but also the bigger picture. >> and it's such an important artery. for citizens in atlanta. but as far as a major north- south artery, there will be ramifications across the united states. i don't know what they're going to be yet. i am sure people are doing studies. they have to work around the clock. >> the it will take months for the state to complete the highway. but she said she is happy to hear that piedmont road may soon be back open for business. >> yeah, i definitely think that is encouraging. you have so many shots and businesses. this is a huge night life and shopping district in atlanta. this would be atlanta without a heart almost, you know. and so i think it's the great
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development that they going to open this back up to regular traffic. definitely. and then you won't have so much of the craziness over there. >> thank you. clare sims for that report. chicago police and another story say that they have identified and are new searching for another teenage boy suspected of being involved in a gang rape of a 15-year-old girl last month that was streamed live on facebook. on saturday, police say that they had charged a 14-year-old boy in connection with the case. the police say the second boy who has been identified is 15 years old. multiple videos of the attack were made, including the version streamed live on facebook. police say as many as 40 people watched the assault live and no one notified authorities. >> a couple of acts in this city now the last few months we have seen involving social media. it disgusts me that people would look at those videos and
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not pick up the phone and dial 911. >> police say the attack involved five or six males. they are working to identify the others in the video, including an adult. president trump's senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushnev in iraq this morning, travelling with the chairman of the joint chief of staff: this is kushner's first international trip for the white house. he has been advising the president on relations with the middle east, canada, and mexico. and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations said there is no question that russia was involved in the u.s. presidential election. ambassador mickey hail was on the -- nikki haley was on the sunday's talk show circuit. she said president trump would support strong action against russia once the investigations into the effect on the american elections was complete. mccain was asked all and he sees a familiar pattern as russia tries to assert its ep--
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influence across the world. >> we know for a fact the russians tried to change the outcome of our election attacking the very fundamental of democracy. we know they did that. we need ton how, why, and most of all, we need to know what to do to pretend this kind of activity, which they continue to carry on in free nations around the world. >> mccain went on to say the best way to combat russiaia's -- russia's tact sicks to convene a select committee to investigate and then report the findings. the san francisco gay men's chorus is mourning the death of a member who died on stage during a concert. the 32in-year-old ryan nunez collapsed friday night at the theatre in san francisco. other chorus members and paramedics performed cpr but he
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didn't survive. nunez was a singer and administrative coordinator for the chorus. members he was filled with humor and joy, always had a smile. the artistic director and conductor posted a message on facebook saying, quote, no one loved the san francisco gay men's chorus more than ryan. it literally changed his life. knowing him as our, as change -- has changed all of ours. the cause of his death is not yet known. it's 439 independence. -- 4:39. buying a home in the bay area is not an easy task. for those who have been here a long time, they have different ideas how to address our inventory problem. >> and plus, new recreational drugs that car hitting the streets and they are proving to be deadly. it's not just addicts in danger. we'll explain coming up. plain coming up. good morning, we still see it's going to be busy. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge over to highway 101. hway 101. . >> and lots of sunshine this
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. nasa released stunning new images of jupiter. take a look. they were sent back to earth by the spacecraft juneau, which has been -- juno, which has been orbiting the past year. nasa scientists are studying images and their effort to learn more about the giant planet. the information about jupiter can provide important move information about the origin of our entire solar system. a new poll shows older people living in the bay area the longest are less like lib to want now -- likely to want
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more houses built. those 18-39 who have lived in the area 5 years or less support the construction of new housing in their neighborhood. that compares to just 55% scent from people -- support from people over the age of 40 who lived in the bay area 20 years or more. and deadly new recreational drugs are hitting american streets faster than authorities can stop them. a lot of the drugs are coming from china. >> poofed up into the air. and we ended up inhaling it. >> reporter: the detectives and eric price say that it felted like they were dieing. >> and it was just a little, a little bit. a little bit puffed up in the air. and the whole bag that it dumped out. it was a minuscule amount. >> reporter: it can be 50 times stronger than street grade heroin and 100 times more than morph open. this is what a fatal dose looks like, two milligrams is enough
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to kill you. it doesn't take swallowing it or inhaling it but absorbing it through your skin can be lethal. for years, it's predescribed to people in extreme pain and is now showing up on street corners across the count i with a more deadly version of car fentanol, an elephant tranquilizer. most come from the far east. >> china is the primaries force of elicit chemicals. >> reporter: lawmakers laid out how easy it is to buy it online. it's easy for anyone, especially those cartels in mexico and canada to get the hands on the raw chemicals, shipped from china and trafficked across the u.s. border. china is cracking down. this month, it banned the manufacturing sale of four fentanyl variations. as soon as one substance is banned, eye new --'s new one pops up and it's impossible for authorities to keep up.
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president trump signed an executive order tuesday creating a commission to combat the growing opioid crisis. for some in the room, it was too late. >> unfortunately, my son od'd after being clean for 10 and a half months. it was on a drug laced with fentanyl. >> reporter: president trump will have a chance to speak with the chinese president about the issue when they meet at mar-a-lago. 4:45. i want to check in for a look at traffic on the early part of monday morning. >> and right now, it's early. we have a look at the commute. it's going to be slow out there on 205 and 580. it's stop and go, getting into the triangle and continuing. the traffic is going to be okay. if you're driving from dublin to hayward and castro valley, it's not that.
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this is interstate 8 ate, north and southbound. the traffic is moving well in both directions. and westbound bay bridge, this traffic is not bad coming into san francisco. and at 4:46, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal and everybody. we have mostly clear skies there. i don't think there will be any issues today. a few coming by. for the as home opener, maybe a breeze there. 15, 20 miles an hour. and weather we iz, that is the only concern you might have. looking ahead, though, today, tomorrow, and wednesday are all right. big changes start on thursday and going to be good rain late thursday into friday morning and could be north of the golden gate. some isolated areas of four- plus. south of that and there may not be as much by far. again, we have four days to eastern out the details. looks like north of golden gate and vallejo, there is good rain into thursday night and friday
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and mostly sunny and we get a northwesterly breeze. a system clipping nevada there and that is going through las vegas. and that cranked up the breeze a bit. fortys and 50s on the temps. and some locations are held up. flown, soical and 43, boulder creek and cooler there and out of the east, and oakland, sometimes to be one of the out liars there. most locations showing a westerly-northwesterly breeze. 23 in truckee; 43, ukiah and southern california, 60s. 63 palm spring and las vegas. you can see that system clipping them there and that is blustery and breezy. patchy low clouds into southern california. for us, mostly sunny, looking good. a couple of days before clouds increase. there is a lot going on in the pacific and almost all of the forecast models in sync for
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that and impressive. sixtys, 70s for some. cooler, especially by the coast and the bay. they will be nice there. except for a northwest breeze, otherwise looking good here through wednesday and clouds roll in thursday and rain on friday and saturday. it's nice weather for opening day here. still ahead, we're going to be live in the colosseum ahead of the as and the teams with the highest payrolls in baseball. >> and we're going to look at this year's run festival in oakland. how organizers are looking ahead to next year. when i feel my best, i am my best.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. i want to tell but rare pieces of history. some never before on public display. they're part of an exhibit at the museum of american revolution in philadelphia. located a few blocks from independence hall, it's the only museum dedicated to the nation's fight for independence frombrate an, a battle that shaped our nation more than 240 years ago now. weapons, uniforms, art work and other relics from the mid- to late 1700s are on display, including one of the two known copies of the declaration of independence printed in philadelphia in german after july 4th, 1776. and baseball is back. for the first time ever,
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opening day pearls eclipse the $4 million mark. members are out on all teams. the knowledge tokers have the highest payroll in baseball with more than $225 million and they have the highest paid player who makes $33 million and will this season. the giants have the fourth highest payroll with $181 million. the as are 27th with nearly 82 million and milwaukee has the least payroll in baseball. the as season begins tonight and the opening day starter, this is the first opening day start of his career. the right-hander started 31 games last season. he red the team with 186 innings of work the first pitch want to, 7:05. alex savidge will be there on the field all morning long with a preview of opening day. and the screenes begin the
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new season on the road in arizona. yesterday, the pitcher set an mlb record against the diamondbacks. >> one-2, the count. >> that gun is smoked. left-center field. [ indiscernible ] >> the 2-0. >> high drive. and it is out of here! they have done it again. >> yeah. did it again. he goes deep twice and sets the record for most young day home runs by a pitcher. they never hit a home run; however, the giants bullpen let a win slip through the fingers. blew an 8th inning lead and took the loss in the 9th. the giants off today. they play the d'backs again tomorrow night. wanted as warriors won their -- the warriors won their 11th game in a row after
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beating the wizards, 139-115. seth curry scored 32 points in 36 minutes and he connected on 9 opposing shots of 3 points. the warriors off today as well and host the timberwolves tomorrow night. and thousands of people laced up their racing shoes over the weekend for the 8th annual oakland running festival. the event included a marathon, half marathon and a 5k kids fun run. rob malcolm got up bright and early with the runners yesterday morning. >> with that, the 8th opening running festival got off to a start. 10,000 athletes from 33 states taking part in the unique race through oakland's diverse neighborhoods. many running for fun and others for a cause. >> and it's a cool in oakland, a private school and we are running for, just for exercise for fun and there was a student
4:55 am
who passed away this year at the beginning of the year and we were running in her honor. >> reporter: whatever the cause, the overcast skies were perfect for runners. the infield at east shore park was packed with all sortings of activities for the athletes. some crossed the finish line for the notifyk race, we caught up with the winners. >> it's great and there are tons of people. it's fantastic. you want to see people senting the event. >> and a half marathon the. >> a great atmosphere and so much enthusiasm from the up to and participants. >> reporter: the marathon was the event. but organizers said it's important for athletes to start small and work their way up. 4,000 runners took part in the 5k which was sold out. >> the 5k is popular, a great entrance into the entire event. our research tells us if they do the 5k, next year they will
4:56 am
come back and do the half marathon. >> reporter: on the day when the sun made its way, the light was shining on race organizers and the athletes themselves. everyone came out a winner. >> and everyone thinks tomorrow is opening day. today is opening day. it's been a tremendous start to the festival. this is a tremendous city. the civic pride that shows up every year. we have raider nation showing up. ready to go and this is a tremendous city with a tremendous event. >> reporter: as they close the books on the 8th annual running festival, athletes will rest their legs and organizers will be back at work, starting planning for next year. rob malcolm, ktvu, fox 2 news. and we are coming up on our 5:00 hour. the senate faces a showdown over judge neil gorsuch today. at 5:00, the dramatic week ahead as senators prepare to
4:57 am
cast key votes. >> and the bay area's new b.a.r.t. station is open for business. some passengers say they were caught off guard by a glitch in the service. rvice. good morning. we can see traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on the golden gate bridge heading to the toll plaza. . >> a very warm weekend will be okay today. the northwest breeze and we'll talk about that and what is in store later in the week. big changes. big changes. ♪
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good morning, thank you for joining us this morning. a look at the airport this morning. baby hold on to me. eddie money. i love him. and a lot of money in baseball. we were talking about that and looks like it's a nice day. a lot of people are heading to the airport probably for spring break. it's that time of the year,
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nice weather for the most part. thank you for joining us. monday morning, april 3rd. i'm pam cook. >> and him ear, too. >> we -- i'm here, too. >> we made it. >> and welcome to the dawn patrol. >> remember yesterday? >> it's game one. >> we saw history. >> incredible. >> it was. >> and let's get to it here for those of you stuffirring from allergies, pam cook -- suffering from allergies. pam cook. >> yes, i am. >> the trees, i am telling you. let's see when is going on. the -- what is going on. the tree is going bonkers. grass and weeds are itching to go, so to speak. not yet. the trees are through the roof. oak, pine, and mulberry. with all of the tall grass, things are going soon. for the as, except for the northwest breeze, lookgo


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