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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> we begun with new information about the drowning of a little girl in concord. the coroner released her identity. >> the family thought the girl wandered away and they called police who found her in the swimming pool. >> the it's not clear how long the one-year-old girl was under the water, but she was pronounced dead last night around 11:00 p.m. this morning, the victim was identified as 1-year-old molly scott of walnut creek. sunday evening at 4:45, they were called to the home in the 2100 block of leland way where the girl was visiting relatives. several adults were said to be inside while the children played outside. the neighbors say it was an aunt who noticed the girl missing, thinking she was lost, she searched the house and the neighborhood. family members later joined police in that search but it was an officer who made the sad discovery and found molly floating in the home's gated
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and tarped backyard pool. cpr was performed until paramedics arrived, but she was pronounced dead at the hospital around 11:00 p.m. neighbors were shocked and saddened by the news and are grieving now with the family. >> it's sad because i have four kids. and it's sad for everybody. >> we hear about things like this all of the time on the news, but like seeing it so close is real. and i can't imagine though they feel. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> authorities are trying to figure out how she got past the fence around the wool. they're asking anyone with information to contact police. democrats will have enough votes to filibuster president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> it's like i republicans will make an unprecedented move to confirm here. here's more on what the break in tradition will mean for the
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future of washington politics. >> reporter: all indications point to republicans using the nuclear option that will change senate precedent, using a simple majority to confirm gorsuch as a supreme court justice. the senate judiciary commit is the first to approve a supreme court nomination. his nomination is heading to the senate floor. democrats, however, can block the judge if he doesn't receive at least eight democrat votes. the junior senator came out saying he's opposing gorsuch and helping democratic -- senate democrats secure the vote to philly worcester him. the main issue for democrats is over president obama's supreme court nominee last summer, merrick garland business never being considered by a republican-controlled senate. this is a partisan showdown. the senate republicans could invoke a nuclear option permanently changing senate rules to confirm gorsuch.
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>> the senate traditions are going to change over this man. based on the times in which we live. and i find it ironic and sad that we're going to change the rules over somebody who has lived such a good life, who has been such a good judge for such a long time. this is more about the senate than it does judge gorsuch. >> reporter: now, if republicans change the senate rules, they will abolish the 60- vote threshold to confirm a supreme court judge. if this happens, there will be growing pressure to get rid of the 60-vote legislative filibuster rule. senator john mccain worried this could be a slippery slope. get rid of the philly buster and it will be easier to pass him through congress. that is good if you're in control. if you're out of power, you can see this as a very bad thing. republicans have vowed to confirm gorsuch by friday when
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a two-week recess is set to begin. >> reporter: thank you. putin said his government is determined to capture whoever is responsible for today's terrorist attack in saint petersburg. a bomb tore through a subway station there killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens of others. hours later, police found an unexploded device at one of the busiest subway station. president putin was a few miles away attending a government meeting in his hometown of saint petersburg. a short time ago, president trump reacted to the bombing in russia. we're holding -- and holding a meeting at the white house. >> terrible. terrible thing. happening all over the world. absolutely a terrible thing. >> so far, no one claimed responsibility for the bombing, but one witness reported a man who changed subway cars may have planted the bomb in a brief case moments before the deadly explosion. and a napa man is scheduled to be in court tomorrow facing charges of kidnapping, drugging, and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. the sheriff's deputies said the
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girl jumped out of the moving pickup truck early saturday morning on 1 in south harbor way and -- highway 1 in south harbor way and hid in bushes. the 50-year-old called 911 to report a passenger had jumped out of the truck while he was still moving. the deputies say when he arrived, the girl came out of the bushes and said that marble had kidnapped her, injected her with drugs, raped her and cut his leg into her -- his name into her leg with a knife. the girls she ran away from home thursday night after getting into an airport with her mother. she said she was at the gas station the next day where he offered to give her a ride. a man is under arrest accused of shooting five men at a weekend birthday party in pittsburgh. investigators said the 23-year- old suspect and his friends were asked to leave the party on madeleine street around 11:00 saturday night. that is when a fight broke out. the suspect pulled out a gun and started shooting. other people were able to detain the man until police arrived. he's in custody on suspicion of
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several felonies, includeing assault with a deadly weapon. the motorcycle is dead. they received a call about a motorcycle speeding up and down the street of adobe creek road and eli boulevard south at 5:15 last night. an officer arrived to investigate and the motorcycles took off. one rider pulled over afterward but the second continued then lost control on the motorcycle near brown's lane. he died at the scene. the motorcyclist was arrested on suspicion of dui. law enforcement officers across california will keep a close eye on drivers the next few weeks. april is distracted driving awareness month. the chp and other agencies will crack down on the driver who doesn't keep the eyes on the road and the crackdown targets those who text from behind the wheel and are using their cell phone. they have seen other bad behavior on the roads. >> i have seen someone putting on makeup and i have seen someone shaving. >> i try to pass him.
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i don't want to be the one they crash into, you know. >> reporter: there is a danger of wreckless people distracting other drive every. a family in sacramento took this video. a man with half of his body is hanging out of the passenger window while the car drove on southbound 99. >> commuters are using a new warm springs b.a.r.t. station have discovered a new surprise glitch in the service. it does not currently provide full service on weekdays until 6:00 p.m. riders who board up the station and want to travel on the richmond line have to get off of the train and transfer to another northbound train. the layover means some b.a.r.t. riders are not saving time on the morning commute after all. a spokesman tells the bay area news group there will be full service when b.a.r.t. gets the new fleet of cars by some time next year. >> and we're watching deadly storms move, cross the southeast. two people were killed after a tornado touched down. coming up, a look at the damage
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and why some communities are on alert. >> and taking a live look outside. a nice and warm day here. the big changes are coming our way. our bay forecast is next. >> and it's opening day at the coliseum in oakland. we'll go to the ballpark where fans are set to see the as play the first game of the season.
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. the governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency
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following an outbreak of severe storms that spawned tornados and massive flooding. reporter kelly wright tells us there is a threat of more severe weather across the deep south. >> the entire state of louisiana put on alert as a storm system crawls across the deep south. >> this is the highest level of warning that the national weather service issues. it's an extremely rare clarification and means the state could experience extremely high winds, tornados, hail, and flooding. just to ma'am a few per-- to name a few perils. >> reporter: the national weather service confirming the tornado flipped a mobile home on sunday near lafayette killing a 38-year-old mother and her three-year-old daughter. >> and if it can happen to my kid and my home and my trailer -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the storm packed with heavy rain and hail damaged buildings and knocked down power lines.
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the louisiana governor john bell edwards urged residents to stay off of the roads and con their cell phones charged. >> -- and keep their cell phones charged. >> police ask you don't go outside if you don't have to. stay off of the roads. a car is no place to shelter. if you're on the roads, don't drive-thru high-standing water. if you account -- encourageer -- encounter something on the road, seek hardened shelter like an overpass or stop and go inside a convenience store. >> the national weather service said that parts of arkansas and mississippi are also under a threat of tornados, but the bull's eye remains in louisiana. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. rescue teams in colombia continue their desperate search for survivors of the floods that devastated the south american nation. the colombian red cross said that at least 254 people are dead, including 43 children. the disaster in the mountains of southern colombia began saturday morning with pounding
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rains that lasted several hours causing several rivers to overflow the banks. emergency teams going through the mud and debris expect the dust hole to climb higher. [ speaking spanish ] [ through translator ] >> it's probable the number we know today have died and are injured because there are hundreds of people missing. thirty% of the time affected by the land slide and they're alarming dimensions. >> reporter: disaster crews have spent the past three days pulling bodies from the thick mud, tree limbs and debris. the raging flood waters smashed houses and tore trees by the roof washing away cars and trucks. happy monday afternoon, everybody. another beautiful day in the bay area. we have the weather over the with could and a couple of low 80s yesterday, taking a few degrees off today. that is still a nice system there producing a breeze. the weather looks great. mike said i love the pollen forecast. thank you, mike. it applies with all of this
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rain we had over the wenter and spring, grass is not there yet. weeds are not there yet but the trees were in front big time. oak, pipe, and mulberry to name a few. the ace home opener looks beautiful. should be beautiful in the first pitch. of course, it cools off fast. i think you will find no weather worries. temperatures running a few degrees cooler or warmer. not a big difference. the lows were cooler this morning by 5 or 7 degrees. we have had a few 30s and we're warming up fast here. the big news, the rain returns this week. looks like thursday night, for sure friday, friday night, saturday morning and the totals there, rushing the river and maybe points north could be three to four inches plus. the leave all outlook here for the next seven to 10 days paints a wet picture here for us and the forecast models are talking about that. look at the water temp. the buoy reports bodega bay,
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49; that is the coldest i have seen in a long time. that is good. you get the northwest -- and that is good. gets the nutrient-rich water up and that means this time of the year into from will and may, that can produce coastal fog in a moment's notice otherwise, we're on the sunny side here. not much of a breeze and mainly showing out of the north- northwest. that is light for most locations and you get into the delta and vacaville is come travis, that is bicking -- picking up big time. and lots of sunshine, though, temperatures coming down a few degrees. tomorrow looks sunny and warmer, patchy fog and plenty of fog in southern california. the system is coming across half of the pacific. but it's not going to get here until wednesday with the cloud cover. slightly cooler and really nice. we'll bump the temps up on tuesday for sure. wednesday, there might be cloud cover and it will be dry.
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wednesday, that system starts to arrive and we'll have to weight until thursday afternoon, evening, and then friday, saturday. looks to be rain and wind events. so far, some of the rainfall looks descent. won't start until late thursday, friday morning and you can see some of the totals here coming in. one and a half, 2, 2 and a half inches of rain. i think santa rosa gets 1.92 and there is going to be three to four. fair conditions overall, chilly this morning and highs look to be in the 60s and 70s. the five-day forecast shows sunshine. breezy conditions, sunny at 50s, 60s at noon and ending up with 70s on the temps here. clouds move in thursday, cloudy, cooler thursday night. rain developing friday night. both carrying us into sunday. and people economists predict the deal bringing the raiders to las vegas will go down as the worst in history for taxpayers.
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leaders committed $750 million in public funds to build the dome stadium near the strip, breaking down to a record- breaking $354 per person in the nevada city. it let one person say it's the worse deal for the city we is seen. >> and with serious negotiations beginning, we wanted to see what, if anything, can be a deal breaker. tom vacar has more. >> reporter: more than 40 years ago, the stanford economics professor wrote the first book on the economic impact of pro sports teams on their cities. he said the raiders want the move. >> the oakland raiders proposal was that they would not keep rent at all but keep the revenue in the stadium, including the naming rights and sponsorship and stuff. without that revenue, the city collapses financially. >> reporter: no one, includeing las vegas and bank of america, will simply front the money.
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>> that means generating a revenue flow to guarantee that the stadium won't go into bankruptcy. >> reporter: he said that guarantee will not come from the raiders but from the las vegas coliseum authority in clark county. in other words, nevada taxpayers. >> for not only the $750 million in the tools tax, but for the terrible $650 million and the loan to bank of america. >> plus, he said, another $900 million to build the roads and infrastructure to service the stadium. the financial risk for each and every man, woman, and child in las vegas is $1,000 each. >> that is a big number. when the medium wage in a city is $40,000. >> reporter: he said the las vegas stadium is based on three assumptions. one, that a third of those attending a las vegas raiders game will come to las vegas to see an nfl game. that is 225,000 new tourists.
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>> there is no reason to believe it's true. there is no nfl team anywhere, including the teams and tourist meccas like los angeles and florida that draw near that tourist. >> reporter: when they do come, it's assuming they will stay as long as regular tourists and spend the same amount of money and the new taxes. third, that another 225,000 new tourists will come for other special events at the stadium. 35 other events like concerts and at least two bowl games a facing -- attracting 55,000 or more despite the fact that eight such goal games occur in the entire nation. >> thief things other than a football game is more than occurs in the bay area stadium put together. >> reporter: add to that, every hotel has the own auditoriums preferred by artists to
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stadiums and megasites they can't fill. >> those are unrealistic assumptions as well. that manies to me the overall financial plan is overly optimistic. this is no way that number of events is going to happen. if the tourism doesn't arrive and the concerts and nfl games don't fill up the stadium, the whole plan collapses. >> reporter: despite talk, compared to the television audience, they're relatively few. the fact is that almost all raider fans and all nfl fans, for that matter, never again. >> people who gain in the season is along the order of 125,000. it's a drop in the bucket for the population of the bay area. it's a drop in the bucket for the population of las vegas. >> reporter: so, he said the parties to this potential unrealized deal are in for some very rough negotiations. >> the other possibility, of
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course, is that we get six months into the snorkels and it collapses because the county is not willing to take on a burden of a bottom and a half to for the stadium. >> reporter: las vegas was the hardest hit western city in the recreation from which it was featured in recovering. >> reporter: not a done deal, not at all. tom vacar, fox 2 news, ktvu. on this day in 1848, california's first public was kid -- dedicated in san francisco. the ceremony mashing the occasion is coming up.
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. checking the markets, stocks sank earlier this morning as carmakers dropped after reporting disappointing sales figures. the dow jones made up all of the losses for the day and is on track to finish in a half hour from now. roll check again before the markets close. ford is recalling f-250 trucks. they can roll after being placed in park and affects this area's model. the drivers should use the parking brake to make sure they don't movement ford doesn't have the replacement parts yet and this is the third recall for fort in -- forward in a week. and tesla said that it delivered about 25,000 model-s
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sedans and model and suvs, up 69% from the same time last year. tesla is getting ready to deliver another 4600 cars by the end of the quarter and it was in rebound after production problems turned into a decrease in the final quarter. apple is putting the final touches. apple park will be home to more than 12,000 employees and the campus features more than 9,000 native trees. the main building has the world's largest panes of glass and it's the world's largest naturally ventilated building. the apple ceo spent much of his time working on the campus design for his death in 2011. more time are flying in and out of oakland international airport. in february, the airport saw a
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record 850,000 passengers. that is more than a 5% increase from the same time last year. the airports that travelers have more options with international operations, increasing more than 70% the last year recently, british airways started non-stop service to london. a sexual assault carried out on facebook live. the search for a teenager wanted in connection with the crime. plus. >> baseball, it's back in the city of oakland. we're inside the coliseum here hours away from young night for the oakland as squaring off against the l.a. angels. what fans can expect when they come to the ballpark and the legendary as player being honored tonight. ♪
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. just a few hours, the oceanland as kick off the 2017 season at the coliseum. >> alex is there with more on the opening festivities. the all-day party for fans, seven miles north of where you are. i think i smelled the hot dogs on the grill in the parking lot already, alex. >> and i think so. i think there are a couple of barbecues. baseball in the city of oakland and, boy, we could not have ordered up a better day here at
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the coliseum for opening night. you can see they have the field painted and ready to go for the matchup. it's a good one. you know what? die-hard as fans. they are already here on the premise. they are ready to go for the 2017 season. we got this video a couple of hours ago. fans were lined up this morning at the gates of the coliseum. some got here before nine this morning and they're planning on a full day of tailgating before taking on the home opener tonight. facing off against the l.a. angels of anaheim and they want to get the season off to a strong start. for many fans, opening day or night is essentially a holiday. >> this is what we do. 36 in a row. >> you don't miss it? >> no. it's a holiday. it is. >> that is me husband. yes. as soon as i hear what day opening day is , i take the
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whole day off. >> ever give you a hard time? >> they know. they know. >> honestly, this is the great event of the year. there is no better day of the year. not even christmas. you know, i am a christian myself and this is the greatest day. i called off work. hope -- hoping my bosses are watching me now. >> are you sick? >> what it is. you got something. >> yeah. >> green and gold through my blood. >> before tonight's game, the as will honor a legend. the field here will officially be dedicated to ricky henderson, major league baseball's all-time steals leader. of course, rickey will be in the house tonight to offer up a few words and there is going to be a few surprises for him as well and the fans as well during tonight's dedication ceremony. that is starting about 6:20 or cement. -- or so. there are tickets available at
12:32 pm get here early. troy smith with the as joining me. doesn't get better than this. >> not a bad assignment, huh? this kind of weather opening day. this is great. >> what is new here? i know a lot changed. make it an affordable experience. what can fans expect when they come to see a game this season. >> a simple thing. we're sitting in the first deck. >> oh. >> and for fans to post socially. and do that stuff. >> and we have touched on this before. you know, i would say it bares repeating. the price of boar has gone down at the oakland coliseum. i can't stress this enough. >> they 10 and 8. for -- [ indiscernible ] >> the premium. >> and they're 20-ounce beers. it's almost two beers for that price. a good deal. we have a promotion in the fourth inning. >> there you go. >> and with our friends.
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that is pretty great. we're trying to make you feel comfortable and welcome. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> how's the team going to look on fold? >> we have solid pitching and staff. i think we can expect a few things from her. >> and looking forward to the new season. the first pitch at 7:05. kennal on the mound and making the first start in the home opener. that is going to be a good time. they have tickets available. can't beat this. dynamite weather. >> yeah. >> and might want to bring weather. >> i have to ask you. >> a great day for baseball. >> yeah. >> have you twisted him about getting inside -- what the as might pick for their new stadium. >> i kind of tried to pick the brand a little bit about whethery that figured out where
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that new ballpark is going. i don't think anything has been -- decisions were made as of yet. team president dave kabal has not made the decision yet. >> i am not sure about the preference. from what he said, they're going to announce a preferred site some time in this calendar year. >> okay. we do know. >> yes. >> wherever that ball park is built, when it opens, it will be rickey henderson field. >> perfect. >> the because he is a lemed here in the city of oakland. -- a legend here in the city of oakland. >> he is. >> and a hometown hero. >> the first pitch at 7:05 tonight. >> going to be fun. >> thank you for everything today, alex. the giants started the new season on the road yesterday in arizona. madison balm gardener sent a major league record for the game and it was not while
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pitching. >> to the count. that is smoked. left center field. >> he's the 2-0. >> high drive. this is out of here! he's done it again! >> he went deep twice to get the diamondbacks setting the record for most opening day home runs by a pitcher. the giants bullpen let a win slip through the fingers, derek blew an 8th-inning lead, took the mound and loss in the 9th. the giants are off and play the d'backs tomorrow night. opening day payroll eclipsed the $4 billion mark. numbers are out on all 30 major league teams. the dodgers have the highest payroll in baseball with more than $225 million and they have the highest-paid pitchers.
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he will make tree million dollars in fees and the giants have the fourth highest -- $33 million in fees and the giants have the fourth highest. as 27th 82 million and milwaukee has the lowest payroll in baseball. a fire destroyed a three- story home in sonoma county last night. it was reported in the wooded area of wooded creek road. a number of people in the area called 19 error 11 reporting flames and smoke -- 911 reporting flames and smoke. when firefighters got there, the homes were completely in flames. there are no reports of injuries or the cause of the fire. 16 people who lived in an oakland apartment building are looking for new homes yesterday. the fire broke out of the three- story building on 39th avenue before 4 a.m. it was a frantic effort to find those inside and get out and avoid the flames. one man jumped from his second- story apartment to safety. >> the manager, he was trying to jump out of the window
12:37 pm
because, you know, it was scary. the flames and smoke were everywhere. like i have never seen anything like this in me life. >> the man who just landed on the lawn and was not hurt, one woman was taken to the hospital after reporting chest pains but no one was hurt in the fire. the cause remains under investigation. a hearing is set today if the case of the young girl declared brain dead in 2013 after complications from the tonsil surgery at children's hospital oaklands. the trial gate for the malpractice lawsuit could be set today. jahai was 13 when doctors declared her brain dead. the family says said she was still alive and moved her to a care facility in new jersey. they filed a lawsuit. if the court sides with the family, the damages could be in the million. if the court rules that she is legally dead, they will only be able to sue for $250,000. 92. and i to a case in chicago streamed on facebook live and
12:38 pm
watched by as many as 40 people. none called police. >> a 14-year-old boy is charged. as brian yenes tells us, police are searching for a 15-year-old boy in connection with the crime. >> reporter: chicago authorities issuing a warrant for the arrest of another teenage boy following's sexual assault streamed live on facebook. investigators looking for a 15- year-old male. >> the young man responsible. they should be ashamed of themselves. they have humiliated themselves, humiliated their families, and now, they're going to be held accountable for what they did. >> reporter: the charges stem from the sexual assault of a 15- year-old girl last month. police say multiple videos of the attack were made including the version stream lined -- streamed live on the social network. forty people watched the assault live and nobody notified authorities. >> we have seen a couple of acts in the city now the half few months involving social
12:39 pm
media. it disgusts me that people would look at the videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911. >> reporter: the latest coming as police announced the first charges in the case. a 14-year-old male is accused of aggravated criminal sexual assault and making and kiss seminating child porching onra -- disseminating child pornography. >> the victim knew one of the offends are. i don't want to go into detail but i will say she was lured to the residence and from there, she was not allowed to leave and didn't consent to what occurred. >> reporter: further charges are expected against others, including an adult. the police say the attack involved five or six males. in new york. authorities in southern california have arrested a male uber drive or suspicion of sexually assaulting a female passenger. the reporter marian martinez said investigators believe there mean more alleged victims. take a good look at this man.
12:40 pm
santana police say angel sanchez is an uber driver. he's accused of sexually assaulting a passenger and there could be more victims. >> that is something you wouldn't expect, right? >> reporter: thursday night, police say sanchez picked up a woman in newport beach. she was out drinking with friends. they called her a uber who drove her to santa ana. >> she fell asleep and passed out at some point. she woke up being sexually assaulted. she fought, broke free, got out of the car and immediately called us. >> reporter: the 37-year-old uber driver was gone by the time police arrived. they're worked with uber using the phone app that tracks every ride to find and arrest him. >> he is an uber driver and has been for over a year. they believe the potential is out there for him to come across similar situations. we want to know if there are additional victims out there. >> reporter: and she's out
12:41 pm
drinking. >> i have been pretty dry. they got me home safely. i opened my door and they let me in and i put my keys in there. yeah, i can't say i am surprised. it can happen. >> reporter: uber said sanchez was banned from the app as soon as police notified them of the arrest. he did pass a background check to drive for uber, picking up passengers in a van like this one. the police have this message for other potential victims thinking about coming forward. >> they're embarrassed and it's noing to be embarrassed about. >> in this case, santa ana police say that uber app helped them corroborate the victim's store since it helped them trace the ride from point a to pint b. for women who mean afraid to get into an uber -- who might be afraid to get into an uber, police advise you that if you have a female friend who has had to much to drink, go
12:42 pm
with her home or request a female driver. mary ann martinez, fox news. and shasta county officials say divers found human body parts in the shasta county lake. a human leg attached to a cinder block was found under under water, 8 miles west of redding in whiskey lake. the divers report finding other remains separate from the leg. the discoveries were from last friday and friday. they believe they're the remains of bridgette jones. her ex-husband was seen near the lake the night before she disappeared, according to the redding search light newspaper. jacobs was arrested last tuesday. hey told the shasta county sheriff that his ex-wife's death was an accident and that she died while falling down the stairs after charging at him. he kept the ex-wife's body for four days at home before dumping the body in the lake. >> police are looking for whoever vandalized more than 20
12:43 pm
cars in a neighborhood. they found the cars with the tires slashed near clayton road yesterday morning. investigators are asking people to check for suspicious activity between 9:00 p.m. saturday night and 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. go additional victims should contact police. and a new poll shows older people living in the bay area for many, many years are less likely to want new buildings in the neighborhood compared to younger people new to the bay area. more than 70% of people surveyed were between the ages of 18 and 39 and lived in the area for five years or less. support the construction of new housing in the neighborhood. that compares to 55% support for people over 40 years old living in the bay area for 20 years or more. and crews in atlanta are working non-stop to repair the leave state overpass that collapsed during a freeway fire last week. some sections of the overpass have been torn down and some of the debris is cleared. it's expected to take months before the overpass is repaired.
12:44 pm
the closure left thousands of people trying to find their way -- better ways to get around town. a homeless man has been charged with starting the fire. he was speaking drugs near construction materials near the overpass. the san jose sharks may have suffered asters loss. >> and also, it's nice and warm outside for -- suffered a serious loss. >> and the bay area forecast is coming up.
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. the sharks are trying to improve their position in the playoffs. there was three minutes left in the third period when jill thornton cholieded with the canucks. he fell to the ice with an injury tos left leg. he made it to the shark's bench and didn't return to the game after this. the leg is being re-examined today. the other big name center is off of the ice after being hit in the faceby i -- by a puck. the only good news, the sharks won 3-1 and remain third in the pacific division. and tonight is the championship game of the men's ncaa basketball tournament. it's the first time the gonzaga bulldogs have been in the title game and it's the second year in a row north carolina is hoping to take home a title. the tar heels lost to villanova last year in the championship game. carolina is going for the sixth national title. south carolina won the first woman's basketball national title in dallas with a 67-55 victory over mississippi
12:48 pm
state. the bullo dogs had momentum on the side after knocking off connecticut in the semi finals. asia wilson was not intimidated, scoring 23 points of being named the most outstanding player of the final 4. the nba and warriors won the 11th game in a row yesterday beating the wizards, 139-115. >> steph curry scores 32 points and 36 minutes, connected on 9 of the 14 three-pointers. they will play the timberwolves tomorrow night at home at oracle. oracle. . another beautiful monday afternoon. still really nice. if there is a breeze, for some there is , to the valley, stirring up some of the pollens. i'll tell you, it's been tough here with the rain. the grass and weeds, you know, they're itching to go and they will later. right now, it's about the trees. oak, pipe, and mulberry -- oak, pine, and mullberry. the home opener tonight for a breeze out of the west-
12:49 pm
northwest. looks like a beautiful golf course and cools off. a light jacket. the screaming message. the rain returns later this week. no, we're not. the heaviest rain to the north and totals are impressive. again, won't be until friday when the bulk of this comes into friday night and saturday. so, we'll fine tune these as we get closer. every sign points toward good rainfall here the next seven to 10 days. another factor that is interesting, the water temps have cooled off dramatically. certainly north san francisco buoy, 51; bodega bay, 49. that is the coldest we have seen in a long time. when you get that kind of a setup when it stairs and you get warmth in the valley, you can get rapid development of fog. patchy fog and look at the breeze at vacaville and fairfield. it's cranked up big time for some. you can see calm and santa rosa due north. the fairfield, other locations less than five miles per hour. isolated and there are a few areas blustery.
12:50 pm
lots of sunshine today, still, the 70s for many and just a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. it looks warmer and we'll have to deal with a lot of cloud cover coming in across lots of energy here. the system dove into nevada. that cranked up the breeze a bit. slightly cooler here and still even though it looks nice, the temperatures above average. y that going to go below after wednesday. there might be lot of cloud cover on wednesday. thursday night, friday into saturday. the rain is on the way and could be moderate to heavy. we head towards friday morning. the 60s today. seventys, a beautiful spring day in the bay area. we'll continue that tomorrow. starts with changes ind clouds, light rain on thursday and looks like all signs point toward the rain and wind on friday and saturday, cooler and breezy on sunday. california's first public school was dedicated in san francisco on this day in 1848. today, teachers, school administrators and stories use
12:51 pm
the anniversary to send the message to african-american students. the statue honors captain william alexander. he is the african-american millionaire who built california's first public school in 1848. many home his story will inspire young african- americans. >> so, we want to encourage them to get rid of these stereotypes that school is not something for them by pointing out the first public school in california was built by an african-american. >> this is part of the make your name campaign, designed to encourage young african- american students to regularly attend class. and just ahead, a new edition to the aquarium of the bay. we're going to show you this before it makes the official appearance for the public. for the public.
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honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats.
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okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. . looks like -- before the session closes in minutes. you can see the dow was down earlier in the morning and appears to be be closing ever so slightly on the downside. essentially flat. the big -- biggest stars in country music were of in las vegas for the 52nd annual academy of music awards. >> let's go. >> let's go! >> yeah, it was the backstreet boys that were reuniting on stage that was one of the most talked about moments of the night. florida georgia lin -- they
12:55 pm
joined georgia-florida line for the performance. jason aldean won entertainer of the year the second year in the row. other winners include thomas rhett, miranda lambert and little big town. and yesterday, kids showed up their designs made from recycled material for the sixth annual curbside couture fashion show. organizers call it the largest green fashion show in arkansas. students from the third grade through 12th grade participated, sponsored by the clinton foundation. thousands of people laced up their racing shoes for this weekend's 8th annual oakland running festival. this is the scene yesterday morning as the big race got underway. it included a marathon, a half marathon, and a kid's fun run n. all, some 10,000 runners from across the country took part in the unique race, which took them through the diverse neighborhoods of oakland. many people had a special reason to run. >> and tell me about -- you ran
12:56 pm
the 5k. >> yes. >> and what is team bentley? >> it's a school in oakland. and it's a private school. and we are running for, just for exercise for fun and then there was a student who had passed away this year at the beginning of the year. we were running in her honor. >> runners from the east bay won the men's and women's divisions of this year's marathon. >> and now baby otters about to make the debut at the aquarium of the bay in san francisco. look at tahoe. a north american river otter. tahoe's going to make the first official public appearance on april 14th. this is video of tahoe posted to the website. he joins shasta, baxter, rier and more than 20,000 other fixes, sharks and creatures that call the place home. and continuing to follow developments out of capitol hill. >> at 4, we'll speak with the constitutional expert as democrats secure the 41 votes needed to block gorsuch with
12:57 pm
the filibuster. what the move means going forward for the nominee. that is today on the 4 on 2. >> thank you for joining us this noontime. weather is changing the next few days. we'll update that for you. have a great day. see you at 4. see you at 4.
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