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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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41 san martin. gilroy 42. scotts valley, bolder, and walnut creek clouds have been building in for awhile. i expect a lot of that today and tomorrow. then that system will start to arrive late thursday into friday with rain on the way. today 60s and 70s. i usually listen, sal, but i might have missed something. is anything going on? >> it's the same thing. i usually listen this morning. mostly cloudy and mild. 60s and 70s. >> that's correct. >> there you go. >> how about that traffic? >> traffic? >> yeah. toll plaza. >> let's go there, steve. it is backed up for a 25-minute delay. it's just been kind of a routine thing and routine is what we like. the worst thing you don't want you don't want a surprise on your morning commute. this is a look at interstate 880 at oakland north. so far so good when it comes to
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the routine traffic. we're looking at the east bay commute. hayward getting slow traffic and we're also looking at contra costa county commute over to highway 84 looks pretty good. 680's getting pretty crowded. at 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you sal. a controversial measure declaring california sanctuary state is making its way to the capital. after clearing the senate. ktvu's rob malcolm joins us now from pittsburgh east bay city where it's become a topic of complaint. >> the city has coming in the process of deciding its sanctuary status. this is what we know so far which happened at the capital, the state senate yesterday
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approved the legislation 27-12 by party lines. this is very similar to the sanctuary policies of other bay area cities like san francisco, oakland, and also an jose which preents local and state law enforcement from using their resources to arrest people for immigration violations. but the policy is facing opposition from police groups. amended the measure to allow the department of corrections to notify the federal government up to two months before an undocumented immigrant convicted of violent or serious felonies is released. >> we will cooperate with our friends at the federal level with serious and violent felons. but we won't cooperate or lift a finger or spend a single cent when we're talking about separating children from their mothers. >> if you take hostages to prevent an arrest and you're
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serving in our prison, this bill shields you. >> and back here live at pittsburg sanctuary. it's not clear when the next vote from the state will be. but if pittsburg does vote they'll have to follow the law of the state if that law passes. send it back to you. >> thank you for the update. 6:03 is the time. a coalition of immigrant workers, community activists will rally at emeriville city hall tonight. they say both pooents are part of a month long ramp up to the may 1st national strike calling for immigrant rights and protections. the owners of a middle eastern restaurant in oakland say their business was targeted by vandals.
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last weekend employees at bombbite said they found fooesys on their restaurant sign. president trump trump's nominee neil gorsuch. >> you can't rule out a last minute deal here but absent that we may see the so-called nuclear option trigger here in the senate. and that may change the way the senate considers supreme court nominees. >> a show down in the senate. judge neil gorsuch coming much closer now to a coveted seat on the u.s. supreme court. >> the nomination will be reported to the floor. >> on a party vote the senate judiciary meeting gave gorsuch. but more senate democrats are
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now on board for a filllabuster. yesterday crossing the 41 criminal number. >> i will not, i can't support this nomination. >> democrats see this as some measure of pay back for republicans refusal to consider obama's nomination. the nuclear option. a change in the way the senate operates with just a simple majority. a change that many in both parties are reluctant to see happen. >> that means the judges are going to be more ideological not less. it means that every senate seat's going to be a referendum on the spraurt. >> they center no choice that democrats would reject any nominee. which ever party controls the white house would suddenly have much more power to nominate justices from this point forward.
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>> all i can say is what goes around comes around. >> yeah, what goes around comes around which is why some republicans are worried about nuclearing the reaction. san francisco could ban political advertisements on the side of muni buses. the issue will be up for a vote today. ktvu's lee martinez is live. >> reporter: some of the ads either had profanity or depicted violent scenes. they sparked protest here in the city and made national news. now one controversial ad ran in 2012 supporting israel and named an unknown savage. that read islamic jew hatred. the ads were purchased by the american freedom defense
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initiative. at the time, the municipal railway said it didn't support the message but couldn't remove them because of the first amendment protection. instead of removing the ads from the buses the city would give ad revenue to the human rights commission. the vote today would prohibit ads that concern a political or public issue and intend to be insulting, demeaning or offensive and likely to be harmful or disruptive to the transit system. now the original ad policy has been changed. if they do decide to vote yes to change the policy the new policy will be enacted as soon as tomorrow. back to you guys. >> lee martinez live in the city. two people were stabbed in downtown san jose. this happened about midnight. authorities responded to reports of several people getting attacked at almaden boulevard
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and wasnay. when officers arrived on scene they found two people injured near the guadalupe river. the victims were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to survive. but the attacker was seen running away. a news conference is scheduled today by people displaced by last week's deadly apartment fire in west oakland. that fire on san pablo avenue killed four people and forced more than 80 out of their homes. investigators say it all started from a burning candle inside an apartment that had no electricity. the goal is to raise $50,000 so that about half of that has been donated so far. if you would like to donate you can just go to the web link section of our website at we'll direct you there. too many students, not enough room. coming up at 6:30 the push to build a second high school in the city of dublin. >> also testing the smart train
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in marin county has come to a halt. we'll tell you about the concerns of a landslide and what it all means for the launch of that smart train service. >> high clouds continue to stream in. we'll take a look at that and also the forecast highs for today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:11 and russian investigators have identified a 22-year-old man from kursickstan. there is a growing memorial. another 50 people were injured. some seriously. investigators say the dna of the suicide bomber was found on a bag containing a second bomb that was found and deactivated at another subway station. france is increasing security at public transportation locations in paris. there is already a lot of curt at some of the city's famous
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sites and as of right now french authorities will not elaborate on details but they are protecting public transportation. a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car in san jose. this happened at 8:00 last night. officers say the driver struck the pedestrian and slammed right into a tree. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. meantime the family of a san jose man killed in a crash in a big rig last friday is opening up about the incident. he was taking his 10-year-old daughter to school. police say amazingly she was in the backseat and survived. relatives say she suffered a cut right above her eye but she is still quite shaken about the sudden loss of her father. >> i'm just broken from all of this. this happened all of a sudden. we don't know why but now he's an angel of god.
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>> investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. witnesses say the driver may have been blinded by the morning sun and they also site a lack of traffic controllers to warn drivers. testing of marin county smart train service is now on hold because of concerns about a potential landslide in san rafael. the problem is just near lincoln avenue. the agency says the recent rain has loosened the soil on the hills above the tracks and now all that soil has to be removed. it should be done by next week and the smart train service says it stopped tested trains in san rafael out of caution. smart service is set to begin sometime this string. the recent work is not expected to delay start time. let's check in with sal castaneda on this morning
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commute. >> we're looking the same. >> twins. >> sorry. how about those a's last night. >> i should have worn a green tie. let's go out and look at the east shore freeway. right here to the macarthur maze. 22-minute drive. that's not too bad. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is pretty backed up. once you make it on to the bridge the traffic is better once you get into san francisco. we're also looking at highway 4 which is slow especially in bay point and concord. and then 580 is still slow on 205 at 580. let's go to 280 in san jose. northbound 280 on the right there. you can see it looks goo good through downtown san jose. let's bring steve in. if i had known you two were
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going to wear an orange tie. i am wearing one. >> the thing about guys wearing the same thing it's like a high-five situation with guys anyway. >> there you go. >> i like the explanation, sal. >> thank you sal. we do have a lot of high clouds coming in. it will be an okay day today. lots of sunshine. a little breeze there for some and we start off with 40s and 50s on the lows. cloud cover will favor north more than south and the pollen levels continue to favor those trees. ash, alder, and juniper. partly cloudy. partly sunny here as we go throughout the day. farther north. more cloud cover. 50s on the temps. not expecting any rain yet. that is just that really high base stuff. even starting to thin out maybe a little bit up north but it will be a series of bans coming
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through. filtered sun, filtered clouds. 40s on the temperatures. 50s for a few upper 40s but the cloud cover certainly holding up a lot of temps to the north. kelseyville being one. heelsberg is 49. san rafael 48. point race 47. except for mountain view which is running 3 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. we're seeing temps 1 to 6 degrees warmer. so that cloud cover certainly helps to keep those lows up. 50 down in las vegas. southern california everyone's really close here. l.a. also palm springs bright san diego only a 2-degree difference. cloud cover will continue to favor northern california. if you are traveling down there today. also tomorrow we're waiting on this system as a good tap of moisture. good jet stream support and rainfall still looks pretty good here. most of this will be late
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thursday, friday, and then there will be another ban late friday into saturday. i'm using the european model on the rainfall. if santa rosa gets 1.77" then you know in the santa cruz mountains russian river there will be some higher amounts. late thursday, friday we'll see a lot of high clouds between now and thursday morning. might even get a little bit warmer as this system digs offshore. thursday, the first ban comes through and kind of washes out right there. that's thursday afternoon. thursday night here we go and watch what happens friday morning. friday morning looks like the main wind and rain event will be moving through. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. cloud cover kind of holding in the temps. temperatures should come down about 1 or two degrees. a lot of clouds through wednesday. clouding up thursday, friday. there's your rain. looks like a break on sunday.
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>> thanks steve. >> you bet. >> to get out and about. need to know when. designated places where people can take drugs. >> and a school administrator accused of contact with a student that left him traumatized. why the family says it believes he was targeted.
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mountain view police are looking for more potential victims connected to a redwood city man. 31-year-old brandon yamagata was arrested on sunday in front of an orchard supply hardware store. once in custody police say yamagata confessed to having inappropriate sex relations with a teenager. yamagata was booked on multiple charges. and drug charges. a meeting is scheduled tonight at the jefferson union high school board meeting after parents say their son was targeted because of his race. the incident happened at tara nova high school in pacifica two weeks ago. the teenager's parents say a female school administrator brought their son into an office
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while investigating a report that codeine was being passed around campus. inside the office the student told his parents that the woman made him remove his shirt. >> she then took off -- told him to take off his t-shirt and she told him to spin around or turn around. so she laid her hands on my son. >> education code requires a second school employee to be present during student searches. it's unclear if the administrator will face any discipline. but the family believes her son was targeted because he's a pacific islander. the district says it plans to address the issue in a closed session later tonight. today the san francisco board of supervisors will start considering a plan to start safe injection sites. those are areas set up for people to inject drugs where there are also social and health services offered. supervisor london reed wants a task force to consider the idea
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that's already being used in canada. that group would include a representative from the community. and health departments. the department of public health says there are more than 20,000 people who inject drugs in san francisco. people living in downtown oakland are cleaning up once again after another tree came down. the latest incident happened last night. the tree came down. you can see there it hit several cars. the trunk and tree limbs did some considerable damage to the owner's truck. >> this is the third one. the first one took out my buddy roy's el camino. the second one went down in the middle of the night. and now this one. three vehicles involved. >> robert sutherland seemed to take the matter in stride saying
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the truck son-in-law a material possession. the ride shaer lyft is reaching out to the disabled. lyft says it's announcing a collaboration with the national federation of the blind. it wants to make trips convenient and affordable for rider who is are blind and use service animals to get around. a 911 survivor praised the move. >> this will make every effort to provide the services we need and we look forward to providing feedback. >> lyft drivers must allow blind riders to bring their service dog inside the vehicle. the drivers who don't comply. over the next ten days the postal service will add a special feature to customers across the country that's currently available in a few cities including san francisco. it allows users to get a glimpse
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of their mail. they will receive in their mail black and white pictures of the front of the letters that are actually being delivered to them that day. this allows people to know what letters are coming. you can register by going to the web link section of our website say so long to yahoo. when verizon's $4.8 billion deal to buy the tech company closes it will drop the yahoo name. it will bund aol and yahoo under the name oath. and using the slogan "take the oath" summer 2017. verizon hopes the deal to close the end of june. say yahoo that brings me back to mid 90s. state law allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver's
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licenses here in california has been in effect now for more than two years. coming up next the impact on road safety. >> plus, there are growing calls this morning for the dublin school district to build a second high school here in this city. we'll tell you why people who live here say that second campus is badly needed. >> and we are looking at a commute that is not too bad. we do have some slow downs where you might not expect them but here on the bridge it doesn't look bad in san francisco. >> a lot of high clouds continue to move in here. they'll be with us today and tomorrow with anticipation on the way.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday april 4th. i'm mike mibach dave clark has the day off. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. steve's here with the weather this morning. you're laughing because we're used to getting up early. >> he rolled in at 5:00. >> nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> pam and mike we do have a lot of cloud cover coming in. it was a beautiful clear day. this cloud cover is going to be playing in the next couple of days. we could get some drizzle or a
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few showers out hod of that. so partly to mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny to the south. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. farther north we'll have these bans continuing to go through. it is a sign of things to come as we get closer. 40s on the temps. 50s here. temperatures are kind of stuck here in the last few hours. upper 40s for 134. mid 40s further livermore. bub lynn's 48 degrees. cloud cover will be with us today, tomorrow and then the system will finally arrive but again we have a couple days before that arrives. 60s and 70s under mostly cloudy skies. so far i think things have been pretty good. >> traffic is getting busier as you know steve. so there is more traffic but we haven't had any major problems.
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280 northbound. getting up through san jose had been moving along okay. there goes the train. i love it when this happens. caltrans train is on time. traffic is moving nicely. let's take a look at the commute here if you are driving on the south bay commute. you can see the road sensors are not showing a lot. hayward traffic is a little bit slow southbound between 2:38 and then highway 4 is slow as you drive over from bay point to concord. this is the golden gate bridge and southbound 101 traffic looks good and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup here before you make it on to the bridge. >> the city of dublin has one high school and there are complaints that the student body has outgrown the campus. alex savidge joins us this
6:32 am
morning and alex, is there a plan. >> well, you know the plans are sort of in their infancy stage right now. a lot of people who live in this city and a lot of parents whose kids go to the high school say it's badly needed because the existing school already has crowded classrooms and they are bracing for a whole lot more students in this district in the very near future. enrollment is expected to increase by more than 6,000 students over the next seven years. it's already been a year since the school board agreed it would build a second high school. now there are a couple of online petitions circulating, calling for this project to get started immediately. the school board is looking at several possible sites for that new school. it is simply time to build. >> i think it's a great idea. we have too many houses coming
6:33 am
in with families and kids. i mean traffic's a mess but we need another high school. it's just too crowded. >> kids are coming in to dublin. i'm talking about families with kids and with little ones now. so you're looking at the future too. so they're going to really need to have that high school. >> and in terms of paying for this project, voters last year did pass a $238 million bond measure to fund construction of that second high school. so the money is there, the school board still trying to work out exactly where this second high school is going to be built by the way this second high school is expected or probably should accommodate about 2500 or so students. that's what they think the need is going to be. but the money's there the funding is there now they have to choose a site. >> all right.
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alex, thank you. governor brown's $52 billion transportation plan cleared a legislative hurdle and now advances to the state senate. >> the roads are broken and they're getting worse and they're not going it get better unless we get a significant injection of money. >> nowed the plan would be paid for by an increase in the state's gas tax and an increase in vehicle registration fees. supporters are now using television ads to pressure lawmakers. >> well we're going over a million dollars campaign and we're trying to touch all demographics of california voters because this affects everyone. >> not on this bill. what sways me is policy. and this bill has a lot of good ideas but a lot of shortcomings. >> the full senate is expected to take up the legislation on thursday. the department of homeland security has announced steps to prevent h1b visa fraud.
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a number of tech companies rely on that problem. now homeland security says it plans to investigate and prosecute employers that overlook qualified american workers for the jobs. federal immigration officials have detained a prostitute after she completed a jail sentence. alex tickleman spent two years in jail after the accidental overdose of forest hayes. according to the santa cruz sentinel tickleman holds duel citizenship in u.s. and canada 24-year-old jonathan santos was arrested yesterday in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. three innocent bystanders were shot. one of them a 65-year-old woman
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died. santos was booked on murder. the high speed chase in the east bay ended with a suspect's car crashing and flipping over. this was about 7:45 last night. oakland police spotted a car that was reported stolen and used in a report. that pursuit went on interstate 880. 5 people in the car were taken to the hospital they are all reported in stable condition and no word yet on the charges the five people will face. a former foreign policy advisor to donald trump's presidential campaign was targeted for recruitment as an intelligence source by russian spies back in 2013. according to court documents filed yesterday. page was hired by the trump campaign as a foreign policy
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advisor but left the campaign in september because of reports of his involvement with russian intelligence. possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. president trump did make good on a campaign. he donated his salary to the national parks service. sean spicer presented a check just over $78,000 to secretary ryan sinky. at historic u.s. battle field sites. today's the deadline for bids on president trump's proposed border wall. among those questions seemed to be safety for the construction crews. the administration says between
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four and ten bidders will be selected to build prototypes for the wall in the next step. a stanford university study finds that allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses appears to have reduced the number of hit and run crashes in california. the law took if effect in january of 2015. more than 850,000 immigrants have obtained a license since then. granting those licenses reduced the number of hit and runs in the state because immigrants involved in crashes were less likely to leave the scene. the study found that that saved and insured drivers an estimated $17 million in insurance costs they would have endured. the nhl is turning its back on the up coming winter olympics. during the 2008 games in south korea. for the past five winter games the league has had a break in
6:39 am
its pro schedule. so nhl players can join their national teams. now the nhl says it's disruptive. and unable to play during the weeks leading to the playoffs. so far the league has not said if individual teams will be able to lone their players in the olympics. for the sixth time they beat gonzaga. . >> little sloppy at times but the tarheels were able to pull away in the final two minutes of the game. coach roy williams wins his third national title. this is the party in chapel hill last night. more than 9,000 people flooded
6:40 am
franklin street to celebrate the win. dozenings of fans started to line up in front of the university of north carolina bookstore hoping among the first to grab that championship gear. others headed into the bars as expected probably. >> yeah, just crossing the wires in connection to that. the state of north carolina will again be considered for championship hosting after the bathroom bill repeal. so there you go. after you win that national championship. >> yep. back here in the golden state california getting closer to becoming a sanctuary state. what this would mean for cities across the state and the potential show down with the trump administration. >> and the a's open their season with a win. the slugger who clubbed two home runs 'plus the honor to an a's hall-of-famer. >> getting crowded at the bay bridge. i can see a big crowd here. kind of crowded getting into the
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city. we'll talk about this and some of the other east bay commutes. >> cloud cover's on the move. rain's not here yet. the change starts today. mostly cloudy skies here this morning.
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good morning. welcome back. checking in on the numbers. a lot of deals to talk about this morning. staples stock is up. talk 0 a buy out there. a talk of kate spade. talk of panera maybe being bought up. and a live look at the dow jones it's down almost 12 points right now. the nasdaq is up a bit. smp 500 up a little bit. film maker roman polansky could not seek relief from the courts while remaining a fugitive.
6:44 am
polanski fled the u.s. the 83-year-old film maker now lives in france the country has refused to extradite him. one man died as his boat capsized. along the point ray's national seashore in marin county. the coast guard says the wave sent two men and two dogs overboard. one man and the dogs were able to return back to shore. a pancake eating contest took a horrible turn. a university student died choked after eating pancakes. when first responders arrived at the scene. they were unable to clear her airway. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. >> you don't expect that at like something like that. that's probably the last thing that you expect. it was really sad to hear about that. >> the student was from new jersey.
6:45 am
she was a junior at the school and she was also the daughter of a port authority officer who was killed in the september 11th terror attacks. let's check in with gasia for a look at what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in a couple of minutes i dodged at least a dozen potholes on my way into work this morning. i'm sure the story is the same for you. and certainly the problems are on the road as well. caltrans is saying it will take well over a million dollars to fix all that storm damage. we'll tell you about the most expensive ar areas to fix. also april 4th is equal payday. the day women would have to keep working until to match their male counter parts. sparked by one of the most high profile business women in silicon valley.
6:46 am
the 2017 begins with a w as the a's beat the angels on opening night. 4-2. more than 36,000 people packed the coliseum last night. and also a pair of home runs from chris davis. >> for nine 9 innings. neither have i. >> that one is belted left center deep. >> davis' second home run traveled 412 feet. while it's just one game, a's fans say they are happy to see some of the changes the team is making to improve the fan experience. and now that it appears that both the warriors and raiders are going to leave oakland a's fans say they feel confident that the city will do everything it can to keep the team from
6:47 am
leaving. >> i'm happy to hear the four places they're looking at are within oakland. >> a new ball park means for revenue and the a's say they will be able to keep their stars rather than trading them for expensive talent. on a side note, there was an unexpected bit of excitement in the parking lot of the coliseum last night. you might have seen this. a car caught fire. it was engulfed in flames as you can see. firefighters were able to rush to the scene and put out that fire. it's believed that the fire was accidentally sparked by some tailgaters. fraps the barbecue a -- perhaps the barbecue a little too close. sometimes people put the coals under the car. >> i remember once seeing a candle stick and there was this big cloud of black smoke and then you see it and then you see white smoke and then you see on
6:48 am
the jumbo tron they put up a license plate. will the own are of this vehicle. >> look k around to see anything freaking out. >> right. unfortunately it happens quite a bit. this is a look at 280 in san jose. . we're going to start there. san jose on northbound 280. there have been no major problems getting up to the 280 interchange. this is the south bay commute on a map. and you can see this is just a little bit better than normal. i think some spring break action is going on. this is a look at 880. southbound hayward -- just hayward. i'm used to saying hayward to union city. highway 4 is still slow from bay point to concord and 24 through lafayette. golden gate bridge traffic is easy coming in from marin to san francisco. this is the most crowded commute
6:49 am
of all right now. this is a 15 to 20-minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. at 6:48 let's take it to steve. >> i remember going back to candle stick sal. my voice will turn into that one of these days. >> a lot of cloud cover moving over. there you go. yesterday the sunshine. it was nice as i mentioned early this morning i saw my first rattle snake of the season. about 75 degrees they come out. it's starting to rain and get cool again so they'll probably disappear. my allergies are so bad is the pollen going to go down soon? no, then yes. tomorrow will probably be worse and much better towards friday, saturday, and sunday. it's going to get cooler.
6:50 am
ash, alder, and juniper trees. mostly cloudy here. we'll get maybe a few breaks but the cloud cover continues to roll in here and it shows no signs of letting up and that's going to be with us again today and tomorrow. might get a little lift from this tomorrow. again, a lot of high based stuff on radar but nothing yet is falling. up north nothing's possible. did have a few 30s but now with the cloud cover coming in temperatures have gone up. 47 in sanford. 47 hillsboro. 52 ukiah. look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy day to the north. partly sunny to the south. tomorrow you can see the ridge of high pressure right there trying to deflefkt everything right there. as our system begins to move in. there's a lot of inferring coming across the pacific.
6:51 am
now there's some projections of some pretty decent totals here. as we head towards late thursday into friday and again on saturday. sunday will clear up. 60s and 70s today on your temps. overall it looks like the warmest temps will be down towards santa clara valley and tomorrow we get a continuation of this cloud covera ge. >> all right. we will expect it. thank you steve. 6:51 is the time. concord police looking for a motive and a suspect in this case. a strung of crime that is are costing people thousands of dollars.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. firefighters at disneyland had to rescue an injured construction worker. this is at the site of the guardians of the galaxy ride. this is where the tower of terror yesterday. can you see a little bit of that there. crews had to use ropes and a ladder to lift them to safety. but that ride is supposed to open memorial day weekend. ikea has submitted updated plans for the new dublin store.
6:55 am
it is slightly smaller than the original proposal. people living nearby had opposed the plan for a 75 room hotel. they say that the big box store would be a blight on their community. the new plan calls for under ground parking. six acres of open space and a big restaurant and retail center. the store would open in about two years. it would comboi about 350 perm naent workers. wall street opened 3 minutes ago. we're keeping an eye on its stock because it's been doing pretty well so far. right now the second largest car manufacturer. the palo alto car maker is now at $48.7 billion surpassing ford. tesla excited the investors when
6:56 am
it set a company record by delivering more than 25,000 cars over the first quarter of the year. down a little bit today but it has sored 7% in the last day. still trading at close to $300 a share. and auto technology study ranked ford and gm first and second. tesla did not even crack in the top 10 on that. >> concord police are asking anyone who has had their tires slash in the past few days to give them a call. all those cases happened last weekend. ktvu's paul chambers talked to one victim who hopes surveillance video will help police find the person responsible. >> take a look at this surveillance video. it shows a person walking down the street before stopping at this truck. hours before he headed to work. >> start driving just a few feet down the road and feel something's not right look out
6:57 am
and see my tire's flat. and then get out and look back at my truck and my rear tire's flat. >> between 9:00 sunday saturday night and 7:00 sunday morning an area that stays fairly quiet. >> i looked at my truck and saw i had a flat tire and said somebody is in the neighborhood sticking tires. >> his brother was also a victim of his truck and boat trailer tires being slashed. again, they were not alone. of the we found more people with the same story. two women here have multiple tires replaced when the vandals truck the their vehicles. >> they slashed both tires on the driver side. >> just from the four people with spoke with their total for tire replacement is more than $2000. >> w. of my cars right now is
6:58 am
going to cost about $600. >> we had to call a flat bed tow truck and now two new tires is costing us another $350. >> now i'm out $500 for two tires. >> probably close to $500. >> some residents say they're looking into buying surveillance cameras of their own. now residents want tow look at this video of the person they believe is responsible. >> i just wish they could put a face to it and maybe catch the guy. >> as of now police have not released any information about a suspect or a motive. in concord i'm paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. state water officials are not the only ones who keep track of the sierra snow pack. pg&e has its own crew. the utility says it's interested because it can be used to make
6:59 am
electricity as it passes through the generators. pg&e's goal is to have 15% of its total energy to be hybrid electric energies. >> it's a clean, affordable type of power that we can can really ramp up or ramp down based on the needs of the grid. so it's a vital piece that allows us to stabilize the grid and provide power. >> pg& eexpects to supplement with more even more green energy this year. yosemite is home to 300 and 500 black bears. the bear tracker shows the locations of the bears in the park that are wearing gps collars but the data is not in real time to protect their locations.
7:00 am
the city of pirg will vote on their sanctuary status at the end of the month. what this will mean for the long term. >> a show down over president trump's supreme court nominee. the so-called nuclear option as democrats promise a fillla buster. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. >> there might be a little more sun to the south and clouds to the north. the high cover will continue to


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